Captain's log, star date 45494.2.
We're investigating a series ofsignals
that may indicate intelligent life in the Epsilon Silar system.
We are within sensor range.
The characteristic response to the Kriskov Gambit
is the el-Mitra Exchange.
Particularly as I have taken both of your rooks.
By missing that opportunity, you have left your king vulnerable.
- We'll see. - As you wish, Counsellor.
You have devised an unanticipated response to a classic attack.
You will checkmate my king in seven moves.
Data, chess isn't just a game of ploys and gambits.
It's a game of intuition.
You are a challenging opponent.
Thanks, but don't think a compliment will get you out of our bet.
You owe me one Samarian Sunset made in the traditional style... only you can make it, Data.
I will honour that.
Raise your arm to the side.
- Is that it? - I'm afraid so.
What do you think?
You tucked when you should have flattened out.
- Something like that. - Turn your head left.
Some tearing of the ligaments.
- Nothing we can't take care of. - Good.
If I remember correctly, the last time you graced my sickbay,
you were diving off the Cliffs of Heaven on Sumiko IV.
- Holodeck program 47C. - Same thing.
Only that time I flattened out when I should've tucked.
Well, as your doctor,
I recommend the Emerald Wading Pool on Cirrus IV.
It's a lot safer.
Navigators have done assessments the same way for years, Ensign.
And I've found a better way.
Bridge. Can we discuss changes in procedure before you make them?
- If I had to ask you... - I might have said...
- No. - Yes. Maybe.
The point is, I didn't get the chance.
The point is, with all due respect,
you are trying to turn me into your model officer.
The rules do not change just because Ro Laren decides they do.
We are picking up a subspace signal, Captain.
Sensors indicate a small spacecraft ahead.
The configuration is unfamiliar. Nothing in our database.
- Within visual range. - On screen.
Analysis, Mr. Worf.
No discernible armament. Reading one life form aboard.
Hail the vessel.
- No response. - We're being scanned.
It's not any system I've seen. Shall we raise shields?
No. Let's...
Let's begin this with a show of good faith.
Sir, the scans match the frequency of our optical-data network.
It could be an attempt to access our computer.
Scanning intensity has increased by 1500 percent.
Shields up.
One Samarian Sunset made in the traditional style.
It's beautiful.
I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you enjoy it.
The scanning signal has penetrated our shields.
- Computers are going down. - Take evasive action.
The helm's not responding.
What happened?
What the hell...?
- I don't know who any of you are. - Nor do l.
I don't...
I don't even remember who I am.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Looks like we're all in the same boat.
Make that the same starship.
But who are we? What are we doing here?
It looks like I'm the pilot.
We're not going anywhere. The helm's dead.
- But you still know how to work it. - Yes.
This console has tactical configuration?
Yes. Phaser-power status, intruder scan, torpedo guidance.
But they do not appear to be operable.
Clearly, we possess certain skills. We know how to operate this ship.
But our identities have somehow been erased or...
Or suppressed.
We are on the bridge.
There's a good chance this is our ship.
- Looks like you're the leader. - Do not jump to conclusions.
I am decorated as well.
It seems to me determining leadership is not crucial now.
We need to find out who we are and what we're doing out here.
How did this happen? What did this to us?
Better still, who did this to us?
I've got some intermittent sensor readings here.
The scan keeps repeating like it's stuck.
But it looks like metallic debris in front of us.
Distance, 17 kilometres.
- The remains of another ship? - A good possibility.
Perhaps we were engaged in battle.
If they stunned us, that could have wiped our memories.
Then we fired back, destroyed them.
But if that is correct, we could have sustained other damage.
Computer, status report.
- No voice interface. - No interface, period.
Got something.
I've accessed the basic system directories.
Can we get a status report?
Life-support systems throughout the ship are fully operational.
Navigation, propulsion off line.
What about communications?
- Completely disrupted. - That rules out a distress signal.
If we even knew where to send it.
Do we have an on-board communications system?
We do now.
Let's use it. This ship must have a crew.
They may still have their memories.
We should be careful. There could be a boarding party.
Bridge to all personnel.
Select a representative to contact the bridge and report on your status.
Remain where you are and stay calm. Bridge out.
Well, that helps a lot...
Report on our status?
I wonder if everyone is in the same condition.
This hurts.
- How's that? - Thanks.
I didn't even think. I just picked it up and knew how to use it.
At least I have an idea of what I'm doing here.
But what about me?
I mean, I'm a patient in a bathing suit. That doesn't say much.
No, it doesn't.
Do you have any clothes around here I could borrow?
At least until I figure out where the swimming pool is.
We've heard from all decks.
There are over a thousand people.
Everyone's had their memories affected like we have.
I have completed a survey of our systems.
We are equipped with ten phaser banks,
250 photon torpedoes and a high-capacity shield grid.
- We're a battleship. - It appears so.
This turbo lift gives us access to the rest of the ship.
The next logical step. Start with the most crucial areas.
Main Engineering, deck 36. I'm on my way.
Wait a minute. We have to coordinate our efforts.
I need to do something.
I feel the same. If anything is going to get done...
I know, I just...
It's an ugly feeling, being so out of control.
We have to depend on each other to get through this, OK?
- We're going to search the ship. - Proceed.
I'll go with you.
I want to use the computer core to re-establish control.
I've accessed the optical-data network.
I can monitor every system from here.
Warp and impulse drives are within tolerance levels.
- So are the tactical arrays. - Everything looks functional now.
If we can access the control, we can run it.
The Engineering computer-core access is down that corridor.
Weapons, propulsion and shields are the priorities in case of attack.
- That's where I'll start. - Begin on decks five through ten.
Try to pull up the personnel files. It'd be nice if we all had names.
- Good luck. - You, too.
Our survey teams have found no injuries among the crew.
Shuttlecraft and transporters are operational.
But no one knows anything about their identities.
Engineering is working on accessing the control systems.
As soon as we are operational, we must be combat-ready.
Well, I would recommend that before we prepare for combat,
we try to access the ship's logs,
find out who we are, what our purpose here might be.
I disagree.
We must make ourselves ready for battle. That is our priority.
- Engineering to bridge. - Go ahead.
I have control of navigation, weapons and communications.
We will tie them in a few minutes.
Well done. Now we are ready.
The question is, for what?
The phasers are operational.
We now have full tactical control.
We should run a complete diagnostic.
A full diagnostic would require us to take our systems off line.
We would be defenceless.
If we are going to trust our lives to these systems, they can't fail.
The computer was damaged. Some processors might still be down.
Proceed with the diagnostic.
- What have you found, Doctor? - Not much.
The brain scans are unusual, but no damage to the hippocampus.
That suggests we have our long-term memories.
But they're being blocked.
Can we bypass the normal pathways? Get at our memories another way?
That's what I'm hoping.
What I need are normal scans for a comparison.
Can I get the crew's medical files?
We are running a full diagnostic.
Computer resources are limited.
Medical records are our next priority.
Thank you.
I guess these are my quarters but I don't remember anything.
We're all in the same situation. Stay put. We'll be in touch.
OK, sir. Thanks.
That's all I need for now.
Well, that's it for living quarters on this deck. What's next?
There's a large room ahead called ten-forward.
Let's go.
If everything was as it should be, what would you be doing now?
I'd be having more fun than searching this ship.
- Fun? - That holodeck we just saw.
I think I could conjure up an interesting program.
- That's disappointing. - Why?
You don't strike me as a man who needs a holodeck to have a good time.
- Who reported to the bridge? - I did.
Have you found out anything?
Not specifically, but there are two things that seem unusual.
The bartender is an artificial life form.
Can I get you something? A beverage?
- No, thank you. - I'm fine.
Your memories are gone?
The data banks that identify who I am are not functioning.
- Something else? - I don't know what it means.
I seem to have an ability that the others don't.
I have a very strong sense of what other people are feeling.
At times, it's almost...
- Is something wrong? - No.
Just for a moment, you seemed familiar.
- You remember me? - Not exactly.
I mean, I don't know who you are, but there's something about you.
- Bridge to survey team. - Go ahead.
We have accessed the personnel files. Report to the bridge.
We're on our way.
Give me a biographical listing
of all personnel responsible for the ship's primary operation.
A full listing is not available.
Is there any list of the ship's senior officers?
The crew manifest is available.
It's better than nothing.
Commanding Officer, Capt Jean-Luc Picard.
Executive Officer, Cmdr Keiran MacDuff.
Second Officer, Cmdr William Riker.
Operations Officer, Lt Cmdr Data.
Chief Medical Officer, Dr Beverly Crusher.
Ship's Counsellor, Lt Cmdr Deanna Troi.
Chief Engineer, Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge.
Security Chief, Lt Worf.
Helm Officer, Ensign Ro Laren.
Cmdr MacDuff, have the other officers report to the bridge.
Aye, sir.
Your next priority is to retrieve any information about our mission.
Contact the Operations Officer to assist you.
He's in ten-forward, waiting tables.
I regret my recent behaviour.
I assumed an attitude of authority that was unwarranted.
Mr. Worf, we're all doing the best we can. Think nothing more of it.
Thank you, Captain.
We haven't finished but we have found out a bit.
This vessel is the Enterprise.
We are part of the United Federation of Planets.
- The Federation is at war. - With whom?
The Lysian Alliance, a genocidal race determined to destroy us.
The war has gone on for years.
Starfleet Command believes the Lysians have a new weapon
which has shifted the balance to their favour.
Over the last two months, 14 Federation vessels
have been captured, easily, their crews held on Lysia.
What is this weapon?
Our scientists theorize they are using an energy wave,
either plasma-based or a subspace interference pattern.
The weapon disrupts a starship's computer system
and the mental functions of its crew.
That's what happened to us.
Do we have any record of our current mission?
Yes, sir.
We are approximately here.
We've been ordered into Lysian territory to destroy their command.
This is it. The nerve centre for the Lysian military operation.
Captain, there's been damage to our computer system.
Maybe we don't have the correct information.
What are you saying?
That we get confirmation of this mission from headquarters.
If we use subspace radio, we will be detected.
There may be thousands of lives at stake.
Our orders require us to maintain radio silence.
Our mission is part of an effort to end the war.
There are other vessels on other fronts, all working to a plan.
We're the lynchpin to the operation.
If we don't destroy their command, the effort fails.
He's right. Our choice is clear.
Cmdr MacDuff, set a course for the Lysian central command.
These are your quarters.
Thanks for your help. Come in for a minute?
Recognize anything?
It's like it belongs to someone else.
Nothing feels right.
This room, this ship...
Most of all, this war we're fighting.
I don't imagine war ever feels right.
I suppose that's true.
- What is it? - That same feeling.
You seem familiar. You're the only thing that does.
Can you remember anything specific about us?
I don't know.
It's more like remembering an emotion,
feelings that you're somehow associated with.
- I hope they're good feelings. - Yes, they are.
This entire situation is a little bit unnerving.
It's been a long day. We've been through a lot.
We certainly have.
I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.
I didn't get the wrong room.
I didn't like the way my quarters were decorated.
Besides, I have a feeling I spend most of my off hours here.
For all we know, you and I could be married.
For all we know, you and I could hate each other.
Sort of exciting, isn't it? We just don't know.
- We might regret this. - Regret what?
Aren't you being presumptuous?
Like I said, I didn't like the way my quarters were decorated.
Maybe we should switch quarters.
Maybe we should stay here and see what happens.
What if I snore in my sleep?
What makes you think you're gonna get any sleep?
We have crossed the Lysian border.
Take us out of warp. Three-quarters impulse.
- Maintain a sensor sweep. - Aye, sir.
How long till their central command?
At our current speed, 37 hours.
Captain, I am picking up a vessel ahead.
Can you identify it?
The ship matches the description of a Lysian destroyer.
A short-range attack vessel with disruptor weapons and a crew of 53.
- Within visual range. - On screen.
The destroyer is increasing speed to intercept.
- Evasive sequence delta. - Yes, sir.
They are matching our manoeuvres.
Activating phaser arrays. Ready to fire, sir.
Stand by.
Captain, our orders were to destroy all Lysian warships.
I'm aware of that, Commander.
Tactical analysis, Mr. Data?
The destroyer has minimal shields.
Their disruptor capacity is only 2.1 megajoules.
- No match for the Enterprise. - Captain.
- The destroyer is hailing us. - Open a channel.
Their new weapon, whatever erased our memories,
maybe they do it over communication channels.
It is conceivable, sir.
It's also possible they just want to talk to us.
- I think we should respond. - The ship is hailing us.
If you're wrong, it could mean our destruction.
The Lysians have stopped transmitting.
They have powered up their disruptors. They have locked onto us.
- Full shields. - Shields up.
Return fire.
The ship has been destroyed.
Maintain course, Ensign. Three-quarters impulse.
- Yes, sir. - Well done, Captain.
The Lysians would have received any transmission by now.
They will be on alert.
I recommend a randomly vectored approach.
It's our best chance of avoiding any pursuit.
Success would be more likely if we had our memories.
Anything you can do?
I found several cases resembling this in the medical index.
The causes are different but the cure is similar in each case.
- Could it work for us? - That's what I'm hoping.
It involves increasing the activity of the medial-temporal region
using short-term synapses to retrieve long-term memory.
- When can you start? - When our files become available.
- It would be dangerous without them. - Mr. La Forge?
Data and I ran into trouble accessing the medical files
but with time we'll get there.
- Three hours, maximum. - Proceed.
I don't get it. I'm still hitting a file wall.
There appears to be a command-path discontinuity.
I shall attempt to rewrite the locator subroutine.
You must have been some bartender. Too bad there aren't more of you.
I wonder why you're the only one on board.
I have expended considerable thought
with respect to my apparent uniqueness.
Any conclusions?
Several possibilities suggest themselves.
I may represent an entire race of artificial life forms.
If so, there may be a home planet.
A shared history and culture of which I am not aware.
Or you could have been built for this ship.
I have considered that.
It may be the case that every starship
is equipped with an artificial life form.
If that's true, maybe you all look alike. A standard-issue android.
There is another possibility.
Perhaps my origin is unique. In that case, I am alone.
We have accessed the information-storage area.
- The files are damaged. - The mission reports are gone.
As well as the crew records and the personal logs.
So are the medical records.
Come in.
I'm restless. Mind if I visit for a while?
- What's wrong? - Everything.
Every time I think about this war, our mission,
I feel panic, like a hand closing around my throat.
You're never gonna feel good about this war.
But we must complete our mission.
I've been doing a little research about William T Riker.
- What have you discovered? - He's a musician.
Very impressive.
No one was more surprised than l.
What else has your research uncovered?
He's athletically inclined, loves to climb mountains.
He's from somewhere called Alaska.
He enjoys exotic food,
and takes his vacations on a planet called Risa.
Ode to Psyche by John Keats.
Open it.
"To Will, all my love, Deanna."
That may explain some of the familiar feelings we have.
I don't know what to think.
Come in.
- Counsellor. - Ensign.
Am I interrupting anything?
- No. - No.
I was just visiting. We'll talk again soon, Commander.
Of course. Thank you, Counsellor.
And what was all of that about?
We were just discussing the situation we're in.
Good. Because I have a feeling that I used to be the jealous type.
What bothers me is how specific this damage is.
Any records of a personal nature, about who we are,
those are gone.
It's too selective.
As selective as what was done to our memories.
Skills are in place, but not personal knowledge.
It is consistent with the Lysian weapon.
Do we need to see the medical files to attempt treatment?
It would be dangerous without them.
- It's a risk we have to take. - He's right.
I volunteer for the procedure.
That's strange. The diencephalic activity is exactly the same.
There should be some increase.
Let's broaden the bandwidth.
Go to 30.1.
Raise the frequency as well. Increase it by 33 percent.
Something's wrong with the sequencing program.
I'm alright.
- What happened? - I don't know.
Something went wrong with the sequence initiator.
We're lucky we didn't lose you.
Did any of this work? Do you remember anything more?
No, I'm sorry, Doctor.
Back to square one.
- You wanted to see me, Captain? - Yes. Please, sit down.
I find myself having grave concerns about our mission.
Concerns? As to its success?
No, no. More fundamental doubts.
Whether or not it can be justified.
I've asked myself the same thing.
I'm sure our superiors feel their orders are justified.
Orders we can't even verify.
Orders we can't ignore.
But I also can't ignore that we have greatly outclassed
the one enemy vessel we've encountered,
and that every single possible shred of information
which might shed light on this situation has been eliminated.
I feel as though I've been handed a weapon,
sent into a room and told to shoot a stranger.
Well, I need some moral context to justify that action.
And I don't have it.
I'm not content to obey orders.
I need to know that what I'm doing is right.
So do l. I'd feel better if all the questions were answered.
If you want to abandon our mission, that's your choice, but...
I must ask you, is it right to risk prolonging this war,
to allow the deaths of thousands on both sides
on the basis of our moral discomfort?
- You wished to see me, sir? - I did. Please.
Memory or no, it seems clear that you and I were born for battle.
- More so than the others. - I thought this as well.
It's conceivable that is why we have been assigned to this vessel.
The Enterprise has science officers, medical specialists, engineers.
Our Captain is undoubtedly an accomplished diplomat.
But we are the warriors.
There are times for diplomacy. This is not one of them.
You're concerned about the Captain?
I am concerned about completing our mission, ending this war.
In victory.
We may soon face a critical moment.
The success of our mission may hang on a split-second decision.
A hesitation would kill us all.
Those that are counting on us would die as well.
We cannot let this happen.
That'll be all.
We are entering the Lysian system.
- Slow to one-quarter impulse. - Yes, sir.
The central command is still beyond weapon range.
Red alert. Battle stations.
Bring us to an attack posture, Mr. Worf.
Sensors show several objects, 29 metres in length and unmanned.
According to Starfleet records, they are sentry pods.
I read 47 of them.
Tactical analysis, Mr. Data?
The pods have fusion-generated pulse lasers and minimal shielding.
Not much power.
Forward shields to maximum. Lock phasers on the sentry pods.
- Prepare to return fire. - Shields up.
Phasers locked on targets.
Full impulse. Take us straight through.
We are through, sir.
That was too easy.
We have yet to encounter any battleships. They may lie ahead.
Load all torpedo bays. Ready phasers.
Aye, sir.
Approaching central command.
Mr. Data, scan for defences.
I'm picking up no vessels, no sentry pods.
Optimal firing range in 55 seconds.
Phaser banks ready. Loading torpedoes.
What are the defensive capabilities of the command?
Armaments consist of four laser cannons
and 39 cobalt-fusion warheads with magnetic propulsion.
Defensive-shield output is 4.3 kilojoules.
One photon torpedo ought to do it.
- How many people are there? - 15,311.
- We're within range, Captain. - Stand by.
- Waiting on your orders, sir. - Captain, this isn't right.
The rest of our forces depend on us.
How can our mortal enemy be 100 years behind us in technology?
Their battleships may be on their way. We must attack.
I do not fire on defenceless people.
- Mr. Worf, open a channel. - Belay that order.
There is something wrong with the Captain. Fire all weapons!
Mr. Worf!
Captain's log, supplemental.
We are on course to Star base 301.
Dr Crusher has restored the memories of most of the crew.
The Lysians have identified Cmdr MacDuff as a Satarran,
an alien race that's been at war with the Lysians for decades.
I have conveyed our deepest regrets to the Lysians
over the tragedy of their lost ship and crew.
With all the power MacDuff had
to alter our brain chemistry and manipulate the computers,
it's hard to believe he needed us.
The Satarrans' weapons are no more advanced than the Lysians'.
One photon torpedo would have ended their war.
It almost did.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
- No. - No.
- I was hoping to run into you. - Please, sit down.
Well, I'm glad I ran into the two of you.
When you have no memory of who you are, you find yourself...
The Counsellor tells me that at times like that,
we might do the things that we've always wanted to do.
- She said that? - It's psychologically valid.
Commander, don't worry about it.
As far as I'm concerned, you and I shared something
that we will treasure forever.
Well, I'm a little confused.
Well, if you're still confused tomorrow,
you know where my office is.

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