That was an incredible program!
I am glad you approve.
I have always found the Black Sea at night to be most stimulating.
Worf, we were walking barefoot on the beach
with balalaika music in the air,
an ocean breeze washing over us,
stars in the sky, a full moon rising,
and the most you say is "stimulating"?
It was...
...very stimulating.
I don't spend nearly enough time on the holodeck.
I should take my own advice and go there to relax.
Next time, I'll choose the program.
If you like the Black Sea, you'll love Lake Cataria on Betazed.
Deanna, perhaps before the next time, we should discuss Cmdr Riker.
- Why? Is he coming along? - No.
But I do not wish... It would be unfortunate if he...
If you and I are going to continue, I do not wish to hurt his feelings.
Worf, I think it's alright to concentrate on our feelings,
yours and mine.
What's today's date?
The date!
- Stardate 47988. - 47988...
- Captain, what's wrong? - 47988.
I'm not sure.
I don't know how or why, but...
...l'm moving back and forth through time!
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
I felt as if I had physically left the Enterprise.
I was in another time, another place. I was somewhere in the past.
Can you describe where you were? What it looked like?
You see, it's all slipping away so fast.
It's like... It's like waking up from a nightmare.
It was years ago, before I took command of the Enterprise.
I was talking to someone, I can't remember who!
And then it all changed. I was no longer in the past.
I was now an old man in the future.
And I was outside and I was doing something.
I can't remember what it was.
I'm sorry. It's all gone. I just can't remember.
It's alright. Have you considered that this might be just a dream?
No, it was much more than a dream.
The smells, the sounds,
the very touch of things...
...much more real than a dream.
How long did you spend in each time period?
Did it seem like minutes, hours?
You see, I can't say.
At first, I had a sense of confusion, disorientation.
I wasn't sure where I was.
And then, all that passed and it all seemed perfectly natural,
as though I belonged in that time.
But I can't...
Capt Picard to the bridge!
Captain, we've got a problem with the warp core or the phase inducers
or some other damn thing!
Hello, Captain, or should I call you Ambassador?
I haven't been called that for some time, either.
How about Mr Picard?
How about Jean-Luc?
I don't think I could get used to that.
Good Lord. Geordi.
- Well! How long has it been? - Nine years.
No, no, no! Since you last called me Captain,
since we were all together on the Enterprise?
Close to 25 years.
25 years!
Well, time has been good to you.
A little too good in some places.
Can I give you a hand here?
Well, I'm just tying up some vines.
You've got leaf miners. You might want to try a bacillus spray.
My wife is quite a gardener. I've picked up a little bit of it.
- How is Leah? - Just wonderful.
Busy as ever. She's just been made director of the Daystrom Institute.
What about the little ones? Brett, Alandra and...
- Sydney. - Sydney.
Well, they're not so little any more.
Brett is applying to Starfleet Academy next year.
So, what brings you here?
I just thought I'd stop by.
Been thinking about the old days on the Enterprise.
I was in the neighbourhood...
Geordi. You don't make the trip from Rigel III to Earth just to drop by.
So, you've heard?
Leah's got a few friends at Starfleet Medical. Word gets around.
I'm not an invalid.
Irumodic Syndrome can take years to run its course.
I know. Once I heard,
well, I just wanted to stop by just the same.
Well, now you're here, you can carry those tools.
My cooking may not be up to Leah's standards
but I can still make a decent cup of tea.
I read your last novel.
I thought that the protagonist was a little too flamboyant but...
Captain, are you alright?
Captain? Will this be your first time on a Galaxy-class starship?
Are you alright, sir?
I'm sorry, Lieutenant. My mind must have wandered.
What were you saying?
I asked if you'd ever been aboard a Galaxy-class starship before.
Of course, I'm familiar with the blueprints and specifications,
but this will be my first time on board.
Well then, if I may be so bold, sir, you're in for a treat.
The Enterprise is quite a ship.
I'm sure she is.
Have I done something wrong, sir?
No. It's just that you look very familiar.
Enterprise to shuttlecraft Galileo, you are cleared for arrival
- In shuttlebay two. - Acknowledged, Enterprise.
And there she is.
Tasha. I was just with Tasha in the shuttle.
I've finished the neurographic scan. I found nothing
that would cause hallucinations or psychogenic reaction.
- Any sign of temporal displacement? - No.
That would leave a tripamine residue, in the cerebral cortex
but the scan didn't show any.
Personally, I think you just enjoy waking everybody up.
Actually, I really like running around the ship in my bare feet.
The biospectral test results, Doctor.
Your blood-gas analysis
shows you've been breathing the ship's air for weeks.
If you'd been anywhere else, there'd be a change
in the oxygen-isotope ratios. Thanks.
Deanna, would you excuse us?
Of course.
I scanned you for evidence of Irumodic Syndrome as you suggested.
There wasn't any.
But I did find a small structural defect in the parietal lobe.
A defect that you hadn't noticed before?
This kind of defect only shows up on a level-four neurographic scan.
It could make you susceptible to several neurological disorders
including Irumodic Syndrome.
Now, it's possible you'll live without ever developing a problem.
Or even if you do, many people continue to live normal lives
for a long time with Irumodic Syndrome.
Then why do you look as if you've just signed my death sentence?
I'm sorry.
I guess it caught me off guard.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Something tells me you'll have to put up with me for a long time yet.
Well, it won't be easy, but I'll manage.
Has Worf found anything?
No, sir. His security scans came up negative.
The sensor logs give no indication that you ever left the ship.
I wasn't dreaming. Something happened.
- Worf to Captain. - Go ahead, Mr Worf.
Sir, there is a transmission from Admiral Nakamura. Priority one.
Mr Worf, will you route the call through to Dr Crusher's office?
Aye, sir.
- Captain. - Admiral.
I'm initiating a fleetwide yellow alert.
Intelligence has picked up alarming reports from the Romulan Empire.
At least 30 warbirds have been pulled from other duties
and are headed for the Neutral Zone.
Do we know why they would make such a blatantly aggressive move?
Our operatives on Romulus say something appears to be happening
in the Neutral Zone, specifically in the Devron system.
Our own long-range scans picked up some kind of spatial anomaly.
- We can't tell what it is. - What are our orders?
This is a very delicate situation.
I am deploying 15 starships along our side of the Neutral Zone.
I want you to go there as well.
See if you can find out what's going on in the Devron system.
Am I authorised to enter the Neutral Zone?
Not yet. Wait and see what the Romulans do.
Conduct long-range scans, send probes if necessary,
but do not cross the border unless they do.
- Understood. - Starfleet out.
What's wrong?
This is not my time.
- I don't belong here. - What?
I was somewhere else a few moments ago.
- You've been right here, with me. - No, no, no!
I was somewhere else.
I was... It was a long time ago. There was someone talking.
I was talking to someone.
Beverly. I was talking to Beverly!
It's OK, Captain. Everything's gonna be alright.
I'm not senile. This did happen!
I was here. I was talking to you,
and then I was somewhere else.
I was...
I was on the Enterprise. I was back on the Enterprise.
At least, I think that's where it was. I was in sickbay.
Well, it might have been a hospital.
Captain, we should go back to the house and call your doctor.
Yes. I know what you're thinking. "It's the Irumodic Syndrome."
"He's beginning to lose his mind." Well, it's not that!
And I'm not daydreaming either.
Well, alright. Alright. So, what do you want to do about it?
- Data. I want to see Data. - Data? Why?
- Because I think he can help. - Help how?
I don't know! I want to see Data.
Well, OK then. Alright, let's go see Data.
- He's still at Cambridge, isn't he? - Yes, I think he is.
- You see them, don't you? - See who?
They're everywhere. They're laughing at me.
Why are they laughing?
Come on, Captain. Let's go see Data.
Yes. Data.
We'll go see Data.
I know how it sounds, but it happened.
It was real. I was there, back on board the Enterprise.
- How do you like your tea? - Tea? Earl Grey, hot.
Course it's hot. What do you want in it?
Well, Data, I must say, this is a fine place you have here.
They certainly treat professors very well at Cambridge.
Holding the Lucasian Chair does have its perquisites.
This was Sir Isaac Newton's house when he held the position.
It has become the traditional residence.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
If you're really his friend, get him to take that grey out of his hair.
- Jessel... - Looks like a bloody skunk.
She can be frightfully trying, but she does make me laugh.
Data, what is it with the hair anyway?
I found that a touch of grey adds an air of distinction.
Earl Grey? I'd swear this is Darjeeling.
Captain, how long has it been
since you have seen a doctor about your Irumodic Syndrome?
A week. They've prescribed peridaxon.
- But, sir, peridaxon... - Yes, I know. It's not a cure.
Nothing can prevent the deterioration of the synaptic pathways.
You think I'm senile, that all this is just a delusion.
Now, come on, Captain. No one said anything of the kind.
In all honesty, Captain, the thought has occurred to me.
However, there is nothing to disprove what you are saying.
So it is possible something is happening to you.
The first thing we should do is run a complete set of neurographic scans.
We can use the equipment in the biometric lab.
Jessel, ask Professor Ripper to take over my lecture for tomorrow.
Possibly for the week.
Captain, we'll get to the bottom of this.
That's the Data that I remember. I knew that I could count on you.
Commanding Officer, Enterprise arriving.
"To Capt Jean-Luc Picard, stardate 41148..."
" are hereby required to take command..."
" take command of the USS Enterprise as of this date."
"Signed, Rear Admiral Norah Satie, Starfleet Command."
Red alert! All crew to battle stations.
You heard him! Move!
Personal log, stardate 41153. 7.
Recorded under security lockout Omega 327.
I have decided not to inform this crew of my experiences.
If I have travelled to the past,
I cannot risk giving them foreknowledge of what's to come.
We've completed a full subspace scan of the ship and surrounding space.
We've detected no unusual readings or anomalies.
With due respect, sir, it would help if we knew what we were looking for.
Noted. Counsellor, do you sense anything unusual on board?
Perhaps an alien presence that doesn't belong here,
maybe operating on a level of intelligence superior to our own?
No, sir. I'm only aware of the crew and the families on board the ship.
Mr Worf, initiate a level-two security alert, all decks,
until further notice.
With respect, sir, I'm the Security Chief on this ship.
Unless you're planning to make a change.
No, of course not. Lieutenant, security alert two.
Aye, sir.
- Capt Picard to the bridge. - On our way, Chief.
Sir, Starfleet just issued an alert.
A number of vessels are moving toward the Neutral Zone.
What kind of vessels?
Freighters, transports. All civilians. No Starfleet ships.
This says that a large spatial anomaly has appeared
in the Neutral Zone, in the Devron system.
Captain, it could be a Romulan trick
to lure us into the Neutral Zone as an excuse for a military strike.
Our mission to Farpoint is cancelled and we're to go to the Neutral Zone.
- No, we'll proceed to Farpoint. - Sir?
You heard me.
Captain, the security of the Federation could be at stake.
- Mr Worf, man your station. - Aye, sir.
Captain, perhaps if we understood your thinking. If you explained...
I have no intention of explaining. We proceed to Farpoint as planned.
Chief, are you having a problem with the warp plasma inducers?
- That's right. - I know how to get them on line.
We'll be in Main Engineering.
Mr O'Brien,
use these specifications to bypass the secondary plasma inducer.
This isn't exactly my area of expertise.
The Chief Engineer should make these modifications.
But he isn't on board. Mr O'Brien, trust me. I know you can do it.
All those years you spent as a child building model starship engines?
They were worth it.
- How did you know that, sir? - From your Starfleet records.
Yes, sir. I'll get right to it.
Fletcher, tell Munoz and Lee to get up here right away.
- Aye, sir. - We have to realign the power grid.
We'll be burning the midnight oil.
- That would be inadvisable. - Excuse me?
If you attempt to ignite petroleum on this ship at 0000 hours,
you will activate the fire-suppression system.
- That was just an expression. - Expression of what?
A figure of speech.
I was trying to tell him that we'd be working late.
"To burn the midnight oil" implies late work?
That's right.
I am curious. What is the etymology of that idiom?
How did it come to be used in contemporary language?
I don't know, sir.
Cmdr Data, welcome on board.
It's so very good to see you.
It is good to see you, too, sir.
I could use your help with the infuser array.
We're having problems with the plasma conduits.
This will need a completely new field-induction subprocessor.
It appears we will be required to ignite the midnight petroleum, sir.
Jean-Luc, what's going on?
- It happened again. - A time shift?
What happened?
It's still a little vague, but I can remember more this time.
It seems that every time I shift periods,
I can retain more memory.
At first, it appeared that I was in the future, years from now,
and then I was in the past just before our first mission.
What is it?
I scanned his temporal lobe
and compared it with a scan I performed a few minutes before.
There's a 13-percent increase in the acetylcholine of the hippocampus.
Within minutes, you've accumulated two days' worth of memories.
You remember when I first came on board the Enterprise?
What happened after the welcoming ceremony?
There was a reception in ten-forward. I introduced the senior officers.
Do you have any memory of my calling red alert?
Do you remember us being diverted from Farpoint to the Neutral Zone?
- To investigate a spatial anomaly? - No.
There is a discontinuity between the time periods you described.
Events in one time period have no effect on the other two.
Yet in both past and present, there is an anomaly in the Devron system.
I can't believe that's a coincidence.
I may find the same thing in the future.
Perhaps it's a temporal disturbance.
How is this related to your time shifting?
These are important questions,
and perhaps I will find answers to them in the past,
but now we have a threat from the Romulans.
I want all departments
to present a battle-readiness report by 0800 hours. Dismissed.
Deanna, it's gonna be a late night. Would you like dinner first?
Actually, I... We have plans.
I see. I'm sorry. See you in the morning.
- Goodnight, sir. - Worf.
I want subspace sweeps. We might detect a temporal disturbance.
- Aye, sir. - Will, this time shifting.
When it happens I experience a momentary disorientation.
If that should happen during a crisis, take command immediately.
Number One?
I'm sorry. Be prepared to take command. Aye, sir.
Speaking of disorientation, are you alright?
I'm just a little distracted. I'm fine.
You have the bridge. I'll be in my ready room.
Milk, warm, a dash of nutmeg.
What's this?
A prescription. Warm milk and eight hours' uninterrupted sleep.
- Beverly... - Doctor's orders.
You're exhausted.
I don't know if you've slept in the past or in the future,
but I'm sure you haven't slept in the present.
Get some rest, or I'll have you relieved and sedated.
Yes, sir.
As a physician, it's often my job to give people unpleasant news,
to tell them they need surgery, or they can't have children,
or that they might be facing a difficult illness.
But you said yourself, this is only a possibility.
But you've been to the future. You know it's going to happen.
I prefer to look on the future as something not written in stone.
A lot of things can happen in 25 years.
A lot of things can happen.
- Captain, wake up. - Yes...
What is it?
Have we reached the Neutral Zone?
The Neutral Zone?
Sorry. I was in the past again.
What's going on?
Data's arranged to run tests on you in the biometrics lab.
We're ready if you are.
No. We have to get to the Neutral Zone.
The Neutral Zone?
In the other two time periods, Starfleet reported a...
A sort of a spatial anomaly in...
In the Devron system. In the Devron system in the Neutral Zone!
If the anomaly appeared there in the past, it might be here, too.
Because you saw it in two other time frames,
doesn't mean it'll be here.
But if it is here, then it means something!
Damn it, Geordi! I know what we have to do!
Alright. OK.
But first, there is no Neutral Zone.
- Remember? - Right.
Right. The Klingons in this time period
have taken over the Romulan Empire.
Relations between us and the Klingons aren't too cosy.
I know that! I haven't completely lost my mind!
Well, if we're going to the Devron system...
...we're gonna need a ship.
Right now...
...I think it's time to call in some old favours.
Contact Admiral Riker, Starbase 247.
Jean-Luc, I'd like to help, but you're asking for the impossible.
The Klingons have closed their borders to Federation starships.
Will, what if this anomaly really is in the Devron system?
I saw a report from Intelligence this morning on that sector.
There is no activity.
There is nothing unusual going on in the Devron system.
I don't believe it! What if their long-range scans are faulty?
We have to see for ourselves!
I've got the Yorktown out near the border.
I'll have her run long-range scans in the Devron system.
If she finds anything, I'll tell you.
That is just not good enough!
It's going to have to be. I'm sorry. Riker out.
Computer, restore holographic image.
Damn him, anyway.
After all we've been through together.
He's been sitting behind that desk too long.
Captain, I'm sorry.
All we can do now is wait and see if the Yorktown finds anything.
There is another option.
We could arrange passage aboard a medical ship.
- Medical ship? - Yes, sir.
There has been Terrellian plague on Romulus.
The Klingons will allow Federation medical ships to cross the border.
So, what we need now is a medical ship.
I think I can arrange that. Data, find the USS Pasteur.
I have some pull with the Captain.
At least, I used to have.
This is a page from the past.
I never thought I'd see either of you on a starship again.
- Hello, Doctor. - Geordi.
- Doctor. - Data.
- Let's just choose one. - Alright.
So, did you get my message?
Yes. Jean-Luc. Crossing into Klingon territory, it's absurd.
- But I never could say no to you. - So that's why you married me.
The first order of business
is to get clearance to cross the Klingon border.
Agreed. What about Worf?
Yes! That's it! Worf! Yes, that's the answer. Worf will help us.
Data, is he still a member of the Klingon High Council?
I'm not sure.
Information on Klingon political structure is scarce these days.
However, at last report, Worf was governor of H'atoria,
a small Klingon colony near the border.
- Capt Picard. - Yes.
McKinley Station wants to know when we'll be docking.
Tell them we've been called away on a priority mission.
Aye, sir.
So, you kept the name?
Your quarters are on deck five. Get some rest.
No, I'm fine.
Nell, please escort the Ambassador to his quarters.
You're treating me as if I am an invalid.
I do have a few years left in me yet.
I do not want to be led around and I do not want to be patronised.
You're right. I'm sorry.
Now, I'll go and get some rest.
How long since his last neurological scan?
I'm not sure.
But I wouldn't suggest it.
He says he's not taking any more damned tests.
Do you really think he's moving through time?
I'm not sure I do either.
But he's Jean-Luc Picard, and if he wants to go
on one more mission, that's what we're going to do.
We'll find the anomaly.
I know we will.
We're nearing the coordinates you gave me.
Is there anything unusual in the vicinity, Mr Data?
How would you define unusual, sir?
Every region of space has unique properties found nowhere else.
There should be a barrier of some sort nearby.
A large plasma field, highly disruptive.
Nothing, sir.
This is the right time, the right place.
He should be here now.
Who, sir?
Q! We're here!
This has gone on long enough.
Counsellor, do you sense an alien presence?
No, sir.
What is a Q?
It's a letter of the alphabet, as far as I know.
I don't understand.
This is not the way it's supposed to happen.
Maintain this position. I'll be in my ready room.
Mon capitaine! I thought you'd never get here.
Q! I knew it! What's going on?
It's Judge Q to you. And isn't it obvious what's going on?
The last time that I stood here was seven years ago.
Seven years ago.
How little you mortals understand time. Must you be so linear?
You accused me of being the representative of
a barbarous species.
I believe my exact words were "a dangerous, savage child-race."
We demonstrated to you that mankind had become peaceful and benevolent.
You agreed and let us on our way. Why am I standing here again?!
You'd like me to connect the dots for you, from A to B to C,
so that your puny mind could comprehend?
How boring!
They'd be more entertained if you just tried to figure it out.
I'll answer any ten questions that call for a "yes" or a "no."
Are you putting mankind on trial again?
Is there any connection between the trial seven years ago
- And what's happening now? - I'd have to say yes.
The spatial anomaly in the Neutral Zone,
is it related to what's going on?
Most definitely yes!
Is it part of a Romulan plot, a ploy to start a war?
No and no.
- Five down! - That's only four.
"Is it a Romulan plot? Is it a ploy to start a war?"
Those are separate questions.
Did you create the anomaly?
No, no, no!
You'll be so surprised when you realise where it came from,
if you ever figure it out.
Are you responsible for my shifting through time?
I'll answer that question if you promise not to tell anyone.
- Yes! - Why?
Sorry! That's not a "yes" or " no" question.
You forfeit the rest of your questions.
I expected as much. You're such a limited creature.
A perfect example of why we made our decision.
The trial never ended, Captain. We never reached a verdict.
But now we have. You're guilty!
- Guilty of what? - Of being inferior.
Seven years ago, I said we'd be watching you and we have been,
hoping your ape-like race would show some growth,
give some indication that your minds had room for expansion.
But what have we seen instead?
You worrying about Cmdr Riker's career,
listening to Counsellor Troi's pedantic psychobabble,
indulging Data in his witless exploration of humanity.
We've journeyed to countless new worlds, contacted new species,
expanded our understanding of the universe.
In your paltry, limited way. You have no idea how far you still have to go.
But instead of using the last seven years to change and grow,
you have squandered them.
We are what we are, and we're doing the best we can.
It is not for you to set the standards by which we are judged.
But it is, and we have.
Time may be eternal, but our patience is not.
It's time to put an end to your trek through the stars,
make room for other more worthy species.
You're going to deny us travel through space?
You obtuse piece of flotsam.
You're to be denied existence.
Humanity's fate has been sealed. You will be destroyed.
Q, I do not believe that even you are capable of such an act.
I? There you go again. Always blaming me for everything.
This time, I'm not your enemy.
I'm not the one that causes the annihilation of mankind. You are.
- Me? - That's right!
You're doing it right now.
You did it before and you'll do it yet again.
What meaningless double-talk is this?
He doesn't understand!
I have only myself to blame, I suppose.
I believed in you. I thought you had potential.
Apparently, I was wrong.
May whatever god you believe in...
...have mercy on your soul.
This court stands adjourned.
Commander, assemble the senior staff and go to red alert.
We have a bigger problem than I thought.
Red alert!
I don't believe him. This has to be another one of Q's games.
He's probably laughing at us now, watching us jump through his hoops.
Normally, I'd agree.
But this time, I feel that it is different.
There was a deadly earnestness about him.
I think he's serious. Which means, in some fashion,
I am going to be the cause of the destruction of humanity.
Didn't Q say you already had caused it?
And that you were causing it now?
Given that there is a discontinuity
between the three time periods the Captain has visited,
Q's statement may be accurate, if confusing.
So, what do I do? Lock myself in a room in each time period?
Maybe not acting is what causes the destruction of mankind.
What if you were needed on the bridge and weren't there?
We can't second-guess ourselves.
We should proceed normally and deal with each situation as it occurs.
Agreed. I've been thinking about my conversation with Q.
He admitted that he was responsible for my shifting through time.
Now, it occurred to me that...
...he might be giving me a chance, somehow, to save humanity.
What makes you say that?
He's always had a fascination with humanity, me in particular.
He has more than a passing interest in what happens to me.
That is true. Q's interest in you has always been similar
to that of a master and his beloved pet.
- That was only an analogy. - Capt Picard.
- Go ahead. - We're approaching the Neutral Zone.
We're on our way.
All stop. Initiate long-range scans.
Captain, there are four warbirds holding position
on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone.
Federation Starships Concord and Bozeman hold position on our side.
A face-off. The question is, who's going to move first?
We are. Mr Worf, hail the Romulan flagship.
The warbird Tyrex is responding.
Capt Picard.
Hello, Worf. It's been a long time.
It is good to see you again.
- Have you read our request? - Yes.
But you must realise I am no longer a member of the High Council.
But surely you still have influence. We have to get into the Neutral Zone.
- Can you get us across the border? - I must refuse.
It is for your own safety. The Neutral Zone is extremely volatile.
If Admiral Riker had given you a ship with a cloak, you'd be safe.
It is hard to believe that even he would refuse to help you.
I don't care what kind of ship we go in!
We have to get to the Devron system.
I am sorry. My first duty is to the Empire.
I must adhere to regulations.
I know that I am an old man and I am out of touch,
but the Worf that I remember was more concerned with honour and loyalty
than rules and regulations.
But that was a long time ago.
Maybe you're not the Worf I knew.
You have always used your knowledge of Klingon honour
to get what you want from me.
Because it always works, Worf!
Your problem is that you really do have a sense of honour
and you do care about trust and loyalty.
Don't blame me for knowing you so well.
Very well. You may cross the border.
But only if I come with you. I am familiar with the Neutral Zone.
Terms accepted.
Inform transporter room two to beam the Governor aboard.
I must make one thing very clear.
If we run into serious opposition,
I'm taking us back to Federation space.
We aren't well armed and wouldn't last long in a fight.
Governor Worf is aboard, Captain.
Alright. Set a course for the Devron system, warp 13.
Once more for old times' sake?
Engage to where, sir?
Set a course for the Devron system and engage at warp nine.
The Devron system is inside the Neutral Zone, sir.
I'm aware of that. Carry on, Chief.
Captain, may I have a word with you in private?
Yes, of course. Contact Farpoint. I wish to speak to Cmdr Riker.
Aye, sir.
Captain, I just wanted to voice my concerns
about the way the crew is responding to your unexpected orders.
They don't trust me. They think I'm behaving erratically.
Some do. Others are confused.
It takes time for a crew to know their captain
and for him to know them.
I understand, but I know what this crew is capable of,
even if they don't.
It would also help if they knew what was going on.
It's difficult operating in the dark, but right now I have no other choice.
Yar to Capt Picard. I have Cmdr Riker for you.
Excuse me. Put him through here.
Cmdr Riker, we will be delayed picking you up at Farpoint.
I see. May I ask how long?
I can't say. I'll keep you updated.
Will you inform Dr Crusher and Lt La Forge?
Understood. Riker out.
Is there anything else, Counsellor?
Actually, sir, there is.
I was debating whether to mention it and perhaps...
It's about Cmdr Riker.
What about him?
I think you should know that he and I have had a prior relationship.
I see. Do you think this will interfere with your duties?
Not at all. It happened several years ago and it's well behind both of us.
- I thought you should know. - I appreciate your telling me.
But I'm sure you two will find a way to handle the situation.
Thank you, sir.
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
That beverage is not programmed into the replication system.
So, how long shall we stare at each other across the Neutral Zone?
There is an alternative, Tomalak. We each know why we're here.
We could each send one ship into the Neutral Zone
to investigate the anomaly in the Devron system.
Has Starfleet approved this arrangement?
- No. - I like it already.
Agreed! One from each side. But if another Federation ship enters...
There is no need for threats. We each know the consequences.
Very well. I'll see you in the Devron system.
Helm, set a course for the Devron system, warp five.
- Aye, sir. - Engage.
Sensors are picking up a large subspace anomaly directly ahead.
All stop. On screen.
- Full scan, Mr Data. - Aye, sir.
We have to get as much information as possible about that anomaly.
We are approaching the Devron system.
Sensors are picking up a large subspace anomaly directly ahead.
All stop. On screen.
Then it is larger in the past.
- Sir? - Nothing.
- Full scan, Mr Data. - Aye, sir.
On screen! On screen! Let's see it!
As you can see, sir, there is nothing there.
Still nothing, Captain.
I have conducted a full sensor sweep out to one light year.
No temporal anomalies, no particle fluctuations, nothing.
It was here in the other two time periods. Why isn't it here now?
I have been monitoring Klingon communications channels.
Several warships have been dispatched to this sector
to search for a renegade Federation vessel.
You're not leaving?
- There's nothing here, Jean-Luc. - But there has to be!
Data, is there another way to scan for disturbances?
Something not covered in a normal sensor sweep?
There are other methods of detecting temporal disturbances
but we're limited by the Pasteur's equipment.
We should head back to Federation territory.
However, it may be possible to modify the main deflector
to emit an inverse tachyon pulse to scan beyond the subspace barrier.
Make it so.
Wait a minute! Data, how long would this take?
To make the modifications and search the entire Devron system? 14 hours.
Alright, Data, begin to modify the tachyon pulse.
Ensign, lay in a course back to the Federation.
We'll stay here for six hours then we're heading back, maximum warp.
But six hours may not be enough.
We have to stay here till we find it, no matter how long it takes.
Carry out my orders. May I see you a moment?
I cannot believe you're not willing...
Don't ever question my orders on the bridge of my ship again!
Damn it, I was just trying to...
There are larger concerns. You don't understand...
You would never tolerate that behaviour on the Enterprise,
and I won't here.
I don't care if you're my ex-captain or my ex-husband!
You're right. I was out of line. It won't happen again.
But you have to understand what is at stake here!
Q said all of humanity will be destroyed!
I know. That's why I've allowed us to stay longer and keep looking.
But I also want you to allow for the possibility
that none of what you're saying is real.
Jean-Luc, I care for you too much not to tell you the truth.
You have advanced Irumodic Syndrome.
It's possible that all of this is in your mind.
I'll stay here six hours longer and then we're heading home.
I want you to remember...
...if it were anyone else but you, we wouldn't even be here.
What was that she said, sonny? I couldn't quite hear her.
What is going on here? Where is the anomaly?
Where's your mommy?
- Well, I don't know. - Answer me!
There is an answer, Jean-Luc. But I can't hand it to you.
- Although you do have help. - What help?
You're not alone, you know.
What you were, and what you are to become will always be with you.
My time shifting. The answer does lie there, doesn't it?
Now, tell me one thing.
This anomaly we're looking for, will that destroy humanity?
You're forgetting, Jean-Luc.
You destroy humanity.
By doing what? When? How can...?
Report, Mr Data.
The anomaly is 200 million kilometres in diameter.
It is a highly focused temporal-energy source
emitting approximately the energy output of ten G-type stars.
What is the source of this energy?
I am uncertain, sir. Sensors cannot penetrate the anomaly.
What if we modify the main deflector to emit an inverse tachyon pulse?
That might scan beyond the subspace barrier.
That might give us some idea of what the interior looks like.
That is a most intriguing idea, sir.
I do not believe a tachyon beam was ever used in such a way.
I had no idea you were so versed in the intricacies of temporal theory.
I have some friends who are well versed in it. Make it so.
I believe we can make the necessary modifications in Main Engineering.
We'd get more power routeing the primary EPS taps to the deflector.
Initiating tachyon pulse.
OK. The pulse is holding steady. We're receiving data from the scan.
It will take the computer time to get a complete picture of the interior.
I suggest we... Geordi? What is wrong?
I don't know. It's like somebody's sticking an ice pick in my temples.
My visor's picking up all kinds of electromagnetic fluctuations.
Data to sickbay. Medical emergency.
This is amazing.
The DNA in his optic nerves is regenerating.
Geordi, it's as if you're growing new eyes.
- How is this possible? - It shouldn't be possible at all.
There's no medical explanation for spontaneous organ regeneration.
Doctor, we've had reports from two crew members
who say they have old scars which are healing themselves.
Captain, I believe I have a partial explanation.
I have completed my analysis of the anomaly.
It appears to be a multi-phasic temporal convergence
- In the space-time continuum. - In English, Data.
It is, in essence, an eruption of anti-time.
A relatively new concept in temporal mechanics.
The relationship between anti-time and normal time
is analogous to that between antimatter and normal matter.
So, if time and anti-time were to collide...?
They would annihilate one another causing a rupture in space.
I believe this happened in the Devron system.
The rupture may be sending out waves of temporal energy
which are disrupting the normal flow of time.
What could have caused this collision of time and anti-time?
Anti-time, sir?
If you modify the deflectors to send out an inverse tachyon pulse,
you'll find that the anomaly is a rupture between time and anti-time.
A fascinating hypothesis. How did...?
I don't have time to discuss it.
Do the modifications, send the pulse,
then theorise as to what caused this rupture.
Mr O'Brien, how large is this anomaly?
Approximately 400 million kilometres in diameter, sir.
I don't understand why it's bigger in the past.
Lieutenant, you have the bridge. I'll be in my ready room.
Aye, sir.
- What's going on? - We're under attack.
Shield strength down to 52 percent. Minor damage to the port nacelle.
Two Klingon attack cruisers decloaking, port and starboard.
- Warp speed. Get us out of here! - Warp power is off line, sir.
Heading 148, mark 215. Full impulse.
Impulse power fluctuating. Shields at 30 percent.
Weapons status?
These weapons are no match for their shields.
Geordi, we need more warp power, now.
I'm trying. They're too much for us. I can't keep the inducers on line.
Shields at nine percent. One more hit and they'll collapse.
- Open a channel. - Open.
This is Capt Beverly Picard.
We are a medical ship on a mission of mercy. Please break off all...
Worf, signal our surrender.
Our shields have collapsed. We are defenceless.
Captain, another ship is decloaking. Bearing 215, mark 310.
It is the Enterprise.
- They are hailing us. - On screen.
I knew you wouldn't listen to me.
Stand by. I'll see if I can get the Klingons' attention.
The Enterprise is drawing their fire.
Damage report.
The warp core's badly damaged. There's a breach in progress.
We have to stop it!
The Klingon ship is disengaging. Admiral Riker is hailing us.
Sensors indicate you have a warp-core breach.
Prepare to beam out.
All the Pasteur's crew are on board.
- Where are the Klingons? - Still moving off, sir.
- Half a light year away. - They'll be back.
As I said, I figured you wouldn't take no for an answer.
But I thought you had more sense
than to send a defenceless ship into hostile territory with no escort.
If you had not refused the Captain, none of this would have happened.
Unlike you, I still have a sense of honour and loyalty.
We don't have time for this! The Pasteur's core is going to breach!
Take us out of here. Full impulse.
Alright, let's get out of here.
No, Will, we can't! We have to save humanity.
Engage cloak.
We took a hit to a plasma coil. Our cloak isn't functioning.
It'll be seven hours before we can cloak again.
Do it the old-fashioned way. Head for Federation space, warp 13.
Don't leave! We have to find out what's causing the temporal anomaly.
We can't stay, Captain.
We have to! Everything depends on it! We can't leave now!
Please, listen to me!
Your visual acuity's improving by the hour, Geordi.
I'm sorry, Alyssa. May I take another look.
You'll have a little tenderness for a few days. That's to be expected.
Jean-Luc. I'll be right back, Alyssa.
Alyssa lost the baby.
I think it's the same phenomenon that affected Geordi.
Somehow, the temporal energy from the anomaly
caused the foetal tissue to revert to an earlier stage of development.
It's as if the unborn child began to grow younger
- Until the DNA began to break down. - How is she?
Physically, she's fine for now.
But if this temporal reversion continues, none of us will be fine.
So, this is affecting the entire crew?
Our cellular structures appear to be coalescing,
reverting to earlier forms.
In some cases, it has caused old injuries to heal,
but the effect is only temporary. Eventually, it may kill all of us.
We must find out how widespread the effect is.
Contact Starbase 23, that's the nearest outpost.
Have them check personnel for signs of temporal reversion.
Mr Data, how close are you to completing the tachyon scan?
One hour, 45 minutes, sir.
When it's done, I want to find some way
of collapsing this anomaly without making things worse.
Give me a risk analysis of any solution you find.
- Aye, sir. - Dismissed.
It's a pretty big decision, Jean-Luc.
Tinkering with an anomaly you know nothing about, trying to collapse it.
Isn't that risky?
Why? Will that cause the destruction of mankind?
Maybe. On the other hand,
maybe leaving it alone would be the wrong thing to do.
It's a pretty big decision, alright.
Would it help to have a different perspective?
- Welcome home. - Home?
Don't you recognise your old stomping grounds?
This is Earth, France, three and a half billion years ago,
give or take an aeon or two.
Smells awful, doesn't it, all that sulphur and volcanic ash?
- I really must speak to the maid. - Q, is there any point to all this?
So, the anomaly is here, too, at Earth.
At this point in history,
the anomaly fills your entire quadrant of the galaxy.
The further back in time, the larger the anomaly.
Come here.
There's something I want to show you.
You see this?
This is you. I'm serious!
Right here, life is about to form on this planet for the first time.
A group of amino acids are about to combine to form the first protein...
...the building blocks...
...of what you call life.
Strange, isn't it?
Everything you know, your entire civilisation,
it all begins right here in this little pond of goo.
Appropriate, somehow, isn't it?
Too bad you didn't bring a microscope. It's fascinating.
Look! There they go.
The amino acids are moving closer, and closer,
and closer.
Nothing happened.
See what you've done?
Are you saying that I caused the anomaly...
...and the anomaly somehow disrupted the beginnings of life on Earth?
Concentrate on how this anomaly was initially formed. Speculation.
Our tachyon pulse has been unable to completely penetrate the anomaly.
We need information on the centre of the anomaly in order to speculate.
Can we scan the interior?
I've tried everything. There's too much interference.
- Nothing on board can do the job. - What could?
In theory, a tomographic imaging scanner
with multiphasic resolution would be able to penetrate such interference.
The Daystrom Institute has been working on a device,
but it is still only theoretical.
Data, do we have a tomographic imaging scanner?
Yes, sir.
Can you use it to scan the anomaly's interior?
There is a lot of interference, but I am getting some readings.
- This is very unusual. - What is it?
Our tachyon pulse is converging with two other tachyon pulses
in the centre of the anomaly.
The two other pulses have the exact same amplitude modulation as our own.
It is as if all three originated from the Enterprise.
Three pulses from three time periods...
...converging at one point in space.
Captain, what are you suggesting?
Computer, where is Admiral Riker?
Admiral Riker is in ten-forward.
The ship has held up pretty well over the years.
They tried to decommission her five years ago.
One of the advantages of being an Admiral is you choose your own ship.
Will, how long is this thing between you and Worf going to go on?
It's been going on for over 20 years. It doesn't look like it'll end soon.
The last thing Troi would have wanted
is for the two of you to be alienated.
I agree. I think it's time to put it behind you.
I tried at Deanna's funeral. He wouldn't even talk with me.
It might have been tough for him. He took her death pretty hard.
Yeah? Well, he wasn't the only one.
I know, but I think in his mind,
you were the reason he and Deanna never got together.
I never did anything to stand in his way.
Didn't you, Will?
Did I?
I didn't want to admit that it was over.
I always thought we'd get together again. And then she was gone.
You think you have all the time in the world, until...
Ensign, how do I get to ten-forward.
It's four decks down, sir. Section 005.
Thank you.
My God!
Will! I know why it's happening, what's causing the anomaly.
We have to go back.
The only place we're going back to is bed.
Damn it, Will! I know why it's happening.
We caused the anomaly with the tachyon pulse!
It happened in three times. We did it in three different time periods.
You better come with me.
Will you leave me alone? Damn it, I'm not stupid!
The tachyon pulses were used in the same spot in three different times.
Don't you see? When the tachyon pulse... I mean...
I mean, when the Pasteur used the tachyon pulse, then... We...
I mean, everything started, Will.
We set everything in motion. It's like the chicken and the egg.
We think it started in the past, but it didn't.
It started right here, in the future!
That's why it's getting larger in the past.
I think I know what the Captain is talking about.
If I am not mistaken, he is describing a paradox.
- Yes, right. That's it. - Intriguing.
It is possible we could have caused
the very anomaly we have been looking for.
Let us assume that the Captain has been travelling through time.
Let us also assume he initiated a tachyon pulse
at the same coordinates in all three time periods.
In that case, it is possible that the convergence of three tachyon pulses
could have ruptured the subspace barrier
- And created an anti-time reaction. - I see where you're going, Data.
And because anti-time operates opposite the way normal time does,
the effects would travel backwards through space-time.
That's why it's larger in the past. It grows as it travels back in time.
Alright. Say you're right. What do we do?
Go back, Will, to the Devron system.
He may be right.
If we go back to the Devron system now,
we might be able to see the initial formation of the anomaly.
Riker to bridge. Set a course for the Devron system. Maximum warp.
Worf, we could use a hand.
- Entering the Devron system, sir. - Full stop.
Sensors are picking up a small temporal anomaly off the port bow.
On screen.
- I was right! - It's an anti-time eruption.
It was formed within the last six hours.
We must stop it here, so it can't travel back through time.
Mr Data, we need a solution and we need it now.
It is being sustained by the tachyon pulses in the other two time periods.
- I suggest shutting them down. - The next time I'm there I'll do it.
Isn't there more we can do here? Seal the rupture?
I will investigate the options.
Data, disengage the tachyon pulse.
- Sir? - Do it!
The convergence of the tachyon pulses is causing the anomaly.
Aye, sir.
Any change in the anomaly?
- No, sir. - Disengage the tachyon pulse.
But we haven't finished the scan.
I know that. But you must disengage the pulse immediately.
Aye, sir. Disengaging.
Why isn't the anomaly being affected?
Why would it be, sir?
I've shut off the other tachyon pulses
- But it hasn't changed the anomaly. - It remains unaffected here as well.
What do we do?
We have to repair the rupture at the focal point
where time and anti-time converge.
How do we do that?
If we take the ship into the anomaly,
we could use the engines to create a static warp shell.
Yeah, that's right.
The shell would act as a barrier separating time and anti-time.
Collapsing the anomaly.
But it would have to be done in the other two time periods.
But the anomaly is so much larger in the other time periods
- It may be dangerous to go in. - In where, sir?
Into the anomaly, Chief.
Lay in a course for the centre. Transfer all power to the shields.
Sir, can you give us some explanation?
No, I cannot.
Captain, so far we've obeyed every order, no matter how far-fetched.
But if we're to risk the ship and crew, we need an explanation.
I understand your concerns, Lieutenant.
And if I were in your position, I'd be doing the same thing,
Iooking for answers.
But you won't find any, because I don't have any to give you.
I know it is difficult for you to understand,
but we have to take the ship into the very centre of the phenomenon
and create a static warp shell.
Now, this will put the ship at risk.
Quite frankly, we may not survive.
But you must believe I am doing this for a greater purpose.
And that what is at stake is more than any of you can possibly imagine.
I know you have your doubts about me, about each other,
about this ship.
All I can say is, although we have only been together for a short time,
I know that you are the finest crew in the fleet,
and I would trust each of you with my life.
So, I am asking you for a leap of faith...
...and to trust me.
Shields up, maximum strength.
Boosting field integrity.
We may encounter shearing forces in the anomaly.
Preparing to initiate a static warp shell.
Course laid in, sir.
All decks ready, sir.
Take us in, Chief.
Captain, I have an idea.
If we take the ship to the centre of the anomaly...
...and create a static warp shell, it could collapse the anomaly.
Yes, sir.
Mr Data, you are a clever man, in any time period.
Helm, lay in a course and prepare to initiate a static warp shell.
Aye, sir.
The other two Enterprises are on their way.
Very well. Ensign, take us in.
- We're entering the anomaly, sir. - All hands, brace for impact.
Temporal energy interference. Switching to...
...auxiliary power. It's hard to keep the impulse engines on line.
Power fluctuations across the board.
Maintain course and speed.
- How long until we reach the centre? - At least 30 seconds, sir.
We've entered the anomaly.
- We've reached the centre, sir. - Initiate warp shell.
Initiating static warp shell now.
Is it working?
Something is happening. A new subspace barrier is forming.
Sensors are picking up two other ships.
Captain, it appears to be working. The anomaly is beginning to collapse.
- Our warp containment is rupturing. - We must eject the core.
No, we must maintain the shell as long as possible.
We're losing containment, Captain! I can't stop it. It's going to...
Route emergency power to the antimatter containment system.
There's a lot of interference.
The warp shell is having an effect. The anomaly is collapsing.
I can't hold it. The containment system is going.
Maintain your position, Mr La...!
The other ships have been destroyed.
- Two down, one to go. - Data, report!
- It has nearly collapsed. - Losing containment.
Goodbye, Jean-Luc. I'm gonna miss you. You had such potential.
But all good things must come to an end.
Containment field is at critical. I'm losing it!
The Continuum didn't think you had it in you, Jean-Luc, but I knew you did.
Are you saying that it worked? We collapsed the anomaly?
Is that all this meant to you?
Just another anomaly, another day at the office!
Did it work?
Well, you're here, talking to me, aren't you?
What about my crew?
"The anomaly. My ship. My crew."
I suppose you're worried about your fish, too.
Well, if it puts your mind at ease, you've saved humanity, once again.
Thank you.
For what?
You had a hand in helping me get out of this.
I was the one that got you into it. A directive from the Continuum.
The part about the helping hand, though, was my idea.
I sincerely hope this is the last time that I find myself here.
You just don't get it, do you, Jean-Luc?
The trial never ends.
We wanted to see if you could expand your mind and your horizons.
And for one brief moment, you did.
- When I realised the paradox. - Exactly.
For that one fraction of a second,
you were open to options you had never considered.
That is the exploration that awaits you.
Not mapping stars and studying nebulae,
but charting the unknown possibilities of existence.
What is it that you are you trying to tell me?
You'll find out.
In any case, I'll be watching.
And if you're very lucky, I'll drop by to say hello from time to time.
See you out there.
Captain, are you alright?
- Mr Worf, what's the date? - Stardate 47988.
- Is something wrong, sir? - No.
I think I'll get back to bed.
I could use some sleep.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Starfleet Command reports no unusual activity
along the Neutral Zone and there is no sign of a temporal anomaly.
It would appear I am the only crew member
to retain any knowledge of the events.
- Take it! - Any time, Doctor.
Four hands in a row. How does he do it?
I cheat.
I'm kidding!
You know, I was thinking about what the Captain told us about the future,
about how we all changed and drifted apart.
Why would he want to tell us what's to come?
Goes against everything about not polluting the timeline.
I believe this situation is unique.
Since the anomaly did not occur,
there have already been changes in this timeline.
The future we experience will be different from what he encountered.
Maybe that's why he told us.
Knowing that future allows us to change things now,
so that some things never happen.
Come in.
- Am I too late? - Of course not. Pull up a chair.
Five-card draw. Deuces wild.
Come in.
Is there a problem, sir?
No, I just thought that I might...
...I might join you this evening, if there's room.
Of course. Have a seat.
- Would you care to deal, sir? - Thank you, Mr Data.
Actually, I used to be quite a card player in my youth, you know.
I should have done this a long time ago.
You were always welcome.
So, five-card stud, nothing wild,
and the sky's the limit.

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