Captain's log, star date 44307.3.
I'm preparing to leave by shuttle for Pentarus V,
where I'm to mediate a dispute among salenite miners,
a contentious group, unfortunately prone to violence.
But, first, I must deal with a situation
of a far more personal nature.
I summoned you almost ten minutes ago.
Sir, I'm sorry.
I was in the middle of an experiment with volatile compounds.
- I couldn't just leave... - Excuses!
No, I was...
That will not go down well at Starfleet Academy.
Yes, sir, I'm aware of that.
The Academy?
I just received a message from Admiral Nsomeka.
She expects you to report in two weeks.
A position has opened up in this year's class.
Thank you.
You'll have to work overtime in order to catch up.
I have assured the Admiral you can.
- Don't make a liar out of me. - No, sir, I won't.
For your final mission,
you will accompany me to Pentarus V
while I try to sort out the problems with the miners.
You've studied the effects of outpost judiciary decisions
on Federation law. What better way to get experience?
Captain, I'm picking up a general distress signal from Gamelan V.
On screen.
Please! Does anyone read us?
Open a channel.
I'm Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise.
Captain, I am Chairman Songi of Gamelan V.
An unidentified spacecraft has entered orbit above our planet.
Radiation levels in our atmosphere have increased by 3,000 per cent.
We can only assume we are under attack.
But the ship will not answer our hails.
We are a peaceful planet with no ability to defend ourselves.
Please! Can you help us?
Mr. Data, are we close enough for a scan?
No, sir, we are out of range.
- Any other ships in that sector? - Negative, Commander.
We'll proceed immediately to your planet.
Thank you, Captain.
Take the Enterprise and investigate.
Crusher and I will go to Pentarus V.
Our shuttle leaves in ten minutes.
Yes, sir.
I've noticed here that your thrusters
are rigged in a configuration I've never seen before.
It's my own modification. It's more efficient.
You can study it if you want.
Excuse me, Captain.
I've run safety and operationals.
Everything checks out, but I can't attest to its comfort.
Capt Picard.
Capt Dirgo of the shuttle Nenebek.
Captain! It's good to meet you.
Captain? Of a mining shuttle?
Yes, Ensign, Captain.
My ship isn't pretty, she isn't big,
but we've logged almost 10,000 hours together.
Yes, she seems a very...
..a very sturdy craft.
We should go.
- Captain, will you take ops? - I'll let Crusher perform that task.
I have to study up on Regalian law.
Shuttlecraft has cleared the bay.
Ensign Allenby, set a course for the Gamelan system. Warp six.
Aye-aye, sir.
You've done this before?
If your captain isn't tougher than he looks,
those miners'll tear him apart.
Don't worry about Capt Picard, he'll handle them.
- I've lost navigation! - The port thruster quad's gone.
Guidance coupling system's severed.
I can't stabilize her!
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
The port thruster module blew.
Nenebek to Enterprise. Emergency.
Do you read?
Pentarus Station, come in!
- Communication's gone! - Is navigation functioning?
Negative. Switching to manual.
50 million kilometres to Pentarus V.
We may have to put down somewhere else.
Mr. Crusher, scan for a class-M environment.
Aye, sir.
I'll have to throttle back on the main impulse engines.
One of the moons around Pentarus Ill registers as Class-M, barely.
The mean surface temperature is 55 Celsius.
- Life forms indicated? - No, but scanning is limited.
- There's a strong magnetic field. - We don't have a choice!
Save the impulse engine for controlled entry.
Mr. Crusher, reconfigure working thrusters
- to manual input. - I'll try,
but this grid's 100 years old.
We don't have the Federation's resources! Captain, take the helm.
I'm rerouting the deuterium flow.
- Hull temperature 700 degrees! - Beginning braking manoeuvre.
We're below Mach one.
Bypass the thrusters now.
Brace yourselves for impact!
Dear God!
Let's salvage what we can.
The first thing we'll need is shelter from the sun.
In this heat the shuttle will act like an oven.
All the systems are out.
Can't get a communication channel. Location transponder's gone, too.
Let's check the craft for something to protect our heads and eyes.
Captain, recover your medical supplies, food and water rations.
Well, the medical supplies are alright.
Food and water?
The replicator,...
..damaged beyond repair.
Surely you have emergency supplies?
This isn't a starship.
I have to choose what I carry.
Are you telling me... there's no water?
The vessel reads as an unmanned freighter.
- Origin? - Indeterminate.
Propulsion appears to use a gaseous fission reactor, now non-functioning.
Radiation levels from that ship are off the scale.
- Could that be engine leakage? - No.
Engine reactor elements have been inactive for approximately 300 years.
The vessel is carrying various unstable waste products.
- You mean, it's a garbage scow? - Precisely.
Mr. Worf, open a hailing frequency.
Chairman Songi, this is Cmdr Riker on the Enterprise.
Yes, Commander?
You have inherited someone else's problem.
An old waste vessel caught by your planet's gravitational pull.
Are your people suffering radiation sickness?
Not yet, but some areas are already detecting dangerous levels.
We'll do our best to remove it quickly.
Thank you, Commander.
We're gonna push that barge into the Gamelan sun.
Sir, the Meltasion asteroid belt lies between here and the sun.
Then we'll use our deflectors to clear a path through.
I don't like the idea of getting that close.
We'd be risking the contamination of the entire crew.
- Do you have a better idea, Geordi? - Send a module to attach thrusters.
Direct it through the asteroids from a safe distance.
A message from the mining settlement on Pentarus V.
The shuttle carrying Capt Picard has not yet arrived.
They left here at 0800 hours.
They have asked if we are beginning a search.
Tell them we have an emergency. We will begin a search after that.
Aye, sir.
Mr. La Forge, prepare to launch the construction module.
I'd like to get this over with as fast as possible.
- Any luck with the tricorder? - I think so.
Scanning range may be limited, but it's better than nothing.
- These were on board, they work. - Excellent.
Our communicators may not be able to get through this magnetic field.
I'm fashioning an arrow.
If a search party finds the wreckage,...
..they'll know we've headed for those mountains.
Are you crazy? They're too far, we'll never make it.
We can't survive in this sun.
Where there's mountains... there's shelter.
You've no right to make decisions, I'm the Captain of this ship.
If you want to get out of this, listen to Capt Picard!
- He'll keep us alive. - Thank you. That's enough.
Capt Dirgo, you're an able pilot, I welcome your input.
Do you feel there is an alternative?
Very well.
I suggest a steady pace, not a brisk one.
We need to ration our energy. Breathe through your nose.
It'll help to prevent dehydration.
I'll lead. Captain, will you bring up the rear?
And you were worried about how tough the Captain is?
- Did you find water? - No, not yet.
- What are you doing with that? - Mr. Crusher!
I'm not sure, sir.
- It's an energy reading. - Energy reading? What kind?
Low frequency EM. It gets stronger the closer we get to those mountains.
What are you saying?
Is something over there, waiting for us?
I'm not sure. It keeps registering as a repeating energy pattern.
Are you suggesting that this energy is not naturally occurring?
These readings could indicate
electromagnetic properties in the rocks.
- But I don't think so. - A life form?
It's possible. The pattern is fairly organized.
Well, we can't go back.
And we can't stay here.
We've got to keep going for those mountains.
No matter what is waiting for us.
There has to be water in here. Aren't caves formed by water?
Not necessarily.
This could be created by volcanic activity.
Lava flow. These walls are dry.
- Do you have any moisture reading? - No. But that EM reading,...
..the pattern's changed. The frequency's peaking a lot higher.
You have water!
I wouldn't hide water.
That's called dresci. It's from my planet.
- It's alcohol. - It's medicinal, for emergencies.
I was gonna share it with you.
This would make your thirst worse.
- Well, I'll take my chances. - I won't let you waste this.
This is more valuable to us as a coolant or disinfectant.
- It's mine! - Stow it with the medical supplies.
Keep your eye on it. We'll explore the cave.
Mr. Crusher, look out for signs of water, no matter how faint.
Capt Dirgo, will you lead the way?
The bulk of the radiation will affect three small island groups.
Fortunately, they're very sparsely populated.
We'll replicate hyronalin and transport it to them if necessary.
Coordinate with the medics on the planet.
We've contacted the nearest Star base research vessel.
I'm afraid the closest one is almost a week away.
I see. Thank you.
But we asked the mining settlement to send any vessels they might have.
You know,...
there are many reasons why the shuttle may have been delayed.
Deanna, thank you. But I'm alright.
And right now, I have work to do.
The miners report they have very few operable shuttlecraft.
- When will we join them? - Tell them to stand by.
- Aye. - Thrusters attached and ready.
- Initiate prefire sequence. - Transmitted. Thrusters to stand-by.
Fire thrusters. Gradual acceleration to 40 per cent power.
We've lost one. Correcting vectors to compensate.
Structural integrity compromised. Disintegration is continuing.
Shut down thrusters. Go to 1,000 metres ahead of the barge and hold.
- External radiation increasing, sir. - Coming into position.
Extend our shields. Lock on the tractor beam.
Aye, sir.
Warning. Radiation levels at 70 millirads per minute and rising.
Set a new course. We'll take it through the asteroids.
- One quarter impulse. - Aye.
- Dr Crusher, to the bridge. - On my way.
Project the impact of the radiation on the crew.
Mr. Worf, contact the mining settlement.
Tell them we won't be joining the search for a while.
I knew there had to be water.
- What was that? - A confined annular force-field.
- Placed there to protect the water. - Yes. Deactivation must be possible.
We can... with our phasers.
I don't think it would be wise...
Captain, the EM reading,... the power level's spiking now.
- I think it's working! - Dirgo!
Stop firing!
Apply pressure to that wound.
This is the worst break.
- What was that thing? - Keep the pressure constant!
Ensign,... how bad is it?
Your right leg is broken.
You have a fracture in your left arm.
And you took a blow to the head.
- But the bleeding's under control. - Well done.
I'm going to be fine.
I just...
..just need... to get my breath.
- Are you telling the truth? - What truth?
He's bleeding inside.
I've seen it before. He's never gonna survive.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You're wasting your time. Will you save that dresci for us?
Mr. Dirgo, I'd appreciate it if you didn't bury me before I'm gone.
The trouble is... he could be right.
No, he's not, sir. You're gonna be fine.
Wesley,... are gonna have to keep a... a rein on Dirgo. He's wilful.
- And stubborn. That's dangerous. - You'll handle him, sir.
Wesley, listen to me.
I have no feeling in my right leg.
My vision is blurred.
I'm going to get worse... not better.
I'm not gonna be able to help you.
You are gonna have to stand up to Dirgo on your own.
Yes, sir.
Good man.
First Officer's log, star date 44307.6.
Radiation levels on the Enterprise continue to rise.
Hyronalin is being pumped into our air supply to counteract the effects.
At the rate the radiation levels are increasing,
the hyronalin will only be effective for another 38 minutes.
Medical unit one,
evacuate and seal off non-operational areas.
Group crew and families on decks nine and ten. Radiation exposure protocol.
How long will it take us to get through the asteroid belt?
51 minutes, 14 seconds.
There'll be casualties if we can't get there faster.
How much more can we get out of that beam?
We're at the limits of our towing speed.
- Let's establish a new upper limit. - Yes, sir.
Monitor the shearing effect on the beam. Increasing to one-half impulse.
Beam is holding.
Shearing force, 80 metric tonnes.
Move to three-quarters impulse.
Shearing force, 92 metric tonnes.
93. Tractor beam is destabilizing. We will lose the barge, Commander.
Reduce power.
- One-half impulse. - Geordi, stabilize that beam.
I can't divert any more power, we're at our thermal limits.
We could use more fusion reactors,
but we're running at peak coolant pressure.
Do it.
Warning. Radiation levels at 150 millirads per minute and rising.
Lethal exposure in 35 minutes.
Look at that. The phaser.
- How did this happen? - That thing did it.
These are selenium fibres.
Electrically deposited.
The EM pattern is back down.
It only peaks when we move towards the water.
Whatever we saw must act like a sentry to try to guard the fountain.
When we're not moving towards the water, the wave pattern stays low.
Right here between five and 15 megahertz.
Dirgo, move toward the fountain.
There. It just went to 40.
What is this getting us? We've got to get to the water.
If I can manipulate the frequency, maybe I can control it.
The sentry first appeared when you used your phaser.
It could respond to heat or energy...
If you're right, a phaser could lure it.
Hold on. We need to know what we're dealing with.
Enough talking, it's time to do something.
I'll start firing. When it comes, you fire and draw it.
- I can't! - Put yours on automatic.
Leave it on that ledge and take cover.
Why will it go for my phaser and not for yours?
Because I'll fire on a low setting, you use maximum.
What says it responds to high settings?!
- We should figure out our options... - Meanwhile, your captain is dying!
Wounds like that, most men would be dead already.
If he doesn't get water...
When I start firing, you better do your part.
First Officer's log, supplemental.
La Forge has diverted power from auxiliary generators
in an attempt to stabilize the tractor beam.
It's the only hope of increasing speed,
so we can clear the asteroids before the radiation becomes fatal.
Warning. Radiation levels at 300 millirads per minute, and rising.
Lethal exposure in one minute.
Ready. I'll rotate reactor output, but it should still be enough power.
- Proceed. - Going to three-quarters impulse.
Shearing force at 103 metric tonnes. Tractor beam is stable.
Full impulse.
Beam is holding.
Warning. Lethal exposure in 30 seconds.
Within visual range of the asteroids.
On screen.
Warning. Lethal radiation exposure in 15 seconds.
Prepare to cut it loose.
Warning. Lethal exposure in 10 seconds.
- We've cleared the asteroids, sir. - Let it go.
When the sun went down, the temperature really dropped.
This should help.
Good. Thank you.
- I'm not much good to you, Wesley. - Sir,...
..Dirgo is dead.
I should have tried harder to stop him, but he...
Capt Picard!
Sir, stay with me.
I'm trying.
Do you remember when we took the shuttle together to Star base 515?
I was dreading it.
Six hours alone with you!
But it didn't turn out the way that I thought.
You opened up to me.
I... I kind of got to know you.
It's my fault that you're here.
I shouldn't have asked you.
Sir, I'm honoured you wanted me along.
I was selfish. I thought l...
..wouldn't see you again. I'm sorry.
in the past three years,...
..I've lived more than most people do in a lifetime.
I think I'm very lucky.
No matter what happens.
How many people get to serve with Jean-Luc Picard?
Sir,... don't know this,... one knows this,...
..cos I've never told anyone.
All of the things that I've worked for,...,... science projects,...
..getting into the Academy,...
..I've done it all because I want you to be proud of me.
If there is one thing that I have learned from you...'s that you don't quit.
And I'm not gonna quit now.
You've thought your way out of worse than this,
and I'm gonna think us out of this.
You're not gonna die.
I'm not gonna let you die.
I'll get to the water.
And I'll keep you alive until they find us.
I promise.
First Officer's log, supplemental.
We are returning to the last known location of the missing shuttle.
Are you certain?
It is definitely debris, the primary material is duranium,
with smaller amounts of sonodanite and ermanium.
Most shuttle hulls are duranium.
- Then they're gone. - Not necessarily.
There's far too little debris to account for a shuttle.
So what is it?
Dirgo's thrusters were rigged funny. Claimed it was in case one blew.
It may have left this debris.
If only one thruster blew, he could have set down somewhere.
The only class-M planets here are Pentarus Il and V,
both of them have been searched by the miners.
- Then, we'll search them again. - Four moons in the system
could support life.
- Have the miners searched them? - Not yet, sir.
Which one is closest to the debris?
Lambda Paz, one of the moons of Pentarus Ill.
Set a course, Ensign.
where are we?
We crashed, sir.
We're in a cave.
I need water.
Sir, we don't have any water.
Don't you remember? We tried to get to the fountain
and Capt Dirgo...
Yes,... I remember.
I think I'm on to something.
I've analyzed the sentry's energy patterns.
Wesley,... I may not make it.
I've used the transponder from my communicator
- to modify my tricorder... - No. Listen. interrupt the sentry's electrics.
- Stop it, maybe slow it down. - Listen to me.
Yes, sir.
There's so much I wanted to tell you.
The Academy,...
..there's someone,...
..someone who meant a great deal to me.
He's been there for...
For ever.
Someone you must get to know. His name is Boothby.
Now,... you tell him... that you and I were friends.
Now,... when I was there, he... helped me.
- Listen to him. - What does he teach?
He's the groundskeeper.
He's one of the wisest men I ever knew.
I envy you,... Wesley Crusher.
You're just at the beginning of the adventure.
Go on.
Get the water. Stay alive.
They'll find you.
- I'll be back soon. - Of course.
You remember,...
..l was always proud of you.
It worked!
Capt Picard?
Wake up.
Wesley, thank God!
I am so happy to see you.
You're OK. Come on.
How did you find us?
We found the wreckage and the arrow indicating your direction.
- Take Wesley by stretcher as well. - No, I can walk.
We're taking you back to the Enterprise.
We've stabilized your vital signs. Alright, let's go now.
One moment.
- Mr. Crusher? - Yes, sir?
What are you doing in such a filthy uniform?
You don't look so shipshape yourself, sir.
Wesley,... will be missed.

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