Four of Twelve, Subjunction of Unimatrix 525.
You have a disease.
You're one of many with this sickness.
We want to cure you.
But we need a better way
to identify those with the mutation.
Our testing method is too slow.
lt could take centuries to identify everyone.
Help me find the interlink frequency that binds
all of you together.
Then we can put an end to this,
l've disconnected you from the hive mind.
You're alone.
l know how uncomfortable that can be.
Tell me what l want to know, then you can rejoin us.
l... don't... know.
You must remember something.
l don't... remember.
The frequency.
l don't remember!
Deactivate him.
Dismantle him.
Bring me his cortical array.
That reminds me of the time
my mother caught me feeding lerraberries
to my younger brother.
What's a lerraberry?
We'll save that for next time.
Until then.
Another milestone.
You've had your first dream.
l felt awake.
Dreams can often seem quite real.
Tell me more about this forest.
lt was... familiar.
Perhaps your unconscious mind
was drawing on a childhood memory.
l spoke to someone.
He called me by my human name.
Did you recognize him?
He seemed... familiar.
This could give us a fascinating glimpse
into your unconscious mind.
Any one of those images
might have a symbolic meaning.
The mysterious stranger, for example--
is he a father figure, or does he represent
a repressed desire for male companionship?
l don't wish to dream again.
Please repair my cortical array.
This isn't a malfunction, Seven.
lt's a natural step in your human development.
lt might seem unsettling now, but you'll get used to it.
Before you know it,
you'll look forward to climbing into your alcove each night.
This will keep a record of your REM cycles.
You're late, Mr. Paris.
According to the ship's chronometer,
by 22 seconds.
l'll make it up at the end of my shift.
See that you do.
Take your station.
Open it.
That's an order.
Not only late but improperly dressed.
That belongs on your collar, Mr. Paris.
Allow me.
As ship's Captain,
l hereby reinstate you to the rank of Lieutenant,
with all the privileges and responsibilities therein.
Your performance on this ship over the past year
has been exemplary.
l expect more of the same.
You won't be disappointed.
l didn't notice a little box on my chair.
Hiding a cake in the console?
Looks like a distress call.
Put it through.
l'm getting a carrier wave,
but no message.
An asteroid,
approximately two light-years from here.
Yellow Alert.
Set a course.
We're in range.
Drop to impulse.
On screen.
l am reading artificial structures.
lt's a colony of some kind.
Open a channel.
This is Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager.
We've received your distress call.
Life signs?
l'm detecting residual weapons signatures.
They're Borg.
Any vessels?
A cube at the edge of this system.
Resume our previous course, Mr. Paris. Warp 6.
Make a note in the ship's record:
We responded to a distress call at 0900 hours,
arrived at the colony two hours later.
No survivors.
We don't know who these people were,
but we know the Borg destroyed them.
Come with me.
l'm regenerating. This is only a dream.
You're not dreaming.
l brought you here.
This is Unimatrix Zero.
There is no Unimatrix Zero.
Who are you?
Five of Twelve--
Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 942.
But when l'm here, my name is Axum.
Sound familiar?
Good. lt's starting to come back to you.
ls anyone here?
l think l'm lost.
l'm Axum.
This is Annika.
My father's ship started shaking.
Men came aboard.
They looked like machines.
Will you help me find my father?
l'll see what l can do.
There are other children here.
Would you like to meet them?
l just got here, too.
This environment is intimidating,
but l believe it's safe.
He was just assimilated.
He's probably still in a maturation chamber.
Are you telling me this isn't a real place?
lt's some kind of virtual construct?
We come here during our regeneration cycles.
We can exist as individuals here.
Unimatrix Zero.
You used to come here,
before you escaped the collective.
You have the recessive mutation, too.
Don't you remember any of it?
No. What mutation?
Only one out of a million drones has it.
Why did you bring me here now?
The collective has found a way to detect us.
lt's a lengthy procedure, but they've managed to identify
and deactivate nearly 200 of us over the last few months.
lt's only a matter of time before they find enough of us
to isolate the interlink frequency.
Once they've done that...
You can help us stop them.
We've designed a nanovirus
that should mask the biochemical signature
of the mutation, but we need someone
to release it into the collective.
You're already on a Borg vessel.
Why don't you do it?
When we've completed our regeneration cycles,
we have no memory of this place.
But you're not a part of the collective anymore.
You're our only connection to the real world.
Scan the node for residual harmonics.
lt's a shame you're not alive to experience disembodiment.
lt's the epitome of perfection.
Give it to me.
We have isolated the carrier band,
but it's useless to us without the precise frequency.
We need additional data.
Two more of the mutations have been discovered
in Spatial Grid 649.
Have their cortical nodes removed and analyzed.
Bring me the results.
Unimatrix Zero is our sanctuary.
When we're here, our thoughts are our own.
What was my function?
You're thinking like a Borg.
Our only function here is to try and regain
a fragment of the lives we lost when we were assimilated.
Mr. Axum?
Go introduce yourself.
They won't mind.
-Do you want to play? -Sure.
Siral. Over here.
-Ah. -l was hoping you'd come.
lt's great to see you.
lt's always good to be back.
l want to introduce...
l remember him.
You were friends.
You knew a lot of people here.
You were part of our lives for 18 years.
l'm willing to help...
but l can't do it alone.
l'm part of a starship crew now.
l'll have to inform my Captain.
l told you not to bring her here.
We can't do this by ourselves.
lt's too great a risk.
We don't have a choice.
You do not speak for all of us!
What would you rather do?
Have us wait until we're all discovered?
You disappoint me.
Where's your warrior spirit?
l'll rip your heart out.
Go ahead.
Kill me.
l'll be back when l begin my next regeneration cycle.
You can't stop me, Korok.
lf you come here again...
you'll be putting your starship at risk
and all of us as well.
Shouldn't you be off sharpening your teeth?
l know you.
Your name is Laura.
You're human.
l was assimilated at Wolf 359.
lt's good to see you again.
But you look out of place.
Your cybernetic implants...
Our Doctor was unable to remove all of my Borg components.
You don't have to look that way here.
My appearance is irrelevant.
No, it's not.
They may have turned us into drones,
but they can't change the essence of who we are.
My cycle is about to end.
Talk to your Captain.
We can't do this without...
Another round with the Borg?
We'd only need to infiltrate a single vessel.
Oh. Just one?
l am prepared to take a shuttle and do this alone.
No offense, but how do you know
that this wasn't some kind of a dream?
Seven was wearing a cortical monitor.
She never reached REM sleep.
She wasn't dreaming.
Unimatrix Zero is real,
and so are the people who go there.
They need our help.
What else can you tell us about this place?
How many drones?
No one is certain.
Axum told me there could be tens of...
He's... someone l used to know.
He told me there could be tens of thousands, perhaps more.
How was it created?
Some of them believe it began as a random malfunction
during the assimilation of a single drone
and eventually spread to the others.
Well, this is all very interesting,
but are we sure it's worth putting our lives on the line?
lt's my understanding
that when we receive a distress call, we respond--
Starfleet protocols.
She's right.
This is no different.
l understand your reluctance, but Seven's discovered
a potential weakness in the collective.
Before we decide how to proceed,
l'd like to learn as much about it as we can.
Too bad you don't have the luxury
of an interlink node.
There is another possibility.
A Vulcan technique known as ''the bridging of minds.''
Go on.
l would need to initiate a mind-meld
with both you and Seven, acting as a telepathic conduit.
You make it sound like a conference call.
Captain, it is my professional opinion
that we wait until...
Objection noted.
l think you'll be turning in early tonight.
Stay at Yellow Alert.
Maintain long-range scans for Borg vessels.
Any sign of trouble, you know where to find me.
This will be one away mission for the record books.
The last time l heard the words ''my mind to your mind,''
l had a headache for two weeks.
l'm willing to volunteer
if you'd rather hold down the fort.
l appreciate your trying to protect me,
but a chance to see this place...
it's worth a headache.
How many times have you actually performed
this ''bridging of heads''?
''Minds.'' Never.
Then how can you be certain it'll work?
Nothing is certain, Doctor.
However, l once observed a Vulcan master
perform the technique.
l am reasonably confident l can duplicate his success.
Watching and doing are two different things.
As always, your logic is impeccable.
What a comfort.
We're ready, Captain.
Let's do it.
As the conduit, l'll be aware of both your perceptions.
lf something goes wrong, l'll break the meld.
Your minds
to my mind.
Your thoughts
to my thoughts.
Your minds to my mind.
Your thoughts to my thoughts.
Welcome to Unimatrix Zero.
That's what l'm called here.
Come on, let's find Axum.
We're close.
l can almost hear them.
Bring us closer.
Disrupt the frequency.
lt's not working.
They're using a triaxialating modulation.
You're making this very difficult.
lf we can't terminate their link...
then we'll simply have to pay them a visit.
You can see why we want to protect this place.
We're prepared to help you,
but l'm concerned
that we'd only be putting off the inevitable.
Even if we succeeded,
and you could remain hidden for a year, ten years,
the Borg would eventually find you again.
Have you ever considered a more permanent solution?
More permanent?
You've got a remarkable sanctuary here,
but that's all it is.
Maybe it's time to stop hiding and find a way to fight back.
That's not possible.
lf you could find a way
to carry your individualities into the real world--
to wake up from your regeneration cycles
with your memories intact--
you could begin to undermine the Borg's control over you.
That sounds like you're suggesting a civil war.
l'd prefer to call it...
a resistance movement.
That's very ambitious, Captain,
but we can't retain our memories.
Not yet, but we know a good deal
about Borg technology.
Maybe we could...
We've found another.
Spatial Grid 326.
Cube 1 184.
Welcome back.
Spatial Grid 982.
Cube 461.
How's your headache?
l'm guessing it didn't go well.
Let's just say we ran into a little trouble.
Have a seat, Commander.
l prefer to stand.
The collective's found a way to infiltrate Unimatrix Zero.
lt won't be long before they learn enough
to destroy it from the inside out.
l plan to stop them.
What have you got in mind?
The people there are vulnerable.
They don't have the ability
to take action in the real world.
We're going to give them that ability.
The Doctor and B'Elanna are working on it.
l know what you're thinking.
We'd be violating
half a dozen Starfleet protocols,
and if the collective ever learned we were involved,
we'd be putting Voyager in the middle of a civil war.
Valid objections.
we've had our disagreements,
and there have been times when l've chosen to proceed
without your support.
But this can't be one of those times.
l won't do this without my First Officer.
The way l see it,
risking the safety of Voyager is a small price to pay.
lf we help these people,
this could be the turning point in our battle against the Borg.
l'm glad we agree,
because l almost talked myself out of it.
Somehow, l don't think
you were ever in danger of doing that.
You'll inform the crew?
This is the nanovirus Axum designed to prevent
the Borg from detecting those with the genetic mutation,
but l've modified it to nullify
their cortical inhibitors instead.
Once they're infected, they should retain
their memories of Unimatrix Zero after they leave their alcoves.
Does that mean they'll be able to function as individuals?
Stand up to the collective?
There's no way to tell.
This is highly experimental.
How do we deploy it?
Correct me if l'm wrong,
but each Borg vessel has a device
that links it to every other Borg ship.
The central plexus.
lf we can gain access to one of those
and release the virus there,
it should be transmitted throughout the collective...
Any Borg activity in the region?
They just dropped out of transwarp
3.6 light-years from here.
This is a class-4 tactical vessel, heavily armed.
The central plexus is protected by multiregenerative
security grids.
We'd be detected long before we could reach it.
Meet me in Engineering.
We're going to find a way in.
Prepare the virus.
Aye, Captain.
l think it's time for you to take another nap.
Pay a visit to Unimatrix Zero.
Tell our friends we haven't forgotten them.
l couldn't help but notice
you were a little different in Unimatrix Zero,
and l don't mean your lack of Borg implants.
You seemed more...
lf you don't mind my saying so, it suited you.
l've been told l spent a great deal of time there,
but since l don't remember Unimatrix Zero
any more than l remember Earth, it's irrelevant.
To you, maybe,
but if what l saw was any indication,
Annika would disagree.
The Klingons have banded together,
and they're giving bat'leths to anybody who can handle one.
Hirogen hunters are moving
through the forest, targeting drones,
but we're losing people every hour.
Captain Janeway intends to keep her promise.
This isn't your battle.
You don't owe us anything.
Voyager won't abandon you.
A gift from Korok.
Takes some getting used to.
l'm sure you'll adapt.
1 1 more drones.
300 meters.
That felt... familiar--
our touching.
l told you, we were friends.
Now is not the best time.
We were more than friends...
weren't we?
Why didn't you tell me?
You'd forgotten.
lt wasn't my place.
How long?
Six years.
Only while we were regenerating.
A very memorable six years.
For me, anyway.
l should return to Voyager.
My name is Seven of Nine.
Can't we find another Borg ship?
A sphere, maybe?
Something less imposing?
l rechecked long-range sensors.
There's nothing.
This is our target.
You'll keep a transporter lock on me.
Once l make it to the central plexus
and release the virus, you can beam me back.
ln how many pieces?
lt's ridiculous!
l should go.
l'm the only one with experience.
You're our only connection to Unimatrix Zero.
You're needed here.
lt was my decision to help these people.
This is my responsibility.
Starfleet Tactical Directive 36:
''The Captain will not engage a hostile force
without the protection of a security officer.''
The probability of success is greater
if there are two of us.
Make that three.
lf you're going to pull this off,
you'll need an engineer in there.
Tactical Directive 36-A.
There is no Directive 36-A.
There is now.
l appreciate the offer,
but if that cube attacks Voyager,
you'll be needed here.
Now you have your orders.
Set a course, Mr. Paris.
Remember when l said
l didn't have any objections?
Can't this wait till l get back?
l realize l'm not going to talk you out of this,
but l'll be damned if you're going in there alone.
We've got a lot of work to do, Commander.
You said you wanted my support.
Then take Tuvok and B'Elanna with you.
And if l don't?
l may only be First Officer,
but l still pull a few strings around here.
The Doctor could be persuaded
to question your medical fitness.
l was hoping for your unconditional support.
This is the best l can do.
Tell them to pack light.
Janeway to Bridge. Report.
Someone's trying to tap into the main computer.
lt's some kind of transwarp signal.
lt's activating the com system.
l think it's for you.
lt's been a long time.
How are things in the collective?
for the most part.
Never better.
l understand
you've established contact with Starfleet.
Perhaps you'll be getting home sooner than you expected.
We could help you.
How so?
Transwarp technology.
You'd find that we can be quite accommodating...
but we'd expect the same in return.
l'm not sure l know what you mean.
You know exactly what l mean.
Tend to your own crew.
Stay away from things that don't concern you.
l'm afraid l can't do that, but thanks for the offer.
l won't be as accommodating next time.
l'm sorry.
We'll see you soon, Harry.
What does she mean by that?
Why this stab at diplomacy?
She's trying to find out what we're up to.
She's worried.
Have B'Elanna and Tuvok meet me in Sick Bay.
Watch the starboard plasma injectors.
They tend to run a little hot at high impulse.
l'll keep an eye on it.
And the warp matrix is out of alignment.
By .3 microns.
Since when are you so meticulous?
Since you volunteered for this insane mission.
You know...
l could sabotage the helm.
You'd never make it out the launch doors.
And l'd have to put you on report.
You might lose that new pip of yours.
lt'd be a small price to pay.
We're in visual range.
On screen.
Torres to Bridge.
Go ahead.
The Delta Flyer is ready for launch.
On my way.
Guess l'd better be going, huh?
Anything you'd like done around here while you're gone?
Gravity plating recalibrated,
carpets cleaned?
Surprise me.
You have the Bridge.
You need to prepare the others.
When they leave their alcoves,
they may be startled, disoriented.
But they have to behave like drones,
or we could all be exposed.
Our ships are scattered across the galaxy.
Most of us will be the only drone on board
who knows about this place.
She's right. What can we hope to achieve?
We should each gather as much tactical data as we can--
what kind of ship we're on, its armaments, location.
Then we'll coordinate our efforts from here.
lf all goes well,
we'll be working very closely together.
As colleagues.
Nothing more.
Our previous...
lt's irrelevant.
Well, now that l'll be able to retain my memory,
l'll keep that in mind.
Direct hit to their shield emitters! No damage!
lncrease phaser yield.
Where's the Flyer?.
They're approaching.
Heading 017 mark 3.
Voyager has sustained damage,
but they are continuing their assault.
Come on, Chakotay.
One of the cube's shield grids is fluctuating--
ventral axis, secondary emitter.
Cut primary power.
Thrusters only.
Tactical Cube 138 is under attack.
Our forward shields are down!
The Flyer.
They're closing.
50 kilometers.
Maintain fire.
30 kilometers.
They're in range.
Enhance Grid 61 19.
l expected something more cunning from you.
lt's time.
Their ventral shield grid?
Still fluctuating at a rate of .06 terahertz.
Align our transporters to match.
They've detected them.
They're inside.
Direct hit to the port nacelle! We're venting plasma!
Should l back off?
We need to stay close.
They've adapted.
Hull breach! Deck 1 1 !
Aah! They're targeting our warp core.
No change yet.
We'll have to take the long way around.
Their life signs are destabilizing.
So far, so good.
You can take us out of here now, Tom.

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