The reading's growing stronger, Captain.
Coming from a star system directly ahead.
It's not a signal, sir.
It does not seem to even exist,
and yet it's affecting all my channels.
Someone or something
is attempting to attract our attention.
Someone or something has succeeded.
Our distress signal relays have been activated.
We've been given a direction to follow, but how?
What's causing it?
I do not know.
Not even a Vulcan can know the unknown, Captain.
We are hundreds of light years past
where any Earth ship has ever explored.
Planet dead ahead, Captain. Becoming visual.
Class "M" planet, Captain.
Close to Earth conditions.
With two very important exceptions.
It's much older than Earth,
and about a half million years ago,
its atmosphere was ripped away by a cataclysm.
The planet has evidently been dead since then.
Sensors detect no life of any kind.
All of your questions
will be answered in time, Captain Kirk.
Are your hailing frequencies open?
No, sir.
I am Sargon.
It is the energy of my thoughts
which has touched your instruments
and directed you here.
Now with this closer distance
I can speak to you at last.
Who are you, Sargon?
Please assume a standard orbit
about our planet, Captain.
Is that a request or demand?
The choice is yours.
I read what is in your mind.
Words are unnecessary.
The planet is dead.
There's no possibility of life there
as we understand life.
And I am as dead as my planet.
Does that frighten you, James Kirk?
For if it does,
if you let what is left of me perish,
then all of you, my children,
all of mankind must perish, too.
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain's Log. Stardate 4768.3.
The Enterprise is in orbit above a planet
whose surface, our sensors tell us,
is devoid of all life,
a world destroyed and dead
for at least a half million years,
yet from it comes a voice,
the energy of pure thought,
telling us something has survived here
for those thousands of centuries.
Since exploration and contact with alien intelligences
is our primary mission,
I've decided to risk the potential dangers
and resume contact.
Log entry out.
How long before Starfleet receives that?
Over three weeks at this distance, sir.
Got something?
Sensors registering some form of energy
deep inside the planet.
Your probes have touched me, Mr. Spock.
Reading energy only, Captain.
No life forms.
I have locked your transporter device on my coordinates.
Please come to us.
Rescue us from oblivion.
Coming from deep under the planet surface, Captain,
under at least 100 miles of solid rock.
I will make it possible for your transporter
to beam you that deep beneath the surface.
Have no fear.
Reading a chamber now.
Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere,
suitable for human life support.
Lieutenant Uhura,
have Dr. McCoy report to the transporter room
in 10 minutes with standard landing party equipment.
Yes, sir.
Spock --
Captain, I ...
do wish to inspect whatever this is
that lived that long ago.
And I would like to have my science officer with me
on something as unusual as this,
but it is full of unknowns,
and we can't risk both of us being off the ship.
All power gone, sir.
On the other hand,
perhaps this Sargon
would like you to come with us.
All normal. No damage at all.
I see.
Will you transport down with us, Mr. Spock?
Evidently, Captain.
Mr. Sulu, you have the con.
Jim, why no briefing on this?
I'd like to know what we're getting into.
You know as much as we do.
The rest is only guesses.
I don't like it, sir.
The transporter coordinates preset by a ...
by an alien of some sort.
You could materialize inside solid rock.
Inside solid rock?
Unlikely. These coordinates
correspond with the location
of the subterranean chamber.
I have a feeling that they or it
could destroy us Just standing here
if they or it wanted to.
They or it?
Who are you?
Dr. Ann Mulhall, Astro-biology.
Well, I was ordered to report here
for landing party duty.
By whom?
Strange. I'm not sure.
Well, I'm not a liar, Captain.
I did receive an order to report here for duty.
I'm sure she did, Captain,
Just as you received an order to bring me along.
Oh, yes.
Let's get back to this solid rock business.
Just how much rock are we going to go through?
Approximately 112.37 miles, Doctor.
Are you joking?
No, we're not.
Let's go.
Please stand ready.
I will operate your controls.
Doctor ...
if you prefer to stay behind ...
No, if I'd be useful,
as long as you're going down,
I might as well take a medical look at whatever this is.
Captain, the security guards.
[Beep Beep]
Kirk here.
[Scotty] Can you read me, Captain?
Yes. I shouldn't be able to this deep inside the planet.
Perhaps this has been arranged for us, too.
Is the security guard there?
They're fine. They Just didn't dematerialize.
I don't like it, sir.
No problem yet.
Maintain alert. Kirk out.
Atmosphere report, Captain.
A fraction richer in oxygen than usual for us,
but otherwise normal.
This vault was constructed about a half a million years ago.
About the same time, the planet surface was destroyed,
if our sensor readings are accurate.
Composition of walls?
They're an alloy or substance
completely unknown to me,
much stronger and harder
than anything I've measured before.
All readings are off the scale, Captain.
The air seems fresh.
It must be recirculated somehow.
Is that for us or does it need fresh air?
I am Sargon.
Sargon ...
would it harm you if I ...
You may use your tricorder, Mr. Spock.
Your readings will show energy
but no substance.
Sealed in this receptacle
is the essence of my mind.
Pure energy.
Matter without form.
You once had a body of some type?
A body much as yours, my children,
although our minds were infinitely greater.
That's twice you've referred to us
as "my children".
Because it is possible you are our descendants,
Captain Kirk.
Six thousand centuries ago,
our vessels were colonizing this galaxy,
just as your own starships
have now begun to explore that vastness.
As you now leave your own seed on distant planets,
so we left our seed behind us.
Perhaps your own legends ofA dam and an Eve
were two of our travelers.
Our beliefs and our studies
indicate that life on our planet Earth
evolved independently.
That would tend, however,
to explain certain elements of Vulcan prehistory.
In either case, I do not know.
It was so long ago,
and the records of our travels were lost in the cataclysm
which we loosened upon ourselves.
A war?
A struggle for such goals
and the unleashing of such power
that you could not comprehend.
Then perhaps your intelligence
wasn't so great, Sargon.
We faced a similar crisis
in our early nuclear age.
We found the wisdom
not to destroy ourselves.
And we survived our primitive nuclear era, my son.
But there comes to all races
an ultimate crisis
which you have yet to face.
I don't understand.
One day our minds became so powerful,
we dared think of ourselves as gods.
You said you wanted our help.
What is it you wish?
Just a moment, Doctor.
I ...
am ...
Where's our captain?
Where's Jim Kirk?
He is ... unharmed.
I ... have taken his body to demonstrate.
I won't go along with this.
Back to where you were, Sargon,
or whatever you are.
And if he refuses, Doctor,
what do you propose to do with your phaser?
That is still Jim's body.
Lungs filled with air again.
To see again.
Heart ... pumping.
Arteries surging with blood again.
A half a million years.
To be again.
Your captain has an excellent body, Dr. McCoy.
I compliment you both
on the condition in which you maintained it.
What are your plans for it?
Can you exchange places again when you wish?
Have no fear.
Your captain is quite unharmed,
although his mind generates insufficient energy
for him to speak from there as I do.
Yes, I have the same readings.
Are you aware of what's happening to his body --
Heart action doubled, temperature 104 degrees?
He'll die if you don't leave his body soon.
What do you want of us?
In the next room,
there are other receptacles --
The other two of us that survived.
You, Dr. Ann Mulhall, and you, Mr. Spock,
we require your bodies also.
We must have Captain Kirk ...
and you ...
so that we may live again.
Even for us,
a half million years is almost too long to wait.
Two others still survive --
Henoch ...
and Thalassa.
Thalassa, my Thalassa.
I am pleased you survived.
Forgive me.
It has been so very long.
When the struggle came
which devastated your planet --
Only the best minds were chosen to survive --
my wife, as you may have guessed.
Henoch, from the other side.
Realizing our mistake,
we attempted to perpetuate both sides.
We built this chamber here
in order to preserve our essence in this fashion.
We knew the seed that we had planted on other planets
would take root,
that one day you would build vessels as we did,
and you would come here.
These others,
they were stored differently than you,
but it was your task
to remain in the receptacle out there ...
and search the heavens with my mind,
probing, waiting, probing.
And then one day my mind touched your vessel
and brought you here.
So you could steal our bodies from us?
To steal?
To take them from you?
No, no, my children, you misunderstand.
We mean only that you should lend us your bodies
for a short time.
And destroy them,
like you're burning that one up now.
Heartbeat -- 262, Spock.
Entire metabolic rate correspondingly high.
I will return your captain to you
before the body limit has been reached.
Our bodies, Sargon,
for what purpose?
To build.
To build humanoid robots.
We must borrow your bodies long enough
to use your hands, your fingers.
Then you intend to construct mechanical bodies,
move your minds into them,
and then return our bodies to us.
We have engineers, technicians.
Why can't they build your robots for you?
No. Our methods, our skills ...
are far beyond your abilities.
It is time.
Is it you, Jim?
Good. His metabolic rate is back to normal.
Captain, do you know what happened?
Do you remember any part of it?
Yes. Sargon borrowed my body.
I was floating in time and space.
He doesn't appear to be harmed.
Physically, anyway.
Spock ...
I remember.
When Sargon and I exchanged,
as we passed each other,
for an instant, we were one.
I know him now.
I know what he is and what he wants,
and I don't fear him.
That's the most ridiculous statement I ever heard.
An alien practically hijacks your body
and corks you into a bottle!
I agree with Dr. McCoy.
You could be suffering from false euphoria.
I understand, my son.
Go to your vessel.
All who are involved must agree to this.
After all these centuries,
we can wait a few more hours.
What if we should decide against you?
Then you may go as freely as you came.
You're going to what?
Are they all right in the head, Doctor?
No comment.
A simple transference -- their minds and ours.
Quite simple. Happens every day.
Scotty, I need your approval, too.
You'll work with them,
furnish them all they need to make the robots.
You won't be working with them, but with us.
They'll be inside us, and we'll be --
It all seems rather indecent to me.
I'm not so certain of that, Doctor.
It is scientifically fascinating.
Once inside their mechanical bodies, engineer,
they can leave this planet,
travel back with us.
With their knowledge, mankind could leap ahead 10,000 years.
Bones, they'll show us medical advances,
miracles you never dreamed possible.
Scotty, engineering advances --
vessels this size
with engines the size of walnuts.
Ach! You're joking.
No, he's not.
They're giants, and we're insects beside them.
They could destroy us without meaning to.
And all he wants is our captain's body
and our second in command, too.
They selected us as the most compatible bodies.
What's your attitude on that, Doctor?
Well, if we all agree,
I'm willing to host Thalassa's mind.
I'm a scientist.
The opportunity is an extraordinary one
for experimentation, observation.
A starship engine the size of a walnut?
That's impossible.
But I don't suppose there'd be any harm
in looking over diagrams on it.
Bones ...
you could stop all this by saying no.
That's why I called you all here together.
We'll all be deeply involved.
It must be unanimous.
Then I'll still want one question answered to my satisfaction --
Not a list of possible miracles,
but a simple basic understandable "why"
that overrides all danger.
And let's not kid ourselves
that there is no potential danger in this.
They used to say
if man could fly, he'd have wings.
But he did fly.
He discovered he had to.
Do you wish that the first Apollo mission
hadn't reached the moon
or that we hadn't gone on to Mars or the nearest star?
That's like saying you wish that you still operated with scalpels
and sewed your patients up with catgut
like your great - great - great -
great - grandfather used to.
I'm in command.
I could order this.
But I'm not ...
because ...
Dr. McCoy is right
in pointing out the enormous danger potential
in any contact with life and intelligence
as fantastically advanced as this.
But I must point out that the possibilities,
the potential for knowledge and advancement
is equally great.
Risk is our business.
That's what the starship is all about.
That's why we're aboard her.
You may dissent without prejudice.
Do I hear a negative vote?
Engineer ...
stand by to beam aboard three receptacles.
The extreme power of the alien mind
will drive the heart action dangerously high.
The body functions will race many times their normal metabolism,
so we'll have to monitor this very carefully.
Yes, sir.
I guess we're as ready as we'll ever be,Jim.
Ready, Sargon.
The transference ...
is complete.
Hmm ...
metabolic rate is doubled and rising, Doctor.
Oh, you are a lovely female.
A pleasant sight to wake up to
after half a million years.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'd forgotten what it felt like ...
even to breathe again.
In this body.
I am not displeased, my husband.
Your body is not unlike that which was your own.
And I, too ...
am pleased, beloved.
After so long ...
so very long.
It's an excellent body, Doctor.
I seem to have received the best of the three.
Strength, hearing, eyesight,
all far above your human norms.
I'm surprised the Vulcans never conquered your race.
Vulcans worship peace above all, Henoch.
Yes, of course, Just as we do, Doctor.
Henoch, you'd better get back to bed, too.
It will be unnecessary, Doctor.
This Vulcan body is accustomed to higher metabolism.
Sargon, it won't work.
You've got to get out before you kill them!
We will vacate at once
until you can administer a metabolic reduction injection.
A what?
I'll prepare the formula, Sargon.
Henoch ...
your condition?
I can continue in this body for several hours.
We will ...
vacate at once.
This woman will assist me.
You will take me to your pharmacology laboratory.
Bones ...
what ...
It was close,Jim.
You both barely got back alive.
Unless the formula works,
we can't risk it again.
Now, this formula will reduce the heart action
and the bodily functions to normal.
While the bodies are occupied,
you will administer one injection of 10ccs
each hour.
I understand.
This hypo you will code mark for Thalassa.
And this one you will code mark ... for me.
Yes, sir.
This one you will administer to Captain Kirk
while Sargon is in his body.
This hypo does not contain the same formula.
No. That's correct.
But since I will arrange for you
to administer each of the injections,
no one else will notice.
But without the same formula,
Captain Kirk will die.
What were you saying?
I ...
I - I - I was ... I wanted to say something.
I've forgotten what it was.
Yes. Well, you were about to say
that you watched me prepare the formula
and fill each of the hypos.
Yes, that ... that was it.
I will inform Dr. McCoy
that each is properly filled for each patient.
Very good.
You see, Sargon would not permit me to keep this body.
It is therefore necessary for you to kill your captain
so that Sargon will die with him.
[Dr. McCoy] Enterprise Medical Log.
Stardate 4769.1.
Three alien minds
now inhabit the bodies of Captain Kirk,
Science Officer Spock,
and Dr. Ann Mulhall.
As planned,
the construction of android robots is underway.
All is proceeding as expected ...
and as promised.
I can find no reason for concern,
but yet I am filled with foreboding.
Sargon, I remember a day long ago.
We sat beside a silver lake.
The air was scented with the flowers of our planet.
I remember.
You held my hand ...
like this.
I think it's best not to remember so well.
In two days, you'll have your own hands, Thalassa,
mechanically efficient and quite human-looking.
Android robot hands, of course.
Hands without feeling.
Enjoy the taste of life while you can.
Our minds will have survived.
And as androids,
we can move among the people who do live,
teaching them,
helping them not to make the errors we did.
What is it, Sargon?
Our next injection will renovate me.
Do not be concerned.
Nurse, how are the last metabolic readings on our patients?
You'll find them excellent, Doctor.
Well within normal.
Is something wrong, Miss Chapel?
Uh ... yes.
I, uh ...
I had ... something to say.
I ... can't seem to remember.
Regarding our patients?
Um ... yes.
That must be it.
Um ...
I am so pleased the way they are responding, Doctor.
The formula's working perfectly.
You look tired, Miss Chapel.
Perhaps you'd care for me
to administer the last few injections.
Well, not at all, Doctor.
Thank you for asking.
Thank you.
Have you prepared the megaton hydrocoils
for the drawing Sargon supplied?
For all the good it'll do you.
It's a fancy name,
but how will something that looks like a drop of jelly
make this thing work?
You'll need microgears
and a pulley that does what a muscle does.
That would be highly inefficient.
I tell you, lady, this thing won't work.
It will have twice the strength and agility of your body.
It will last 1,000 years.
That is, assuming you'll stop wasting your time
and allow us to complete it.
A thousand-year prison, Thalassa.
And when it wears out, we'll build another one,
and we'll lock ourselves into it
for another 1,000 years ...
and another ...
and another ...
Sargon has closed his mind to a better way ...
with these bodies.
They're not ours, Henoch.
When you awoke in this body, Thalassa,
you said how good it was to breathe again,
to have eyes,
and to see again,
to feel ....
to live and feel again, Thalassa.
Just think how much we can do for mankind.
Are these bodies too much to ask for in return?
Would you prefer this?
I'm beginning to hate it.
Sickbay. McCoy.
Sargon here, McCoy.
I'm in your ...
Deck 6 briefing room.
You sound terrible.
Wait there for me.
Sargon, what is it?
Nothing of importance.
Fatigue, perhaps.
Henoch's formula.
Yes. I wanted to be certain there was no error.
Formula ...
is correct.
Don't be concerned.
It is an excellent body.
There. You see?
I feel better already.
In time, our host body will become accustomed to us, husband.
Injections will no longer be necessary.
That will take months,
perhaps years.
We haven't that choice, Thalassa.
Husband ...
feel the touch of my hand, husband.
No, beloved.
If we torment ourselves --
Beloved -- What will that word mean to a machine?
Our thoughts will intertwine.
Will they, husband?
Will they intertwine like this?
Can two minds press close like this?
Can robot lips do this?
Sargon ...
what is it?
Doctor, help him.
He's dead.
[Dr. McCoy] Medical Log.
Stardate 4770.3.
Do I list one death or two?
When Kirk's body died,
Sargon was too far distant from his receptacle
to transfer back.
Sargon is dead.
But is Captain Kirk dead?
His body is,
but his consciousness is still in the receptacle
into which it was transferred earlier.
All his vital organs are now working, Doctor.
We can keep them going for a few weeks,
for all the good it'll do.
Why pretend to work on that thing, Henoch?
You never intended to leave Spock's body.
This is your new home, Thalassa.
Once occupied, I'll add female features
and some texturing.
You no doubt want the mechanism to appear to be a woman.
It is ready, Thalassa.
You have no excuse to keep the real body any longer.
Sargon would've required
that you enter the mechanism immediately.
I cannot live in that thing.
Would you like to save your Captain Kirk?
But you said that was impossible.
We have many powers Sargon did not permit us to use.
He thought them too tempting to us.
This body pleases me.
I intend to keep it.
I see.
And Henoch intends to keep Spock's body, of course.
Henoch's plans are his own affair.
I wish only to exist in peace
as a living woman.
If you're asking my approval --
I require only your silence.
Only you and I will know
that Dr. Mulhall has not returned to her body.
Isn't that worth your captain's life?
Doctor ...
we can take what we wish.
Neither you, this ship,
nor worlds have the power to stop us.
Neither Jim nor I can trade a body we don't own.
It belongs to a young woman.
Who you hardly know.
Almost a stranger to you.
I will not peddle flesh!
I'm a physician.
A physician?
In contrast to what we are,
you are a prancing, savage medicine man.
You dare defy one
you should be on your knees worshipping?
I could destroy you with a single thought.
Sargon was right.
Temptations within a living body are too great.
Forgive me.
I am pleased, my beloved.
It is good you have found the truth yourself.
Where are you?
I thought you were destroyed by Henoch.
I have power even Henoch does not suspect, beloved.
Yes, I see.
I ...
I understand.
Just as we would have placed our consciousness within robots,
Sargon has placed his into your vessel.
Doctor, leave us.
Sargon has a plan. We have much work to do.
This is sickbay. Get me --
Nurse Chapel, what in the devil --
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine, Bones.
She is ... now with Sargon, Doctor.
I ...
I'm Ann Mulhall,
back in my own body.
Jim, the receptacles!
Spock's consciousness was in one of them.
It was necessary.
What are you talking about?
There is no Spock to return to his body.
You've killed a loyal officer,
your best friend.
Bones, prepare a hypo --
The fastest, deadliest poison to Vulcans.
Spock's consciousness is gone.
We must kill his body,
the thing in it.
Must I make an example of you, too, Helm?
Pain, Captain?
And you, my dear?
Fortunately, Doctor,
I know every thought of every mind around me.
Take the hypo from him.
And inject him with it.
You fools.
I'll simply transfer to another place,
another body.
No, Sargon, please.
Let me ...
Let me ...
transfer ...
My friend Spock.
If there'd only been another way.
I could not allow your sacrifice
of one so close to you.
You're alive.
There was enough poison in that hypo
to kill 10 Vulcans.
No, Doctor,
I allowed you to believe that
so that Henoch would read your thoughts
and believe it also.
It seems the injection
was only enough to cause unconsciousness.
But Henoch believed and fled the body.
He is destroyed.
But your vessel was destroyed, too.
Where was your consciousness kept?
The place Henoch would least suspect, Captain.
That is why I was summoned to the sickbay.
Mr. Spock's consciousness was placed in me.
We shared consciousness together.
We now know we cannot permit ourselves
to exist in your world, my children.
Thalassa and I must now also depart into oblivion.
Is there any way we can help you, Sargon?
Yes, my son.
You can allow Thalassa and me
to share your bodies again.
A last moment together.
Oblivion together does not frighten me, beloved.
Promise we'll be together.
I promise ...
Together forever.
Forever ... beloved.
Well, I'm sure that, uh ...
Sargon appreciated your cooperation, Dr. Mulhall.
Yes. I was, uh ...
happy to cooperate, Captain.
It was beautiful.
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