Wait a second.
- How are you doing? - I'm fine.
Jake, I'm sorry.
Acting Ensign Crusher, report to transporter room eight.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, I know. I wish both of us were going.
I don't know. Only 32 points.
Mr. Crusher, respond.
I'm on my way, Doctor.
- I've gotta go. - I know.
Hey, Wes.
- Do well for both of us, OK? - Alright.
Captain's log, star date 41416.2.
We're orbiting Relva VII,
where Wesley Crusher is about to be tested
for entrance into Starfleet Academy.
And to my surprise, I've learned
that my friend Admiral Gregory Quinn is on Relva VII,
and has requested to be beamed aboard the Enterprise immediately.
- Welcome aboard, Admiral. - Thank you.
Capt Jean-Luc Picard, Lt. Cmdr Dexter Remmick.
And my staff, First Officer William Riker,
Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher,
Chief of Security Natasha Yar.
- What can we do for you? - I need to speak with you.
Certainly. This way. Number One?
- Is this a personal matter? - Official business.
- My First Officer should... - Alone, Captain.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Cmdr Remmick is with the Inspector General's Office.
He'll conduct a full investigation of the Enterprise.
What are you looking for?
I have reason to believe there may be something wrong on this ship.
Tell me what you suspect.
It's inappropriate to discuss it now.
Mr. Remmick, Starfleet is counting on you.
You will find out what is wrong on this ship.
Yes, sir. Nothing and no one will stand in my way.
And you, Captain, are ordered to cooperate in every way necessary.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
- Mr. Remmick, any questions? - No questions, sir.
- Get on with your duties. - Yes, sir.
We've known one another for years. Tell me what you believe is wrong.
Captain, it is vitally important that my orders be followed exactly.
- I'll be staying on the ship. - As you wish, Admiral.
- What is it? - What?
The unit you just put down. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
A flux coordinating sensor unit.
I'm Oliana Mirren, another finalist.
- You must be Wesley Crusher. - Yeah.
Do you know me?
I heard there was a very smart, very young man
who'd be tough competition.
- You wouldn't be here... - If I weren't smart. I know.
But there's a lot more to it than that.
You're lucky. You've had experience aboard the Enterprise.
- T'Shanik of Vulcana Regar. - Wesley Crusher of the Enterprise.
You do not look as if you meet the age requirements.
- I'll be 16 next month. - Happy birthday!
Excuse me.
I'm Wesley Crusher.
The Mordock?
The Benzite who constructed the Mordock Strategy?
- I thought you were in the Academy. - No.
Only a hopeful. Like you.
Finalists, please take your seats.
I'm Tac Officer Chang.
You are here because you are all top candidates.
Only one student will be chosen for the Academy.
You've shown in preliminary testing
that any of you could easily qualify.
This may be the most difficult, exhausting experience of your life.
And the most exciting challenge.
Expect the unexpected.
May you all do your best.
May I help you, Mr. Remmick?
Keep doing whatever it is you're doing.
There's nothing much to see here, Commander.
We're in a standard orbit.
The station has to be manned even if it's just routine.
Something I can help you with?
When I'm ready, I'll want to speak with you.
Commander, just having that guy around makes me feel guilty.
What's he after, anyway?
I don't know. But I'm gonna find out. Now.
- Captain, may I speak frankly? - Always, Number One.
As First Officer, I should know what you know.
- That's right. - Then what's this about?
Remmick's gonna turn this ship upside down.
That's his job.
My job is to see that this ship runs smoothly.
Which you do very well.
- Sir, am I under investigation? - I don't know.
- And if you did? - I couldn't tell you.
I don't understand, sir. This is extremely frustrating.
No less for me.
But I promised cooperation and we shall give it.
- I want answers, now. - Later.
- You are ordered to cooperate. - Not now!
When it doesn't interfere with my duties.
Last question on the hyperspace physics test.
The matter and antimatter tanks on a Galaxy-class starship
are nine-tenths depleted.
Calculate the intermix ratio necessary
to reach a star base 100 light years away at warp factor eight. Begin.
Time elapsed.
You now have one hour free before the next test.
I must admit, Wesley, you have a very fast mind.
It was a trick question, with only one answer.
Yes, there is only one ratio with matter/antimatter. One to one.
You both don't know how lucky you are.
I can't imagine what it would be like to have things come so easily.
I have to push all the way.
No, Oliana. It doesn't come that easily.
I have to study all the time.
It's a good thing you're cute, or you'd really be obnoxious.
See you later!
Did you hear what she said, Mordock?
She said I was cute.
- Is that good, Wesley? - Yes!
I think.
I should apologize, Captain.
No need. Mr. Remmick's presence is unnerving.
Are you available now, Mr. Riker?
Or do you still have duties to perform?
I'm available, Mr. Remmick.
Any problem with using your ready room?
No, Mr. Remmick. Be my guest.
If you prefer to stand, fine, Mr. Riker.
It won't have an effect on the length of my inquiry.
Now,... there are several seeming discrepancies in the Captain's log.
Let's go over them one by one.
The Captain's log?
To your knowledge, has the Captain ever falsified a log?
- Have you asked him? - Right now, I'm asking you.
If you want to discuss Capt Picard, ask him face to face.
You must answer my questions, unless you're covering something up.
Now,... there are several discrepancies in the Captain's log.
Shall we go over them one by one?
You are saying Capt Picard had no control over this vessel.
He handed it over to Kosinski, who took it to the edge of the universe.
No, sir, that's not what I'm saying.
Kosinski was sent by Starfleet to improve our warp drive.
According to his own logs,
his bridge crew didn't think highly of Kosinski's theories,
yet the Captain gave him access to the engines. True, La Forge?
Not exactly.
One way or the other, Picard lost control of this ship. Is that true?
Yes, but that's not how it happened.
So, the answer is yes.
Is the Captain emotionally and psychologically fit for command?
Nothing in his history or personality to suggest... mental lapses?
Not even the Ferengi incident on his old starship, the Stargazer?
He was being controlled by a mind-altering machine.
Without his knowledge.
I would call that a mental lapse.
Ensign, what are you doing on the holodeck?
I thought you were on Relva VII.
I'm finished testing for the day.
- I've disturbed you. I'll leave. - Wait.
I thought I wanted to be alone. I guess I don't.
- How is the testing? - OK, so far.
It's not the ones I've studied for I'm worried about.
It's the psych test. Facing my deepest fear.
I'm trying to decide what images to bring up.
- Why? - I guess I want to scare myself.
What do you think? Bulgallian rats? Lightning storms?
Do those things frighten you?
Sort of, I guess.
The psych test is no more or less important than the rest.
So they said. But I can't stop thinking about it.
Thinking about what you can't control only wastes energy
and creates its own enemy.
How can they know what my deepest fear is when I don't?
By analyzing your psychological profile.
They were accurate about everyone I tested with.
Including myself.
You? I thought nothing could frighten a Klingon warrior.
Only fools have no fear.
I'm sorry. I'm asking too many personal questions.
It is very difficult for me to depend on anyone for anything.
But especially for my life.
On the Enterprise, you do that every day.
Everyone depends on everyone else to protect them.
- So you overcame it? - No! It is still my enemy.
We can eliminate three bulky machines from cargo space.
Excellent, Number One.
Captain. Unauthorized entry in main shuttle bay.
- Unauthorized? - Who is it, Lieutenant?
Computer reads ID of Jake Kurland.
Bridge to main shuttle bay. Mr. Kurland, Lt. Yar. Respond.
- Isn't that area secured? - Not now, Remmick!
- He'll take this out. - Locking the doors.
Too late. He's using the emergency override.
- Smart kid! - Kid?
- He's launching. - On viewer.
Lt. Yar, open channel.
Enterprise to shuttlecraft. Mr. Kurland, this is Capt Picard.
Captain, I'm going to Beltane IX
to sign on to a freighter.
Tell my father... I'm sorry.
You can tell him yourself. In person.
- Bring that ship back at once. - No.
I can't face him.
I'm leaving.
He's unbalanced the dilithium reaction.
I've lost power!
All he's got are manoeuvring jets.
He'll enter the atmosphere and burn up
at an altitude of 200 kilometers.
- Probable impact? - Atmospheric entry 78 seconds.
- Options? - Tractor beam?
No. He's too far away for a positive lock.
He's out of transporter range.
You are completely responsible for his life.
Either get out of my way and keep quiet,
or I will have you removed from the bridge.
- Viewer on shuttle cockpit. - Visual on main viewer.
I can't get the engine started!
What am I gonna do?
I'm gonna crash!
He needs another 50 seconds for the core to cool down.
Stay calm, Jake.
We'll get you back.
Please... Help me!
It's no use, Captain. I'm gonna die out here.
- In 30 seconds he can restart. - Irrelevant, sir.
A restart will not give enough thrust to escape impact.
Mr. Kurland, you will not die out there.
You will do exactly what I tell you.
Aim the nose of the shuttlecraft directly at Relva VII.
Aim it at Relva? I can't! That's crazy!
- Do it! - But I'll burn up!
28 seconds to impact.
Listen carefully. This is Capt Picard and I'm giving you an order.
Aim the shuttle at Relva!
- It's done. - Good.
Now, monitor your speed exactly.
When it hits point 020, I want you to restart the engine.
And when I tell you, pull up hard!
Point 020 speed.
Captain,... I sure hope you're right.
You’ll just have to trust me.
Point 003.
Six seconds to impact.
Hold on, Jake. It'll be bumpy.
Restart the engine now!
Pull up hard!
How did he do it?
He built up speed and bounced her off the atmosphere.
Mr. Kurland, I assume you can manoeuvre it home?
- Yes, sir. - Do it.
Then report to Mr. Riker.
Yes, sir.
Very... original, Captain.
But how did that child acquire access to a shuttlecraft?
He's a highly qualified Academy candidate,
trained in many areas, including shuttles.
Did this full training include discipline?
Mr. Remmick, young men sometimes make rash choices.
Mr. Kurland will receive a strong refresher,
specifically in discipline.
I'll note that in my report.
Full cooperation, Number One.
You. I have a package for Operations. Where is it?
End of the corridor, on your right. 104.
Excuse me.
You blocked my path!
You Bulgallian sludge rat!
I'm sorry. It was an honest mistake. I apologize.
- Is there a problem, gentlemen? - No, sir.
How dare you! I am Rondon!
You despicable Melanoid slime worm! Liar!
Who do you think you're bullying? You bumped into me!
It was your mistake! You were at fault!
Do you want this to become violent?
I like you.
- A very strange reaction. - Not really.
I saw his hand was webbed. The sign of a Zaldan.
But you became hostile.
Zaldans are infuriated by courtesy.
They view it as a phoney social behaviour covering true feelings.
Congratulations, Mr. Crusher.
You handled that particular incident very well.
Was this incident deliberate?
It's important to know how you candidates deal with other cultures.
Other species.
- Then it was a test. - Yes.
Not all tests are announced, or what they appear to be.
Zaldans have webbed fingers.
I wouldn't have passed.
- You're an android? - Yes, sir.
You are programmed to tell the entire truth?
There is a problem with this ship, Mr. Data.
It's in the records.
I need your help to find it.
All the records are available to you, sir.
But this information is very cleverly hidden.
Your Captain is not what he appears to be.
Do not forget that you have loyalty to Starfleet above all else.
Loyalty is not the issue, Commander.
There is nothing wrong with Capt Picard, or the ship's logs.
There must be something wrong with your assumption.
That is not acceptable, Mr. Data.
Acceptable or not, sir,... it is the truth.
Just how did this contaminant get aboard this ship?
By accident, sir.
Meaning Capt Picard has no standing procedure for this type of situation?
No. Meaning by accident,... sir.
You don't like me very much, do you?
Is it required, sir?
How would you characterize your relationship with Capt Picard?
We're Starfleet officers who've known each other for many years.
Everything said here is confidential, Doctor.
You can be completely open with me.
About what?
About how you feel serving with a man
who is responsible for the death of your husband.
My personal feelings about Capt Picard
are irrelevant to this investigation, and none of your business.
Then you confirm the accuracy of the log report.
You violated the Prime Directive of the Edo.
You interfered with their laws!
Yes. It is exactly as I explained it in the log records.
All to save Dr. Crusher's son.
A crew member was being held unjustly.
I stand by my decision.
You've talked to every member of this ship.
You've had enough time to find whatever you're looking for.
Are you afraid, if I keep looking, I'll find that you're guilty?
All I'm guilty of is allowing this charade to go on so long.
Admiral, if it is me you're investigating,
ask me directly what you want to know.
And please tell me what is going on.
I need a little more time.
How much? I won't tolerate my crew being harassed any longer.
Remmick's full report is almost ready.
- I want to hear him present it. - That is my intention.
Cmdr Remmick, report to Admiral Quinn.
On my way, sir.
This has been a strain on our friendship.
I know. Believe me, Jean-Luc, I regret that.
But it has been necessary.
I can't get it!
Yes, you can. Don't fight it.
Relax into it and let it come by itself.
No, it's going too fast!
I can't do it.
You've got your rotation factor. Just put in your vector coordinates.
Time elapsed.
Congratulations, Mordock.
That was the second-fastest time ever recorded on this test.
You all did well.
No. It should not have been that way.
Mr. Crusher helped me.
Yes. I know.
An interesting choice, Mr. Crusher.
Especially given how close you and Mr. Mordock are in overall score.
You all have an hour to prepare for your last test.
The psych test, sir?
We prefer to think of it as a psychological evaluation
based on reactions to various individual problems.
But... psych test will do.
Please sit down, Mr. Remmick.
Proceed with your report.
Admiral, I've done my best to be thorough in this investigation.
I couldn't find what you asked for, sir.
I spoke to officer after officer at length,
I pried into the ship's logs.
Yet I found nothing wrong.
Except, perhaps, a casual familiarity among the bridge crew, but...
..mostly, that comes from a sense of teamwork.
And a feeling of family.
I'm sorry, sir. I did my best.
- You're dismissed, Commander. - Yes, sir.
My tour in the Inspector General's Office will be up in six months.
When I'm finished,...
..this is where I'd like to serve, sir.
Don't judge the young man too harshly. He's a good officer.
It's not him I'm inclined to judge.
Don't judge me too harshly either, until I've finished.
We had to be very sure of you.
Some of us at Starfleet Command
became suspicious of certain problems in the Federation.
What problems?
Someone or something is trying to destroy
everything we've built up in the last 200 years.
- What's your evidence? - I can't say.
- Too many people are involved. - What do you want from me?
I don't know if the threat comes from the inside or the outside.
I need people I can trust in strong positions in the Federation.
- You have my complete support. - That's not enough.
I want to promote you to Admiral.
And I want you to take over as Commandant of Starfleet Academy.
- The Academy? - Yes.
- The Academy? - I need you close.
Then there was never a problem with the Enterprise?
No. But I had to be sure you hadn't been coopted.
..this is... politics.
I'm not good at politics.
Surely there are others who are... better suited.
Alright, even if I am wrong, and I hope I am,
you're still the best man for the job.
I appreciate the value of what you're offering.
It's not a decision I can make quickly.
I need an answer soon.
Alright. You'll have it tonight, Admiral.
Thank you.
Mr. Mordock will be finished with his psych test momentarily.
Are you alright?
I will be.
You're next.
Good luck.
I'm here.
I'm ready.
Maybe they forgot.
Gotta remember to breathe.
Evacuate immediately. 65 seconds to seal-off.
Somebody help! Something's wrong in the environmental lab!
Help! We're trapped!
I can't move! Please, help me!
We're gonna die in here!
The liquid hydrogen's gonna blow!
The shut-off valve ruptured! Hurry up!
My legs are crushed! You gotta help me!
Give me a hand!
We're gonna die!
Help me!
I can't!
- It's too late! - 30 seconds to seal-off.
Come on!
If we don't get out, they'll seal us in to contain the explosion!
Come on! You're not hurt!
I can't go through that!
Yes, you can!
- You've got to! - 20 seconds to seal-off.
Come on! I can't carry you both!
You're not hurt!
Ten seconds to seal-off.
It's too late!
I'm sorry...
- Officer Chang, there's... - Wesley.
It's alright.
An excellent performance, Mr. Crusher.
That was the test?
A man could have died.
Theoretically, yes.
You had to make a choice. And you did.
There's no right or wrong about it.
Your greatest fear has been that you couldn't make that decision.
Because of my father? Because Cap...
Because someone made that choice,...
..and my father died.
- Sir. - Yes, Number One?
Mr. Remmick has left the ship.
Yes. He found nothing wrong on the Enterprise.
You can inform the crew that Admiral Quinn is most impressed.
Thank you. They'll be pleased to hear that.
- So what was he after? - They were after me, Number One.
They want me to take over as Commandant, Starfleet Academy.
Congratulations! What a wonderful choice, sir.
You'll shape the minds of the future leaders of Starfleet.
You haven't decided what you'll do.
Yes, I have, Number One. I've decided I'm going for a walk.
I'm proud of all of you. You've done a superb job.
Each of you would make a fine Starfleet officer.
It's unfair that only one candidate will attend the Academy this year.
And a loss to the Federation
if the rest of you do not return to test again.
Mr. Mordock will be the candidate.
His results were slightly higher than Mr. Crusher's.
Congratulations, Mr. Mordock.
You're the first Benzite in Starfleet.
Thank you, sir. But it's not right.
It shouldn't be me.
Wesley lost points because he helped me.
He should not be punished for generosity.
He wasn't.
He lost time, but it wasn't only that.
Candidates,... thank you.
And good luck.
I am sorry, Wesley.
It's OK. You deserved to win.
Besides, you'd do the same for me.
Yes. I believe I would.
Well, personally, I hate losing.
So be ready next year, Wesley. I won't be easy to beat!
Yes, sir.
Are you...
..feeling better?
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry I damaged the shuttle, Captain.
Mr. Riker said I can help fix it as part of discipline training.
I hope you learned that running away solves nothing.
Yes, sir.
And I am sorry I messed up.
You kept your wits about you. Don't forget that.
No, sir. And thank you.
Thank you for... saving my life.
That's my job, young man.
Yes, sir.
Why aren't you in your dress uniform for Admiral Quinn's farewell dinner?
I didn't think it appropriate, sir.
Why not?
I failed.
I didn't get into the Academy.
I failed you and I failed the Enterprise.
- Did you do your best? - Yes.
When you test next year, do you think your performance will improve?
The only person you're truly competing against is yourself.
Then you're not disappointed?
You have to measure your successes and your failures within,
not by anything that I or anyone else might think.
..if it helps you to know this,...
..l failed the first time. And you may not tell anyone.
- You failed? - Yes. But not the second time!
Now, you'll do me the courtesy of joining us at dinner.
I have to disappoint an old friend.
Wish I could convince you to change your mind.
I'll serve you better here.
This is where you belong.
If you should need me...
I've been playing politics too long.
Perhaps I see conspiracies everywhere.
Don't worry.
Safe travels, my friend.
Set course for Algeron IV.
Course plotted and laid in, sir.
Shall we continue with our mission?
Yes, sir.

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