Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Captain's Log, Stardate 53447.2.
The crew's enjoying a much needed shore leave
on the Norcadian homeworld.
While l visit Pendari, a planet in the neighboring system,
l'm leaving Commander Chakotay in charge of Voyager.
You may want to run a diagnostic on the shield generators.
lt's way overdue.
Consider it done.
And don't forget to keep tabs
on Neelix's little project in the Mess Hall.
He's still trying to enhance
the plasma burners in his stove?
With some of Seven's Borg technology.
l don't want him accidentally turning the galley
into an assimilation chamber.
l'll assign a security detail
to keep tabs on him-- unless you think
we need to take more drastic measures.
And most important, be sure to tell your Captain
when she's being overprotective.
l'll do that.
Thanks again for minding the store.
Even the Captain deserves a vacation once in a while.
And her First Officer?
He's looking forward to putting his feet up on your desk.
Fun last night, wasn't it?
There's another match scheduled at 1500.
l've got a systems diagnostic.
Correct me if l'm wrong, but you're in command
until the Captain gets back.
What's your point?
l happen to know that Harry's free this afternoon.
Lieutenant, you're not suggesting
l abuse my power.
Tell me that's not lunch.
lt's leola ointment for my skin.
What happened?
l was so excited to visit
one of those beautiful Norcadian beaches, uh,
that l forgot to take my dermaline hypospray.
l fell asleep...
under two suns.
A little more color than l was hoping for,
but it'll be a beautiful amber before you know it.
How's your shore leave been?
Well, we've spent the last few days at the Tsunkatse matches.
l heard some crewmen talking about that during breakfast.
lt's exciting--
a real test of strength and agility.
You should come to the match with us this afternoon.
From what l've heard,
Tsunkatse is crude and pointless.
Well, l guess we won't be saving you a seat.
What about you, Tuvok?
You appreciate the martial arts.
l have other plans.
There's a micronebula
approximately 1.6 light-years from here
on the verge of collapse.
We'd like to take a shuttle to study it.
Ah. An away mission during shore leave?
Commander Tuvok and l don't require recreational activities.
The Borg wouldn't know fun
if they assimilated an amusement park.
lt's your shore leave,
but try to enjoy yourselves.
That's an order.
Here's the navigational data you asked for.
Thank you.
How long are you planning on being gone?
Approximately 48 hours.
Just like B'Elanna.
Well, she overpacks, too.
l haven't overpacked.
l simply wish to be prepared for any contingency.
And what contingency is this for?
That's an iso-modulator,
enhanced to correct hull ablation in the event
we encounter a meteoroid stream.
Well, couldn't you just replicate an iso-modulator?
l prefer this one.
Oh, l get it.
You like to have your own things with you.
B'Elanna's the same way.
You know, she'd never admit it,
but she still takes a stuffed animal with her
whenever she's going to be away
for more than a day.
Toby the targ.
Can Toby the targ correct hull ablation?
Your comparison is flawed.
Just the person l was looking for.
You require my assistance?
Your company.
l was wondering if you'd care
to join me on a tour
of Norcadia's cultural hot spots.
l hear their museums
are among the finest in this sector.
l'm busy.
With what?
Commander Tuvok and l are leaving
to study a collapsing micronebula.
During shore leave?
l thought we'd discussed this.
Shore leave is a perfect opportunity
for you to spend time with other members
of the crew to develop your social skills.
Then l suppose l'll have
to develop them with Commander Tuvok.
Vulcans aren't exactly known for their winning personalities.
You'd prefer l spent my time
with more sociable individuals, such as yourself?
You could do worse.
ln that case,
perhaps you'd care to join us.
To study the micronebula?
You can assist us with our analysis
of veridium-oxide particulates.
On second thought,
you and Tuvok have a good time.
l'll give the Commander your regrets.
Uh, do that.
And if the nebula isn't as riveting
as you'd hoped, try to remember Lesson 36--
''Pleasant Parlor Games to Pass the Time.''
You'll need it.
Two hours, 37 minutes, 13 seconds.
That's how long we've gone
without verbal communication.
Why is that remarkable?
The Doctor encourages me to engage in conversation
during awkward silences.
Did you find the silence awkward?
Nor did l.
There's a vessel approaching on an intercept course.
The hull configuration is unfamiliar.
Approximately 300,000 kilometers.
Hail them.
No response.
Tuvok to Voyager.
The vessel is emitting
some kind of dampening field.
We've lost engines,
weapons, shields.
lt's an explosive device of some sort.
Transporters are down. l can't beam it off.
l'll try to disarm it.
Borg-enhanced physiology.
You should have superior strength, agility,
visual acuity.
Welcome to Tsunkatse.
Since the game's inception,
our audience has never had the pleasure
of seeing a drone compete.
You are going to be a very popular attraction.
Where is Commander Tuvok?
Your comrade from the shuttle?
l'm afraid he was
injured in the explosion.
l wish to see him now.
You'll learn nothing is more important to me
than the comfort and happiness of my fighters.
Yes, Penk's
generosity is... legendary.
He's envious because l've found a new favorite.
l have no intention of participating in your game.
l like that.
He requires medical attention.
That can be arranged.
Then arrange it.
You haven't won a single bout
and already you're making demands
like a champion.
Will you treat him or not?
Will you fight?
Do not comply.
My condition is not severe.
Spoken like a true competitor,
willing to ignore his injuries
for the sake of the contest.
Schedule a bout for him.
A Red Match
against the Pensarkan.
A Red Match
does not end until one of the competitors is killed.
Your friend would not survive.
But you might.
Give her a Blue Match, Penk.
You wouldn't want to lose your new favorite
her first time in the pit.
Yes. We should start you off slowly.
Treat him...
and l will comply.
What about the seventh match?
l'm picking the Vensiddian.
He lost his last two times out.
But he's undefeated against left-handed fighters.
You should trust him, Harry.
Chakotay knows a thing or two about southpaws.
He was 23 and 0 as a light heavyweight.
23 and one, actually...
a Nausicaan with a mean right hook.
You think that's bad?
Try taking a parrises mallet to the ribs.
l didn't know you played.
Three-time Academy champion.
Now, that's a tough sport.
l boxed a few parrises players in my day.
Let's just say they went back
to playing parrises squares after that.
Oh, is that a challenge, Commander?
l wouldn't want
to put my Ops Officer out of commission, now, would l?
Oh... l can take a punch.
Careful, Harry.
Legend has it that the ''Tattooed Terror''
has put more men in Sick Bay than the Ankaran flu.
Yeah, you wouldn't want to bruise your clarinet fingers.
Hey, you want to go a few rounds
or all you all talk?
Any time, any place.
Oh, you punch like a Ferengi.
l don't care what Harry says.
The Pensarkan-Bendali match is too close to call.
l'll let you know how it turns out.
Excuse me?
l rearranged the duty schedules this morning.
You've got the Bridge starting at 1400 hours.
You're sticking me with that shift
so that you can go to the fight.
l'm delegating.
Oh, me and my big mouth.
l thought you'd be pleased that l took your advice.
Words fail me.
Now, remind me.
The reason that you have
to see that fight is because...?
l'm an anthropologist.
What does that have to do with Tsunkatse?
lt's a cultural phenomenon.
You're having an allergic reaction
to your leola ointment.
l hope you've learned your lesson.
Talaxian homeopathy
is no substitute for medical science.
This should help with the swelling and discoloration.
But you'll have to stay out of the sun.
But what about the rest of my shore leave?
l suggest you limit it to indoor activities.
Commander Chakotay and B'Elanna invited me
to the Tsunkatse matches.
l guess l'll go.
l'm disappointed in you, Mr. Neelix.
Cheering for one individual
to inflict serious injury on another
hardly seems like an activity you'd enjoy.
Well, Commander Chakotay says that it's
a wonderful demonstration of athletic prowess.
You seem to be forgetting
that Commander Chakotay is an aficionado of boxing,
arguably the most barbaric sport in Earth's history.
Surely you can find some way to occupy your free time
that doesn't involve alien fisticuffs.
Do you have any suggestions?
As a matter of fact, l was planning a visit
to the Norcadian Museum of Entomology
this afternoon.
There's a fascinating exhibit of beetle larvae
from the equatorial subcontinent.
You're welcome to join me.
Hmm, alien bugs or alien fisticuffs.
Oh, that's a tough one.
Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
You were right, Commander.
This is exciting.
Two opponents alone
in the pit with only their strength
and agility to protect them.
l'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
l still don't understand the rules.
lt's simple.
A Tsunkatse fighter wears a polaron disruptor on both
hands and feet. Each disruptor delivers
a bioplasmic charge when it comes in contact with
one of the opponent's target sensors.
So there is strategy involved.
A fighter has to attack his rival's sensors
without exposing his own.
Are you two going to talk or you here to watch?
He looks like he could pick up a shuttlecraft.
He's a Pendari.
They're known for their superior strength.
And their bad temper.
l hear they have a tendency
to throw their opponents into the stands.
Be ready to duck.
You're no bigger than a Tarkanian field mouse.
Penk's insulting me by putting you in the pit to face me.
l must warn you, l possess superior strength.
l'm trembling.
l assure you, resistance is futile.
So is all your talk.
lt's no use. She can't hear us.
Chakotay to Voyager.
Come in.
Calling to give me a blow-by-blow description
of the match, Commander?
Seven of Nine is in the pit.
No time to explain.
Beam her out of there!
l have no desire to inflict further damage.
l'm afraid l can't say the same.
l'm locked onto the coordinates of the pit.
Seven's not there.
l'm looking right at her!
Not according to these sensors.
Maybe their life signs are masked.
Try recalibrating the bio-scanners.
There's nothing to lock on to.
The only readings l'm picking up are photonic.
They're transmitting the fight
from another location.
Transmission to one of the arenas on Norcadia Prime
is being disrupted.
Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Voyager, four to beam up.
We've scanned the Norcadian surface, Captain.
There's no sign of them.
Any luck tracing the transmission?
We're trying, but it's not easy.
There are transmissions
being sent to every planet in the sector.
l guess you aren't the only ones who enjoy this sport.
lt could take days before we can figure out
where Seven and Tuvok are being held.
What about diplomatic channels?
Neelix is meeting with a group of Norcadian officials.
Well, let's hope he gets their cooperation.
When can we expect you back?
l'm at the outer rim of the Pendari system.
At best, l'm 48 hours away.
Sorry to cut your vacation short.
That's okay, Commander.
Keep me informed. Janeway out.
Stay away from me.
lt's a dermal regenerator.
The Pendari you fought injured you.
Now, keep still.
lt's almost out of power.
l'd prefer that you use it to treat Commander Tuvok.
l already have.
He's sleeping.
Why are you helping us?
l recognize fellow hunters when l see them.
l'm no hunter.
l saw your match today.
Your skills are impressive.
The Pendari would disagree.
You almost defeated him, but at the last moment,
you hesitated.
You... questioned your desire
to destroy your prey.
l have no such desire.
Don't you?
l thought l saw it in your eyes.
With the proper training,
you could become a champion.
Until our ship comes to rescue us,
my only goal is to survive.
Do you know the difference
between a survivor and a champion here?
There isn't one.
l wanted to be the first to congratulate you.
l lost.
There's a great deal of hostility toward the Borg
in this sector.
Whenever the Pendari landed a blow, our audience grew.
We're getting tens of thousands of requests
to see you fight again.
She needs time to recuperate--
to prepare for her next bout.
l agree.
There's a Red Match scheduled for the day after tomorrow.
The Pendari was supposed to compete,
but l've entered you in his place.
lf three billion people paid to see you hurt,
imagine how many will pay to see you die.
Survival may be more difficult than l imagined.
You will win the match.
What makes you say that?
l know your opponent; l know his weaknesses.
l can train you to defeat him.
l told you, l will not kill anyone in that arena.
Consider the alternative.
Teach me.
You're letting your elbow fall,
exposing your target.
You're mistaken.
My arm is positioned properly.
''When executing the Tanyk Defense,
''the blocking elbow must remain
parallel to the median sensor.''
Ah, the Book of Tsunkatse.
Commander Tuvok borrowed it from one of the other fighters.
lt is obvious you've studied it well.
l'm attempting to perfect a defense against...
That was not one
of the 33 sanctioned maneuvers.
There must be 34.
l was unprepared for your attack.
ls that what you're going to say to your opponent?
Stop thinking like a drone.
Sanctioned maneuvers,
perfecting defenses.
You cannot assimilate Tsunkatse from a book.
You must live it, feel it.
ln here.
Your movements
must become instinct.
An attack could come at any time from any direction.
You must learn to improvise.
Like this?
l've observed you often favor your left side.
Very perceptive.
lt's a wound l sustained in one of my first matches.
After 19 years, it still hasn't healed properly.
You've been here a long time.
l was taken during my son's first hunt.
He was so proud to be with his father.
Watching every movement l made,
imitating my gestures.
But instead of bringing home his first trophy,
he saw his father become someone else's prey.
Do you know what happened to him?
l never saw him again.
All Penk would say
was that the boy was too small for competition.
Perhaps he managed to return home.
You let down your defenses.
-l was... -What?
Feeling sorry for me?
My tragic past?
You must never sympathize
with your prey.
Unless you accept that,
you will die.
We'll continue.
How did it go?
Oh, the Norcadians
were shocked to learn that off-worlders might be
participating against their will.
Uh, the Ambassador promised to begin
an immediate investigation.
You don't sound too convinced.
l'm not.
l spoke to one of the Pendari delegates.
According to him,
a huge percentage of the planet's revenue
is derived from Tsunkatse.
Nobody wants to do anything
that might interfere with the game.
So they turn a blind eye
to the recruitment tactics.
We're not going to get any help
through official channels.
lt's hard to believe a-a-a civilization
whose favorite pastime is cheering
while innocent people fight each other.
lf Seven and Tuvok hadn't been abducted,
we might still be cheering, too.
What have you got?
Well, one of the reasons we were having trouble
isolating the source of the transmissions
was because they never seem to be coming
from the same place twice.
At first, we thought the matches were
being held in various locations.
But when we connected the dots,
we realized the pattern conformed to a flight path.
One that spanned the entire sector.
They're transmitting the fights from a ship.
Like a traveling carnival.
Oh, this is no carnival.
Five million metric tons,
reinforced hull plating
protected by covariant shielding,
neutronic weaponry.
lt's way out of our weight class.
The bigger they come, Lieutenant.
Transmit these coordinates to the Captain.
Tell her we could use a hand.
When your opponent enters the arena,
what do you see?
My prey.
And what do you do to your prey?
Hunt it down and kill it.
Go rest before your match.
Thank you.
Thank me...
by winning.
Penk's guards are making their inspection rounds.
Both the dampening field and the shielding
of this vessel are tetryon-based.
But without access to the control interface,
l can't disable either.
Your training?
Are you adequately prepared?
The Hirogen is an efficient instructor.
He believes l'll win.
That troubles you.
The idea of killing someone
for the entertainment of others is detestable.
ls the idea of losing your own life
for the entertainment of others more palatable?
As a drone,
you took many lives.
l was acting as part of the collective.
You're worried you won't have the strength
to accomplish the task on your own.
l'm worried that l will.
lt's time.
Do whatever it takes to survive.
You knew.
Training me was a deception.
You wished to familiarize yourself with my weaknesses.
l was helping you to overcome them.
19 years is a long time.
l've grown tired.
You wish to be killed in the arena.
l want a death my son
would be proud of.
l won't be the one to provide it.
Then l'll be forced to kill you.
Approaching the vessel.
Take us out of warp.
Raise shields and charge weapons.
Any sign of Tuvok and Seven?
Our sensors can't penetrate their shields.
Hail them.
This is not a convenient time.
l'm Commander Chakotay of the Starship Voyager.
You're holding two of my people.
You'll have to be more specific.
Commander Tuvok and Seven of Nine.
Return them, now.
The Borg drone and her friend.
l'm afraid she's occupied at the moment.
You have 30 seconds before l open fire.
A fighter.
l respect that, but you're no match for me.
We can still find another way out of this.
There is no other way.
You're still
dropping your elbow.
Make a choice, hunter or prey?
Hunter or prey?
Direct hit to their aft shield generators.
Still no sign of Seven,
but l've got a lock on Tuvok.
Beam him to Sick Bay.
Keep targeting
those generators.
Transport complete.
Bridge to Tuvok.
Go ahead, Commander.
Do you know Seven's status?
She's being forced to fight... to the death.
l believe they're on the uppermost deck.
That section's protected by multiphasic force fields.
l can't penetrate them.
Shields down to 40 percent.
32 percent.
You're getting weak.
l should have found worthier prey.
You're imperfect.
ls that the best you can do?
Shields are down.
Evasive maneuvers.
Still can't get a lock.
Should l get us out of here
before they knock out our propulsion?
Not yet.
lf we can't beam her out,
maybe we can shut down the transmission.
lf nobody's watching, then why continue the fight?
Start targeting their signal generators.
Hull breach on Deck 1 1.
Seal it.
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
We've lost weapons.
Another vessel is approaching.
Great. Now they're bringing in reinforcements.
No, this one's on our side.
lt's the Delta Flyer.
Good to see you, Captain.
Nothing like getting back to work after a long vacation.
We need you to target their signal generators.
We've lost more than half our audience.
Reroute power to Transmitters 5 and 6.
They've reduced power to their force fields.
l've got two life signs in there--
Seven and a Hirogen--
but l can't get an individual lock.
Transport them both if you have to.
Aye, sir.
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat! Tsunkat!
Never... let your prey suffer.
Kill it.
Seven, stand away.
lt's all right.
This fight is over.
Captain's Log, Stardate 53529.4.
We've resumed course for the Alpha Quadrant
and initiated repairs.
l can't say l'm sorry
to see this shore leave come to an end.
We've located an Hirogen hunting party
three light-years away.
They've agreed to rendezvous with us.
l'm grateful.
Would you excuse us?
Very well,
but if you should need anything--
an analgesic, a phaser rifle...
...don't hesitate to ask.
l apologize for the Doctor.
He's very protective of me.
He doesn't realize how well you defend yourself.
A trophy.
What will you do now, search for new prey?
No, this time l will be searching for my son.
lf he is as clever as his father,
he may be difficult to locate.
l've been wondering.
Would you have killed me?
l don't know.
Fortunately, you were right.
There was another way out.
l thought you might require assistance.
Thank you.
l realize we share an affinity for silences,
but in this instance...
l feel compelled to speak.
lf you hadn't offered to take my place in the arena,
it's likely l would have been killed.
l made the logical choice, as you would have.
Still, l owe you a debt of gratitude.
Assisting me
with these recalibrations will be sufficient thanks.
Have you fully recovered?
l'm experiencing minor pain
beneath my occipital implant,
but the Doctor believes it is temporary.
l wasn't referring to your physical condition.
When the Hirogen referred to me as weak,
he was correct.
But you overpowered him.
Because l lost control.
Given the circumstances,
your behavior was understandable.
l've spent the last three years
struggling to regain my humanity.
l'm afraid l may have lost it again in that arena.
You're experiencing difficult emotions.
Then you haven't lost your humanity.
You have reaffirmed it.

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