Captain's log, star date 41798.2.
We have been ordered by Starfleet to the Lorenze Cluster
to investigate the disappearance of a light cruiser, USS Drake,
which was there trying to unravel a mystery of its own.
This began when recent long-range probes
indicated that all intelligent life on the planet Minos had disappeared.
Number One?
Nothing. The Drake arrived at Minos, then wasn't heard of again.
Mr. Data?
Citizens of Minos gained fame during the Erselrope Wars as arms merchants.
They manufactured highly advanced weaponry.
- Yeah? For which side? - Both.
We are approaching the planet Minos, sir.
- Standard orbit, Mr. La Forge. - Aye, sir, standard orbit.
What happened to the Drake happened quickly,
or Rice would've reported again.
- You know him? - From the Academy.
- Tell me more. - Able. Good officer.
How would he react under stress?
Rice is confident to the point of arrogance, but he's usually right.
- A risk taker. - Really.
Here's an example. A final test in Advanced Navigation at the Academy
provides the students with three options.
Rice rejected their options and offered one of his own.
That's taking a risk.
He got the top grade, and now that test has four options.
In a difficulty, such a man would act aggressively.
Commander, weren't you offered the Drake?
You gave up your own command for this assignment?
I thought it would be more advantageous to do a tour here.
Captain, readings correspond with the probe's findings.
No signs of intelligent life forms. Vegetation and animal life only.
What happened to all the people?
- War? - Disease?
A dissatisfied customer?
In every war, natural disaster, even the most virulent plague,
there are always survivors.
We are being hailed.
How can that be from an uninhabited planet?
Sensors indicated no intelligent life forms?
Correct, sir. Something has scanned our language banks and is hailing us.
On main viewer.
Whoever you are, wherever you're from, greetings.
Welcome to Minos, the arsenal of freedom.
I'm Capt Jean-Luc Picard of...
If you need a little something special,
be it for one target or multiple targets,
we got it. You'll see it here on Minos,
where we live by the motto "Peace through superior firepower".
Who are you?
To be totally armed is to be totally secure.
Remember, the early bird that hesitates gets wormed.
A recorded message, sir.
Minos, the arsenal of freedom. Perfection in advanced weaponry.
We've triggered something left from the Erselrope Wars
when the arms business was booming.
So lock on to my signal and beam on down,
because we don’t just provide weapons.
- Shut that off. - We provide complete weapons sys...
It's a heck of a sales pitch.
If an automatic message system is functioning,
other systems could be still operational.
- Weapons? - Possibly.
- We must go down. - Prepare an away team.
Lt. Yar. Data.
- I recommend a minimum complement. - I would've thought otherwise.
We keep the first party small and mobile
until I'm confident whatever killed the inhabitants isn't still there.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, supplemental.
An away team is on Minos
to investigate the disappearance of the Drake.
Although there are no signs of intelligent life from this planet,
I'm far from certain that it is devoid of danger.
- Riker. - This is the bridge.
We'll start a pattern search from this point.
Keep this channel open.
Aye, sir.
Commander, our communications are being monitored.
By whom?
Since there is no intelligent life,... the question is by what?
- Captain. - We heard, Number One.
We'll try and track it down from here.
- Tritanium. It's melted. - What could do that?
I don't know, but it's beyond our technology.
Over here.
- Never seen anything like this. - It's undamaged.
Maybe a demonstration model for some potential buyer.
Maybe... Let's spread out a little.
Commander Riker, this is Ensign T'Su.
I'm monitoring a slight energy build-up near your position.
- I can't pinpoint the source. - Give me a direction.
East of your position, ten meters. I will continue monitoring.
I can't see anything through here. The underbrush is too thick.
Commander Riker.
Rice! Where did you come from?
I was over there.
We were worried. I should've known you'd pop up.
- How are you, Cmdr Riker? - What about you? No word, nothing.
- How many are with you? - Two others. Where's the Drake?
Number One, a word.
We have some information you should be aware of.
Ensign T'Su?
Sensors indicate low-level energy readings,
but the only life signs are your team's.
You copy, Number One?
You look strange, Paul.
I was injured getting here.
- Do you need medical help? - No.
What's your purpose here?
Cmdr Data. Lt. Yar.
Sir, other than ourselves I am picking up no life signs here.
I know.
Riker, you didn't answer me. Who sent you to look for me?
Your mother. She's worried about you.
Tell me about your ship, Riker. It's the Enterprise, isn't it?
No. The name of my ship is the Lollipop.
I don't know that ship.
It's newly commissioned. It's a good ship.
Refresh me, would you, Riker? What's its size, its complement?
- Who is here with you? - What arms are on the Lollipop?
Paul, I will only answer your questions if you answer mine.
Why do you want to know about my ship?
- We're friends, aren't we? - Old friends.
Our top speed is warp three. What's yours?
Is? Then the Drake has not been destroyed.
- The Drake? - Yes, your ship.
- Of course, the Drake. - Where is it?
- Classified. - Classified?
Please. It's important. Our survival depends on knowing.
- What's the armament on your ship? - Ten.
Ten? I don't understand. Ten what?
Cmdr Riker, your answers make no sense.
You haven't used my first name once, Paul. You remember it, don't you?
You don't, do you? Because you don't exist. You're a fake.
You're an image of the original, aren't you? Answer me!
- Report, Number One. - The image of Rice has been replaced
by something hovering several meters away.
Number One, get your team back up here.
Prepare to beam up.
What's happened, Number One? Report.
He can't answer, Captain.
Cmdr Riker has just been encased in some kind of energy field.
Is he alive?
Captain's log, supplemental.
A kind of weapon, which for a time took the form of Capt Paul Rice,
has enveloped Cmdr Riker.
Transporter room, have you locked on to the away team?
I am unable to lock on to Cmdr Riker.
- Ensign T'Su, situation report. - Previous energy readings are gone.
Data, have you managed to assess Cmdr Riker's condition?
He appears to be in some kind of stasis.
Theorize, Mr. Data. What would be the purpose of such an encasement?
Typically, the purpose of such an enclosure is for storage.
Which would suggest what?
That someone or something will soon be along to collect him.
I'm coming down. Dr. Crusher, meet me in transporter room three.
- Mr. La Forge, you have command. - Aye, sir.
Whatever happens, your responsibility is to the ship.
Understood, sir.
Captain, I take exception to you beaming down.
Is it just Riker?
Yes. Apparently he's been confined inside some sort of force field.
- Any changes? - We know what it is.
- Any life signs? - He is alive.
What appeared as Capt Rice is an intelligence-gathering device
used during the Erselrope Wars.
Probably developed here.
It projects an image of someone the subject trusts, and gets information.
If it's found out, it encases the subject
for more detailed interrogation later.
- Clever. - Can you remove it?
Possibly, but I need the exact frequency,
and I don't know the risk to Cmdr Riker.
We have no choice. It's interrupting the transporter beam. Remove it.
This will take some time, sir.
I am picking up energy readings.
Captain, La Forge here. Sensors show energy readings in your area.
Doctor, over here!
- Oh, no! - Doctor!
This one is different.
It's anticipating. Data, I need you.
Set your phaser on kill. I'll lead left, you get it.
Dr. Crusher?
Captain Picard?
- I have a malfunction. - Enterprise, this is Yar.
Mine's out too.
The weapons must have disrupted our communicators.
Keep working. I'll look for the Captain and Dr. Crusher.
My arm!
How bad is it?
It's bad.
Come on.
Alright. Don't worry, we'll get you out of here.
Enterprise, this is the Captain. Two to beam up.
Enterprise, come in.
Data? Lt. Yar?
Why aren't they working?
I don't know. But don't worry.
As soon as they realize our communicators are not working
the sensors will find us and Geordi will beam us up.
Now, just you hold on.
I'm sorry about this.
Hold on. It won't be long.
I must keep conscious.
Data,... I can't find them.
Step back, please. I believe I have found it.
- All vitals returning to normal. - Good.
Now Geordi can get us out of here. C'mon.
The Captain and Dr. Crusher can't be far away.
Sir, I'm reading life forms on the planet.
All five members of the away team.
Good. They must have freed Cmdr Riker.
Transporter room, get a lock on the away team, beam them up.
Shields just came on. Deflectors also up.
I'm picking up an object off the port bow. It's firing.
Red alert. Battle stations.
We can't beam anyone up with our shields in place.
Phasers ready. Photon torpedoes standing by. Locking on target.
Correction. Target has disappeared.
- Give me a full scan. - Scanning... Nothing yet.
Wait. Something dead astern.
- Power to shields. - Object firing.
Return fire!
No use. It's gone again.
Aft shields weakened. Our shields can't hold stand up much longer.
This is Chief Engineer Logan. Are we breaking orbit?
I need to know now.
Ship's log, supplemental. Lt. La Forge in command.
I cannot beam up our team due to an attack on the ship.
Even worse, Chief Engineer Logan is coming up,
and he's not paying a courtesy call.
- Why are we still in orbit? - We have to hold out.
If we can disable our attacker, even briefly,
we can beam the away team up.
If we follow that plan, we'll lose the Enterprise.
In view of the present crisis, you should relinquish command to me.
- No. - I outrank you.
Mr. Logan, I'm in command.
The Captain did not anticipate the Enterprise would be attacked.
If he had, would he have left command to you?
If he had, he wouldn't have left the ship!
An object to starboard, sir, heading toward us.
Lock phasers. Fire once it's in range.
Locking in... The object has vanished.
Phaser lock lost.
- Starboard shields weakened. - It's cloaked itself.
You can't beat this thing. We must break orbit now.
Worf, analyze its firing pattern.
Maybe we can anticipate its location.
Aye. Solis, correlate the trajectory of energy bolts with attack path.
I'll compute the optimum spread to hit it.
- Right. - Lt. La Forge... Geordi...
I know you want what's best for the Enterprise. So do l. The best...
The best thing, Mr. Logan, is for you to return to your duties.
I'm in charge until relieved by Cmdr Riker or Capt Picard.
You're ignoring my greater rank and experience.
Not at all. In fact, the opposite. I'm counting on it.
I need you back in Engineering to get me all the emergency power you can.
The more power we get to the shields, the longer we'll be able to hold out.
Now, Mr. Logan.
Worf, have you got a lock on it yet?
It's impossible to be sure.
Maybe you should wait here while Data and I search.
- I'm groggy, but I'll be alright. - I'm getting energy readings...
Look out!
We'll do it just like before.
It has a deflector shield.
The product continues to upgrade and improve.
Concentrate fire to collapse its shield.
Commander, we'll need you too.
You're right. They keep getting better.
The weapons are appearing at intervals of precisely 12 minutes.
I don't know how we handle the next one.
We're not going to wait around. Let's find the rest of our team.
We seem to be in... some kind of underground structure.
But I don't see any...
No, don't sleep.
- I'm tired. - Come on. Stay with me.
C'mon, now, stay awake. That's an order.
I must've lost a lot of blood.
I've stopped the bleeding.
No. There's another wound. My leg.
Not to worry. Everything is going to be fine.
Now, this is going to hurt a bit.
I've heard that before.
Doctor, stay awake. Come on.
There's a lot of blood. What do I do next?
The wound needs a clotting agent.
I couldn't find your medical kit.
Those roots. What are they?
Roots...? What, these?
Break off a piece and taste it. Don't swallow it.
- Very bitter. - Apply some to your hand.
- Is there a colour change? - It's turning yellowish.
Good. Now, spread as much of it as you can onto the wound.
Now stay awake. You've got to help me.
I need your help.
Alright, now, listen,
your patient has lost a great deal of blood from multiple lacerations.
The patient's going into shock.
So, what do I do?
Elevate the legs and try to keep her warm.
Good. Alright.
Stay with me.
Keep talking.
You didn't happen to bring a blanket, did you?
I'm going to look for a way out.
Now, you keep up your end.
Stay awake.
Alright, it's risky, but a shot in the dark is better than nothing.
Let's see if we can get lucky.
I can't seem to pin down the pattern.
- There. - Sorry, sir, I should've seen that.
No, you're doing fine.
Program laid in. Phasers and photon torpedoes ready.
OK. Mr. Solis, bring her about to 23, mark 185.
Aye, sir.
- Fire! Now! - Phasers and photons firing.
We missed!
Number four shield buckling.
Number three shield near failure.
This is Engineering. I can't hold power level much longer.
- Do something. - Backup systems overloaded.
Backup systems failing.
La Forge, this is Logan. Tell me something.
Mr. Logan, report to the bridge.
On my way.
Deflectors are breaking down. We have less than one minute of reserve.
We're getting out of here.
Lt. Solis, set course 315, mark 007.
Course set.
- You're leaving them. - Speed warp five.
Warp five. Aye.
Hold course and speed for 28 seconds, then come to a full stop.
Mr. Logan, had we stayed we would have been destroyed.
We're carrying over 1,000 people. I have a responsibility to them.
What about your responsibility to the away team?
I have a responsibility to them as well.
Mr. Logan, you are going to take command...
of the saucer section.
- Backup crew to the main bridge. - You're separating.
Yes. I want you to take the saucer section to Star base 103.
You can't fight what you can't see. You can't see that thing.
- Maybe we won't have to. - Risky.
Yes. That's why we're going to separate.
Worf, Solis, T'Su, to the battle bridge. I'll join you in a moment.
- Secure connector levels. - Aye, sir.
Come in.
Lieutenant, I need to speak to you.
We're about to separate. I don't have much time.
I know,
but as Counsellor, I must evaluate the emotional fitness of the crew.
And you sense I'm nervous.
Well, you're right. Counsellor, deep down I'm shaking.
We're going into battle,
and there's a good chance we'll be blasted to pieces.
I'm taking a huge risk, and many lives are at stake.
So, yeah, I'm nervous. Did you expect otherwise?
Not at all. You're under tremendous pressure,
- more than you've ever experienced. - You think I'll crack?
On the contrary. You should be proud of the way you're handling command.
You've kept cool, taken charge, and made some very difficult decisions.
- Then what did you want? - Battle bridge is ready.
However, deflectors are not yet at full efficiency.
- Let's get them there, Mr. Solis. - Aye, sir.
I'll join you shortly. La Forge out.
Did you hear the uneasiness in his voice?
Solis is doing well.
Yes, but he isn't handling the stress well.
- Both he and Ensign T'Su are young. - They're good.
But they lack battle experience.
They're worried about making mistakes, and need encouragement.
What do I do?
Just remember it's you they draw strength from.
They look to you for guidance and for leadership.
Help them.
Show confidence in them.
Like Captain Picard showed confidence in me.
I understand. Thanks, Counsellor.
Prepare to initiate separation sequence.
- All decks report ready. - On my mark.
Main latch bags to zero.
Main latch retraction 1- 18, initiate.
Static charge. Compensate.
Separation complete.
Lt. Solis, lay in a reciprocal course for Minos warp five.
Course set.
On my mark. Engage.
We seem to be well sealed in, Doctor.
- No exits? - None that I can see.
If you find one, go.
Tired of my company already?
I'm tired... I need to sleep. Woke up too early.
Talk to me. Stay awake. Tell me something.
Tell me about...
..those roots. How did you know their medicinal value?
- My grandmother. - Your grandmother was a doctor?
She was a botanist, then?
No. She helped to colonize Arvada III.
Arvada Ill?
That's such a tragedy. Did she survive?
Once the medical supplies had run out, she had to use what was at hand.
So she learned all about roots and herbs, and then taught it to me.
You were part of that colony. I didn't know that.
But there must be a lot of things about you I don't know.
Quite a few.
What? Now, just a minute, here's something odd.
It's glowing.
- What is it? - I don't know. It's...
It's covered up. I'm just clearing away the dirt.
It's a view screen.
It seems to still be operative.
It's a tracking device of some kind.
Tracking what?
There are three moving indicators. Possibly the away team.
Beautiful, isn't it? It's the centerpiece of the whole unit.
Who's that?
A projection.
It's the automated salesman who greeted us on the Enterprise.
- What unit? - The Echo Papa 607.
Our proudest achievement,
the ultimate in weapons system technology.
That's behind the attack on my people?
Impressive demonstration, isn't it?
Demonstration? It tried to kill us.
Versatile, powerful, and easy to use. The 607 does it all.
Its modules can gather information, neutralize ground personnel,
even destroy enemy space vessels.
The Enterprise. Is one of those things after my ship? Tell me.
Of course.
I am programmed to answer all questions about the unit.
I can talk terms, arrange for delivery, whatever you need.
It doesn't understand anything other than what it's peddling.
The 607 represents the state of the art in dynamic, adaptive design.
It learns from each encounter, and improves itself.
What went wrong? Where are its creators, the people of Minos?
Once unleashed the unit is invincible,
the perfect killing system.
Too perfect. You poor fools, your own creation destroyed you.
What was that noise?
The unit has analyzed its last attack
and constructed a new, stronger, deadlier weapon.
In a moment, it will launch that against the targets on the surface.
Abort it!
Why would I do that?
It can't demonstrate its abilities unless we let it leave the nest.
- They are down there, sir. - Let's clear that away.
If Data's correct, the next one should show itself in two minutes.
Captain, can you hear me?
Yes, we're here!
Are you alright?
Dr. Crusher is seriously hurt.
We can't contact the Enterprise. The communicators are out.
Yes, ours are out too.
Those devices are part of a system located down here.
Another is being released. Watch it.
We know, Captain.
There's nothing to hold on to. We can't climb down.
- I'm surprised they survived. - I can go.
- How? - Jump.
- Data, it's over ten meters. - 11.75, sir.
Data, you may be sturdy, but you're not indestructible.
I can safely traverse the distance.
Captain, Data's going to join you down there.
Be my guest.
- Data. - At your service, Captain.
Let's find a defensive position. If Data's right...
He usually is.
..we'll have company any minute,
and this time, I don't know how we're going to stop it.
Ship's log, supplemental.
Lt. La Forge in command of the star-drive section.
After separating from the saucer, we have returned for the away team.
Unfortunately, I have only one option left and it's a long shot.
Shields and deflectors are up.
Ensign, when I order the shields down you have one responsibility,
locate the away team and grab them.
- You may only have a few seconds. - Approaching the planet, sir.
Things are gonna happen fast.
Just keep alert, stay calm. Let's focus on what we're doing.
You know your jobs. You've been trained, you've been tested.
You've earned the right to sit in those chairs.
That sound again.
- Another weapon. - We must stop the system.
- I need the program schematic. - You've got it.
Is it possible to readjust the targeting sequence?
Absolutely. It wouldn't be much good without it.
- Give it a new target. - It must be specific.
Itself or its own power source.
That explosion would destroy this cavern and everyone above.
Watch now. This is the fourth and final projectile.
The Echo Papa Series 607 is about to complete this phase of its mission.
- We could split up. - Why?
- Confuse it, delay it. - It would still get us.
- One of us might get out of range. - Out of range?
Forget it. These devices wiped out the planet. It doesn't have a range.
What does that leave us?
Right. That's what I thought.
We could look for deeper cover.
- You got any ideas? - None.
- Give me some options, Data. - Why don't you just shut it off?
- Is that possible? - Why not? It's a machine, isn't it?
Shut it off.
Why? You haven't seen half of what it can do.
We've seen enough.
- So you'll buy it? - Yes, you've made a sale.
- You won't be sorry. - Good. End the demonstration.
- Number One. - Right here.
That was close.
La Forge, everything's alright. We've neutralized it.
Great to hear you, Captain. I'll get back to you.
- Phasers at readiness. - Shields at full power.
Heading 25, mark 300.
We'll be heading deeper into the planet's atmosphere.
Yup, and losing manoeuvrability, so hold on tight.
- Aye, sir. - You hope our attacker will follow?
I'm counting on it. Scan for any air disruption or vortex.
It can't cloak its turbulence. How fast can you get a phaser lock?
Hull temperature 1,000 degrees and rising.
Power to deflectors. Steady as she goes.
- Hull temperature, 2,500 degrees. - Deflectors nearing overload.
Sir, helm going unresponsive.
- Can you compensate? - Yes.
- Hull 3,000. - Maintain heading.
We're about to lose number four deflector.
- 3,300 degrees. - Deflector four is now inoperative.
Turbulence to starboard.
- There he is! - Scanners locked.
- Weapons locked. - Fire!
Got him!
Shields down.
Locked on to away team. Beaming them home now.
Come to 40 mark 65, ahead one third, and assume a standard orbit.
Standard orbit. Aye, sir.
- Relinquishing command, Captain. - As you were.
When I left, this ship was in one piece.
I would appreciate it being returned in the same condition.
- Do you concur, Number One? - Absolutely, sir.
Lt. Solis, plot a course to rendezvous with the saucer section.
Sickbay reports Dr. Crusher's going to be fine.
Course plotted, and laid in.

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