There's an object of some kind closing in on our position.
On screen.
It appears to be an unmanned probe, about half a metre in diameter.
No identifiable armaments.
Captain, we are being... You are being hailed, by name.
Open a channel. This is Capt Jean-Luc Picard...
Captain, I am reading a power surge.
Shields up.
The beam contains holographic imaging information.
It's trying to project something.
Isolate the bandwidth. Let the signal through the shields.
I trust you remember me, Picard.
Because I haven't forgotten you, or how you murdered my son.
For 15 years now, I've thought about how to avenge his death.
But nothing I could do to you could equal what you did to me. Until now.
You thought you could hide him from me, but I found out about him.
Jason Vigo is as good as dead.
I'm going to kill your son, Picard.
Just like you killed mine.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Mr Worf, put a tractor beam on that probe.
Determine if it's safe to beam it on board.
I want to know where it came from.
Mr Data, see if there is a Jason Vigo in Federation records.
You might start with Miranda Vigo.
She was born on New Gaul about 50 years ago.
Aye, sir.
Contact the Ferengi government, find out all you can about Bok.
He was in a DaiMon's uniform.
If he's regained his rank, I want to know why.
The Ferengi government is debating the Rules of Acquisition.
It could be a while before we hear from them.
Data found out that the woman you mentioned has a son named Jason.
This is the most recent picture we could find.
- How old is the boy now? - 23.
He and his mother left Earth 12 years ago.
They settled on Camor V. That's all we know.
The planet's records are virtually non-existent.
Picard to bridge.
Set a course for the Camor system. Warp five.
Aye, sir.
I do appreciate your not asking.
But I do think that you have a right to know.
There is a possibility that the boy is my son.
I was involved with his mother for a short time about...
...24 years ago.
We met through a friend when I was on shore leave on Earth.
It was all very romantic.
Very intense.
Probably because we both knew that I would be leaving in two weeks.
And we kept in touch for a while,
but we never managed to get together again.
She never told you she was pregnant?
No. So either Bok is wrong and I'm not the father,
or Miranda decided to raise the child alone.
Which, frankly, wouldn't surprise me. She was very independent.
Very strong willed.
She'd have to be to get by on Camor V.
But whether he's my son or not, he is in danger.
Bok tried to kill me six years ago.
I don't doubt that he will try to make good his threat against the boy.
No Ferengi vessels in range of our scanners.
Captain, I can find no information on Jason Vigo's current whereabouts.
- What about his mother? - No, sir.
Miranda was trained as a botanist. She used to talk of running a farm.
- Concentrate on agricultural areas. - That would narrow our search.
The only cultivated land is on the southern continent.
Few people are engaged in agricultural activities.
There cannot be many non-Camorites among them. Scan for human life.
I'm detecting eight humans.
Three are female, but they are too young to be Miranda Vigo.
What about males?
One is an infant, another is elderly, two are middle-aged.
That's seven. You said eight.
I am having difficulty getting a reading on the eighth.
The individual appears to be
two kilometres beneath the planet's surface.
Male or female?
Male. Between 20 and 30 years old.
No sane person would go that far underground alone.
Unless forced to.
Captain, I'm reading seismic instability. He is in danger.
Relay his coordinates to the transporter room. Beam him aboard.
Aye sir.
What the...?
This is a Federation ship.
That's right. I'm Capt Picard. Jean-Luc Picard.
I realise I wasn't supposed to be spelunking that cave,
but don't you have better things to do?
We thought you were at risk.
Well, I wasn't. So maybe you should just beam me back.
Are you Jason Vigo?
I know him.
Is he in trouble?
In a manner of speaking.
Someone has made a threat against his life.
I'm an old friend of your mother's I'm here because you're in danger.
Why would anybody want to kill me?
The person who has made the threat is under the impression that you...
...are my son.
Am I?
I don't know.
My mother never told me who my father was.
Just that he was in Starfleet.
Maybe we should contact her.
She died a few years ago.
I'm sorry.
Jason, I think it's important that we find out one way or the other.
Would you be willing to permit a genetic test?
If I'm not your son, is this person still gonna want to kill me?
I doubt it.
Then you won't mind my saying that I hope you're not my father.
What were you doing in the caves, Jason? Are you a seismologist?
No. I just enjoy climbing.
- Without an antigrav harness? - No, they get in the way.
So, what do you do?
I'm between jobs right now.
I see.
Excuse me, gentlemen, the test results are ready.
Your genetic code is a cross between the DNA of your mother, Miranda Vigo,
and your father...
...Jean-Luc Picard.
What's all this?
These are archaeological fragments that I've collected over the years.
This is a Silvan glyph stone.
And this is...
This is a Gorlan prayer stick. It's really quite rare.
- Is it valuable? - Not really.
Only to students of archaeology such as myself.
Though I did hand over a bottle of very old Saurian brandy for it.
I'd say you got taken.
Well, perhaps. But it's of value to me, nonetheless.
On Camor, something has value if you can eat it or sell it.
Everything else is luxury.
Would you like some tea?
No. Thanks.
- Something else? - No.
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
I'm sure this whole thing is as much of a surprise to you as it is to me.
I really want to be honest with you, Jason.
I only knew your mother for a very short time.
I would have liked to have known her better.
It just didn't work out that way.
You look a lot like her, you know.
It's the eyes, I think.
I would like to make one thing clear, Jason.
Your mother never told me about you.
If she had, I would have been part of your life.
Maybe that's not what she wanted.
I think I'd like to go back to the surface now.
It would be better if you stayed on the Enterprise
until we resolve this situation with Bok.
What is this situation with Bok anyway? Why does he want me dead?
Years ago, I was forced to destroy a starship commanded by his son.
Bok apparently feels that it would be fitting vengeance to kill my son.
Well, I can't hide forever.
Of course not. We are trying to locate Bok now.
I want to confront him, settle this.
How long is this gonna take?
There is no one more eager to put this behind us than I am.
Where do I stay?
We'll get you some quarters.
OK, let's go.
Your being here,
I hope it will give us the chance to get to know each other.
We shut down the probe's power system to beam it aboard.
It's not gonna be easy to figure out where it came from.
Bok encrypted the probe's navigational systems
so we would be unable to decipher its flight path.
We ran an analysis of the hull.
From the particle deposits we found,
it travelled through a dichromic nebula,
was exposed to gravometric distortion
and passed within a light year of a class-four pulsar.
Those phenomena are common.
We need to identify at least one to postulate a flight path.
Captain, incoming message from DaiMon Birta.
Put it on screen.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, DaiMon.
- I understand you have a problem. - Yes, it concerns DaiMon Bok.
Bok is no DaiMon. He was relieved of command six years ago.
He was unstable, dangerous. We had to confine him to Rog Prison.
But he's no longer there.
He was able to buy himself out about two years ago.
I see. Do you know his whereabouts now?
I understand he was seen in the Dorias Cluster not too long ago.
But that cluster consists of more than 20 star systems.
You don't have to thank me, Captain.
Believe it or not, that might be the fix we need.
A nebula in the Dorias Cluster matches the particles on the probe.
There is a class-four pulsar three light years from the nebula.
Calculations indicate the probe was launched in the Xendi Kabu system.
Plot a course. Take us out of orbit.
- Jean-Luc, come in. - I think I need to talk to a parent.
So, what's he like?
I'm not sure that I can tell you.
He puts up so many barriers, I have no idea what is underneath.
He's had 20 years to be angry that his father wasn't there.
It's gonna take time to get over those feelings.
But I do think it's possible.
Perhaps. But surely it would be wrong to force the issue.
My sense is that he is a very independent young man.
Perhaps it would be best if I left him alone.
Let him come to me if he wants to.
Maybe you're right.
But I think you should consider this.
Are you doing the best thing for Jason or what's easiest for you?
Hello, Jason. I'm Deanna Troi, Ship's Counsellor.
Come in. Did Capt Picard ask you to come talk to me?
No, I just thought I'd see how you were doing.
A lot's happened in the last few hours. I thought you'd like to talk.
I'll be alright. People have wanted to kill me before.
But you've never met your father before.
And I have to admit, I never thought I would.
It must be somewhat overwhelming.
- I'm a little shaky. - That's only natural.
But you know what? I feel better already just talking to you.
So how did you feel about the Captain, about your father?
He's OK. A little stiff. But where are you from?
I was born on Betazed.
Do all the women there have eyes like yours?
Jason, I came here to talk to you because I'm the Ship's Counsellor.
If you don't want to talk to me in that way, then I should go.
You can make an appointment to come to my office.
Maybe I'll do just that.
Picard! Can you hear me?
I will kill him, Picard.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
Security. Captain's quarters, immediately.
How could he have beamed through the shields?
I'm not sure he did. Sensors show no sign of an intruder.
Was it another hologram?
I don't think so, Captain. Something has to generate a hologram.
We would have detected it.
Bok once used a mind-control device to make me hallucinate.
That device emitted a specific energy signature. I'm not reading that.
Could he have modified it so he could use it undetected?
Possibly. I'll recalibrate to scan for low-intensity transmissions
and sweep your quarters with a resonance scanner.
Good. Keep me posted.
Mr Worf, I want you to assign a security detail to Jason.
And what about yourself?
I am not the target of Bok's threats. Jason is.
Captain, I have compiled all records about Jason Vigo's criminal record.
Criminal record?
Yes, sir. He has been charged three times with petty theft,
twice for disorderly conduct, and several dozen times for trespassing.
I believe the charges relate to his climbing activities
in the caves beneath the planet's surface.
This is the information you requested, is it not?
Thank you, Mr Data.
- What was your name again? - Lt Rhodes.
Actually, I meant your first name.
Well, Sandra, do you think you could give me some room?
We're supposed to be keeping an eye on you.
Can't you do it from over there?
Good morning.
I thought you said your ship was the safest place to be. Why the guards?
Because Bok appeared in my quarters last night.
It might not have been him.
It may have been an image. We're investigating.
Look, just drop me off somewhere. I can watch out for myself.
- That wouldn't be wise. - I've done it since I was 15.
I'm sure you have, but Bok is a dangerous creature.
He has a starship. He has technology...
Alright. I'll stay here.
You seem to like rock climbing.
The holodeck can create very challenging climbs.
I could go with you and show you how to use the program.
Thanks, but I think I can figure it out myself.
We could climb together. I'm probably not as skilled as you,
but I'm not inexperienced.
Look, I'm sorry. I appreciate what you're trying to do. But, Captain...
Captain. Father. Jean-Luc. I don't know what I'm supposed to call you.
As soon as this thing with Bok is over, I'm leaving.
So don't you see?
There really isn't any point in our getting acquainted.
Let me know as soon as you catch him, alright?
Captain's log, stardate 47829. 1.
We've been in the X endi Kabu system for over three hours
and still no sign of Bok.
I'm detecting an object 5,000 kilometres off our starboard bow.
It is another probe.
Why didn't we detect it before?
It must have been cloaked, sir. It came out of nowhere.
On screen.
Is it another holographic device?
I do not believe so.
- The probe systems are overloading. - Red alert. Shields up.
Damage report.
No damage, sir.
I do not believe it was meant as an attack, but as a message.
A message?
Yes, sir. In B'zal, a Ferengi code using patterns of light and darkness.
Can you translate it?
I am attempting to do so.
The message reads, "My revenge is at hand."
He's proved that he can get to us whenever he wants.
Why doesn't he do something?
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
If you want me to stay and talk,
you'd better not call Security this time.
How do you like your boy, Captain? Is he everything you'd hoped for?
It's a risky game, coming here. Next time, we'll be ready for you.
Why don't we settle this now?
And how do you propose to do that, Picard? You murdered my son!
In self-defence. He fired on my ship.
You were in Ferengi space.
I didn't know that. If he'd told me, I would have withdrawn.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do to bring him back.
How touching.
Your apology is worthless to me. I demand that you repay me for my loss.
You cannot put a price on a life.
But you can, Picard.
You can pay me with your son's life.
- No. - You don't have any choice.
I insist on being paid.
That should do it. Let's run a level-three bioscan to be sure.
Rhodes to sickbay. Medical emergency, deck nine, section four.
Let's go.
Have you had any seizures like this before?
No. Not really. Sometimes, my hand shakes, but never this bad.
When did it first start to happen?
A few months ago. Do you have any idea what's wrong with me?
You have Forrester-Trent syndrome.
It's a degenerative neurological disorder, very rare.
What do you mean degenerative?
If it goes untreated, it could result in paralysis, even death.
I'm going to start you on a neuro-stabilisation regimen.
If we're lucky, it will halt the degeneration
and maybe reverse its effects.
The disease is hereditary. Was your mother prone to these seizures?
Not that I know of.
There have been cases reported
where the disease was instigated by a random mutation.
I'll run a microcellular scan and see if that's what happened.
In the meantime, I want you to try to take it easy and get some rest.
- Is he going to be alright? - I wish I could say for certain.
But I'm not sure how he'll respond to treatments.
I've been thinking about what you said the other day
and, you know, I think you were right.
I had convinced myself that Jason didn't want me to reach out to him.
You know, I don't think anyone is born knowing how to be a parent.
You figure it out as you go.
The one quality that's a requirement for parenthood is patience.
Well, I'm not sure that that is going to be enough.
I've found out that Jason has a criminal record.
It's nothing very serious. It's only petty theft and so forth,
but I can't help feeling that if I had been part of his life,
then he wouldn't be so troubled now.
Maybe. But why waste time blaming yourself for not being there?
Just be here for him now.
And be patient.
And be patient.
We think we've found something.
Bok was in contact with this chair for an extended period.
It is showing a distinctive subspace signature.
We think he's using some kind of subspace transporter
to beam aboard the Enterprise.
My understanding is that such devices were impractical.
The Federation abandoned its research
because the technology was unreliable as well as energy intensive.
To transport matter, you have to put it in a state of quantum flux.
- It's very unstable. - What range would it have?
It could operate over several light years.
So the probe that exploded
may have been beamed into position from outside sensor range.
If Bok uses his transporter again,
we might be able to trace its signature and locate his ship.
Is there any way to keep Bok from beaming aboard the Enterprise again?
I don't think there is.
If he can beam aboard, he may be able to beam someone away.
It is a possibility.
I'm concerned he may try to take Jason. Can we protect him?
We could keep a signal lock on him at all times.
If Bok tries to beam him away, we might be able to hold him here.
We would need to tie the ship's subspace field coils
into the transporter system.
Make it so.
Computer, where is Jason Vigo?
Jason Vigo is in holodeck four.
Would you wait outside?
- Not bad. - I like climbing.
There's something about actually having your fate in your own hands.
Yeah, I know.
It looks as though we may have found out how to locate Bok's ship.
This could all soon be over.
You came up here just to tell me that?
I thought it would make you feel better.
Thanks. That was nice of you.
Jason, when your mother and I parted, I lost track of her completely.
But I would like to know what happened to her, if you'd tell me.
- Like what? - How did you end up on Camor?
It's an unlikely place for a woman and child.
You know how she was. See a stray cat, take it in.
See somebody cold, give them your coat.
Yes. That was Miranda, alright.
She'd heard about all the children orphaned on Camor,
from the Cardassian war.
I see.
I was only ten when we went there.
I remember her telling me
all about the boys and girls that didn't have anyone to care for them.
So she got this big house. Practically falling apart.
Then she started rounding up children.
Eventually, there were over 40 of us.
She called it a school.
You know, she got up before dawn every day
and went to bed well after midnight.
In between, she never stopped working.
She taught us all how to read.
And she grew vegetables in hardpan to feed us.
And she made sure we knew how to sing.
It's important in a place like Camor.
And then, one day she was attacked... two men in the street in broad daylight
for the food she was carrying.
If she'd just given it to them, they probably wouldn't have hurt her.
But she knew how important the food was to us.
So they killed her.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be sorry for me.
My mother made sure we were tough enough to make it.
Jason, isn't there some way that I can be a father to you?
My own father and I were estranged.
He wanted me to stay at home and tend the vineyards
and I wanted to join Starfleet.
And he died before we could come to terms with that.
And I've regretted that all of my life.
I don't want the same thing to happen to you and me.
You don't understand. I'm not anybody you'd want for a son.
Trust me, if you knew anything about me, you wouldn't be trying so hard.
- You're so wrong. - Really?
Let me spell it out for you.
I've been in trouble since I was a teenager. I lie.
I steal.
I use people. I'm a criminal. That's what your son is.
I know.
You do?
Yes. I know all about your troubles with the Camor authorities.
You do?
It doesn't make any difference, Jason. You're still my son.
And, like it or not, I'm your father.
I don't know what that means. I know it means something.
There's some connection.
But one thing is clear.
You'll never look at your hairline again in the same way.
You wanted to see me.
Yes. It's about Jason.
I've finished the microcellular scan I was running.
There's something you need to know.
Sensors are detecting a subspace carrier wave headed for the ship.
Its signature is consistent with Bok's transporter.
See if you can trace it. Locate Bok's ship.
- Geordi, are you ready? - I've got a signal lock on Jason.
Riker to Picard.
Picard here.
Bok is trying to use his transporter.
The transporter beam is focusing on deck nine, section four.
- Jason's quarters. - I'm on it.
Security to bridge. Bok is beaming Jason off the ship.
Initiating transport now.
I'm losing his signal.
Bok is re-establishing his lock on him.
- Have you located Bok's ship? - No, sir.
The signature left by his transporter is decaying sooner than predicted.
It may not be possible to trace it.
Another probe has materialised 500 kilometres to starboard.
- It is sending a transmission. - Put it on screen.
This is a very special day, Picard.
15 years ago, you took my son away from me.
Today, I will take your son away from you.
It will be our anniversary.
I wanted you to see him one last time.
I'm tracing the transporter beam Bok used to send the probe.
The ship is holding position 300 billion kilometres from here.
Plot a course. Maximum warp.
Even at warp nine, we wouldn't get there for another 20 minutes.
The modifications you made to the transporter,
can we use a subspace transport to get me on to Bok's ship?
It may be possible, sir, but not advisable.
I'll take that as a yes. You're with me.
There. I've aligned the field coils.
Phase dampers are in synch.
Standing by to modulate the transport pattern.
We might get you over there, but I don't see how we get you back.
We'll deal with that later.
Transport will take longer than normal.
We have to shunt your pattern through subspace.
- Understood. - Initiating transport sequence now.
- Maybe we can make a deal. - What kind of deal?
Tell my father you killed me.
Put a phaser burn on my shirt and send it to him. He'll think I'm dead.
That's what this is about, isn't it?
I got friends on Camor V that will make it worth your while.
I understand your desire to live.
But I want Picard to see your body so there will be no doubt.
Lower your weapons or Bok is dead!
Lower yours or your son dies!
You know as I do, Bok, he is not my son.
I know what you've done.
Miranda Vigo is his mother but I am not his father.
You made it appear so because you resequenced his DNA.
But your technique was flawed.
He developed a neurological disorder.
When my doctor investigated it, she discovered what you had done.
Now he'll never pay the ransom.
Shut up!
There was no ransom. All he was interested in was vengeance.
DaiMon, is this true?
He's not a DaiMon! He was stripped of command.
They had no right to do that to me!
He lied to you, so you'd help him in his plan.
The Enterprise is closing in on your position.
If you let the two of us go, they won't attack you.
They won't attack us with you on board.
They will cripple your ship
and keep you here until the Ferengi authorities arrive.
You've got a lot of explaining to do.
Your only hope is to turn Bok over to them
and tell them that he deceived you.
There is no profit in this for us.
Captain's log, stardate 47831. 8.
At Jason's request, the Enterprise has returned to Camor V.
Dr Crusher feels I am responding well to the treatment.
She thinks the damage may be reversed.
- I'm glad to hear it. - Yeah.
Are you sure you won't stay on board for a few more days?
I can't. I have a life back on Camor.
It's a mess. But I'd like to go back and straighten things out.
I understand.
Well, maybe next time you come back this way, you can look me up.
I will.
I put a little something into your bag while you were packing.
I know you'd probably have preferred Saurian brandy,
but that's all I could come up with.
- I can't accept this. - I want you to have it.

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