As time passes, a boy inevitably becomes a man.
But what is not inevitable is that a man becomes a warrior.
A warrior must be forged, like a sword, tempered by...
...tempered by experience.
The path of a warrior begins with...
- Alexander. - No, wait!
Sorry. I didn't mean to hit you.
- What is the meaning of this? - I'm sorry.
We made fullerenes at chemistry class and filled them with water.
I asked you to meet me here. I have been waiting.
I forgot.
You forgot because you allowed yourself to be distracted.
I'm sorry.
There is something very important I want to discuss.
It concerns your future. Sit.
As time passes, a boy inevitably becomes a man,
but what is not inevitable is that a man becomes a sword.
- What? - I meant, warrior.
The path of a warrior begins with the First Rite of Ascension.
When they hit you with painstiks?
No, that is the Second Rite.
You are approaching the Age of Ascension.
- It is time for you to prepare. - What do I have to do?
Your fighting skills will be tested
and your knowledge of the teachings of Kahless.
It will be challenging, but I will help you prepare.
These are the kor'tova candles.
They represent the fire within the heart of a warrior.
When you light yours, you declare your intention to become a warrior.
- Go ahead. - What if I don't want to?
If you do not participate in the rite before 13 years,
you will never become a true Klingon warrior.
I don't care.
You may not now, but you might.
Mother said I didn't have to do this Klingon stuff if I didn't want to.
- It is your decision... - OK, then.
- I'm not going to do it. - Alexander.
You said it was up to me. I don't want to be a warrior.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
We can't rendezvous with the Kearsarge for four days.
Will we hold position here?
Yes. And as we're in for a relatively quiet time,
I shall visit the Hatarian system.
There are some ancient ruins being excavated.
The delay allows Stellar Dynamics
to complete their study of the Vodrey Nebula.
They can use the lateral-sensor grid.
We could use this time to recalibrate the weapons-targeting system.
Mr Worf?
Yes. I will begin the procedure immediately.
Very good. Dismissed.
Lieutenant, could I have a word with you for a moment?
I noticed during the briefing
that you appeared to be a bit distracted.
I apologise. My personal affairs should not interfere with my duties.
Is everything alright?
I'm having problems with Alexander.
He does not wish to participate in the First Rite of Ascension.
I see.
I try to tell him that it is important in a young Klingon's life,
but he does not understand.
He's had so little opportunity to spend time with Klingons.
You know, the Festival of Kot'baval is tomorrow.
If he could take part in that,
he would more fully appreciate his rich cultural heritage.
There is the Klingon outpost on Maranga IV.
They'll be celebrating the festival.
But the outpost is on the other side of the Vodrey Nebula.
It would take three days by shuttle.
The Enterprise could be there in a fraction of the time.
I could not ask you...
Stellar Dynamics would like a trip around the nebula.
Thank you, sir.
Who's that?
It is the tyrant Molor.
He was so strong, no one could stand against him.
What's he saying?
He is asking if anyone else will stand up to Molor.
What is this?
You wounded me.
- You fought well. - What happens now?
Only one man can stand against Molor.
It's Kahless.
Kahless would rather die than live under Molor's tyranny.
- Where have you been? - We watched the fire dancers.
- We? - K'Nor and Bar'el.
They live here. I need some money.
What for?
The man there says he has Molor's head in a box. The real Molor.
That is impossible. The real Molor died centuries ago.
I know. It's mummified. He'll show us for 50 darseks.
- He is trying to take your money. - Please. He's waiting.
No. It is too late. We should go.
- But... - Alexander. That is enough.
Come. It is time to go.
I have to say goodbye to my friends.
See your friends tomorrow.
- We're coming back? - If you want to.
- You are too much for them. - I have seen you before.
- Who are you? - A friend.
You are K'mtar.
Your brother sent me here to protect you.
- He is gin'tak to the House of Mogh. - Gin'tak?
An adviser so trusted, he is part of the family.
Do you know who was behind the attack?
It is a Klingon matter.
It is not your concern.
One of my officers was almost killed. That makes it my concern.
Recently, rumours began to circulate on the Homeworld
that an assassination attempt would be made on the family of Mogh.
Kurn sent me here to make sure nothing happened to Worf.
Why didn't you warn him before the attack?
I tried to contact him over subspace.
I was told he was not aboard.
I decided to beam directly to the surface.
Why didn't you let us know?
Forgive me for being blunt,
but when it comes to protecting the house
to which I have pledged my life...
...I trust no one.
I have full confidence in the officers with whom I serve.
One of the attackers dropped this dagger.
The design represents the House of Duras.
We have other evidence
that indicates the Duras sisters, Lursa and B'Etor, were behind it.
What were they after?
Kurn's seat on the Council, of course.
We cannot allow their attack to go unanswered.
First, we must find them.
At one point, they were on Deep Space Nine,
trying to sell explosives.
That was months ago. No one knows where they went from there.
Maybe we can find them.
We've arranged for quarters if you'd like to stay.
I would. Worf and I have much to discuss.
I will send Kurn a message telling him what happened.
But he will not receive it for days. He's gone...
Why did you treat Cmdr Riker disrespectfully? You were rude.
I may have been rude by human standards. I meant no disrespect.
What is the matter, Worf?
Have you been living so long among humans
that you have forgotten how Klingons behave?
I have not forgotten. Their ways are different than ours.
I trust your son is aware of that fact.
- Yes, of course. - Good.
Because Alexander may be called upon to lead the House of Mogh.
Kurn has no male heir.
He wants to make sure that Alexander is preparing himself.
Does my brother doubt my ability to raise my son as a Klingon?
But you are alone among humans.
It cannot be easy to keep our ways.
- Well, it has not been easy. - How are his fighting skills?
- Can he handle a bat'leth? - He is learning.
- He could be better. - He must.
He is nearing the Age of Ascension.
Actually, Alexander has not committed himself to the rite.
I have tried to explain how important it is, but he will not listen to me.
Perhaps together, you and I,
we can find a way to spark the boy's interest in his heritage.
I would be grateful for any help.
- Tomorrow, then. - Tomorrow.
- May I say goodnight to the boy? - Yes. Of course.
- Is this your mother? - Yeah. She died when I was little.
You miss her a great deal, don't you?
It must be hard, being the only Klingon your age on this ship.
Have you been to the Homeworld?
- No. - I think you would like it.
At your uncle's house, there is a lake you can swim in
that is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom.
You have cousins there. They want to meet you.
- I don't know... - I understand.
You're afraid. You don't know whether the Homeworld is safe.
What happened today on the planet is frightening.
You're troubled.
I thought they would kill my father.
You must have wanted to help us fight them off.
I didn't know what to do.
Someday, if you work hard,
you will become a warrior, a Klingon warrior,
and you will always feel safe
because you will know how to defend yourself.
I'll tell you something else.
If anyone ever tries to hurt your father again,
you will be able to fight at his side
and make sure nothing happens to him.
What do you think of that?
Goodnight, Alexander.
Dream well.
Goodnight, K'mtar.
Any luck?
Starfleet records contain no mention of the sisters
after their departure from Deep Space Nine.
Did I not tell you as much?
Have you contacted Deep Space Nine?
- I am being patched through now. - On screen.
Quark. I see you remember me.
How could I forget the only man ever to win dabo at my table?
How could I forget that you didn't have the latinum for my winnings?
I thought I explained. My brother misplaced the key to the safe.
Those vouchers are every bit as good as latinum.
You can spend latinum anywhere.
Those vouchers are only good at your bar.
Is that what this is about?
You're on your way and calling to reserve a holosuite?
I hoped you could help with something.
- What would that be? - I'm looking for some friends.
The Duras sisters, Lursa and B'Etor.
Yes. Lursa and B'Etor.
Big talk, small tips.
Where can I find them?
Well, I did hear a rumour, actually.
What kind of rumour?
I don't know. I'm sure it was told in confidence.
And how much would your confidence cost?
How many vouchers do you have again?
I have enough for 12 bars of latinum.
I'd be glad to return them.
I believe the rumour was
that the sisters were trying to buy mining equipment.
What for?
They learned of a magnesite deposit on the Kalla system.
It belongs to the Pakleds. Those fools don't know it's there.
Your friends tried to get at it.
Alright. I'll send those vouchers to you.
Don't bother. I voided them while we've been talking.
So long, Quark.
How long to get to the Kalla system?
- Approximately 16 hours, sir. - Was he lying?
Why would he?
I'd just be knocking on his door again,
and I wouldn't be in a good mood.
Congratulations, Commander.
I did not think it would be possible to find the sisters.
- Take us out of orbit. - Aye, sir.
I created a holodeck program.
- What kind? - I'll show you.
Computer, run program K'mtar Alpha One.
Program initiated. Enter when ready.
Why did you want to recreate this?
You said you wished you had helped your father fight,
but you did not know how.
You have probably fought that battle over and over in your mind.
Let's see what happens now.
Computer, give me two Klingon warriors.
How can I fight someone that big?
Size is not the most important thing.
Skill, cunning, powers of observation
are the most important weapons.
Freeze program.
Look what this ko'tal is doing.
You see his leg?
That will give you a clue as to his next move.
His weight is on his right foot.
He has to shift it to regain his balance.
Stand ready.
Computer, resume program.
Finish him.
Freeze program.
- You should have killed him. - Why did you not?
- I don't know. - Look at him!
He did not care that you showed him mercy. He was going to kill you!
K'mtar, that is enough.
If this was real, he'd be dead by now.
- We are approaching Kalla III. - Standard orbit.
Any evidence of a mining expedition?
A shaft has been cut through the crust.
There is evidence of machinery but it is not in use.
- Life signs? - Difficult to say.
The magnesite is interfering with bioreadings.
Assemble an away team.
- Who are you? - Gorta. I am Gorta.
- Why are you on this planet? - I crashed here.
Then you are denying involvement in illegal mining?
Mining? So that's what all this equipment is for.
We are looking for two Klingon women. Sisters.
Lursa? B'Etor?
- Do you know where they are? - We were hoping you did.
Maybe I do.
Would you share that with us?
My personal code of conduct prohibits sharing.
But I'd consider a trade.
Does your code tell you
that when you're stranded, you shouldn't try to cut deals?
You have a point.
We could certainly provide passage in exchange for information.
Could you perhaps fail to tell the Pakleds
that we were mining their ore?
Don't push your luck.
But if you get us to the sisters, I'll see.
The Duras sisters.
They are magnificent, aren't they?
- Where are they now? - Selling the ore, I imagine.
They took everything. The ore, the ship.
Where have they gone?
We were going to sell the ore to an Yridian trader in the Ufandi system.
Gather your belongings. It is time to leave.
Like I said, they took everything.
I am sorry about what happened.
I should not have gotten so angry.
It's just that I am worried about Alexander.
As am I.
Kurn told me that his mother actively discouraged him
exploring his Klingon heritage.
When he came to live with me, he knew nothing of our ways.
He often reminds me of the things his mother said to him.
I try not to disregard her wishes.
I want him to honour his mother.
Someday, he will appreciate you
and be grateful for all that you have done for him.
But still, compared to other boys his age,
his fighting skills are years behind.
Yes, I know.
He does not put in the time it takes to learn the skills.
I thought that you might send him to the training academy at Ogat.
Your brother is an influential man.
I'm sure he could get Alexander admitted.
I am only thinking of what is best for the boy.
There, he would learn our ways.
He would live like a Klingon.
I would like him to learn our ways.
This is his home.
How can you expect him to lead our family
when all he knows is life aboard a Federation starship?
He is my son. He belongs with me.
The boy is more human than Klingon.
If he stays here, he will never be a warrior.
He will never defend our family
- Against its enemies. - Enough! The decision is mine.
Not necessarily. It's within my rights to invoke ya'nora kor.
You would question my fitness to raise my son?
For the good of our house, yes.
I beg of you, please stop thinking of yourself.
It is Alexander we should be considering.
Look into your heart and do what is best for him.
Kahless was determined to teach his brother a lesson
because he had told a lie.
But Morath refused to fight him and instead ran away.
Kahless pursued him across the valleys,
over the mountains and down to the edge of the sea.
There, at the shore, they fought for...
...12 days, 12 nights. I've heard this story before.
Alexander, it is important to tell these stories,
even though we already know them.
Why was Kahless so mad about the lie?
It made him look like a coward.
If Kahless had explained, they wouldn't have to fight about it.
- You miss the point. - Was Morath wrong to run away?
Maybe he didn't want to have to fight his brother and kill him.
He ran because he was a coward.
- How do you know? - No more questions.
These are our stories.
It is important for a warrior
to learn how to interpret them properly.
- I'm trying to... - No.
Your head is filled with foolish human notions about how things are.
You are Klingon. It is time you began to act like one.
- I am part human, too. - Listen to me, Alexander.
When a human looks at you, he does not see himself.
- He sees a Klingon. - It doesn't matter what I look like.
It does.
You are different than everyone else aboard this ship.
- That's not true. - It is.
The only way that you will ever feel as if you truly belong
is to leave here and go and live with your own kind.
I know a Klingon school.
You would be welcome there.
They would teach you to be a warrior,
prepare you for the Rite of Ascension.
I don't know if I want that.
After you were there for a while,
you would find that you wouldn't want anything else.
- I don't want to leave the ship. - You must.
Everything depends upon it.
I thought you were different.
I thought you understood me.
But you don't. You're just like my father.
All you care about is me becoming a warrior. Leave me alone.
First Officer's log, stardate 47779.4.
We've entered the Ufandi system, where we believe the Duras sisters
have come to sell the ore they mined on Kalla III.
I am detecting a vessel near the third planet.
- It is a Yridian freighter. - On screen.
Scan for magnesite in its hold.
The resonant signature indicates that there is magnesite ore present.
Then we're too late. The sisters have been here.
Somehow, I doubt the Yridians will be forthcoming.
Readings indicate that there are 500kg of ore in the Yridian hold.
- There should be over 10,000kg. - That's odd. Hail them.
I'm Cmdr William Riker from the Federation Starship Enterprise.
I am Yog. Why are we speaking?
Our sensors indicate you're carrying magnesite ore.
Magnesite, yes.
- Where did you get it? - From a Corvallan.
- For a good price. - Where is this Corvallan now?
I'm under orders to acquire some magnesite.
He is gone. Where?
Who is to know?
Would you sell me the ore?
- I have a buyer. - You haven't heard my offer.
Half a gram of Anjoran biomimetic gel.
Once we verify the purity of your ore,
we'll beam over the gel.
You're up to something.
Have the transporter room beam the ore to these coordinates.
Sir. That would place the ore off the starboard bow.
I know.
Transport complete.
Lock on the ore and fire.
A Klingon bird-of-prey.
- Put a tractor beam on it. - How did you know?
The Yridians only had part of the shipment.
We arrived before they completed the transfer.
- The Klingon ship is hailing us. - On screen.
- Release our vessel at once. - I don't think so.
We've done nothing wrong. A simple business transaction.
We know you're dealing in stolen ore.
I want to talk about the assassination attempt on Lt Worf.
What assassination attempt? This is the first I've heard of it.
Too bad it didn't succeed.
We have evidence you're behind it.
- That is outrageous. - What is this evidence?
Beam over. We'll show you.
We'll be there shortly.
This was dropped by one of the assassins.
It bears your crest.
Someone must have given it to the assassins to implicate us.
Why would someone do that?
In order to tarnish our good name.
You cannot tarnish a rusted blade.
Mr Worf! You said there was other evidence that they were involved.
Yes. On the Homeworld.
We'll set a course. I want this cleared up.
I will send a message to Kurn.
He may wish to return to the Homeworld as well.
What is it?
These markings represent the members of our house.
This symbol represents our father, myself, my sister.
This represents her son.
- I was not aware you had a son. - I do not.
But I am with child.
She found out only a few days ago and told no one but me.
How can this marking be here?
Where did this come from?
I will speak with K'mtar.
Stop. I am your son.
I am Alexander.
What are you saying?
I am your son Alexander.
I have come to this time from 40 years in the future.
K'mtar, tell me the truth, or I will kill you.
Look at me. When we first met, you said I looked familiar.
Maybe I saw you on the Homeworld.
No! Look closely. I am your son.
If you are Alexander,
you will remember your mother's last words before she died.
I was three years old.
She was dying when we found her.
She barely managed to whisper my name.
And then she took my hand and placed it in yours.
Then she died.
And then you howled in rage and said,
"Look upon her. Look upon death and always remember."
And I always have.
How have you done this, come to this time?
I met a man in the Cambra system.
He gave me a chance to change the past.
He had the ability to send me to this time.
You came here to end your own life?
I was hoping that I would not have to,
that I could change things, that I could change myself.
But I could not.
Now everything is going to turn out like it did before.
I cannot let that happen.
But why? What will happen that is so terrible?
You will be killed because I was too naive,
too weak to be able to protect you.
I do not believe that.
I was there! I saw you murdered. I was to blame.
- You must not blame yourself. - You don't understand.
I did not become a warrior.
I was a diplomat, a peacemaker.
When it came my time to lead our family,
I thought that I could single-handedly
end the fighting between the great houses.
I announced that the House of Mogh would end the feuding,
that there would be no more retribution or revenge.
You tried to warn me, to tell me I should not show weakness.
But I thought you were a foolish old man.
I told you that you were a relic from an earlier time
and that a new era of peace was at hand.
But you were right.
My enemies saw my weakness and moved against me.
And unless I stop it right now,
that boy will see his father killed
on the floor of the Great Council Chamber.
That is why you wanted to turn him into a warrior.
I staged the assassination attempt to try and frighten him,
to make him realise that he must follow the ways of the warrior.
If I had listened to you,
if I become the warrior that you had wanted me to be... would not have died in my arms.
No. Who knows the future will be now that you have disrupted time?
I may die tomorrow. I may outlive you.
But when I die, I would like an honourable death.
The only way that is possible is for you to accept yourself as you are
and stay true to what you believe.
The cause of peace is a just cause.
The struggle must continue.
It is a futile struggle. I cannot change things.
You have already changed things more than you realise.
- The boy I was has not changed. - But I have.
You have given me a glimpse into my son's future,
and I know now that he has his own destiny.
And I believe it will be a great one.
I love you, Father.
And I, you, Alexander.
I've been waiting. Where's K'mtar?
He had to leave. He was called away.
He never said goodbye.
He asked me to say goodbye for him.
He wanted me to tell you, no matter what you do with your life,
he will always care for you.
- When will I see him again? - It may be a long time.
- We should start practice. - Alexander.
There will be plenty of time for training.

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