Captain, Starfleet have reported a disturbance in the Neutral Zone.
Of what nature?
A battle. Quadrant nine, coordinates 070, mark three.
There's no information who was involved.
- They ask if we can investigate. - Answer yes.
- Mr. La Forge, lay in the course. - Aye, sir.
No reports of any Federation vessels in that area.
- Ferengi? - Out of their territory.
- Shall we separate the saucer? - Let's get more information first.
Course set, Captain.
- Speed, warp seven. - Aye, sir, warp seven.
We are now approaching the Neutral Zone.
Sir, sensors indicate recent photon explosions and phaser activity.
I've analyzed the explosions' residue.
This is of no known Ferengi design. It is possibly Romulan.
There's a name we haven't heard for a while.
I could go longer without hearing it.
If they have returned to this sector, we should know.
- Mr. Worf, any further activity? - Negative, sir.
- Slow to half impulse. - Going to one-half impulse.
Now entering quadrant 907, mark three.
Shields and deflectors up. Go to yellow alert.
I have located a vessel, sir. It is drifting.
- Put it on main viewer. - Aye, sir.
Their life-support systems are failing.
Propulsion, navigation, and all communication inoperative.
- Any trace of the other vessel? - No, sir.
If it is Romulan it could be cloaked.
Tell Starfleet we're entering the Neutral Zone.
- Yes, sir. - Mr. La Forge, take us in closer.
Aye, sir.
Stay sharp, everyone.
It's Talarian.
- Life signs? - Nothing yet, sir.
I have identified the vessel. The Batris, a general cargo vessel.
A long way from home.
Keep alert.
Captain, possible life signs.
What do you mean, "possible"?
The readings emanate from what's left of Main Engineering.
Radioactive clutter is making positive determination difficult.
I'll prepare an away team.
Lt. Yar, stay at your post. If this is the result of a Romulan attack,
they may still be in the area.
- Aye, sir. - Data, Geordi, let's go.
Mr. La Forge, are we close enough to use a Visual Acuity Transmitter?
- We can certainly try it, sir. - Please do.
And, Number One...?
Everything about this seems wrong.
Agreed. It smells like a trap. Let's go.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, star date 41503. 7. We have entered the Neutral Zone,
where a Talarian freighter has been severely damaged in battle.
I have sent an away team to investigate.
What exactly does this device do?
We've been working on a way to transmit what my visor sees.
If it works, the bridge will be able to monitor us.
It has restrictions.
The information from Geordi's visor is difficult to encode.
The signal breaks down easily.
- So not much range? - Exactly.
The effective range is only a few kilometers, but we're working on it.
- La Forge to bridge. - This is the bridge.
Worf, I've switched on the transmitter.
We are receiving. The signal is strong.
OK, Worf, I'm switching off for transport.
Set phasers on stun. Let's be ready for anything.
- La Forge to bridge. - This is the Enterprise.
Captain, I'm switching on the transmitter.
Ready to receive. On main viewer.
Aye, sir.
Now I'm beginning to understand him.
Geordi, what's that?
- Over to the left. - What?
Yes, that. No, no, back.
Yes, that. Right there. What is that?
That's Cmdr Riker.
To me it's just an undefined form standing in a... visual frenzy.
Can you... filter out the extraneous information?
- No, I get it all simultaneously. - But it's... just a jumble.
How can you make head or tail of that?
I select what I want and then... disregard the rest.
But how is that possible?
How, in a noisy room,
can you select one specific voice or sound?
- Of course, something you learn. - Exactly.
It's something I've learned. Does that make it more clear?
Look over at Data.
There's an aura around him.
Well, of course, he's an android.
You say that as if you think that's what we all see.
Don't you?
Sir, I hate to break this up, but...
Yes, of course, Number One. Proceed.
Let's go.
I am detecting high levels of deuterium gas,
probably from leakage in the drive system.
- Toxic? - Not as yet, sir.
The life signs are emanating from the far side of Engineering.
- What's the safest way around? - All routes are equally dangerous.
What's the least dangerous?
There is no significant difference.
Steady on.
Cmdr Riker!
- Commander! - Yes, Geordi?
There's a fissure in the bulkhead.
The skin of the ship is losing its integrity.
- Where is it? I can't see it. - Right there.
Geordi, step closer.
It looks to me like a spectrograph indicating metal fatigue.
- Is that how you interpret it? - Very good, Captain. Exactly right.
How long before this hull ruptures?
It's impossible to be exact. I'd say five minutes. Probably less.
Let's go.
Geordi, we've lost transmission.
Signal overload. I'm surprised it lasted this long.
We've reached the core, Captain.
The life signs are very strong, sir. They are coming from over there.
- Is there any other way around? - Negative. This is the only way.
The safest way to proceed is for me to cross alone.
The heat and toxic gases have less effect on me.
Captain, Data's gone ahead.
The life signs are from the far side of Engineering.
I've found them, sir. The door to their compartment is jammed.
The control mechanism's not operative, sir.
This is Cmdr Riker of the USS Enterprise.
Do you hear me?
I advise against the use of phasers. The gas build-up is too great.
A phaser discharge now could blow us all outta here.
Shall l, sir?
- What's going on? - We're about to force the door.
What is it? What do you see?
- I am Korris. - We'll handle the formalities later.
We have to get off this ship. Are there any other survivors?
I believe I've found a quicker way out of here, sir.
Check him out.
He is alive, sir, but just barely.
Then pick up the body and let's go.
- I will carry him. - As you wish.
Come on, let's go!
Tasha, go to transporter room three.
I want you there when the away team returns.
Aye, sir.
Commander, we are out of time! This ship is blowing!
Transporter room, have you got a lock on us?
Too much interference. Get further away from Engineering.
Sir, Engineering is critical. Destruction is imminent.
There are no options! Do it!
Bridge, this is Cmdr Riker.
We are taking the survivors to sickbay.
- I'll be in sickbay. - Request permission to join you.
- The debris is still being analyzed. - Inform me when it's completed.
Aye, sir.
- Situation, Doctor? - His injuries are very critical.
I'm Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of this vessel.
I am Korris, Captain of the Klingon Defence Force.
This is Lt. Konmel.
Would you mind telling me what has happened?
We were passengers. The Talarians were taking us to Outpost MZ5.
What was the vessel doing in the Neutral Zone?
We were attacked without warning by a Ferengi cruiser.
During battle we must have entered the Neutral Zone.
The weapons were not Ferengi.
What is your name?
I am Lt. Worf.
And you are a member of this crew?
You are correct.
The weapons were Klingon, but the vessel was Ferengi.
- What precipitated the attack? - I don't know. We were in quarters.
The Captain of the freighter had no combat experience,
so did not anticipate the first attack, which was nearly fatal.
We took control with his permission.
The Ferengi called for surrender.
I told the Captain to agree to all their terms.
We had only one chance, but I was confident that it would be enough.
As adversaries the Ferengi are not very worthy.
Still, your weapons were limited and their vessel superior.
Yes. All we had was a battery of ancient Merculite rockets.
Our only chance was to trick them into lowering their shields.
We reduced power and lured them in.
They suspected nothing.
When they lowered their shields to beam over a boarding party,
we opened fire.
There are some points that I'm not clear about.
Captain,... we are hungry and tired.
Of course.
If there is anything else you wish to know, we will be available.
Permission to show our guests to their quarters, Captain.
Permission granted.
What do you think, Captain?
There's more to this than we've been told.
Why was that Talarian ship so far off course?
What was its point of departure?
Why would Klingon officers hitch a ride on a broken-down freighter?
Find out what Starfleet knows about Korris and company.
It'll take 48 hours for a message to get to Starfleet.
They'll be here for a while. Let's find out all we can about them.
Should I have assigned a security team to keep an eye on them?
No. Worf can deal with anything that might arise.
- How's your patient, Doctor? - Not good. I'll keep you posted.
Sit, friend. Let us eat.
I did not know there were Klingons serving on human Starfleet vessels.
As far as I know, I am the only one.
Tell me, what is it like for the hunter to lie down with the prey?
Have they tamed you? Or have you always been docile?
Does it make you gentle? Is your heart filled with peace?
Do glorious battles no longer inspire your dreams?
Why do you mock me? Why do you wish to anger me?
Only to see if it is still possible.
It is.
Dr. Crusher!
You'd better come and look at this.
- His condition is worsening. - He's convulsing. Get the hypospray!
Cmdr Korris, this is Capt Picard.
Yes, Captain?
I'm sorry to report your comrade's injuries
are beyond our medical abilities.
He's dying.
Is there any special arrangement you would like for the body?
It is only an empty shell now.
Please, treat it as such.
Kunivas's killer should have been an enemy,
then his death would have been more glorious.
If the opponent was not an enemy, who was it?
Tell me. What really happened?
I do not wish to anger you.
We are, after all, brothers lost among infidels.
Tell me, how is it that you come to this ship?
That uniform?
Through an act of kindness.
The Romulans attacked the Khitomer outpost. Everyone was killed.
I was buried under the rubble and left for dead.
A human Starfleet officer found me.
He took me to his home on Gault and told his wife to raise me as his son.
How old were you?
Before the Age of Inclusion.
That young?
Gault is a farming colony!
When my foster brother and I were of age, we entered Starfleet Academy.
He hated it and returned to Gault. I stayed.
You haven't spent much time among your own kind.
Hardly none.
So, when the night was still and quiet,
and the sound of the blood in your veins filled your ears,
the only way to silence it was to slip out into the night,
and like the hunter that spawned you,
join in the struggle of life and death.
- You were unable... - The others did not understand.
- You frightened them. - They shunned you.
Cursed you, called you vile names, and you knew not why.
Even now, do you know why you are driven?
Why you cannot relent, or repent, or confess, or abstain?
How could you know?
There have been no other Klingons to lead you to that knowledge.
Yes, those feelings are still a part of me.
But I control them.
They do not rule me.
Yes. To fit in, the humans demand that you change the one thing
that you cannot change. But because you cannot,
you do. That too is the mark of a warrior.
You said I mock you. I do not.
I salute you!
Against whom do you test yourself?
- What enemy do you battle? - I have been in battle.
- Then, you understand. - Yes, I do.
Brother, this "peace", this "Alliance",
is like a living death to warriors like us.
You're right, we lied to your Commander.
We commandeered that freighter and left the crew behind.
We were in search of a place where we can live like true Klingons!
You did not battle the Ferengi?
It was one of our own cruisers sent to bring us back.
You destroyed a Klingon vessel?!
I did not want to battle our brothers. I had no choice.
They had been corrupted by the illusion of peace.
They traded our birthright so they could die in their sleep.
A peace that makes the Klingon heart that beats within my chest
wither and die!
Is it permitted for you to show us around this ship?
Yes, of course.
And as I watched Worf,...
..it was like looking at a man that I had never known.
Captain, long-range sensors indicate another vessel approaching.
- Can you identify it? - No, sir, not yet.
Keep a close watch on it.
So close to the Neutral Zone it can't be random.
Let's look at that sensory data.
What magnificent battles we could have at the helm of this ship.
Perhaps your dreams of glory no longer fit the time.
They belong buried with the past.
Standing here we will never know.
Our answer lies out there. Our instincts will lead us.
Instincts not dulled by living among civilized men.
I believe, sir, that was the first time
outsiders have witnessed the Klingon death ritual.
I can understand them looking at a dying man's eyes,
but the howling?
It was a warning.
To who?
They're warning the dead, sir.
"Beware, a Klingon warrior is about to arrive."
Captain, that unidentified vessel is approaching us at warp five.
Intersect one hour, 16 minutes, 33 seconds.
- Can we get a visual? - I can try, sir.
- Open hailing frequencies, Lt. Yar. - Hailing frequencies open.
Klingon cruiser, this is Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise.
I am Cmdr K'nera. What is your purpose in this area?
We came to investigate a battle. We rescued three Klingon survivors.
That is all that is left of the crew of the cruiser T'Acog?
They're from the freighter Batris. Their leader is Capt Korris.
You have him on your ship? He is alive?
- Yes. - He is a criminal.
A renegade, who with two others stole that freighter
and destroyed the Klingon cruiser sent to bring them back.
We expect the criminals to be delivered into our custody
as soon as we are within transporter range.
Lt. Yar, where are they now?
They're with Worf on deck 17.
- Deck 17? - Yes. Near the battle-bridge lift.
Shall I alert Lt. Worf?
No, send a security team.
Worf wouldn't allow them on the battle bridge.
I think we cannot assume anything.
Shall I remain at my tactical position or lead the team?
Lead the team. And, Lieutenant,...
you understand with whom you're dealing?
Aye, sir.
We have heard this ship can separate in time of battle.
Yes. When relieved of its bulk
the Enterprise becomes an exceptional weapon.
- They have come for us. - Step aside.
What is the problem?
The Captain wants those two taken into custody.
Do not let them take us, Worf.
- Help us. - Listen to the voice of your blood.
You are not of these people.
Yes. Join us.
Go back!
Please, turn around and go back to your mother.
Bridge, we have a hostage situation on deck 17.
Bridge, this is Lt. Yar.
Disregard. Situation is under control.
By order of the Captain, you are confined to Security.
I thought for a minute we had a problem.
Yes. It looked like Korris was going to hold that girl hostage.
That is not our way.
Cowards take hostages, Klingons do not.
The Klingon vessel has arrived.
They request the return of the renegades.
- They will be tried and executed. - I know.
Lieutenant, I am not unmindful
of the mixed feelings you must have about this incident.
Thank you, sir.
- Are there no other options, sir? - None that I can see.
- He seems to be handling this well. - So far.
He must be torn. These are his people.
The Klingon vessel is within range. They're requesting visual contact.
- Open frequencies. - Hailing frequencies open, sir.
We are in position now to receive the criminals.
We're prepared to transfer.
Request permission to address the Captain on the Klingon vessel.
I know it is against procedure, but there is something I must say.
Permission granted.
What is it you want?
To plead.
You waste your time.
Their actions threaten the Alliance.
They disobeyed and must be punished.
Yes, they must be punished,...
but not executed with dishonour.
Why do you care?
What burns in their eyes,... fires my soul.
I hear their words and I see it all as it was.
Part of me longs for that time.
It's bred in the bone. We all do.
Then send them to a planet in the Halee system
where they can meet death on their feet with a weapon in hand,
not tied and helpless.
When one of us dies that way, it diminishes us all.
Brother, I feel as you.
I too wish they could fly free, but I have no choice.
We await the transfer.
Lt. Yar, escort the prisoners to the transporter room.
Aye, sir.
This is Ramos. Force field in Security three has been broken.
Lt. Yar to bridge. There's been an escape.
At least one of my security is dead. So is Konmel.
- Korris is loose and armed. - Keep me informed.
Aye, sir.
Data, visual on K'nera.
Visual on, sir.
Captain, there will be a short delay.
Korris has escaped.
He is a trained Klingon warrior, Captain.
Perhaps more than you can handle.
It is not a disgrace to request our assistance.
I think we can handle the situation.
Keep down!
He's up there!
Captain, Korris is in Main Engineering.
Capt Korris, this is a futile attempt.
You cannot win.
I will speak only to my countryman!
Only to Worf!
Captain, he has a phaser aimed at the dilithium crystal chamber.
- At that range one blast and... - I understand, Lieutenant.
Captain,... permission to leave the bridge.
We'll both go.
What's the situation?
He's armed with a phaser. We do not have a clear field of fire.
- How do you suggest we proceed? - Wait him out.
- Captain, let me talk to him. - I do not think that's a good idea.
He's running on adrenaline. Let it cool. He can't go anywhere.
He will wait only as long as he believes it's to his advantage.
The moment it is not, he will fire into the dilithium crystal chamber.
That would destroy the Enterprise and him.
Yes. He knows.
Talk to him, Worf.
I knew you would come.
Now l...
We have a chance!
I could not do it alone.
But I would rather die here
than let the traitors of Kling pick the meat from my bones!
With you... it will work.
What will work?
We will demand Capt Picard give us access to the battle bridge.
We will separate from the rest of the ship,
then together we will light up the galaxy!
Imagine the fear that will roll before us!
Capt Picard will not comply.
He cannot... dare not refuse us!
To save themselves they will give us what we demand.
Then, brother, we are free!
Put down the phaser.
- I do not believe this. - Believe it!
I have tasted your heart!
You have been with them, but you are still of us!
Do not deny the challenge of your destiny.
Get off your knees and soar!
Open your eyes and let the dream take flight!
My brother, it is you who does not see.
You look for battles in the wrong place.
The true test of a warrior is not without, it is within.
Here! Here is where we meet the challenge!
It is the weaknesses in here a warrior must overcome.
You have talked of glory and of conquest,
and legends we will write.
Yes. The birthright of every Klingon.
Yet in all you say, where are the words "duty", "honour", "loyalty"?
Without which a warrior is nothing!
What are you saying?
Living among these humans has sucked the Klingon heart out of you.
Put down the phaser.
You are a sham!
My words were dust upon the ground!
Your blood has no fire! You are weak, like them!
I don't care what you look like, you are no Klingon!
Perhaps not.
- La Forge, open hailing frequencies. - Hailing frequencies open.
- K'nera, this is Capt Picard. - Yes, Captain?
Korris and the other Klingon are dead.
May I speak with Lt. Worf?
Yes, Commander?
How did they die?
They died well.
Do you wish the bodies returned?
They are now only empty shells. Dispose of them as you see fit.
When your tour of duty on the Enterprise is complete,
consider serving with us.
Your training and experience would benefit us.
And perhaps there are some things we could teach you.
I am honoured. Thank you.
I was just being polite, sir.
Commendable, Lieutenant.
Mr. La Forge, set course for Star base 84.
Aye, sir.
Really,... I have no desire to leave the Enterprise.
Coordinates set in, Captain.
- Speed,... warp five. - Aye, sir, warp five.
And, Mr. Worf,...
..the bridge wouldn't be the same without you.

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