Who left their dirty plate in the replicator? Tom?
lt wasn't me.
lt's a biohazard!
Take it easy!
We'll decontaminate you when we get back home.
lf l ever volunteer
for a two-week away mission again,
would somebody please confine me to Sick Bay?
Too much togetherness for you, Harry?
Nothing personal, Commander.
To tell you the truth,
l've enjoyed our little junket together.
lt's given the four of us a chance to bond.
The bonding stopped
when the sonic shower went off-line.
That's all part of the experience,
the adventure.
Think of the great explorers that came before us.
They survived without creature comforts.
l wouldn't want to bunk with them, either.
Now, there's a sight for sore eyes.
Delta Flyer to Voyager.
We're on our approach.
We've kept a candle
burning in the window for you.
Forget the candles. Break out the champagne!
l take it the mission was a success.
15 planets scanned in 14 days.
We've got a cargo hold
overflowing with dilithium ore.
That's the kind of news l like to hear.
The explorers return.
Welcome home.
l should go away more often.
l'm not going anywhere
for a long, long time.
Homesick, Harry?
Well, let's just say l'm looking forward
to a hot shower and a comfortable bed.
Don't forget to stop
by Sick Bay for your checkup.
Checkup? For what?
Away team protocol.
Crew members are required to submit to a physical
if the mission lasts more than two weeks.
Now... who's first?
l'll let you know
in the morning, Doctor.
Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today...
Mr. Paris?
l've been working on a little surprise for you.
Oh! Naughty or nice?
Close your eyes.
l like it already.
Come on.
So, what do you think?
A television set!
Circa 1956.
l replicated the components,
but l assembled it myself.
This... is the remote control.
You select what you want to watch
by pressing this button.
A slight problem.
There were no remote controls in the 1950s.
l took a little poetic license.
l found them in the ship's database.
Vacuum action!
Mop, mop
Don't stop...
What's that?
Now, that is called a ''jingle.''
According to the research l did, they inserted them
into the entertainment programs.
l know, it's confusing, but l kept them in
for authenticity.
l even replicated popcorn.
Everything is perfect,
except for one tiny detail.
You forgot the beer.
l can fix that.
You didn't miss much while you were away.
The Doctor gave a lecture
on ''lnsects lndigenous to the Delta Quadrant.''
lt was pretty boring...
until Ensign Farley started snoring,
and then no one could keep a straight face.
Of course, the Doctor wasn't at all amused.
lt was a shame
that we had to cut the lecture short,
but the warp core overloaded,
and then the Borg invaded,
and... we were all assimilated.
You haven't heard a single thing l've said, have you?
Oh! Look at that!
Maybe this was a bad idea.
lt's Eliot Ness!
Come on out! We don't want any trouble!
We're the Barkers!
You're never going to get us!
We're under attack.
Stay down!
Keep moving!
Somebody cover me!
Need a medic over here!
Move it!
Stay low!
Hold your fire!
l said hold your fire!
l need a medic!
Keep moving!
Keep moving!
-Tom? -Mm.
Must've been one hell of a dream.
l was...
l was in the middle of a battlefield.
l was grazed right...
right here.
They always said television was a bad influence.
How about a nice cartoon?
That should chase away the nightmare.
No, l think l've had enough.
Stay down!
Stay low!
lt sounds like you had an anxiety attack.
l've never been claustrophobic before.
There's a first time for everything.
Do you know what could've caused it?
Let's see...
you spend two weeks on an away mission,
working 18-hour days.
Then, as soon as you return to Voyager,
you become ''Ensign Eager,''
back on duty and rarin' to go.
l had work to do.
There was a plasma leak on Deck 5.
Plasma leak or no plasma leak,
you're suffering from exhaustion.
l'm recommending you take the next two days off.
But l...
l can always make it three.
You win.
Guess l am pretty tired.
Welcome back.
Did you have a good trip?
Wonderful, thank you.
You look tired.
Oh, no. lt's just a little shuttle lag.
Don't you have a geometry lesson?
You don't want to keep your teacher waiting.
Seven of Nine assigned me
a special project.
l'm supposed to build a tetragon,
but l have to use everyday things.
l'm not allowed to use a replicator.
l was thinking about using some vegetables
from the Airponics Bay.
Carrots and celery?
Carrots and celery.
A good idea.
Will you help me?
Uh... l don't think l'll have time today.
l don't think that l'll have time then, either.
A lot of work to do!
Well, then, why don't l help you?
What's cooking?
Let me see your hand!
l'm okay.
Your hand!
We've got to get you to Sick Bay.
l'm fine.
Sick Bay!
That's the best joke l've ever heard.
Get down. Stay behind me.
l said get down!
Go, go! Quickly!
Come on! Help me with this!
Keep moving!
Try not to move.
Get away from me!
l can help you.
l don't... want your help!
We need help over here!
Hold your fire.
l said hold your fire!
We're under attack, sir!
Saavdra-- where is he?
l think he's at base.
We were supposed to evacuate the colony,
not destroy it!
That was before the Nakan started shooting.
They're civilians!
Civilians with particle weapons.
Tuvok to Commander Chakotay.
Commander, please respond.
Go ahead.
We have a security breach in the Mess Hall.
l'm on my way.
Tell them to call off the attack!
Put down your weapon, Neelix.
Let us help you.
Stay away!
l won't let you hurt her!
Get back!
He appears to be hallucinating.
This is Commander Chakotay!
Let Naomi go!
No one's going to hurt her!
That's an order!
Not until Saavdra's called off
his attack.
There's a back entrance to the galley.
lf you can distract him, perhaps...
l want to try something first.
Listen to me. lt's okay.
Saavdra ordered a cease-fire.
The colony's secure.
The battle's over.
Why do l still hear weapons fire?
lt's just a few soldiers.
They're celebrating.
The battle's over.
Neelix, please.
l'll protect Naomi.
How do l know you won't trick me?
Because l'm on your side.
l want to end this conflict as much as you do.
Let her go.
lt's safe now.
The killing's over.
l gave him a mild sedative.
Any idea what caused the delusions?
His norepinephrine levels are three times what they should be.
Neurochemically speaking, he's suffering from a form
of post-traumatic stress syndrome.
l dreamed l was fighting in an alien war.
The same war Neelix seemed to be reliving.
Harry Kim was in earlier.
He had an anxiety attack.
l haven't spoken with Mr. Paris yet.
Three members of the same away team.
Did you run into any kind of trouble while you were gone?
The mission was by the book.
Your engramatic activities contradict that, Commander.
These are real memories,
not mere dreams or hallucinations.
Maybe you were abducted...
manipulated into fighting.
Our memories have been tampered with before.
We're going to retrace your mission.
Start reviewing
the Delta Flyer sensor logs.
See if you come up with anything unusual.
How long before Neelix is back on his feet?
l can wake him now if you'd like.
Do it.
Each of you seems to hold a piece of the puzzle.
Let's see if we can start putting them together.
l don't remember much, just bits and pieces.
l dreamt l was on a planet in the middle of a battle.
l have no idea how l got there.
l can't remember.
When l was in the Jefferies
tube, l heard weapons fire, screams.
People were screaming.
l got so frightened.
Of what?
l... l don't know.
l remember getting shot.
There's no evidence of a wound.
lf our memories were wiped,
our physical injuries could have been masked as well.
Do any of you recall who you were fighting?
lt was dark.
l couldn't see them very well.
They were firing at us.
The Naka... Na... Nakana...
They were called the Nakan.
They... they lived in a remote colony.
We were trying to evacuate them.
But they were fighting us.
Why couldn't they just do what they were told?
We had no right to be there!
lt was for their own good.
Gentlemen, stay focused.
You said you were trying to evacuate their colony.
Those were our orders.
Who gave them?
Commander Saavdra.
He was in charge of our unit.
We were part of an attack force.
You were coerced?
No, l volunteered.
We all did.
l find that difficult to believe.
You were obviously manipulated somehow.
No! No, no, no, no, l remember now.
We held a, uh, a briefing to plan the evacuation.
You were there, Commander.
Mr. Paris!
lt was a command post.
That's right.
lt was night, 0200 hours.
We'd been awake for days.
We were exhausted.
What do our spotters report?
The Nakan are unarmed.
They won't put up a fight.
Once we've disabled their shield generators,
we'll deploy Units 5 and 6.
They may be unarmed, but they won't be happy to see us.
Don't provoke them.
l want to come out of this with zero casualties
on both sides.
The perimeter is the weakest in Sector 14.
The terrain's very flat.
lt's an ideal landing spot for transports.
Once we've secured the village,
take the colonists there.
Get them aboard.
Do your best to reassure them.
Make them understand that this is a temporary relocation,
that they're going to be back there
within a few weeks.
Yes, sir! Aye, aye, sir.
Just one.
This unit could use a little sleep.
l suggest we wait until daybreak.
l promised Command we'd have this colony
secured today.
lt can wait a few hours.
l'm sorry.
But when this mission's over, how does a week
on Toranius Prime sound?
Never been there.
Compared to this place, it's paradise.
The mission proceeded
as planned.
We disabled their shield generators
and entered the colony.
We were rounding up the Nakan.
To be honest, l expected them to give us a little more trouble.
But then we came to the last enclosure.
Do you remember the last enclosure?
lt was empty.
Where were they?
They were supposed to be there.
24 colonists unaccounted for.
We thought the spotters had made a mistake.
We should've known something was wrong.
We should've gotten out then.
This way.
Stay in line.
Keep moving.
Evacuation detail to base.
We're ready for transport.
Transports on approach.
Keep moving.
l have to find my husband.
Don't worry.
He'll be on one of the transports.
Which one?
l, l don't know, but we'll find him.
Everybody down!
Base, we're under attack.
Repeat, we're under attack.
Those missing colonists, they were armed.
They fired the first shots.
lt wasn't our fault.
You can't be sure of that.
lt could've been one of our own people.
Fatigue, a phaser malfunction--
you just don't know!
Either way, it doesn't justify what we did.
What did you do?
What happened down there?
Keep moving.
Stay together!
Hold your fire!
Stay down!
Stay together!
Stop running! Stop!
Get down!
Get down! Get down! Get down!
Stop running!
Stop running!
Stop running! Stop running!
Stop running!
l said stop!
We didn't have any other choice.
Like hell, we didn't.
They were wiping us out!
That didn't give us the right to murder civilians.
l tried to protect the children,
but l couldn't stop them from running away.
l ran, too.
Sounds of phaser fire, people shouting...
l had to get out of there.
Please, please, don't hurt us!
Move out where l can see you!
Please. Please, he's no threat to you.
Tell me how l can get out of these tunnels,
and l'll leave you alone.
Tell me!
Oh! Go back the way you came.
At the second fork, take the tunnel to your left,
follow it to the end.
lt will lead you to the river.
He was going to kill me.
Easy, Harry.
They wouldn't listen!
Why wouldn't they listen?
We killed 82 civilians that night.
No one was left alive.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
We've entered the system
where the away team conducted its recent survey,
hoping to find an explanation
for their memories of the Nakan massacre.
Missed you at breakfast.
l wasn't hungry.
Sleep a little?
Five... six minutes.
l found another episode of The Untouchables.
Eliot Ness captures someone named Al Cay-pone.
Maybe later.
Well, you've got to eat something.
Look, l appreciate what you're trying to do,
but l'd rather just be alone.
l don't want to be... comforted right now.
l know the last few days have been difficult.
Oh. ''Difficult.''
''Difficult'' doesn't quite cover it.
l helped murder 82 innocent people.
You don't know that.
l know what l remember.
The Doctor says your memories
could have been altered.
l was there!
When l close my eyes, l can see the bodies.
l-l can hear the weapons fire!
l can feel where l was shot!
Then why isn't there evidence of a war...?
l don't know!
All l'm asking is that you consider the possibility
that this didn't happen.
We'll keep investigating.
There are sensor readings on the Delta Flyer
that we haven't even analyzed yet.
l-l can't concentrate on sensor readings right now.
l can't! Stop pushing me!
l don't want your help!
l'm sorry.
You know where to find me.
This was your first stop on the away mission,
a Class-M planet
with one natural satellite.
Did you send anyone to the surface?
No, we only scanned for dilithium deposits.
We were in orbit for less than an hour.
You came into contact with this vessel
en route to your second
Captain Bathar of Hodos.
He's a merchant.
Claimed to have a formula that stops the aging process.
Oh, you didn't happen to buy any, did you?
lt was only a tripolymer enzyme.
Makes great shoe polish, though.
Moving on.
Your second stop.
The planet, it's called Tarakis.
l've been here.
What the hell are you doing?!
Stand aside.
They're already dead!
They were never here.
We disabled their shield generators,
entered the colony and they were gone.
No one's going to believe that.
They will if we all keep to the same story.
l won't lie about what happened here.
Then you say nothing.
We murdered these people!
ln self-defense!
lf that were true, you wouldn't
be vaporizing the evidence!
You don't have to listen to him.
We've got to let people know.
We panicked! They'll understand!
No, they won't!
Move away.
l said
move away!
How long have l been here?
Three hours.
You started hallucinating in Astrometrics.
l'm afraid l had to sedate you.
l was there.
l was at the colony...
with Saavdra.
You're not the only one.
39 crew members have begun to experience
the same memories.
lt appears that the entire crew
has been affected.
Their symptoms are identical--
increased engramatic activity, nightmares.
l can imagine the away team
being pulled into an alien conflict.
But these people weren't anywhere near this system.
We've analyzed Voyager's sensor records.
lf we did participate in a war,
all evidence of it has been erased.
The dream was so vivid--
as real as anything
l've experienced.
But l refuse to believe that we could...
Real or not, the memories
are having a deleterious effect on the crew.
The syndrome began to spread once we entered this system.
l suggest we reverse course,
before it gets worse.
No. lf this massacre really happened, someone is to blame.
l want to be certain that it wasn't us.
With all due respect, your judgment
may be clouded by feelings of guilt
about an incident that never occurred.
The danger to our crew
here and now, is indisputable.
l've seen you looking better, Ensign.
Yes, ma'am.
l've felt better myself,
but we're going to get through this.
The massacre took place on Tarakis.
Go to Red Alert and set a course.
Aye, Captain.
A neural suppressant.
lt'll help keep the memories from resurfacing.
Your favorites--
Talaxian stew and terra nut soufflé.
The soufflé has collapsed slightly,
but its nutritional content is intact.
Thank you.
lt looks delicious.
When Naomi Wildman is sad, she consumes desserts.
She claims it improves her emotional state.
Perhaps you should try it.
Naomi must be terrified of me...
after what happened in the galley.
She's concerned about you.
She told me she wants to visit you.
No, not like this.
l might do something to scare her again.
l'll give her your regards.
When you were a Borg,
you were involved in some... unpleasant activities.
l helped to assimilate millions.
l don't mean to be insensitive,
but... do you ever feel shame about what you did?
How do you manage to keep going,
knowing that you've done such horrible things?
l have no choice.
Guilt is irrelevant?
On the contrary, my feelings of remorse
help me remember what l did
and prevent me from taking similar actions in the future.
Guilt can be a difficult but useful emotion.
lt's certainly difficult.
ls that chocolate mixed in there with the terra nuts?
l altered the recipe slightly.
l hope you don't object.
Not at all.
Tarakis, dead ahead.
Stand by weapons.
On screen.
Scan for vessels.
There are none.
Take us into orbit.
Do it, Mr. Paris.
Life signs?
The planet appears to be uninhabited.
Looks the same as it did a few days ago,
when we scanned for dilithium deposits.
Signs of weapons fire or phaser residue?
Run a full spectral scan.
Look for anything unusual.
Nothing on geometric sensors.
Hold on.
l'm picking up a power signature.
-Source? -l can't tell.
The signal's erratic,
but it's coming from the northernmost continent,
coordinates 172
mark 5.
Call it an educated guess,
but l don't think this looks like a war zone.
There's something familiar about it though.
l recognize those mountains.
Those trees weren't here.
Search the area.
The tunnel.
lt's nearby.
The one where l, uh...
How'd you get into it?
There was a rock formation.
lt hid the opening.
A faint energy signature.
This way.
Over here.
There's your physical evidence.
l suggest we proceed with caution.
Stand guard.
l... l... l can't.
Remain calm.
Slow, deep breaths.
They were over there.
l found the remains of two humanoids,
but you were not responsible for their deaths.
They died over 300 years ago.
l think we found our war.
The structure contains a synaptic transmitter.
l believe it was designed
to send neurogenic pulses
throughout this system.
So anyone passing through
would experience the Nakan massacre...
like we did.
Try running those symbols inscribed on the base
through the translation matrix.
''Words alone cannot convey the suffering.
''Words alone cannot prevent
''what happened here from happening again.
''Beyond words lies experience.
''Beyond experience lies truth.
''Make this truth
your own.''
lt's a memorial.
We weren't victims of a conspiracy.
We were witnesses to a massacre.
More than witnesses.
By being forced to relive those events,
half the crew's been traumatized.
Maybe that was the point.
l certainly won't forget what happened here.
Anything in that database that might tell us who built
this thing?
No. The technology has been neglected
for more than two centuries.
lts power cells are deteriorating.
That could explain
why our memories were so fragmented.
lt was probably designed
to transmit the experience in sequence.
Fascinating. Now let's try to shut it down
so nobody else has to go through this.
Yes, of course.
Even if we do shut down the transmitter,
l'm afraid your memories of the massacre are permanent.
But we'll prevent this from happening
to other passing ships.
lf we do that, all record
of what happened here would be lost.
The monument will still be here.
But that doesn't really tell the story.
Someone put a lot of time and care
into building that transmitter.
We can't just
deactivate it.
We don't have the right.
Did they have the right to force us to relive all that?
They wanted others to know what it was like, in the hopes
that nothing like it would happen again.
Why should anyone have to experience
an atrocity they didn't commit?
Because that's how you learn not to make the same mistake.
lf we destroy the evidence, we're no better than Saavdra.
Maybe he had a point.
lt wasn't our fault.
Given the danger involved,
it's only logical...
This isn't about logic!
lt's about remembering!
Some things are best forgotten.
Not this.
l stood by once before and did nothing.
Not again.
l watched while Saavdra vaporized the bodies.
No offense, but those were other people's memories.
The Obelisk at Khitomer,
the fields at Gettysburg,
those were other people's memories, too,
but we don't honor them any less.
The 82 colonists who died here...
they deserve their memorial.
We're not going to shut down the transmitter. ls that clear?
ls that clear?
Are you suggesting
we leave it intact?
l'm suggesting that we repair it.
Recharge the power cells.
l want that monument
to function properly for another 300 years.
We'll place a warning buoy in orbit.
Anyone who enters this system will know what to expect.
We're ready, Captain.
l know this was hardest on the four of you,
but if you hadn't stopped at this planet,
all the people who died here would have been forgotten.
And if they could, l know they'd thank you.
Janeway to Voyager.
Stand by to initiate power transfer.
Five to beam up.

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