Captain's log, stardate 47751.2.
The Enterprise is at Starbase 310 to meet Fleet Admiral Nechayev.
This visit gives us the opportunity to pick up a member of the family.
Here you are, your very own quarters.
They're far away from mine so you don't have to see me.
Mom, that's not why I asked for my own quarters.
You don't have to explain.
There comes a time when you don't want to stay with your senile mother.
I'll visit the old doctors' home every Sunday.
Come in.
So, is there a runaway cadet in here?
If so, we may have to call Security.
Welcome back, Wes. How's life at the Academy?
It's great. It's great, but it's good to have a break.
I was not serious about calling Security. It was a joke.
- I got it, Data. - Are you going to lounge around?
I'm sure I can help you.
Wes, enjoy your vacation. You've earned it.
We'd better let you settle in.
Yeah. Good idea. Don't sleep your whole vacation away.
Goodbye, Wes.
It's good to have you home, son.
- Thanks, Mom. - Really.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Admiral Nechayev has beamed aboard.
Earl Grey tea. Watercress sandwiches.
And Bularian canapés.
Are you up for promotion?
I am establishing a new relationship with the Admiral.
There has been some tension between us in the past.
Tension is hardly the word.
I will get things off on a better note.
I want her to feel at ease and welcome on board the Enterprise.
Is there any reason she shouldn't feel welcome here?
We don't have to like her but we have orders.
Maintaining this atmosphere of confrontation serves no purpose.
Admiral Nechayev, welcome to the Enterprise.
Thank you. You may leave, Cmdr Riker.
Thank you, Admiral. Captain.
- May I offer you...? - I'll come right to the point.
There's a situation that's developed on the Cardassian border...
- Are those Bularian canapés? - As a matter of fact, they are.
I spoke with your aide, Cmdr Wrightwell.
He said that you were fond of them.
That was very thoughtful. Thank you.
You were saying about the Cardassians...?
Yes. The Federation has completed a drawn-out series of negotiations
regarding the final status of our border with the Cardassians.
These will be the official boundaries.
I see.
You'll notice a demilitarised zone along the border.
Neither side will be permitted to place military outposts,
conduct fleet exercises, or station warships in the demilitarised area.
This border places several Federation colonies in Cardassian territory,
and some Cardassian colonies in ours.
This agreement is far from perfect.
Neither side got all they wanted. But every side got something.
As someone once said, diplomacy is the art of the possible.
Those colonies on the wrong side of the border will be moved.
The colonists won't be happy about that.
Some have been there for decades.
It won't be easy. But it's a reasonable price for peace.
Your mission will be to evacuate Dorvan V.
Dorvan V?
Isn't that where the group of North American Indians settled?
Yes. They've been there for about 20 years.
They've established a village on the southern continent.
- Is something wrong? - Admiral.
Centuries ago, these North American Indians
were forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands.
These settlers originally left Earth
more than 200 years ago to preserve their cultural identity.
I am aware of that.
There are some disturbing historical parallels here.
Once more, they are being asked to leave their homes
because of a political decision taken by a distant government.
An Indian representative was included in the Federation Council.
His objections were noted, discussed, but ultimately rejected.
The Indians on Dorvan are a nomadic group
that settled there only 20 years ago. At that time,
they were warned that the planet was disputed by the Cardassians.
They never should have gone there.
Granted, but to go to them now after 20 years,
and ask them to leave what is now their home...
I made that argument with the Federation Council.
It took three years to negotiate this treaty.
Some concessions had to be made. This was one.
What if these Indians refuse?
Then your orders are to remove them by whatever means necessary.
I understand your moral objections, Captain.
If you wish, I can find someone else to command this mission.
That will not be necessary, Admiral.
I don't envy you this task, but it is for the greater good.
I understand.
And, Captain.
Thank you for making me feel welcome.
You will always be welcome aboard this ship.
Thanks, Ensign.
Wes. There you are.
Come here. I've got something to show you.
Come on. You gotta take a look at this.
Remember how we wanted to improve quantum efficiency
with a plasma-dyne new relay?
Well, take a look at this.
You've only got one microfusion inter-relay?
Your converter interface will never hold up.
I ran these diagnostics myself.
This baby will withstand over 500 Cochranes of warp-field stress.
I don't think so. Put a second phase inverter in there.
Your subprocessor matrix needs an overhaul.
That may be your opinion, Cadet, but I stand by my work.
Read the latest paper from Dr Vassbinder.
He has brilliant new theories on warp-propulsion inter-relays.
He'd say this is obsolete.
I don't know what's gotten into you.
- Do you want my help or not? - With this attitude, absolutely not.
You're dismissed.
Captain's log, supplemental.
The Enterprise is at Dorvan V.
I have spoken to the leader of their council.
He will meet us this afternoon to discuss the situation.
Anthwara, there is very little I can do.
The decision was made at the highest level of Starfleet.
Do you know how long we have searched for a home?
Almost 200 years.
Then we found this world.
Can you blame us for not wanting to give it up?
I understand, and I respect your long journey,
but I believe that I can find you a new home.
Three other planets in this sector
have environmental conditions similar to Dorvan V.
They're all uninhabited and could be colonised immediately.
If none meet with your approval,
then we'll find other choices.
You do not understand, Captain.
The choice of this planet was not only for environmental conditions.
There were other more intangible concerns as well.
When I came here 20 years ago...
...I was welcomed by the mountains, the rivers, the sky.
Anthwara, he is laughing at you.
He thinks you're talking about superstition and nonsense.
This is not true.
I have deep respect for your beliefs and the meaning they hold.
Then you can respect the fact
that this planet holds a deep spiritual significance for us.
It has taken us two centuries to find this place.
We do not want to spend another 200 years
searching for what we already have.
Captain, I suggest we adjourn to allow us all time
to think about what's been said.
Agreed. We will reconvene tomorrow.
I invite you all to join us this evening on the Enterprise.
Thank you. We look forward to it.
Ever since you've come on board, you've been moody, sullen and rude.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
I just want to be left alone.
That incident in Engineering was inexcusable.
That is my business. Don't tell me how to behave.
I shouldn't have to. You should have a certain level of maturity.
Maybe I am sick of rules and regulations,
maybe I'm sick of living up to everyone else's expectations.
Did you ever think of that?
I have been fascinated,
Iooking into the history and traditions of your people.
I was very interested to learn that your grandfather, Katowa,
was the man who first led the group of Indians from Earth 200 years ago.
There was a great deal of opposition.
Even my own father was against it.
But when Katowa made his decision, it was final.
Father never said another word.
It's never easy to leave one's home, the safe and the familiar.
But there are times when the greater good
demands that certain sacrifices are made.
I'm sure that was something your grandfather understood.
So does his grandson.
There are also times when a people sacrificed too much.
When a people must hold on to what we have,
even against overwhelming opposition.
What do you know about your family, Captain?
Well, a great deal, actually.
My father was a believer in passing on traditions and history.
I would like to know more about your family.
We have strong ties to our ancestors.
We believe their actions guide us even now.
Knowing more about your family might help me to understand you.
Besides, it is always good to understand one's adversary
in any negotiation.
I hope that by the end of this,
you will no longer look on me as an adversary.
My family.
Our roots in Europe go back to the time of Charlemagne.
- I'm sorry I'm late. - We'll talk about it later.
Wesley Crusher?
- I am Lakanta. - It's nice to meet you.
Can I get you a drink?
I have known that you were coming to us for the past two years.
Two years ago...
...I went into the Habak and began a vision quest.
While I was there, I saw many things,
talked to many animals, many spirits.
And I saw you.
- I don't think I understand. - I know why you came to us.
To find the answers that you seek.
I don't know what to do.
It's as if somebody took my son and left a stranger in his place.
In a sense, that's what happened.
When Wesley left three years ago, he was a boy.
Now he has returned a young man.
That can't be easy for a mother or a son.
- It's gone beyond the two of us. - The incident with Geordi.
Have you heard about the Academy?
I called Admiral Brand today.
She said his grades are dropping, he's remote and defensive.
If he's not careful, he'll wash out.
Maybe you should talk to him, Jean-Luc.
Maybe it's a thing a man needs to discuss with another man.
I don't think he wants to talk right now.
- But he needs our help. - He has to want help.
If he doesn't, then our efforts will only push him further away.
He's got to work this out for himself.
How long have you been watching me?
Since you beamed down.
I'm here. What should I do?
I don't know.
You said you would help me find answers.
Answers to your questions.
Tell me about this Habak. You said you had a vision there?
The Habak is holy to us.
We hold our rituals and our ceremonies there.
It's sacred to us. What's sacred to you, Wesley?
I don't know.
I think things are important. I have respect for things.
But I don't really consider anything sacred.
Look around us.
What do you think is sacred to us here?
Maybe the necklace you're wearing?
The designs on the walls?
Everything is sacred to us.
The buildings, the food,
the sky, the dirt beneath your feet.
And you.
Whether you believe in your spirit or not, we believe in it.
You are a sacred person here, Wesley.
That's the first time anyone's used that word to describe me.
So, if you are sacred, then you must treat yourself with respect.
To do otherwise is to desecrate something that is holy.
Is that what you think I've been doing?
Only you can decide that.
I guess I haven't had a lot of respect for myself lately.
Then perhaps it's time for your own vision quest to begin.
Anthwara, I regret that we have not reached an agreement.
But, and I must be blunt, I cannot take no for an answer.
This planet will be handed over to the Cardassian government
in accordance with the terms of the border agreement.
I'm very sorry, but you will have to leave.
And if we do not?
Then I will be forced to remove you
by whatever means are necessary.
We know you will not take us from this land.
I may regret it, but I am not able...
When you first came to us,
we did not know why you were sent by the Federation,
but we knew there must be a good reason.
To us, nothing that happens is truly random.
So, we searched for the true reason you were sent
but did not find it until last night.
Are you familiar with the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
I am.
Several Indian tribes rose up to overthrow their Spanish overlords
and drove them out of New Mexico.
Ten years later, the Spanish returned to reconquer the area.
They were brutal. I would use the word "savage."
They killed hundreds of our people.
Thousands more were maimed.
The name of one of the soldiers...
...was Javier Maribona-Picard.
Your ancestor.
I'm not aware of this incident or of the man you named.
This happened more than 700 years ago.
I do not see what bearing...
That is why you have come to us, to erase a stain of blood...
...worn by your family for 23 generations.
Mr Worf. What is going on?
We have unwelcome visitors, sir.
I am Capt Picard of the Enterprise.
I am Gul Evek. What are all these people still doing here?
The evacuation should be under way.
May I have a word with you? Alone.
As you wish. Wait here.
There should be no Cardassian presence here for six weeks.
Your arrival may have upset some delicate negotiations.
Negotiations? This has been settled. What are you negotiating?
I will be happy to explain that.
For now, I must ask you to leave immediately.
We have been sent
to perform a preliminary survey of buildings and equipment.
I will not leave until our mission is complete.
Very well. Complete your mission.
But remember, this is Federation territory.
Until that changes, these people are under my jurisdiction.
I will protect them.
- Is that a threat? - It's a fact.
Bear that in mind while you conduct your survey.
This is the Habak, the focal point of our lives.
- Strangers are not welcome. - When I asked to come here...
You're not a stranger.
I told you, I've seen you here before.
- What are those figures? - They are Mansara.
Dolls that represent the spirits that come to this place.
- That one looks like a Klingon. - Yes.
Our culture is rooted in the past,
but it's not limited to the past.
The spirits of the Klingon, the Vulcan, the Ferengi
come to us just as the bear and the coyote, the parrot.
- There's no difference. - What should I do?
- Start the fire. Sit and wait. - What am I waiting for?
This is your journey, Wesley.
I can open the door, but only you can go through it.
Admiral, the Indian Council is adamant. They refuse to leave.
Is there any indication the Council will change their position?
- No, sir. - Then I see no choice.
Admiral, they will resist any attempt to remove them.
I strongly request an emergency session of the Federation Council.
The issue of Dorvan V must be reopened.
I made that request two days ago. The answer was no.
I'm sorry, but you have your orders. Starfleet out.
So much for your reprieve.
Anthwara believes that I am responsible
for the crimes of one of my ancestors against his people.
- Do you believe that? - No, of course not.
I respect his belief.
But I do not see how it can have bearing on this mission.
But even so, I can't help wondering...
...if a dark chapter in my family's history is about to be repeated.
If those people take up arms against us,
then I cannot foresee the consequences.
Mr Worf, come in here.
Aye, sir.
Mr Worf, will you begin preparations to remove the inhabitants?
Aye, sir.
- Dad? - You've reached the end.
- The end of what? - This journey.
One you started a long time ago.
- When I left you and your mother. - You mean, when you died.
You set out on a journey that wasn't your own.
Now it's time to find a path that is truly yours.
Don't follow me any further.
- I don't understand. - Yes, you do.
It's just hard for you to accept.
Goodbye, Wesley, and good luck.
Dad, wait.
Mr Crusher.
- Are you alright? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Lay a confinement beam to the southeast. Be discreet.
We do not wish to alarm these people.
Worf. What are you doing?
We are laying out transporter coordinates for a security perimeter.
It may be necessary to remove these people by force.
We can't do this.
These people deserve better than to be removed from their homes.
I understand, but...
Do you know what they're doing? Preparing to beam you to their ship.
You're not gonna let them do that?
No, we won't.
Leave now.
You defied the orders of the ranking officer.
You put the lives of the away team in jeopardy.
You made an already tense situation worse.
Your actions reflect very badly on this ship and on that uniform.
I want an explanation, Mr Crusher, and I want it now.
What you're doing down there is wrong.
These people are not some random group.
They are a unique culture that predates the Federation.
But my orders...
I know that Admiral Nechayev gave you an order.
She was given an order from the Federation.
It's still wrong.
That decision is not yours to make, Cadet.
I don't know what has got into you lately.
Frankly, I don't care.
I will tell you this,
while you wear that uniform, you will obey every order.
You will conform to Starfleet regulations. Is that clear?
Yes, sir, it is.
But I won't be wearing this uniform any longer.
I'm resigning from the Academy.
- Riker to Captain. - Go ahead.
Gul Evek wants to discuss the situation on the surface.
Let him come aboard. I'll see him in here.
Aye, sir.
Why are you doing this?
I told you. Starfleet isn't for me.
Look, I can't stop you from throwing away your life,
but you are going to explain it to me first.
You owe me that much.
I saw Dad today. He told me not to follow him.
You what?
I was participating in an Indian ritual. I had a vision.
Dad came to me and told me not to follow him.
He said I had to find my own path.
Is that what this is all about?
A vision told you to leave the Academy,
- And now you're packing your bags? - No.
No, it's more than that. I've known I needed to do this for a long time.
I haven't been able to admit it.
You said being at the Academy was the best thing that happened to you.
I know. For while, it was.
But as time went on, and graduation got closer,
I started feeling really depressed.
I thought it was the workload or the stress of being away from home,
but it didn't go away, it just got worse.
Why didn't you ever say anything?
I didn't want to disappoint you or Capt Picard or my friends.
You guys were so proud of me.
I'd be proud of you no matter what you were doing.
I love you.
I know, Mom.
I guess the truth is that I was afraid of disappointing myself.
I never questioned being in Starfleet.
But when Dad said not to follow him, it just made so much sense.
Everything is so clear now.
Maybe it is partly my fault.
We didn't realise the pressure we put on you
to be exactly what we expected you to be.
I don't blame you at all.
This is my decision. It always has been.
You know that alien from Tau Ceti,
who controlled warp fields with his mind?
The Traveller?
He told Capt Picard a long time ago that you were special, like Mozart.
And that you were destined for something different from us.
Maybe this is the first step.
I love you.
I love you, too, Mom.
- You shouldn't be here, Wesley. - Why?
Get down.
Bring them here.
- Why take these men prisoner? - They have no right to be here.
The terms of the treaty gives them the right.
We don't recognise that treaty.
Worf to Picard.
An armed group of Indians has taken two Cardassian prisoners.
The situation is volatile.
- Request instructions. - Stand by, Mr Worf.
Have your ship beam your people out of there.
My people? What about these Indians? They've taken hostages.
This is our planet. We will not be chased away by an unruly crowd.
- Gul Evek to the Vetar. - This is Glinn Telak.
Two of our men have been taken prisoner.
Prepare to send an armed squad to occupy the village.
Gul Evek.
They are Federation citizens. I am sworn to protect them.
If you attack that village, my security forces will respond.
I hope you realise the consequences of firing on Cardassian troops?
Yes, I do.
That is why we must stop this now before it's too late.
I cannot allow you to hold these men as prisoners.
You have no authority here.
What happened?
Did you do this?
I didn't do anything. You did.
I did?
You pulled yourself out of their time.
- You took the first step. - My first step to where?
To another plane of existence, another way of thinking.
- I don't understand. - You've found a new beginning.
The first step on a journey that few humans will ever take.
Who are you?
The Traveller.
I've waited a long time for this moment, Wesley.
So all those things I saw in the Habak... father, and the things he said to me, that was your doing?
I merely opened the door for you.
What you experienced came from your own mind,
your own spirit, if you wish.
I hoped that you would open your mind, and you did.
You pulled yourself out of time. You've evolved to a new level.
You're ready to explore places where thought and energy combine
in ways you can't even imagine.
And I will be your guide.
If you would like.
What about them? I can't just leave them like this.
They must find their own destinies.
It's not our place to interfere.
Have faith in their abilities to solve their problems on their own.
The Cardassian ship is powering its weapons.
Vetar to Gul Evek. Our troops are under attack.
What are your orders?
Evek, the last war caused massive destruction
and cost millions of lives.
Don't send our two peoples down that path again.
The future lies in your hands right now.
Give us one last chance for peace.
Gul Evek, what are your orders? Can we open fire?
Evek to the Vetar.
Lock on our troops on the surface and beam them aboard.
- But they've been fired upon. - Those are my orders.
Beam up the away team immediately.
I lost two of three sons in the war, Captain.
I don't want to lose the last one.
I want to be absolutely sure that you understand the implications.
By giving up your status as Federation citizens,
any future request you or your people make to Starfleet
will go unanswered.
You will be on your own and under Cardassian jurisdiction.
I understand, Captain. We are prepared to take that risk.
Will the Cardassian government honour your agreement here?
I believe I can convince them that this is an equitable solution.
I cannot speak for every Cardassian, but if you leave us alone,
I suspect that we will do the same.
Will this be acceptable to the Starfleet?
It will not be easy, but with Admiral Nechayev's support,
I think they will go along with it.
Then if there's nothing else, I'll return.
I have a lengthy report to write.
Captain. Anthwara.
I was right, Captain.
You did not take us from our land,
and you have wiped clean a very old stain of blood.
Captain's log, stardate 47755.3.
The Enterprise is preparing to leave Dorvan V,
but former cadet Wesley Crusher will be staying behind.
Where will you go?
The Traveller said that my studies would begin with these people.
He said that they are aware of many things.
I can learn a lot from them.
That's just what I need, more studying.
- Somehow, I think you'll manage. - Me, too.
Well, good luck, Mr...
- Good luck, Wesley. - Thank you.
For a lot of things.
You be sure and dress warmly on those other planes of existence.
I will.
- Bye, Mom. - Goodbye.

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