The Cardassians are still closing.
They have powered their weapons systems.
They have established weapons lock.
Weapons lock broken.
Going to warp.
Get out of here, Jake. l'm in the middle of a simulation.
Computer, end programme.
- You OK? - Look what you made me do!
You shouldn't end a programme sitting down.
- Why did you come in here? - You were supposed to meet me.
l didn't realise it had gotten so late. Sorry.
- Don't worry. How's it going, anyway? - Pretty good.
l've improved my reaction time by 20%. l've got to get it up another five.
ls that the cut-off point for getting into the Academy Preparatory Programme?
- You'll get there. - l'd better.
Because if l don't, l'll never be admitted into the Academy next year.
Six weeks of summer classes will make the difference?
l have to show the admissions committee
how determined l am to become a cadet.
Don't worry so much.
- You'll be a great cadet. - ln the meantime,
you make a lousy stock boy.
Take after your friend. He knows enough to stay out of Starfleet.
Even a human can see there's more profitable opportunities out there
for a young man with ambition.
He wants to be a writer.
- There's no profit in that. - On the contrary.
Writing holosuite programmes, especially the more intimate variety,
- is very profitable. - l'll bet.
The two of you come up with a proposal
and l'll put up the latinum.
l don't think so, Uncle.
All right, fine.
Join Starfleet. l don't know why l bother trying to help you.
Tell your father to get behind the bar.
Lieutenant Dax has asked me to join the senior staff
for a very important meeting.
Do you have any idea what Dax wants to talk to us about?
She asked Leeta to come.
They've been spending quite a bit of time together.
- Do you keep tabs on everybody? - Not everyone.
But, Doctor, two pastries for breakfast this morning?
You should know better than to start your day like that.
Major, Chief.
Hello, Leeta. How are you doing?
- Thank you all for coming. - No problem.
l'll get right to the point.
You are the seven people on this station that l feel closest to.
l want you all to be a part of my "zhian'tara."
lt's the Trill rite of closure.
Joined Trills get a chance to meet their previous hosts.
- Meet them? How? - That's where you come in.
lf you don't mind,
l'd like to borrow your bodies for a few hours.
What do you mean, borrow our bodies?
The memories of one of my previous hosts
will be removed from the symbiont and imprinted onto you.
- You become one of my hosts. - How is this accomplished?
The memories are transferred telepathically by a Guardian.
They take care of the symbionts. They're unjoined Trill.
Leeta is an amateur sociologist.
lt comes in handy. You never know who you'll meet at the dabo table.
You're asking me to hand my body over to a dead person?
Only for a few hours.
What happens to me?
You'll remain conscious of everything that's going on.
At any time you can reassert yourself.
lt's best to relax and let the host's memories emerge.
The point is to give Jadzia a chance to interact with her previous hosts.
Curzon spoke very fondly of his "zhian'tara."
He said it was one of the most powerful experiences of his life.
l do have one question. What about Joran?
Wasn't he the crazy host of yours?
The musician who killed someone?
Commander Sisko has volunteered to embody Joran.
We've discussed taking precautions during the transfer.
- Count me in. - Me, too.
- Yes. - Agreed.
- Chief? - l'm in.
Why is everybody looking at me?
You're the only one who hasn't agreed to participate.
l'm sorry, Lieutenant.
You're going to have to find someone else.
l really want you to be a part of this, Quark.
l was hoping that you would embody Audrid for me.
l think it'll make us closer.
- When you put it that way. - l knew l could count on you.
Kira, l would like you to embody Lela, my first host.
We'll start tomorrow after the Guardian arrives.
lt means a lot to me that all of you are willing to do this. Thank you.
Did Quark just agree to embody one of your female hosts?
Yes, he did.
Then comes the deductive reasoning portion of the exam
and the spatial orientation test. The whole thing should take four days.
lt must sound overwhelming to you. Take it one day at a time.
One day at a time. Right.
Today you only have to worry about the stress reaction test.
Computer, run programme delta five nine.
l thought this was going to be a runabout simulation.
That's what l practised.
lf we tested you where you practised, it wouldn't be stressful.
Man your post. You're the Operations Officer.
- What was that? - You tell me.
We've been trying to get Dax to perform the "zhian'tara."
She kept putting us off,
so the Symbiosis Commission decided to send me here.
- l haven't had time. - You could have made time.
Where is the "zhian'tara" to take place? l have preparations to make.
This way.
- Kira? - No.
You must be Dax's new host.
- l'm Jadzia. - What a beautiful name.
l have a few questions.
l need to make sure the memory transference is complete.
What is the last thing you remember?
Talking to Curzon at his "zhian'tara."
Can you tell me the name of the person who supervised Lela
when she was an lnitiate?
- l can't remember. - That's all right.
Lela's memories have been temporarily removed from your mind.
lt's disorienting, like part of me is missing.
Not missing. Right here.
And the name of my lnitiate supervisor was Jobel.
Excellent. The transference seems to be complete.
Unless you have any questions, l'll leave you alone for a few hours.
Thank you.
Such odd fellows, these Guardians.
l know.
lt's understandable, l suppose.
They spend most of their time tending symbiont pools full of this stuff.
l love the smell of it, don't you?
lt looks like you've ended up a long way from home, Jadzia.
What is it?
l hold my hands behind my back the same way you do.
lt's a habit l picked up when l was a Legislator.
l was one of the first women to serve as a council member.
When l started out, l talked with my hands.
Lots of emphatic gesturing.
l discovered some male colleagues were imitating me,
so l started to do this.
l thought it was an unconscious habit.
That's the point of the "zhian'tara:"
to discover these things about yourself.
lt's so strange. lt's like you really are Lela.
ln a sense, l am.
What is a person but a sum of their memories?
l have a feeling that these next few days
are going to be extraordinary for you.
Tobin, l don't think Chief O'Brien will appreciate
you biting his nails.
Sorry. l guess l'm a little nervous.
That's all right. l get that way sometimes myself.
Now you know who you have to thank for it. Sorry.
- Please stop saying you're sorry. - Sorry.
l've been working on finishing your proof of Fermat's last theorem.
You have?
lt's the most original approach to the proof
since Wiles over 300 years ago.
l tend to look for original approaches myself.
l have you to thank for that, as well.
Very nice.
- This is an excellent body. - l'll pass that along.
When l got the Dax symbiont,
l was worried it might affect my co-ordination.
And hurt your gymnastics career?
But being joined improved my concentration.
- l found that as well. - You're a gymnast?
No, but l'm an expert in Klingon martial arts.
Did you take it up before or after you were joined?
Why am l not surprised?
Sit right here and l'll tell you all about it.
The day l was named head of the Symbiosis Commission
was one of the happiest of my life.
Right behind the day l gave birth to my first child.
- Are you a mother, Jadzia? - No.
l hope you will be someday.
There's nothing quite like holding a baby to your breast,
nursing it.
The entity that lent me this body wishes to speak.
How much longer am l going to have to do this?
Another hour at most.
The sooner we get back to it, the sooner it'll be over.
Just remember: not a word about this to anyone.
l promise.
Go easy on those, Torias. Julian's started to watch what he eats.
Tell your friend to live a little.
Life's too short to deprive yourself of the simple pleasures.
- l should know. - You didn't deprive yourself.
- But my life was too short. - The accident.
Still, l'm lucky.
l continue to exist as part of you.
Jadzia will go on existing when the symbiont passes to a new host.
We're part of something bigger than any one of us.
- l feel lucky to have been chosen. - So do l.
Come in.
lt's late. lt's time we returned Dr Bashir's body to him.
lt was nice meeting you.
l'm ready.
- Are you sure about this? - Don't worry, Odo.
Joran can't hurt anyone from inside a holding cell.
There's just one problem. You're going to be in there with him.
Activate the force field.
Hello, Jadzia.
lf you need me, l'll be right outside.
As will l.
lt's good to see you again, Jadzia.
Tell me, have you been practising your music?
Yes, when l have the time.
Good. Do you think of me when you play?
- Sometimes. - l'm glad.
You're a very pretty girl, Jadzia.
Very pretty.
But unfortunately that's all you are.
You're nothing compared to Lela, Torias
or myself.
You're a pretender.
You must realise that by now.
You know nothing about me.
Only what l can see.
A little girl, not worthy of the noble creature nestled inside her.
You're overwhelmed by it.
You're in over your head.
And they said it was a mistake choosing me for joining.
But there is one hope for you, Jadzia,
and that's me.
My strength is within you. You don't have to be afraid of it.
l'm not.
Then let me show you how to use it.
Lower the force field, Jadzia.
Lower it and you will never have to be afraid
of anything ever again.
Stop it, you're hurting him! Benjamin, take control!
l think that's enough of Joran for now.
Are you all right?
lt's all right, old man. lt's me.
- Thanks. - For what?
For not breaking any bones.
Will you stop doing that? lt's very distracting.
- l'm trying to do the books. - l can't help it.
My son's future is being decided.
Pacing around like an Alvanian cave sloth isn't going to help him.
What's that?
A cadet's uniform. l got it for Nog.
l had Garak make it to order. lt cost five strips of latinum.
- He's not going to need it. - Why not?
He'll be issued a uniform if and when he gets to the Academy.
Now he'll have two.
- l keep thinking about Joran. - l heard what he told you.
l can't get it out of my head.
Jadzia, did you put off having your "zhian'tara"
because you were afraid you wouldn't measure up to the other hosts?
Maybe l did.
l hope you realise you were wrong.
l'm not sure l was.
You were chosen for joining because you deserved it
as much as any of the others.
Then why did Curzon wash me out of the lnitiate programme?
You tell me.
l believed it was because he wanted to challenge me
so that l would reapply and try harder. Now l'm not so sure.
Why not? That's exactly what you did.
Maybe Curzon didn't think l was good enough.
l find that hard to believe.
But if that's what you're afraid of, why don't you ask him?
l will.
But what if he tells me something l don't want to hear?
l have to go.
l'm going to my office for a while.
Benjamin! You do recognise me, don't you?
- Curzon? - Don't tell me.
The nose gave me away.
- Aren't you happy to see me? - Of course.
Where's Jadzia?
l told her that we'd meet at Quark's.
l'm going to give that toad the scare of his life.
- You sound like Odo. - l am Odo.
- l thought you were Curzon. - l'm both.
The Guardian thinks it has something to do with my shape-shifting nature.
lt's as if Odo and Curzon have been joined.
lt's proving to be an interesting experience for both of us.
The Guardian says it's nothing to worry about.
l like the beard, by the way. Absolutely.
So, when is Kasidy Yates coming back?
- Not you, too. - She's a fine-looking woman.
Reminds me of the girl you...
Why don't we join Jadzia in Quark's?
- l'll tell you all about it later. - Curzon, remember?
- What happened to your face? - Never mind my face.
Did l ever mention you're a magnificent scoundrel?
- Two Tranyas, very cold. - Right away.
lt's going to take Quark a while to get over that.
Looks like you're having a good time.
As good a time as two gentlemen can have without the company of a lady.
Excuse me while l slip into something more appropriate.
l love being a changeling.
- l think l'll be pushing off. - Benjamin, don't go.
l have to finish evaluating Nog's test results.
Thanks for stopping by, old man. lt was good to see you.
There goes the best friend l ever had.
- Are you enjoying your "zhian'tara?" - For the most part.
What about that Tobin?
Did he tell you that l got him drunk during my "zhian'tara?"
No, but l can see why you did.
Curzon, do you remember when l was an lnitiate?
Do you see that Ferengi over there?
A bulletin came in on him last week. He's a tongo hustler.
l'd love to clean him out. We should get a game going.
l don't understand how l could have failed.
You've always been so good with spatial orientation.
Remember the time you managed to stack all the chairs
so they fit behind the bar?
Now l won't qualify to take the Academy entrance exam.
My Starfleet career is over before it started.
He's right. And it's not fair.
Starfleet has no idea who it's passing up.
Nog, you would have made a good officer.
l want you to know something.
There will always be a place for you here at Quark's.
Sorry, Lonzo.
Excuse me, folks, but the bar has been closed for an hour.
lf you don't leave, l'm going to have to call security.
l am security.
Don't worry, Quark. We're going.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
l confiscated this from a Yridian smuggler.
Don't you need it for evidence?
l still want to talk to you about what happened when l was an lnitiate.
l know you do.
What is it you want to ask me?
Why didn't you object when l was reinstated into the programme?
l don't know, Jadzia. Maybe l decided l'd been too hard on you.
lt was your job to be hard on lnitiates.
The truth is l felt sorry for you.
Well...you wanted to be joined so badly.
You were so young, so lovely.
l've always had the feeling l didn't have your complete confidence.
l tried to push it aside,
but l was right. You never thought l was good enough.
Whatever l may have thought doesn't matter.
You are a host. lsn't that enough?
No. l feel like l don't have your respect.
l'm afraid when your memories are restored to me,
l'm going to feel like l don't respect myself.
ln that case, you'll be happy to know
l've come to a decision that's going to benefit both of us.
What do you mean?
l've decided to stay where l am. ln this body.
l'm not just speaking as Curzon. This is Odo's decision as well.
Neither of us wants to go back to the way things were.
There's no way to remove Curzon's memories from Odo
without his co-operation. He has to give them up willingly.
What'll happen to Jadzia if we can't persuade him?
lt'll take time for her to adjust to the new balance,
but she'll be fine.
Do you want me to talk to Curzon?
l might be able to get him to co-operate.
l don't think so.
l don't think l want to do anything.
- What do you mean? - l mean l'm fine.
Obviously Odo and Curzon are well suited to each other.
Maybe it's better this way.
l'd like to speak to Jadzia alone for a moment.
Do you really want to leave things as they are?
Or are you trying to avoid a confrontation with Curzon?
You once told me that Curzon intimidated you when you were an lnitiate.
l looked up to him. l still do.
Maybe that's why l find it hard to challenge his decisions.
Let me tell you something about Curzon. He was my friend,
he was my confidant. ln a way, he was my teacher, as well.
But he was also manipulative, selfish and arrogant.
People let him get away with it because he was so charming.
Sometimes l let him get away with it.
But from time to time he'd push me too far
and l'd have to stand up to him, tell him he'd crossed the line.
And how would he react?
Sometimes he'd just laugh and admit it,
sometimes he'd be furious.
Either way, he'd back off because he knew he was wrong.
And he is wrong now. He's being selfish.
He's manipulated you to get you to go along with what he wants.
Are you going to confront him or let him get away with it?
lt's up to you.
- l know what you did. - What's wrong with you?
You reconfigured the holosuite
so Nog would fail the spatial orientation test.
l couldn't just stand by and watch my nephew throw his life away.
You had no right to interfere. l told Commander Sisko
and he's going to let Nog retake the test.
And if you ever do anything to hurt Nog again,
- l'll burn the bar to the ground. - You wouldn't dare.
My son's happiness is more important to me than anything.
Even latinum. Remember that, brother.
Come in, come in.
l was just oozing around the room. You have no idea
what a liberating experience it is to be in a liquid state.
We need to talk.
All right. What is it you want to talk about?
l want my memories back.
l'm sorry.
l realise this is difficult for you, but you'll get over it.
- lt's better this way. - For you, maybe.
You're both living out a life you never could have had.
Those should be my memories.
Not any more. Maybe they never should have been.
l earned the right to be joined. l am the only person
who was ever readmitted to the lnitiate programme.
The only reason you got back in was because l felt sorry for you.
Why feel sorry for me?
Don't use that tone of voice with me, little girl.
You can't intimidate me, Curzon.
l'm not a little girl any more.
No, l suppose you're not.
The truth is
you weren't a little girl back when you were an lnitiate.
You were a brilliant and beautiful young woman.
Very beautiful.
You were in love with me?
At first,
l thought it was just an old man's passing infatuation.
After all, l'd always had an eye for the ladies.
But as we spent more time together,
l started to realise it was something deeper.
Then why were you so hard on me?
l couldn't let you know the truth. l was your supervisor.
So you washed me out of the programme?
l realised l'd robbed you of something you'd wanted all your life.
l felt so guilty l nearly retired from the Symbiosis Commission.
So when l reapplied, you didn't object.
l was grateful when you reapplied.
lt let me off the hook.
So now that you know, you can see that it's best for both of us
that l stay here in this body.
Why? Because you loved me?
Because l still love you.
- There's no shame in that, Curzon. - Yes, there is.
And if we rejoin, you'll feel it too.
No, l won't, because l love you.
You're a part of me and l want you back.
That way, Jadzia and Curzon can be together the way they should be:
through Dax.
He's coming!
He's coming.
Ladies and gentlemen,
l'd like to introduce Starfleet's future...
My son Nog.
- Congratulations, Nog. - Thank you, sir.
You've jumped the gun putting on that uniform.
l haven't earned the right to wear it yet, but my father got it for me.
Hopefully, you'll get to put on the real one next year.
When you ace the Academy entrance exam.
- What's the matter, Chief? - lt just occurred to me.
As soon as that kid graduates, l'm going to have to call him ''sir''.
What can l get you, Nog?
A root beer.
lt's an Earth drink, something they serve at the Academy.
A root beer. This is the end of Ferengi civilization.
- May l join you, Lieutenant? - Of course.
l'd just like to apologise for my behaviour
while l was joined with Curzon.
There's no need to apologise.
l'm glad it happened.
lt forced me to deal with things about myself l've never really faced.
Besides, you've given me a special gift.
You see,
now l have Curzon's memories of what it felt like to be a changeling.
l never realised how much joy it gives you.
And l never understood how much joy you humanoids experience
in things like eating, drinking...
staying up all night playing tongo.
l don't see how Curzon ever managed to get any work done.
He always seemed to, somehow.
he must have been a remarkable man.
Yes, he is.

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