Previously on Star Trek: Enterprise.
I know you are on an urgent mission.
Who are you?
Don't be frightened.
What do you want?
You are searching for something.
I can help.
He was horrified that seven million of us were killed.
He says he's willing to use his abilities to help us find the Xindi.
What's this?
It helps me extend the range of my telepathy.
He gave me these coordinates.
What are they for?
A Xindi colony.
He said they were building part of the weapon there.
We're preparing to test the weapon on an uninhabited planet in the Calindra System,
but we're going to need another shipment of kemocite-- at least 100 kilograms.
I'll contact Gralik.
If the test is successful, how long before we can deploy the weapon?
A matter of weeks.
There are no defensive systems?
No active sensor sweeps or artificial satellites.
No vessels anywhere in the vicinity.
We've seen how different Xindi technology is.
They could have defenses we can't detect.
It's also possible that what we were told
about this colony isn't accurate.
We're putting a lot of faith in Hoshi's telepathic friend.
What about these energy readings?
They could be coming from a weapons complex.
They could also be electrical storms, deposits of diamagnetic ore...
Or a glitch in our sensors. I know.
But, if there's any chance that something on that planet
could lead us to the Xindi weapon, we have to investigate it.
After we enter the system, we'll stay on the far side of that moon.
It should keep us out of view.
Tell Major Hayes he'll be joining us on a reconnaissance mission.
We launch in two hours.
- Archer to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
I've found a landing site 12 kilometers north of the energy readings.
Any sign they've detected us?
Scans are still negative.
Your signal is breaking up.
I've set a steep approach vector.
And we've ionized the hull.
- It'll help disperse any scanning beams. - Acknowledged.
Anyone sees us, they'll think we're a meteor.
- How much farther? - 800 meters.
Just over that rise.
That's definitely the source of the energy readings.
They're Xindi.
- Reptilian? - No.
One of the other species we saw in the database.
We've picked up readings across the spectrum-- positron emissions, antiproton bursts.
Whatever they're doing in there, it's using a lot of power.
Corporal Hawkins is standing by with an assault team.
Tell him to keep standing by.
I'm not ready to send in the troops just yet.
We've checked out the perimeter of the complex.
I think we can get inside without being detected.
We'll maintain communications silence inside the complex.
I'll contact you at 0400.
Archer out.
I'm not picking up any security devices.
What about people?
Approximately 80 inside the complex, but none within 100 meters.
Captain. Some kind of radiolytic compound.
Doesn't match anything in our database.
There's several hundred kilograms in this room.
There were impurities in the last three production cycles.
We found a ruptured seal in the tertiary processing chamber.
It's been repaired.
We'll have to increase the production rate by at least 60%.
Assign two additional teams.
Degra isn't being realistic.
This facility wasn't designed to manufacture such large quantities.
Your job is to synthesize kemocite.
I suggest you get back to it.
Have these canisters retested.
Salvage what you can, then destroy the rest.
We have it, Captain.
- I need an analysis a soon as possible. - Acknowledged.
Captain, this place obviously has something to do with the weapon.
Seems to me, the sooner we put it out of commission, the better.
Two spatial charges.
That's all it would take to destroy the complex from orbit.
That might set them back for a while,
but we can't lose sight of our main objective.
I want to know where they're shipping this kemocite.
It could lead us to the weapon.
I have some questions for you.
Who are you?
What do you want from me?
Sit down!
There's nobody else here, sir.
Apparently he lives alone.
Stand watch outside.
- What's your name? - Gralik Durr.
My name's Jonathan Archer.
I'm from Earth.
Is that supposed to explain why you've forced your way into my home?
- Tell me about kemocite. - It's a multiphasic isotope.
- Used for what? - There are numerous applications.
It depends on the level of refinement.
You're working with someone named Degra.
Who is he?
That's none of your concern.
What's he using it for?
Kemocite can be used for any number of purposes.
I don't make a habit of asking our clients what they plan to do with it.
Maybe you should, because this batch is being used to create a weapon to exterminate my people!
I want to know where the weapon is being built
and when it's gong to be ready.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm not leaving here until I get the answers I need.
I managed to identify a subquantum imprint.
It matches the signature of the Xindi probe.
There's no doubt about it, Captain.
This isotope was used in the weapon that attacked Earth.
Have you learned anything from the interrogation?
Not yet, but this should help.
There's something else, Captain.
I ran a scan on that rifle we picked up.
There it was again, the same quantum imprint.
I'd like permission to take it apart.
Go ahead.
We'll contact you in a couple of hours.
Congratulations, sir.
Three months ago, we entered the Expanse with no idea who these Xindi were or how to find them,
and now we're about to destroy one of their weapons facilities.
I thought we were here to try and stop a war, not start one.
They struck first.
Because they were told we're going to attack them.
They think they're acting in self-defense.
By destroying this complex,
we'll be confirming their worst fears about humanity.
Let's not forget the seven million people who were killed.
Have Major Hayes lay down blast suppressors.
When the facility goes, I don't want to take the rest of the settlement with it.
Whatbout Gralik, sir?
He'll tell them about Enterprise.
I'll deal with Gralik when the time comes.
I don't intend to let anyone know we were here.
I can't imagine what the captain wants this for.
He was quite insistent.
We ran the quantum analysis three times.
Doesn't he trust us?
He said he needed it to help prove a point.
How long are you going to keep me here?
That's up to Captain Archer.
Well, you can tell him that I'll be in my study.
I'm afraid you're going to have to stay right here.
I have work to do.
And I'm under orders.
Please sit down.
I've already told you everything I know.
Ah, Captain Archer!
I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me.
You said you weren't involved in building weapons.
That's correct.
Explain this.
I don't know what this is.
It's a fragment of a probe that murdered seven million people.
The dead pilot was Xindi, the alloy is Xindi,
and it's imprinted with the quantum signature of the compound you produce here!
We know you're constructing a larger version of the weapon,
big enough to destroy a planet!
I want to know where it's being built!
You burst into my home, show me some twisted piece of metal and tell me it proves I'm a mass murderer?!
I've never seen your species before.
I've never heard of a planet called Earth,
and whether you believe me or not, I had nothing to do with killing millions of its inhabitants.
I'm flattered you requested my assistance, Commander,
but weaponry isn't exactly my area of expertise.
Well, my scans of this thing showed organic components,
and I figured anything biological is more your turf than mine.
What do you think?
Well, they appear to be generating synaptic impulses.
Is it alive?
Wouldn't make a very good pet but, uh... definitely organic.
And it seems to have reproductive capabilities.
The kemocite is extremely refined.
Did it come from this facility?
It did.
We supply many species with kemocite, not just Xindi.
It has countless applications.
When Degra requested shipments so highly refined,
we celebrated, realizing the wealth it would bring to our colony.
We never considered why he wanted such pure kemocite.
Perhaps our greed blinded us from the possibility
that it would be used in constructing a weapon.
Is Degra a Reptilian?
No, he's a Xindi-Primate.
I met one... at a mining complex.
They're similar to you, ape-like.
Degra and his people have always been fair... truthful.
That may have been why I believed him when he said the shipment was for research.
Perhaps they've become as untrustworthy as the Reptilians.
We've run into a few of them, too.
It's hard to imagine five sentient species evolving on the same planet.
Hmm, I suppose there are now.
No, thanks.
Do you mind?
No, go ahead.
There was a sixth species, the Avians.
They've been gone since the war.
As far as I'm told, none of them fled before our homeworld was destroyed.
We found some debris.
How did it happen?
The war went on for nearly a hundred years.
The sides changed, alliances were forged, then broken.
By the time it ended, I doubt if any of the six species
remember what started it... but everyone remembered what ended it.
As well as being unstable politically,
our planet was even more unstable geologically.
In a final, desperate act, the Insectoids and the Reptilians detonated massive explosions
beneath the eight largest seismic fissures.
I'd like to think they didn't realize
how devastating the result would be.
My grandfather lived there.
He told me of places where the sky was sometimes filled with Avians.
Now they're gone.
The other five species did survive.
From what I can tell, they don't all live on remote colonies like this one.
The descendants of those that escaped are scattered across the Expanse.
Many live peaceful lives, but obviously not all.
- Captain? - I'll be right back.
- Sir? - It's okay.
The suppressors are in place.
The blast wave should be mostly confined to the facility.
Sir, I noticed a lot of activity down there.
It seemed like something is going on.
Captain, we've detected a ship approaching the planet.
The hull configuration matches the Xindi vessel that attacked us.
Recognize anyone?
The Reptilians seem rather upset about something.
You got something?
I've been running scans of the weapon's organic component.
It's neural pathways appear to help modulate the rifle's power output.
It's the most sophisticated example of bio-mechanical engineering I've ever seen.
You said you had good news, Doc.
Ah, yes.
I've been attempting to break down this creature's immune system.
You're trying to make it sick?
Mm. However, it's proving to be quite resilient.
I've tried an array of viruses and pathogenes
but it's immune to all of them, then
I began exposing it to various radioactive spectre
A sustained burst of delta radiation.
If we rig up portable EM emitters,
We could knock out Reptilian weapons before any of them get a chance to pull the trigger.
In theory.
Unfortunately, the amount of radiation required would be
extremely hazardous to any humans in the area.
It's still a place to start.
Great work, Doc.
Keep at it.
Oh, and, Commander...
I'd avoid exposing any of the Xindi technology to omicron radiation.
It seems to thrive on it as you can see.
I'll keep that in mind.
They're ahead of schedule.
We weren't expecting them for another three days.
You might not have much time left to accomplish your mission.
What makes you say that?
We've been processing kemocite for them for nearly six months.
They're here for their final shipment.
Captain, I'm the primary technician at this facility.
They'll want to talk to me before accepting delivery.
To confirm that all of their technical requirements have been met.
I may be able to obtain some information for you about this weapon.
That could be dangerous.
I'm willing to take that risk.
How do I know you won't expose us-- tell them about Enterprise?
I'm proud of my craft, Captain.
I've practiced it for many years.
I won't let my work be corrupted in this way.
Seven million people.
If I'd chosen my clients more carefully, that tragedy might not have happened.
I don't intend to let it happen again.
Captain, there are two Xindi bio-signs heading this way.
Gralik, are you there?
Degra's probably wondering where I am.
His companions don't like to be kept waiting.
They've gone.
They'll return... probably with armed Reptilians.
Just because you didn't show up for work?
There are fewer than a hundred people on this planet.
It doesn't go unnoticed when one of them is missing.
Degra won't leave until he sees the results of the final isotopic analysis.
You should reconsider my offer.
That's good, right there.
Are you sure this is wise?
That's four inches of solid duranium.
If this thing can blast a hole through it, then we're in even worse trouble than we thought.
Still, it might be prudent to find a more suitable environment to test it.
We don't have time to go looking for some deserted asteroid,
If I may--
Commander Tucker and I have learned all we can from examining the workings of the device.
A practical test is the next logical step.
I've rigged up four of Malcolm's forcefield emitters.
They'll contain any blast debris.
What about radiation and particle disbursement?
We know nothing about this device.
That's the point.
Those Xindi took out half of our security force when they came aboard.
Now, if we don't start making some progress understanding their weapons,
we won't stand a chance in hell of beating them when the time comes.
Let me know when you're ready.
Give us an hour.
More delays?
We did surprise them by arriving early.
That's no excuse.
They should have been ready by now.
Such lethargic creatures.
You could learn something from them.
Patience, for example.
Where's Gralik?
We can't find him.
In a complex this size how difficult could it be?
We've searched everywhere.
No one's seen him.
He often takes walks outside the settlement.
Without his analysis, I can't proceed.
We've organized search teams.
We don't have time for you to go foraging through the forest.
We'll find him ourselves.
- What is it? - Someone's closing on our position, sir.
400 meters.
- Reptilians? - I'm not certain.
- 350 meters. - Stay with him.
Still closing, sir. 200 meters.
They're bloody fast, whoever they are.
Take cover!
It's a Seeker.
The Reptilians built them for reconnaissance.
They were used to great effect during the war.
It seems as though you may have been exposed after all.
Let's hope they didn't get a very good look at us.
There's some caves not far ahead.
They should provide us with cover--
in case we encounter any more of those.
- Ready, Doc? - Ready.
What's wrong?
It won't fire.
I don't understand.
Perhaps it has a safety device.
What's that?
It's coming from the weapon.
Looks like some kind of countdown.
The energy levels are increasing.
It's overloading.
I can't shut it down. Damn thing's booby-trapped.
- If you remove the power cell... - It'll just grow back.
Quick thinking, Commander.
You were right.
We probably should have found a nice empty asteroid to test it on.
The Xindi ship is still in orbit.
We haven't detected any other vessels.
Captain, if the Xindi have detected your presence,
I strongly urge you to return to the ship.
I appreciate your concern,
but we still have a few loose ends to tie up down here.
Archer out.
- Anything? - No, sir.
We just might have stopped those bloodhounds
before they transmitted our position.
Let's hope so.
No sign of the Reptlians.
I doubt they'll find us.
That's topaline ore.
It should disrupt their scanners.
Even their Seekers won't locate us here.
What do you intend to do now, Captain, destroy our facility?
Do you plan to wait until I'm back inside,
or will you simply dispose of me here in the forest?
I've been considering another option.
I'd certainly like to hear it.
The people on this colony had nothing to do with the attack on my planet.
I'll be damned if I'm going to make them pay for it.
You offered to help us.
Are you still willing?
If you're prepared to trust me.
Then we'll give them their kemocite...
but it won't be exactly what they ordered.
Make sure he gets home safely.
Yes, sir.
It would be better if I went alone.
- Good luck. - And you.
- Permission to speak freely. - Go ahead.
I'm not sure it was wise to let him go.
He could lead the Reptilians back here.
Are you speaking freely as well, Major?
Just offering a tactical assessment, sir.
He said he'd help us.
I believe him.
It's the captain.
Go ahead, sir.
Tell the army to hold off on those spatial charges.
There's been a change of plans.
Is everything all right?
I'll let you know in a couple of hours.
Right now, I have an assignment for you and Hoshi.
They're looking for you.
Have you started loading the shipment?
Not yet.
Good. I want to run another refinement test.
We've completed three already.
The impurities are less than six parts per million.
We have to be absolutely certain that we've met their specifications.
You know how important this is to all of us.
We should get started.
You two perform the isotopic analysis.
I'll run the submolecular scans.
We've got it.
We've modified the radiolytic signature.
If you can get it onboard, their ship, I'll be able to track it.
Where were you?
My personal activities aren't your concern.
And do your personal activities involve destroying one of our Seekers?
I was hunting tree scarabs.
Your drone was frightening them.
Who was with you?
I prefer to spend my time in the forest alone.
Our scans detected other bio-signs.
I was alone.
If you saw the drone, you knew we were here.
Why didn't you return?
You're two days early.
What are you doing?
Trying some final tests.
What kind of tests?
We were told the shipment was ready.
42 years. That's how long I've been running this facility.
And never once have I allowed a single gram of kemocite
to leave the premises unless it was perfectly calibrated.
I take pride in my work.
But, if you're so eager to get underway,
then go ahead, take your shipment!
But, if it doesn't meet your requirements,
don't expect me to produce another hundred kilograms overnight,
because we do have other clients beside you.
Finish quickly.
There are two of them, loading containers.
- Stand by, Captain. - Acknowledged.
They're heading back.
You're clear, sir.
Reed to Enterprise.
Go ahead.
The captain is inside the Xindi shuttle.
Captain? Three Xindi have just come out of the complex.
Lieutenant Reed, report.
We've run into a small problem.
Stand by.
We appreciate your efforts.
Perhaps you'll need our services in the future.
I'll miss the pleasure of your company.
We should go, Degra.
We're behind schedule already.
We've invested a great deal in this project.
And you've been well-paid for it.
Yes. You've been more than generous,
but I'd appreciate if you could tell me
what this shipment is being used for.
I don't think it's an unreasonable request.
It doesn't concern you.
It concerns all of us.
We've learned there's a threat to our people.
What kind of threat?
A ruthless alien species.
If we don't act, they'll destroy us.
I'm glad we could contribute.
Take pride in what you've done here.
- Archer to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
What's the status of that Xindi ship?
They broke orbit five minutes ago, Captain.
Are you picking up the tracking signal?
Loud and clear.
Keep an eye on it.
We'll be back as soon as we can.
Thank you.
Is something wrong?
I may have just betrayed my people to a ruthless alien species.
I promise you, you haven't.
Please trust me.
To trust.
Eventually, Degra's going to discover that you sabotaged his kemocite.
It should delay their progress considerably.
- They'll come back here. - Don't worry.
I can deal with Degra and his friends.
You should just be concerned with finding this weapon.
Their ship entered an energy portal after it left orbit.
We've lost our tracking signal.
The portal's range is only a few light-years.
Keep searching.
I better get back to Enterprise.
If everything you've told me is true about the attack on your world,
I hope you remember that all Xindi are not your enemy.
I will.

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