Captain's Log, Stardate 49904.2.
After driving away Breen privateers
from the Bajoran colony of Free Haven
we are returning to Deep Space 9.
When I was Lela Dax, I went through the same thing.
Every night, I'd tuck in my son Ahjess
and two hours later, he'd crawl into bed with me.
I don't think I slept through a night for weeks.
Weeks? Molly's been doing this for two months already.
She just needs a little attention.
Dax is right.
I'd say she's jealous.
She knows that you and Keiko are going to have a baby soon.
What makes you such an expert on children?
First in my class in pediatric medicine.
I wouldn't sit there
-if I were you. -Why?
Miles spill something again?
It's Worf's seat.
He'll be here in a minute.
Just because Worf
Iives on the Defiant full-time
doesn't give him proprietary rights in the Mess Hall.
No one says it does.
He just likes that seat.
Prune juice, extra large.
Have a seat, Commander.
Thank you.
All senior staff, report to the Bridge immediately.
You'd better have a look at this.
Concentrate on the fires in Section 13.
We have to keep them away from the plasma conduits.
Has anyone seen my brother Rom?!
He told me he was going to be working
in one of the upper pylons today.
He's fine.
I saw him with one of the damage-control teams
on Level 5.
Ah, what a relief.
Wait till I find him-- I'll kill him!
For scaring me like this.
Major, here's a preliminary list of the stolen equipment.
Report, Major.
It was a Jem'Hadar strike team.
They beamed aboard from a civilian transport
disabled communications and weapons
set off an explosive device in Upper Pylon 3.
Fought a number of small...
This one's gone.
Spinal fracture
and severe trauma to the cranial meninges.
They raided the Science Lab, the reactor-control facility
and several cargo bays.
"Microfusion initiators, photonic amplifiers
EPS power stabilizers."
They were out of here and through the wormhole
before we knew what hit us.
Constable, how many casualties do we have?
So far, 18 confirmed dead, 31 missing
and over a hundred wounded.
How long ago did the Jem'Hadar leave?
Uh... 45 minutes at the most.
That means their ion trail hasn't decayed yet.
We could still follow them.
I intend to do more than that.
Sisko to Defiant.
Prepare for departure.
I'm going to stay here, take care of the wounded.
That includes you.
The station's yours, Major.
Contact Starfleet.
Tell them to get some ships out here
just in case this is a diversion.
Constable, you're with us.
Sisko to Defiant.
Three to beam out.
What do you see, Dax?
Nothing good.
Their ion trail is getting fainter.
The Jem'Hadar must be emitting a magneton pulse
to cover their tracks.
Keep on them. I want that ship.
Frankly, I'm surprised
something like this hasn't happened sooner.
Being at the edge of the wormhole
makes Deep Space 9 a tempting target.
Sometimes, I wish we could have the Defiant
standing guard over the station 26 hours a day.
Restricting the Defiant to guard duty
would be a serious mistake.
You wouldn't say that
if you had family living in the station.
Perhaps, but adopting a siege mentality
is ultimately self-defeating.
I've got something.
Bearing 057 mark 009.
Red Alert.
On screen.
A Jem'Hadar warship.
This cannot be the vessel we are looking for.
Major Kira said the Jem'Hadar strike team
that attacked the station used a transport ship.
Captain, that warship's in pretty bad shape.
Looks like someone's been using it for target practice.
They're transmitting a broad-band distress signal.
It could be a trap.
How many crew members aboard?
I'm reading seven life signs.
You won't be reading them for long.
Their reactor's about to go critical.
Chief, have a security detail report to the transporter bay.
Odo, Commander Worf, you're with me.
Transporter protocol five.
Sisko to Bridge.
Drop cloak.
Reinstate cloak.
If you're looking for your weapons...
they were removed in transport.
Even without weapons...
we're more than a match for you.
I would not be so certain of that.
A Klingon.
And the traitor.
The Founders will be pleased.
Control your men.
These people saved our lives.
And for that
we shall take advantage of their mistake.
You'll do nothing without my approval.
My apologies, Captain.
I'm afraid the Jem'Hadar are sadly deficient
in the social graces.
Two hours ago, my station was attacked
by a Jem'Hadar strike team.
I know-- they attacked us, too.
Why would your own people attack you?
Tell them nothing.
This is not their concern.
Your next allowance of white will be in two hours.
If you want it on time
you will be quiet and do as you're told.
you and I should talk...
in private?
If you have something to say to me, make it quick.
Captain Benjamin Sisko.
I feel honored.
Your psychographic profile is required reading
for Vorta Field Supervisors.
I probably know things about you you don't know yourself.
If you're trying to impress me, you can forget it.
What would you say...
if I offered to make you
absolute ruler of the Federation?
No President
no Starfleet Chief of Staff--
just you.
I'd say your psychographic profile of me
isn't as good as you think.
doing my job--
trying to build a bridge
between the Dominion and a potential ally.
After all, wouldn't it be much simpler
if the Dominion and the Federation
could reach some mutual beneficial understanding
without resorting to the unpleasantness
of military conflict?
I want to know how to find
the Jem'Hadar who attacked my station.
If you want to build a bridge, why don't you start there?
I can lead you to them.
But... there's something I need in exchange.
What's that?
I want you to help me eliminate them.
The Jem'Hadar that attacked your station
are renegades.
They've turned their back
on their oath of allegiance to the Dominion
and it's my job to see to it they're punished.
Why do you need my help?
You could send a fleet of Jem'Hadar warships after them.
I'm afraid we don't have the time.
are you familiar with the lconians?
They controlled a vast interstellar empire
about 200,000 years ago.
What's important is how the lconians controlled that empire.
The gateways.
Sophisticated transporters
that allowed them to move instantaneously
from one planet to another, from one solar system to another
without the use of starships.
What does any of this have to do with me?
Dominion scientists
recently discovered a gateway on one of our outlying worlds.
We sent a team of scientists to restore it
but their Jem'Hadar guards rebelled
and are now trying to complete the gateway themselves.
These... renegade Jem'Hadar
stole some equipment from my station--
EPS power stabilizers
microfusion initiators
photonic amplifiers.
I would say it's very possible they're going
to use that equipment to help them complete the gateway.
understand the nature of our dilemma.
If the Jem'Hadar are able to make the gateway operational
they'll become virtually invincible.
Our experts predict
the renegades would gather support
from other Jem'Hadar units, launch a general insurrection
and effect a complete takeover of the Dominion
in less than a year.
None of which is my problem.
That's very short-sighted of you, Captain.
Think about it.
If the Jem'Hadar seize control of the Dominion
there'll be no stopping them.
Even shutting down the wormhole
won't protect the Alpha Quadrant.
With the gateway
they could put a million Jem'Hadar warriors
on any Federation planet instantaneously.
Would you care to see our projections
of Federation casualties?
Couldn't the Founders just order them to surrender?
From what I know, the Jem'Hadar have been
genetically engineered to obey them.
The Founders' ability to control the Jem'Hadar
has been somewhat...
Otherwise, we never would have had to addict them to the white.
Sounds like the Dominion isn't quite as stable
as you'd like us to believe.
The Dominion has endured for 2,000 years
and will continue to endure
Iong after the Federation has crumbled into dust.
But we'll leave that to history.
Right now, we have a more pressing concern.
The gateway must be destroyed.
So let me get this straight.
We're going to work with the Jem'Hadar
to fight the Jem'Hadar.
I don't relish this idea either
but we don't have much of a choice.
I was on the mission
that discovered the lconian homeworld.
We were forced to destroy the gateway we found there
rather than let it fall into the hands of the Romulans
and Starfleet Command supported our decision.
If they didn't want the Romulans to get a hold of it
I'm sure they don't want the Jem'Hadar to have it either.
What are we supposed to do?
Give Omet'iklan and his men their weapons back
and then hope they don't point them at us?
They're not going to get
their hands on any weapons until we reach our target.
How do we know that these Jem'Hadar can be trusted?
They must realize that controlling the gateway
would mean freedom for their people.
According to Weyoun
they don't know anything about the gateway.
They think that this
is just a routine search-and-destroy mission--
find the renegade Jem'Hadar, eliminate them
and their base.
You are asking us to lie to them about our mission.
It is not honorable.
There's a lot of things
about this mission that bother me.
But lying to the Jem'Hadar is not on top of my list.
If the Jem'Hadar find out that we've deceived them...
They're not going to find out anything.
Well, they won't hear it from me.
There'll be a joint briefing session at 1900 hours.
Followed by a get-to-know-you buffet at 1930.
And I forgot my dress uniform.
You requested my presence.
It seems we're going to be working together.
So I'm told.
Luckily for you
the only thing I despise more than the Federation
is a Jem'Hadar soldier
who breaks his vow of allegiance.
I'm glad you see it that way.
Now-- I have a few things I want to make clear.
First, this is my ship and my command
which means I give the orders, not you and not Weyoun.
What's more, I'm holding you personally responsible
for the actions of your men.
If I have a problem with them
you're the one who's going to have to answer for it.
That's as it should be.
After all--
I'm the First.
As far as I'm concerned
on this mission, I'm the First.
Until the traitors are found and terminated.
After that...
we shall see.
Am I dismissed?
For the time being.
According to Dominion lntelligence, the Jem'Hadar
have established a base camp here.
The interior of the structure
is riddled with a network of corridors
and interlocking chambers.
Our primary objective is to destroy the Jem'Hadar arms
and supply cache in this chamber.
The trick... will be getting there.
We can't beam directly into the structure
which means we'll have to fight our way in.
Jem'Hadar tactics dictate at least 27 soldiers
are stationed inside the base camp at all times.
Nine will patrol the perimeter.
And additional troops are deployed throughout the city.
How many renegades are there altogether?
162 in the original garrison.
We killed at least 12 during the initial rebellion.
Well, that still leaves 150.
Just between you and me, Captain, I think
we're a little outnumbered.
Wouldn't it be simpler
to take out the base from orbit?
A couple of quantum torpedoes
should be enough to level the entire area.
Unfortunately, that's not an option.
The central structure is composed of solid neutronium.
Even a direct hit from a quantum torpedo
wouldn't necessarily destroy our objective.
Which means we have to go in ourselves.
As it should be.
It is our duty to punish
those who would break their vow of loyalty.
Are you accusing me of something?
It is not for us to accuse a God
of betraying heaven.
The Gods themselves...
will sit in judgment over you.
I'm no God
and neither are the Founders.
The sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be.
We've chosen a beam-in site here in this wooded area.
That'll give us a chance
to evaluate the situation before proceeding.
Our first objective will be
to secure the main entrance to the ziggurat.
Neutralizing nine guards before one of them
can raise an alarm will be difficult.
It's as you said.
The Klingon will to fight pales in comparison to our own.
He has the look of a warrior
but the heart of a coward.
If you would like to test my courage, l--
All right, that's enough.
One day the Klingon Empire will fall before the Jem'Hadar
and when that day comes
and piles of Klingons lie dead at my feet
I will think of you, standing here
impotent and weak, and I will laugh.
All right! I said that's enough!
Worf, let him go!
Second! Release the Klingon
or I will kill you where you stand.
Now, the two of you, as you were.
I promise, you'll both
have more fight than you can handle
before this is over.
Let's go.
I'm right with you.
Wait. The room's not secure.
We have to find the third guard.
I do not see him.
He's here somewhere.
I know.
We're supposed to be on our way out
by now.
Where is he?
We're running out of time, Commander.
The third Jem'Hadar guard--
he is still here somewhere.
Look for a slight rippling effect.
We know what we're looking for.
We just can't find it.
We're dead.
That's correct.
The Jem'Hadar defense grid is now in operation.
Automated weapon systems have killed everyone
in this room.
Your crew failed in their mission.
Well, you might as well tell us, where's the other one?
There was no third guard.
I don't understand.
You told me that Jem'Hadar soldiers
always operate in teams of three.
In battle, nothing is certain.
You should have armed the explosives
as soon as you were in position.
We had to be sure the room was secured.
Otherwise, someone could have
disarmed the explosives the moment we left.
If you couldn't secure the room
you should not plan on leaving it.
You want us to blow the place up while we're still in it?
This is a waste of time.
They'll never succeed
as long as they value their lives more than victory.
There's something to be said for soldiers
who aren't afraid to die.
Oh, I don't know.
I've found that nothing keeps me alert
quite like a healthy fear of death.
Keep practicing.
The two of you, with me.
One of the reasons for these drills
is to help our crews learn to work together.
Constantly showing contempt for my people
isn't making it any easier.
Would you prefer I lied?
What I'd like
is for you to at least maintain the pretense
that we're on the same side.
Captain, I understand your concerns
and so does Omet'iklan.
Deck Five, Section One.
The only way my troops can come to respect your crew
is to fight alongside them--
mixed teams
in every aspect of the mission.
That's not practical.
Why not?
Are you questioning my decision?
You fool.
My men and l, we know all about the gateway.
Halt turbolift.
Looks like your secret's out.
How do you know about the gateway?
It doesn't matter how we know.
The point is, we know.
You think you have to lie to us
and use the white to ensure our loyalty.
But the fact is, we are more loyal to the Founders
than the Vorta ever will be.
It is the reason for our existence.
It is the core...
of our being.
There's an entire company of Jem'Hadar
down on Vandros IV who would disagree with you.
And for that, they will die.
Mixed teams, it is.
But let's get one thing straight.
This isn't going to be a suicide mission.
As far as I'm concerned
everyone who goes in, comes back out--
Starfleet and Jem'Hadar alike.
Your concern for life is touching.
Let's hope it doesn't stop us from achieving...
our objectives.
Computer, reactivate turbolift.
Am I really that interesting?
You've been standing there staring at me
for the last two hours.
You are part of my combat team.
I must learn to understand your behavior
anticipate your actions.
There must be something you'd rather do.
Maybe get some sleep?
We don't sleep.
How about getting something to eat?
The white is the only thing we need.
You don't sleep...
you don't eat.
What do you do for relaxation?
Relaxation would only make us weak.
Well, you people are no fun at all.
I'm glad I'm not a Jem'Hadar woman.
There are no Jem'Hadar women.
So what do you do?
Lay eggs?
Jem'Hadar are bred in birthing chambers.
We are able to fight within three days of our emergence.
Lucky you.
So let me get this straight.
No sleep, no food...
no women.
No wonder you're so angry.
After 30 or 40 years of that, I'd be angry, too.
No Jem'Hadar has ever lived 30 years.
How old are you?
I am eight.
I would have guessed at least 15.
Hmm. Few Jem'Hadar live that long.
If we reach 20, we are considered honored elders.
How old are you?
I stopped counting at 300.
You don't look it.
Thank you.
No women? I'm not surprised.
Personally, I envy them.
I mean, their ability to go without sleep.
I'm sure I could be more productive
if I didn't have to regenerate every day.
What is the point of doing battle
if you cannot enjoy the fruits of your victory?
You mean sleep?
No, I mean spending long nights singing songs of your deeds.
Good food, good drink.
And good women.
Now, we consider Klingon women
our partners in battle.
They are the mothers of our children.
And a lot of fun at parties, too.
Why does he keep staring at us?
I don't think it's us he's staring at.
I think it's you.
The Vorta probably consider
the Founders gods just like the Jem'Hadar do.
I am not a Founder.
Well, you're a changeling.
That's close enough.
To them.
I wonder what would happen if you went over there
and ordered him to stand on his head.
It's time.
It is time when I say it's time.
Very well.
Prepare six vials.
First Omet'iklan, can you vouch for the loyalty of your men?
We pledge our loyalty to the Founders
from now until death.
Then receive this reward from the Founders.
May it keep you strong.
I guess that's one way to assure loyalty.
Loyalty bought at such a price is no loyalty at all.
Resume your training.
Human, come with me.
It is time to resume our battle drills.
In a minute.
I'm ready now.
Well, I'm not.
They stuff themselves with food
but have no appetite for battle.
When the time comes, you will find us more than ready.
Ready to flee at the first sign of danger.
Let's go.
You can practice running away.
I've always wanted to kill a Klingon.
That's enough!
The next one who throws a punch will have to answer to me!
Now, I want to know who started this!
I did.
And l.
You knew my orders.
And I defied them.
I deserve punishment.
And you shall have it.
Why are you waiting?
Kill him and be done with it.
Mr. Worf...
when not on duty, you are confined to quarters
for the remainder of this mission.
Yes, sir.
All right, let's break this up.
Get back to your stations or to your quarters.
Either way, I want this room cleared.
You call that discipline?
A dead man can't learn from his mistakes.
I don't get the same joy out of killing as you do.
You think I enjoyed it?
Toman'torax was my Second.
He served under me three years.
I valued him.
You have a...
funny way of showing it.
I did what had to be done--
what any First would do.
I placed the good of the unit above my personal feelings.
Any soldier who cannot follow orders
is a danger to his unit...
and must be eliminated.
Mr. Worf is not a danger to my command.
But if I eliminate him for a simple breach of discipline
then I would be.
My men would stop trusting me
and I wouldn't blame them.
You are weak.
You should die in his place.
And when this mission is over
I will see that you do.
May I speak with you for a moment?
A moment.
You... know I've been watching you.
I've noticed.
I have to admit
I find it somewhat disturbing seeing you
working for these...
Federation people...
Ietting them order you around.
You are a Founder.
You should be the one giving the orders to them
to the Jem'Hadar or even me.
So... if I order you to leave me alone
you will?
Of course.
But before you do
please, hear what I have to say.
Your people want you to come home, Odo.
No matter what differences you may have with them
no matter what mistakes you may have made
they still love you.
Well, maybe they do...
but I don't love them.
You're lying, and you're not very good at it.
I, on the other hand, am an expert at lies--
both in telling them and in spotting them.
So you may as well admit the truth.
More than anything in your life...
you want to return to your people.
And I can make that possible.
Let me worry about the "how."
All I need to know is...
are you ready to go home?
But I am ready to end this conversation.
Then it's over.
After all, you are a Founder.
I live to serve you.
For Keiko?
It's my 1 1th good-bye message since we've been married.
I'm averaging almost two a year.
Does she know you do this?
What would I say to her?
"You know, honey
"every time I'm about to go into battle
"I record a message for you and Molly
telling you how much I love you, just in case."
She'd probably think it was sweet.
It'd probably scare the hell out of her.
To be honest, it scares the hell out of me.
Every time I record one of these, I think
"This is it.
This is the one they're going to end up hearing."
It'll never happen.
What makes you say that?
Because when you've lived eight lifetimes
you develop certain instincts.
And my instincts tell me that you, Miles Edward O'Brien
are going to live to be 140 and die in bed
surrounded by family and friends.
Do you really believe that?
Do you?
I'd like to.
That's all that matters.
Well, just to be on the safe side
maybe you'd better enter this in the ship's log anyway.
I'll put it right alongside my message to my mother.
You record these, too?
Doesn't everyone?
Well, it looks like the upgraded reactant injectors
are working better than we thought.
Mr. Worf.
Battle drills ended ten minutes ago.
You should be in your quarters.
I'm on my way.
It looks like you got a little lost.
There is something I wish to discuss with you.
Go on.
It has come to my attention
that First Omet'iklan has threatened to kill you.
I didn't know that was public knowledge.
You told Commander Dax.
Well, that explains it.
She is concerned about you
and for good reason.
As your Executive Officer
I recommend that you remain on the ship
during the away mission.
That way, Omet'iklan will have no opportunity
to carry out his threat.
I appreciate the concern, but do you really think
I'm going to follow that recommendation?
No, sir, I do not.
But I hope you will take some advice.
Do not turn your back on him.
I won't.
I also want you to know
if somehow he does carry out his threat...
he will not live to boast about it.
That's... very reassuring, Mr. Worf.
Dax to Sisko.
Go ahead.
We're approaching Vandros IV. Captain.
On my way.
I'm waiting.
Don't worry. These aren't like the ones
we gave you during the drill.
They're fully charged.
The weapon's set on "stun."
Deactivate safeties.
Reset weapons...
to maximum power.
Well, this is a momentous occasion--
the first joint operation between the Federation
and the Dominion.
I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Prepare to transport.
I am First Omet'iklan.
And I am dead.
As of this moment
we are all dead.
We go into battle...
to reclaim our lives.
This we do gladly
for we are Jem'Hadar.
victory is life.
Victory is life.
Such a delightful people.
I am Chief Miles Edward O'Brien.
I'm very much alive
and I intend to stay that way.
Let's get it done.
You betrayed us.
What are you talking about?
Our rifles are sabotaged.
Hold on.
Mine's dead, too.
Something must be interfering with our equipment.
The gateway.
It's probably generating some kind of dampening field.
If that's the case, we'd better come up
with a new plan.
We lost Ramirez, too.
It would appear we no longer have
the element of surprise.
I suppose you want to call off the mission.
Guess again.
This way.
Go ahead. We'll hold them off.
Keep moving.
Virak'kara, are you still there?!
For a little while longer.
Don't worry!
You'll make honored...
elder... yet.
Down that way!
Look down that hall. Over there.
I think we have waited long enough.
You're sure the explosives
won't be affected by the gateway?
The primary detonator might not work
but the chemical backup should do the trick.
The way is clear.
Let's move.
I threatened to kill you
but you were willing to sacrifice yourself
to save my life.
Looks that way.
If you have to ask, you'll never understand.
Gentlemen, I think it's time we were leaving.
Let's go.
If I were you, I'd run like hell.
What about Dax and the others?
Here, Captain.
So much for the gateway.
Our weapons are working again.
The Defiant's sensors registered a powerful explosion
in the vicinity of the gateway.
I trust your mission was a success?
The gateway's been destroyed, if that's what you mean.
Well done, Captain.
You've all done quite nicely.
Now, if you don't mind
I'd like to inspect the wreckage.
That was for questioning...
our loyalty.
I think
there's been enough killing for one day.
The Vorta will have no further use of this.
My men and I will remain here.
There are still disloyal Jem'Hadar on this planet.
They must be hunted down and eliminated.
Good luck.
You fought well.
But the next time we meet...
we'll be enemies.
I'll keep that in mind.
I don't know about the rest of you
but I'd like to get out of here.
Sisko to Defiant.
Begin transport.

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