Last time on ''Deep Space Nine''...
Medical emergency on the Promenade.
l find it odd that a conduit behind Garak's shop
should happen to overload.
Why would the Romulans destroy the Flaxian's ship?
The Romulans hired the Flaxian to kill Garak
and then killed the Flaxian when he failed.
- Why do the Romulans want to kill you? - l have no idea.
You are investigating
a very insignificant piece of a much larger puzzle.
What do you mean?
There's been a great deal of unusual Romulan activity.
You dragged me into this. Now you're going to co-operate.
Dragged you in? l don't know...
You blew up your own shop, Garak.
- lt's a Romulan warbird. - ln Cardassian space?
You're going to attack the Dominion.
You're going to strike them before they come into the Alpha Quadrant.
l'm asking you to serve Cardassia again. By my side.
This is the man who put you into exile.
This is the man who tried to have you killed.
Yes, he is.
But it doesn't matter.
l'm back.
And now the conclusion.
Modern theatre has been on the decline since the 23rd century.
Look at the plays coming out of Earth
and compare them to the works of Willemheld, Barton or Chow-yun.
Playwrights are obsessed with writing human interpretations
of alien theatrical works while ignoring our own cultural heritage
in the hopes of... Chief, are you listening to me?
- What? - l thought so.
l heard every word you said.
- And what do you think? - About what?
Any of it.
l...don't know.
What do you want me to say?
Say you agree. Say you disagree.
Say you hate theatre. Just say something.
Julian, you said you wanted to have lunch. We're having lunch.
l was hoping for a little more conversation with my plomeek soup.
My mother taught me if you try to combine talking and eating,
you'll end up doing neither very well.
Garak taught me to think of lunch as an arena for philosophical debate.
Still no word about Garak and Odo?
The starship Portland and a Cardassian cruiser
are searching the Algira sector for the runabout.
That's not entirely bad news.
lf the runabout had been destroyed, they would have found debris.
- Kira to O'Brien. - Go ahead, Major.
Report to ops, Chief. There's something we'd like you to look at.
Our sensors picked up high concentrations
of tetryon particles moving toward the station.
- What do you think? - Subspace energy fluctuations,
quantum fractures in the electrodynamic field. You've got me.
- lt's getting closer. - And larger.
The concentrations have increased ten per cent in 30 seconds.
Energy surge bearing 21 0, mark 31 5.
A ship is decloaking. lt's a Romulan warbird.
Open a channel to...
Another warbird is decloaking at 01 0... No. lt's a Cardassian ship.
A Cardassian ship with a cloaking device?
Definitely Cardassian, Keldon-class.
There's an entire fleet decloaking.
Red Alert. All hands to battle stations.
Shields up, stand by weapons.
- Try to hail them. - They haven't locked onto us yet.
The lead ship's headed for the wormhole.
No response to our hails.
They're headed for the Gamma Quadrant.
Open a priority channel to Starfleet Command now.
You should have seen Legate Porania
when l told him l was going into retirement.
He was literally speechless. A rare event.
l wanted to invent treason charges so l wouldn't hear his voice again.
And you would have. You had quite a vicious streak in those days.
l learned from the best.
No, you had a gift.
l never met anyone who relished an interrogation as much as you.
Remember getting the confession out of Dr Parmak?
- l never even touched him. - That was the beauty of it.
- You sat there for three hours. - Four.
After four hours of watching you stare at him, he confessed.
l was good, wasn't l?
You were brilliant. Afterwards, he just kept saying,
''His eyes, his eyes.''
l've missed you, Elim. Things haven't been the same since you left.
l've missed you too, Enabran.
We're getting sentimental in our old age.
Next we'll be crying over our lost youth.
Whatever happened to Dr Parmak?
He spent three years in a labour camp, then returned to Cardassia Prime.
l think he's practising medicine again.
When we get back, you should look him up.
There are a number of people l intend to look up.
For instance, do you remember a Gul named Dukat?
The business with the arms merchant. You'd like him eliminated?
The thought had crossed my mind.
When this mission is completed, you can eliminate anyone you want.
l'll make up a list for Mila.
You'd better give it to me. Mila may not be around much longer.
She knows a great deal about me. Too much for her own good.
Still, it would be a shame to have her killed.
She's proven that she can be trusted
and you'd be hard put to find a better housekeeper.
- ls this a request l hear? - Not at all. Just an observation.
No reason to pretend, Garak.
You're fond of Mila. You don't want her hurt, right?
lf you want an excuse to spare your housekeeper,
you don't need me to provide you with one.
You can do it out of the kindness of your heart.
Mila always believed you were innocent of betraying Cardassia...
and me.
- l was. - Of course.
No wonder the Romulans can't conquer the galaxy.
No one can stomach their cuisine.
Colonel Lovok. Allow me to introduce my associate, Elim Garak.
- What is his role to be? - He will do whatever l require.
Elim is a cherished colleague of long standing.
You will not enter the bridge or any secured space unescorted.
- lf you do, you will be killed. - Direct, isn't he?
The Colonel believes in wasting little time on pleasantries.
The fleet is setting course for the Founders' homeworld at warp 6.
That's a bit slow. Something wrong with your engines?
lf we travel any faster,
our warp signatures may be detected by the Jem'Hadar.
Very clever.
The changeling is on C deck. There are force fields in place.
Good. Which brings us to your first assignment, Garak.
Explain to Odo that it would be in everyone's best interest
if he provided us with the information he has on his people.
That might prove difficult. He can be quite stubborn.
Then you'll have to find a way of convincing him.
Well, Odo. l trust the accommodations meet with your approval?
You have to admit it's better than a prison cell.
There are force fields and a guard outside the door.
- Feels like a prison cell to me. - l see your point.
Believe me, if it were my decision...
l don't believe you, Garak,
so save us both some trouble and leave me alone.
Why, Constable, you seem positively disappointed in me.
l suppose it's understandable.
l did pledge my undying devotion and eternal allegiance
to both you and the Federation.
And you and l've been through so much together.
l know you considered me a close friend.
- No wonder you feel betrayed. - You're wasting your time, Garak.
l don't care about the rationalisations you come up with to justify your actions.
l don't need to justify anything to you.
Living on Deep Space 9 has made you rusty.
Your lies are becoming transparent. Be careful.
You don't want Tain to know that you're feeling guilty.
You are imaginative, Constable,
but l suggest that you put those creative powers to better use.
We would like you to share your unique insights on the Founders.
We would be most grateful for any information you could provide.
- And if l refuse? - Really, Odo.
You must stop reading those crime novels Chief O'Brien gives you.
lt's poisoning your thinking. l'm not here to threaten you.
l just want to talk.
l don't feel like talking.
Surely you can see that we share a common enemy: the Founders.
By co-operating, you'll be helping us provide security
for the entire Alpha Quadrant.
The only common enemy you and l share is Enabran Tain.
The difference between you and l is that you don't know it.
l suggest that you think over what l've said, Constable.
Funny. l was about to make the same suggestion.
Since the Jem'Hadar are addicted to a drug only the Founders can provide,
we expect the Jem'Hadar to die once their supplies of the drug run out.
A matter of days. However, that will give them enough time
to stage a counterattack against the Alpha Quadrant.
l suggest you place the Cardassian fleet on alert.
l take this action in defence of the Cardassian state.
You and Central Command have neglected the security of our people
and allowed peace with Bajor to blind you to the real threat:
the Dominion. l intend to remove that threat.
Let history be my judge.
That message was intercepted earlier today.
Another was sent to the Romulan Senate.
Both governments are denying any prior knowledge of Tain's plan.
Are they going to do anything to stop Tain?
Both claim to be studying ways to stop Tain,
but we believe that they'll wait to see if he succeeds.
That could plunge Romulus and Cardassia into war with the Dominion.
Only if he fails. His plan looks like it's got a chance of success.
He's commanding 20 ships manned by combat veterans.
They know the location of the Founders' homeworld
and have modified their cloaks to prevent detection.
lt sounds like you hope Tain will succeed.
l never hope for war, Major.
But if it comes, l'd rather see the Dominion on the losing side.
But we have to plan for the worst.
Ben, evacuate DS9 of all non-essential personnel
and put the Defiant on standby alert.
Even if Tain succeeds, the Jem'Hadar are going to look for revenge.
They may not be too particular about their targets.
We believe Security Chief Odo is aboard one of the Romulan ships.
Odo said the runabout had been caught in a tractor beam.
That suggests he was taken aboard one of their ships.
l'd like to take the Defiant and determine if he's still alive.
l'm sorry about your officer,
but l want the Defiant guarding Bajor. That's your top priority.
Toddman out.
Commander Eddington,
is Starfleet planning to send reinforcements to this sector?
Yes, sir. A task force of nine starships is due to arrive tomorrow.
Nine starships.
l want the Defiant ready to leave for the Gamma Quadrant in two hours.
Admiral Toddman's orders were quite clear...
l am not going to abandon my officer.
Toddman's concerned about the defence of Bajor. So am l.
lf we detect a force heading for the Alpha Quadrant, we'll warn DS9.
We'll do all we can to stop them before they reach the wormhole.
l consider this a volunteer mission, but don't volunteer yet.
There's a good chance you won't be coming back.
Even if you do,
you'll probably be facing a general court martial.
lf you decide to go, be aboard the Defiant at 1 5:30 hours.
- All stations report. - Tactical ready.
- Engines on-line. - Helm ready.
The security detachment is aboard. Phaser rifles have been issued.
Priority message from Starfleet Command. lt's Admiral Toddman.
He's repeating his order not to enter the Gamma Quadrant.
That's what you think it says.
How can you be sure when a transmission is as garbled as that?
You're right. There's a lot of subspace interference on this channel.
- Must be an ion storm. - Must be.
Aft thrusters back one quarter. Port and starboard at station keeping.
Cloaking device operating within normal parameters.
Set course for the Founders' homeworld, warp 8.
The Founders' planet lies at these co-ordinates within the Omarion Nebula.
There are no Jem'Hadar bases nearby.
Even if the Founders sent out a distress call,
it would take seven hours for help to arrive.
We wait until we've entered orbit, then begin massive bombardment.
Analysis indicates the planet's crust will be destroyed within one hour.
That should more than take care of the Founders.
Unless they have some planetary defences we don't know about.
There is one person here who might answer that question: Mr Odo.
Anything he knows was undoubtedly included in his report to Starfleet.
The Constable is remarkably thorough in these matters.
There was a time when you were eager to begin an interrogation.
l remember having to restrain your enthusiasm on several occasions.
Then you should also remember the pride l took in my work.
l don't think that interrogating someone who can alter their form
is likely to provide amusement or information.
l wouldn't worry about Mr Odo's shape-shifting.
The Obsidian Order has developed a device
which should prove effective in neutralising him.
l was not informed about this.
lt's a prototype. We haven't had a chance to test it...until now.
Perhaps the Tal Shiar should take over the interrogation of the changeling.
lt's all right, Garak. lt's my fault.
l should've known you'd develop feelings for the people you've been living with.
But l never expected that you would become friends
with someone who worked for the Bajorans.
This has nothing to do with my friends or my feelings.
l don't believe he has the information you want.
Possibly. Colonel Lovok will find out.
No. l brought Odo here.
He's my prisoner and my responsibility.
- You don't have to do this. - Yes, l do.
We both know that you won't trust me until l do.
All right.
l look forward to hearing your results.
l'm reading a power fluctuation in the cloaking device.
What kind of fluctuation?
l can't locate the source of the problem, but it's getting worse.
- We're decloaking! - All stop. Full scan, Lieutenant.
- Any other ships in the area? - Nothing in sensor range.
lf the Jem'Hadar show up while we're decloaked...
We'll have to fight our way out of here.
Everything looks fine.
The projection matrix looks normal. The cloaking device should be working.
Maybe a spatial anomaly is interfering with the cloak's systems.
This isn't the result of a spatial anomaly, Major.
The tetryon compositor has been sabotaged.
- How do you know that? - Because l sabotaged it.
l was under orders to stop you from pursuing the Romulan-Cardassian fleet.
- You've turned us into sitting ducks! - We can still defend ourselves.
l didn't damage the ship's weapon systems or the engines.
But without the cloak, we'll have to return to DS9.
l'm sorry, Commander. l didn't want to do this.
Odo's my friend, too, but Admiral Toddman gave me an order.
- l couldn't disobey it. - l don't suppose you could.
Chief, how long until you can fix the tetryon compositor?
- About ten hours. - You've got two.
l'll have to confine you to quarters, Mr Eddington.
lf we run into the Jem'Hadar, you'll need a chief security officer.
What makes you think we'll trust you again?
Because l give you my word.
l never question the word of anyone who wears that uniform.
Don't make me change that policy.
Man your station, Commander.
But l'd stay out of the Chief's way if l were you.
lt must be time for you to return to your liquid state,
so l thought l'd bring you something to relax in.
Before you go for a swim, l have a few questions to ask you.
l have nothing to say.
l can see l'm going to have to take some steps l had hoped to avoid.
Oh, no. You're going to torture me, aren't you?
How l've been dreading this. Please have mercy, Garak.
You do have a certain flair for sarcasm.
lt's one of the things l like about you.
You can go now.
l'd bring those guards back if l were you.
Yes, under normal circumstances, you would pose quite a threat to me.
You could turn yourself into a Vicarian razorback
or stretch out your arms and strangle me from across the room.
- But not this time. - And why is that?
This device is emitting a stasis field
designed to prevent a changeling from altering his biomolecular structure.
lt must be very disconcerting for you
to be locked into a humanoid form.
l'm sure you were looking forward to returning to your liquid state.
Tell me. What will happen if you can't revert to a liquid?
- l don't know. - An honest answer.
But it's probably safe to say that it won't be pleasant.
There's nothing l can tell you about the Founders that you don't already know.
- l wish l could believe that. - Why don't you?
Because you and l are so alike.
We both value our privacy, our secrets.
There's something you haven't told anyone,
something you didn't even share with Starfleet and Commander Sisko.
But you are going to tell me, Odo.
There's nothing to tell.
Perhaps something will come to you. l can wait.
The question is...can you?
Major, leave the Chief alone.
What makes you think l'm going to see O'Brien?
lt's been three hours. l just wanted to see if he needed some help.
For now, the best thing we can do is to stay out of his way.
What's the matter, Garak?
You don't look very happy. Aren't you enjoying yourself?
There is no pleasure in this for me, Constable.
l'm simply doing my job.
Your job, yes.
This is the job you've been waiting for.
All these years of exile
and here you are interrogating a prisoner again.
lt must fill you with pride.
Just tell me what l need to know and this will end.
But you don't want it to end, do you, Garak?
lsn't this what you've been dreaming of?
Back at work serving Cardassia.
That's right. And you have information that l need,
information that it's my duty to extract from you.
lt's not personal.
Odo, talk to me. Tell me something.
Lie if you have to, but say it now. Please.
- Home. l want to go home. - And you will, l promise.
When this is over, l'll take you back to Deep Space 9.
No, not the station.
Home, with my people.
You want to return to the Founders?
l thought you'd turned your back on them.
They're still my people.
l tried to deny it, l tried to forget, but l can't.
They're my people
and l want to be with them in the Great Link.
l knew there was something secret you were holding back.
Now you've found it,
l hope it's useful.
Repairs are complete, sir. The cloaking device is on-line.
A souvenir of your handiwork.
- Engage cloak. - The cloak is operating normally.
Resume course to the Founders' planet, maximum warp.
- Did you get anything out of him? - Nothing. He never broke.
That's unfortunate. l see no further use for Mr Odo.
Terminate him.
He is a member of the Bajoran militia and an officer on Deep Space 9.
We may not wish to provoke the Federation by killing him.
- l agree with Garak. - Do you?
We don't know if all the Founders will be on the planet when we attack.
We should be prepared to encounter other changelings in the future.
l want to take Odo back to Romulus for further study.
All right, in the interest of co-operation.
Bridge to Colonel Lovok. We've entered the Omarion Nebula.
We should be in orbit of the planet in 1 5 minutes.
lt seems the moment is nearly at hand.
Can l do something for you?
- Why protect the changeling? - l wasn't trying to protect him.
You thought it was a good idea to keep him alive as well.
My interest is based on the strategic interests of the Romulan Empire.
But you seem to have a personal interest in him.
What else am l feeling?
l've never been psychoanalysed by a Romulan.
This is a fascinating experience.
You are a practised liar, Mr Garak, but l am a practised observer.
l am going to be observing you very closely.
- We are within disrupter range. - Scan the planet.
Multiple life forms. They appear to be in a liquid state.
Signal the fleet to lock onto their targets.
We will open fire the moment we drop our cloaks.
All weapons charged.
So much for the Dominion. Open fire.
- The first barrage is complete. - Effect?
30% of the planetary crust destroyed on opening volley.
No change in life form readings.
Some of them had to be killed.
Readings confirmed. There's no change in the number of life signs.
They're using a transponder to send false sensor readings.
- The planet's deserted. - Colonel, signal the fleet to...
Ships coming out of the nebula. Jem'Hadar fighters.
How many?
- l asked you a question! - 1 50.
Tactical display.
lt's a trap. They've been waiting for us all along.
The Koranak has been destroyed. Makar and Belak have lost power.
Concentrate fire on ships attacking on the port quarter.
They'll destroy every ship if we stay.
Our only hope is to return to the Alpha Quadrant.
The Jem'Hadar have cut us off. We need to make our stand here.
How could this be?
l'm afraid the fault, dear Tain, is not in our stars but in ourselves.
Something l learned from Dr Bashir.
Main power's out.
Bridge to Engineering. We need power to the weapons. Respond.
l'll be in Engineering. Tain, take command.
Four more Jem'Hadar vessels closing on our position.
The attack is not proceeding according to plan?
l suggest we make our way to the runabout.
For once, l agree with you.
You will need this in order to gain access to your runabout.
Why are you doing this?
No changeling has ever harmed another.
- You are one of the Founders? - Of course.
This whole plan was the Founders' idea.
You wanted the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order to combine forces
so you could wipe them out.
Tain originated the plan.
We did everything we could to carry it forward.
The Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order are ruthless organisations,
- a definite threat to us. - But not after today.
After today, the only real threat to us are the Klingons and the Federation.
l doubt that either of them will be a threat for much longer.
lt is not too late for you, Odo. Come with me.
You can still become one with the Great Link if you wish.
Thank you.
But my answer is still no.
Come on.
The runabout is that way, section 25.
- Where are you going? - To get Tain.
l still owe him a personal debt and l have to try to repay it.
Wait for us as long as you can.
Tain, we have to go!
There must have been an informant.
Yes, there was an informant. Colonel Lovok is a changeling.
That's something we can discuss at another time.
l have underestimated the Founders.
There was a time when nothing got past me. Remember, Elim?
Yes, l do. But now we have to go!
Go where? Back to Mila and my quiet retirement?
l must be getting old. l let my pride override my instinct.
ln the old days, l would have kept Lovok at arm's length.
- He was too cagey, too smart. - l can't just leave you here.
l always had a soft spot for you, Garak. Another of my flaws.
These Founders, Elim. They're very good.
Next time we should be more careful.
You can be very persuasive on occasion.
ln the future, l hope you'll consider using gentler language.
A Jem'Hadar ship is following us. Raise shields.
Aft shields down to 50%. More speed would be advisable.
The warp drive is off-line.
Shields down to 30%.
Another ship is approaching to starboard.
Shields down to 1 5%.
Main power's failing. We're losing speed.
The shields are gone.
Odo, l hope that you will accept
my sincere apologies for all this.
- A little late, isn't it? - Nevertheless.
l may not agree with what you did,
but l can understand your desire to return home.
Thank you.
Three more coming in.
Fire on the lead ship, then bring us back to the runabout.
Two life signs on the runabout.
Bridge to Transporter Room. Beam them aboard, Chief.
Four more Jem'Hadar ships closing.
- l've got them. - Raise shields.
- Welcome back. - Thank you.
- That looks painful. - lt is.
But it did save my life.
- Shields at 80%. - Attack pattern Omega lV.
Hold fire until we're within 500 metres.
We might get pretty singed at that range.
Not as singed as they're going to get. Engage!
50,000 metres and closing.
2,000 metres.
- 500. - Fire!
- The third ship is still pursuing. - Aft torpedoes. Fire.
Direct hit on their port nacelle. We're out of their weapons' range.
Any other signs of pursuit?
The other fighters are concentrating on the remaining ships.
Let's not wait around for them. Set course for the wormhole.
- lt's good to see you again. - Likewise, Major.
There's no indication that any Romulan or Cardassian vessel survived.
Sounds like Wolf 359 all over again.
l had the same thought.
l've decided not to file charges against anyone on the Defiant.
But if you pull a stunt like that again, l'll court martial you or promote you.
- You'll be in a lot of trouble. - l'll keep that in mind, sir.
l just read the report that you wrote and l wanted to thank you.
Me? For what?
For not mentioning my desire to return to my people.
l consider the entire conversation as something best forgotten.
As do l.
Quark has expressed an interest in renting this space
if you're not going to use it.
He mentioned something about an Argelian massage facility.
l don't think Commander Sisko would approve of such an interesting facility.
l tend to agree.
But do l think he would approve of a tailor's shop.
Do you know what the sad part is, Odo?
l'm a very good tailor.
l was thinking that you and l should have breakfast together sometime.
Why, Constable, l thought you didn't eat.
l don't.

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