Captain's log, star date 44286.5.
The Enterprise is conducting a survey
of the Onias Sector near the Neutral Zone.
Despite our proximity to the Romulans,
the mission has been quiet and uneventful.
You've got until your next birthday to get it right.
Some things improve with age. Your playing may be one of them.
It's candle time, birthday boy.
So what did you wish for, Will?
Music lessons.
Mr. Data, we must hurry or we'll miss Cmdr Riker's party.
Sir, I find it interesting how much importance
humans place on celebrating their birthday,
a day they cannot remember.
Captain, I am detecting some unusual fluctuations in subspace frequencies.
You better take a look at it, Mr. Data.
It appears we are being probed, sir.
The third planet of the Alpha Onias System.
Our reports list it as uninhabited. Perhaps reports were incorrect, sir.
Maybe the rumours of a secret Romulan base in this sector are true.
Picard to Cmdr Riker.
I apologize for interrupting your celebration, but I need an away team.
Report to the bridge, please.
Although Alpha Onias Ill is a class-M planet,
our survey teams have listed it as barren and inhospitable.
- Any life signs? - No, sir.
There are residual energy readings in a cavern 2km beneath the surface.
- Romulans? - It is possible.
I suppose you'll have to go down and find out.
- Geordi, Worf, you're with me. - Number One.
Happy birthday.
I'm detecting high levels of volcanic gases.
Sulphur dioxide, methane,... hydrogen sulphide.
We're OK, but I wouldn't want to spend my vacation here.
Energy readings?
Magnetic clutter is rising. I cannot make a clear determination.
Same here, Commander. A lot of confusing readings here.
- Picard to Riker. Acknowledge. - Riker here.
- We're having trouble reading you. - We're having similar difficulties.
I advise you and your away team to transport up at once.
That's good advice. We've got a build-up of gases.
- Especially methane. - Transporter room.
Take us up.
I can't get a solid lock on you, sir.
Too much interference.
I'm trying again.
- Transporter, what's happening? - I'm trying again, sir.
Dr Crusher, he's awake.
- Beverly. - Will.
You remember me. That's good. What else do you remember, Captain?
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Water, three Celsius.
How do you feel?
That's understandable considering what's happened.
What has happened? What happened to sickbay?
To you? To me?
Sit down, Captain.
Captain? I am Cmdr William T Riker. What is going on here?
Sit. Please.
What is the last thing that you remember clearly?
Alpha Onias Ill. The Enterprise had been probed.
Geordi, Worf and I transported down to track the source.
But all you found there was toxic gas.
They barely had time to get the three of you out.
Will, that happened 1 6 years ago.
That's not possible.
With an Altarian virus anything is possible.
In fact, we've been expecting this.
Could you be more specific?
That day on Onias Ill,
you were infected with a strain of Altarian encephalitis,
a retrovirus that incorporates its DNA into the cells of its host.
It can lie dormant for many years and then become active again,
as it did in your case ten days ago.
You have been in a coma, delirious.
Your fever finally broke this morning.
But what happened to my memory?
Let me show you a scan of your brain tissue.
When the encephalitis became active,
it caused synapse degradation,
interrupting the consolidation of your memory.
Will,... this virus inevitably causes memory loss
back to the moment of the original infection.
In your case, all the way back to Alpha Onias Ill.
I don't believe this. Is this a dream?
Feel my hand. It is flesh and bone.
This is not a dream and you are, in fact,
Capt William T Riker, in command of the Enterprise.
The Enterprise.
- For how long? - Nine years.
If I have lost my memory, how do I get it back?
Memories are formed by association.
Smells, sounds, and images from the present could possibly trigger them.
Like a song reminds you of an old friend?
In associational therapy, you're exposed to familiar surroundings.
This could stimulate the brain's synapses into regenerating.
Let's start. Nothing's more familiar than the Enterprise.
- Maybe that will bring back... - Will...
I said your memory could return.
In many of these cases the damage is permanent.
What about Geordi and Worf? Were they infected?
Thankfully, no. Geordi seems immune and Klingons aren't affected.
Speaking of Klingons...
There've been quite a few changes on board in the last 1 6 years.
- Deck eight. - Belay that order.
We should begin the therapy in your quarters.
Personal recollections are most vivid.
My life was on the main bridge.
Always has been. If anything's going to jog my memory...
Main bridge.
Repeat command.
- I said main bridge. - Computer's been slow all morning.
An attenuator's down.
Cmdr La Forge has been running a diagnostic on it
to isolate the problem.
It's good to see you up and about again, sir.
What happened to your visor?
My visor?
Dr Crusher told us that you might not remember.
I haven't needed a visor since I got cloned implants.
Welcome back, Captain. We did not expect you on the bridge so soon.
Cmdr Data. You're my first officer?
Do you remember, sir?
I haven't remembered a day for the last 1 6 years.
- Captain, war bird uncloaking. - On screen.
Shields up! Red alert!
Captain, we were expecting the Decius.
There is no cause for alarm.
Cancel red alert.
Clearly I need to be briefed.
Captain, the Decius is hailing us.
The Admiral wishes to speak to you.
On screen.
Admiral Picard.
- Deanna. - How are you feeling?
I've been better.
Not surprising. Altarian viruses can be a nasty business.
That's an understatement. I can't...
We'll discuss this after we've transported. Out.
Transporter room six.
How are you holding up?
I could get used to the idea of a Ferengi ensign,
but Admiral Picard aboard a Romulan war bird?
What is that all about?
I think I should leave all the explanations to the Admiral.
Whenever you're ready, Chief.
Capt Riker. It's good to see you've recovered.
I'm not sure you'd call it a recovery.
Then there has been some memory loss?
- How much? - Everything after Alpha Onias Ill.
To lose 1 6 years!
It's almost beyond belief.
I have trouble believing it myself.
It's overwhelming to have so much of your life missing.
And it's happened at a bad time.
A few more days of negotiation and the treaty will be signed.
- What negotiations? What treaty? - Sorry.
I'll start at the beginning,...
..which is four years ago.
A Romulan cruiser strayed into Federation space.
Its warp coils had collapsed, life support was failing.
You saved them, Will, you and the Enterprise.
The Romulans were... impressed to say the least.
After years of distrust and conflict, they started to talk.
You were our key spokesman in securing the alliance with them.
How far have these negotiations progressed?
Preliminaries are over,
so now we escort their ambassador to the final session.
Where you will complete negotiations and sign the treaty.
I am in no condition to negotiate with the Romulans or anyone else.
Will, you're sound of mind and body.
If you are properly briefed, you can fulfil your duty.
With a 1 6-year gap in my head?
We do need you.
Sir,... I'm not fit to resume command.
I appreciate your can dour,
but despite your condition,
there is no one better equipped to deal with the Romulans than you.
When do we leave?
As soon as the ambassador transports over from the Decius.
We will get through this,... as we have many times before.
I hope so.
Let me take you to your quarters.
Good idea. I've had enough surprises for one day.
Anything familiar?
Hi, Dad.
And then Mr. Greenberg asked about the Fornax disaster.
And I knew the Enterprise saved all the colonists, but I didn't know...
Here it is.
But I didn't know the exact star date of when their sun went nova,
so if you tell it to me, I'll write it down and won't forget.
You don't... remember me, do you?
I'm sorry.
I need to talk to your father, Jean-Luc.
Would you mind leaving us alone?
Why didn't you warn me?
Beverly hoped that meeting him like this might make an impact.
Help you remember.
Well, it made an impact alright.
Give it time.
Yes. The Admiral was very pleased when you chose that name.
He's a wonderful boy.
..who's his mother?
She died two years ago.
A shuttle accident.
I'm sorry, Will.
I have no recollection of her at all.
What was she like?
Min was... beautiful,
of course,
strong, intelligent, patient.
Well, if she was married to me, she had to be patient.
She was an excellent captain's wife and a very good ship's counsellor.
She took over after I left.
I can't imagine you leaving the Enterprise.
Admiral Picard offered me a position at Starfleet Command.
It was a tremendous opportunity.
I couldn't refuse.
But... what's important right now, today,
is that you have a son who needs you.
Spend time with him.
You may find part of what you've lost.
- Pretty bad, huh? - I've heard better.
I've practised, but I can't get a good tone.
Too much pressure on the mouthpiece. Relax.
- Don't use any unnecessary muscles. - Show me again.
Left hand, right hand.
1 6 years, you'd think I'd be able to hit that.
Come on, Dad, you always make that mistake.
Computer, summarize service record, Riker, William T, Captain.
- Begin with the Fornax disaster. - Please, restate question.
Service record, Riker, William T!
- Dad? - Computer lag.
I can't believe Geordi's still running his diagnostic.
Is... that what you wanted?
Picard to Riker.
The Romulan ambassador is ready to transport over from the Decius.
- On my way. I'd better go. - Sure.
Everything's gonna be fine.
- Thanks. - Bye.
Troi tells me you met Jean-Luc. How's my namesake holding up?
- Better than I am. - We did our best to prepare him.
I'm trying to catch up with all this. I've still got a long way to go.
Just follow my lead with the ambassador. You'll be fine.
The Decius reports the ambassador is waiting to transport.
Beam him aboard.
Admiral Picard, Capt Riker, it's good to see you again.
Ambassador Tomalak. Welcome aboard the Enterprise.
Thank you. It is an honour to be the first Romulan
to freely walk about a Federation starship.
Ambassador Tomalak?
At Nelvana III, he threatened to take the Enterprise home as a war trophy.
That was a long time ago.
Many things have changed,... including Tomalak.
As soon as we arrive at Outpost 23, the negotiations should go quickly.
I agree. All the issues have been resolved.
After much debate.
Your Capt Riker is a negotiator even the Ferengi should avoid.
But we have come to an agreement both sides are happy with.
And we are grateful. The alliance will greatly benefit my people.
- As I hope it will benefit mine. - It will, Captain, it will.
Main bridge.
The virus you contracted, have you fully recovered?
I assure you Capt Riker is quite well.
He's looking forward to attending the negotiations.
Excellent. The signing of this treaty is an historic occasion.
You, of all people, deserve to be there.
Thank you,... Ambassador.
So this is the bridge of the Enterprise.
And this, I assume, is your tactical position.
- Impressive. - Excuse me.
Admiral, Deanne, I need a moment with you.
Cmdr Data, accompany the ambassador on his tour.
- Certainly, sir. - Excuse us, Ambassador.
Ambassador, you may find this of interest.
These new sensors are capable of pinpointing
power emissions of a cloaked war bird at warp.
Are you saying you trust Tomalak?
I trust the process we have built with the Romulans.
They have nothing to gain by betrayal.
No? You've always said it's chess with them.
Move, countermove, guile and deceit.
I sense no such dishonesty in Tomalak.
His desire for peace is sincere. He wants this alliance.
There's no cause for concern.
No cause for concern?
We're talking about revealing the location of Outpost 23,
the key to all our defences in the Neutral Zone.
I'm sorry, Will, your information is out of date.
The strategic importance of Outpost 23 is minimal,
has been for years.
- Dr Crusher to Riker. Are you there? - What is it?
Your son's injured.
He's been taken to sickbay. You'd better come down right away.
- Dad. - Are you alright?
- I'm fine. - What happened?
It's broken, but it's going to be alright in just a minute.
Now, let's go easy on this arm for a little while, OK?
How'd this happen?
I was in the gym
playing parrises squares.
Parrises squares?
I fell off the ramp.
At your age? You could break your neck!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
Continue the compression for two minutes.
- Yes, Doctor. - Can I talk to you for a moment?
I'll be right back.
How old were you when you started playing parrises squares?
Alright, I was probably a little younger than he is.
It's just that, for all practical purposes,
this is my first day as a father and he almost kills himself.
He didn't almost kill himself.
He just broke his wrist, like a lot of other boys his age.
You're right.
- It's difficult. - Difficult for you?
What about for Jean-Luc? Can you imagine how he feels?
You've lost 1 6 years.
Jean-Luc has lost a lot more than that.
First his mother,... and now his father.
- Good as new. You can take him home. - Thanks.
- How's the arm? - It's fine.
Dad,... I'm really sorry.
I know you have more important things...
There is nothing more important than this, son.
- Deck eight. - Halt.
I know how hard this is for you.
- It's OK, Dad. - No, OK's not good enough.
When I was your age,... my own father wasn't there for me.
And I really needed him.
I've often wondered what kind of father I'd be.
I never felt quite ready.
The idea even scared me a little.
Scared? You?
But I got over it. You're here.
It's important to me that I don't let you down, Jean-Luc.
You never have, Dad. You've always been there for me.
I'll have to take your word for that because I don't remember any of it.
Your first step, your first tooth, nothing.
And I want to remember.
There's only one thing we can do.
We've gotta build some new memories.
It might be in the memory banks. I had a great fishing program.
The Curtis Creek program?
- You know it. - Sure, we've gone there lots.
- Like to go again? - You bet.
As soon as the negotiations are over, we'll go fishing.
Then Mom tried to net the fish and she fell in the creek, too.
You tried to pull us both out and you fell in.
I'm not sure I want to remember that.
Mom really liked Curtis Creek.
We went there for picnics and stuff lots of times.
What was she like?
She was great.
I think of her a lot.
I'd better go change.
Display family record, Riker, William T. Limit to visual.
Display family record, Riker, Mrs. William T.
Please, restate request.
- What's wrong, Dad? - The computer still isn't working.
I can't get a visual of your mother.
I know Mom's pictures are in there. Did you give a star date?
Display family record, Riker, Mrs. William T, home file.
Star date 5841 6.
- Minuet. - Mom was beautiful, wasn't she?
- What's wrong? - La Forge to Riker.
- Riker here. - Please, come to the bridge.
On my way.
What's the problem?
- I've shut down the warp engines. - Why?
Antimatter fields are fluctuating. Nothing to worry about.
We're near the Neutral Zone and you're not concerned?
I'll get the engines back on line.
Like you tracked down that faulty accelerator?
- I'm running a level-one diagnostic. - For 30 hours? You only need four.
You are incapable of that level of incompetence, Mr. La Forge!
Worf,... where did you get that scar?
- In combat. - What battle?
Which sector? Which unit?
Mr. Data, if we left immediately, when would we arrive at Outpost 23?
At warp one, three days, four hours.
What about at warp seven?
At warp eight?
At warp nine?
What happened to those millions of calculations per second?
I am experiencing interference which limits my abilities.
I can't operate...
- What did you say? - I said I cannot...
No! You said, "I can't". You used a contraction, didn't you?
- Sir, I can explain... - No, you can't! Don't even try!
Captain, perhaps it would be best if we discussed this...
Shut up!
I beg your pardon?
I said, "Shut up!" As in close your mouth and stop talking!
Will, I sense how upset you are. You're angry and impatient.
Deanna, back off.
..would anyone else like to speak up?
Or shall we end this charade?
As you wish, Cmdr Riker.
The charade is over.
The Enterprise?
My son? You created it all?
With the help of our scanners and what you would call a holodeck.
Now, please tell me, how did you discover the truth?
The future we created for you should have been convincing.
It wasn't. There was a computer time-lag for one thing.
Unavoidable. Our scanners have a limited response time,
so whenever you strayed from our expectations...
- But surely that was not enough... - To smash your house of cards?
No. It was the visual record of my wife, Minuet.
Bad move.
We chose someone from your past who is still alive,
a woman you were very attracted to.
Your mistake, Tomalak.
Minuet was nothing more than a computer fantasy
I once experienced on another holodeck.
In your mind that woman exists, physically.
Your feelings toward her remain quite passionate.
She was part of a very special program.
So much effort, so little accomplished.
If it was Outpost 23 you were after,
why didn't you use your neural scanners to probe my mind?
They are calibrated for Romulan brain patterns.
With humans they are less efficient.
There were gaps in what we got from your memory.
From what I saw, I find that hard to believe.
You recreated the Enterprise, the crew,
every nuance and smell, sound, with perfect accuracy.
I didn't see any gaps. I don't buy it, Tomalak.
We're wasting time.
Bring him.
When you transported here, you were less than a kilometer from this base.
- Your capture was a simple matter. - Where are my colleagues?
We allowed them to transport back,
but your signal was diverted.
- They won't stop looking for me. - They already have.
Please, say hello to your son.
That is not his name, nor have you ever really met him.
We merely used his image to augment your program.
What have you done to him?
While I am gone, please give careful thought to your situation.
What's your name?
If we're going to get out, you have to trust me.
Easy. I'm not going to hurt you.
Who are you?
How did you get here?
My name is Will.
They brought me here with my parents.
We were at a research station at Miridian VI.
Miridian VI? On the edge of the Neutral Zone?
I thought that was uninhabited.
The station was set up last year. Then the Romulans came.
It's odd that the Enterprise wasn't advised.
Where are your parents now?
They took them away.
Do you know why they're keeping you here?
No. I just want to get away.
I'll get us out of here, Ethan.
Even if we do get away, they'll find us.
They found me when I escaped before.
- You escaped? - Yes.
I hid in a secret place,... for weeks.
They caught me when I came out to find food.
I want that information, Commander. I want the location of Outpost 23.
Very well. I have permission to use whatever means are necessary.
- Ethan! No! - Stop him!
That secret hiding place of yours?
This way.
In here.
- The sensors should pick us up. - No, they can't. I heard them.
- There's something in the rocks. - Heavy metals?
The Romulans forgot this room when they rebuilt their tunnels.
Here. Use these.
Help me.
After I escaped last time, I mapped out all their tunnels.
Supply depot, communications, living quarters and shuttle bay.
- How many guards in the shuttle bay? - Only two or three.
A shuttle would get us nowhere.
The Romulans could follow their own ship too easily.
But if we broke into their communications system,...
..we could send a message to the Enterprise.
We can't do that.
The transmitter is a voice-activated security system.
- Whose voice activates it? - Only Ambassador Tomalak.
- Who? - Tomalak.
Ambassador Tomalak?
Tomalak is a Romulan captain.
The only time he was an ambassador was in a holodeck fantasy.
How do you know about that?
You... told me about him.
Who are you? What is your part in all this?
- They've found us! - You said the sensors didn't work.
They must have fixed 'em. We gotta go!
Where are we going, Ethan?
The shuttle bay. There's still time.
I've had enough.
Commander, surrender your weapon.
No more games.
No more fantasies.
I'm not gonna play any more.
It was never the Romulans. It was you all along, wasn't it?
There's no question about it, sir. It is his signal.
Picard to Cmdr Riker, do you read me?
Riker to Picard. I'm here.
- Are you alright? - Yes, sir.
- What about Geordi and Worf? - They beamed up. They're fine.
But we lost you in mid-transport. What is going on down there?
I'm not sure yet, sir. But I think I'm about to find out.
Stand by.
What shall I call you? Ethan? Jean-Luc?
It doesn't matter.
- This room is more than a holodeck? - Much more.
The neural scanners read my mind, give me anything I want.
They tried to give you everything you wanted.
Everything I wanted?
You probed the Enterprise. You lured us here so you could play games.
I didn't want that. You did. Why?
My world was invaded!
My people... killed.
My mother brought me here so our enemies would never find me.
They found her, didn't they?
She knew they would never stop looking for her.
So she made sure I would be safe.
She left the scanners to protect me.
- To give me anything I wanted. - Anything?
- Then why did you kidnap me? - I wanted you to stay.
It's been so long.
I just want somebody... real.
I thought that you'd be happy.
I'm sorry.
I have to return to my ship.
Come with me.
You don't have to stay here any more.
You don't have to be alone any more.
My name is Barash.
To me, you'll always be Jean-Luc.
Two to transport.

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