Counsellor Deanna Troi, personal log, star date 44805.3.
My mother is on board.
You delicious man! You were just thinking of me.
- As a matter of fact... - Think no further. She's here!
- Yes, indeed. - Oh, serious!
You're always so serious.
Lwaxana, as a matter of fact, I am rather busy at the moment.
You're always busy with something. Never the right thing.
My daughter says that we're picking up someone interesting.
Yes, the leading scientist from Kaelon II.
Kaelon II! I've never heard of that.
Well, it is something of a rather delicate... situation.
It's the first real contact with a rather reclusive race.
This is in the nature of an official greeting...
I adore diplomacy.
Everyone dresses so well.
Mr. O'Brien, energize.
Dr Timicin, I'm Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise.
This is Lt-Cmdr La Forge.
I beg your pardon. It's my first time aboard a Federation starship.
Yes. They told me. Shaking hands, a form of greeting.
I beg your pardon.
Dr Timicin, allow me to present Lwaxana Troi of Betazed.
- She is a guest... - Daughter of the Fifth House.
Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx.
What are you doing for dinner?
I don't know.
Lwaxana, we have quite a bit of work planned.
The man's never been on board a starship before.
Somebody ought to make him comfortable before you start.
It seems that Mrs. Troi is our acting ambassador of goodwill.
Think of me as your entertainment director.
That man's in trouble.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, star date 44805.7.
For generations, Kaelon II has worked to revitalize its dying sun.
The Federation has offered to assist in what may be a solution.
The theory of helium fusion enhancement
has been discussed for over a century.
There has been no practical application until now.
The modifications to the torpedo's guidance systems are remarkable.
Well, we'll see.
They still have to be proved.
But now it's possible.
I'd never dared to hope for such a perfect match.
My only regret is it took us three years to find a suitable sun
after you had first contacted us.
We're not used to dealing with other worlds.
We're not used to asking for anything.
Your offer of help
has given us a possible means of survival.
It's taken 40 years to develop programming
that will control your photon torpedoes.
It has been my life.
Thank you for this opportunity.
My only wish has been to find a way to revive our sun...
..before I die.
Mrs. Troi, I must protest your unauthorized presence on the bridge.
What does that one do, Mr. Woof?
Please! That is a torpedo launch initiator and it's...
It is Worf, madam, not Woof.
There you are, my dear!
Where have you been? I've been waiting.
- So nice to see you again so soon. - Mrs. Troi.
Mother, what did you want?
- What? - You were waiting for me.
Yes, of course I was.
You must let me relieve the tedium of all this work, work, work.
I am expected in Engineering. I'm sorry.
Mrs. Troi, I have to ask you to clear the bridge, please.
Why? There are lots of people here.
Mother. Please.
Well, don't you worry.
We'll have our little chat later.
I'd never have thought her old enough to be your mother. She is...
If you look at the next simulation,
you'll see we need the temperature to stabilize at 220 million, or...
Enough is enough. Rescue is at hand.
Dr Timicin. Would you clear all this mess off the table, please?
This mess, Mrs. Troi...
Now, now. You boys have been shut up in here for hours.
If you don't eat, you'll get sick.
Who's that going to help?
I've made some perfectly marvellous Mantickian páté.
Mr. Homn will lay it out for us.
Mr. Homn is my valet. He doesn't say much.
How can he?
It is true that the efficiency of high-order beings
does diminish proportionately with deprivation of nutritious fuel.
Alright! Don't you start.
Mrs. Troi, you're a wise woman.
I'm sure we could use a respite.
These two call me Mrs. Troi.
You call me Lwaxana.
Mr. Homn, spread it.
Knowing my daughter would be passing Betazed again,
I manoeuvred a ride and here I am.
Deck eight.
I have a grown daughter.
She has a small son of her own.
Then you're married.
My wife died quite some years ago.
One thing I don't understand.
If your people have known for generations their sun is dying,
why not simply evacuate the planet?
It is our home.
It defines who we are. If Kaelon II ceases to exist, so do we.
Then you definitely should fix it.
With the Federation's help, I hope we will.
The Federation will be pleased to offer whatever help it can.
Would you come in?
That's extremely kind of you, but...
My valet sleeps elsewhere.
You're delightful.
You make me laugh.
I don't mean your invitation makes me laugh.
- I took that seriously. I mean... - Just say yes.
I'll make you laugh some more.
I wish I could.
But I must say no.
Good night.
Captain's log, star date 44807.5.
The Enterprise has arrived at the Praxillus system,
where we will conduct Dr Timicin's helium ignition test.
Little one, why do you refuse to use telepathy even when we're alone?
We're not alone, Mother.
How long will this take? You've been selecting for 20 minutes.
I am a woman dressing for a man.
Something you might try, dear.
I wonder if Timicin likes green.
That's not very telepathic of you.
I tried telepathy on him. The wrong species.
Right species for everything else, though.
You might try that, too.
You know, you're not just incorrigible, you're insatiable.
I have completed long-range scans.
There are no other life forms present in this system.
- None within sensor range. - Picard to Engineering.
Mr. La Forge, the system is clear.
Final pre-launch diagnostic, level five.
All systems verified. We're ready when you are, Captain.
Very well. Mr. Worf.
Photon torpedoes armed...
..and targeted.
Fire in sequence.
First volley released.
Tracking torpedoes. Entry program confirmed.
Second volley released.
Torpedoes entering the stellar core.
Shields holding. Guidance systems normal.
Ignition sequence, six seconds.
Five seconds.
Three seconds.
Shock-wave patterns within predicted range.
1,700 percent rise in gamma-radiation levels.
Helium fusion rate, increasing.
What about heat and pressure levels?
Steady. Density at 1,100 grams per cubic centimetre.
Temperature approaching 60 million degrees Kelvin.
We want it stable at 220 million.
Pressure-wave harmonics dispersing.
Temperature increasing to 81 million degrees, sir.
Still rising.
Temperature at 90 million degrees Kelvin.
And now 110 million.
Looking good.
Radiation and pressure levels still stable.
Temperature is 170 million degrees Kelvin.
And now 200 million.
It's happening.
207 and rising.
And 20.
And holding.
Looks like congratulations may be in order.
Mr. Data?
Turbulence patterns within predicted parameters.
Temperature is rising in the core again, Captain.
230 million degrees Kelvin.
Still rising.
Rate exceeding critical level. Core density is unstable.
- Let's get the hell out! - Warp two now!
- Capt Picard. - Doctor?
Permit me to express my appreciation to you and your crew.
I am most grateful.
I'm most grateful.
Ensign, lay a course for Kaelon II.
- Warp factor five. - Aye, sir.
I'm so sorry, Timicin.
Had one of those named after me.
Brilliant young astronomer from Rigel IV.
Of course, I sparkled a bit myself in those days.
It's called fishing for a compliment. You tell me I still sparkle.
- I'm sorry. I'm not helping, am l? - You're very kind.
- I'm just not adequate company. - That's alright.
I can make enough conversation for both of us.
- I'll leave you alone. - No. Please stay.
I wanted to tell you how much I wish we had met years ago.
What difference do a few years make?
Unfortunately, a great deal.
You see, Lwaxana, I'm on my way home now...
..to die.
Captain's log, star date 44812.6.
We have returned to Kaelon II
and made contact with Science Minister B'tardat.
The experiment achieved a stable temperature for a short time.
That's a step forward.
We've been studying the sensor logs for any malfunction.
If there was, and we isolate the problem, a new test might work.
In the meantime, our facilities would be available to Dr Timicin.
A thoughtful and generous offer. But Timicin has obligations at home.
It would take some time to select a replacement.
We would be willing to extend our visit, sir.
That will not be necessary.
We'll contact you when we're ready.
We expect Timicin to return home as soon as possible.
Again, gentlemen, many thanks.
Are you aware these people you are helping are murderers?
- I beg your pardon? - The next thing to it.
When a person on this planet reaches the age of 60,
which Timicin is about to do,
they are expected to kill themselves.
Mr. Data?
The people of Kaelon II are isolationists, almost xenophobes.
We know very little about their customs.
Well, I know. Timicin himself just told me.
He is supposed to go down there,
be wined, dined, honoured, and then kill himself.
It's a barbaric ritual.
The Resolution, it's called.
Obviously, you can't let him go, Jean-Luc.
I have no choice.
I don't think you've been listening to me.
The man is supposed to kill himself.
You don't just let that happen.
You don't turn your back. What's the matter?
Sorry, but whatever my personal feelings,
I have no jurisdiction here.
I simply cannot interfere.
But you have to.
In a situation like this, you absolutely have to interfere.
You've got to go down there, talk to those people.
Open their eyes! Educate them!
The Prime Directive forbids us to interfere
with the social order of any planet.
That's your prime directive, not mine.
Computer, locate Counsellor Troi.
What do you mean, I can't go down there? Am I a prisoner?
Mother, what's going on? What are you doing?
I'm sorry, I'm not sure what to do.
I am sure! I am an ambassador.
A Daughter of the Fifth House.
Those people will answer to me!
So you energize this damn thing and get me down there!
He can't, Mother. He has his orders.
- His orders don't apply to me! - No, they apply to him.
Don't try your professional patronizing on me, young lady.
They expect Timicin to die! Don't you realize that?
Just because he's 60! What's 60?
It's nothing.
I'll go check the pattern buffers.
Come on, Mother. Let's sit down.
I'm sorry, little one. I don't know what's wrong with me.
- I'm sorry. - There's no need to be.
But I'm crying.
I don't cry.
You cried when Father died.
- You remember that? - Of course I remember.
We both cried.
But this isn't the same.
Is it?
What do you think?
I don't know.
I just... can't accept that...
..that fate will allow me to meet him like this...
..and then take him away.
I mean, he's not ill.
He hasn't had a tragic accident.
He's just going to die.
And for no good reason.
Because his society has decided that he's too old.
So they just dispose of him.
As though his life no longer had any value or meaning.
You can't possibly understand at your age, but...
..at mine...
..sometimes you feel tired...
..and afraid.
You're feeling very vulnerable.
Very mortal, if I may say so.
But I know you, Mother.
And believe me,...
..you will never be one of those who dies before they die.
Come in.
I have been studying the preliminary reports of the test.
I don't understand where I went wrong.
I thought I had taken into account all of the variables.
Deep-convection patterns.
Proton reactions.
Neutrino count.
I will say it again. You are a kind woman.
No, I'm a hateful woman.
I hate what you're going to do. I hate you for doing it.
It is the way of my world. I wish you could accept that.
I never will.
How long have you been there?
I don't know. A minute. An hour.
Do you want anything? Some tea?
I want to explain.
I want...
..very much...
..for you to understand.
15 to 20 centuries ago, we had no Resolution.
We had no such concern for our elders.
As people aged, their health failed.
They became invalids.
Those whose families could not care for them
were put away into...
..deathwatch facilities,
where they waited for the end,
sometimes for years.
They had meant something.
They were forced to live beyond that,
into a time of meaning nothing...
..of knowing they could now only be the beneficiaries
of younger people's patience.
We are no longer that cruel, Lwaxana.
No, you're not cruel to them. You just kill them.
The Resolution is a celebration of life. We end our lives with dignity.
A celebration of life!
It sounds very noble, very caring.
You're saying you got rid of the problem by getting rid of the people.
It may sound that way but it is a time of transition.
One generation passing on the responsibilities of life to the next.
What about the responsibility of caring for the elderly?
That would place a burden on the children.
We raise them, we care for them, we suffer for them.
We keep them from harm their whole lives.
Eventually, it's their turn to take care of us.
No parent should expect to be paid for the love they gave.
Why the hell not?
- What's that? - Oskoid, a Betazed delicacy.
Looks very interesting.
You should have tried it while you were still alive.
- Why 60? Why not 62? - A reasonable age had to be set.
It's not reasonable! Certainly not in your case.
You're a vital and healthy man.
That is why I wish to say goodbye while I am this way,
in command of my faculties,
knowing they will always remember me as a vigorous man.
But it makes no sense!
Some of your people could be active at 70.
Others might be seriously ill at 50.
How cruel to make them wait so long.
Setting a standard age for the Resolution makes it uniform.
To ask families to decide when their elders are to die,
that would be heartless.
I agree. Why not let everybody die when they die?
You have a grandson, you said.
Yes. Almost seven.
Wouldn't it be better for him to know his grandfather?
Not some memory of someone who once loved him.
But a real living person who does love him.
Don't you think that is better?
I attended the Resolution of my parents when it was their time.
It was beautiful.
Lwaxana, this is a custom that I have known and accepted...
..all my life.
The women of Betazed used to wear wigs
with holes in the centre for tiny caged creatures.
First, it was a fashion.
Then it went on long enough to become a custom, a tradition.
But it was uncomfortable for the woman and cruel to the animal.
One day, one very formidable woman finally said so,
refused to ever wear another of those wigs.
Fairly soon, the custom stopped.
She had the courage to stand up and fight for change.
She must have been like you.
Timicin, there is no one more likely to save their planet than you.
They would have you kill yourself.
Younger scientists will take my place.
My work...
The work will continue.
Your planet has 30, 40 years left.
What if your scientists can't find the answer without you? What then?
What chance does your grandson have of reaching 60?
Enough, please!
It is my time, Lwaxana.
And that is the way it is.
If that's the way it is, why bother to save your planet?
If its time has come, let it die.
Where is the difference, Timicin? Where?
Convection-boundary uncoupling.
The reaction caused gas turbulence of a totally unexpected magnitude.
There was evidence of a surface shock.
No, I'd anticipated that.
I thought I'd anticipated all possible variables.
But stars, they are like living entities, in a way.
Quite unpredictable.
You know...
I wouldn't be surprised if this were a result of...
Look here.
42 seconds into the test,
there is a sudden rise in the level of hydrogen alpha-emissions.
And here is another. I'm right, aren't l?
There had to be neutron migration within the star's inner core
as the reaction grew.
Perhaps, but there is no known method for controlling neutron migration.
But, theoretically, it is possible.
Using these test results, we could construct a new computer model
of the energy dynamic of a star that can test a new program.
I'm certain it can be accomplished. Certain.
It's a matter of time.
A matter of time.
Time for you to leave us?
I have come to officially request...
..asylum aboard the Enterprise.
Timicin, I cannot believe this. Why asylum?
- Asylum from what? - I turn 60 in four days.
Yes, and your family and colleagues are gathering for your Resolution.
I believe that it is time for us to re-examine, as a people,...
..the wisdom of the Resolution.
Are they forcing you into this? Are you being coerced?
Influenced, perhaps. Coerced, no.
Our only influence, Minister, is by example.
Timicin's decision is his own free will, I assure you.
I cannot believe that a man of Timicin's stature
would freely reject his own culture.
No one on Kaelon II understands this project as I do.
Some theories would take others a decade to confirm.
With my guidance, it can be done in half that time.
Others started your work, others will finish it.
It has always been this way.
Captain, scanners indicate two Kaelon warships
on an intercept course.
Acknowledged, Commander.
Minister, we're here in friendship, hoping to be of assistance.
You have helped quite enough.
I suggest you return Timicin and depart.
If you attempt to leave orbit with Timicin, our ships will open fire.
There's no purpose in letting this...
It shouldn't have happened. I've handled this poorly.
You acted in good conscience. What else could you have done?
I could have let well enough alone. I could have returned home.
What do you think, Captain?
Have I done the right thing?
I'm afraid you're the only one who can answer that.
Lwaxana would...
..would have me lead a revolt.
I'm only a scientist.
I wish I had her strength.
She is a woman of extraordinary conviction, isn't she?
Isn't she?
Any communications?
No, sir. We have an open channel.
The warships are in an attack posture.
Staggered approach vectors, in weapons range.
Shields up. Red alert.
Doctor, return to your quarters.
I don't want any bloodshed.
They will do everything to avoid it. You should get out of their way.
Yes, of course. I understand.
Mr. Worf, ascertain their offensive potential.
Aye, sir.
We must transmit the new analysis immediately.
If I can make them see my direction...
- We've tried. - They refuse to accept your reports.
They have to accept.
If I can re-establish computer interface...
They disengaged the link-up.
Why don't they answer?
Even if I find the solution, you will not accept it?
Because I do not terminate my life, they terminate my work.
Alive, I am a greater threat to my world than a dying sun.
- But Jean-Luc will settle this! - No.
My decision will lead to more distrust.
- Don't be foolish! - I am not being foolish!
I want to live because I see in you how much I have to live for.
You make me realize that my life still has value.
I can be an example to my people. I can finish my work.
But discovering new desires and not being able to do anything about them,
not being able to finish my work, or reach my people...
It's a statement about the sanctity of life. It will be heard.
Who will hear it from light years away?
Where will I go now, Lwaxana?
I'm a man without a world. I can't go home.
Bridge to Dr Timicin, you have a visitor coming aboard.
- B'tardat? - No, sir. It's your daughter.
- Dara. - Father.
This is Lwaxana Troi. She has been a host and friend.
I've been looking forward to meeting you, Dara.
Whatever you have to say can be said in front of her.
I see.
Father, come home.
This is wrong.
If I could show you the work I have begun. There is so much to do.
There's nothing for me to look at. It is irrelevant.
Your father's work may save your world.
I wouldn't consider that irrelevant.
All I'm concerned with now is you, not your work.
Your work is over. It is your time to rest.
Perhaps you will feel differently as you get older, say, 60.
My father taught me to cherish the Resolution.
I don't know how you have poisoned him.
It's an obscene ritual.
How dare you criticise my way of life and my beliefs.
Please. Please, Dara.
Where will you go?
I don't know.
And where will you die?
I cannot bear the thought of you laid to rest on some other world.
And you will not lie beside my mother.
That I will not lie beside you when my Resolution comes.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how you can go on
knowing that each day is an insult to everything we believe in.
Father, I love you.
But I am ashamed.
I would like to be alone now, please.
I'm suddenly not sure of myself.
It's a feeling I'm not at all used to.
I don't think I like it much, little one.
Not sure of yourself.
My life has been full.
Now and then, perhaps it's overflowed a little, but...
I enjoy living!
Now I'm asking myself,
is it possible I was wrong to encourage Timicin to choose life?
You were honest with him, Mother. You had to be.
Maybe I want him to live just to keep me company.
Of course you do.
But you didn't do this for yourself. You did it for him.
Did l?
Then look what I've done to him.
He's like a man who's lost his faith.
I never considered how deeply ingrained this Resolution liturgy is.
Ritual provides structure in society,
good rituals and bad rituals alike.
Well, this is a bad one.
Your point of view.
It should be the view of any intelligent middle-aged person.
Unfortunately, it is not.
I'll see you later, Mother.
- Excuse me. - Thank you.
You're going back.
Do you believe that I love you?
I do, you know.
But finally, if that is my only reason to stay alive...
It's not enough.
Almost, but not quite.
I can't be that selfish, Lwaxana.
I am not the person to lead the revolt.
I do apologize for the turmoil that I've created.
Doctor, I would deeply regret it
if you were returning only to ease diplomatic tensions.
It is more.
Much more.
Then I wish you and your people well.
When it is time, I will encourage my people to seek your assistance.
If for any reason you would like to wait.
We have already said our goodbyes.
It is the custom for loved ones to join you at this Resolution.
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
Permission to disembark, Captain.
I promise I won't cause any problems there.
Permission granted.
We are ready, Mr. O'Brien.

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