Captain's log, star date 44246.3.
We're investigating radiation anomalies
reported in the Gamma Arigulon system by the Starship LaSalle.
Preliminary readings are inconclusive.
- Mr. Data? - No changes, Commander.
I can detect no abnormalities in the star's energy.
Prepare two class-one probes.
- Probes ready, Captain. - Initiate launch sequence.
Captain, Klingon attack cruiser decloaking. Bearing 010.237.
Belay that order, Mr. Data.
Did Starfleet mention any Klingon ships in this sector?
On screen.
- We are being hailed. - All stop.
Aye, sir, all stop.
Open a channel.
Hello, Capt Picard.
Ambassador K'Ehleyr.
This is an unexpected pleasure.
It's good to see you again, Captain.
Lt Worf.
How may we be of assistance?
There's an urgent matter to discuss. Permission to come aboard?
Lieutenant, please receive our guest.
Captain,... I must request permission to send another officer.
May I know your reason?
My... dishonour among Klingons may offend Ambassador K'Ehleyr.
Lieutenant, you are a member of this crew,
and you will not go into hiding whenever a Klingon vessel uncloaks.
I withdraw my request, sir.
I've just received coordinates. Ready to transport two.
- Two? - Yes, sir.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
I hope he'll be alright.
Alexander hasn't had much contact with other children.
Not even a bite on the cheek for old times' sake?
Perhaps you're not aware of my dishonour.
- I have accepted... discommendation. - I've heard.
So now what? I have to perform a ridiculous ritual to talk to you?
You may not respect our traditions,... but I do.
Sorry. I just thought you might want to talk.
A few minutes ago, you looked like someone with a question to ask.
Must I ask the question?
Yes, you must.
What should I tell Alexander? That he has no father?
The Klingon Empire is at a critical juncture. We may face civil war.
- War over what? - The usual excuses.
Tradition, duty,... honour.
The word "excuses" implies ulterior motives for a conflict.
I won't bore you with the intricacies of Klingon politics.
Basically, two factions are trying to seize power.
Do you believe there is a threat to the Federation?
Klingon wars seldom remain confined to the Empire.
They'll drag in neighbouring star systems, the Tholians, the Ferengi.
The Federation won't be able to stay out of it for long.
This has been coming.
Only K'mpec, the Head of the Council, has been able to maintain the peace.
- Now something has changed that? - Correct. K'mpec is dying.
He is aboard the cruiser.
He has come specifically to meet with you, Captain. Alone.
It's about time you arrived, Picard.
I need your help.
If our medical facility can do anything to help...
Too late.
For some months I have been poisoned with small doses of Veridium Six.
The wine.
There is no cure.
What do you want of me?
After I die,
you will act in my name to arbitrate the struggle for power.
I will?
No one on the Council can be trusted.
And... I have my reasons for wanting... an outsider.
K'mpec, you cannot possibly be serious?
A Federation officer has no business...
You are an accomplished mediator.
This is no different than any other dispute requiring your services.
On the contrary, I think this is very different.
And I must, respectfully,... decline.
If you refuse... the dying request of the Klingon Supreme Commander,
it will be an insult by the Federation to all Klingons.
Besides, I've already sent the order.
The leaders of the opposing two factions are on their way.
You had no right to involve me without my permission.
If I'd asked,... would have said no.
This is not just a case of simple mediation.
You are asking me to choose the next leader of the Klingon Empire.
By tradition, the two strongest challengers
fight for the Rite of Succession.
As mediator, only you can designate those challengers.
But you said only two challengers are arriving. What is the point?
I want you to discover which one of them has killed me.
Gowron... or Duras.
Yes. Duras.
I thought you would find that interesting.
You could say that, since he tried to have me killed,...
..and conspired to strip Worf of his good name.
And... I approved.
All for the glory of the Empire.
That should be my epitaph.
Find the assassin.
A Klingon who kills without showing his face has no honour.
He must not lead the Empire.
Such a man would be capable of anything.
Even war with the Federation.
Very well.
I accept.
Captain's log, supplemental.
K'mpec, who ruled for longer than any Klingon leader, is dead.
We await Duras and Gowron,
rivals for the leadership of the High Council.
There is no honour in attacking the weak.
I would have won.
No. You must earn victory.
Where are the other Klingons?
- There are no others on board. - Why?
The Federation and the Empire were enemies for years.
No other Klingons have asked to serve in Starfleet.
A warrior does not ask so many questions.
I don't want to be a warrior.
Hello! Well, you're back early.
He made me leave.
Maybe you should go to your room and play.
Is he under arrest?
He knows nothing of our ways!
Our ways? You mean Klingon ways, don't you?
- He is Klingon! - He is my son and I am half-human.
He will find his own ways.
Why the sudden concern? You won't even acknowledge he's yours.
- Why did you not tell me? - And what would you have done?
Right, you would have insisted
that we take the oath, just as tradition would demand.
You should not have kept this from me.
Well,... now you know.
I cannot acknowledge my relationship to the boy.
- It would only harm him. - Because you were dishonoured?
As my son, he would also bear my disgrace.
As would his children.
But why did you accept discommendation from the Council?
My father was accused of collaborating with the Romulans
- at Khitomer. - I know, and you challenged it.
Yes, at first. Ultimately, I withdrew my challenge.
Why, Worf? I can't believe you'd just give up.
What really happened?
Lt Worf, Ambassador K'Ehleyr, report to the bridge.
On our way, Commander.
Klingon vessels Vorn and Buruk holding stations at 13 kms, sir.
- Open a channel, Mr. Data. - Channel is open, sir.
- Vorn responding to hail. - On screen.
Let's get this over with.
- In good time, Duras. - Even in death,
K'mpec makes foolish decisions. You should not be involved in this.
The Sonchi ceremony will take place in one hour aboard K'mpec's vessel.
One hour? What is the delay?
There is no delay. It is the time I have chosen.
Exactly one hour, Picard. Do not be late.
Keep that "pahtk" away from the ceremony, Picard!
- He has no place on a Klingon ship. - Picard out.
Contact Gowron's ship. Tell him to meet us on K'mpec's vessel.
Ambassador, meet me in transporter room six in one hour.
We will begin the ceremony a little late. Mr. Worf.
Mr. Worf, the next few days will be difficult for you.
You have made it clear I am to perform my regular duties, sir.
I want you to know that I am aware of your discomfort.
Thank you, sir.
Ambassador K'Ehleyr will be preparing me for my role in the rite...
- Permission to speak freely, sir? - Granted.
Duras must not be allowed to lead the Council.
He has a legal claim, Mr. Worf. Your personal feelings...
It is not personal, sir.
His father betrayed my people to the Romulans. Duras is a traitor!
Klingon tradition may hold the son responsible for his father's sin,
I cannot. Treason was his father's crime.
Duras' crime...
was to lay that blame on your father. I will not forget that.
But you should not forget
that you chose to accept the consequences of that lie.
To preserve the Empire.
The issue now is whether or not he killed K'mpec.
- Sir? - He was murdered.
A Klingon would not use poison.
His murder would have no honour.
K'mpec believed that it was either Duras or Gowron.
Well, I know little of Gowron.
He is an outsider who has often challenged the Council,
but Duras,...
..l know him.
His heart is not Klingon.
That's Gowron.
I hope this will be brief.
It will be just long enough to prove that K'mpec is dead.
Now, complete the Rite of Succession.
It's obvious who the challengers are.
We will proceed according to traditions and precedents
set down in Klingon law.
What do you know of Klingon law,...
We will reconvene on the Enterprise.
No. Finish it here! Now!
I have not received your report on the explosion.
Two Klingons killed. A few minor injuries.
Were you concerned about me?
As Head of Security, it is my duty to be... concerned.
Is that it? Just official concern for my well-being?
You know my feelings.
Maybe I've forgotten.
You were right, I would have insisted we take the oath.
But not just because of tradition.
I thought about telling you.
Wanted to tell you.
But I wasn't ready.
When I left, you said you'd never be complete without me.
It took some time, but...
I came to realize that... I need you, too.
You're a part of me, Worf.
No. I can't allow you to suffer my humiliation.
There would be no suffering. I don't care what others think.
What of the boy? He may want to live in the Empire some day.
He would be outcast. Another traitor from a family of traitors.
Family of traitors, I don't believe that for a minute.
Respect my wishes in this matter.
I cannot take the oath with you.
Nor can I claim your son.
If you cannot be his father,... least be his friend.
We haven't yet analyzed the bomb debris.
Dr Crusher is studying the remains of the men killed. We need more time.
Duras and Gowron are due. You can't delay this meeting again.
Is there any way of stretching out the formalities once they arrive?
The modern rite is just a proclamation
that two challengers have been chosen.
Modern rite? How was the ritual performed in the past?
The old forms dictated that challengers perform the ja'chuq.
It's a long ceremony in which the challengers
list the battles they have won, prizes taken,
proving their worthiness to lead the Council.
Can the old form still be used?
It's up to you. You can use whatever form you want.
Thank you.
Captain,... what do you know about Worf's discommendation?
My interest is personal. I understand you were there,
that you stood by him before the Council.
- I'd like to know what happened. - I'm sorry, I can't discuss it.
Council must have a leader now!
Complete the rite so I can kill this ha'DIBah!
You will die... slowly,... Duras.
You have already proved you haven't the courage to face me.
Why not plant another bomb?
Sit down.
We will begin the ja'chuq.
This woman has given you bad advice, Picard. The ja'chuq is obsolete.
It is my choice to respect the ancient rituals.
Each of you will have to prove your worthiness to lead the High Council.
That will take hours.
Or days, depending on your co-operation.
- What is this? - A bat'leth.
It belonged to my father.
It has been in our family for ten generations.
Let me hold it.
No, no, no.
Do not think of it as a weapon.
Make it part of your hand,...
..part of your arm.
Make it part of you.
The next meeting is in three hours.
I would speak with you alone, Ambassador.
I'm honoured.
Picard is prolonging the ja'chuq. Why?
He has sufficient reason to proceed carefully.
He relies on you for his knowledge of Klingon law?
- Yes. - Then he values your advice.
- You could quicken the pace. - Possibly. Why should l?
Your position is... unique.
Have you never wondered about serving the Klingon Empire?
I serve in my own way.
As a Federation ambassador?
A few rewards,... but little glory.
What do you want?
What do you want? Command of a ship? A seat on the Council?
There are many opportunities for you in the Empire.
Opportunities that will present themselves only if you come to power.
You talk like a Ferengi!
K'mpec was also stubborn. He, too, refused to listen.
Now,... he is gone.
You need not make the same mistake.
K'mpec was old and weak. I am not.
We've completed our analysis of the bomb.
- It was a triceron derivative. - Only three cubic millimetres big.
It could have been hidden anywhere.
There's one more thing. The bomb had a molecular-decay detonator.
Only one race uses that device, sir.
The Romulans.
How could the Romulans plant a bomb on board a Klingon attack cruiser?
It would be impossible.
Not if the Romulans had help from one of the Klingons.
Klingons and Romulans have been blood enemies for 75 years.
Perhaps Duras or Gowron wishes to improve relations.
A new Klingon alliance with the Romulans?
If true, it would represent a fundamental shift of power
in the quadrant.
Yes. It would put the Federation in a difficult position.
Duras or Gowron?
Gowron came to me alone. Wanted me to speed up the ja'chuq.
Offered me a seat on the Council if I'd help him.
That doesn't mean a Romulan connection.
He also implied I'd end up like K'mpec if I didn't cooperate.
Captain, I disagree. It must be Duras.
We have had prior dealings with Duras that show him to be untrustworthy.
- Can you be more specific? - No.
Mr. Worf, we have a conspiracy on our hands
that could be a direct threat to the security of the Federation.
Yes, sir.
As Chief Security Officer, I want you at the next proceeding.
Captain, they will be incensed. My presence will be disruptive.
Yes,... it will.
Computer, list dates of the last Enterprise mission
to the Klingon home planet.
Star dates 43685 through 43689.
How many ship's logs during that period?
43 officers' logs, ten personal logs.
Is there a personal log for Lt Worf?
Affirmative. Access is restricted.
Eliminate all personal logs.
List the remaining 43 in order.
We'll just take them one at a time.
Both your claims have been made and recorded.
We are ready for the final phase of the ja'chuq.
There will be a recess while I review your petitions.
You're as concerned as I am
about the explosion aboard K'mpec's vessel.
I assume you are both continuing your investigations?
The investigations are complete. They revealed nothing of importance.
Now, that's very surprising.
Our analysis turned up some... startling results.
Will you join us, Lieutenant?
- What is this? - He has no place here, Picard!
I will not sit at the same table!
It is my prerogative to investigate
anything that may be relevant to the Rite of Succession.
Lt Worf is my chief security officer. His presence is required.
We will not proceed.
If you wish to withdraw from the ja'chuq...
..that is your option.
Proceed, Mr. Worf.
What did your investigations reveal?
It was a bomb.
And was your analysis just as insightful?
- It was a common explosive. - What type?
- Triceron. - What about the detonator?
This is pointless! The findings were inconclusive.
Fortunately, our investigation was more thorough.
The bomb used a molecular-decay detonator.
- What? - A Romulan device.
I will return to my ship to confirm these... conclusions myself.
As will l.
Mr. Worf, please be sure to send a complete record of our findings
to both vessels and to the High Council.
Aye, sir.
That will be all.
Computer, interlock with the Klingon Imperial Information Net.
Interlock established.
Ambassador K'Ehleyr requesting access to High Council records.
Security code pah doQ cha.
Display summary of most recent High Council inquiry
regarding Khitomer massacre.
Access denied. Restricted materials.
Du-ko-cha clearance only.
- By whose order? - Council Member Duras.
Access biographical files. Subject's name, Councillor Duras.
Advise my counsellors on the Vorn to convene.
- There is much to discuss. - Look.
What is this?
Priority message from the home planet.
Ambassador K'Ehleyr is looking into things she should not be.
Distract the guard for me.
Yes, sir.
Sir. Excuse me, sir, you cannot leave without an escort.
I have been informed of your attempt to access restricted records.
I am investigating Khitomer.
Not an easy task, considering that most of the records are sealed.
Worf's father was a traitor!
No, the evidence was altered to make it appear that way.
I found it interesting that your father was also at Khitomer
and you are the one who sealed the records.
You dare insult my father's name?
Don't play the wounded Klingon, Duras, you don't do it very well.
What happened in that council chamber?
How did you get Worf to take the blame for you?
Do not pursue this matter.
The son betrays his people to the Romulans,
just as his father did, Duras.
One of the Klingons who died was with Duras,
the other was with Gowron. I've examined the bodies,
trying to get a clue as to where the bomb was hidden.
There's always a pattern in the lacerations and tissue damage.
It normally indicates the direction, distance, force of impact.
In this case, the pattern was virtually impossible to detect.
I couldn't understand it until I saw the dynoscans.
This wound is different from all of the others.
It was made from the inside out.
The bomb was implanted in one of their forearms.
It's considered an honourable way for a Klingon to die,
a suicide that takes an enemy with it.
- Which one of them was it? - Duras' man.
When we have more time, I will demonstrate in more detail.
Medical emergency! Deck eight! Room 142!
You have never seen death.
Then, look.
And always remember.
Stay with the doctor.
Worf, when did you...?
Multiple stab wounds. Trauma to the internal organs.
There wasn't time enough to take her into stasis.
- Where's Worf? - I don't know. He just disappeared.
Riker to Lt Worf.
Computer, locate Lt Worf.
Lt Worf is not aboard the Enterprise.
Where is he?
Lt Worf transported to the Klingon ship Vorn at 1730 hours.
On my way.
What is that doing here?
He has claimed the right of vengeance.
You have no rights here, traitor.
..was my mate.
If Lt Worf resists?
He's coming back, one way or another. Set phasers on maximum stun.
I'm the only one, Worf, who can prove your innocence.
Kill me and you're a traitor for ever.
Then, that is how it shall be.
Mr. Worf, your service aboard the Enterprise has been exemplary.
Until now.
Sir, I have acted within the boundaries of Klingon law.
The High Council agrees. They consider the matter closed.
I don't.
Mr. Worf, the Enterprise crew
currently includes representatives from 13 planets.
They each have their individual beliefs and I respect them all.
But they have all chosen to serve Starfleet.
If anyone cannot perform his or her duty,
because of the demands of their society, they should resign.
Do you wish to resign?
No, sir.
I had hoped you would not throw away a promising career.
I understand your loss.
We all admired K'Ehleyr.
A reprimand will appear on your record.
Mr. Worf,...
..isn't it time for the truth about your father's innocence to be told?
You only accepted this dishonour to protect the name of Duras
and hold the Empire together.
Now that he has died in disgrace, what is gained by further silence?
Each member of the Klingon High Council has shared in that lie.
They will not be so willing to admit their own dishonour.
But the day will come when my brother and I will...
..convince them to speak the truth.
My parents,... my human parents, will meet us at Starbase 73.
They will care for you.
Why can't I stay with you?
You deserve a home,...
a family.
They can provide that.
I cannot.
I miss her, too.
Are you my father?
I am your father.

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