Captain's log, star date 44741.9.
We have arrived at Tagus III, where the Enterprise will serve as host
for the Federation Archaeology Council's annual symposium.
I look forward
to giving tomorrow's keynote address with great anticipation.
The Council members have beamed aboard and been assigned quarters.
Captain, it really is quite late.
About my lecture, what do you think will give the greater clarity?
A chronological structure
or the division of each expedition's findings into religious,
sociological and environmental sub-groupings?
Didn't you decide on a chronological structure?
There's something to be said for a more scientific approach.
- May I make a suggestion? - By all means.
Relax. You've written a brilliant speech.
It will need to be.
I'm addressing the greatest scientific minds in the Federation.
Switzer, Klarc-Tarn-Droth, McFarland!
Giants in archaeology! Compared to them, I'm just an amateur.
I doubt they see you as an amateur. Not when it comes to Tagus III.
Well, it's true, I have done my homework.
I have examined the findings of every expedition conducted on the planet.
It is unfortunate the Taguans no longer allow visitors to the ruins.
Especially since we know so little about their origins.
But I think I have constructed some plausible theories of my own.
I'm sure the Council members will agree.
Your support is appreciated.
Now, goodnight, Captain.
Bring back any memories?
How did you get in here?
I came in through the window.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
I had no idea you were a member of the Archaeology Council.
- You are a member, aren't you? - More or less.
Why did you come to Tagus III?
To see you, of course.
- Is that the only reason? - Isn't it enough?
I wish I could believe you.
I really have missed you.
Excuse me.
Sorry I'm late.
Excuse me. I didn't realize you had company.
That's alright. Let me introduce you.
This is Beverly... Dr Beverly.
Dr Beverly Crusher. This is Vash.
A friend from the Archaeology Council.
Sorry to interrupt. The Captain and I often share morning tea together.
Yes, I know. Jean-Luc has told me all about you.
When was that?
- On Risa, where we met. - I see!
That must have been during your vacation last year.
No. Yes!
Well, I am surprised he didn't mention you.
So am l.
- Doctor, are you busy? - Not at the moment.
I'd love to see some more of this marvellous ship.
I'd be delighted to show it to you.
That is, if it's alright with you, Jean-Luc.
Of course.
Don't worry. I promise to behave myself.
And this is ten-forward, where the reception will be held.
I can't think of a better location. Does Jean-Luc come here often?
Not often. The Captain is a very private man.
- Would you like something to drink? - Please.
- Eternity never looked so lovely. - Excuse me?
I was referring to the view. Eternity never looked so lovely.
You must be Cmdr Riker.
- You have me at a disadvantage. - I didn't mean to interrupt.
I believe you were about to tell me that
my eyes are as mysterious as the stars.
You're Betazoid.
Not at all. It's just that Jean-Luc does a very good imitation of you.
He does?
- I see you two have met. - Not exactly.
This is Vash, a member of the Archaeology Council.
- and a friend of the Captain's. - So I gather.
They met on Risa.
On Risa? That vacation must have been better than he let on.
You mean he never mentioned me to you, either?
Dr Crusher, report to sickbay.
I'm afraid I won't be able to finish our tour.
But perhaps Cmdr Riker could take over for me?
It would be my pleasure.
This is the main bridge, the command centre,
and our last stop.
Vash, Cmdr La Forge, Cmdr Data.
- Hello. - How do you do?
And this is Lt Worf.
- Hello. - Something wrong?
Council members have not been granted bridge clearance.
We can make an exception. Vash is a guest of the Captain.
- Welcome aboard. - Thank you.
- Is this where Jean-Luc sits? - That's the big chair.
Well, I can see where being a starship captain has its rewards.
I'm glad that you approve.
I'll go to my room and get ready for the reception.
By all means.
Well, I suppose I'll see you then... then.
I'll look forward to it.
Fascinating woman.
I thought being ship's Counsellor meant the Captain confided in you?
He does, when he thinks it's necessary.
And he never spoke to you about me?
- Not that I recall. - Not even a hint?
You must understand the Captain is a very...
..private man. I know.
- Excuse me. - Of course.
Nice legs.
For a human.
Jean-Luc, we need to talk.
Excuse me.
- The reception's going well. - Forget that for a moment.
Why have you never mentioned me to your friends?
- What should I have said? - That we met,
had an adventure together, some fun.
- It wouldn't be possible. - Why not?
It would be inappropriate.
I wasn't expecting you to go into intimate details.
A captain does not reveal his personal feelings to his crew.
Is that a Starfleet regulation, or did you make that up yourself?
I'm sorry if you're upset.
And I'm sorry if I embarrass you.
- How was the reception? - Splendid.
Jean-Luc, wonderful to see you again. How about a big hug?
- Don't stand there. Say something. - Get out of my chair!
And I was hoping for something more like,
"Welcome back, Q, my old friend."
- We're not friends! - You wound me, mon capitaine.
There. Perhaps now your manners will improve.
Why are you here? Have the Continuum banished you once again?
Hardly! They're still apologizing for the last time.
What do you want?
Do I always have to have a reason to stop by?
I was merely in the sector, I was...
You force a confession from me. The truth is, I have a debt to repay.
- A debt? - To you.
And it gnaws at me and it interferes with each of my days.
What are you talking about?
Without your assistance I would never have survived.
I would have taken my life but for you.
We all make mistakes.
Your good deed made possible my reinstatement in the Continuum,
and I resent owing you anything.
So I'm here to pay up. Tell me, what is it you wish? And I'll be gone.
Just be gone. That'll do nicely.
No, no! It must be something more constructive.
- That's my new word for the day. - Another time, Q.
I have matters to attend to.
Your speech? I read it. It's dull, plodding, pedantic, like yourself.
- I could help you with it. - No, thank you.
You've never been to the ruins at Tagus III, have you?
No. They were sealed off over a century ago.
Well, that explains it, then.
How can you write about something that you've never seen?
I know! Why don't I take you there?
Out of the question. We'd be breaking Taguan law.
Must you always be so ethical? We could travel back in time.
You could see Tagus as it was two billion years ago.
They really knew how to party back in those days.
My answer is still no.
My lecture will have to stand on its own. Now please leave my ship!
You are the most impossible person to buy a gift for!
Cmdr Riker, will you report to my ready room?
Yes, Captain?
I've just been paid a visit from Q.
Q? Any idea what he's up to?
He wants to do something nice for me.
I'll alert the crew.
- Who's there? - It's me.
- Who? - Jean-Luc.
- Yes? - May I come in?
Let me try to explain. I...
I am by no means embarrassed by your presence here.
On the contrary.
What's this? A map of the ruins?
I thought that I was the only reason you came to Tagus.
I never fooled you for a second.
Still, you are the most important reason.
Am l?
That's the problem with being such a well-known liar.
Even when I'm telling the truth, no one believes me.
These have to be confiscated.
Is that necessary?
If the Taguans caught you there...
Come on! You gave me the same warning about Sarthong V.
- I remember. - It didn't stop me.
I brought back some impressive artefacts!
And sold them for an impressive profit?
That's what I do!
Not on board my ship. I will not allow it!
Get one thing straight. I cannot change who I am for you or anyone.
Nor can I change who I am.
Then we have nothing more to say.
So it would seem.
Sleeping alone?
I'm in no mood for your foolishness, Q.
There's something different about you.
You seem tense, preoccupied, somewhat smaller.
I thought it was your horrible lecture, but I was wrong.
Whatever your game is it will have to wait till tomorrow.
I had such high hopes for you, Picard.
I thought you were more evolved than the rest of your species.
But now I realize you're as weak as all the others.
Still, it pains me to see the great Picard brought down by a woman.
What woman?
Don't play coy with me, Captain.
I witnessed your little spat with Vash.
Nor will I forget the anguish on your face. The pain, the misery.
If I didn't know better, I'd have thought you were already married.
Your imagination is running away with you!
This human emotion, love.
It's a dangerous thing and you're ill-equipped to handle it.
She's found a vulnerability in you, something I've looked for for years.
If I'd known sooner, I would have appeared as a female.
Mark my words, Picard. This is your Achilles heel.
Believe what you wish.
Do you deny that you care for this woman?
I'd be doing you a favour if I turned her into a Klabnian eel.
- Stay away from her, Q! - I was just trying to help.
- My debt to you... - Is hereby nullified!
I don't want your help, your advice, your favours,
or, for that matter, you. Understand? Once and for all!
You'd have me stand idly by as she led you to your destruction?
As you wish.
Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Archaeology Council, welcome.
It is the mystery of Tagus III that brings us here together today.
It is a mystery that has invited more argument, more deduction,
more speculation than the best works of fiction.
And, if you will excuse the conceit,
I want to tell you about my detective story.
For several years, I've tried to unravel the secrets of Tagus III.
I've not succeeded.
However, I have found some new information that, if nothing else,
only raises a new set of mysteries which I hope we can discuss together.
There have been 947 known archaeological excavations
on the planet's surface.
Of those, 74 have revealed findings of major importance.
The earliest was some 22,000 years ago.
What the hell...?
Is this Tagus III?
I doubt there are many oak trees on Tagus.
No. I think this is supposed to be Earth,
somewhere round about the 12th century.
This is England, or to be precise, Q's recreation of Sherwood Forest.
That explains the costumes.
Right, Number One. Or should I say John Little.
If he's Little John, that makes you...
I know! Robin Hood.
Sir, I protest! I am not a Merry Man!
On the contrary, Lt Worf,
your clothing identifies you as Will Scarlet.
Geordi's mandolin identifies him as Alan-a-Dale.
You, Mr. Data, bear a striking resemblance to Friar Tuck.
I will not play the fool for Q's amusement!
I have you at last, Robin Hood.
Quick, into the forest!
Mr. Worf, that's an order!
Enough, you fools!
We'll never find them in the greenwood.
I've managed to stop the bleeding.
Q! It's about time you showed up.
I would prefer you to address me as the High Sheriff of Nottingham.
We will not share in this pointless fantasy!
Fine! Stay here and do nothing.
By midday tomorrow, your crew will be safely aboard their ship.
But you'll have to accept the consequences of your inaction.
What is the one thing that Robin Hood is most famous for?
He robs the rich to give to the poor.
Besides that.
Perhaps you refer to the rescue of Maid Marian from Nottingham Castle?
Yes, Data!
And it just so happens Sir Guy of Gisbourne has decreed
Maid Marian's head shall come off tomorrow at noon.
- Vash! - It's your choice, Robin.
Either take your ease in this sylvan glade
or risk your life to save the woman you care nothing about.
My feelings for Vash are irrelevant.
I would try to save any innocent life, as you know.
What about your Merry Men? Will you jeopardize their lives as well?
Is Vash's life worth more than Data's or Troi's or Worf's?
Worf, you'd make a perfect throw rug in Nottingham Castle.
Q, end this before someone gets hurt!
That's impossible.
I've given this fantasy, as you call it, a life of its own.
I have no more idea what will happen than you do.
But of one thing I am absolutely sure.
If you dare come to Nottingham Castle,
blood will be spilt.
You'll wear yourself out with all that pacing, milady!
I told you to stop calling me that. The name is Vash.
My poor lamb. You've got a brain sickness, for sure!
Can't I get something to ease your suffering?
I could use a drink.
I wasn't thinking of spirits, but I've some nice fresh leeches.
- To drain the fever. - Out! Get out!
- Her mind's in a turmoil, Sir Guy! - Who the hell are you?
Milady, everyone in Nottingham knows. Sir Guy of Gisbourne!
- Sir Guy of what? - Leave us.
Do not mock me, Lady Marian.
I'm prepared to offer you one last chance to change your mind.
Will you marry me?
I see.
Then the execution will proceed as scheduled.
What execution?
I warn you.
This pathetic feigning of madness will not save your life.
You mean I'm the one being executed? Sir Guy, wait a minute!
Couldn't we talk this over?
I admit, I haven't been myself lately.
Maybe we've both been a bit hasty?
Are you alright?
The arrow impacted above my sixth intercostal support,
penetrating my secondary subprocessor.
Fortunately, my biofunctions seem unaffected.
Do not be concerned, Counsellor. I believe your aim is improving.
We must get out of here, Captain.
Not "we", Number One. You must all stay here till I return.
- You're going to save her yourself? - It's not a mission. It's personal.
It's between Q and me. I don't want you involved.
- Captain! - You have your orders, Commander.
And I expect you to follow them!
A touch sharper, shall we?
Such benevolence! Allowing the prisoner a breath of fresh air?
You're mistaken, Sheriff.
- Maid Marian promises to be my wife. - What?!
- But that's impossible! - Not at all.
Though I admit a maiden seldom wins such a noble husband.
A toast.
To the most beautiful bride-to-be in the whole of England.
Don't drink that! It could be poison.
- Have you gone mad? - A foul scheme of Robin Hood's.
- She's in league with him. - Robin Hood?
Robin Hood! Well, that was over long ago.
You're still in love with him!
That's a lie! He bewitched me. He put me under some evil spell.
I suspected as much.
Add sorcery to the list of charges against that rogue.
If anyone's bewitched here, it's you.
Any more impudence and it'll be your head on the block!
Escort Lady Marian to her chamber.
I'd rather stay here with you.
Of course you would, my child! But I have important business.
- Lovely creature! - Intriguing.
One step closer, I'll scream!
- Vash, damn it, it's me! - Jean-Luc!
You won't believe what I've been going through!
Suddenly, I'm in Nottingham. They were gonna chop my head off.
Now I have to marry this Sir Guy,
and everyone insists on calling me Marian!
- Yes, I know. - You do? But how?
You're Robin Hood!
My staff and I were brought here by an old adversary, Q.
I'll tell you more when we're safe. Quick!
- The others are outside? - Back in the forest.
- You came alone? - Right.
- What kind of plan is that? - A good one.
- You know our lives are at stake? - Only too well.
Your best strategy is one man against a castle?
You have a better one?
- How about you go and I stay here? - And do what?
- Marry Sir Guy if I have to. - That's brilliant!
If there's a way to escape, I'll find it eventually,
with my head still attached!
- You believe I'd leave you here? - I can look after myself.
You are the most stubborn woman I ever knew.
There'll be no escape this time, Robin Hood!
Stay behind me.
- You should have left. - Well done, my dear.
Consider it my wedding gift, darling.
Congratulations, Sir Guy. You've snared the jackal.
It's Marian who deserves the credit.
Took him with his own sword.
- You sent for me, milady? - Take this to Robin's men.
Me, go to Sherwood Forest at this time of night?!
- Leave immediately. - But it's dark. I'll get lost.
And it's not safe, with all them hedge robbers lurking about.
Please. This is urgent.
You'd be better off with Sir Guy.
He has a future. You'll be living in London afore long!
You must go, or they'll kill him!
How dare you barge in!
I wish to apologize for my harsh words.
- I'd no idea you were so ruthless. - Most gracious of you!
I admit I was surprised, but no more than Jean-Luc.
You're Q!
Yes. And you are a very interesting woman.
What is this?
- Give that to me! - A letter to Riker!
"Quick! Come to the castle. Save the Captain." This is wonderful!
What marvellous duplicity. You certainly fooled Sir Guy.
Me, as well! I think you're worth further study.
Am l?
Unfortunately, we just don't have the time.
Take this traitor away! It appears there'll be a double execution.
- This whole thing is your fault. - My fault?!
Yes, your fault.
If you hadn't grabbed my sword, we'd be in Sherwood now.
I grabbed your sword to stop you being killed.
Really? Not as a wedding present for Sir Guy?
You know I wouldn't go through with that.
- Do l? You shouldn't interfere. - You're the one interfering!
- I was rescuing you! - Next time, don't bother.
- I won't. - Don't you two ever stop arguing?
Tell me, Robin, as you face the termination of your insect existence,
do you see what brought you to this end? Was she worth it?
Can we just get this over with?
Are you implying that I'm not worth it?
Q, your game was for my benefit. She is innocent in all of this.
She is many things, none of them innocent.
- Let her go! - Jean-Luc, you do care!
A gallant gesture, Robin, but a futile one.
Farewell. I hope the two of you are happy together.
You have been found guilty of outlawry and high treason.
Anything to say before sentence is carried out?
- I... - Prepare them for the block!
There are too many of them.
Data, we need a diversion now.
Guards! Take Marian to the tower!
I'll have you know I'm the greatest swordsman in all of Nottingham.
Very impressive!
There's something you should know!
- And what would that be? - I'm not from Nottingham.
It's over, Q!
Get us out of here!
My compliments, Picard. Robin Hood himself couldn't have done better.
- If you've hurt any of my people... - Sadly enough, they're all fine.
My point is, they might have been killed. So might you.
All for the love of a maid. My debt to you, Picard, is paid,
If you've learned how weak you are,
if you see how love brings out the worst in you...
You're absolutely wrong! It's brought out the best in him.
His nobility, courage, self-sacrifice, tenderness...
You're good. You're really good!
Enough of this!
- Is everyone here? - Where's Vash?
Computer, locate Council Member Vash.
Council Member Vash is not aboard the Enterprise.
Hello, Jean-Luc.
This is a relief. I thought Q had found you...
- He had things to discuss with me. - Indeed?
Surprised he's not gloating over his victory.
He was right about one thing.
As ridiculous as it was, his game did prove that you still care.
I may not show my feelings to my crew, but I do have them.
I'll miss you, Jean-Luc.
- So, where are you off to now? - I haven't made up my mind.
She has the entire universe to choose from.
- Meet my new partner. - Him?
- Why not? - I'll tell you why not!
Jean-Luc, let's not be unkind.
He's devious, amoral, unreliable, irresponsible and...
- ..and definitely not to be trusted! - Remind you of someone you know?
As a matter of fact, it does.
We're going to have fun. I'll take her places no human has ever seen.
Who can resist an offer like that?
As payment in full of your debt to me, you will guarantee her safety.
She will not be harmed, I promise you that.
Are you going to kiss her goodbye?
Well? Aren't you?
I'm sorry.
I forgot my hat.
Goodbye, Jean-Luc.

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