Kasidy Yates, where are you going?
Down to my ship.
I have a meeting with my engineer.
Go back to sleep.
You're the Captain.
He'll wait.
Oh, is that how you treat your staff?
Make them wait around while you're sleeping?
That's right.
In fact, there are days when I never get out of bed.
You're not making this easy.
That's the general idea.
You are evil.
I am a Starfleet officer-- the paragon of virtue.
You're more like a parody of virtue...
but we'll have to continue this debate another time.
I can't wait.
See you later.
This briefing will contain information
considered extremely sensitive by Starfleet Command.
Please, do not share it with anyone
who doesn't have a level 7 security rating.
It seems that during their recent invasion of Cardassia
the Klingons inflicted far more damage
than we've been led to believe.
Two weeks ago
the civilian government on Cardassia Prime
secretly contacted the Federation Council
and made an urgent request for industrial replicators
and that request has been granted.
How many replicators are we talking about?
12-- all Class IV.
The Federation only gave Bajor two CFI replicators.
With all due respect, Bajor is just one planet.
The Klingons have destroyed the industrial base
of literally dozens of Cardassian worlds.
With 12 CFI replicators, they can at least start building
new power plants and factories.
Why all the secrecy?
Starfleet lntelligence
believes the Maquis may try to stop the shipment
or even seize the replicators for themselves.
It makes sense.
The Cardassian military has been so busy
fending off the Klingons
they've basically given a free hand to the Maquis
in the Demilitarized Zone.
The last thing
the Maquis are going to want is to see a shipment
of replicators on its way to Cardassia.
Intelligence also reports
that the Demilitarized Zone between
Cardassia and the Federation has become a hotbed
of increasing terrorist activity in the past month.
We suspect the Maquis have built
several new bases in the Badlands
and the Cardassians in the DMZ are getting worried.
They should be.
Without the Cardassian military to stop them
the Maquis have a perfect opportunity
to drive the Cardassians out of the DMZ permanently.
I take it this shipment is going to pass through Deep Space 9?
Yes, sir. In three days.
All right.
Let's tighten security on the station.
Step up random checks of incoming and outgoing cargo
for weapons or explosives, more deputies on the Promenade.
You know the drill.
Mr. Worf, tomorrow, I want you
to take the Defiant and patrol the Badlands.
Show the flag.
Let the Maquis know we're ready for any trouble.
Aye, sir.
Mr. Eddington, I want daily briefings on this
until the replicators are in Cardassian hands.
Aye, sir.
The, uh, Commander and I
would like to have a word with you.
Something wrong?
it's come to our attention
that there may be a Maquis smuggler
here on the station.
It's just a theory at this point
and frankly, our suspicions are based
on purely circumstantial evidence.
Who is it?
Again, we're still not certain.
I understand that.
Kasidy Yates.
Working for the Maquis?
That's impossible.
I certainly hope so.
Smuggling with intent to supply a terrorist organization
is a serious offense.
Where is your evidence?
Five months ago, Captain Yates was hired by the Bajorans
to carry cargo to their outlying colonies.
One of her regular runs is from Bajor
to a colony on Dreon Vll.
It's a 12-hour run for most ships
but she always takes 18.
The six-hour difference is just enough time to allow her
to make a side trip into the Badlands
rendezvous with a Maquis ship
and then continue on to the Dreon system.
That's your evidence?
That she was slow in one of her deliveries?
There's more.
Starfleet lntelligence
has infiltrated one of the Maquis cells
and obtained a partial list of their contacts
in the Bajoran sector.
They all had cover names
of course, but one of their contacts
started living aboard Deep Space 9
in the last six months.
And Captain Yates has been living aboard the station
for just under six months.
That's damned slim evidence to base an accusation.
We haven't made any accusations.
I said we have suspicions.
That's right, you did say that.
Captain, I realize this is an awkward situation for you
but if I could step up my surveillance
of Captain Yates...
Odo, she's a Federation citizen.
You can't just invade her privacy
based on your suspicions.
You'll have to show me some real evidence
before I'll authorize what you're proposing.
If she's really a Maquis
then she's no longer a Federation citizen.
The answer is no.
Understood, sir.
There are times we have to search vessels
docked at the station.
If you can find a reason...
We'll let you know.
Yeah, Nerys!
There you go.
Did you see the way
she gave him the tiniest head fake
and then boom-- checked him into the wall?
Yes, it was quite effective.
Stop watching her.
Oh, I thought the whole point was to watch.
The point is
to watch the game, not the spectators--
especially not that spectator.
Well, what does she expect?
She's the only Cardassian woman on the station.
She must know she's bound to attract some attention.
Some, yes. Yours, no.
Oh, come on!
That was a foul.
Perhaps I should say hello after the game.
That's Gul Dukat's daughter.
And I can't think of anyone in the galaxy
who hates you more than he does.
Besides, Ziyal is a friend of Kira's
and I wouldn't play around with her if I were you.
I simply thought it would be polite to say hello
but clearly, you don't think I'm capable
of conducting any kind of pleasant discourse
without some kind of nefarious ulterior motive.
That's not what I meant.
I just think you should leave well enough alone.
Why stir up...?
Well played!
Brava, Major!
What happened?
A brilliant move on the part of the Major.
You should have been paying attention.
Come in.
Did you know you could smell that
all the way down the corridor?
It's an experiment.
Bajoran ratamba stew over spinach linguine.
Don't your neighbors ever complain?
Sometimes, but usually it's only an excuse
to get a taste of my cooking.
Oh, how sneaky of them.
Yes, they are a duplicitous bunch.
All right, you two. Break it up.
I've got a problem.
Do either of you know
what a Kavarian tiger-bat smells like?
It's for a story I'm working on.
The computer database has plenty of pictures
but no olfactory information.
You're a writer.
Make something up.
I'm going for a real "you are there" feeling.
The details have to be right.
Kas, haven't you been to Kavaria?
Not me. Sorry.
Don't you make a regular cargo run
to a neighboring system?
No. Kavaria's out towards the Badlands.
I try to stay away from there.
You should ask Quark.
I bet he knows someone who's been out that way.
I thought you made deliveries to Dreon Vll.
That's near the Badlands, isn't it?
I guess it depends on how you define "near."
On my ship, Dreon's a long way from the Badlands.
What route do you take to the Dreon system?
I imagine you go around the Rolor Nebula.
If you're really this interested in my flight plans
why don't you look them up?
You are the Commander of the station, after all.
Forget I brought it up.
Okay, everyone grab a plate and prepare to be dazzled.
You first.
You're not going to hurt me, are you?
Normally, I would simply make
a strategic withdrawal at the first sign of trouble
but there doesn't seem to be a way out of here.
You could always call Security.
Oh, true, but it would take them a few minutes to arrive
and by then, it might be too late.
I don't think I'll hurt you.
I'm gratified to hear that.
In fact, I think it's safe to say
you have nothing to fear from me.
And you, my dear, have nothing to fear from me.
This is ridiculous.
We have perishable goods in the hold and we cannot allow...
What is going on here?
Captain, we need
to make a class-2 inspection of your cargo
before we can allow you to leave the station.
Inspection? For what?
Temecklian virus.
There've been some reports of an outbreak on Bajor
so we're scanning all ships and cargo
before they leave the system.
None of my cargo came from Bajor.
I'm afraid the rules are very strict, no exceptions.
How long will this take?
Six hours.
Six hours?
We'll miss the rendezvous.
We'll see about that.
I'm sorry to bother you, Ben.
Normally, I wouldn't do this, but--
What is it?
It's this health inspection.
They're telling me it's going
to take six hours, but I need to make a rendezvous
with a Tholian freighter in nine hours
and you know how they are
about punctuality.
If it weren't for the health concern, maybe
but in this case...
Ben, please.
I promise to flood the entire cargo hold
with baryon radiation as a precaution
but I need to go now, or I'll lose
the entire consignment.
Stand by.
Is there any way we can make a shorter inspection?
Not if they're going to search for contraband
while they make it look like a health inspection.
They need time to look for camouflage fields
false cargo manifests, computer records.
We probably shouldn't bother at this point.
If Kasidy's in a hurry
she'll be standing over their shoulders the whole time.
They won't be able to make much of a search.
Captain, I strongly recommend that we at least try.
You are clear to leave the station-- just remember
to irradiate that cargo.
Thanks, Ben. I owe you one.
See you tomorrow.
Do you have something to say, Commander?
No, sir.
Now get down to the Defiant
and tell Worf he has a change of orders.
I want you to follow the Xhosa.
Aye, sir.
What are our orders
if we observe Captain Yates meeting a Maquis ship?
Right now, your orders are to observe
then report directly to me.
Is that clear?
The Xhosa's altering course, Commander.
Now on heading 158 mark 325.
The Badlands.
Stay with her, Chief.
Aye, sir.
Say what you will about the Maquis
they're not stupid.
Using the Badlands as their base of operations
was a pretty smart move.
Not to mention a gutsy one.
They are terrorists-- Iittle more than criminals.
And criminals always make mistakes.
They're just fighting for something they believe in.
They should be hunted down and destroyed.
What for?
Defending their homes?
Look at what's happened to those people--
one day, they're eking out a living
in some godforsaken colonies on the Cardassian border.
The next day, the Federation makes a treaty
handing those colonies over to the Cardassians.
What would you do?
I would not become a terrorist.
It would be dishonorable.
I wouldn't say that around Major Kira if I were you.
How about you, Commander?
How do you feel about the Maquis?
I don't have any feelings about them one way or the other.
Oh, but you must have an opinion.
I do my job, Chief.
Starfleet says to find the Maquis, I'll find the Maquis.
They tell me to help them, I'll help them.
My opinion is irrelevant.
What matters to me is doing my job like a Starfleet Officer.
Anything else... is an indulgence.
I think I've got something.
An impulse signature off the starboard bow.
Bring us within visual range.
Aye, sir.
That's a Maquis raider.
And the Xhosa's beaming over her cargo.
-Hello. -Hello.
This is your shop.
It's very nice.
Thank you.
You do good work.
How kind.
Is there something I can do for you?
I got this holosuite program from Quark.
It's a reproduction of a Cardassian sauna.
Like the ones they have back home.
I was wondering if you...
might be interested in trying it out with me.
I mean, we're the only Cardassians on the station
and, well, the temperature's too hot for almost anyone else.
I see.
When were you thinking of?
Maybe the day after tomorrow.
Say 2100?
I'd be delighted.
I'll see you there.
I look forward to it.
-Morning. -Morning.
Raktajino, extra sweet.
Makapa bread, no crust.
What happened to juice and oatmeal?
Kasidy introduced me to this.
It's great.
When's she due back?
Oh, don't worry.
It's supposed to do that.
The foam tastes like a... a weird peppermint
and the bread...
I don't know what it tastes like.
You want some?
I think I'll pass.
Dad, is something wrong?
I'm a little tired.
Didn't get much sleep last night.
I guess you're not used to sleeping alone anymore.
What I mean is
you miss her companionship...
you miss talking
and sharing insights about command and duty...
All right, that's enough.
I was just kidding.
I know.
I've just got a lot on my mind.
Something happen between you and Kasidy?
Not exactly.
If you want to talk...
This is important.
You and l.
Things change...
but... not this.
Forget it.
I'm just having a bad day.
After the cargo was beamed aboard the Maquis raider
the Xhosa took this route out of the Badlands
and resumed its course to Dreon Vll.
Do you know what cargo was transferred to the Maquis ship?
From the residual transporter signature
it was approximately 80 percent organic.
I'd say food or possibly medical supplies.
Well, at least we're not dealing with weapons.
It sounds like she's only providing...
Where is the Xhosa now?
Captain Yates is on her way back to the station.
She should arrive at 1900 hours.
Thank you. Dismissed.
Dismissed, old man.
Come in.
Miss me?
Were you gone?
Admit it-- without me, you cried yourself to sleep.
So, did you make your rendezvous with the Tholian freighter?
Right on time, and thank you
for bending the inspection rules for me.
We'd never have made it without you.
Just don't make a habit of it.
I promise.
Where did you meet the Tholians anyway?
In the Dreon system?
Yeah. Why?
It just seemed odd that they would travel that far
just for some medical supplies.
They really needed them.
They've got some kind of viral infection
on one of their colonies.
In fact, I can't stay long--
I'm supposed to make a run tonight.
But I promise you can inspect the cargo ahead of time.
That'll make Odo very happy.
Hey, you're back.
Looks like it to me.
Are you guys doing anything right now?
I just got a new holosuite program that Nog sent me.
It's a baseball game between the 1961 Yankees
and the 1978 Red Sox.
I'll buy the hot dogs.
I'll have to pass.
I have to get back to Ops.
Anyway, the Yankees will bury them.
You two have fun.
But I'm only here for a few hours.
Duty calls.
I'll see when you get back.
She's going on another run tonight.
She seemed prepared for a cargo inspection this time
so I doubt you'll find anything.
Mr. Eddington and I have discussed this at length
and we both feel that if the Xhosa
makes another rendezvous with a Maquis raider
we should seize both vessels and arrest everyone aboard.
For all we know, the Xhosa may not make another run for months.
We shouldn't let this opportunity pass us by.
Yes, sir.
And that does bring up another point I'd like to discuss...
in private, if I may.
Sir, the CFI replicators
are due to arrive here tomorrow afternoon.
I'd feel better if I were here to supervise
the security detail.
Lieutenant Reese can handle it.
Yes, sir, he can, but...
Just say it, Commander.
Sir, if the Maquis put up a fight
the Xhosa might get caught in the cross fire.
If that happens, I can't guarantee
the safety of Kasidy Yates.
And to be blunt
I don't want that responsibility.
I can't say I blame you.
The security of the CFI replicators is your priority.
I'll take command of the Defiant.
Thank you, Captain.
The inspection team just left.
Any problems?
I'll be right there.
How was the game?
Seven-three, Yankees.
Did you come all the way down here for the score?
I was just thinking--
why don't we drop everything and go to Risa?
Just the two of us.
We won't even pack a bag.
We'll walk straight out of here, get in a runabout and go.
What about your station?
I have a great crew.
They can handle things around here for a few days.
Neither of us is doing anything so important
that it can't wait for a few days.
I'm not sure the Tholians would agree.
Let your First Officer handle it.
Or better yet, tell the Tholians
they won't be getting this shipment at all.
I don't think I can do that, Ben.
I... I-l have a commitment to fulfill.
But if you want to take a runabout
and wait for me on Risa, I'll meet you there.
Forget about it.
It was just a crazy idea.
Have a good trip.
It was a tempting idea, Ben.
I wish I could take you up on it.
So do l.
They're reducing speed.
Match their velocity, Chief.
These are the same coordinates
they used for the last rendezvous.
Any sign of another ship?
Not yet, but our sensors
are extremely limited in the plasma fields.
They're turning again.
Looks like a holding pattern to me, sir.
Either the Maquis are late or the Xhosa's early.
Either way, we wait with them.
Can't you do something about these lapels?
Such as?
I don't know. I'm not a tailor.
Just... make them look good.
Oh, make them look good.
And all this time
I thought you wanted me to try to make them look bad.
I wish you'd said that before.
It's much simpler
when the customer explains what he wants.
Rudeness will get you nowhere.
I don't need another waiter.
Now, I want more room in the shoulders and these cuffs
are completely unacceptable.
Garak, can I talk to you for a minute?
Of course, Major.
Excuse me.
Now, what can I do for you, Major--
Listen closely.
I don't know what kind of sick game it is
you're playing with Ziyal
but it better stop and it better stop right now.
I can assure you, Major, l--
I don't want to hear any of your lies.
Now, that girl is here under my protection
and I swear, if you do anything to hurt her
I will make you regret it.
Is that clear?
As Tabalian glass.
You told her.
The pants are about a meter too long.
So, are you canceling your date with Ziyal?
It's not a date.
And how do you know about that?
You're a man, she's a woman, it's a date.
And they are my holosuites, after all.
I was going to cancel.
I'd had visions of Ziyal presenting my head
to her father as a birthday gift.
That's a little paranoid, wouldn't you say?
Paranoid is what they call people
who imagine threats against their life.
I have threats against my life.
But after my little "chat" with Major Kira
I feel much better.
You do?
Isn't it obvious?
If Ziyal planned to kill me
Kira would not be trying to warn me away.
On the contrary
the good Major would also welcome
my untimely demise and do nothing to interfere.
Unless that's part of the plan.
What do you mean?
Oh, you know, Kira acts like she doesn't want you to go
so you'll feel everything's okay
and then you go anyway.
No, it's too complicated.
Of course.
Now they're too short.
The pants.
This is wrong.
Terrorists don't work this way.
If your contact doesn't show up for a rendezvous, you leave.
You don't stay in the Badlands going in circles for five hours.
But it is also possible
that her cargo is so valuable to the Maquis
that she will wait
as long as it takes to make her delivery.
I think she's already made her delivery.
And you were the cargo.
Think about it-- if anyone
but Kasidy Yates was on the Xhosa
would you be commanding this mission yourself?
You're saying someone wanted me here? Why?
I'm not sure.
But one thing's certain, we're not going
to find the answers sitting here staring at the viewscreen.
You're right.
The answers are over there.
Let's go.
Mr. Worf, you have the Bridge.
Still nothing.
This is getting ridiculous.
All right, let's send a coded message...
Tachyon surge.
A ship's de-cloaking.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? We've been...
Don't say it!
I know that you're a smuggler.
I know that you've been working with the Maquis
and right now, I don't care.
But I need to know what your orders were.
Were you told to draw me out here so the Maquis
could attack the station? Ben, l--
Jake's back there.
And whatever your feelings are for me
I can't believe you would put him in danger.
I was supposed to meet a Maquis ship at these coordinates.
I don't know anything about an attack on the station.
And I doubt the Maquis would try.
I didn't know you were following me
but, after our last talk
I suspected that you might be out there.
If that's true, why didn't you abort the mission?
I was told that these medical supplies
were urgently needed.
And that I had to be here no matter what.
I tried to tell them that I'd made
too many runs in the last few days--
that I was just asking to get caught
but they wouldn't listen.
They knew you were going to be caught.
That's why they didn't send a Maquis ship
out here to meet you.
Everything's been building to this.
They needed to draw me away from the station.
If they aren't planning an attack
what other reason could there be?
What could be happening...?
Happening on the station.
I've received new orders from Starfleet Command.
The CFI replicators in Cargo Bay 17
are to be transferred aboard a Vulcan freighter
which should arrive at any moment.
This operation is to be carried out in complete secrecy.
No one aboard the station is to know about it.
Does that include the Bajoran security detachment, sir?
Also, as of this moment
we're observing communications silence.
No com traffic in or out of the station
for the next nine hours. Understood?
Aye, sir.
You wanted to see me?
Yes, Major.
I'm afraid I need to take command
of the station for the next few hours.
We've cleared the plasma field, Captain.
Get us back to the station, Chief.
Maximum warp.
Aye, sir.
Any response from our hails, Commander?
No, sir.
Deep Space 9 seems to be
under a communications blackout.
Keep trying.
You realize we'll probably never see
the Xhosa or Captain Yates again.
It's a possibility.
I'd say it's more than that.
If I'd been allowed
to leave a security detail behind--
Our priority is
to get back to the station, Constable.
Captain Yates is my responsibility
and I'll thank you to leave it at that.
As you wish.
The replicators have been secured
in the ship's hold, sir.
Very good.
We'll be departing in five minutes
and I'm leaving you in command until Captain Sisko returns.
Me, sir?
You have a problem with that, Lieutenant?
No, sir.
It's just that's it's unusual
for a junior officer to be left--
If you're not up to the job, I'll find someone else who is.
The safety of this station may depend on you
and I need to know if you can handle it.
You can count on me, Commander.
Now go to Ops and take command.
Yes, sir.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
The Defiant has returned to the station
but it seems that Commander Eddington
is still one step ahead of us.
All Federation starships near the Badlands
have been alerted to look for the Vulcan freighter.
I doubt they'll find it.
Eddington anticipated every contingency.
I'm sure he had his escape route well planned.
What do we tell the Cardassians?
The truth.
He fooled me, and he got away with it.
He fooled all of us.
Everything that happens on this station
is my responsibility, Major.
Incoming message for you, Captain.
It's from Commander Eddington.
Put it through, in my office.
Mr. Eddington, I have just one question.
Will knowing my personal motivation
change anything at this point?
No, I don't suppose it will.
Then let's table that for now.
The only reason I've contacted you
is to ask you to leave us alone.
Our quarrel is with the Cardassians
not the Federation.
Leave us alone, and I can promise you
you'll never hear from the Maquis again.
Unless you see another shipment you want to hijack.
You keep sending replicators to Cardassia, and you're going
to have a lot more to worry about than hijackings.
I don't respond well to threats.
I thought you would know that by now
but I'm beginning to see that you don't know me at all.
I know you.
I was like you once, but then I opened my eyes.
Open your eyes, Captain.
Why is the Federation so obsessed with the Maquis?
We've never harmed you, and yet we're constantly arrested
and charged with terrorism.
Starships chase us through the Badlands
and our supporters are harassed and ridiculed. Why?
Because we've left the Federation
and that's the one thing you can't accept.
Nobody leaves paradise.
Everyone should want to be in the Federation.
Hell, you even want the Cardassians to join.
You're only sending them replicators
because one day they can take their rightful place
on the Federation Council.
You know, in some ways, you're even worse than the Borg.
At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation.
You're more insidious.
You assimilate people, and they don't even know it.
You know what, Mr. Eddington?
I don't give a damn what you think
of the Federation, the Maquis, or anything else.
All I know is that you betrayed your oath, your duty and me.
And if it takes me the rest of my life
I will see you standing before a court-martial
that'll break you and send you to a penal colony
where you will spend the rest of your days growing old
and wondering whether a ship full of replicators
was really worth it.
Doesn't it feel good?
The station can be so chilly sometimes.
It's quite pleasant.
Aren't you going to lie down?
Uh, not just yet.
I have a question I'd like answered first.
Why am I here?
Excuse me?
Why am I here?
Am I to believe that you've invited
the sworn enemy of your father
simply to enjoy the heat?
You really think I asked you here to kill you.
Well, it did occur to me.
Kira and my father both told me that you used to be an agent
of the Obsidian Order.
That you had my grandfather tortured
and killed, and that you could easily kill me
without a second thought.
Although I seldom credit the Major or your father
with being entirely trustworthy
in this case, they're both telling the truth.
You know what else is true?
I don't care.
I'm half-Bajoran, and that means I'm an outcast back home.
I can't go back and neither can you.
So, we can either share some time together
or we can ignore each other.
I spent five years in a prisoner of war camp by myself.
I don't need your company
but if you'd like to stay and share the heat with me
maybe tell me something about home that I don't know
then I would welcome your company
and I get the feeling you would welcome mine.
Either way, it's up to you.
Well... it seems I won't be needing this anymore.
what shall we talk about first?
Just you?
I dropped my crew off at a Maquis base.
I had to come back, but I didn't see any reason
to drag them here just to face a prison sentence.
You didn't have to come back either.
Yes. I did.
And I think we both know
that's why you left us alone out there--
to see if I would.
I'm not going to stand here and apologize for what I did.
You had your duty.
I had mine.
I still have my duty.
I know.
And I know I'll probably go to prison.
But I came back because of us.
Because despite all that's happened
I still love you, Ben.
I don't want to throw that away.
Do you?
Lieutenant Reese.
I'll be back.
I'll be here.

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