Got you this time, Chief.
Sorry, Commander.
Don't apologise. That makes it worse.
l guess l'm in the zone today.
The feeling that l can put the dart exactly where l want it.
- You know the feeling. - Not today.
- Dax to Sisko. - Go ahead.
Priority message from the Bajoran provisional government.
On my way.
Fortunately, duty calls. You'll have to find another victim.
- ls Chief O'Brien in here? - He's back there...
in the zone.
- l didn't mean to interrupt. - That's all right.
lt's called a duranja, a lamp for the dead.
l was praying for Bareil. What can l do for you?
This may come as somewhat of a shock,
but l wanted you to hear it from me.
The First Minister of the provisional government has died.
- Kalem Apren? How? - Heart failure.
He died in his sleep.
l just met him once, but he seemed like a good man.
How soon will they appoint a replacement?
They have already appointed someone.
The new head of the provisional government
is Kai Winn.
l've transferred Ensign Palmers
back to the night watch
and reassigned Crewman Donark
as a member of the security detachment.
Starfleet is sending upgrades
for our tactical computer modules.
l've drawn up a plan to phase in
the upgrades over three days.
Major? ls something wrong?
Yes. lt's this whole thing with Kai Winn.
l was trying to get used to her
as spiritual leader of Bajor,
and now she's running the government.
Not an ideal situation.
You and l are the only ones who feel that way.
No one is opposing her in next month's elections.
She is going to be elected First Minister
for the next six years and no one seems to care.
You and l have a different perspective
than most Bajorans.
There's a personal element to our feelings about her.
l know that you still blame Winn
for Bareil's death.
That's part of it.
But this is about the future of Bajor.
Giving Winn control of the government is a mistake.
- She should be stopped. - Stopped from doing what?
l don't know.
Maybe l'm afraid
that if she's given power, she's never going to let it go.
That suspicion is not shared by the people of Bajor.
They still admire her as the woman who made peace with Cardassia.
Bareil made peace with Cardassia.
l know that, Major.
But to the rest of Bajor, Winn is the real hero.
ln their eyes, it took courage to conclude a treaty
with a race that she has so bitterly condemned.
l don't care what her popular image is. She is no hero.
The only thing that she cares about is her own power.
We spent so many years fighting the Cardassians.
We spent so much time praying for a Bajor that was free.
Now that we won, how can people hand over their freedom
to someone like Winn?
One of the prices of giving people freedom of choice
is that sometimes they make the wrong choice.
Hello, child.
- Eminence. - May l come in?
Please forgive this intrusion.
Does Commander Sisko know you're aboard?
l'm not here to see the Emissary. l'm here to see you.
- Me? - Yes, child.
Have you suffered a recent loss?
Or are you still mourning the death of Minister Kalem?
lt's for Vedek Bareil, actually.
lt's been three months since Bareil left us.
You must have cared for him.
- l loved him. - As did l.
ls that why you never mention Bareil
when you talk about your peace treaty?
He's the one who negotiated it.
Bareil saw himself as simply carrying out the will of the Prophets.
To him, achieving peace with Cardassia was its own reward.
He never wanted fame or glory for what he did.
As someone who loved him, l'm surprised you didn't know that.
What is it you want, Eminence?
Are you familiar with Rakantha Province?
- lt's a farming community. - lt used to be
one of the most productive agricultural regions on Bajor.
The Cardassians poisoned much of our farmlands before they left
and Rakantha has been barren wasteland ever since.
After years of research, the agricultural ministry has developed reclamators
which can detoxify the soil and make it fertile again.
lt's very interesting, but what does it have to do with me?
Patience, child.
ln six months it will be planting season in Rakantha.
By next year, we can be producing boton,
moreka and salam grass,
all valuable commodities for export.
lf we can attract interstellar commerce to Bajor,
it will enhance our application for membership in the Federation.
- l understand. - Unfortunately,
a group of farmers who were allowed to use the reclamators
are now refusing to return them.
This is why l've come to you, Kira.
The farmers who seized the equipment are in Dahkur Province, your home.
They're led by a man with whom you're acquainted.
- His name is Shakaar. - Shakaar?
He was the leader of your resistance cell during the occupation.
l want you to convince him to return the equipment.
You want me to go up against a man
who saved my life countless times for you?
Not for me, child. For Bajor.
l know we've had our differences in the past,
but l'm asking you to think of what is best for our people.
We're on the verge of a new era: the occupation is over,
we've achieved peace with Cardassia,
Federation membership is a few years away.
This is an exciting time to be a Bajoran,
but our future depends on each of us acting for the common good of Bajor.
Shakaar has lost sight of this. By stealing the reclamators,
he's acting in his own self-interest at the expense of our people.
l know Shakaar. He's one of the most selfless people l've met.
He must have a good reason for what he's done.
Perhaps he is just misguided.
That's why l've come to you, Kira. You know him. You can talk to him.
l don't want this to become a scandal.
l want this settled peacefully, quietly.
Surely we can both agree that that's a worthy goal.
l'll talk to him, but l can't guarantee that he'll listen to me.
Vedek Bareil used to tell me that you could be quite persuasive.
l hope he wasn't mistaken. Walk with the Prophets.
- You cut your hair. - You let yours grow.
- l liked you the old way. - l was thinking the same thing...
about you.
- lt's good to see you, Nerys. - lt's good to see you, too.
So, Major Kira Nerys.
Deep Space 9's First Officer.
You've made quite a name for yourself.
You've accomplished a great deal. You should be proud.
Furel and Lupaza stand taller when your name comes up.
Furel and Lupaza? You still see them?
Of course. They both have farms near here.
Those two are farmers?
You, yes. That's all you ever talked about.
But Lupaza? How did that happen?
You can ask her yourself. They'll be here in a few hours.
l can't wait to see their faces when they see you standing there.
Shakaar, before they get here, we should talk.
- l'm here on business. - l know why you're here, Nerys.
- l need time to think about it. - All right.
- l'll stick to tongo from now on. - Sorry, Lieutenant.
Thank you. Thank you all for your gaming business.
The House will start taking bets on the next challenger at 1 0-1 .
1 0-1 without knowing who the next challenger will be.
- l have to go. - No problem.
Ladies and gentlemen, Chief of Operations Miles Edward O'Brien
has to leave to resume his duties on board the station.
Now, everyone, make way.
l trust we'll be seeing you tomorrow for your 4 7th straight victory?
l was thinking of getting some time in the holosuites.
You weren't thinking of going kayaking?
As a matter of fact, l was.
l misplaced the kayaking programme. Haven't seen it in days.
All right, look.
You're on a streak, an epic streak.
lf you go kayaking tomorrow
and you damage that golden shoulder, this streak will be over.
You'll never know just how far it might have taken you.
Could you really live with that?
You're offering 1 0-1 to anyone betting against me tomorrow?
That's right.
l'd make it 1 5 if l were you.
You wouldn't have found your way out if l hadn't left the marker.
l have a fine sense of direction. l knew exactly where l was.
You'd been walking in circles.
l was throwing the Cardassians off my trail.
Again, please.
Furel, if you don't mind my asking, why haven't you...?
Had my arm replaced?
l thought about it. l even saw a doctor about it.
She said, ''No problem. You can have a new arm in a week.
''lt'll have full range of motion and feel just like your own.''
So why didn't you do it?
Before l went into that interrogation centre,
l asked the Prophets for strength to get you out of there.
ln exchange,
l said l'd give up my life.
As it turned out,
l was able to rescue you, Shakaar and Lupaza.
And it's only cost me an arm.
l felt the Prophets were generous.
Somehow, replacing the arm seems...
You're afraid that with two arms you'd have to do some work.
l have done more work in three months
than you've done in three years.
l have seen better weeds than the crops you grow.
My soil's more toxic than any other farm within 1 00 kilometres.
Once l get a chance to use a reclamator, things'll change.
You may not get that chance, Lupaza.
Nerys was sent here by the Kai
to convince us to return the reclamators.
- And you said no. - l said l'd think about it.
There's not much to think about, Shakaar.
Tell the Kai or whatever she's called these days that the answer's no.
We need the reclamators and that's the end of it.
Now, who wants tuwaly pie?
This business with the reclamators isn't going to just go away, Shakaar.
- Maybe not. - Definitely not.
l think you should reconsider.
l know what you're trying to do here.
l know how difficult it's been.
We have to think about what's best for Bajor.
lf you think giving the reclamators back is best for Bajor,
then you've been on that station for too long.
We waited three years to get the reclamators.
We got them two months ago.
We were told they were ours for at least a year.
The provisional government did something right for a change.
Then Minister Kalem died.
And the next thing we know,
we get an order to return the reclamators immediately
to the Rakantha farming project.
The project is important. Bajor could start exporting goods again.
lt could change the way the galaxy looks at us.
They'll start seeing us as equals.
l don't give a damn how the rest of the galaxy looks at us.
We're trying to feed our own people and you're talking about exports.
There must be a way to reach some kind of compromise here.
lf you and the Kai would talk, maybe you can reach agreement,
some way of sharing the equipment more fairly.
lf l arrange a meeting, would you agree to talk with her about it?
l don't know if it'll accomplish anything.
But it's a place to start.
All right.
For you.
lt's good to have you home, Nerys.
- You should come back more often. - l might do that.
Good. Because we've all missed you.
Especially me.
Am l to assume that you've met with Shakaar?
We talked.
Have you convinced him to return the reclamators?
- He's not ready yet. - When can we expect their return?
When the topsoil in Dahkur has been restored. Another six months.
ln six months, the planting season in Rakantha will be over.
l realise that
and l know how important the Rakantha project is,
which is why l've arranged a meeting between the two of you.
To work out a compromise. lf you just hear him out
and look at the work they've accomplished in Dahkur,
you'll see how important this is to them.
There's a way to resolve this situation
so that Rakantha and Dahkur can benefit.
Did you explain that you were there on the authority of the First Minister?
Yes, but it wouldn't have mattered if l was there on behalf of the Prophets.
He wasn't about to just give up the equipment.
A pity.
Shakaar sounds like a prideful and arrogant man.
lt also seems there's no reasoning with him.
Shakaar is not an unreasonable man. He's desperate.
You should see what they're up against. The soil, the weather.
lf you talk to him, you'll be able to work out a compromise.
lt would seem that l have little choice.
- So you'll discuss it with him? - You can tell him that.
Then you can return to Deep Space 9.
l can still serve as intermediary between you and Shakaar.
You've done enough already.
Please, give my best regards to Commander Sisko.
That will be all, my child.
l'll hear what she has to say,
but she's not getting the reclamators till we're finished.
l'm not sure this is a fight you can win.
That's what the Cardassians used to say.
Come in.
Are you Shakaar?
- You're under arrest. - On whose authority?
Our orders came from the First Minister.
- She lied to me. - She's good at it.
- Don't feel bad. - lf you'll come with us.
All right. l just want to make one thing clear.
Living on a space station hasn't slowed you down.
This can still be explained away. lt was a tense situation,
you acted on instinct. They'll understand that.
But they won't understand you coming with me.
This isn't your fight, Nerys. Go home.
l am home. And l have been lied to by Kai Winn for the last time.
She wants a fight, l'll give her one.
The civil police have issued an alert for you and Kira.
They've also requested
that the surrounding towns send more troops and equipment
to help search for the fugitives.
l haven't been called that in a while. l kind of missed it.
They've brought in a scanning machine to hunt for the reclamators.
Let them scan. There's nothing there to find.
They've detained other members of our resistance cell.
- Who? - Mobara, Klin and Ornak.
The others are heading for the Kola Mountain stronghold.
l said we'd meet them there.
What is our plan?
For now, the plan is to keep moving.
We let the police chase us through the mountains.
- Just like old times. - That's the general idea.
The Cardassians spent 1 0 years searching for us.
The civil police will probably give up in 1 0 days.
Some of them were in the resistance. They might not give up so easily.
But l don't think they want to hunt down fellow Bajorans
who are trying to defend their homes.
We head for Kola Mountain
and then move into the hill country. Let's go.
- Yes! - A most auspicious shot.
- One in the bull and you win. - He knows that, Julian.
l won't let you down, coach.
l see no reason for delay. Throw the dart.
l will throw the dart when l'm ready to throw the dart.
- ls that my synthale? - Just the way you like it.
- Excuse me. - There you go.
- What is it? - lt's his shoulder.
- Get me the tricorder. - l just handed him a drink.
Just pop it back in. l'll be all right.
l'm afraid it's not that simple this time.
You've got severe damage. We'd better get him to the infirmary.
lf he leaves the line, he forfeits the game.
This man needs surgery. l may have to replace the entire socket.
We can postpone the rest of this competition until tomorrow,
at which time he will be good as new.
l don't make the rules. l merely follow them.
l'm in the zone.
l just need...
l just need surgery.
l believe the House is paying 1 5-1 .
All l did was hand him a drink.
Emissary, l'm so happy you came to consult with me.
l'm surprised you wanted my advice.
The advice of the Emissary is always welcome.
- But what l need is your help. - What kind of help?
lt's been two weeks since l was forced to send the militia into Dahkur.
And they've yet to catch sight of Shakaar or any of his followers,
let alone take them into custody.
Now you know how the Cardassians must have felt.
The point is...
l can't let this go on much longer. lt embarrasses me to say this,
but Shakaar's defiance is catching on in some of the other provinces.
l've had to take certain...unfortunate actions to maintain order.
You mean declaring martial law and suspending local government?
l wasn't aware that you kept close watch on the Bajoran political situation.
From what l understand, Shakaar is gaining support all over Bajor.
ls that what Major Kira's been telling you?
l haven't spoken with Major Kira in some time.
Emissary, l don't want this issue to divide my people.
Then l advise withdrawing your troops from Dahkur.
l'm willing to do that, on one condition.
What might that be?
l'd like you to provide a Federation security force to take their place.
You want me to bring in Shakaar.
Such an act would solidify the relations between the Federation and Bajor.
l wasn't aware that our relationship needed solidifying.
This would be an opportunity for the Federation
to show once again its friendship for Bajor.
Federation law prevents me from interfering in Bajoran internal affairs.
you're refusing my request for aid?
l suppose l am.
lf Bajor cannot depend on the Federation,
we'll withdraw our application for membership.
That would be an unfortunate overreaction.
Your entire response to this crisis has been an overreaction.
By using the militia,
you risk civil war over a couple of reclamators.
l'm afraid you can't see what's really going on here.
This isn't about soil reclamators.
This is about the future of our society.
When someone like Shakaar can defy the law and escape punishment,
we risk descending into anarchy and chaos.
This is a test, a test by the Prophets.
To see if l'm worthy of the role of First Minister and Kai.
l will not fail them.
l will stop Shakaar by any means necessary.
- They're closing. 75 metres. - Come on, Kira.
- l've almost got it. - They're on the ridge.
- lf you can't do it, tell me now. - l got it.
New reading. 700 metres that way.
Let's go.
How long?
l've projected the life signs 700 metres.
lt'll take them an hour to cover that distance,
another 1 5 to realise what's happened.
Either l am getting older or these mountains are getting higher.
The next time l start getting nostalgic for the old days, shoot me.
lf you insist.
They're good.
Half of them are from Dahkur. They know this terrain as well as us.
l think you're right. We need to leave Dahkur.
We could take Serpent's Ridge to Ratosha Pass,
head for Lonar Province.
Serpent's Ridge is pretty rugged territory.
- We don't have much choice. - Yes, we do.
We can fight.
lt's just like in the old days.
The Cardassians would get too close and we'd give them a bloody nose.
Sometimes it was our nose that got bloodied.
We were willing to take the chance.
l'll follow whatever orders you give, but l am tired of running.
l'm not sure we can keep up this pace.
All right.
We head for Tanis Canyon.
Kira's on point, column of twos behind her.
There's no way out of Tanis Canyon.
That's why we're going to lead those troops in there.
We'll be waiting for them. Let's move.
They've haven't picked us up.
They won't with that dampening field in place.
l think l recognise that man. The colonel.
That's Lenaris Holem.
Lenaris? From the Ornathia resistance cell.
l met him at a reception about a year ago.
He's good. No wonder we haven't lost them.
We have to get him with the first volley.
You take the lieutenant. l'll take Lenaris.
l can't. l'm sorry.
Don't be.
l can't, either.
Set a perimeter and watch the hills.
Nobody fires until l give the order.
That's far enough.
Kira Nerys.
We've met. l've wanted to thank you for a long time.
l had a brother at Gallitep.
A lot of people did. l just wish we'd gotten there sooner.
l take it from your calm demeanour
that l've walked into an ambush.
l should have stayed up on the ridgeline.
An easy mistake to make.
You thought we were two kilometres ahead.
so you tried to make up time. l might have done the same.
l should tell you l've been in worse situations.
- The Pullock V raid. - You know about that?
The first off-world raid against the Cardassians? Course.
lt was a bold move.
lf you know about Pullock V,
you know l won't give up without a fight.
lf you're asking me to surrender, you're wasting your time.
That's not why l'm here.
l want to take my people and walk out of here.
l want to take them home.
No one shoot!
Cease fire!
l saw someone. l thought they were going to open fire.
Take this man's weapon and get him off the perimeter.
You were saying something about walking out of here?
- That's right. - That's impossible.
We'd better find a way to make it possible.
The next time someone starts shooting, we won't be able to stop it.
l'm talking about tomorrow and the next day.
l'm talking about the beginning of a civil war.
l didn't fight the Cardassians so l could start shooting Bajorans.
Neither did l.
So what do we do about it?
- What is it? - Colonel Lenaris is here.
Send him in.
You've brought me a pair of gifts. How thoughtful of you.
They're not my prisoners.
What do you mean? What's going on?
l'm entering the election as a candidate for the office of First Minister.
You have an interesting sense of humour.
Shakaar is entering the election and you are going to lose.
l've consulted with the other commands. He has their full support.
- So this is a coup? - No, it's a free election.
lf you want to run, go ahead. But if you do,
this entire incident will be made public.
When the people know that you risked a civil war
over a couple of pieces of farm equipment,
they'll never trust you again.
You'll still be Kai, the spiritual leader of Bajor.
But your days in this office are numbered.
So if l were you, l'd start packing.
- How's it feel? - Good so far.
Let's see.
Try it again, Chief.
l can feel it. l'm out of the zone.
l've played sports all my life and never been in the zone like that.
Probably never will again, but it felt good while it lasted.
Now you have a new shoulder,
you might finish that kayaking programme.
You may be right. Quark, l need a holosuite.
welcome to the zone.
Let me tell you about a little thing...
Have any other candidates entered the election?
Shakaar's popularity is growing so fast
no one can catch him.
- What about the Kai? - She's trying to make the best of it.
She even put out a statement of support for Shakaar.
l used to enjoy sleeping on the ground.
- lt's good to have you back, Major. - lt's good to be back, sir.

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