Captain's log, stardate 47941.7.
The Enterprise is en route to a briefing
on the situation in the Demilitarised Zone along the Cardassian border.
Meanwhile, we're celebrating the return of an old friend.
- Welcome home. - Thanks. It's good to be back.
Congratulations on your promotion, Lieutenant.
- Same to you, Commander. - Thanks.
I understand Advanced Tactical Training is a picnic.
- Did you see the buffet? - This is real Bajoran foraiga.
It wasn't easy to get.
You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble.
We wanted you to know how glad we are to have you back.
So, where are your new quarters?
- Deck four, section eight. - What do you plan to do?
- Lt Ro. - Go ahead, sir.
- Please report to the bridge. - Yes, sir. Excuse me.
You seemed a bit overwhelmed by the attention.
To tell you the truth, I really want to see everyone,
I would just rather do it one at a time.
You look very fit. Tactical Training seems to agree with you.
You know me, I enjoy a challenge.
More than a challenge. Half the class washes out every year.
But somehow, I didn't think you would be one of those.
...I want you to know I really appreciate your recommending me.
If not for you, my life would be very different right now.
- Bridge to Picard. - Go ahead.
We have a distress signal from a Cardassian ship
near the Demilitarised Zone.
Change course to intercept. I'm on my way. I...
I'd like you at the conn, Lieutenant.
Ensign Gates.
The distress signal was cut off before we found out what was wrong.
I have the ship on sensors.
It seems to be under attack by several small ships.
- Can you identify them? - No, sir. No identification codes.
I will scan their warp signatures.
Sir, sensors indicate the attacking vessels are Federation ships.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
- We're coming into visual range. - On screen.
Those are Federation ships.
Isolate one and magnify.
The Maquis.
Open a channel.
To all Maquis ships,
call off your attack or we will be forced to engage you.
No response.
You are Federation citizens.
Your actions violate our treaty with the Cardassians.
Call off your attack!
- They are not responding, sir. - Mr Worf, are we in firing range?
Not yet, sir.
Arm phasers and photon torpedoes.
I never thought we'd fire on our own people to protect Cardassians!
The Maquis ships are regrouping and closing in on the Cardassians.
Cardassian shields are down to 30 percent.
They may not withstand another hit.
We are within weapons range.
Can you detonate a torpedo spread between Maquis and the Cardassians?
- Yes, sir. - Do it.
The Maquis are breaking formation.
They are withdrawing.
Signal the Cardassians that we are standing by to assist any wounded.
Aye, sir.
Do you people have experience treating Cardassians?
Do you mind?
Gul Evek.
I am sorry we could not come to your aid sooner.
I suppose we're lucky you came at all.
Starfleet looks the other way when the Maquis attack.
That is not the case. We are doing everything we can to control them.
That attack suggests your efforts have met with limited success.
They used photon torpedoes and type-eight phasers.
Now tell me, Captain,
how do you suppose a group of civilians acquired such weaponry?
I assure you, not through official channels.
The fact that some Maquis are former Starfleet officers
has nothing to do with it?
Starfleet does not condone Maquis actions in the Demilitarised Zone
any more than your government would condone paramilitary actions
by Cardassian civilians.
We have dealt with our colonists who armed themselves.
As they destroyed a Juhrayan freighter a week ago,
I would say your efforts have met with limited success.
If the Maquis are not stopped, the situation will continue to escalate
and the Cardassian military will have no choice
but to take matters into their own hands.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Gul Evek and his crew have left the Enterprise.
We have proceeded to our rendezvous with Admiral Nechayev.
No Bularian canapés this time?
I thought twice was pushing it.
It's just as well, they're extremely fattening.
You only missed Gul Evek by hours. I asked him to stay.
I thought an Admiral's assurances
might convince him we are trying to deal with the Maquis.
Evek manages to make the Cardassians sound like helpless sheep
being preyed on by Federation wolves.
But we caught the Cardassians
supplying their colonies in the Demilitarised Zone with weapons.
Gul Evek told me they had stopped that practice.
How comforting.
Admiral, this Maquis situation has you worried.
If I were living that close to the Cardassians,
I'd keep a phaser under my pillow, too.
But in the last weeks, we've seen signs
that the Maquis are moving beyond self-defence.
Their ranks are growing. They're acquiring ships, weapons.
They seem to be preparing a more aggressive military posture.
We've got to put a stop to them
before the entire Demilitarised Zone ignites.
But before we stop them, we have to find them.
They seem to be scattered in small cells around the Zone.
We don't have reliable intelligence about them.
Perhaps you need an undercover operative.
Our thinking exactly.
We intend to infiltrate their organisation,
and the person we want to do it is aboard your ship right now.
Starfleet wants me to infiltrate the Maquis?
Because of your recent training,
because you're Bajoran,
and because of your past troubles with Starfleet
gives you a certain credibility.
Well, that's certainly true.
Just how soon would this mission begin?
I see.
I've spent the better part of my life fighting the Cardassians.
I never thought I'd be helping them out.
This is a rare case when our interests and theirs coincide.
We both want peace in the Demilitarised Zone
I've heard a lot about the Maquis.
One of my instructors at Tactical Training,
a lieutenant commander in Starfleet, a man I both admired and respected,
he was sympathetic to them. He resigned and left to join them.
We're all sympathetic, Lieutenant.
Our civilians in the Demilitarised Zone
are in a difficult situation,
but even sympathy must end at some point.
The peace treaty isn't just a piece of paper.
If the Maquis force us into a war with Cardassia,
it may mean hundreds of thousands of lives.
Two years ago, Starfleet would never have tapped you for this mission.
They must have a lot of confidence in you now.
The way I see it, there's one good reason to take this mission,
and that's to validate your faith in me.
We are looking for a Bajoran woman, dark hair.
She is responsible for the death of a Cardassian soldier.
If we learn she has been here, this establishment will be closed down.
You say she has dark hair?
- Yes. - She was here.
- Just missed her. - Do you know where she went?
It was really nice meeting you.
So, did you kill that Cardassian?
Starfleet thinks I did. That's reason enough to hide.
Why did you tell them that I'd left?
There are worse things a person can do than kill a Cardassian soldier.
You don't often meet someone willing to say that out loud.
In the Zone, a lot of us feel that way.
I'd like to meet people like that.
Don't be afraid. You're not in danger here.
What is your name?
- Did you kill that Cardassian? - Who are you?
We're the people who saved you from Starfleet.
Thanks, but I'll be going now.
Did you kill that Cardassian?
That's a risky thing to do in the Demilitarised Zone.
You can end up hunted by Starfleet and the Cardassians.
Then why did he risk bringing me here?
We're asking the questions. Who are you?
My name is Ro Laren. I grew up in the Bajoran camps.
That would explain why you have no love for Cardassians.
I know what they're capable of.
They tortured my father to death, and I was forced to watch.
Where are you living now?
I was a Starfleet officer,
but I was court-martialled and I was sent to the stockade on Jaros II.
I'm not exactly what you'd call Starfleet material.
- When were you on Jaros? - What difference does it make?
We want to check your story. When were you there?
Starfleet let me out three years ago because I agreed to do work for them,
mostly to do with Bajor.
But I got tired of watching them placate the Cardassians,
and so I left.
You resigned?
Not officially. That's part of the reason why they're looking for me.
What were you doing on Ornara?
I think I've answered enough questions.
I'd like to know who you people are.
Let's say that we sympathise with those who oppose Cardassia.
Are you Maquis?
What if we were?
If you were,
I would ask if I could join you and help you fight.
We'll check your story. Go ahead. I'll keep an eye on her.
Come. Let's stretch our legs.
Aren't you taking a chance by letting me see all of this?
What if my story doesn't check out? What if I'm not who I say I am?
Well, then we'll have a problem, won't we?
You are Maquis, aren't you?
Many of the people here are.
Starfleet considers you outlaws.
They fear you'll destroy the peace treaty.
They don't understand the situation here in the Zone.
I lived on Juhraya.
When the treaty was signed,
the colony suddenly found itself in Cardassian territory.
Some of us chose to stay, take our chances.
Then one night, I was dragged from my bed and beaten.
The authorities clucked their tongues
and agreed it was an unfortunate incident, and did nothing!
I'm not surprised.
The Cardassians intend to make life so bad for Federation citizens
that they'll leave.
Exactly, but no one seems to see that!
Except the Maquis.
How old were you when your father was killed?
I'd rather not talk about that.
Hungry? Would you like something?
No, thank you.
You like hasperat?
An old Bajoran friend of mine used to make it.
His was stronger.
He was killed many years ago,
fighting the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
I miss his company.
And his hasperat.
My father used to make the strongest hasperat you've ever tasted.
Everything else seems mild by comparison.
Did he teach you how to make it?
Yes. But I haven't tried it in years.
If you would make the brine for a really strong hasperat,
I mean, eye-watering, tongue-searing strong,
you'd make an old man very happy.
I would enjoy making it again.
I've checked with my sources at Starfleet. Her story's true.
I was sure it was.
Kalita, she'll stay with you, until we can find her a room.
There you are.
We've just heard a disturbing rumour.
Another rumour?
One that I think we should take seriously.
A traitor coming from Pendi II said he could verify
that the Cardassians will give their colonists biogenic weapons.
I thought shipments entering the Zone were searched.
The Cardassians always seem to find a way around that problem.
Then we have to make a pre-emptive strike,
show the Cardassians we won't sit still while they kill us with toxins.
Agreed. But we can't mount a strike without medical supplies,
and our stockpile is dangerously low.
If we request more, it will draw suspicion.
I can get medical supplies. I served on the Enterprise.
They always had extra medkits for relief missions.
They're not going to give you medkits just because you ask for them.
I don't intend to ask. I intend to take them.
How? The Enterprise is a fortress.
I know its security systems.
Give me a ship. I can do this.
This is madness.
We can't let her do something like this. We know nothing about her.
I know that she can make very strong hasperat.
We need medical supplies.
I think we should let her try.
Alright. But I'm going with her.
I could use an extra hand at the controls.
And a witness.
I've set the transporter confinement parameters to maximum.
We'll be able to fill our hold with medical supplies with one beam-out.
I had no idea it was going to be so easy.
Approaching Federation border.
How will you leave the Demilitarised Zone
and not be searched at a checkpoint?
We're going to cross the border here.
There are sensor buoys all along the border.
If we don't cross at a checkpoint, Starfleet will investigate.
With the right security codes we can disable the detectors on the buoys.
Starfleet changes codes constantly.
I know the encryption algorithms.
If I can access the buoy's protocols I should be able to find the codes.
"Should be able to?"
Do you want this mission to succeed?
Of course I do. We need those medical supplies.
In that case, let me do my job.
I'm in.
What's wrong?
If I don't input the right code in 20 seconds, we'll trigger the alarm.
I'm getting out of range.
Don't! If we break the commlink, we won't be able to try again.
It worked.
Until they change the codes again, we can cross the border here.
Captain's log, stardate, 47943.2.
It has been over a week since Lt Ro left the Enterprise.
We have yet to receive any communication from her.
We picked up a request for help from a science ship in the Topin system.
- Are there other ships nearby? - We're the closest.
Helm, set a course for the Topin system.
Mr Data, signal the science ship we're on our way.
It is unlikely they would receive our signal.
The Topin system contains an unstable protostar.
It generates magnetascopic interference.
- Can we use sensors to find them? - Most of our sensors will not work.
Our directional array may pierce the interference.
That array has such a narrow scan field.
Might as well break out the palm beacons and find them that way.
This is insane. We're sitting here, no sensors, blind to the outside,
waiting for a Galaxy-class starship to come swooping down on us.
Don't worry.
It's hard for them to locate us with just directional sensors.
Besides, they're looking for a science ship that wants to be found.
They're here.
Stand by to engage thrusters.
No, sir. It will take six hours to scan the system.
Captain, the distress call is being repeated.
- Data, can you locate the signal? - I am attempting to do so.
They're scanning our last position.
I've locked on to their sensor beam.
I'll use it to manoeuvre into transporter range.
- How do we beam through the shields? - We can't.
To get those supplies, we have to take this ship through their shields.
Sir, I am scanning the area from which the distress signal was sent,
but I am unable to detect a vessel.
Captain, the computer has detected
a piggyback communication on the last signal.
Can you decode it?
- It will take a few moments. - Do it.
The shields have a weak point.
When at impulse, the thrust destabilises the shield here.
- I'll try to punch through there. - Won't they detect us?
They'll know something's there, but will take a few seconds to find us.
We'll have to beam the supplies aboard and get out fast.
The message is difficult to decode.
Interference has garbled much of the transmission,
but it seems to be coming from Lt Ro.
Ro is on that ship!
Sir, a vessel is attempting to penetrate our aft shields.
Let it through.
We're going to make it.
Alright. We're in.
Let's get outta here.
Captain, medical supplies were beamed from cargo bay seven.
The vessel that penetrated our shields
is of the same design as ships used by the Maquis.
It is moving off.
Let it go. There must be someone with her.
We should make it look as though we're trying to stop them.
Mr Worf, lock phasers on their previous position and fire.
Aye, sir.
Now we know what they mean by "Advanced" Tactical Training.
You went through their shields?
Ro parked us between their warp nacelles.
I thought she was crazy, but it worked.
- She knew what she was doing. - Well done!
I have to inventory supplies and find out what we have.
See you later.
It seems Kalita has decided you're not a Federation spy after all.
She's suspicious of everyone at first. And rightly so.
We've learned to be cautious of strangers.
No, I understand.
But I've known since I first met you that in your heart, you're one of us.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Having earned the Maquis's trust with her raid on the Enterprise,
Lt Ro has been given access to a ship
and allowed to leave the settlement alone.
It's rumoured the Cardassians are supplying their colonists
with biogenic weapons.
I find that hard to believe.
Ships that enter the Demilitarised Zone are searched.
The Maquis are convinced the Cardassians avoid the searches.
- We could make use of that. - Sir?
We have come up with a plan
that has the potential to seriously curtail the Maquis.
We want to give them a target so threatening
that they'll be willing to commit as many ships and people as possible
in order to destroy it.
- Give them a target? - Biogenic weapons, for example.
You could provide them with intelligence which would show
that the Cardassians are, in fact, supplying their colonists with them.
That would get their attention.
You could say that to get past the checkpoints,
they ship the components for weapons through third parties,
and then we could put together a convoy
and send it towards the Demilitarised Zone.
And when the Maquis attack it, Starfleet would be waiting for them.
We could station our ships in the Hugora Nebula to avoid detection.
Basically, I would be leading them into a trap.
That's right.
If you have a problem with any of this, I need to know it now.
Well, if I do, sir, it will not stop me from carrying out my duty.
I knew that I could count on you.
It took a while, but I patched into Starfleet's comm system.
I intercepted a communication from a checkpoint.
They're concerned. A Pakled transport came through
carrying retroviral vaccines.
Why is that a concern?
Last week, a Ferengi transport came through carrying biomimetic gels.
By themselves, neither of these is dangerous,
but Starfleet is concerned because, with other components,
the Cardassians could put together a biogenic device.
What is Starfleet doing about it?
They can't do anything. These items are all perfectly legal.
How close are the Cardassians to having the components they need?
Very close.
Two days ago, a Yridian convoy left Deep Space Nine
for the Demilitarised Zone. It's carrying isomiotic hypos,
plasma flares and quarantine pods.
We can't let it reach its destination.
But it's too big for us to go after alone.
I'll discuss the situation with the other cell leaders.
Considering what's at stake, they'll want to help.
I've sent a communication to the others.
When this is over, we'll celebrate.
When it's over?
When Cardassia realises they can't intimidate us into leaving.
Something tells me it will be a long time before we're celebrating.
Don't be discouraged, Ro. It'll take time.
But the important thing is that we not give up.
I spent ten years in the camps. I don't give up.
I've been thinking a long time about what our celebration will be like.
We'll have a huge dinner.
You'll make hasperat and I'll make blueberry pie.
We'll drink wine and we'll dance.
I'll even play the belaklavion. That'll give everyone a laugh.
You play the klavion?
Yes, badly.
It's a difficult instrument, but I enjoy the challenge.
My father played the klavion.
When I was very young,
and afraid of monsters under my bed...
...he'd play for me.
He said that the klavion had special powers.
Monsters were afraid of it...
...and when they heard it, they disappeared.
When I listened to that music he played for me...
...I was never afraid to go to sleep.
When he died...
...I realised even he couldn't make all the monsters go away.
Why wait?
Let's go to the market.
Let's get food for a feast, for a celebration.
A celebration of what?
Of absolutely nothing.
Just to celebrate.
I'd like that.
Come. Let's go to the market.
If I'm to make a pie, we'll have to find a substitute for blueberries.
Haven't seen real ones in years.
On Bajor, there's a berry...
Yes, I know it, very sweet.
They must have discovered that there was a Maquis cell here.
Kalita, get one of the medkits. Hurry!
You have to hang on.
When an old fighter like me dies...
...someone always steps forward to take his place.
Not tonight.
Hello. Are you alone?
I hope not.
Let's get acquainted?
There's a table in the back that's more private.
I'd like that.
We have to cancel the mission.
The Maquis didn't go for the bait.
They think the convoy is too big a target.
But there are only six ships. We could even cut back that number.
It's the commitment of resources,
of grouping so many of the Maquis together at once.
They feel it makes them vulnerable.
Every intelligence report that I get from Starfleet
suggests that the Maquis are eager to expand their strikes,
they want to escalate their activities.
Now you're telling me this isn't true?
It's probably different in every cell.
The people I've met tend to be more conservative.
I'm sure others have a more militant attitude.
Laren, what's going on?
Do you have the money I asked you to bring?
- Yes. - Put some on the table.
By this time, you should be negotiating my price.
When you sent me on this mission...
...I thought that I could do it.
Even though it meant helping the Cardassians
and betraying people who are fighting against them.
Now I'm not sure where I stand.
Do you want to back out of this mission?
Sir, I don't wanna let you down, I swear.
This has nothing to do with me. This is about you.
If you back out now, you'll throw away everything you've worked for.
We're committed to this mission.
My only question for you is...
...can you carry out your orders?
I could put you before a board of inquiry
for having lied to me about this operation.
I would certainly have you court-martialled if you sabotage it.
Now, it's your decision.
I'll carry out my orders, sir.
I feel it necessary to have Cmdr Riker go back with you.
He can pose as a relative.
I just want to make sure that nothing happens to obstruct this mission.
I'm sorry. I don't have that kind of money.
Captain's log, supplemental.
We have received word from Cmdr Riker and Lt Ro
that the Maquis will attack the convoy as planned.
Our ships have taken up position in the Hugora Nebula to wait for them.
I have established a link with the probe
we left on the perimeter of the nebula.
This is the convoy. We expect the Maquis attack force
to cross from the Demilitarised Zone.
As soon as they cross, we'll intercept them.
To ensure the ship Cmdr Riker and Lt Ro are piloting is not fired upon,
I have relayed their warp signature to the attack force.
Sir, the Maquis squadron is coming into sensor range.
- Go to red alert. - Aye, sir.
- Squad Leader to all ships. - Go ahead, Squad Leader.
We'll be crossing the border in less than one minute. Arm your weapons.
Starfleet can't make its move until we're out of the Demilitarised Zone.
We'll break formation and take cover in the nebula when they appear.
The ships in the convoy are raising their shields. They've spotted us.
We cross the border in 30 seconds.
What the...?
I'm sorry. I can't let this happen.
Sir, the vessel being piloted by Lt Ro
is firing a low-intensity particle beam into the nebula.
What the hell is she doing?
The polarising effect of the beam may make us detectable.
- Can you counter the effect? - I will attempt to do so.
- Ro, why are you firing? - Scan the nebula.
There's a Starfleet attack force hiding in it.
I see it!
Squad Leader to all ships.
Abort the mission. Repeat, abort the mission!
Sir, the Maquis ships are breaking formation.
- Have they crossed the border? - No, sir. They are withdrawing.
Captain, Lt Ro's ship is not retreating with the others.
It is heading towards us.
When she comes aboard, take her into custody.
- Alpha seven to Alpha nine. - Go ahead.
- Stand by to beam me aboard. - Standing by.
Take the ship back to the Enterprise.
You're going with them?
It's been a long time since I really felt I belonged somewhere.
Could you tell Capt Picard something for me?
- Of course. What is it? - Tell him I'm sorry.
So long, Ro. Take care of yourself.
Goodbye, Will.
She seemed very sure that she was doing the right thing.
I think her only regret was that she let you down.
Here's my report.

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