You were like a brother to me.
Do you remember, we used to play in the park near the lake?
Yes, of course. Every summer, you would come to Bergerac.
You made swords out of the reeds. And when you cut your hand,
you would run to me, and I would say, "Let me see."
Oh, how did you do that?
Playing near the Port de Nesle!
And how many did you play against?
No more than a hundred.
Tell me!
Let it go.
- What? - Let it go.
Let it go. Let...
Let it go. You... tell me what you were going to say.
Do you dare?
I do dare. I love someone.
He does not know. Not yet.
But he is proud, noble, brave and beautiful!
- Beautiful? - What's the matter?
With me? Nothing. It is my hand.
- He is in the Guards? - Since this morning.
Baron Christian de Neuvillette. In your own regiment.
Promise me...
- Promise me... to be his friend? - I promise.
I love you! I must go now.
And tell him to write me.
A hundred men!
What courage!
Oh, but l...
I have done better since.
- Well done. - Bravo.
Very good.
- Bravo! - Wonderful!
Lt Barclay's performance was adequate,
but clearly not of the Method approach.
- I do not understand... - Data, because it's polite.
Good job, Reg. And only... what, six weeks of lessons?
- Good job, period. - I... we have a patient teacher.
I have an opening in my workshop.
Well done.
Thank you,... Counsellor.
- You've come a long way, Reg. - After...
more rehearsals than I can count.
I don't just mean your acting ability.
It takes a lot of courage to put yourself on display like that.
You... you think so?
There was a time when nothing
could have dragged you on-stage in front of an audience.
You've made tremendous progress.
I... I guess.
- Don't you think so? - Well,...
I just feel more comfortable... playing somebody else.
Maybe all of this is not any better
than escaping into a holodeck fantasy.
I disagree. This isn't fantasy, it's theatre.
You used to withdraw onto the holodeck
and isolate yourself inside your imagination,
avoiding contact with real people.
Look at yourself now.
Look at all the other people you're with.
You're not just acting, you're interacting.
Give yourself some credit, Mr. Barclay.
Maybe... you're right.
Captain's log, star date 44704.2.
We have arrived at the Argus Array,
a remote subspace telescope at the very edge of Federation space.
The unmanned structure stopped relaying its data two months ago.
The reactors that power the Array are very unstable.
- There is a risk of overload. - The computer systems?
They do not seem to be functioning at all.
I am picking up an unidentified device 1.8 kms from the Array.
On screen.
That's some kind of probe. I bet that's what damaged the Array.
Is it emitting any signals, Lieutenant?
Negative, sir. I show no activity.
Mr. La Forge, go out and take a closer look.
Aye, sir. Lt Barclay, report to the main shuttle bay.
Enterprise, shuttle five ready to begin a short-range scan.
- Proceed. - Begin with the high-res series.
- Electromagnetic band? - Give it a try.
I'm picking up visual wavelengths only
between 4,500 and 7,000 angstroms.
Let's try the neutron densitometer.
Doesn't wanna give up any of its secrets.
Let's go to an active scan.
No... no modulation.
Really? You are definitely not from our neighbourhood.
Increase to 3.0.
- Commander? - Yeah, Reg?
Thanks for... assigning me to this mission.
Don't mention it. You're one of my top engineers.
It's time you got in on some of the interesting stuff.
This... this is why I'm in Starfleet.
There's still no modulation.
Hit it with a positron emission.
What was that?
Computer's down, Reg! Reg...?
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise,...
..its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, supplemental.
An energy surge from the probe has disabled the shuttle's computer.
The away team are now in sickbay
where Lt Barclay remains under observation.
Any indication of the probe's energy source?
No, sir. Emissions do not match any known radiation patterns.
We have not encountered this technology before.
Place the probe in tow. We'll take it to Science Station 402.
Captain, the probe has begun to move. It is approaching the Enterprise.
- Shields up. - Aye, sir.
That flash overloaded your optic nerves. It knocked you unconscious.
- My visor must have filtered it out. - Exactly.
There was no retinal damage and the cornea's fine.
But I'm waiting for a sero-amino read-out.
I'll call you when it comes in.
I'd like this done as quickly as possible.
You shouldn't have to wait too long for the results.
What do you mean?
Use a global mode in your scanner. It would be a lot faster.
That's not possible.
We're talking about human cells, not isolinear circuits.
I think you better stick to engineering.
A cell has an electromagnetic signature, just like a circuit.
Theoretically, it should work with just a few adjustments.
I could set it up, if you'd like.
Probe now closing at 15.3 metres per second. Collision course.
Sensors read no particulate emissions or subspace field distortions.
- Then, how does it move? - Method of propulsion is unknown.
Take us away from it. One-quarter impulse.
Aye, sir.
The probe is matching our speed.
Captain, an energy field is forming around the device.
Intensity is 3.2 terawatts and increasing.
Sir, the shuttlecraft's shields did not protect its computer.
Ours may be vulnerable. I recommend withdrawal to a safe distance.
- Ensign, full about. Half impulse. - One-half impulse.
- The probe is following. - Options, Number One?
Photon torpedoes this close are out. The explosion could cripple us.
- Sir, recommend full phasers. - Proceed.
Firing phasers.
No effect, Captain.
The probe's field intensity is building. We are in danger.
La Forge, can you increase phaser power?
Attempting to now, Commander.
Isolate phasers 80 to 120. Shunt all plasma...
To the emitters. Yes, sir, I'm already on it. Ready.
Phasers are as hot as we can make them.
- Mr. Worf? - Aye, sir.
- Go to warp two. - Aye, sir.
Warp two.
- The probe is still with us, sir. - At warp two?
Yes, sir.
The probe's energy output is overloading our shields.
Failure anticipated in 47 seconds.
- I'm willing to take suggestions. - We are dropping to impulse!
Warp power's been transferred to the shield grid.
Yeah, but by whom?
- Barclay! What are you doing? - Lt Barclay to Capt Picard.
Fire photon torpedoes, maximum yield, full spread.
We're too close.
I'm certain the shields will hold.
- Mr. La Forge? - I don't know how he did it,
but shield strength has been increased by 300 percent!
It should be enough, Captain.
Photon torpedoes, maximum yield, full spread.
Thank you, Mr. Barclay.
You're welcome, Captain. Barclay out.
I'm sorry if l... overstepped my authority.
Don't mention it.
Captain's log, star date 44705.3.
The Enterprise has destroyed the probe,
but now we face the difficult task of repairing the Argus telescope.
Failure to do so would represent an incalculable scientific loss.
Mr. Barclay. Everyone's still trying to figure out how you did it?
It occurred to me to set up a frequency harmonic
between the deflector and shields, using the warp-field generator.
And that naturally created an amplification of the energy output.
I see that.
Glad you could join us, Mr. Barclay. Your report, Mr. La Forge.
Each of the telescope's antennae is powered by its own fusion reactor,
but a single computer controls them all.
- All 18 reactors were affected? - That's right.
They're starting to overload and could go critical.
The explosion will destroy the Array. I wouldn't want to be nearby.
A standard isolation procedure is advisable.
I agree. We'll cut off each reactor and repair them one by one.
- How long will that take? - Two to three weeks.
- Alright, Mr. La Forge. - I don't agree.
We could repair all of the reactors simultaneously, not one by one.
Simultaneously? All 18?
- Yes, sir. - But the computer is inoperable.
Not entirely, the core memory is still intact.
We could program a new control system.
An interesting suggestion,
however, that would require much more time than our original plan.
At least seven weeks.
I could have it ready for you in two days.
- If you could assist me, Commander. - Sure, Reg!
The moon,... yes, that'll be my home, my paradise.
I shall find there all the souls that I love.
Socrates,... Galileo.
And when I arrive, they will question my worthiness.
"What the devil is he doing there among us?"
Philosopher, scientist, poet, musician, duellist!
Here lies Hercule Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac!
I would not have you weep any less for that charming, good...
and handsome Christian.
I only ask this,...
that as the great cold surrounds my bones,
you allow a double meaning... for your mourning veil.
And when you let fall your tears for him,
some few... will be for me.
That was a real improvement.
Same time, day after tomorrow?
Same time.
Reg? May I join you?
Of course. Please. Sit down, Counsellor.
- Hard at work? - Preparing for tomorrow's meeting.
We're planning our repair strategy.
I really enjoyed the scene you just performed.
You're a very forgiving audience.
Not at all.
I thought you were brilliant.
- You've changed. - Is that a professional opinion?
Pure observation.
No, it's true. I can't explain it.
In the past few days, I've found confidence...
..l never knew was there.
I'm proud of you, Reg. I'm glad for you, too.
- Well,... I'd better be going. - Must you?
I think so.
Would you like to take a walk with me through the arboretum?
The zalnias should be in bloom.
Reg, as your former counsellor,...
..l don't think it would be appropriate.
I don't need a counsellor.
What I need is the company of a charming, intelligent woman.
Good night, Mr. Barclay.
Where's Lt Barclay?
I stopped by his quarters on my way over. He wasn't there.
Computer, location of Lt Barclay.
Lt Barclay is on holodeck three.
sub l,
J... of t,
as t... approaches... infinity.
G of t... over G-nought.
So it is!
How will you incorporate quantum principle into general relativity
without adjusting the cosmological constant a lot more than you do here?
If we increase the value as you suggest,
we must face the possibility of 26 dimensions instead of ten.
I don't think I could deal with that.
I certainly could not.
If the semi set curved into the subatomic,...
the infinities might cancel each other out.
They just might!
We had a meeting, at 0700.
I'm sorry, Commander. Thank you, Professor.
End program.
- What was that all about? - I had some ideas last night,
I needed to consult the computer about some quantum calculations.
An Einstein program seemed the best way.
- I went a little overboard. - A little?
The stuff on that board was out of my league. Yours, too.
No, I just hadn't thought along those lines.
It's evident now. If you put your mind...
Reg, ever since we met that probe, something's different about you.
What? Because I'm behaving like the rest of the crew?
- With confidence? - You just spent the entire night
arguing grand unification theories with Einstein!
- Yes, but... - Reg! Something's happened to you.
And we can't ignore that.
Yes, I've finally become the person I've always wanted to be.
Do we have to ask why?
Yeah, I think we do.
The production of neurotransmitters in your brain has jumped over 500% .
Synaptic membranes have increased permeability.
I couldn't even guess at your IQ level now.
- Somewhere between 1200 and 1450. - But that isn't all.
The corpus callosum connecting both sides of the brain
is so active now that the hemispheres are behaving as one.
So, it's not just raw intelligence we're talking about?
No. Creativity, resourcefulness, inspiration, imagination,
they've all been enhanced.
Lieutenant,... you could very well be
the most advanced human being who has ever lived.
Whatever that probe did to him,
Barclay now knows more about the Enterprise than anyone on board.
The question is, how are we going to deal with it?
We could confine him to quarters.
How can we do that? What's he done?
We'd be locking a man up for being too smart.
He's been influenced by an alien, that puts us at risk.
Not necessarily. It might be like an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
Has Mr. Barclay done anything that could be considered threatening?
Well, he did make a pass at me last night.
- A good one. - I'd hardly consider that a threat.
No, but it's certainly unusual behaviour for Barclay.
There's something else, Captain.
He taught violin technique at the music school last night.
I didn't know Barclay played the violin.
He didn't, not until last night.
Look, if we want to save the Array, we need him. It's as simple as that.
Until he does something more menacing,
I see no reason why we should prevent him from continuing his work.
- Larson to Cmdr La Forge. - Go ahead, Lieutenant.
We have trouble with reactor nine, it's starting to chain.
I'm on my way.
You said he made a pass at you,
but you failed to mention if he succeeded.
Thermal levels up 177 percent. Comparable neutron emissions.
Is the interface between the computer and Array working?
Yes, but our computer is too slow to direct the repairs.
The parameters are changing too fast.
We'll try a remote shut-down from here.
Transmitting commands to the Array. Starting close-down.
Increase the intake of liquid helium. We've got to cool this off.
Transmitting commands. Thermal levels increasing, sir.
- What happened? - The interface isn't fast enough!
Cmdr La Forge, overload indications on Argus generator 5, 7 and 14.
- Damn! - I can't do anything from here.
I have to find a better interface.
Bridge. We're looking at a cascade reactor failure on the Argus.
I don't think we can pull this one out.
Reactor nine will reach critical in ten minutes, 43 seconds.
The explosion will create a chain reaction
along the entire length of the Array.
- Stand by for a jump to warp two. - Yes, sir.
La Forge, you've got ten minutes. Red alert.
Aye, Commander.
Computer, begin new program.
Create as follows, workstation chair.
Now, a standard alphanumeric console positioned for the left hand.
Now an iconic display console positioned for the right hand.
Tie both consoles into main computer utilizing neural-scan interface.
There is no such device on file.
No problem. Here's how you build it.
Argus reactor nine, 28 seconds to critical.
- Get us out of here. - Warp two.
Helm's not responding, sir.
Captain, we have lost computer control.
- What? - 12 seconds to critical.
- Go to manual. - I'm attempting to, but...
There's not enough time.
Computer is coming back on line.
..the Argus reactors are shutting down.
We are no longer in danger, sir.
- What happened? - Unknown, sir.
- Geordi, what did you do? - It wasn't me, sir.
Computer, how were the Argus reactors shut down?
A neural interface was created to do the repairs.
- Computer, respond. - I am responding, sir.
I'm sorry if I caused alarm.
It was necessary in order to secure the Array.
Barclay, what's going on?
Yes, Commander, it's me.
I'm sorry, Captain, I was only trying to help.
Our computer was too slow to compensate for the overload,
so I created an interface that communicated my thoughts
directly to the central processing unit.
Exactly what does that mean?
My body is as you see it here,
but much of my higher brain functions
have been transferred to the starboard computer core.
Mr. Barclay, remove yourself from the computer system.
- I'm afraid I can't do that, sir. - And why not?
My primary cerebral functions are now operating
almost entirely from within the computer.
They have expanded so much,
it would be impossible to return to the confines of my human brain.
Any attempt to do so would mean my death.
That's it. I've disconnected the audio and visual pick-ups.
We won't be monitored by the computer.
By Barclay.
Report, Mr. La Forge.
It is now almost impossible
to tell where Barclay ends and the computer begins.
He's rewriting the isolinear chips each time he extends himself.
- How do we get him out? - We don't, not without killing him.
This is an intolerable situation.
I have no wish to harm him,
but I cannot allow Barclay to continue to act as the computer.
I don't care how smart he is.
Lt Barclay has not extended himself into the engineering subsystems.
It may be possible to establish an ODN bypass directly to the bridge.
That won't give us control.
But we would have access to the propulsion systems,
to get us to the next star base.
How long would it take to set that up?
- A few hours. - Make it so.
Cmdr La Forge?
Yeah, Reg?
I thought you'd be in your quarters.
No, I'm... just catching up on some work, you know?
That level-three diagnostic we talked about.
How are you doing?
I wish I could convey to you
what it's like for me now, what I've become.
I can conceive almost infinite possibilities
and fully explore each of them in a nanosecond.
I perceive the universe as a single equation,
and it is so simple.
I understand.
You understand?
do you understand how this happened to you?
I believe it is a gift.
That I have been chosen to fulfil a great purpose.
Do you suppose this has changed the way people think about me?
To tell you the truth, Reg, they don't know what to think.
I've been concerned about that,
but soon, everyone will understand what I can do for humanity.
What do you mean?
We perceived the maximum speed of the ship to be a factor of warp,
but I know now there are no limits.
We will explore new worlds
that we could never have reached in our lifetime.
I will take us to them.
Captain, I am picking up subspace distortion.
Mr. Data?
This disturbance is the result of a graviton field
emanating from our warp nacelles.
It is creating a severe bias in the subspace continuum.
Mr. Barclay, are you responsible for this graviton-field disturbance?
Yes, sir. I'm altering subspace in a way never conceived of before.
It will allow us to travel halfway across the galaxy in a matter of...
- Stop this experiment for now. - Captain, if you'd only allow...
This is a direct order. Discontinue whatever you're doing.
I'd really rather not, sir.
I'm positive you'll be pleased with the result once I've finished...
Audio's disconnected.
- You may speak freely. - How long for the ODN process?
I've been monitoring Geordi, it will be operational in 17 minutes.
Captain, let me go to the holodeck and try and talk to him.
Sir, the subspace distortion continues to increase.
- Hello, Deanna. - Reg.
I'm sorry we can't take that walk in the arboretum.
So am l.
Reg, you've frightened all of us.
I'm sure that wasn't your intent.
Children are sometimes frightened of the world.
That doesn't mean their parents should keep them in their cribs.
- Are we children to you now? - I can see so much more
than you are capable of. You should trust that.
Deanna, I've always wanted to earn your respect.
You've got it,
from all of us.
We don't need any more convincing.
Please,... obey the Captain's orders.
Stop whatever it is you're doing.
You must trust me.
How can we trust an officer who doesn't follow orders?
Trust me.
The Captain will do everything in his power to stop you.
Picard to La Forge. Status?
- Ready, Captain. - Proceed.
- Acknowledged. - Commander?
- What? - You're too late.
Captain, we have not regained control of the propulsion systems.
The ODN bypass to the bridge has been blocked.
- Barclay. - Yes, Cmdr Riker.
Whatever it is you're doing out there, you've got to stop it.
Sir, we're going in.
Mr. Barclay, respond at once.
Audio's disconnected.
Take a security team to holodeck three,
disconnect Mr. Barclay from the computer.
Aye, Captain.
I want you to know, Lt Worf, that I understand your duty here.
Phasers. Maximum setting.
And that I will in no way take your actions personally.
La Forge? Initiate stabilization procedure!
Resetting stabilizers to match subspace flow-matrix.
Stand by.
He is protected by a force field!
- We could not disconnect him. - Mr. Data?
We are experiencing a quantum-model oscillation delay,
doubling in intensity every... 12.3 seconds.
Bio-cellular disruption is imminent!
Where are we, Ensign?
Unless something's wrong with our sensors,
we're almost 30,000 light years from where we were.
The centre of the galaxy.
Our heading's been altered. Approaching planetary cluster.
Captain, all systems are back under helm control.
The computer has returned to normal.
Emotive. Electrochemical-stimulus response.
Cranial plate, bipedal locomotion, endoskeletal.
Contiguous external integument!
I'm Capt Jean-Luc Picard...
..of the Federation Starship Enterprise.
Hierarchical collective command structure.
Who are you?
I am interrogative, yes, and I would appreciate an explanation.
I think I can help you with that.
Mr. Barclay. I thought it would be fatal if you left the holodeck.
The Cytherians have reintegrated me.
The probe was designed to instruct outsiders on how to reach here.
Technologies are not always compatible.
They failed with the Argus computer and the one on the shuttle,
but they were able to reprogram me.
- What do you want of us? - The same as you.
Mr. Barclay?
- You're both on the same mission. - Mission?
Yes, sir. The Cytherians are exploring the galaxy, as we are.
The only difference is that they never leave their home.
They bring others... here.
Their only wish? An exchange of knowledge.
They want to know us.
Captain's log, star date 44721.9.
After ten days in the company of the Cytherians,
the Enterprise has been safely returned to Federation space.
We have knowledge of their race
that will take our scholars decades to examine.
Lt Barclay is apparently no worse for his experience.
So, how much do you remember?
I remember doing everything, just not how or why.
How do you feel now?
- Smaller. - Just plain old Barclay, huh?
Always seems to come back to that, doesn't it?
You know, almost everyone has a moment in life
when they exceed their own limits, achieve what seems to be impossible.
The tricky part is what happens afterwards.
You almost always feel a sense of loss.
But it is possible to carry that experience through your life
in ways that you aren't even aware of now.
I... I think I know what you're saying.
Either way, Reg, you're an important part of the crew.
In fact, I could use your help with that level-three diagnostic.
- Sure. - Excuse me,
but I believe Mr. Barclay and I had a date scheduled,
for a walk in the arboretum?
The diagnostic can wait. See you later.
You really don't have to do that.
I know.
- That was a big play. - May l?
Checkmate in nine moves.
- I didn't know you played chess. - I don't.

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