That storm we told you about hasn't changed cours .
You and Hoshi are going to need to get back to Enterprise.
We'll just finish up with Mr. Tall and Popular.
We should back to the shuttlepod in five, six minutes.
Don't take any longer than that.
Archer out.
We have another storm.
Another one?
The discharges are more intense.
It's a good deal bigger.
And stronger.
It's pushing the first storm through these mountains at twice the speed it was moving a few minutes ago.
They're diamagnetic storms, Captain saturated with polaric energy.
This is the shuttle?
Less than ten kilometers from the first storm.
You may not be able to see yet but it'll be coming through the mountain pass to the north.
We can see it just fine, Captain.
The storms are throwing up too much interference into the atmosphere.
The show is out of the question.
Captain, these ruins have very thick walls.
I'm sure we'll be safe inside.
I'm afraid we're not talking about thunder clouds, Hoshi.
A poloaric burst that could short-circuit a shuttlepod ...
could do a lot worse to your nervous system.
But, sir, these buildings are over 4,000 years old.
I'm sure they've survived hundreds of these storms.
I've sent Malcolm down to the transporter.
We're going to need to bring you up one at a time.
Couldn't we wait it out inside the shuttle?
Polarize the hull plating?
That would most likely attract the polaric discharge.
You have to do this, Hoshi.
There's no choice.
I'll need you clear of the structure one at a time.
Understood, Captain.
Ah, ladies first.
Have you ever done this?
No, but the Captain has and Malcolm did it twice.
They said there's nothing to it.
Then they get put back together again.
Do you know how many molecules you're made up of?
How many?
A few trillion.
That's a pretty big jigsaw puzzle.
What if some other pieces get put in the wrong place?
You know, I bet a lot of them look real similar.
Starfleet said it's safe.
That's good enough for me.
Okay, okay, but ...
you go first and if you get to Enterprise in one piece I'll be right behind you.
Fair enough.
Tucker to Enterprise.
Ready to go.
-Commander! -Safe and sound.
I'm on my way, sir.
Ensign Sato ready for transport.
Welcome to the club.
How do those molecules feel?
All in the right place?
I'll let you know.
Come in.
No worse for the wear, Ensign?
I guess you could say that, sir.
I'll be at my post in a few minutes. I just want to clean up and change.
I think you've had enough excitement for one afternoon.
The morning will be fine.
Thank you.
I assume you and Trip will ...
want to finish your survey tomorrow weather permitting.
You left a shuttlepod down there, remember?
Somebody's got to go back and get it.
I'm sure Commander Tucker can find someone else to hold the second Flash Unit.
You wouldn't be using the transporter, Hoshi.
You'd be taking the other pod.
I don't want to get lost.
Too much excitement for one day.
I could really use some rest, sir.
See you in the morning. he tells her it was merely a "warp imbalance."
We all heard it, Commander.
There's no use pretending.
Come on, Travis, ...
don't you think a Vulcan would see right through this one?
But that's what you said, though!
Is anyone sitting here?
Oh, no. Please.
So what was it like?
Travis, not during supper.
It was very unsettling.
Didn't you find it unsettling?
Well, for a minute or two but once I counted my fingers and toes...
I don't know. I just don't feel right.
Oh, it was probably that storm.
You don't forget things like that too quickly.
Not the storms, it's the transporter.
I don't feel like myself since I went through it.
I need to check the medical database and find out what happened to people they used ...
when they were testing that thing.
You mean other than Cyrus Ramsey?
Cyrus Ramsey?
Ah, don't tell me you don't know about poor Cyrus.
Am I supposed to?
You can't go on a survival overnight without hearing a story about someone seeing Ramsey's molecules rematerializing on a foggy night.
What happened to him?
Next thing you'll tell us you never heard of the Easter bunny.
What happened to him?
Madison, Wisconsin...
May, I think, 2146.
He was a test subject for the first long-range transport.
Just 100 meters.
Something went wrong with the pattern buffer.
He never rematerialized.
Come on, Hoshi, everybody's heard of Cyrus Ramsey.
I must have fallen asleep before the ghost stories.
Where did you do your survivor training?
Death Valley, California.
Middle of July, naturally.
Pat and I were in the same group: Alice Springs, Australia.
Never saw so many flies in my life.
Biting kind.
Storms are breaking up.
I don't think we'll have any trouble getting you back down in the morning.
Travis was just telling me he'd like to see the ruins.
Well, I don't think Hoshi will be joining you.
I'll need a pallet to bring the other pod back.
Travis, it is.
I'll see you both in the morning.
Never say I don't take you anywhere.
See you later.
Dr. Phlox.
Hello? Ah, Ensign.
Something I can do for you?
I just looked in there. Were you in there?
-Did you hear me come in? -I was feeding my leeches.
Are you all right?
You didn't hear me?
I'm right here, Ensign.
Are you not feeling well?
No, I'm not feeling well.
I dematerialized and then I rematerialized and...
no, I'm not feeling well.
I heard about your ordeal on the surface.
Those storms sounded terrifying.
Doctor, I'm not talking about the storms.
I'm talking about my molecules.
Hmm, come sit down.
Let's take a look.
It'll take me a while to account for every molecule but you...
appear to be in one piece.
I don't think you're in danger of becoming the next Cyrus Ramsey.
Don't tell me they talk about him on the Denobulan.
Oh, I spent nearly nine months on Earth, remember?
I just don't feel right.
Ever since the transport, I've been shaky, not myself.
Not a single bio-molecular anomaly.
No? How about this?
A subcutaneous pigmentation.
It's not where it used to be. It was a good centimeter lower.
Well, it looks lovely where it is now.
It's not a joke, Doctor.
If that machine could move a birthmark who knows what else it could do.
I'm telling you, I don't feel right.
I have a lot of animals to feed before bedtime.
If I were you, I'd get a good night's sleep?
You're needed on the bridge, Ensign.
-What time is it? -1100 hours.
There's been an emergency.
1100 hours, that's impossible.
My shift starts at 0800.
Now, Ensign.
I'm sorry, Captain, I don't know what happened.
Tucker and Mayweather have been taken hostage.
Trip got a short message but we haven't heard anything in the last hour.
Taken hostage by who?
The people down there didn't like you disturbing their ruins.
The people? There wasn't a bio-sign on the planet!
The chambers you and Mr. Tucker photographed contained sacred relics.
How could you possibly know that?
- Have you found their bio-signs? -They're still in the complex.
I'm trying to isolate the specific chamber.
It's Mayweather's communicator.
Go ahead, Travis.
-Ensign? - I need more.
This is Captain Archer of the Starship Enterprise.
We apologize if we've trespassed.
My crewmen didn't mean any harm.
I'm sorry, sir, it's not working. I'm going to need more.
Can I speak to one of my officers?
It's not going to get much better than that.
What's the problem?
Maybe you should forget about the UT.
Just try and talk to them.
If I went back to the universal translator maybe I could...
You already tried that.
Talk to them.
-I can't. -Lives are at stake, Ensign.
I know. I don't understand what he's saying.
I'm sorry.
No need to apologize.
Why don't you go back to your quarters and get some rest.
Captain, I realize I overslept.
I don't know how it happened.
But, please I don't want to go back to my quarters.
Take the com.
Anyone sitting here?
would you like to join me?
Thank you.
I would've thought you'd be on the bridge.
Why is that?
Commander Tucker, Travis...
The hostage situation was resolved.
They're back on board.
It's only been an hour since I left the bridge.
What happened?
Crewman Baird deciphered their language.
A simple bimodal syntax.
I don't understand how.
With the universal translator.
That's impossible. I ran every linguistic algorithm.
When the Captain agreed to return the soil and rock samples...
and destroy the photographs that were taken the hostages were released.
If we have decrypted the language I should get back to the bridge.
It sounds like the Captain might want to speak with them again.
Captain Archer has asked that you remain off duty for the time being.
Crewman Baird has been placed in charge of communications.
After lunch, you should take a look at the secondary couplings.
They're going to need to be aligned. Alison.
Start on C-deck, then work your way down.
Can you see me?
Can you see me?
Is there something in particular you'd like me to look at?
Something's wrong, Doctor. Something's very wrong.
Ever since I used that transporter nothing has been the way that it's supposed to be.
I couldn't translate a simple, bi-modal syntax, but Crewman Baird could.
Crewman Baird doesn't know the first thing about our linguistic database.
And Captain Archer told me to stay in my quarters...
but my mirror doesn't want to give me a solid reflection and my ...
shower can't decide whether to bounce off me or go through me.
Nobody wants to talk to me.
Sometimes, I think they don't even see that I'm there.
The turbo lift control won't even respond to me.
Well, I see you, Ensign.
And the Sick Bay doors responded when you came in.
Transporter technology is very new.
I'm sure humans were equally frightened when the automobile was introduced, or the airplane.
New forms of transport take a while to get used to.
I'm not at all surprised at your reaction. You wouldn't catch me using that apparatus.
But I...
I can promise you one thing.
You're in perfect health.
You're neither transparent nor porous.
You won't put this on my medical record, will you?
As far as I'm concerned I didn't even see you come in here.
Not funny, Doctor.
I would like to give you a mild sedative, hmm?
It'll help you get a good night's sleep.
If it's all the same to you the last thing I need right now is to be medicated.
As you wish.
But stop by in the morning, all right?
First thing. Thank you, Doctor.
You're upside down, Ensign.
I was taught never to contradict a superior officer.
The captain told me what happened. They treat you all right?
Didn't even tie us up.
As soon as the captain promised to give them their stuff back...
they walked us to the shuttlepods and away we went.
I'm sorry I wasn't more helpful trying to translate.
I don't know what happened.
We're safe and sound. That's all that matters.
Have you tried this thing?
I get motion sickness, remember?
Have you felt okay since we were transported yesterday?
Considering that I've been back down to the surface...
kidnapped and released, ..
I've probably had better days.
Why, are you not feeling well?
I didn't think I was.
But the doctor seems to feel my symptoms are psychological.
What kind of symptoms?
I just haven't been myself.
Everything's a little off...
...even the laws of physics.
Well, in that case, you're right.
You shouldn't be on this thing.
The laws of physics don't apply in here, either.
Just trying to cheer you up.
It's okay.
Phlox promises me I'll be fine.
It's going to be a while before any of us gets used to being ...
taken apart and put back together again.
It seems perfectly natural to be anxious about it.
I hope it's just a question of being anxious.
What else could it be?
I saw my reflection become transparent.
I saw water pass right through my hand.
I'm not convinced that the transporter put me back the way it was supposed to.
All the king's horses and all the king's men.
I can see why you might imagine the universe unraveling.
If you're afraid you haven't been put back together right...
why assume anything else makes sense?
If I were you, I'd ask the doc for a sedative.
Nothing like crawling into bed.
You men are all alike.
No, wait and see.
A night's sleep will do you a world of good.
Thank God you're here.
I've been stuck in here for hours.
-The door control is... -She was here last night, right over there.
T'Pol to Captain Archer.
Go ahead.
Have the security details reported back.
No sign of them yet.
We've covered the forward section of C-deck.
She's not here.
Yes, she is.
Have you tried the bio-searches again, Captain?
Still nothing.
Oh, I'll go take a look at them.
I'm going to maintain our present orbit until Hoshi turns up.
T'Pol, meet me in Sick Bay right away.
Yes, sir.
She came to Sick Bay after the incident with the storm.
Then a second time early last night.
She wasn't feeling well?
She said she felt shaky.
You're aware that was the first time she'd ever transported?
Quite aware.
I believed that was the source of her anxiety.
She was convinced her molecules hadn't been reassembled properly.
I should've taken her more seriously.
These are the biomolecular scans I took during each of her two visits.
They seemed perfectly normal at the time.
When I heard she was missing something made me take a closer look.
You see these protein filaments?
Now look at...
I'm going to need some help here, Phlox.
Look how much her subcellular membranes have degraded.
These scans were taken less than 24 hours apart.
It's virtually impossible.
What's impossible?
Ensign Sato wasn't imagining it.
Her molecules are coming apart.
It's the secondary phase coils.
What about them?
They're not aligning.
They're not perfectly synchronized.
It must've happened right after it came up from the surface.
If they're not perfectly synchronized?
The resequencing would start to dissipate.
Within hours, she'd lose molecular cohesion.
She didn't want to go first.
I told her I wouldn't leave her alone ...
with that storm coming but she insisted on going second.
She wanted to be sure it was working, that it was safe.
I'm the one who should be missing.
I told her to go first.
She should've listened to me.
It wasn't your fault.
Take the transporter off-line ...
and figure out what went wrong.
Starfleet promised me this sort of thing wouldn't happen.
Aye, sir.
If there was a loss of molecular cohesion I'm afraid we shouldn't be looking for Hoshi per se.
What should we be looking for?
Subcellular residue.
There wouldn't be anything left by now except for subcellular residue.
You're wrong, Doctor. I'm still in one piece.
You just can't see me.
Have the doctor help you recalibrate the sensors.
Then start scanning for this...
Archer to Mayweather.
Go ahead, sir.
Prepare to break orbit and resume previous course.
Aye, Captain.
I'll be in... my ready room.
There's no way to be certain this is her.
Is it Hoshi's DNA or isn't it?
It's difficult to tell.
The amino acids have broken down.
Don't waste your time. It's not me.
The internal scan said "access shaft B7."
She's got to be here somewhere.
If you spend a little more time trying to figure out what happened to...
Here, Doc, over here.
What do you think?
Try isolating the dipeptides.
Now run a comparison with her genetic profile.
Why would she have come down here?
I doubt we'll ever know, Commander.
Now Captain Archer will want Hoshi's parents to have this.
They're both alive, aren't they?
Yeah, both alive.
You go ahead, Doc.
I'm going to stick around for a minute.
I understand.
You can see me?
I should've made you go first.
What could I have been thinking leaving you down there?
I was the ranking officer ...
and I had no business leaving a subordinate in the path of those storms.
Why didn't you listen to me?
I told you we'd be safe.
And now look what you've done.
Captain, I need you to listen to me.
There are aliens on board from the surface.
They're planting bombs on D-deck.
You've got to hear me. The ship is in danger.
Go ahead.
We've located her father, sir.
The mother isn't home.
-What time is it there? - 0900.
Put him through.
Good morning, sir.
Captain Archer.
Is everything all right?
No, sir, everything...
is not all right.
We've had an accident with our transporting device.
Transporting device?
What is that?
You don't have time for this.
A matter stream converter.
It was approved for transporting bio-matter before we left Earth.
I'll find something that'll get your attention.
-We've used it a number of... - Bio-matter?
What are you referring to, produce or people?
I'm just...
trying to explain to you that Star Fleet told us it was safe.
Hoshi is safe.
No, sir.
There was an accident.
She began to...
Her molecules began to destabilize.
Her molecules?
What are you talking about, Captain?
This isn't easy, sir.
I fought to get Hoshi to come on this mission.
I'm responsible for her being out here.
become a member of our family.
Family? We're her family, not you.
Why are you calling me?
To say that she has become a member of your family?
I'm sorry, Captain.
You are not making any sense.
We lost Hoshi today...
Mr. Sato.
I wish I didn't have to tell you that.
You are saying Hoshi is dead?
We're all going to be dead if I don't get him to notice this.
you could call us back later.
This afternoon?
How about Morse code? You know Morse Code, don't you?
I must have time to speak to Hoshi's mother.
This afternoon.
I'm so sorry.
So am I.
That's right.
It's not supposed to be making that noise, is it?
Listen, you can hear it.
S-O-S, it's a call for help.
I need you to hear it.
Archer to T'Pol.
Yes, Captain?
Could you come in here for a minute?
One of you will figure it out.
Look at this.
I've never heard it make that noise before.
A plasma circuit's being interrupted.
I'll ask Commander Tucker to take a look at it.
Listen to the pattern.
Three dots, three dashes, three dots.
Dots and dashes-- Morse code.
Its been used on Earth for centuries.
It's a distress call.
Let's see how good your memory is.
It's changed.
It still sounds like Morse code.
Come on.
This plasma circuit is self-contained.
No one outside of this room could be using it to send a message.
I'm not outside this room, I'm right here.
It's been a very difficult day.
Perhaps you should try and get some rest.
You're right.
We'll have Trip look at it tomorrow.
Tomorrow's too late. They're going to blow up the ship.
No, wait!
What's the problem?
The stream's too unstable.
Come on, Hoshi.
You can do it, Ensign.
It's as easy as one, two...
Nice work, Malcolm.
See, I told you, piece of cake.
Where are they? We've got to stop them.
You heard me? You can hear me? Do you see me?
Everything's fine, Hoshi.
It's not fine.
They put bomb on the warp reactor.
-Who? -The aliens from the surface.
There's no one on the surface, it's uninhabited.
What are you talking about? They kidnapped you and Travis!
We've got to stop them!
Hoshi, the transporter was affected by the storms.
I had some trouble reintegrating your matter stream.
You were sort of...
trapped in the pattern buffer.
But only for a few seconds.
8.3 seconds to be precise.
Are you saying that I was just on the surface?
You insisted on going second.
Have a mirror?
Forget it.
And I was sure I was going to be the next Cyrus Ramsey.
Cyrus who?
So you're saying all of that happened in eight seconds?
Actually, it probably happened in the last one or two seconds ..
as your matter stream was coalescing.
She seems fine.
Malcolm is recommending some new transport protocols to Star Fleet.
He's suggesting we start compressing the transport beam.
Well, I hope you don't plan on beaming me anywhere for a long time.
But you said you stepped on to the aliens' transporter by choice.
I was trying to save Enterprise.
Sounds like you overcame your fear.
It's all in my head, remember?
Does it matter?
You were afraid of getting lost afraid of disappearing...
but you still climbed on to that platform.
Real or not.
If it's all the same to you, sir...
I'd like to stick to shuttle pods for the time being.
Come on.
Let's go to the bridge.
if you don't mind.

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