- You're late - Sorry Sir
What's the threshold of the H2 molecule?
14.7 electron volts.
- 3rd brightest star in Orion? - Viewed from where?
- Earth - Gamma Oriones or Bellatrix...
If you prefer the original Arabic name.
Not bad, now give me a hug Katie, That’s an order
I wasn't expecting a pop-quiz.
Just wanted to make sure all those 'pips' haven't made you forget you're a scientist first.
How could they, I still have nightmares about your fractal calculus final.
There is still some work to be done, but once the saw dust clears I think you'll be impressed.
Voyager may not be as big as a Galaxy Class ship, but she's quick and smart.
- Like her Captain. - 700,000 metric tons.
15 Decks, Computer systems augmented with bio-neural circuitry.
Top cruising speed: Warp 9.975
- Deck 1 - Of course I expect to get that up a notch or 2.
Sounds like you already know your ship pretty well.
I've been buried in Voyager’s schematic for the past 3 months, I can walk the corridors blindfolded.
You might not want to shut your eyes just yet.
Captain on the bridge!
As you were.
- It's bigger than I expected - Schematics never prepare you for the real thing.
Try it on
Don't get to comfortable, I have more to show you.
- Your home away from home.
- Coffee? - Ahh, no thanks.
Coffee. Black.
- Any word from Tuvok? - Not yet
Shouldn't he have made contact by now?
You know he's aboard Chakotay's ship, he's probably decided not to risk exposure till he has to.
Catching up with him in the badlands is going to be tricky...
Even in a ship as quick and smart as Voyager.
I've heard about a pilot who might make the job easier.
Who's that?
Tom Paris.
Admiral Paris's son!?
- Correct me if I'm wrong, but he is serving a sentence... - He's made some mistakes.
But everybody deserves a 2nd chance.
I look into it.
If it's not too late I'd like to recalibrate the navigational sensors.
I think I can enhance the range.
-Your coffee is not even cold and you're already making changes. -Excuse us.
I like a ship that knows where it's going.
I assure you, Voyager has the best sensors in the fleet...
- The bridge is clear; there is no sign of the weapon. - Continue scanning.
Briefing Room.
Starfleet’s most up-to-date vessel and they still can't design a comfortable place to hold a meeting.
- What do you think Ensign? - Captain?
What's your opinion of this room?
It is an efficient design.
Ahh, there you have it, Admiral. It's efficient. I must be wrong.
Carry on.
We added a new system. We’re thinking of installing it throughout the fleet.
The Emergency Medical Hologram I'm up-to-date.
Computer, activate EMH.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
It's programmed with over 4 million surgical procedures.
Five Million and a medical knowledge of over 3000 cultures.
Did you call me to "chit chat" or is there an actual emergency?
Its personality could use some work.
I'm designed to practice medicine as efficient as possible.
Smalltalk only compromises my performance.
Thank you Doctor. Computer, deactivate the EMH.
[Indistinctive Chattering]
- Hello? - Sir.
Lt. Carrey, I don't think we've met.
Jamieson, Anna. Service number 860790.
I'm not security, I'm just trying to get to know all new faces around here.
- What are you working on? - I'm attempting to realign the EPS manifolds.
- Do you need a hand? - No!
- Well, maybe I’ll see you in the mess hall later. - Unlikely.
I’m not a member of Voyager's crew. I'm on assignment here at Utopia Tenisa.
Too bad. Well, next time I'm in the Neighborhood, I’ll drop by and say hello.
I wish Starfleet would give me more than three weeks.
With a little more time we could really explore the badlands.
You haven't changed a bit.
Main Engineering. Class 9 Warp Drive.
Tri-Cyclic input manifold.
You'll be the first to test it in Deep Space.
I've localized the temporal distortions. Deck 4 Section 39.
- I found the weapon. - Begin the procedure.
[Rapid Beeping]
One of the EPS relays just went offline.
- Voyagers first malfunction. - I'm sorry Captain; I tested those systems this morning.
As you were Lieutenant, I've been looking forward to getting my hands dirty.
The weapon is out of phase, you've sent me to the wrong time frame.
At least we know where the weapon was placed, now we have to determine when.
This hatch is locked from the inside.
This isn't a secure area. None of these hatches should be sealed.
- I'm reading some kind of chronotron flux. - Chronotron?
It's coming from inside this Jeffries Tube.
[Communicator Beeps] Patterson to security, seal of deck 4.
I've been detected, I must leave.
There is too much interference from the weapon, recalibrate your temporal transport beacon.
- Understood. - We can access section 39 through here.
Scramble the locking mechanism, before they get in.
Hurry, they're approaching your coordinates you'll need to reset the command controls.
Stand by; we're trying to get you out of there.
It's time, pull her out.
There is too much interference, if I transport her now, we'll damage her bio-neural implants.
If we don't, Captain Janeway is going to find her and we contaminate the timeline.
- Sir. - Now!
Temporal transport in progress.
Question Admiral, what causes a chronotron flux of .003?
- I don't know. - Neither do I.
But whoever or whatever it was; It’s gone now.
Subject is approaching the temporal threshold.
I told you this was going to happen. She's dead.
- Any luck reviving her? - No Sir.
We'll have to recruit her again.
Sir, a fourth jump she could suffer neural damage, even temporal psychosis.
Unless we repair the timeline she's going to die.
We give her another chance to save her crew and herself.
We go back and retrieve Seven of Nine a microsecond before the explosion.
That way no one notice she's gone.
.... Lieutenant.
Raise shields. Timeframe; Stardate 52861.274
Delta Quadrant Coordinates; 87 theta by 271.
- Target? - USS Voyager
Follow the light, to the left... right...and up...
and down.
- I ran a complete self-diagnostic. - Uhuh
At first I thought my ocular implant were malfunctioning.
However, after consulting the Starfleet medical database...
I realize it's a flaw in my human physiology.
- Specifically? - I'm experiencing dizziness...
double-vision, after considering all potentional environmental and genetic factors...
I've concluded that I'm suffering from Albright Salzman Syndrome.
A rare neurological condition, that hasn't affected a single human being for over 2 centuries.
Human physiology is imperfect, susceptible to a variety of disorders.
True, but in this instance we can safely say you’re suffering from a mild case of sensory aphasia.
A minor disruption to your neuro receptors neither rare, nor life threatening.
Apparently I was in need of a second opinion.
That's the danger of self diagnosis. Patients always assume the worst.
This should clear it up.
How do things look now?
[Beeping] Doctor, please report to sickbay.
On my way.
Next time your human physiology fails you, don't consult the database, just call me.
You are the database.
With 2 legs and a splendid bedside manner.
- A curious exercise. - Yeah, Ping-Pong.
You should try it, it's a great test of hand-eye coordination.
- I don't require testing. - Yeah, so the Doc. tells me.
A visual acuity index of 99.6
You know, you'd be great at this game.
Why don't you be my partner in the doubles tournament tonight?
Chapman was supposed to play, but he's come down with a nasty case of space sickness.
- I'm busy - Ahh, to bad.
Well, I guess I have to tell B'Elanna that you felt you couldn't beat her.
- You're attempting to appeal to my vanity. - Is it working?
I will consider your request.
It's yes or no Seven, the tournament is tonight.
- Yes. - Great.
Meet me in the mess hall at 19:00 hours. We’ll get into a little practice first.
Captain, you don't look well. Come in, please.
- I'm sure it's nothing serious. - Symptoms?
Nausea, dizziness...
Looks like a simple case of space sickness; the 3rd one I treated today.
That's odd, we haven't run into any turbulence.
It's possible the inertial dampers are out of alignment.
Even so, I've been on some pretty rough rides. It never affected me like this.
It's happens to everyone. 20mg of inerproveline should restore your space legs.
I'll check the dampers. Double check your bio readings, see if there is another explanation.
Point, server.
- It's all in the wrist. - Score?
19 - 18
Ahh, say good night Harry.
[Chuckles] What do you call that shot?
I'm reading temporal distortions.
The temporal distortions are fracturing space-time throughout the ship.
- Cause - Unknown...
They appear to be emanating from Deck 4 Section 39.
We already erected a force field but they're not having any effect.
If we can't find a way to stop them they'll tear the ship apart.
- How much time do we have? - 2 Hours at most.
Go to deck 4 and find out what we're dealing with. Let's see if we can enhance the force fields.
An injection a day, keeps space sickness away.
You try to be funny after treating 37 cases of nausea.
- Janeway to sickbay. - Go ahead.
We found the source of our epidemic. Temporal distortions.
I was beginning to suspect some kind of anomaly.
I designed a treatment that seems to be inhibiting the symptoms.
- Keep me posted. - Aye Captain.
[Beeping] Neelix to the Doctor.
I've got a medical emergency in the mess hall.
Ensign Manis is violently ill.
On my way. Take over here.
Doctor, should I whip you up a photonic snack?
Where is the medical emergency?
I hope you’re not returning to this potroast?
You called me a few minutes ago, you said Ensign Manis was ill!?
- I did? - Yes.
Ensign Manis is right over there, he came in an hour ago, he looks perfectly normal to...
- Acute space sickness - Good thing you were here.
I wouldn't have been, if you hadn't...
- Temporal distortions. - Doctor?
This is all starting to make sense.
In sickbay it's 1500 hours 43 minutes.
But in the mess hall it's 15:36.
- Seven minutes earlier. - I did get a call from you.
You just haven't made it yet.
Coffee. Black.
[Beeping] Come in.
Before you say anything, let me remind you what happens to bearers of bad news.
Don't kill the messenger.
Go ahead. Fire.
It looks like the space-time fractures are growing stronger.
We're detecting temporal paradoxes throughout the ship.
Internal chronometers show it's 0600 on Deck 9 and 0605 on Deck 13.
Time is passing more quickly in some parts of the ship and slowing down in others.
Maybe that explains why this coffee tastes like it's 3 days old.
Same thing is been happening in the mess hall
Food replicated less than an hour ago is already spoiled.
I've been working on a way to enhance our containment fields
to keep the fractures from spreading.
I've get a team on it right away.
In the meantime we should evacuate the affected areas.
- See to it. - There is one other problem.
[Echoing] Turbolifts are offline, so we've been using the Jeffries tubes.
There is a temporal distortion intersecting this room.
- It's expanding. - Time to test your new containment fields.
This is where they coming from.
I still can't tell what's causing them.
- What is it? - A piece of technology.
It's emitting temporal distortions.
Why can't I see it?
My ocular implant can detect irregularities in space-time.
Torres to bridge, we found the problem.
There is some kind of device in Junction beta 28.
- Beam it off the ship. - I can't get a lock.
The distortions beginning to de-molecularize the hull.
Hull breach, Vector section 14.
Captain, I'm picking up a strange reading on Deck 4.
What kind of reading?
It's chronotron flux .003
- More distortions? - I don't think so.
- Dry dock - Ma'am?
First time this readings was 5 years ago.
Voyager was still in dry dock. Same readings, same location.
- What caused them? - I never found out.
- We're losing structural integrity. - Multiple breaches, all decks.
Emergency systems are failing.
The distortions are ripping us apart.
We have to abandon ship.
All hands, this is the Captain.
Proceed to the escape pods and abandon ship.
Repeat. Abandon ship.
Program the pods for a heading of 178 Mark 4.
We'll rendezvous in orbit on an M class planet of those coordinates.
Repeat. All hands proceed to the escape pods and abandon ship.
- Identify yourselves. - No time.
- Welcome back - Why have you brought me here?
For some reason I always think you remember.
I'm Captain Braxton, this is Lieutenant Duane.
You're aboard the Federation Time Ship Relativity.
- I'm no longer in the 24th century. - No.
For you it's almost 500 years later.
We brought you here to help us solve a mystery.
Someone, we don't know who, has planted a weapon aboard Voyager.
It's designed to fracture space-time within a radius of 150 meters.
- Why do you need me? - Your ocular implant.
It can detect disruptions in space-time better than our sensors.
You're more familiar with Voyager and her crew, less likely to arouse suspicions.
- So far you've been quite useful. - So far?
We've recruited you twice before for this mission.
Take a look.
A force 3 temporal disruptor.
Your previous attempts to disable it were unsuccessful.
We're trying to catch the saboteur before he places the weapon on Voyager.
- Do you have a suspect? - Not yet.
Do you know when the device was placed?
Not precisely, but we narrowed the window to a period 2 years before you joined the crew.
When the ship was under attack.
Species 329, the Kazon.
Our database indicated that Voyager were boarded twice during that period.
Kazon are an inferior species, they don't possess the technology to create such a weapon.
We believe the saboteur infiltrated this time frame, because Voyager's shields were down.
It's the perfect opportunity to evade detection.
If I fail, you will recruit me again?
If necessary.
This will be the 3rd time you are going to be removed from your time frame.
If we do it a forth, there could be certain.... side effects.
Side effects?
You might experience sensory aphesia.
It can affect the cerebral cortex and can lead to temporal psychosis.
But in your case we're hoping 3rd time is the charm, eh?
I'll do my best.
- Bring her up to date on our protocols. - Aye Sir.
When you're finished, meet me in holo-matrix One, I've prepared a simulation.
See how much you've assimilated.
- The dolly paradox. - Also known as the melting clock effect.
It refers to a temporal fissure, which slows the time to a gradual hold.
The pogo paradox.
Causality loop in which interferes to prevent an event actually triggers the same effect.
Excellent, can you give me an example?
The Borg once traveled back in time to stop Zefram Cochrane from breaking the warp barrier.
They succeeded, but that in turn led the Starship Enterprise to intervene.
They assisted Cochrane with the flight the Borg were trying to prevent.
Causal loop complete.
So, in a way the Federation owes it's existence to the Borg.
You’re welcome.
- The Seven of Nine paradox. - I beg your pardon?
How do we know, that my presents on Voyager will not alter the timeline?
You know you've asked me that every time?
What's been your response?
Uncertainty is part of the equation.
We don't know what's going to happen.
I don't enjoy uncertainty.
Neither do I.
But I trust Captain Braxton’s instinct.
Just as you trust Captain Janeway's.
This is a simulation of Junction 49 on Voyagers 4th Deck.
Thanks to you we've learned that the temporal disruptor was and will be concealed here.
I gave up trying to keep my tenses straight years ago.
How will I disarm it?
You've already tried, unsuccessfully.
The weapon is out of phase.
We have to find the Saboteur, before he plants it.
This will detect any chronotron flux other than your own.
And I'm authorizing you to use whatever force necessary.
One more thing, watch out for the Janeway Factor.
I'm not familiar with that protocol.
Your Captain, has a neck for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong especially when it comes to time travel.
Captain Janeway is quite resourceful. Has it occurred to you that she might be helpful?
Helpful?! That woman has been responsible for 3 mayor temporal incursions.
No doubt, creating numerous paradoxes.
And who do you think had to repair the damage?
She's reckless, she has no regard for the integrity of the timeline.
I asked her to help once. She refused.
And I've ended up stranded in the late 20th century. Have you ever been in that time frame?
- No. - Well I don't recommend it.
After three decades with those post industrial barbarians...
I had to go through extensive rehabilitation before I could return to duty.
Avoid contact with Janeway. That's an order.
Yes Sir.
This will occlude your Borg implants.
- Ready? - Yes.
We have a saying in the line of our work: There is no time like the past.
- Raise shields - Timeframe: Stardate 49123.5621, Delta Quadrant
Spatial Coordinates 21 alpha prime by 936 Zeta.
- Target - USS Voyager
All hands to battle stations.
We're under attack. Repeat. All hands to battle stations.
Return fire.
- Dropping spatial charges. - Evasive maneuvers.
Shields down to 20%.
Another Kazon ship is approaching.
Janeway to engineering, we need warp engines.
I can't give them to you, not until I’ve repaired the containment generator.
- Time? - I need 10 minutes, at least.
Captain, I'm picking up a strange reading on Deck 4.
What kind of reading.
It's a chronotron flux .003
- Any idea what's causing it? - Not yet.
It could be random interference from Kazon weapons fire.
I don't think so. I've seen these reading before.
- There is no sign of the weapon. - Any uninvited guests?
Not yet.
The lead vessel has been disabled. The others are regrouping.
- B’Elanna, Status? - Warp drive is online.
But the containment field is still unstable Warp 2 is the best I can give you.
I'll take it... Engage.
They're not pursuing.
- Dry dock. - Ma'am?
First time I saw these readings was over 2 years ago, when Voyager was in the dry dock.
- Same readings, same location. - What caused them?
I never found out, the signal vanished before we could isolate it.
Erect a level 10 force field around that section.
Is this really the time to be chasing sensor ghosts?
Something tells me this is more than a coincidence, seal off Deck 4. Tuvok you're with me.
They've erected force fields around my location, I may have been detected.
How shall I proceed?
- Lieutenant respond. - What's wrong?
- The force fields are blocking our transmissions. - Compensate!
- Seven of Nine report. - Relativity, are you there?
It's no use Sir, she can't hear us.
I don't believe, we've been introduced Ensign.
- Lower the force field. - I stand corrected, we have met...
- Utopia Tenisa, Briefing room.
You told me it was efficient.
- Janeway - You've mistaken me for someone else.
Ohh I don't think so. So here you are, 2 years later.
On the other side of the Galaxy, imagine that.
You're preventing me from completing a vital mission.
Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?
- Don't say anything - She can't hear you Sir.
- My designation is irrelevant.
- But I assure you I have no hostile intension. - Somehow I don't find that very comforting.
- Are you working with the Kazon? - No, I am not.
I'm detecting bio-mechanical implants, they have a Borg signature.
Janeway to bridge, scan the vicinity for Borg ships.
- Did you say Borg? - Do it!
- You will find none. - Then how did you get here?
- I'm no longer Borg. - Then who are you?
- I can't answer your questions. - Good.
- Why not? - It would be a violation of the temporal prime directive.
- You're from another time? - Yes.
- No... - Who sent you?
I can't tell you that, I'd be risking damage to the timeline.
I' don't care if history itself comes unraveled, I want to know why you're on my ship.
- What's that? - You must release me.
- Why? - Voyager is in great danger.
- So we've noticed. - Not from the Kazon.
From an act of sabotage, I've been sent here to stop it.
The intruder has already boarded the ship. Please, your lives depend on it.
You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's happening.
My name is Seven of Nine, I am a member of your crew, rather; I will be a member of your crew.
I traveled back in time to prevent a disaster that will destroy Voyager.
- Get her out of there. - I'm, trying.
Let's see if I've got this straight.
You're a Borg drone...
Attempting to prevent a disaster that will not occur for another 3 years.
3 Years, 6 Months and 2 days.
Does this make any sense to you?
Like most time paradoxes it's implausible, but not necessarily illogical.
Captain, when you take me from the Borg...
You're going to tell me, that part of being Human is learning to trust.
Trust me, now.
Lower the force field.
- Seven of Nine to Braxton - Stay where you are, we're pulling you out
That would be unwise, I'm pursuing the Saboteur with Captain Janeway’s assistance.
- Proceed. - Yes Sir.
Intruder is in junction 52 beta.
- Take the Starboard hatch. - Aye Captain.
Captain Braxton.
Lower the temporal disruptor.
It's on, I'll activated, lower your weapons.
- Janeway - Have we met?
Too many time, but you wouldn't remember, they haven't occurred yet.
Seven of Nine, report.
- I've located the Saboteur. - Who is it?
- It's you Captain Braxton. - Me??
More accurately, a future you.
- Now let me complete our mission. - Our mission?
- I don't know what you're talking about. - Listen, very carefully.
The circumstances of your life are going to change in the next few years.
You'll be sent into rehabilitation again, forced to retire...
And it's all because of Voyager.
Captain, I think your future self is suffering from temporal psychosis.
Well of course I am, you pedantic drone.
The only way for me... for us to recover...
is to obliterate Voyager from the timeline, that way none of the events that caused this illness will have occurred.
- What events? - 30 Years of exile on 20th Century Earth.
The temporal inversion in the Dekares Sector.
Three violations that I had to repair.
- Can you get a lock on him? - Negative, he's activated the dispersal node.
We should say, YOU activated the dispersal node.
Don't be absurd, I have no wish to sabotage Voyager.
Not yet.
Remodulate the transporters, find a way to cut through the interference.
I gave you an order Lieutenant.
I'm sorry Sir, I'm taking control of this vessel.
And I'm relieving you of duty for crimes you are going to commit.
I haven't done anything.
Seven of Nine, apprehend Braxton.
- Relativity, he's escaped. - I'm tracking him.
He's traveled to another timeframe.
- 2 Years earlier - Transport me to those coordinates.
- That would be your 4th jump. - I'm aware of the risks.
Stand by.
Thank you for your assistance.
There's still some work to be done, but once the saw dust clears I think you'll be impressed.
Voyager may not be as big as a Galaxy Class Ship but she is quick...
Take cover.
Security report to Deck 4 section 12. Erect force fields around all access points.
Is this part of the tour?
I've lost him.
He's still on Voyager, but he's gone five years ahead.
Initiate transport.
Point, Server.
- It's all in the wrist. - Score?
19 - 18
Who are you?
Bridge, Intruder alert, Deck 2.
- Explain. - No time, you must apprehend him.
- He's trying to destroy Voyager. - Seven of Nine, status?
- I'm incapacitated, it's sensory aphesia. - Stand by, I'm pulling you out.
Stop him, your future depends on it.
- Braxton? - I disabled his Tricorder, he's trapped there.
Seven of Nine is pursuing him, she's efficient, she will succeed.
Let's hope so, because we ran out of options.
- You again! - I don't believe we've met Ensign.
No, I'm wrong. We have met.
- Captain Braxton - Not anymore, I've lost my rank thanks to you.
Seven of Nine to Seven of Nine, what's your status?
- We've apprehended Braxton, how shall we proceed? - Stand by.
Long time no see.
- You alright Seven? - I believe we've just prevented Voyagers destruction.
Would you care to explain how you...
- The time ship Relativity. - We need your help.
This Seven of Nine stopped Braxton, but she's created several temporal incursions along the way.
She was engaged in a phaser fire at Utopia Tenisa, she was seen by you and Lieutenant Tuvok 2 years before she joined you crew.
And she interacted with her past self in front of 15 Crew members at a Ping Pong Tournament.
Approximately 6 minutes ago, your timeframe of course.
- Of course - Needless to say, we need to clean up the timeline.
Someone must go back to the beginning and prevent the chain events from occurring in the first place.
I can't make another jump without damaging myself.
I get the feeling I'm about to be drafted.
In exchange for leniency, Captain Braxton informed us of the precise moment he boarded Voyager, to plant the weapon.
We'll be sending you to stop him. Tell her.
Deck 4 Section 38.
I stumble over a wounded crewmember, that will be your chance to capture me.
Don't miss him, or we have to do this all over again.
Wait a minute, let me get this straight. I'M going back in time to stop Braxton.
- But you already have him. - And there is a 3rd one in our brig.
I arrested him earlier today, but don't worry, they all will be reintegrated in time for the trial.
- And Seven? - I assure you when all this is over there will be just one Seven of Nine.
Alright let's get started before my headache gets any worse
Captain, a Kazon torpedo just blew out the containment generator.
Do you want me to reroute power or take the warp core offline?
- Use your best judgment. - I thought you were on your way to the bridge?
I have to take care of something first, now get moving Lieutenant.
Send damage control teams to Decks 9 through 14.
Seal the breaches if you can, I'll be on the bridge.
- Keep me informed. - Yes Ma'am.
Come here often?
Incursion factor .0036
- Better than I expected - Glad I could lend a hand.
- When do we go home? - You'll both be returned to your timeframe...
you'll be reintegrated with the other Seven of Nine.
Since none of your time jumps, were to your foreseeable future, only the past, I see no reasons to resequence your memory engrams.
But remember the temporal prime directive, discuss your experience with no one.
Ohh Captain, Braxton was right about one thing.
Voyager shows up on our sensors far too often.
Try to avoid time travel.
- See you in the 24th Century - I'll look forward to it.
- Or should I say backward. - Don't get started.

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