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Mr. Worf, dispatch a subspace message to Admiral Hanson.
We have engaged the Borg.
Fluctuate phaser resonance frequencies.
Random settings. Don't give them time to adapt.
We're coming with every available starship to assist, Captain,
but the closest help is six days away.
All you know how to do is play it safe.
If you can't make the big decisions,
then make room for someone who can.
Generate a burst of power at that same frequency distribution.
- How? - The main deflector dish.
We've found the Captain's uniform and communicator.
We were unable to retrieve him. The Captain was altered by the Borg.
Will, he's alive.
If we get him back here maybe I can restore...
This is our only chance to destroy them before our weapon is useless.
I am Locutus... of Borg.
From this time forward,
you will service... us.
Mr. Worf?
And now, the conclusion.
Deflector power at maximum. Energy discharge in six seconds.
Firing, sir.
- The Borg ship is undamaged. - Impossible.
Warning. Warp reactor core primary coolant failure.
We can't maintain it.
Warning. Exceeding reaction chamber thermal limit.
- Cease fire. - Shutting down warp engines.
They couldn't have adapted that quickly.
The knowledge and experience of the human Picard
is part of us now.
It has prepared us for all possible courses of action.
Your resistance is hopeless, Number One.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
First Officer's log, star date 44001.4.
The Borg ship has resumed its course toward Earth.
We are unable to pursue, pending repairs.
The blast burned out our main navigational deflector.
We have damage to our shields and reactor core.
We'll be back up in eight to 12 hours, Admiral.
Well, we'll miss you at the party.
The Enterprise will be there. Maybe late, but we'll be there.
Your engagements have given us valuable time.
We've mobilized a fleet of 40 starships at Wolf 359.
That's for starters.
The Klingons are sending warships.
We may even talk with the Romulans.
With the assistance of Capt Picard, the Borg will be ready for you.
A few years ago, I watched a freshman cadet
pass four upperclassmen
on the last hill of the 40 km run on Danula II.
Damnedest thing I ever saw.
The only freshman to ever win the Academy marathon.
I made it my business to get to know him.
I got to know him well. I'll tell you something.
I never met anyone with more drive, determination
or more courage than Jean-Luc Picard.
There is no way in hell that he would assist the Borg.
I want that clear.
Of course, Admiral.
He is... a casualty of war.
Then we have abandoned all hope of recovering him.
In less than 24 hours, this armada
will hit that Borg vessel with everything we can muster.
Either they survive or we do.
As for Picard...
A great man has been lost. Your captain. My friend.
Cmdr Riker, I hereby promote you to the field commission of captain.
The Enterprise is your ship now. Congratulations.
I wish the circumstances were different.
Likewise. Good luck, Admiral.
To us all.
Mr. Crusher suggests designing a chip to retune the phasers
to a random setting after each discharge.
That would be an advantage.
We should try to neutralize their force fields.
We must let them know that we can adapt, too.
We're not just fighting the Borg,
but the life experience they stole from Picard.
How do we defeat an enemy that knows us so well?
They have no honour or courage. That is our greatest advantage.
I hope it's enough.
Accelerator coils are normal.
Excellent. Forward shields at 58 percent. Aft shields...
- Sensors must be down. - Checking.
Sensors are fine. No. Aft shields have failed. Damn it!
- Auxiliary generators are out. - Just the man I need.
We're having problems with the aft-shield generators.
I need your help, Worf.
When do we get under way?
A couple of hours. Cmdr Shelby can fill you in.
The main deflector is functional again. We're in final testing now.
The warp reactor core?
Reconstruction is proceeding normally. It's slow work.
If we can nail down the shield-generator problem,
we should be operating in two to three hours.
Anything else, sir?
Yes. You did a good job on the Borg ship.
- I didn't get Picard. - You stopped them.
- You gave us our shot. - Sir, l...
We don't have to like each other to work well together.
I'd like you to continue to keep me on my toes.
Some might define that as the role of a first officer.
Damn, you are ambitious, Shelby.
Based on our past relationship, there's no reason for me
to expect to be your first officer except that you need me.
I have the expertise in the Borg.
And you have a lot to learn.
Yes, sir.
Almost as much as I had to learn when I became Picard's first officer.
A fact he reminded me of when I told him what a pain you are.
Yes, sir.
Data to Riker. Message from Starfleet.
Go ahead.
Starfleet reports it has engaged the Borg at Wolf 359, sir.
Admiral Hanson on subspace, Captain.
On screen.
The fight does not go well, Enterprise.
We're attempting to withdraw and regroup. Rendezvous at...
Captain's log, star date 44002.3. Repairs are complete.
The Enterprise will rendezvous with Starfleet at Wolf 359.
Communications have been cut, possibly due to Borg interference.
Lt Worf, everyone shares my respect for your service to this ship.
But right now I need your experience at tactical.
Cmdr Data, I realize your very nature omits ambition.
But I want you to know I considered you as first officer.
Thank you, sir.
But this is not the time for change. I need all of you where you are.
Where Capt Picard relied on you.
I have been, reluctantly, forced to conclude that Cmdr Shelby,
our expert on the Borg, is an ideal choice for first officer.
We can assume that the Borg survived the fleet's attack.
Your thoughts on our next move?
What about the heavy graviton beam we talked about?
It's not strong enough to incapacitate them.
Dr Crusher and I worked on an interesting premise.
With our experience in nanotechnology,
we could introduce destructive nanites into the Borg.
Robots. Small enough to enter living cells.
- How long would that take? - Two to three weeks.
By then, nanites may be all that's left of the Federation.
We have the new phaser adapters.
With the photon torpedoes, they might work.
I'm sure Capt Picard would have something inspirational to say now.
I wish he was here cos I'd like to hear it, too.
I know how difficult this transition has been for all of you.
I can take over, but I could never replace Capt Picard. Nor would I try.
Whatever the outcome, I'm sure our efforts in the coming battle
will justify his faith in all of us.
What would you do?
- May I speak to you? - Actually...
Picard and I used to talk now and then when one of us needed to.
I guess I'm just used to having the Captain's ear.
What's on your mind?
I've heard a lot of people talking in ten-forward.
They expect to be dead soon.
They trust you. They like you.
But they don't believe anyone can save them.
I'm not sure anyone can.
When a man is convinced he's going to die tomorrow,
he'll probably make it happen.
The only one who can turn this around is you.
I'll do the best I can.
You'll have to do something you don't want to do.
You have to let go of Picard.
Maybe you haven't heard. I tried to kill him yesterday!
You tried to kill whatever that is on the Borg ship. Not Picard.
Picard is still here with us in this room.
If he had died, it would be easier. But he didn't.
They took him from us a piece at a time.
Did he ever tell you why we're so close?
Then let me just say that our relationship
is beyond friendship, beyond family.
And I will let him go. And you must do the same.
There can only be one captain.
It's not that simple. He wrote the book on this ship.
If the Borg know what he knows, it's time to throw that book away.
You must let him go, Riker.
It's the only way to beat him.
The only way to save him.
And that is now your chair,
We are approaching the Wolf System, Captain.
On my way.
Slow to impulse. Take us to the battle coordinates, Mr. Crusher.
Yellow alert.
Sensors are picking up several vessels.
The fleet?
No active subspace fields. Negligible power readings.
- Life signs? - Negative, sir.
- Visual contact. - On screen.
The Tolstoy.
The Kyushu.
The Melbourne.
Sir, sensors are picking up strong eddy currents,
bearing 200, mark 211.
Data, analysis?
It could indicate the course of the Borg ship.
Set a course to follow those currents.
Separate the saucer section when we find the Borg.
Sir, Capt Picard was briefed on that plan. The Borg will be prepared.
I'm aware of that, Commander. In fact, I'm counting on it.
Crusher, Cartaino, Gleason to the battle bridge.
Mr. Data, Mr. Worf? I have a special mission for you.
Locutus of Borg, this is Capt William T Riker
of the USS Enterprise.
You may speak.
We wish to end the hostilities.
Then you must unconditionally surrender.
We are prepared to meet to discuss your terms.
It is unlikely you are prepared to discuss terms.
It is more likely that this is an attempt at deception.
Come now, Locutus.
If Picard's knowledge and experience is part of you,
then you know I've never lied to him.
You should also implicitly trust me, is that not so?
Picard implicitly trusted you.
Then trust me now. Meet to discuss your terms.
Discussion is irrelevant. There are no terms.
You will disarm all your weapons and escort us to Sector 001,
where we will assimilate your culture and technology...
Can you pinpoint the source of the transmission?
- I can put you within 30 metres. - O'Brien, report.
The Borg adapted their electromagnetic field
to prevent transporter functions.
As expected. Mr. Data, Mr. Worf, proceed as we discussed.
Aye, Captain.
Channel open, sir.
We need time to prepare our people for assimilation.
Preparation is irrelevant.
Your people will be assimilated as easily as Picard has been.
Your attempt at a delay will not be successful, Number One.
We will proceed to Earth,
and if you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you.
Then take your best shot, Locutus, cos we are about to intervene.
Channel closed.
Reset communications. Scrambler code, Riker One.
- Riker One. Acknowledged. - Shelby, report.
- Ready for separation. - Make it so.
Order subsequence initiated.
Docking latches clear. Separation complete.
Saucer velocity 100 metres per second and increasing.
Open fire, all weapons.
Borg attempting to lock on, sir.
Evasive manoeuvres. Pattern, Riker Alpha.
Riker Alpha confirmed.
They're ignoring the saucer section.
Just as you should, Captain.
Ensign, evasive pattern, Riker Beta.
Riker Beta confirmed.
- Second phase, Cmdr Shelby. - Fire antimatter spread.
Shuttle launch sequence confirmed.
Departing Enterprise in exactly three seconds.
The Borg tractor beam has moved to the antimatter.
They might be picking up engine ionisation.
Data, cut your engines. Go in unpowered.
We have penetrated the electromagnetic field.
The shuttle escape transporter should be able
- to beam us onto the Borg ship. - Proceed.
Mission accomplished. We have him.
Firing shuttle thrusters.
- They're clear of the Borg field. - Beam them out, Mr. O'Brien.
Locked in.
Transport successful, sir.
There's damage to the impulse drive.
The saucer is disabled.
Subspace field fluctuations from the Borg ship.
They're increasing power.
- Stand by, Mr. La Forge. - Aye, sir.
The saucer section's a sitting duck.
Prepare to draw their fire.
Captain, the Borg ship is moving away.
It's resuming its course to Earth.
Rendezvous with the saucer section. Lay in a course of pursuit.
The microcircuit fibres infiltrate the tissue.
- His DNA is being rewritten. - Can you revive him?
I'd like more time to study the structural changes.
We don't have more time.
Once he was wired into the Borg, they knew everything he knew.
I just hope it goes both ways.
Maybe he had access to everything we need to know about them,
especially their vulnerabilities.
Jean-Luc? It's Beverly. Can you hear me?
Beverly... Crusher. Doctor.
Yes. Don't try to move.
I am on board the Enterprise.
That's right.
A futile manoeuvre.
Incorrect strategy, Number One.
To risk your crew and ship to retrieve only one man.
Picard would never have approved.
You underestimate us if you believe this abduction is any concern.
There is no need for apprehension. I intend no harm.
No harm.
I will continue, aboard this ship, to speak for the Borg,
while they continue without further diversion to Sector 001,
where they will force your unconditional surrender.
Using multimodal reflection sorting,
I have detected signals between Locutus and the Borg ship.
- That's how they control him? - It is not just a matter of control.
The signals are interactive
across a subspace domain similar to a transporter beam.
They may form the basis of the Borg's collective consciousness.
- Can we block them? - Possibly.
But we have witnessed the Borg removing key circuits
from injured comrades, separating them from the group consciousness.
- The injured Borg self-destruct. - That is correct.
Cutting the link to Locutus might be fatal to the Captain.
We have to find a way to reach him. We must know what he knows.
Without these signals, he would just need microsurgery. I could do it.
But while these Borg implants are functioning,
I can't separate the man from the machine.
Then perhaps there is a way I can access the machine, Doctor.
Worf. Klingon species.
A warrior race. You too will be assimilated.
The Klingon Empire will never yield.
Why do you resist?
We only wish to raise quality of life for all species.
I like my species the way it is.
A narrow vision. You will become one with the Borg.
You will all become one with the Borg.
The android, Data. Primitive artificial organism.
You will be obsolete in the new order.
Take him to your lab, Data.
- Shelby to Riker. - Go ahead.
The Borg have entered Sector 001.
The Borg have dropped out of warp.
Jupiter Outpost 92 had visual contact at 1213.
- Planetary defences? - Responding. But against the Borg...
Ensign Crusher, when will they reach Earth?
- 27 minutes. - The soonest we could intercept?
- 42 minutes, sir. - Riker to Data.
What's your status?
The cybernetic connection
into Picard's neural-net pathway has been established.
Mr. O'Brien will process the signal through the transport buffer.
- Make it so. With dispatch. - Proceeding immediately, sir.
Data, out.
The neural link will be established in three stages.
Doctor, I suggest you observe Capt Picard's life signs,
while Chief O'Brien monitors my positronic-matrix activity.
Counsellor, hopefully, you will determine
whether I am reaching Capt Picard.
At what point should I shut it down if there's a problem?
I do not know. I have never done this before.
Initiating first neural link.
The Captain's vital signs are stable.
Positronic activity unchanged.
First neural connection is confirmed.
I cannot report any significant access to the Borg consciousness.
It is confirmed.
The Borg have broken through the Mars defense perimeter.
Enterprise approaching Terran System.
Slow to impulse. Time to intercept?
23 minutes, 14 seconds, sir.
Second neural connection is confirmed.
I still cannot report any significant access.
Proceeding with the final link.
Increase in premotor area and hypothalamus activity.
His heartbeat is accelerating.
Submicron-matrix activity increasing exponentially.
Neural connections complete.
I have access to the Borg subspace signals.
- Processing. - Data!
Stand by. Processing.
The Borg group-consciousness is divided into subcommands
necessary to carry out all functions.
Defense, communication, navigation.
They are all controlled by a root command implanted into each...
I'm picking up increased neural activity
localized in the prefrontal and parietal lobes.
The Borg might be trying to terminate their link with him.
Negative. The subspace signal configuration is unchanged.
What is causing the neural activity is unclear.
No, it's not. It's him. It's Picard.
Troi to bridge.
Data has made first contact with Capt Picard.
Can you communicate with him?
I have been unable to create a path around the Borg implant.
It is Capt Picard himself who has managed to initiate contact.
The Borg have halted their approach to Earth.
- We've got their attention. - Time to intercept?
Two minutes, four seconds.
They are worried because we have access to Picard.
Mr. Data, we have two minutes to figure out what to do.
Sir, the Borg are either unwilling or unable
to terminate their subspace links.
That may be their Achilles heel. Their interdependency.
What do you mean?
He's part of their consciousness.
Cutting him off would be like asking us to disconnect an arm.
- We can't do it. - They operate as a single mind.
One of them jumps off a cliff, they all jump off?
Data, can we plant a command into the Borg consciousness?
It is conceivable.
But it would require altering the pathway from the root command
to all branch points...
Make every effort, Mr. Data.
Sir, what command shall I attempt to plant?
Something straightforward, like, "Disarm your weapons systems."
- Visual contact with the Borg. - On screen.
Increased power generation from the Borg.
Red alert. Load all torpedo bays. Ready phasers.
- Aye, Captain. - Status of Borg weapons?
- Their weapons are fully charged. - Data?
Attempting to re-route subcommand paths.
Defense systems are protected by access barriers.
Borg attempting to lock on.
Rotate shield frequencies. Data?
I am unable to penetrate defense-systems command.
See if you can get them to power down.
Attempting new power subcommand path.
Shields have failed.
They've locked on, sir. They're pulling us in.
Fire all weapons.
I cannot penetrate Borg power subcommand structure.
- All subcommands are protected. - Then it's over.
Mr. Crusher, ready a collision course with the Borg.
You heard me. A collision course.
Yes, sir.
Mr. La Forge, prepare to go to warp power.
Aye, sir.
He's regaining consciousness.
It's Capt Picard speaking, not Locutus.
Sleep, Data.
- He's exhausted. - Yes, Doctor.
But if I may make a supposition,
I do not believe his message was intended to express fatigue,
but to suggest a course of action.
- Borg cutting beam activated. - Mr. Crusher?
- Engage... - Data to bridge. Stand by.
Stand by, all stations.
I am trying to penetrate the Borg regenerative subcommand path.
It is a low-priority system and may be accessible.
Warning. Outer hull breach.
Sir, shall I execute evacuation?
Negative. Data, your final report.
- Stand by. - I can't, Mr. Data.
Warning. Inner-hull failure imminent on decks 23, 24 and 25.
Decompression danger.
Mr. Data, what the hell happened?
I planted a command into the Borg collective consciousness.
It misdirected them to believe it was time to regenerate.
In effect, I put them all to sleep.
- To sleep? - Yes, sir.
Status of Borg power drive?
- Minimal power. - Electromagnetic field?
Cmdr Shelby, take an away team and confirm that the Borg are asleep.
Delighted, sir.
Mr. Worf.
Shelby to Enterprise. It's true. They're all in a regeneration mode.
They're dormant, sir.
Any indication as to how long for?
Tricoder readings are fluctuating rapidly.
There are indications that their entire power net
is about to feed back on itself.
I'd say we're looking at a self-destruct sequence.
Shall we try to disarm it?
Stand by.
We don't know what destroying the Borg ship will do to him.
We should consider further examination of the Borg vessel, sir.
I don't think so. Data, separate yourself from Capt Picard.
Away team, come home.
Mr. Crusher, move us to a safe position.
Aye, sir.
Life signs are stable.
The DNA around the microcircuit implants is returning to normal.
How do you feel?
Almost human.
With just... a bit of a headache.
We'll get you to sickbay and get those implants out.
How much do you remember?
Including some brilliantly unorthodox strategy
from a former first officer of mine.
They're ready to begin refitting the Enterprise.
- Estimated time for repairs? - Five or six weeks.
Request permission to disembark, sir.
Permission granted.
They picked a fine officer for the task force.
We'll have the fleet back up in less than a year.
You'll have your choice of any Starfleet command, sir.
Everyone is so concerned about my next job.
With all due respect, Commander, sir,
my career plans are my own business, and no one else's.
But it's nice to know I have a few options.
I hope I have the fortune of serving with you again.
Course for Station McKinley laid in.
Make it so, Number One.

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