Computer, deactivate Mess Hall lights.
You scared me.
That wasn't my intention.
No, of course not.
l-l-l guess l'm-l'm just a little jumpy--
especially after what happened the last time.
-That's why l'm here. -Oh?
We'll be shutting down main power soon.
The children's regeneration cycle will be interrupted.
They'll require supervision.
Well, l'm happy to help.
To tell you the truth,
l'd be grateful for the distraction.
The procedure could take several hours.
How much do they know about what's happening?
The children have overactive imaginations.
l don't want to alarm them unnecessarily.
What if they start asking questions?
l can't just lie to them.
You have considerable child-care experience.
l'm sure you'll manage.
That's close enough.
Let our momentum carry us in.
Cutting engines.
Now, there's a creepy image.
Reminds me of something out of Edgar Allan Poe.
Looks like a vampire bat.
You can make out the wings, even the ears.
What do you see, Tuvok?
Two Starfleet officers with juvenile imaginations.
Come on, Tuvok.
Haven't you ever looked up at the clouds
and seen an animal?
l will never understand the human need
to find imagery in something as innocuous
as a cloud.
Harry, are we ready?
Yes, ma'am.
Then let's do it.
All hands... initiate shutdown sequence.
Computer, deactivate EMH.
Everything's all right.
We've just had to shut down
main power temporarily.
Nothing to be concerned about.
Three, two, one--
All decks report shutdown complete, Captain.
Janeway to Seven of Nine.
We're ready.
Why did they shut down main power?
lt's simply a precaution.
We've entered a class-J nebula,
and the Captain wants to make sure
that we don't attract any, uh, residual EM radiation.
Our shields provide sufficient protection
against nebula discharge.
ls that so?
Well, l'm afraid that gaseous anomalies
were never really my specialty.
Come on, gather 'round.
l brought toys
and stories and games,
and l thought that later
we might even have a little sing-along.
l should go to Astrometrics.
Seven may need my help.
l'm afraid that Astrometrics is shut down, too.
lf we're not analyzing the nebula,
why did we enter it?
Oh, that is a long and dull story
and not nearly as interesting as ''Flotter Meets
the lnvincible lnvertebrates.''
ls Voyager in danger?
Mezoti, there's really no need
to leap to those kinds of conclusions.
Maybe if you explained what's happening in more detail,
we wouldn't have to guess.
This has something to do with Deck 12, doesn't it?
Well, what makes you say that?
Deck 12, Section 42 is off limits
to everyone but senior officers
with a level-6 security clearance.
That's because it's haunted, isn't it?
Who told you that?
She was just trying to frighten you.
l'll have to have a talk with that girl.
ls it true?
Does a ghost live there?
You're really too old to believe in such silly things.
lf it's not a ghost, what is it?
We deserve an explanation.
l don't think that Seven would be too happy
if you all started waking up with nightmares.
-Tell us. -Please?
All right.
Gather 'round.
But l'm warning you--
this is not a tale for the faint of heart.
We're not faint of heart.
Our cardiopulmonary systems are reinforced.
So don't leave anything out.
All right, but remember, l warned you.
lt all began several months ago, before you joined Voyager.
We were exploring a dark nebula,
just gathering deuterium.
We had no idea what was in store for us,
but when the turbulence started getting rough,
we should have seen that as an omen.
How goes the particle collecting, Commander?
We've gotten enough deuterium
to power the warp engines
for another thousand light-years.
Something wrong?
Uh, now that you mention it, there is something
that l feel compelled to share with you
in my capacity as Morale Officer.
The crew seem a little on edge.
They don't appear particularly anxious
to me.
Well, they're very good at hiding their fears.
Starfleet training.
Um, l was wondering
how soon we might be leaving this nebula.
Knowing could help reassure them.
Well, it's difficult to say.
The Bussard collectors are running at maximum,
but it's a slow process.
We could be here for several more days.
Mr. Neelix, are you certain it's not you who is on edge?
You know me too well, Mr. Vulcan.
l can assure you, a J-class nebula is no cause for alarm.
l know it's illogical,
but staring into this murky cloud
for hours on end can be a little unsettling.
When l was a child,
an immense plasma drift passed through the Talaxian system.
The stars and the moons were blotted out for months.
From horizon to horizon, all you could see
was this... this enormous, menacing cloud.
Ever since then, l've found it a little disturbing
to be in nebulas.
Perhaps the Captain might give you permission
to install curtains.
That's an excellent idea,
and l have just the right material.
The nebula's beginning to destabilize.
l'm not sure. lt could have something to do
with the nadion emissions being produced
by the Bussard collectors.
You're not remembering
l beg your pardon?
The Bussard collectors
don't produce nadion emissions.
Well, the technical details don't matter.
What's important is that Voyager's presence
was destabilizing the nebula,
and the crew wasn't interested in taking any chances.
We've got 80 percent of the deuterium we wanted.
Maybe we shouldn't push our luck.
Agreed. Bridge to Engineering.
Go ahead.
We're suspending the dilithium intake.
Tom, take us out.
But at that exact moment,
in the fraction of a second before Tom
could engage the engines, zap!
We were hit.
What was it?
The ghost?
Shh. Let him finish.
Whatever it was, it shook the ship hard.
An EM discharge
penetrated the hull--
Deck 7, Section 10.
lncreasing power
to structural integrity.
We're clear.
Power outages on three decks.
Auxiliary subprocessors are off-line.
No injuries reported.
Assign repair teams.
Resume course.
We'd taken some minor damage,
but for the most part, everything was fine...
or so we thought.
What none of us knew
was that a mysterious stowaway had come aboard Voyager.
What kind of stowaway?
lt was obviously a space-dwelling life-form.
Yes, but we didn't know that, not at that point.
Was it non-corporeal?
ln a manner of speaking.
Well, l'm getting to that.
Species 5973?
Who are they?
The Borg encountered them
in Galactic Cluster 8.
They're multispectrum particle life-forms.
No, that's not what this was.
Maybe it was an interphasic species.
We can either debate comparative xenobiology,
or l can continue with the story.
Now, it's up to you.
Continue the story.
Somehow l thought you'd say that.
Now, where was l?
Oh, uh, yes...
Life aboard Voyager
would have been more or less back to normal,
if it weren't for a few strange malfunctions.
Come in.
l've got reports from repair teams.
lt looks like that EM discharge did more damage than we thought.
Transporter Room 1 is out of commission;
half the sonic showers are off-line,
and we temporarily lost artificial gravity
on Deck 5.
Any injuries?
Ensign Mulcahy bumped his head on the ceiling.
This is terrible.
Computer, another cup of coffee, black.
You can add replicators to your list.
We're getting started
on the wrong foot today, my friend.
l'm sorry.
l was talking to Voyager.
lt's nothing to be embarrassed about.
l used to have long conversations
with my Maquis ship.
Really? What did you two talk about?
Oh, l can't tell you that.
Of course.
lf the Doctor heard us,
he'd probably recommend counseling.
l won't tell if you won't.
Commander, do you see that?
lt's a meteorite cluster.
l doubt it's anything to worry about.
l'd tend to agree...
if it weren't the same one we passed an hour ago.
-Ensign. -Yes, ma'am.
Are you conducting
a survey of meteoroids, Tom?
Check your sensors.
We're traveling in circles.
Not according to my readings.
Tuvok, run a level-4 diagnostic
on the navigational array.
There is a malfunction in the subprocessors.
lt appears we're heading back the way we came.
All stop.
Reinitialize your sensors.
l'm telling you, we rely too much
on 24th-century technology, Captain.
You give me a window and a sextant,
and l guarantee l'll get you where you want to go.
We've jumped
-to warp 6. -Tom?
Don't look at me.
Shut down the warp engines.
l can't.
Manual override.
No response.
Bridge to Engineering.
l'm reading
all stop.
Lieutenant Torres, respond.
locate B'Elanna Torres.
Lieutenant Torres is in Engineering.
Ensign Trumari is on Deck 4, Section 30.
Commander Tuvok is on the Bridge...
Find out what's going on.
Harry, pull the speech processors if you have to,
but shut that thing off.
Ensign Boreck is in Engineering, Level 2.
Meanwhile, Commander Chakotay was headed for Engineering...
or so he thought.
Bet you wouldn't try to pull this on the Captain.
Have it your way.
l'll walk.
The turbolift started to fall faster
and faster...
Anybody hungry?
You haven't touched your snacks.
Snacks are irrelevant.
Continue the story.
What happened to Commander Chakotay?
The turbolift plunged 1 1 decks at high speed.
The g-forces pinned Commander Chakotay
to the ceiling.
He knew that at any minute,
he was going to come crashing down to the bottom
of the turbolift, and there was nothing
that he could do about it, but then...
the descent stabilizers reactivated.
The way B'Elanna tells it
Commander Chakotay was not very happy
when he showed up in Engineering that morning.
lf l didn't know any better,
l'd say this ship is trying to kill me.
Do you have any idea what's going on?
Well, l've traced the problem
to a series of gel-packs on Deck 13.
lt looks like they were burned out
by am EM discharge from the nebula.
And those gel-packs interface with all the affected systems.
l'm on my way to repair it right now.
Feel like giving me a hand?
Only if we stay out of the turbolifts.
l'll tell you about it on the way.
While Chakotay and B'Elanna headed for Deck 13,
new problems were cropping up all over the ship.
Crewman Celes,
step away from the control panel.
Did l do something wrong?
You caused a power failure in Astrometrics.
l did? How?
That's what l'm attempting
to find out.
l don't see how l could have done anything...
l've located the problem.
lt appears you inadvertently overloaded
a series of EPS conduits
while performing your diagnostic.
But l haven't even started the diagnostic.
Then what were you doing?
Nothing. l just got here.
l know that wasn't my fault.
These gel-packs aren't burned out.
There's no trace of any EM discharge.
Could it have dissipated this quickly?
No, it moved.
The discharge seems to be traveling
through the bio-neural circuitry...
jumping from system to system.
Can you isolate it?
lt's in a series of gel-packs
that interface with the environmental controls
outside Cargo Bay 2.
Let's try to get there before it jumps again.
By then Seven of Nine
was in Cargo Bay 2 to run diagnostics,
but, because the com system was down,
they couldn't warn her, and she had no idea
that something was in the room with her.
-Here? -ln this cargo bay?
Then what happened?
The creature was clinging to the circuits and bulkheads,
using them to move about the room.
lt was getting closer and closer.
Seven of Nine to the Bridge.
Bridge, acknowledge.
But, of course, there was no answer.
Why didn't she remodulate
her neural transceiver, send a message that way?
Uh, that's an interesting question.
You'll have to ask her.
Stop interrupting.
Seven tried to get out,
but she was trapped.
What happened to Seven?
The entity must have infiltrated her cybernetic systems
and turned her against the rest of the crew.
lt most certainly did not.
You're letting your imagination run away with you.
What happened?
Why did the light go out?
lt's all right.
l just have to replace the power cell.
lt'll only take a moment.
Nothing to be frightened about.
l'm not frightened, but Azan is.
l am not.
l didn't mean to scare you.
And now, where was l?
Oh, yes.
Seven was trapped by the force fields,
but fortunately for her,
help was on the way.
deactivate this force field.
We'll have to cut power to the field generators.
The computer's not accepting my command codes.
Stand back.
The force field's down.
Let's get her to Sick Bay.
Now, most of us were just going about our business,
oblivious to what was happening,
but that was about to change.
Kim to Engineering.
Neelix to the Bridge.
l want everyone to report to their stations
until we figure out what's going on.
Aye, sir.
Uh, Ensign, uh, maybe l should come with you.
The Captain might need me.
This is your post.
You may be needed here.
Oh, of course.
lf you need anything, anything at all,
you know where to find me.
So there l was.
The only thing l could do was wait...
in the dark.
Oh... uh...
Voyager was dead in space.
System after system was failing,
including the environmental controls.
Ensign Paris told me it was hotter
than the Tarkanian desert on the Bridge.
Don't you ever sweat?
Not unless the temperature reaches 350 degrees Kelvin,
with a humidity factor at approximately...
Forget l asked.
Very well.
l'll make you a deal, Voyager.
The next M-Class planetoid we find, we'll set down,
and l'll give you a nice maintenance overhaul.
What do you say?
Tom, check the conn.
l don't know what you did, Captain,
but l've got helm control back.
Thanks, my friend.
l'm going to try to get thrusters
and impulse engines back on line.
Tom, l'm reading an EM surge in your console.
Get away from there.
Bridge to Sick Bay. Medical emergency!
Can we transport him?
Transporters are off-line.
Why am l not surprised?
Now what?
Warning. Oxygen depletion in progress.
Breathable air is being sucked out of the Bridge.
Reroute emergency power to environmental control.
No effect.
Everyone out of here now!
ln Sick Bay, the Doctor had his hands full, too.
You're fortunate.
Another few moments and you'd have been asphyxiated.
Where do you think you're going?
Lieutenant Torres needs help with the repairs.
What happened?
An EM surge-- Seven had a similar experience.
The environmental system
converted Cargo Bay 2 into a micronebula.
When Gibson and McMinn tried to vent
the gas from Deck 7,
they were struck by a discharge, too.
Are we thinking the same thing?
lt could be an intelligence at work here.
Some kind of an electromagnetic life-form
that's using the environmental controls
to make the ship more hospitable for itself.
And attacking anyone who tries to stop it.
My matrix is destabilizing.
Transfer his program to the mobile emitter.
Warning. Power failure.
Let's get the injured out of here.
Deck by deck, section by section,
the crew was losing control of Voyager.
People were scattered throughout the ship
with no idea what was happening.
What did you do that for?
Ensign, l'm so sorry.
l-l thought... l thought
you were a Hirogen, or-or a Borg.
And what gave you that idea?
lt's dark. Your shadow.
Trust me, there are
no aliens roaming the corridors.
You mean we haven't been boarded?
lt's just a power failure.
Well, isn't that what they sometimes do?
Cut the power?
What who sometimes does?
Hostile aliens.
They might be trying to infiltrate the ship.
How long has it been
since you've run into anyone else?
l don't know, four or five hours.
l-l tried Sick Bay, but it was deserted.
Decks 3 and 4 are empty.
l-l was on my way to the Bridge.
You're the first person l've seen.
Well, there's no one on the Bridge either.
You see? Then maybe l was right?
Maybe the reason we can't find anyone
is because they've all been assimilated.
Slow down.
There was an environmental failure on the Bridge.
That's why it's been evacuated.
l don't know what happened in Sick Bay
or on Decks 3 and 4,
but l'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable
Uh-uh. No one's been assimilated.
Then where are they?
They've probably set up a temporary command post--
most likely, in Engineering.
That's where l'm going.
Can l come with you?
Of course.
Do you think we could stop by a weapons locker on the way?
l still had no idea
what was going on.
l'd been waiting in the Mess Hall
for more than four hours in the dark,
cut off from the rest of the crew.
ls somebody there?
ls somebody out there?
Tom, if that's you, this isn't funny.
Stay away!
Calm yourself, Mr. Neelix.
Y-you really shouldn't sneak up on people like that.
l could have shot you.
Your restraint is commendable.
ls there a problem with the air supply?
An alien life-form has seized control
of Voyager's primary systems.
lt's flooded numerous sections with poisonous gas.
Are you saying that this alien life-form
is trying to kill us?
lts intentions aren't clear.
However, we should evacuate.
Where to?
The Captain has established
a secure command post in Engineering.
Were you scared?
Well, considering that Engineering was eight decks down
and the only way to get there was
to crawl through pitch-black Jefferies tubes...
it's fair to say
that l was never more frightened in my life.
You shouldn't have allowed yourself to be afraid.
ls that so?
Fear distracts people from accomplishing their goals.
Well, that's true, l suppose.
On the other hand,
fear can sometimes be very healthy.
Well, it keeps you alert.
Keeps you from putting yourself
in unnecessary danger.
l was afraid once.
You've been afraid many times.
Do you want to tell us about it?
lt was when we were first disconnected
from the hive mind, before Seven rescued us.
l couldn't hear anyone else's thoughts anymore.
l felt alone.
l can understand why that was frightening.
When you're scared, it helps to have someone
to talk to, doesn't it?
Of course, in my case,
the only one person l had to talk to was Commander Tuvok.
l tried passing the time with a little conversation,
but, as you've probably noticed,
he's not exactly what you'd call chatty.
l'll bet Starfleet has specific, uh, procedures
to deal with these kinds of situations.
You know, something like, uh, Protocol 1005.
ln the event your starship is invaded
by a hostile electromagnetic life-form...
What do you suppose
that, uh, that protocol would be, exactly?
Rest assured, this crew is doing everything possible
to regain control of the ship.
You're right. l'm just being silly.
l concur.
Of course, the crew of the Salvoxia probably thought
they were going to regain control of their ship, too.
Did l ever tell you about the Salvoxia?
lf l say yes,
will it prevent you from telling the story?
lt was a Talaxian freighter.
Horrible tragedy.
Happened nearly a century ago.
After suffering a cascade failure,
it began to lose life-support generators
one by one.
Pretty soon, there wasn't enough air left
to sustain the entire crew,
so they began to draw lots.
Can you imagine?
Draw the short straw and you suffocate?
Anyway, the air continued to diminish,
and they kept drawing lots.
The crew got smaller and smaller
as they waited for someone to rescue them.
But no one ever came.
The Salvoxia drifted through space
for the next 80 years,
until somebody finally found her.
Makes me short of breath just thinking about it.
Perhaps you should occupy your mind
with pleasant thoughts, before you hyperventilate.
Pleasant thoughts. Pleasant thoughts.
What did the bodies look like?
l beg your pardon?
After 80 years-- were they decomposed?
They may have been preserved by the vacuum of space.
Oh. l shouldn't have told you that story.
lt's too gruesome.
l wonder what the crew of the Salvoxia
did for food after their emergency rations were gone.
Maybe they ate each other.
All right, uh, that's enough.
Now, where was l?
We'd made it more than halfway to Engineering,
when we ran into an obstacle.
What do we do now?
lf l can access environmental controls,
l may be able to vent the gas.
ls there another way around?
lt would take several hours to reach Engineering
by an alternate route.
There is no guarantee we'd find a clear path.
Pleasant thoughts.
Pleasant thoughts. Ah.
While we were in the Jefferies tubes,
a good number of the crew had gathered in Engineering.
97 crewmen have been accounted for.
They're in secure locations throughout the ship.
No one's seen him.
l shouldn't have ordered him to stay in the Mess Hall.
You were following procedure.
Bad news.
The life-form's infiltrated the main computer matrix.
As long as it remained in the gel-pack,
there was a chance to contain it.
But we can't purge it from the main computer
without crashing the few systems we have left.
Things were looking grim,
but the Captain was about to make a breakthrough
that would change everything.
Captain Janeway.
Captain Janeway.
Captain Janeway is in Main Engineering.
Sorry, Captain.
l know it's irritating. l'll try to shut it down.
Hold on a minute. This is Captain Janeway.
Authorization code required.
lt's only a hunch...
but l think this life-form may be trying to communicate.
Sounds like a com system malfunction to me.
l'm not so sure.
The life-form's been moving from system to system.
lf it's intelligent it may be learning
how to use those systems in some rudimentary way.
Are you attempting to communicate?
Unable to comply.
Even if it understands what you're saying,
it may not know how to respond.
B'Elanna, can you call up
the com system's syntax subroutines?
l'll try.
We're attempting to make it easier
for you to speak to us.
Try to access the database at Engineering Station 3-1.
Database accessed.
Why have you come aboard our ship?
Captain Janeway, report to Astrometrics.
Why do you want me to go there?
Captain Janeway, report to Astrometrics.
l guess l'll find out soon enough.
Captain, Astrometrics is flooded
with nebular gas.
Astrometrics life support has been restored.
lt could be some kind of trap.
This life-form, whatever it is,
has already injured at least 1 1 crewmen.
l can try to establish a dialogue,
or l can let it take over my ship.
Seven, you're with me.
Yes, Captain.
While Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine
headed to Astrometrics,
Tuvok was trying to ease my fears by guiding me
through a meditation.
Concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing.
Envision your lungs filled with light.
Follow it back in time
to a moment when you felt no fear...
a moment of happiness...
My birthday dinner.
Describe it.
l was surrounded by all my friends.
They'd gotten together to cook me dinner.
They prepared all my favorites--
steamed chadre kab, terra nut soufflé...
l felt loved...
Captain Janeway served you nebular gas?
No, of course not.
lt was just my imagination playing tricks on me
during the meditation.
My head was too full
of scary images for me to relax.
The Captain, on the other hand,
seemed to be getting things under control.
Review of navigational logs in progress.
Are you searching for something?
The nebula...
Manual helm control enabled.
You're returning control of the ship.
You want me to take you back to the nebula.
Well, why didn't you just say so in the first place?
Returning to the nebula is too dangerous.
We'd risk invasion by other life-forms.
l'm beginning to think this was all an accident--
not an invasion.
Think about it.
The EM surge didn't hit us until our Bussard collectors
destabilized the nebula, and then what happened?
The ship began experiencing random malfunctions.
l'm not so sure they were random.
Navigational sensors were fooling us
into heading back toward the nebula,
and then, when Tom tried to resume course,
he was attacked.
This life-form isn't trying to hurt us.
lt's trying to get home.
Can you give us access to the Bridge?
Life support on the Bridge has been restored.
Level-10 authorization required.
Captain's eyes only.
lt wants me to go alone.
The Captain and the life-form had begun
to establish a rapport,
but the relationship was fragile.
ls the viewscreen functioning normally?
l'm sorry to tell you this...
but your nebula is gone.
The gasses must have continued to dissipate after we left.
Warning. Life support failure on all decks.
Abandon ship.
Abandon ship.
The creature was that angry?
lts home had been destroyed.
The life-form wanted Voyager for itself,
and it was going to kill anyone who remained on board.
Captain Janeway's
only chance of saving her crew
was to try to reason with the creature.
Listen to me.
l can still help you.
Abandon ship.
There are other class-J nebulas.
l'll find you one.
Unable to comply.
l'd be able to ''comply''
if you gave me access to Astrometrics.
Warning. Oxygen depletion in progress.
Give me back helm control!
Warning. Helm circuits are overloading.
Abandon ship.
At least give me access to the com,
so l can warn my crew!
Unable to comply.
As the Captain was facing
one of her worst fears, losing her ship,
l was with Tuvok and about to face one of mine.
Lie still.
l'll try to...
Mr. Neelix...
proceed without me.
l'm not leaving you here.
l am injured.
Logic dictates that you take the mask
and proceed to Engineering.
l don't care
what ''logic dictates.''
This isn't the Salvoxia.
We're not drawing lots.
l am giving you an order.
And l'm disobeying it.
You're coming with me
if l have to drag you by your pointy little ears.
l had no choice.
l had to control my fear.
Pleasant thoughts. Pleasant thoughts.
While we made our way to Engineering,
Captain Janeway tried
to make the creature reconsider what it was doing.
to make the creature reconsider what it was doing.
You're going to kill everyone on this ship.
Do you understand what that means?
To deprive of life... extinguish.
Yes... and if you extinguish us,
you'll be extinguishing yourself.
You need this crew.
The technology you're using needs to be maintained.
Who do you think is going to do that when we are gone?
Voyager's secondary systems have already begun to fail.
ln a few weeks, primary systems will start to go off-line.
Unable to confirm.
Access the internal sensors.
Run a shipwide diagnostic.
See for yourself.
Abandon ship.
The Captain's rapport
with the creature seemed to be breaking down,
and she couldn't afford to wait any longer.
l need everyone's attention.
We're abandoning ship.
Get to the escape pods.
We may not be able to eject the pods.
We'll push them out if we have to.
He needs medical attention!
lt'll have to wait.
We're abandoning ship.
The entire crew had to evacuate.
The Delta Flyer and the shuttles were launched,
followed by all but one of the escape pods.
That's everybody but the Captain and the First Officer.
After you.
l did what you asked-- we're abandoning ship.
What more do you want?
Diagnostic complete.
Secondary systems off-line.
Primary systems at 32 percent.
Estimated time to failure-- six days, 13 hours.
That sounds about right.
Captain Janeway, report to Engineering.
Like hell, l will.
l won't be your prisoner.
You'll have to kill me.
Captain Janeway, report to Engineering.
Not until you restore
life support...
and give me back control of my ship.
Unable to comply.
Then we'll die here together.
l'm guessing...
l've got about two more minutes...
and then you're on your own.
Captain Janeway, report to Engineering.
l told you...
...the only way l'm helping
is if you return control of my... ship!
lt looked like
the creature was calling the Captain's bluff.
She was down to her final breath.
But at the last moment...
Access to all systems has been restored.
lt took almost two days for the crew
to return to the ship.
Eventually, an artificial environment
was created in an isolated section
of Deck 12.
The creature's been
living there ever since.
l told you there was a monster on Deck 12.
Haven't you been listening?
lt's not a monster.
lt's an alien life-form.
What was that?
Maybe it's an alien life-form coming to get us.
Haven't you learned anything
about letting your imagination get the best of you?
That little jolt was probably nothing more
than our friend leaving the ship
to go to a new home that the Captain found for him.
Time to regenerate.
What if the life-form didn't leave?
What if it wants revenge?
w-what if l told you l made up the whole thing?
Naomi told me you always exaggerate.
l knew the story wasn't true the moment you said
the Bussard collectors produced nadion emissions.
l should've known better
than to try fooling the four of you.
All right, in you go.
Pleasant dreams.
How are the children?
Tucked in their alcoves, safe and sound.
l hope they weren't frightened.
Oh... why would they be frightened, Captain?
They were in the dark for three hours.
Oh, no, not to worry.
l told them a story to pass the time.
Let me guess-- ''Mother Goose.''
Certainly not.
Some of those fairy tales can be frightening-- ogres
and child-eating monsters.
Speaking of which, is everything... okay?
We're just taking some final readings
before we resume course.
Show him, Harry.
l hope it lives happily ever after.

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