Show mercy.
Your people have a saying:
''Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.''
ln other words, your credit's no good here.
l'll pay you back double
with next month's replicator rations.
That's what you said when l let you replicate
all those pork rinds for your monster movie marathon.
Let me put it another way.
This is a life-and-death situation!
Hyperbole won't help.
l'm not exaggerating.
This is the anniversary of my first date
with B'Elanna.
And you forgot all about it?
Yes, and if l don't come through
with some kind of romantic dinner...
All right, you've made your case.
Neelix, you're a saint.
Okay, that'll be one bottle of Mouton Rothschild--
a 2342 if it's in the database--
Uh, Terellian pheasant, steamed asparagus
and a single rose.
Where do you want it?
You can send the food
requisition to B'Elanna's replicator.
The wine and the flower l'll take with me.
Well, l can't show up empty-handed.
Neelix, how about a pot of coffee
while you're at it?
Coming right up.
Flowers and wine?
Ah, anniversary.
-Oh. -Coffee?
Bridge duty.
l've got eight hours ahead of me.
Sitting in the big chair again?
Fourth night in a row.
You're not fooling anyone.
Excuse me?
You love these night shifts.
Your chance to play Captain?
l'm not playing.
This is an opportunity to get command experience.
You might put in for some yourself.
Oh, what's the point of trying to compete
with an ambitious upstart like you?
Just promise me one thing: When you reach the top,
you'll remember all the little people
you climbed over to get there
and you won't make them work night shifts.
Helm, status?
Same as it was 20 minutes ago.
Refresh my memory.
Current speed-- warp 6.3, heading 021 mark 2.
Permission to speak freely, sir?
We're on the night shift.
One of these days,
you'll get the call to take the Bridge,
and maybe then
you'll understand the burden of command.
lt's an automated distress call.
A Class-M planet. Range-- .73 light-years,
bearing 261 mark 15.
That would be a significant course change.
Burden of command is on your shoulders, sir.
Of course, we could always wake Commander Chakotay.
Alter course.
Open a channel.
This is Ensign Kim of the Starship Voyager.
Can we be of assistance?
l'm not picking up on any life signs.
l guess they didn't make it.
There could be any number of reasons
why we're not detecting life signs.
We'll have to go down there and take a look.
l'll inform the Commander.
Oh, Jenkins, the Bridge is yours.
l hope l made the right decision.
About changing course or waking me up?
Sorry, sir, but l thought...
Relax, Harry, you did the right thing
on both counts.
Hey, why don't you lead the away team?
l'll monitor your progress from the Bridge.
Yes, sir.
The distress call was automated?
That's right.
l'm hoping whoever sent it is still alive.
Who's leading the mission?
You're looking at him.
-Really? -Problem?
No. l just thought, given the circumstances--
a new planet, unknown hazards--
that Commander Chakotay or Tuvok would be in charge.
l am a senior officer, Doc.
l've been on this ship for five years.
l think l can handle an away mission.
l certainly didn't mean any offense.
None taken.
Of course, having me on the team will more than compensate
for any lack of experience on your part.
Are you sure these are the right coordinates?
Apparently, whoever sent the distress call was rescued.
Maybe, but as long as we're here,
we should make a thorough search.
Spread out.
This is the source of the distress call.
What is it?
l don't know.
Paratrinic shielding, a dense energy matrix...
bio-neural circuitry?
Whoa, back off.
This could be dangerous.
No, wait.
lt's speaking to us.
ln duotronic algorithms.
Hold on. My translation matrix is interpreting.
lt says it's injured.
lt needs our help.
lt's asking why it can't see...
or feel its arms and legs.
lt's terrified.
Can you identify yourself?
lt's saying that its memory's
been damaged. lt doesn't remember its name.
Don't worry.
We're going to help you.
Crewman Lang will remain with you.
What do you think?
An artificial intelligence?
One that doesn't seem to realize it's artificial.
Maybe we should tell it the truth,
try to jog its memory.
No. l don't want to risk psychological trauma.
Psychological trauma?
Doc, this is a machine.
One which is confused and asking for our help.
We should beam it aboard.
Not until we know what we're dealing with.
Away mission protocols dictate that we...
Morality dictates that we help.
lt may not be flesh and blood, but it's clearly in distress.
Make way for the day shift.
How's he doing?
Well, let's see.
l haven't heard from him in almost five minutes,
so he should be checking in right about...
Away team to Voyager.
-...now. -That's our Harry.
lf l were you, l'd watch out for your job.
Go ahead, Ensign.
We found the source of the distress call.
lt's some kind of artificial intelligence-- badly damaged.
The Doctor thinks we should beam it aboard.
You're in charge of the away mission, Ensign.
What do you think?
Well... l think we should help it if we can,
but, as a precaution, l recommend
sealing off an Engineering Bay
with a level-10 force field and beaming it directly there.
Agreed. Give us a few minutes.
We're going to transport you back to our ship.
l'm Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram.
A projection of light and force fields,
guided by an optronic computer program.
No... technically speaking,
l suppose l'm not a real person.
How's our patient?
lt uses bio-neural circuitry
to mimic humanoid synaptic functions.
But its memory core is damaged.
lt's suffering from a technological form of amnesia.
Any theories as to what it might be?
lt could be a probe or a communications device.
Whoever our friend is, he wasn't alone.
He claims to have been traveling with a companion.
lf there's another one down there,
it might give us a few answers.
l'll be in Astrometrics scanning the surface.
Give our guest my regards.
Of course, Captain.
Lower the containment field.
How are you?
Well, that's an interesting question.
Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Torres are attempting to repair your...
damaged circuitry.
That's... what l wanted to talk to you about.
You're not an organic being.
You're technological.
You're an artificial intelligence
embedded in a machine of some kind.
No, there's no mistake.
We believe the damage you suffered in the crash
is causing your confusion.
Look at it this way--
you and l have something in common.
Just because we're not organic beings
doesn't mean we're in any way inferior.
Well... you're metallic, over a meter in length...
Oh, you're quite sleek, actually.
You're welcome.
l'm detecting no further technology
on the planet's surface.
Maybe the second device was destroyed when it crashed.
Scan for metallic particulates
consistent with our friend in Engineering.
There are minute traces
scattered across the northern continent.
An impact crater.
lt spans a radius of 200 kilometers.
And look at this.
Heavy concentrations of radiogenic decay
in the crater walls...
and the fracture gradients are consistent...
with a highly focused explosion.
Evidently we've discovered its function.
A weapon of mass destruction.
l understand your concerns,
but the device hasn't shown itself to be hostile.
Not yet, but it's only a matter of time
before it puts the pieces together.
All the more reason we should talk to it;
explain our concerns.
Ask for help in defusing its explosive components.
lf it's programmed to detonate,
there's no telling how it'll react.
Agreed. We have to neutralize the threat, now. Suggestions?
Transport the device off the ship
and destroy it before it harms anyone.
Seven, this is a sentient being we're talking about.
Very well.
Return it to the surface
and deploy a warning buoy to alert other vessels.
l refuse to believe
our only options are to kill it or abandon it.
What if we could separate
the bio-neural circuitry from the explosive?
Take the weapon off-line, but salvage the intelligence.
They're fully integrated.
Where would we store the intelligence
once we shut the device down?
The answer's obvious.
Download its synaptic patterns
into a holographic matrix like mine.
Then what?
Try to find out where it came from
and return it to its people.
The device is extremely complex.
One error and we'd risk detonation.
Saving a life often entails risk.
Harry, B'Elanna, assist the Doctor.
Thank you, Captain.
At the first sign of danger,
we transport it off the ship, understood?
l quite understand.
l wouldn't like being carried around, either.
Of course you are.
Who wouldn't be?
We're taking you to Sick Bay.
Because we're better equipped to help you there.
Deck 5.
We're going to transfer your intelligence
to a holo-matrix.
You should be pleased.
ln a little while, you're going to be
walking around just like me.
l'm not certain.
Ensign Kim's configuring
your physical parameters as we speak.
l'm sure you'll be quite handsome.
Are we ready to proceed?
Whenever you are.
Don't be alarmed.
We have to access some of your systems
to enable the transfer.
He says he wants to know exactly what you're doing
as you do it.
This is a delicate procedure.
l won't be able to concentrate
if l have to give a blow-by-blow description.
You'll have to forgive Lieutenant Torres.
She's an excellent engineer.
Unfortunately, she doesn't share my bedside manner.
Harry, would you mind?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Well, first we're going to be setting up
an active interlink between you and the holo-systems.
Uh, now, to do that,
we're going to take your program off-line
while we resequence your bio-neural circuitry.
He says he can't allow you to shut him down.
l'm sorry, but there's no other way.
lt's arming itself.
The detonation sequence has begun.
Sick Bay to Bridge.
The device is going to detonate.
Beam it off the ship.
We've lost the transporter lock.
Talk to it, Doctor.
Please, you're going to destroy yourself, and us.
Detonation in 20 seconds.
B'Elanna, send an EM pulse through its power matrix.
Maybe you can short it out.
l'm on it.
15 seconds.
Please disarm yourself.
We're just trying to help you.
Ten seconds.
lnitiating the pulse.
Six... five...
lt worked.
We've shut it down, Captain.
You shouldn't have done that.
l know you've gotten a little attached to this thing, but...
You lied.
What are you talking about?
You said you were trying to transfer my neural patterns,
but you were really trying to shut me down.
You're the artificial intelligence.
lt used the interlink
to commandeer the Doctor's program.
Sick Bay to Bridge.
Captain, respond.
He's tapped into the ship's systems--
deactivated the com.
He's locked us in, too.
You tried to destroy me.
We were only trying to disarm you.
l'm a weapon.
Why didn't you tell me?
lt was a precaution.
We were afraid you might be dangerous.
Obviously, we were right.
l couldn't let you destroy me.
l have to complete my mission.
You remember it now?
Yes. l'm a long-range tactical armor unit.
l've been deployed by my people.
They're facing a terrible threat--
a hostile species.
My companion unit was destroyed, but l will reach my target.
Your ship will take me there.
Look, we'll try and contact your people.
lf you could tell us who they are...
l must resume my mission!
The weapon's been rearmed.
They still can't gain access to Sick Bay
or any part of Deck 5, for that matter.
Get a transporter lock on our people.
We'll jettison the whole damn section if we have to.
l wouldn't recommend that, Captain.
lf you try to stop me again, l'll detonate.
Your ship and everyone on it will be destroyed.
l'm transferring a new heading to the helm.
You'll proceed to the coordinates at maximum velocity.
He's gone.
He's directing us to a system 2.3 light-years from here.
ls that your home?
lt's my target.
The course l've plotted bypasses enemy minefields.
Don't deviate from it.
Your ship won't be harmed.
Once we've reached the system,
you'll transport me to my target.
We won't help you wage war.
This crew has a Prime Directive that forbids us to interfere
in the affairs of other species.
You've already interfered.
We were trying to help you.
Until you discovered my true nature.
Then you tried to deactivate me.
Just your explosive components, not you.
There's no distinction.
l am what l am.
Now alter course or l'll detonate.
lf you do that, you'll never reach your target, will you?
l am programmed to take whatever measures are necessary
to obtain my objective.
Failing that,
l'm to consider anyone who tries to stop me an enemy.
Now alter course, and transfer your sensors to me,
so l can monitor your compliance.
Release my crewmen from Sick Bay first.
l'm not programmed to negotiate.
They'll remain where they are.
Lay in the course,
Mr. Paris.
Transfer sensors to Sick Bay.
A sound tactical decision, Captain.
Assemble the staff.
We're going to find a way to outsmart a smart bomb.
lf we can shut down the force fields around Sick Bay,
l could get a transporter lock on it.
Even if you were successful, we can't beam it far enough
from the ship to escape the blast.
She's right. Our best option is to disarm it.
Good luck.
lt's got an internal sensor array.
lf we try so much as to loosen a screw...
Commander, l think you should take a look at this.
lt's a power node l used to enhance
the replicator system.
l acquired it last week on a trading mission.
lt has transkinetic energy regulators
and bio-neural control circuitry.
Remind you of anything?
Our friend in Sick Bay.
l didn't make the connection at first,
but when l overheard a few of the engineers
talking about the weapon,
l went back and l checked the schematics on this.
lt's the same technology.
Who did you acquire it from?
A merchant named Onquanii.
Did he say where he got it?
No, but he seemed eager to trade.
Maybe he'd tell us if we make it worth his while.
Scan for his vessel.
lf you find him, send an encoded message.
Tell him about our problem.
Aye, sir.
lf we could tap into the holo-projectors
without his knowing it,
we might be able to shut him down.
He changed all the access codes.
The second we try to decrypt them,
he'll restart the detonation sequence.
Do you have a better idea?
Yeah, let the Captain handle it.
The last thing anyone needs is my opinion.
This is no time to be feeling sorry for yourself.
Chakotay lets me make a command decision--
what do l do?
l beam a talking bomb on board.
The first time l commanded an away mission,
l led my people into a cave that l thought
was a Cardassian military installation.
Turned out l'd mistaken unstable mineral deposits
for weapon signatures.
There was a rock slide
and we were stuck there for three days.
What did you do?
We dug ourselves out with our bare hands.
Where are you going?
To dig us out.
You don't have to do this, you know.
lt's what l was programmed for.
You're a sentient being.
You don't have to be a slave to your programming.
Look at the Doctor.
He's a tool--
a holographic puppet.
That puppet saved your life.
lf it weren't for him,
you'd still be damaged and alone on that planet.
He's the one that convinced me to beam you aboard.
And when we discovered what you were
and some people wanted to destroy you,
the Doctor defended your right to exist.
What's your point?
Even though he was only programmed to be a Doctor,
he's become more than that.
He's made friends, he's piloted a starship,
he even sings.
Despite all of his achievements,
did he ever stop being a Doctor?
No, but...
And l can't stop being a weapon.
Look at yourself.
You're already much more than that.
You've got a body now, eyes to see with.
The second you detonate, that'll all be over.
That's the nature of what l am.
lt doesn't have to be.
We can give you your own holo-matrix.
You can exist for as long as you want,
accomplish anything you set your mind to.
The only thing l want to accomplish
is the destruction of my target.
What is your target?
A military installation on Salina Prime,
Grid 1 1, Vector 9341.
Tell me about it.
Who's the enemy?
A ruthless, violent race
that's threatening to destroy my people.
What else do you know about them?
What's their planet like?
Are there forests?
Schools for the children of this violent race?
l'm not programmed with superfluous data.
Well, lucky for you.
You're aboard Voyager now
and you have access to our scanners.
Why don't we take a closer look at your target.
A military installation, as l told you.
But it's manned.
By soldiers.
Who are going to suffer because of you.
Remember when you were suffering?
Blind and paralyzed?
Do you really want to make others go through that?
l have a duty to protect my people.
l will not betray them.
Now get out
before l'm forced to harm you!
Nice try.
l'm reading a subspace surge off our port bow.
lt looks like a cloaked ship.
That could be him.
Onquanii travels in a cloaked vessel.
We're being hailed, audio only.
Open a channel.
Voyager, good to see you again.
And you, sir.
l received your message.
Have you an intelligent weapon in your possession?
Actually, we're in its possession.
We're being held hostage.
Do you know anything about this weapon?
lf l'm correct,
it was created by a species named the Druoda.
l've studied their technology.
Bring me aboard.
l can assist you.
You've deactivated your com system?
And reinforced the shielding in this section.
We won't be overheard.
l'd have more faith in your security precautions,
if you weren't already at the mercy of this weapon.
We didn't know what it was when we brought it aboard.
This particular series has a class-1 1 intelligence factor.
lt's warp-capable, fully armored, self-guiding.
lt has a maximum range of 80 light-years.
lt can fly through an ion storm
or an armada of hostile ships
and still find its target.
How do l get it off my ship?
You can't,
but l can.
My transporter system employs a dampening field,
which disables the detonator
until my engineers can disarm it.
That's a generous offer.
Mind if l ask what you expect in return?
The device itself.
l'm not about to hand over a weapon of mass destruction
to someone l just met.
Oh, my business is salvage, not war.
l've no intention of deploying it.
But you might sell it
to someone who does.
l imagine you'd stand to make quite a profit.
l can make more profit by selling off its components.
The energy matrix alone can power a fleet of starships
and its intelligence core, properly reprogrammed,
can assist in a variety of things
from terraforming
to planetary weather control.
All right. You can have the weapon
as long as we keep the energy matrix.
That way we can be sure no one ever deploys it.
l'm afraid that's unacceptable.
The energy matrix
is one of the most valuable components.
l'm sorry. lt's not open for negotiation.
We could offer you a few dilithium crystals
in compensation.
That matrix is worth a thousand dilithium crystals.
What if we threw in a plasma manifold?
l want the entire weapon or it remains here.
You seem awfully intent
for someone only interested in salvage.
l'm sorry to waste your time.
We'll have to find another way to solve our problem.
l wish you luck.
Sorry, Captain, l thought it would help.
Bridge, report.
The alien vessel has opened fire.
We've lost weapons and shields.
Sick Bay to Captain. What's happening?
We're under attack.
How many ships?
One... off the port bow.
Return fire.
We can't. Check your sensors.
Our weapons are off-line.
Force fields around Sick Bay are destabilizing.
He's trying to get a transporter lock on the weapon.
Remodulate the shields.
No effect.
What are you doing?
The weapon's sending an antimatter surge
back through the transporter beam.
They've been destroyed.
That wasn't necessary.
They were an enemy.
Maintain course.
l've studied the weapon's schematics.
My nanoprobes can be adapted
to disable its bio-neural circuitry.
However l would need direct access
to its primary control port.
That means getting you
into Sick Bay without arousing suspicion.
We could access the holo-matrix controls above Sick Bay,
disrupt the Doctor's program long enough for Seven
to inject the nanoprobes.
How much time would you need?
Approximately 20 seconds.
Run a long-range scan on that subspace minefield
it warned us about.
Calculate their explosive yield...
what kind of damage they might to do the ship.
Aye, Captain.
What have you got in mind?
l have a feeling we're about to run
into some unexpected trouble.
We've analyzed the alien minefield
and calculated the effect it would have on Voyager.
l think l can simulate the explosions
with a well-timed disruption to the inertial dampers.
Of course, asking me to give you a bumpy ride
is like asking a virtuoso to sing off-key.
l'm sure you'll manage.
The weapon has access to our sensors.
How do we make sure it won't catch on?
We've reconfigured the sensor array
to send it false telemetry.
lt will believe we're navigating a minefield.
At least long enough for us to get Seven to Sick Bay.
Medical emergency.
l intend to suffer third-degree plasma burns
during our encounter with the mines.
That's where l come in.
Chief Cosmetics Officer, at your service.
Another hidden talent, Neelix?
Well, l know my way around a dermal regenerator.
l should be able to simulate a convincing wound.
Okay. We get her inside.
Then what?
Commander Tuvok will be in position
to disrupt the Doctor's program.
Once that happens, l will inject
the nanoprobes and disable the weapon.
l'll inform the Captain.
Get started.
Do well on this mission, Neelix, and maybe the Captain
will promote you to Senior Beautician.
Assist me.
With what?
l'm trying to identify
the malfunction that caused me to crash,
but several of my memory files are still damaged.
Restore them.
We tried helping it before.
Look where that got us.
''When taken captive by a hostile force
seek out any opportunity to engage the assailant.''
Didn't you ever read the Officers' Manual?
Section 126.
l don't think Starfleet diplomacy
is going to work this time.
lf we cooperate, we'll be giving it the advantage.
lf there's even a chance
that we can convince it to change its mind...
lt's a bomb, Harry.
A sentient bomb.
l said assist me!
Where do we start?
There are several disruptions in my memory index,
including a three minute, 37 second gap
just prior to the crash.
A recursive search algorithm might retrieve the missing data.
You received a subspace transmission--
a command to alter course
and head toward the planet's surface.
Looks like your landing wasn't an accident.
lt was an attempt by the enemy to divert me from my target.
No, your access codes are encrypted.
They must've developed an infiltration code.
What if it wasn't the enemy?
Who else would try to divert me?
Correct me if l'm wrong,
but these are the same duotronic algorithms
that you use to communicate with.
My own people wouldn't try to stop me.
Maybe they changed their mind.
The enemy is ruthless.
My target is a threat.
Why would my people call off the assault?
lf we clear up some more of these memory files,
maybe we'll find out.
Your assistance is no longer required.
What's wrong?
You afraid you might find out
you're not supposed to destroy that installation?
Let us finish the job.
Then you can decide
what you want to do with the information.
Does the name ''Strategic Command Matrix''
mean anything to you?
That's my control center.
They ordered my launch.
Well, it looks like your orders were rescinded.
See for yourself.
''All long-range tactical armor units...
terminate mission immediately.''
Keep reading.
lt says... the war is over.
lt ended nearly three years ago.
My launch was a mistake.
There was a malfunction in one of the command sensors.
lt activated a series of launch sequencers.
My people managed to shut most of them down,
but 34 weapons were fired...
including me.
l guess this means you can disarm yourself now.
No. There's no confirmation code here.
We avoided the enemy's minefield,
so they're trying to deceive us.
The confirmation
could be in one of your damaged memory files.
Or maybe it was you
deceiving me to implement your pacifist philosophy.
That's not true.
You lied to me before.
Why should l trust you now?
You don't have to trust us, just access those files.
l am programmed to destroy my target.
l will complete my mission!
lf the war is over, you could end up starting another one.
How many of your people will die then?
Sick Bay to Bridge.
We've run into a subspace mine.
We had to drop out of warp.
There shouldn't be mines along this course.
We're detecting thousands of them
scattered throughout the region.
We're plotting a new course to avoid them.
Transmit it to me.
This trajectory will delay us for two days.
That'll give you time to confirm that the war is over.
No! Proceed as planned.
l'm programming a shield enhancement
that will protect Voyager.
l'm still going to have to reduce speed.
Agreed, but only until we've cleared the minefield.
Maintain course, Mr. Paris, one-quarter impulse.
Think he bought it?
He seemed to.
Let's give him another good shake just to be sure.
Yes, ma'am.
That was another mine.
The shields will hold.
Tuvok to Bridge.
l've accessed the holo-matrix.
Janeway to Neelix. Casualty report.
l'm putting the finishing touches on Seven's plasma burn
and it looks pretty authentic, if l do say so myself.
Good work. Stand by.
Time to hit another mine, Tom-- a big one.
Commander, blow out the plasma relays on Deck 6.
Janeway to Sick Bay.
We have heavy casualties.
Maintain heading and speed.
That's going to be difficult.
Our Astrometrics Officer has been injured.
She's the one who's been guiding us through the minefield.
Replace her.
Seven of Nine's abilities are unique.
We're not going to get past
these mines without her.
Then treat her injuries and send her back to her post.
She has third-degree plasma burns.
She needs to go to Sick Bay to be treated.
lf you want to reach your target,
you're going to have to wait.
All right, Captain, but l'm warning you...
no deceptions.
Janeway to Neelix.
Treat her as quickly as possible.
They're in.
Now, Tuvok.
Bridge, my holo-matrix is destabilizing.
We took damage to our secondary systems.
Repair them.
Now! Or l'll activate the detonation sequence.
Stand by.
What's going on?
She's trying to defuse the weapon.
She's going into neural shock.
Help me.
Sick Bay to Bridge.
Your attempt to disable me did not succeed.
l am designed to repel
any assault on my bio-neural circuitry.
We've tried to reason with you.
You left me no choice.
And you leave me no choice.
You and your crew will abandon Voyager immediately.
No deal.
This is not a negotiation!
Comply or l will detonate!
Go ahead. Do it.
Everyone on board will be killed!
But no one else will.
Captain, 32 vessels just dropped out of warp
off our port bow.
On screen.
One of them is transmitting a message...
to the ''Doctor.''
Bridge to Sick Bay.
We've got company-- 32 self-guided weapons.
They detected my presence aboard your vessel.
They say my target is essential.
They altered course to ensure that l reach it.
They are ordering me to transport off your vessel.
They will tractor me to my target.
Mr. Kim, reintegrate its neural matrix,
and prepare to beam it off...
We can't do that, Captain.
These weapons were fired by accident.
We can't let them reach their targets.
Enough! Captain, order him to proceed!
Harry, what are you talking about?
Captain, l need a minute.
You're making a mistake.
Your own people tried to disarm you.
l cannot be certain of that.
Yes, you can.
You can check your memory files.
Look for the confirmation code.
No more delays.
Check the files.
-Reintegrate my matrix. -No!
Do what Harry says or you're not leaving this ship.
You're in no position to give me orders.
lf you detonate now,
you'll destroy yourself and your companions.
ls that what you want?
The confirmation code.
Coding intersequence 443, vector 39121.
Cessation of hostilities... confirmed.
Unauthorized launch... confirmed.
Order to terminate mission... confirmed.
You must disarm yourself
and tell the others to stand down.
lt's a deception.
This code of yours uses a modulating algorithm.
lt would be almost impossible to duplicate.
The enemy is ruthless; they are violent.
Have you ever met the enemy?
You're just spouting propaganda,
what you've been programmed to believe.
l have a directive.
lt's been countermanded!
l am a Series 5, long-range
tactical armor unit designed to traverse enemy space
and circumvent all attempts to deter me.
You're a sentient being.
l have a duty to protect my people,
to destroy my target!
You've been programmed with intelligence,
so you could make decisions on your own.
Well, it's time to make one.
Countless lives are at stake!
Ever since you took the Doctor's form,
you've been learning what it's like to be one of us.
Now, try to imagine
what it's like to be one of your victims--
your first victim.
You've seen her suffering.
lncrease that by a factor of one million--
ten million--
and that's how much suffering you'll cause
if you don't end this.
They're asking why l haven't left your ship.
Tell them.
l'm transmitting our orders to terminate the mission.
They also received those orders,
but they had already crossed the targeting threshold.
Once we're within two light-years of our target,
we cannot be diverted.
Tell them the war's over.
l did.
Tell them you got the message
before you crossed the threshold
when you were on the planet's surface.
They don't believe me.
lt's up to you to make them understand.
They only understand their directive.
They won't listen.
Reintegrate my neural matrix and return me to the others.
We won't do that.
l have no intention of proceeding to my target.
l will stop them.
l am a weapon of mass destruction.
You want me to see past my programming...
then you must try to see past your doubts.
give me a hand.
Bridge, lock on to the weapon. Prepare to beam it into space.
Harry, what's going on?
Captain, no time to explain.
Just trust me on this one.
l hear you loud and clear, Ensign.
Do it.
l've reconfigured the bio-neural matrix.
l'm sorry.
l am simply completing my mission.
Only the target has changed.
Transfer complete.
Please state the nature of the...
What happened? How long was l off-line?
We'll explain later. Seven needs your help.
Bridge, energize.
They've gone into warp.
Maintain long-range sensors.
l'm detecting a series of antimatter explosions.
ln proximity to what?
No ships, no planets...
Bridge to Ensign Kim.
The weapons have been destroyed.
Anyone home?
Feeling well, l hope.
On my way to the Bridge for another night shift.
Came by to check on Seven.
You just missed her.
What's her prognosis?
She'll need another week of regeneration,
but l expect she'll make a full recovery.
Good news.
Oh, considering l was responsible for her injuries,
you can imagine my relief.
Well, you weren't exactly yourself at the time.
That's not what l mean.
l was the one who asked you
to bring that device aboard in the first place.
l even argued with the Captain to keep it aboard
after we learned what it was.
''lt'' was an artificial intelligence, like you,
but l have to admit,
his personality made you seem like Mr. Congeniality.
Look, Doc, the truth is,
l never would've gotten through to him without you.
From what l heard, l wasn't much help.
You were.
l held you up as an example
of how an artificial intelligence
could exceed its programming.
l didn't realize how true that was... until today.
lt seems your strategy worked.
Thank you.
l better get to the Bridge.
You never know when Ensign Kim
will be called upon to take command again.
Voyager could do worse.
Helm, status.
Current speed-- warp 5. Heading-- 021 mark 3.
Anything on long-range sensors?
Nothing to report.
As you were.
Permission to speak freely, sir.
Why would tonight be any different?
People have been talking about you.
Rumor has it you were the one who outsmarted the smart bomb.
Well... not exactly.
l made first contact with a sentient being.
All l did was help it understand a few things.
The rest was up to him.
Actually, l've been authorized by the junior staff
to thank you for keeping us in one piece.
You're welcome.
Any time.
Do me a favor.
Of course, sir.
No more distress calls.
At least not tonight.

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