Captain's log, star date 43989. 1.
We have arrived at Jouret IV in response to a distress signal
from one of the Federation's outermost colonies.
- Anything from the surface? - No, sir.
No communications from the colony for over 1 2 hours.
- Sensors picking up signs of life? - None.
The surface environment is safe for transport, Commander.
Mr. O'Brien.
Verify the coordinates for the New Providence colony.
Coordinates verified.
You're at the centre of town.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, star date 43992.6.
Admiral Hanson and Lt Cmdr Shelby of Starfleet Tactical
will review the disappearance of New Providence colony.
No sign remains of the 900 inhabitants.
The truth is... Hell, we are not ready.
We've long known they were coming.
We threw all our resources into this, but...
- You're convinced it is the Borg? - That's what I'm here to find out.
Surface conditions are identical to your report from System J-25.
Cmdr Riker wrote those reports. He agrees with you.
Cmdr Shelby took over Borg tactical analysis six months ago.
I give her a wide latitude when I want to get things done.
That's how I intend to operate here.
My priority has been to develop some kind, any kind, of defence strategy.
Nothing we have now can stop them.
We're designing new weapons, but they're all on the drawing board.
We expected much more lead time.
Your encounter with the Borg was over 7,000 light years away.
If this is the Borg, they have a power source far superior to our own.
I'd like to see the colony site.
It'll be dark there soon. A team is scheduled for dawn.
Number One, why don't you show the Commander to her quarters?
It's poker night, Admiral.
There's always an open seat for you.
Another time. Your captain and I have a lot to cover.
But rumour has it Cmdr Shelby has played a hand or two!
Keep your eye on her, Jean-Luc.
She's one very impressive young lady.
- You seem taken with her, JP. - Just an old man's fantasies.
When she came to Tactical,
every admiral's uncle had a take on this Borg business.
She cut through it. She put us on track.
- Earl Grey? - Please.
She'd be one hell of a first officer.
I already have one of those.
Don't tell me he's going to pass up another commission!
- One's available? - The Melbourne.
It's his if he wants it. Hasn't he told you?
He'll make a fine captain, JP.
You may want to tell him that. We're still waiting on his decision.
This is the third time we've pulled out the captain's chair for Riker.
He just won't sit down.
Let me tell you something, Jean-Luc.
There are a lot of young hotshots like Shelby on the way up.
Riker could suddenly look like he's standing still next to them.
He's hurting his career by staying put.
If I were you, I'd kick him in the rear end for his own good.
I don't know exactly what I'm looking for,
but we've tested the sections of the hull damaged by the Borg.
There were some unusual magnetic resonance traces.
- A Borg footprint? - That's my theory.
I'll see if it holds up tomorrow.
I'm assigning Mr. La Forge and Mr. Data to accompany me on the away team.
I've already assigned them to the away team.
- And I'll be with you as well. - Of course.
I appreciate any assistance you can offer.
Is serving aboard the Enterprise as amazing as I've heard?
- Every bit. - Good.
I intend to convince Capt Picard that I'm right for the job.
- Job? Which job? - Yours, of course.
I'm sorry. I heard that you were leaving.
If I were, I'm sure you'd be the first to know.
Poker's at 1 700 hours in my quarters.
Deck eight.
- Got another king in the hole, Data? - I cannot answer that, Wesley.
And as you are a newcomer, it is inappropriate for you to ask.
I will buy another card.
No help there.
Fold again!
Three jacks for the handsome young ensign.
Pair of deuces stands. Flush. Possible straight flush.
Your bet, Mr. Crusher.
- I'm in for ten. - Call.
Now it's time for the long pants. There's your ten...
- One hundred. - He's got the straight flush.
Not necessarily.
Cmdr Riker may be bluffing, Wesley.
- I don't think so. Fold. - With three jacks? Are you kidding?
You may get "As in school, but you don't know about poker.
Well, I've only got two pairs,
but I've got to see your hole card.
I'll call.
You got him!
Mr. Data and our guest appear to be tardy.
Sir, they beamed down to the planet's surface an hour ago.
- On whose authority? - On hers, sir.
Morning. Early bird gets the worm, eh?
We've had some interesting results.
Cmdr Shelby.
Walk with me, Commander.
Early bird? I believe Cmdr Shelby erred.
There are no avifaunal or vermicular life forms on Jouret IV.
That's not what she meant, Data.
But you're right. She erred.
Sorry, but I woke up early and saw a weather system moving in.
- It may have affected soil readings. - So with no regard for the risk...
If we ran into the Borg, two extra bodies would make no difference.
We had three hours before the storm hit. Less than two hours now.
Data was available. I took him. We came. I don't see your problem.
I expect to be notified before there's a change in my orders.
Noted for future reference. Do you wish to hear my report, sir?
Go ahead.
The soil contains the same magnetic traces. That's our footprint.
There's no doubt any more. It is the Borg.
Captain's log, star date 43993.5.
With confirmation of the Borg's presence,
Admiral Hanson has returned to discuss strategy with Command.
Lt Cmdr Shelby remains on board to continue tactical preparations.
I've ordered a standing yellow alert. Federation outposts have been warned.
Ops will monitor long-range sensors.
Data, La Forge and Mr. Crusher will work with Cmdr Shelby.
Good. You've covered all the bases.
What's your impression of Shelby?
- She knows her stuff. - She has your full confidence?
I think she needs supervision.
She takes the initiative too easily, sometimes with risks.
Sounds like a young lieutenant commander I recruited!
What the hell are you still doing here?
- Sir? - You've been offered the Melbourne.
I've decided not to pursue that.
- She's a fine ship, Will. - Yes, but she's not the Enterprise.
With all due respect, sir, you need me. Particularly now.
Indeed? Starfleet needs good captains, particularly now.
Reconsider your decision.
Are you telling me to leave?
I'm asking you to look at your career objectively.
You're ready to work without a net. You're ready to take command.
And you know, the Enterprise will go along just fine without you.
What am I still doing here?
Deanna, I pushed myself hard to get this far. I sacrificed a lot.
I said I wanted my own command, yet something's holding me back.
- Is it wrong for me to want to stay? - What do you think?
Maybe I'm afraid of the big chair.
I don't think so.
The Captain says Shelby reminds him of the way I used to be. He's right.
She comes here full of drive and ambition. Impatient, taking risks.
What happened to those things in me? I liked those things about me.
- I've lost something. - You mean you're older,
more experienced.
A little more seasoned.
Seasoned? That's a horrible thing to say to a man.
I don't think you've lost a thing.
And I think you've gained more than you realize.
You're more comfortable with yourself than you used to be.
Maybe that's the problem. I'm too comfortable here.
I'm not sure I know what that means.
You're happy here, happier than I've ever known you to be.
So it comes down to a simple question.
What do you want, Will Riker?
A manipulation effect in the Borg ship's field.
A pattern at 4.8-minute intervals during your first confrontation.
Might be high-output auxiliary generators.
Their systems may be decentralized,
with redundant power sources throughout the ship.
A reasonable conclusion.
Borg technology enables all of them
to interface and function collectively.
It is likely they constructed their ship that way.
Knock out one generator and another one takes over.
What damage would we have to do to shut them down?
A Borg ship like this could probably continue to function
even if 78 percent of it was inoperable.
And our best shot barely scratched the surface.
From what I've seen, none of these new weapons
can be ready in less than 1 8 months.
We've been projecting 24.
Is there anything we could do here to adapt our current defence systems?
We'll have to go through the specs again, but...
I don't know. My mind's turned to clay.
Mine, too.
Let's modify the plasma phaser design.
Let's call it a night. That's an order. Reconvene at 0500.
Sir, may I continue with Mr. Data who does not require rest?
You need rest, Commander.
If we have a confrontation with the Borg...
If we have a confrontation,
I don't want a crew fighting the Borg and their own fatigue. Dismissed.
At 1900 hours yesterday the USS Lalo departed Zeta Alpha II
on a freight run to Sentinel Minor IV.
At 2200 hours and 12 minutes,
a distress signal was received at Star base 157.
The Lalo reported contact with an alien vessel,
described as cube-shaped.
The distress signal ended abruptly and she's not been heard from since.
How long would it take to get there at warp nine?
- One hour, 1 7 minutes. - Make it so.
We're coming with every available starship to assist, Captain,
but the closest help is six days away.
We'll try and keep them occupied until you arrive.
I know you will. Hanson out.
All hands stand to. Battle stations.
What is the status of our defences?
Mr. La Forge will change shield nutation. That should hold them off.
And we're retuning phaser frequencies to disrupt their subspace field.
What's your assessment of our potential effectiveness?
It's a shot in the dark. But for now it's the best we can do.
Sir, reading unidentified vessel just entering sensor range.
Bearing 21 0, mark 1 51 .
Hail them, Mr. Worf.
No response, sir.
- Move to intercept. - Aye, sir.
Sir, the vessel has already changed course to intercept us.
Approaching at warp 9.3.
- Entering visual range. - On screen.
Mr. Worf, dispatch a subspace message to Admiral Hanson.
We have engaged the Borg.
Captain, you are being hailed.
- I am? - Yes, Captain. By name.
Data, is it the same ship we faced at J-25?
Uncertain. But the dimensions are precisely the same.
On screen.
I'm Captain...
Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise,
Lower your shields. Prepare to transport yourself to our vessel.
If you do not cooperate, we will destroy your ship.
You committed acts of aggression against the Federation.
- If you do not withdraw... - Surrender yourself
or we will destroy your ship. Your defences cannot withstand...
What do they want with you?
I thought they weren't interested in humans, only our technology.
Their priorities have changed. Open.
Channel open.
We have developed new defences since our last meeting.
And we will use them if you do not withdraw from Federation space!
Captain, the shields are being probed.
I'm modulating nutation.
They are attempting to lock on to us with a tractor beam.
Load torpedo bays. Arm phasers. Lock on to the source of the beam.
- Shield status? - Holding, sir.
The nutation confused them.
They have the ability to analyze and adapt.
Shield modulation has failed. They've locked on.
Shields are being drained. 90 percent. 80...
Trying to recalibrate nutation. Damn!
- Shields have failed. - Fire all weapons.
Their subspace field is intact.
- New frequencies had no impact. - Reverse engines.
Full reverse.
- We're not moving. - Fire at will.
Launching torpedoes. Phaser spread continuing.
Still no damage to the Borg vessel.
Warning, outer hull breach.
They are cutting into Engineering.
- Geordi, evacuate Engineering. - Computer, evacuation sequence!
- Sealing doors to core. - Move it, people. Let's go.
Decompression danger, deck 36, section four.
Sealing main Engineering.
Data, fluctuate phaser resonance frequencies.
Random settings. Don't give them time to adapt.
- Tractor beam released. - Warp nine.
Course, 1 51 , mark 330.
- They're in pursuit, Captain. - Maintain course.
Damage report, Geordi?
Hull rupture. The damage is pretty heavy.
- We lost a lot of good people. - Eleven dead, eight unaccounted for.
- Repair teams, seal hull breach. - I can control functions from here.
- Approaching the Paulson Nebula. - Drop to impulse.
Take us in, Ensign.
- The field's getting too dense, sir. - Steady.
- Analysis of the nebula cloud? - 82 percent dilithium hydroxides.
Magnesium, chromium. It should be a screen against their sensors.
Mr. La Forge, prepare to reverse engines. Full stop.
The Borg ship is continuing scans, attempting to locate us.
Good. As long as they're looking for us, they won't hurt anyone else.
Time index 51 4. Data fluctuates phaser resonance frequencies.
The Borg's beam breaks contact. Slow playback.
Take a closer look. Mr. La Forge?
There's a brief two-percent drop in power, but it is system-wide.
Phaser frequency spread was high and narrow.
Borg power nodes may be vulnerable to those frequencies.
If we can generate a burst of power at that same frequency distribution,
more than our phasers or torpedoes could provide.
- How do we do that? - The main deflector dish.
It's the only component designed to channel that much power.
End program.
Unfortunately, there is one slight detail.
In the process, the blast destroys the Enterprise as well.
If we got further away, increased the deflector's range...
It could work. Meanwhile, we should retune phasers to the same frequency.
- Proceed. I'll inform the Captain. - I have one other recommendation.
Separate the saucer. A skeleton crew can create a diversion.
- We may need power from its engines. - It'd give them more to worry about.
- It's too great a risk. - I'd like the Captain to decide.
I bring all the alternatives to his attention. That'll be all.
I need to install stronger power transfers to the dish.
- How long? - Better part of a day.
- She gets a full head of steam. - She's a formidable presence.
- But I'm convinced she can help us. - I am, too.
Don't worry about it. I can handle Shelby.
Come in, Number One.
Cmdr Shelby was just telling me of your concerns about her plan.
I have already informed her...
I agree with you, Number One. It's not the time.
But the time may come when we will have to take greater risks.
Consider her plan as a fall-back position. Make the preparations.
Very good, sir.
- Deck eight, battle bridge. - Halt.
You and I need to have a conversation.
You never ordered me not to discuss it.
You disagree with me, fine.
You need to take it to the Captain, fine. Through me.
You do an end-run around me again,
I'll snap you back so hard, you'll think you're a first-year cadet.
- May I be speak frankly, sir? - By all means.
You're in my way.
Really? How terrible for you.
All you know how to do is play it safe.
That's why you've sat in the shadow of a great man for so long,
passing up one command after another.
Proceed to deck eight!
When it comes to this ship and this crew,
you're damned right I play it safe.
If you can't make the big decisions, Commander,
then make room for someone who can.
Captain's log, star date 43996.2.
We remain concealed in the dust cloud.
To my surprise, the Borg have held position, waiting for us to come out.
I have no explanation for their special interest in me or this ship.
We continue to prepare for the inevitable confrontation,
but I must admit on this night I contemplate the possibility
that no defence may be adequate against this enemy.
Trouble sleeping?
It's something of a tradition, Guinan.
The Captain touring the ship before a battle.
Before a hopeless battle, if I remember the tradition correctly.
Not necessarily. Nelson toured the HMS Victory before Trafalgar.
Yes, but Nelson never returned from Trafalgar, did he?
No, but the battle was won.
Do you expect this battle to be won?
We may yet prevail.
That's a conceit,
but it's a healthy one.
I wonder if the Emperor Honorius,
watching the Visigoths coming over the hill,
truly realized that the Roman Empire was about to fall.
This is just another page in history, isn't it?
Will this be the end of our civilization?
Turn the page.
This isn't the end.
You say that with remarkable assuredness.
With experience.
When the Borg destroyed my world,
my people were scattered throughout the universe.
We survived.
As will humanity survive.
As long as there's a handful of you to keep the spirit alive,
you will prevail. Even if it takes a millennium.
Capt Picard, report to the bridge.
I'm on my way, Lieutenant.
They're some sort of magnetometric-guided charges.
- Status of shields? - Back to 48 percent, Captain.
We may have to leave the nebula. I want all the power you have.
Recommend we adjust shield harmonics to the upper EM band when proceeding.
- Direct hit, deck nine. - Damage report?
- Latching-system integrity breached. - Prepare to take us out of here.
Fire up. Half-impulse till we clear the nebula, then warp nine.
Ready phasers. Load forward torpedo bays.
- Tractor beam trying to lock on. - Fire at will.
Continue rotating shield frequency.
Shields failing.
Tractor beam has locked on.
It's no use. They've adapted to the new frequencies.
The Borg ship disengaging. Leaving at warp speed.
Maintain pursuit.
Borg vessel has reached warp nine.
- 9.4, 9.6. - Stay with them.
O'Brien, can you get a fix on the Captain?
Negative, sir. There's interference. I can't lock in on a signal.
Senior officers, report to the bridge.
The coordinates they have set, they're on a course to Sector 001 .
The Terran System.
Capt Jean-Luc Picard, you lead the strongest ship in the Federation.
You speak for your people.
I have nothing to say. I will resist you with my last ounce of strength!
Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile.
We wish to improve ourselves,
to have your biological and technological distinctiveness.
Your culture will adapt to service ours.
Impossible! My culture is based on freedom and self-determination.
Freedom is irrelevant. So is self-determination. You must comply.
- We would rather die. - Death is irrelevant.
Your archaic cultures are authority-driven.
To facilitate our introduction into your societies,
we have decided a human voice will speak for us in all communications.
You have been chosen to be that voice.
They are leading us into the heart of our own defences.
So far they haven't had much reason to worry about those!
If the Borg stay at warp 9.6,
we'll have to discontinue pursuit in less than three hours.
- Two hours, 40 minutes. - When will the deflector be ready?
We're close. A few hours maybe.
I know, I'll get it done in two.
But I need serious power from the engines to make this weapon work.
We're using all we've got just to keep up.
Sir, we've got to get that ship down to impulse.
I'm leading an away team to get the Captain back.
We'll get them out of warp. Crusher, continue to help Mr. La Forge.
Cmdr Shelby, you'll take the bridge.
Data, Worf, Doctor, you're with me.
- With my knowledge of the Borg... - Those are my orders!
Cmdr Riker.
It is inappropriate for you to lead the away team.
Until the Captain's return, you are in command of the Enterprise.
We're in a state of war and your place is on the bridge.
Cmdr Shelby, you'll lead the away team.
Make it so.
First Officer's log, star date 43998.5.
Our pursuit of the Borg is taking us to the core of the Federation.
The devastation they could bring is unimaginable.
These have been retuned.
Each has a different frequency on the upper EM band.
We can only use each of these once, maybe twice, before the Borg adapt.
Don't fire until you have to.
What resistance should we expect?
At our first encounter, the Borg ignored us when we beamed aboard.
Clearly they did not consider us a threat.
That may change, however, if we start interfering with their plans.
Shelby to bridge. Away team ready.
We have 58 minutes before we have to disengage.
- Understood. - Proceed.
No unnecessary risks. Clear?
Very clear, sir. Shelby out.
- Velocity matched for transport. - Energize.
Tricorder functions minimal.
- Any signs of human life? - Inconclusive.
Look at this! This is extraordinary.
These appear to be some kind of power-wave-guide conduits
which allow them to work collectively as they perform ship functions.
We can't take out enough of these to disable them.
What if we look at this from a mosquito's point of view?
Interesting metaphor, Doctor. What is your idea?
If we sting them in a tender spot, they might stop to scratch.
Distribution nodes.
If we take out a few of these, it might make them scratch.
The Captain's communicator. It is still activated.
Crusher to Picard. Can you hear me?
Can you locate it, Worf?
This way!
I strongly recommend redeploying all defences to protect Sector 001 .
We're moving to intercept at Wolf 359. We'll make our stand there.
How much longer can you maintain pursuit?
22 minutes at their current speed. If we can't bring them out of warp,
we'll do as much damage as we can before we have to disengage.
Nothing yet, sir.
In here.
- Shelby to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
We've found the Captain's uniform and communicator. Resuming search.
Stand by, Commander.
- We're in business. - It'll burn out the deflector,
- but it'll be a hell of a bang! - Radiation danger?
We have to evacuate half the secondary hull
and the lower decks of the saucer.
I'll see to that.
Cmdr Shelby,
we have only 17 minutes of warp power left.
Try to get them out of warp.
Acknowledged. Shelby out.
Let's take out some distribution nodes and see what happens.
Sir, they've done it. The Borg ship is dropping out of warp.
- Go to impulse. - Aye, sir.
Diverting warp power to deflector.
Move us to within 40,000 kilometres. Match velocity.
Commence arming sequence.
Increase deflector modulation to upper frequency band.
Shelby to Enterprise. Encountering resistance. Prepare to beam us back.
They're adapting!
Enterprise, get us out of here!
- The Captain? - We were unable to retrieve him.
- He has been altered by the Borg. - Altered?
He is a Borg!
We'll go back. I need more people.
We'll retune the phasers. We'll get him out.
Reading subspace field fluctuations from within the Borg ship.
Looks like they're restoring power.
They'll be capable of warp any minute.
Is the deflector ready?
- It's ready. - Will, he's alive.
If we get him back here maybe I can restore...
This is our only chance to destroy them before our weapon is useless.
- We'll sabotage them again. - We can't maintain power.
We don't have time. Prepare to fire.
Consult with Starfleet Command. Get Admiral Hanson.
Belay that order. There's no time!
Sir, we are being hailed by the Borg.
On screen.
I am Locutus of Borg.
Resistance is futile.
Your life as it has been
is over.
From this time forward,
you will service us.
Mr. Worf.

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