Passing outer planet Zeon.
We want the inner one, Ekos.
Plot a standard orbit and take us in.
Aye, sir.
Lieutenant Uhura, raise John Gill ...
on Starfleet communications.
Aye, aye, sir.
Starfleet's been trying for six months.
Isn't it unlikely he'd receive us now?
I don't know, Bones.
We're here to find out what's happened.
I never met John Gill,
but I studied Earth history from his textbook.
I knew him very well.
He was my instructor.
What impressed me most was his treatment of Earth History ...
as causes and motivations rather than dates and events.
no response on any channel.
Spacecraft approaching from inner planet.
From Ekos?
Yes, but it must be a Zeon ship.
The Zeons do have a crude interplanetary capability.
Reaction powered ...
a small rocket --
It is on an intercept course.
That would mean it has sophisticated detection devices ...
which neither Zeon nor Ekos should have.
Have you raised anyone, Lieutenant?
Nothing, sir.
Captain, it's an unmanned probe ...
which seems to be carrying a warhead.
Stand by, phasers.
[ Chekov ] Phasers ready.
Range, Mr. Chekov?
2,000 kilometers.
Closing fast.
A thermonuclear warhead.
That's generations ahead of where these people should be technically.
How did they manage that?
Maybe they had help.
[Captain Kirk] Space. The final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise,
its five-year mission -- to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Maximum orbit.
Take us out of their detection range.
Most interesting.
We were attacked by a thermonuclear missile ...
from a planet which should have no such weapon.
Orbit computed and locked in.
Captain, no response from John Gill on any channel.
He must be dead.
And what's going on ...
down there on Ekos?
According to our records,
the Ekosians are a primitive, warlike people ...
in a state of anarchy.
The other planet, Zeon, has a relatively high technology,
and its people are peaceful.
We've run into a far more serious problem ...
than the disappearance of John Gill.
Spock, we'll beam down.
Bones, one precaution.
Prepare a subcutaneous transponder ...
in the event we can't use our communicators.
Insert the transponder, Doctor.
Make one low pass to communication range in three hours.
If we fail to make contact,
take our coordinates from the transponder and beam us aboard,
no matter what our condition may be.
Aye, sir. Whatever your condition.
You ready?
Ready, Captain.
The Ekosians are humanoid,
so there is apt to be a similarity in architecture.
[ Grunts ]
They're right behind me.
Zeon pig.
On your feet, pig.
the Noninterference Directive.
Hold your hands above your head, Zeon.
Keep your hands up so you don't touch anything Ekosian.
You've defiled us for the last time.
That's now ended. Move!
Do you recognize those uniforms?
Mid-20th century Earth.
The nation state called Nazi Germany.
[Man On P.A.] Attention.
An announcement from Fuhrer Headquarters.
Today, the Fuhrer has ordered our glorious capital ...
to be made Zeon-free.
Our heroic troops have begun flushing out ...
the Zeon monsters who've been poisoning our planet.
How could this have happened?
The chances of another planet ...
developing a culture like Nazi Germany,
using the forms, the symbols, the uniforms ...
of 20th century Earth are so fantastically slim.
Virtually impossible, Captain,
yet the evidence is quite clear.
The Fuhrer's headquarters reports repulsing an attack by Zeon spacecraft.
Our missiles utterly destroyed the enemy.
You look quite well ...
for a man who's been utterly destroyed, Mr. Spock.
At this patriotic demonstration,
Deputy Fuhrer Melakon presented the Iron Cross, second class ...
to Daras, hero of the Fatherland.
Everywhere, preparations go forward ...
toward the Final Decision --
Death to Zeon.
Long live the Fatherland.
Long live the Fuhrer.
That's John Gill.
The Fuhrer?
You, Zeons!
What kind of monsters are the Zeons sending against us?
You're right. He's not one of us.
Look at him.
Spock, take his uniform.
You propose we pass ourselves off as Nazis?
If John Gill's the Fuhrer,
it would seem the logical approach.
That's very well taken, Captain.
That helmet covers a multitude of sins.
what have we here?
A Zeon?
Obviously he's not one of us.
I captured him.
Is that not correct procedure ...
with enemies of the Fatherland?
With all Zeon pigs, Lieutenant.
Take charge of him.
With pleasure.
Today we have a surprise planned for you, Zeon.
Your uniform, Captain.
It's a shame yours isn't as attractive.
Gestapo, huh?
Quite correct.
You should make a very convincing Nazi.
Have you forgotten how to salute?
Your papers.
Your orders, Lieutenant.
He wants the orders in your jacket.
The Lieutenant's a little dazed.
He captured several Zeons single-handed.
One struck him before he dropped.
I promise you, that pig will never get up again.
Good work, Lieutenant.
Hail the Fuhrer.
Hail to the Fuhrer.
This is a day to remember, Major.
Better see a doctor.
You don't look well.
Your color.
Yes. I shall tend to it, Major.
Your helmet. Remove it.
We have urgent business with the Fuhrer.
remove your helmet.
Do you wish to speak now?
Tell me your orders!
You were sent to kill our Fuhrer. Confess!
You want more persuasion?
You're making this a rather one-sided conversation.
Do not joke with me, Zeon pig.
Who is this alien?
Things might go easier ...
if you tell me about him.
I'll tell your Fuhrer everything he wants to know.
You'll be glad to talk to me before I'm through.
Ah, Chairman Eneg.
Your Excellency, I am honored.
I've been interrogating these spies,
captured in --
I've had a full report.
You are not from Zeon.
Where do you come from?
I'll explain when I see the Fuhrer.
What's your business with the Fuhrer?
I'll tell only him.
You're speaking to the Party Chairman.
That's enough, Major.
What were the weapons found on you?
What design?
Our famous SS laboratories have been ...
unable to discover how the weapons work.
Excellency, give me a few minutes with them.
I promise you, I'll --
You had a few minutes, without result.
The trouble with you SS ...
is that you don't realize ...
that punishment becomes ineffective after a certain point.
Men become ...
Yes, Excellency.
Lock them up.
Let their pain argue with them,
then I'll question them.
Excellency, the standing order ...
is to interrogate and execute.
The interrogation is finished, therefore --
What have you learned?
Hold them for an hour.
Excellency, the order --
That is my order, Major.
I suggest you do not disobey it.
Yes, Excellency.
All right, pigs.
I shall keep my eye on the clock.
When the hour is up,
you will die most unpleasantly, I promise you!
Lock them up.
John Gill was the kindest,
gentlest man I ever knew.
For him to be a Nazi --
[ Groans ]
... is impossible.
Why did they take you?
You're not a Zeon.
He certainly is not one.
Why do the Nazis treat you as enemies?
Why do the Nazis hate Zeons?
Because without us to hate,
there'd be nothing to hold them together.
So the Party has built us into a threat,
a disease to be wiped out.
Is Zeon a threat to them?
Where did you come from?
Our warlike period ended dozens of generations ago.
We came here.
We thought we were civilizing the Ekosians.
It would seem the assumption was premature.
Were they like this when you first came?
Warlike, yes, but not vicious.
That started when the Nazi movement began --
only a few years ago.
That would coincide with the time of John Gill's arrival.
When they've destroyed us here,
they will attack our planet ...
with the technology we gave them.
The danger is that taking life is so repugnant to our people,
I'm afraid we'll go down without a struggle.
But after what I saw in the street today,
I think I could kill.
Do you know the plan of this building?
If we can get to the SS weapons laboratory --
get our weapons back --
maybe we can stop the slaughter.
Why should you be interested in saving Zeons?
We must get our communicators, contact the ship.
Captain, the flaw in the plan is this locked door,
and the guard beyond it.
To the logical mind, the outlook is somewhat gloomy.
The transponders.
And a way to shed some light on the gloom, Mr. Spock.
Of course.
The rubindium crystals in the transponders.
Are - Are you trying to kill yourselves?
I know it's there.
McCoy put it in.
Do you have the figures computed?
The crystals must be held rigidly at a specific distance,
which I believe should be 27.2 mm.
27.2 mm would be, approximately,
That is, of course, a crude estimation.
What is it you're making,
some kind of radio?
No, not a radio.
The power from this light is very low.
To reach it, I shall require some sort of platform.
I would be honored, Mr. Spock.
Now, the rubindium crystals should find enough power here ...
to achieve the necessary stimulus.
As I recall from the history of physics,
the ancient lasers were able to achieve ...
the necessary excitation,
even using crude natural crystals.
Oh, Mr. Spock,
the guard did a professional job on my back.
Please hurry.
Yes, of course, Captain.
You realize that the aim will be very crude.
I ...
don't care if you hit the broad side of a barn.
Just hurry.
Captain, why should I aim at such a structure?
Never mind, Spock.
Get on with the job.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, Spock --
Over there.
I'll create a commotion.
Help! I'll talk!
I'll talk!
I can't stand it anymore! I'll talk!
Guard, I'll talk!
[Door Opens]
Guard, I'll talk.
I'll talk.
The pain --
Take me with you.
Give me a chance to fight them.
We didn't intend to fight.
Take me with you, or you'll never find the laboratory.
Take him with us, Mr. Spock.
He's got a point.
He's our guide.
Which is the laboratory door?
The end ofthe hall.
All right, Zeon pigs, move.
Zeon pig.
They do nothing right.
Don't worry.
They're on their way ...
to the laboratory,
for experimental work.
They'll pay. Move!
Move! Move!
Cover the door.
Here they are --
The communicators, disassembled.
Can you get one to work?
Who are you people?
The phasers?
I do not see them.
Where do you come from?
The alien pistols ...
have been sent to Gestapo Command Headquarters.
Well, that takes care of the phasers.
You Zeons, for peaceful people,
are pretty thorough.
With this uniform,
we can steal a car, get out of the capital.
We came for John Gill.
Captain, without phasers,
and until we're able to communicate with the ship,
it is illogical to assume that we can hold out ...
against the entire military force of this planet.
All right, Mr. Spock.
You've made your point.
Get into the uniform and hide those ears again.
Hunting's good.
We've caught so many Zeons,
we've got to dump them outside.
Who's with you?
Davod, it's all right.
They helped me escape from the prison.
I owe them my life.
Isak, what is all this?
Abrom --
Abrom, thank God you're well.
This is my brother.
They were in the prison, beaten as I was, Abrom.
Why were you in prison?
Trying to see the Fuhrer.
The Fuhrer?
If I can see him,
there maybe a way of stopping this insanity.
Abrom, I owe them my life.
Uletta ...
is dead.
Shot down in the streets.
Sh - She would've been my wife.
She lived for five hours ...
while they walked past her ...
and spat on her.
Our own people were unable to help her.
Now you ask me to ...
help strangers.
If we adopt the ways of the Nazis,
we're as bad as the Nazis.
Captain ...
I suggest the most profitable use of our time ...
would be to reassemble our communicators.
May I work undisturbed somewhere?
This way.
By using parts from both,
I've completed one communicator.
I do not know if the circuits are correct, Captain.
There's no way to test it,
except in actual use.
The Enterprise won't be within range for another hour.
Over there.
Against the wall, all of you.
The girl on the viewscreen receiving a medal.
Hands in the air, Zeon swine.
So you're the three ...
who escaped from the detention center.
What was your plan? Speak. It's your last chance.
I must see the Fuhrer.
It's urgent.
I'll bet it is.
I alone am responsible for what happens here.
Do you know what we do to responsible Zeons?
Now we finish the job.
Stop, Nazis.
After you've killed the last of us off,
what do you do, turn the guns against yourselves?
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot, please.
No, wait.
No more.
You've proved they're on our side.
Now, please forgive us,
but we had to be absolutely certain.
If we'd taken you into our confidence,
we could've betrayed all our people --
if you'd been Nazi spies. Leave us.
The Gestapo methods are frighteningly efficient.
We must be very careful ...
in order to survive here.
We of the Underground don't know who our leaders are.
If we break under pressure,
we'll only betray a handful of our people.
This young lady's a Nazi,
a hero of the Fatherland.
We saw her being decorated.
I'm an Ekosian, fighting the terrible thing ...
that's happened to my people.
The decoration was for betraying ...
my own father to the Party.
It was my father's idea.
He used to be very close to the Fuhrer.
Then he saw the changes ...
and where they were leading.
He turned against the Party.
They imprisoned him. Melakon sentenced him to death.
The Deputy Fuhrer. He's taken over.
My father denounced me,
making it appear like I'd betrayed him.
He gave me a weapon to continue the fight with.
How could this have seemed right to John Gill?
John Gill, your Fuhrer.
He's one of our people.
And what is "your people" ?
I'm Captain James Kirk ...
of the United Spaceship Enterprise.
This is Mr. Spock.
John Gill, your Fuhrer,
was sent here by the Federation ...
as a cultural observer.
You mean that the Fuhrer is an alien?
[ Spock ] That is correct.
I grew up to admire him,
later to hate and despise everything he stands for.
But I always thought ...
he was one of us.
To hear he's an alien sent to destroy us --
That was not his mission, ever.
He was sent here to observe, not to interfere.
Something went wrong,
and that's why we're here,
to find out and to correct.
We must see him.
It's impossible.
Even if this were another time,
it still would be impossible.
He sees no one but Melakon.
He's under maximum security.
Maximum security?
Is he so afraid?
There are many of us --
Ekosians and younger Zeons --
who'd gladly kill him.
I don't understand what's going on here.
This goes against every principle ...
John Gill ever believed in.
Our only chance is to see him,
and quickly.
He makes a speech tonight from the Chancellery.
All the top Party officials will be there.
Will you be there?
Of course,
as a symbol of the proper attitude toward the Fatherland.
As an honored Party member,
she could get us past the guards.
Only the top, most trusted officials will be allowed in.
The country will watch on the viewscreens.
I'm afraid it will be a formal declaration of war against Zeon,
their Final Solution.
You must get us in there.
It would be suicide.
If the Captain believes he has a chance,
I'm willing to commit suicide with him.
You, a Zeon?
You expect to get into the Chancellery?
It's even more my fight than yours.
What is your business here?
Get me some lights on her.
It's Party Secretary Daras.
The Fuhrer's Special Documentary Corps.
Smile, Corporal.
Excuse me.
Captain, I'm beginning to understand ...
why you Earthmen enjoy gambling.
No matter how carefully one computes the odds of success,
there's still a certain exhilaration in the risk.
Very good. We may make a human of you yet.
I hope not.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Where does the Fuhrer enter?
He doesn't.
They watch him on the big screen ...
there, at the end of the room.
He broadcasts from the booth, for security.
They've got the booth curtained off.
Bring that light to the side of her face.
Where's the entrance to the broadcast booth?
There, at the end of the corridor.
You're not going to try to get into the broadcast booth.
We're going to try.
This light could be a little higher.
If you distract the guard,
I can get a machine gun and shoot through the door.
We're here to get John Gill alive,
not for your personal satisfaction.
Let's try down there.
Lights, please.
This is for the record ...
of the Fuhrer's Final Solution speech.
[Daras] We're documenting the men responsible for --
[Kirk] Smile, gentlemen.
There will be more coverage later.
Let's get a shot down the hall.
So, what have we accomplished?
You should have let me shoot them.
Captain, it was John Gill,
but he never moved, never once looked up.
Yes. That may be part of the plan, the semidivine detachment.
Or a deep psychosis.
He may be drugged. We need McCoy.
Is there a place we can be alone?
I'm going to send for help.
Send for --
This takes too long to explain.
Any place will do.
The cloak room?
It may not have the range it had.
In fact, it may not work at all.
Think positively, Spock.
[ Static ]
Spock to Enterprise.
Spock to Enterprise.
Come in, Enterprise.
Enterprise. Lieutenant Uhura.
Captain here. Put McCoy on.
Yes, sir.
Captain, we're not reading you well.
You're nine points into the low-frequency band.
We've having difficulty.
Patch historical computer into uniform section.
I want McCoy outfitted as a Gestapo doctor --
Nazi Germany, Old Earth date 1944.
Make him a colonel.
Yes, sir.
Search the building.
[McCoy] What have you got?
We found John Gill.
He may be drugged, hypnotized, or psychotic.
You'll have to make a determination.
Hurry with that uniform.
What is it?
Isak just heard two security men.
They picked up your broadcast.
They're starting to search.
If there's going to be a delay ...
in transporting the doctor,
I suggest we cancel --
Kirk to Enterprise. What's happening there?
Dr. McCoy's having difficulty with that uniform.
Send him naked if you have to. Kirk out.
It's true.
I only half-believed what you said.
Computer made a mistake in the measurements.
The right boot's too tight.
There's a logical way to proceed.
Point your toe, apply equal pressure ...
to either side of the boot, and push.
There's no time for emotionalism.
This is Dr. McCoy,
our chief medical officer.
Daras, Secretary to the National Socialist Party.
How do you do?
What in blazes is this?
[Door Opens]
Chairman Eneg.
Uh ...
the Colonel is drunk.
He's had a little too much to drink.
I see.
He thought he'd embarrass the Fuhrer.
Yes. A doctor should have more pride.
You were right to conceal him.
There's a spy in this building with a secret transmitter.
We're conducting a search.
Hail the Fuhrer.
- Hail Fuhrer. - Hail Fuhrer.
- Hail Fuhrer. - Hail Fuhrer.
I don't understand how he failed to recognize us.
Nor do I,
but luck is something ...
you also fail to recognize.
[ Buzzer ]
The Fuhrer's speech.
Let's go.
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
Ekosians ...
the job ahead is difficult.
It requires courage and dedication.
It requires faith.
[ Applause ]
The Zeon colony has existed for nearly --
Watch his mouth.
If we fulfill our own greatness,
that will all be ended.
Working together --
Captain, the speech follows no logical pattern.
Random sentences strung together.
He looks drugged,Jim,
almost in a cataleptic state.
...reach our goal,
And we will reach that goal.
- Yay! - Yay!
I've got to have a close look at him.
...must be decisive.
Every thought ...
directed toward a goal.
This planet ...
can become a paradise,
if we are willing to pay the price.
As each cellin the body ...
works with discipline and harmony for the good ...
of the entire being --
Gentlemen, I want a picture of you two ...
with the Hero of the Fatherland ...
listening to Fuhrer's speech.
Get that light over there, please.
Get this light around here.
Smile, gentlemen. Turn around, smile, and -- Now.
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
Hail Fuhrer!
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
- Hail Fuhrer! - Hail Fuhrer!
The Fuhrer has given us our orders,
and we pledge him our lives in this sacred task.
Death to Zeon!
- Death to Zeon! - Death to Zeon!
- Death to Zeon! - Death to Zeon!
- Death to Zeon! - Death to Zeon!
- Death to Zeon! - Death to Zeon!
Definitely drugged, almost comatose.
What drug?
I can't identify it without a medi-comp.
Without knowing, an antidote would be dangerous.
Can you do anything?
I can give him a general stimulant,
but it would be risky.
Take the risk.
[Melakon] Despite our best efforts,
they remain, like a cancer,
eating away at our state.
- Yay! - Yay!
There's no reaction.
Whatever you gave him isn't working.
increase the dosage.
I'm working in the dark. I could kill him.
If they find us here, we'll all be killed.
Ten minutes ago,
on our Fuhrer's orders,
our troops began their historic mission.
In the cities,
the eliminations have started.
Within an hour, the Zeon blight will forever ...
be removed from Ekos.
It's begun.
It's finally begun.
The stimulant's working.
[Melakon] I now announce --
[McCoy]He's reachinga level of consciousness.
It's almost like he's in a light sleep.
Now, that's as much as I dare do.
Our entire solar system will forever be rid ...
of the disease that was Zeon.
try to get through to him with the mind probe.
If you can't, Bones,
you'll have to use a stronger stimulant,
no matter what it does.
Our space fleet is on its way toward Zeon,
both manned and unmanned weapons.
This is the time of destiny.
Hail victory!
- Hail victory! - Hail victory!
- Hail victory! - Hail victory!
- Hail victory! - Hail victory!
There's one chance left.
If you'd use the weapons you have,
you could destroy the fleet.
That would kill thousands of Ekosian spacemen.
Many of my friends are aboard that ship,
many of the Underground.
Yes, but against those thousands ...
are millions of innocent Zeon lives.
You've got to choose ...
the lesser of two evils.
We could save Zeon,
but what about Ekos?
I've created a condition ...
in which Gill cannot initiate speech, or any other action,
but he can reply to questions.
Well done, Spock.
They've kept what's left of him as a figure head.
Quite correct. For the last few years,
the real power has been Melakon.
Gill, why did you abandon your mission?
Why did you interfere with this culture?
Planet ...
fragmented ...
Took lesson from Earth history.
Why Nazi Germany?
You studied history. You knew what the Nazis were.
Most efficient state ...
Earth ever knew.
Quite true, captain.
That tiny country -- beaten, bankrupt, defeated,
rose in a few years to stand ...
only one step away from global domination.
But it was brutal, perverted,
had to be destroyed at a terrible cost.
Why that example?
Perhaps Gill felt that such a state, run benignly,
could accomplish its efficiency without sadism.
Why, Gill?
At first ...
it worked.
Then Melakon ...
began to take over.
Used the --
Gave me the drug.
Gill, can you hear me?
You've got to tell those people what happened!
You're the only one who can prevent the slaughter!
He's still alive, but the drug they use is too strong.
Give him another shot!
I don't dare.
We've run out of time, Bones.
Now, wait.
Aim at Spock. Spock, take off the helmet.
The second time ...
in one day, Daras is a hero ...
to the Fatherland.
She captured a Zeon spy that was attempting ...
to assassinate the Fuhrer.
Yes, let us make an example ...
of this traitor once and for all.
We'll make a present of him to Melakon.
Chairman Eneg,
this spy must be taken to Melakon.
Pass them on my responsibility.
Eneg is one of us.
Stay close to Spock.
Stall for time.
And hope.
What is this?
A spy, Excellency.
A rare prize.
Deputy Fuhrer can see ...
this is no ordinary Zeon.
Not a Zeon, definitely not.
Professor Gill,
can you hear me?
You've got to speak.
You've got to speak.
This is our last chance.
The Deputy Fuhrer is an authority ...
on the genetics of racial purity.
How would you classify this one?
Very difficult.
Note the sinister eyes ...
and the malformed ears.
Definitely an inferior race.
[ Slap ]
Professor --
Professor, you've got to talk.
You've got to tell them what happened.
You've got to come out of it.
Come on, Professor.
Come on.
Come on.
Note the low forehead,
denoting stupidity,
the dull look of a trapped animal.
You may take him now for interrogation,
but I want the body saved for the cultural museum.
He'll make an interesting display.
People of Ekos ...
Go to the booth.
See to the Fuhrer at once.
He's ill.
Turn off that camera.
Hear me.
I suggest we leave ...
and let our Fuhrer rest.
We were betrayed ...
by a self-seeking adventurer ...
who has led us all to the very brink ...
of disaster.
[ Doorknob Turns ]
I order the immediate recall of the space fleet.
This attack ...
must stop.
Allunits are to return to base.
To Zeon, I promise ...
this was not an aggression ...
of Ekosian people ...
only one evil man.
Melakon is a traitor to his own people ...
and all that west and for.
To the Zeon people,
I promise reparation ...
and --
Wait, soldier.
There's been enough killing.
Now we'll start to live ...
the way the Fuhrer meant us to live.
I was wrong.
The Noninterference Directive ...
is the only way.
We must stop the slaughter.
You did that, Professor.
You told them in time.
Even historians ...
fail to learn from history.
They repeat the same mistakes.
Let the killing end.
Let --
[ Knock Knock ]
Is he dead, Captain?
For so long, I've prayed for this.
Now I'm sorry.
So is he.
You've given us all a new chance.
Thank you,
but go now.
We must do the rest.
Eneg and I will go on the air,
offer a new way for our people,
for all our people,
both Zeons and Ekosians.
It is time to stop the bloodshed,
to bury our dead.
Mr. Spock, I think the planet's in good hands.
Indeed. With the union of two cultures,
this system would make a fine addition to the Federation.
Kirk to Enterprise.
[Uhura] Enterprise here, Captain.
Beam us aboard.
Captain, I never will understand humans.
How could a man as brilliant,
a mind as logical as John Gill's, have made ...
such a fatal error?
He drew the wrong conclusion from history.
The problem with the Nazis ...
wasn't simply that their leaders were evil, psychotic men.
They were, but the main problem,
I think, was the Leader Principle.
What he's saying is that a man ...
holds that much power,
even with the best intentions,
Just can't resist the urge to play God.
Thank you, Doctor.
I was able to gather the meaning.
It also proves another Earth saying --
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely".
Darn clever, these Earthmen, wouldn't you say?
Earthmen like Ramses, Alexander,
Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Lee Kuan.
Your whole Earth history is made up of men seeking absolute power.
[McCoy] Spock, you obviously --
Obviously, Doctor, you fail to --
We've been through one civil war.
Let's not start another.
Mr. Chekov, take us out of orbit.
Warp factor two, and hurry.
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