Captain's log, star date 45571.2. We are going into orbit
around an unexplored M-Class moon of Mab-Bu VI.
Though it is reported uninhabited, we have picked up a distress call.
The electromagnetic whirlwinds
make it hard to locate the source of the signal.
- Any indications of life? - Scanners read negative.
But there is interference.
Have you ever heard anything similar?
I believe so. At Starfleet Academy.
- The Academy? - I will verify it.
As I thought. It is a Starfleet subspace distress signal,
standard to Daedalus-class starships.
They haven't been in service for... what?
172 years, sir.
Any records of missing ships in this vicinity?
The USS Essex, under Capt Bryce Shumar,
disappeared in this sector over two centuries ago.
I have accessed the transponder signature of the Essex.
It is identical to the signal from the moon.
We arrived a little late!
Mute it, Mr. Data.
With the storms, it isn't worth the risk to check on a ghost ship.
Advise Starfleet we have solved the mystery of the Essex.
I'm not sure we have.
Someone's down there.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
First Officer's log, supplemental.
The interference is too dangerous for anyone to transport down.
So we have taken a shuttle to investigate.
- Shields are holding. - Wind shear is incredible.
Data, keep an eye on the stabilizers.
If it's like this on the ground, how can people survive?
- Maybe they live underground. - Where?
I still can't locate the source of the signal.
It's bouncing around more than we are.
Thrusters have failed. We are losing power.
- Go ahead. - We've lost our thrusters.
Attempting to use boosters.
Their impulse generators have shut down.
Can you hear me?
Enterprise to shuttle. Please respond.
Hold on! We're going down.
- Initiating emergency landing. - Maintain the approach attitude.
I'm taking her in. Brace for impact!
- The shuttle has crashed. - Position?
I have the trace signature,
but the interference is distorting its position.
- Can you locate them? - I think I can.
I followed their entry.
We can calculate coordinates from the angle of descent.
- Your arm. - Pretty sure that's broken.
It is unlikely we will be able to establish communication.
We'll stay in the area until they find us.
Take an inventory of the shuttle. See if there's anything usable.
The ground cover is nonporous rock.
It's even less likely anyone's living here.
There are no instruments left that have not been damaged.
What is that?
It's not like any storm front I've ever seen.
High levels of EM bursts across the spectrum.
No life signs other than our own.
There is someone alive here. I'm certain.
I hope they can find us. There's no way we'll find them.
They're coming. They're coming with the storm.
We can't get a lock on them because of the EM bursts.
There's no way we can beam them out in these conditions.
Those conditions stop a shuttle landing safely. Any suggestions?
Give us a minute.
Let me beam down with a pattern enhancer.
You could rematerialize in a million pieces in that whirlwind.
I can boost the confinement beam.
One person might be able to make it.
O'Brien wants to beam down with a pattern enhancer.
His chances of making it down there safely are no better than 50%50.
A major storm front is moving in on their coordinates.
- You know the risks, Mr. O'Brien? - Yes, sir.
I think I can make it.
- Alright, then. Good luck. - Aye, sir.
Mr. O'Brien!
- Nice of you to join us. - Nice spot for a picnic, sir.
We need to distribute these enhancer rods at seven-meter lengths.
That should do it.
Will this storm front interfere with the transport?
I'd really like to get out before it hits.
I'm meant to feed the baby lunch.
Molly gets in a foul mood if I'm late.
I'm with you!
Lunchtime, Miles. Let's do it.
Easy, Deanna.
- Where...? - On the Enterprise. You're OK.
My skin's tingling.
It's the after-images of the electromagnetic discharge.
The sensation will pass.
They're all fine, too.
Now, take your time, Counsellor. Doctor's orders.
- Injury report, Doctor. - Mostly minor abrasions.
Cmdr Riker took the worst of it. A broken arm.
- Mr. Data. Good work, Chief. - Thank you, sir.
Ready for duty, sir.
- Sure, Number One? - It's not my first broken bone.
- And how are you, Counsellor? - Very glad to be here.
Good. Let's go.
So what happened?
That storm moved in faster than anything I've seen.
Any evidence of life?
No, but if Troi was right, we were close to it.
Bridge. How do you suggest we proceed?
We need to adjust the scanner to penetrate the storms.
Any ideas, Data?
We can employ virtual imaging to interpolate missing data.
- Something wrong, Commander? - My apologies, sir.
It seems my speech processes are experiencing a minor fluctuation.
I will correct it in a moment.
Captain, may I speak with you for a moment in private?
You have the bridge, Number One.
Mr. Data, deploy sensor scans.
Take us to a synchronous orbit aligned around our crash site.
Sir, given the EM-field properties of this moon,
I recommend a search pattern
beginning in the southern polar region.
The polar region? That would be starting from scratch.
Readings suggest that we begin our scan around our crash site.
The Essex's signal was never clearly located.
A survey of the moon from a polar orbit might be more practical.
You may be right.
But I'd like to give the crash site a once-over first.
- Maintain our current orbit. - Understood, sir.
I've never felt anything like it. It was as if they were calling to me.
Someone was communicating telepathically?
Perhaps. For an instant.
It was like their voices were being carried on the wind.
What were they trying to communicate?
I'm not sure.
But they were calling me to the southern polar region.
I believe that's where we should look for the Essex.
Commander, did you override my orbital heading?
- Override? - We've moved into a polar orbit.
I'm locked out. Helm isn't responding.
Do you know anything about this, Mr. Data? Data?
Security to the bridge!
Computer, transfer command to Engineering.
- This way. - What happened?
He would not change course.
The Captain would have done it for me.
Deck 36, Engineering.
Computer, re-enable bridge control.
Security protocol. Authorization, Riker Omega three.
Data, O'Brien and Troi tried to take over the ship.
They're in turbo lift four. Engaging override now.
They've trapped us.
- What deck is this? - Deck ten.
- Can you move us again? - I can override bridge command.
Activate security fields.
Sir, the turbo lift is moving again. They're still inside.
Initiate emergency bulkheads in turbo shaft four.
They have been stopped at deck 13.
Mr. Worf.
Can you deactivate this?
We can't override an emergency force-field command.
My entity's artificial substructure may be useful.
They've broken through the security field. Deck ten.
Security to ten-forward.
Momma's here.
Everyone, get down on the floor.
On the floor!
Everyone, down, now!
Multiple phaser shots, ten-forward.
Picard to Worf. Report.
Mr. Worf, acknowledge. Can you hear me, Mr. Worf?
Yes, bridge. He can hear you.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Following an aborted attempt to take over the bridge,
Troi, Data and O'Brien have seized ten-forward.
- Security teams at both entrances. - Yes, sir.
Shut down computer access to ten-forward.
I can't. They've set up a remote security lockout.
We'd have to shut down the saucer.
Transporter room three, can you get a lock on Data, Troi and O'Brien?
Attempting to lock on, sir.
They're attempting to engage the transporters.
- I know how to shut them down. - Do it.
Bridge, the transporter array is in a diagnostic mode.
I can't override. It'll take a few hours to complete.
How many people are down there?
17. They just shut down internal scanners, too.
- Dr Crusher to the bridge. - On my way.
What are you doing?
Reversing the force fields to isolate this room.
- Good. - Their communicators.
Now they'll learn nothing except what we tell them.
They've done something to the force fields.
They've completely isolated ten-forward.
How about using anaesthezine gas?
That won't affect Data. We have to knock out all three.
A concussive charge would blow out the security fields.
We could go in and stun everybody.
Doctor, check the biofilter readouts of the away team's transport.
See if you can come up with any clue to explain this.
Ten-forward, this is Capt Picard. I will discuss this situation.
There is no need for further violence.
Please, identify yourselves.
They will attempt to negotiate the safety and release of their people.
Interesting. Under normal circumstances,
I would be counselling the Captain.
What would you tell him to do?
I would help him find a way to secure our trust.
What are you looking at?
You, Klingon.
Attack me.
Are you afraid?
I have no fear of death.
And I have no fear of killing you.
Stop it!
Please respond, ten-forward.
Do any of my crew require medical assistance?
We can discuss your wounded.
But first, you will move the ship.
Move it where?
Change orbit to an inclination of 80 degrees south.
The southern polar region, where Data tried to move the ship.
That's what Troi asked me to do. But why?
Ten-forward, if you could be more specific about our destination...
You have 30 seconds to change your heading,
or additional members of your crew will require medical attention.
We need to stabilize this situation. Play for time.
I suggest that we move the ship as they've asked. Agreed?
Set a new heading, but take us there as slowly as you can.
Ten-forward, we are moving the ship as you requested.
He's telling the truth. Their heading has changed.
I compared the away team's last transporter patterns
to their earlier records.
They're exactly the same, except in Data, Troi and O'Brien
there's unusual synaptic activity. Anionic energy.
It might be a life form superimposing its neural patterns.
- Why wasn't I affected? - I don't know.
The only difference is that you were injured.
- My broken arm. - It caused pain receptors to fire.
It may have made you immune to this energy.
What would happen if we were to inflict pain on the others?
It might force whatever it is out of them.
A plasma shock would be painful, but wouldn't harm them.
I could hook up a laser to a plasma inverter.
What about Data?
It will definitely overload his neural net. It'll work on him.
We have to penetrate the force field.
I could interrupt it for a few seconds,
but timing would be critical.
We have to hit all three with one discharge.
If they're together, it'll be fine.
How will you gain access?
A micro-optic drill through the ceiling.
We have to have some way to contain or neutralize this anionic energy
once it's out of our people.
Yes, Doctor, that will be your top priority. Proceed.
Bridge to ten-forward, now that we are moving the ship,
I want to know the nature of the injuries to my crew.
Five of your people are injured.
How serious is their condition?
You, Klingon, tell him.
One person has what looks like a level-five phaser hit.
Four have secondary burns. They require medical attention.
- Our captors are not affected... - Silence, Klingon!
you must release these people for medical attention.
I will release no one.
If you will release them, I will take their place.
I don't trust him. It may be a deception.
The crew values Picard's life above all others.
Capt Picard, we agree to your proposal.
- Expect a Medical team. - Acknowledged.
Sickbay, have an emergency Medical team outside ten-forward.
Putting you there strengthens their position.
While they're on board this ship, I'm a hostage. We all are.
We must find out who we're dealing with.
If La Forge and Ro can attempt a rescue, let them proceed.
If they can't, I will provide you with an opportunity. Watch for it.
Yes, sir.
Silence that child!
I know you.
I know who you are.
And I know what this is.
She's frightened! Why don't you just let us go?
Make it stop!
Ten-forward, we're outside the door.
Lower the force field.
Welcome, Captain. Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Capt Bryce Shumar of the Federation Starship Essex.
The Essex vanished over 200 years ago.
Indeed. I know. I was there.
This is my first officer, Cmdr Steven Mullen.
And my security chief, Lt Morgan Kelly.
And you have survived all this time as...?
Spirits? Ghosts? But you're a man who would never believe in ghosts.
Isn't that true? You see, Troi knows you.
And so I do as well.
Then Counsellor Troi is still alive?
Of course she is. I have no wish to harm her or to harm anyone else.
I'm pleased to hear that.
We have been forced to take this action because we need your help.
My help?
Our consciousness has been trapped on this moon for two centuries.
We must escape this torture.
How did this happen to you?
I can't explain how it happened. I only know that it did.
The Essex was caught in an electromagnetic storm,
just as your shuttle was.
Moments before we crashed, the bridge was struck by lightning.
The ship was ripped apart.
Somehow, in that instant,
our consciousness was absorbed into the magnetic currents on the surface.
Why didn't you tell us this? Why the deception?
The violence?
Because, as I said, I knew you would not believe us.
Even now, I know you don't.
What was your vessel's designation and complement?
NCC-173. Daedalus-class starship. Crew, 229.
Under whose command?
Admiral Uttan Narsu. Star base 12.
You will find all this in Starfleet records.
- I don't need to see the records. - Then you know I am correct.
End this, and I will give you whatever help you need.
You don't trust us. And I can't risk trusting you.
It's taking too long. We should have been there by now.
He is manipulating you.
Capt Picard has every right to be curious.
He will delay until a rescue is possible.
I know that.
I also know he will make every effort to protect the lives of his people.
Since our demands are not excessive, Captain,
I hope you will see that it will be simpler to accede
than to risk further injuries.
What do you want?
All you need to know for now is that we want to rest.
Simply, finally, to rest.
Section two.
Section one.
Finally! I never want to see this part of the Enterprise again.
I hear you. This is what starship designers call "easy access".
Yeah. Yeah, this is it.
I thought we might have a problem with conduit number 227,
but it looks like we're gonna be able to get by it.
- We're through. - Good.
Let's hook up the scanner and see what we've got.
Got it.
All three have to be in the circle for this to work.
We're halfway home. La Forge to Crusher, how are you doing?
I have an idea for a containment field.
This anionic energy seems vulnerable
to the magnetic-flux density in the storms.
If we can duplicate it,
we can trap it.
You could flood ten-forward with ionogenic particles.
Exactly what I was thinking.
How long will it take to get it all ready?
We still have to calibrate the plasma invert.
My guess is 45 minutes to an hour.
The containment field will be ready.
Keep me advised.
Impressions, Mr. Worf.
Spiritual possessions have been reported throughout Klingon history.
It is called Jat'yln, the taking of the living by the dead.
Human history is full of many similar legends.
Then you believe they may be telling the truth?
Not for one moment.
They know much about the Essex. If it is the spirit of Capt Shumar...
Then he should be behaving very much better.
- A Starfleet captain. - You two, sit down.
Living disembodied for two centuries. Perhaps they've gone mad.
I assure you, Mr. Worf, these are not Jat'yln.
Our job is to find out exactly what they are, and how to deal...
Right, that's enough. Sit down. You, over there. You, there.
- Down! - I gave you that.
In a place called McKinley Park. Green grass.
- Tall trees. - Please don't.
I hid the bracelet in your pocket.
- You were surprised. - Don't!
You said, "Miles, you make me feel so happy."
No! Get away from me!
Leave her alone.
Capt Shumar.
We're approaching the southern polar region. I need to give instructions.
Very well. We're taking you to our crash site.
- The southern pole? - That is correct.
Nothing our sensors could detect indicated the Essex went down there.
As I told you, Captain, the ship broke up in the atmosphere,
and the bridge went down here.
When we reach it,
you will beam what's left of our skeletal remains on board,
and then take them back to Earth for a proper burial.
You see how simple a request this is?
..if you will let these people go,
I'll order the bridge to follow your instructions.
I will release no one.
If you are who you say you are, there's no need for this.
We'll gladly take you home.
I wish you were truly as open-minded as you say, Picard.
Release the hostages or I won't cooperate.
You'll cooperate, Captain.
You will cooperate, or someone will die.
Who shall it be?
How about the Klingon?
Get another one.
Come on.
Pick one to die, Captain, or I kill them both.
They're all in range. I have to do it now.
I can only shut down the force field for seven seconds.
If they're the right seven seconds, it'll be enough.
Prepare to release the ionogenic field.
Standing by.
- Ready? - Lower force field.
- Force field down. - Firing plasma charge.
Tell them to stop, or I kill everyone in this room, starting with you.
Picard to bridge, abort immediately.
As you say, Captain.
Riker to La Forge, return to the bridge.
- Are you ready to cooperate? - Yes.
First Officer's log, supplemental.
The Enterprise is in orbit near the southern polar region.
We await further instructions.
- Any sign of the Essex? - Negative.
Electromagnetic disturbances are even worse here.
Bridge to ten-forward.
Intense storm activity makes it virtually impossible
for us to pick up any trace of the Essex.
We are giving you the exact coordinates
of our remains on board the Essex.
I'm receiving those coordinates now.
Can you tell what's there?
Just your basic ionic cyclone. I can't read a thing.
I'm not beaming up whatever might be down there.
You've got a good excuse. Transporters wouldn't work.
Bridge to ten-forward.
Whatever's blocking our scanners will block the transporters.
They're lying!
We've had difficulties with the transporters.
That's why we sent the shuttle.
- You should know. - We have to use the transporters.
Mr. O'Brien safely executed the return of the away team.
He's the most qualified person to operate the transporters.
- Can you do it from here? - No. I need a transporter pad.
I could give you safe passage
to a transporter pad in a cargo bay.
It is a trick. He is trying to divide us.
We must not be separated.
I can give you all safe passage.
Why are you suddenly so helpful?
I assume that if you choose to go to the cargo bay,
then you won't take all the hostages. Their safety is my priority.
What are the risks when we leave this room?
Without the force fields, we are vulnerable.
They could use the transporter. They could beam us to the surface.
But there is a way to neutralize that threat.
Bridge, transfer all transporter functions to ten-forward.
In order to do that,
you will have to release your computer lockouts.
- That's not true. - Let me talk to him.
Number One, I think we have an opportunity to end this siege.
It will require the cooperation of all concerned.
Our guests will be moving shortly to cargo bay four,
from where the transport will occur.
I want you to ensure them of safe passage
between ten-forward and the cargo bay.
Understood, Captain.
- Doctor. Mr. La Forge. - Yes, sir.
Transporter controls are being transferred.
Ten-forward to bridge. I said all transporter controls!
Including all those aboard your shuttlecraft.
Almost had them, Ensign. Nice try.
Riker to ten-forward. Remaining transporter functions transferred.
Once we create our own access code,
no one can use the transporter against us.
What about the weapons?
We will each take a hostage. For protection.
- Klingon. - Picard, you are mine.
Please let her stay.
Lower the force field.
- Security teams, stand by. - They're in section five.
They'll be at their destination in less than a minute.
They stopped at deck 18.
Security, allow them access to cargo bay four.
I will require assistance.
Capt Shumar, how do you intend to achieve this rest that you so desire?
What do you mean?
How do you intend to free yourselves of this existence
that has so trapped your consciousness?
It will fade as we move from this planet.
Really? What is your scientific basis for that?
I don't need a scientific basis. Just be quiet.
When are you going to tell me who you really are?
I've initialized the transporter signal.
- They're firing up the transporter. - Mr. La Forge?
I've isolated cargo bay four with a neutrino field.
It will only take Data and O'Brien a few minutes to override it.
I hope it gives the Captain enough time.
Do you know what he'll do?
There's only one reason he chose cargo bay four.
If it becomes necessary,
you'll blow the cargo bay hatch on my orders.
Yes, sir.
You're right, Picard.
It's not rest we seek, only escape.
We were brought to this moon over five centuries ago,
from a star system called Ux-Mal.
We were separated from our bodies and left to drift in the storms.
Once we almost escaped, on board the Essex.
But that ship could not elude this moon's electromagnetic storms.
You thought using their identities would gain our sympathy?
It was better than asking you
to allow hundreds of condemned prisoners on board.
Then this moon is a penal colony.
That's correct.
But now we have your ship and your bodies to carry us home.
I'm reading dozens of them. Hundreds.
They have the same anionic signature we saw on the biophoto scans.
We can give the Captain a new bargaining chip.
Dr Crusher, flood the cargo bay with your containment field.
- Let them go or you will all die! - Your threats are meaningless.
We are still in control of these three bodies.
Will you sacrifice the others? They will die when the hatch is blown.
- You will die too, Picard. - I would die to save my child.
To die defending one's ship is the hope of every Klingon.
If you each know the officers you inhabit,
then you know they would give their lives for this ship.
Free them now and I will return you to the moon's surface.
I advise you, Picard, not to pass our way again.
Picard to bridge. Our guests are leaving shortly.
- I need an emergency Medical team. - On our way.
Mr. Worf, prepare to transport these prisoners down to the moon's surface.
Gladly, sir.
Captain's log, star date 45572. 1.
Dr Crusher has examined Troi, Data and O'Brien.
There seem to be no residual effects.
It was as if my own consciousness were pushed to the side.
I watched everything, heard my voice, but wasn't able to control it.
The entity that controlled you, what were your perceptions?
He was intelligent, actually.
Thoughtful, in a ruthless kind of way.
I must apologize for my inadvertent misconduct.
- No apology necessary. - Your restraint was most remarkable.
You have no idea.
- How do you feel? - Hungry.
That's a good sign.
Go home.
How do you feel?
I'm just glad to have you back.
If I could have killed that thing inside me, I would have.
I know. We both know.

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