Captain's Log, Stardate 54208.3.
Last month's datastream from Starfleet never arrived,
so the crew is looking forward to this one
with even more anticipation than usual.
We could all use some news from home.
Ah. There he is, the man of the hour.
You sure are in a good mood.
Well, rumor has it you snared
the latest datastream last night.
Technically, it was this morning--
0200 to be exact.
So where's my mail?
Oh. Don't tell me you lost another one.
l didn't lose last month's datastream.
lt never arrived.
So what's the holdup this time?
The transmission was a little larger than usual.
lt's jammed the transceiver.
Seven and l have been up all night
trying to download it.
we can't go another month without mail.
Oh, you won't.
Trust me.
Any luck?
l've determined why we've been having difficulties.
A hologram.
The transceiver wasn't designed
to store photonic data.
We have to get it out of there before it degrades.
What are you doing?
Tying the transceiver into the holodeck's pattern buffer.
Those systems aren't compatible.
You'll depolarize the relays.
Starfleet wouldn't have sent this hologram
if it weren't important.
l'm sure it's worth a few burnt-out relays.
You've overloaded the transceiver.
But l saved the hologram.
Okay, ready when you are.
Lieutenant Barclay?
Uh... no, but he did design me.
l'm a walking, talking,
problem-solving interactive hologram.
You can call me Reg.
lt's nice to meet you, Reg.
The pleasure's mine, Captain.
Harry, Seven...
l've been looking forward to working with you.
You have?
l know-- you were expecting letters
from your friends and families.
But with any luck, in a few days,
you'll be seeing them face-to-face.
ln three days' time,
Voyager is going to be passing through Grid 898--
a sector of space occupied by a red giant star.
Sensors detected it a few days ago.
At this very moment, a team of Federation scientists
is orbiting another red giant in the Alpha Quadrant.
ln 72 hours, they will target its magnetic field
with a verteron beam,
creating a geodesic fold.
As a result, a corresponding fold will open here
in the magnetic field of the red giant
that Voyager is approaching.
Space will be punctured... these two points
creating a gateway between the quadrants.
Our shields are useless against geodesic radiation.
We toyed with the idea of opening a fold ourselves,
but it didn't take us long to realize
we wouldn't survive the trip.
A lot's happened in geodesic research
since you've been gone.
l've brought schematics for shield upgrades
to deflect the radiation from the fold,
medical technology to provide
additional protection for the crew.
We've thought of everything.
Starfleet never mentioned you
in any of the previous datastreams.
Well, Lieutenant Barclay didn't want to raise your hopes,
in case the plan didn't live up to expectation,
but lucky for you, it surpassed them.
What about last month's datastream?
Why didn't we receive it?
Pathfinder tried sending an unabridged version
of my program.
lt overloaded the MlDAS Array.
And the only casualty this time was our transceiver.
lf everything goes according to plan,
you won't need it anymore.
lf we were to attempt this,
you'd need access to areas of this ship
that aren't equipped with holo-emitters.
Not to worry, Captain.
We've thought of that, too.
My emitter is your emitter.
Computer, transfer the Barclay hologram
to the mobile emitter.
Transfer complete.
On Lieutenant Barclay's behalf, l thank you.
Just make sure to return it when we get to Earth.
We're ready for you
in the briefing room, Captain.
Excuse us, Doctor.
l'm sure you have a full day planned,
but if you have time,
l'd like to get better acquainted.
l'll stop by the first chance l get.
You'll know where to find me.
This is our destination--
Red Giant 23139.
The geodesic fold will open here,
adjacent to the giant's northern pole.
We'll have exactly 16 seconds to take Voyager through.
Reg has prepared a list of assignments.
l expect you to give him
your full cooperation.
Mr. Paris, you have the honor
of plotting our course to Big Red 2.
Lieutenant Torres, Commander Tuvok,
l'd like you to start working on shield modifications.
And in the meantime, l've asked the Doctor
to prepare a series of inoculations
that will protect the crew from the radiation.
We should discuss the possibility
of applying Borg technology to Starfleet's plan.
lt could increase
our chances of success.
l look forward to hearing your thoughts.
How long before the transceiver's back on line?
No more than two hours.
Then we'll still have time
to transmit a response to Starfleet.
Keep us posted.
l'd like to send Lieutenant Barclay
a little thank-you note for all his hard work.
Um, uh, is there...
is there anything l can do, Reg?
Your job might be the most important one of all.
The next few days will be difficult.
The crew will be working extremely long hours.
They're going to need an experienced Morale Officer
to keep their spirits high.
You can count on me.
lf this were any other ship...
l'd have my doubts.
But this is Voyager, ''the miracle ship.''
You've survived six years in the Delta Quadrant.
You've evaded the Kazon, the Vidiians, the Hirogen.
You've even faced down the Borg.
l think, with a little teamwork,
we can pull off one more miracle
and take Voyager home.
l can taste my mom's cooking.
Don't forget what the hologram said, Harry:
''This is Voyager...
''The miracle ship''!
Uh, not when it comes to getting us home.
Our shortcuts have a tendency to blow up in our faces.
Well, that's looking on the bright side.
Well, remember Arturis
and his quantum slipstream drive?
Or, um, or how about the telepathic pitcher plant
that made us think we were on our way home
right before it tried to eat the ship.
This is the best opportunity we've had.
Yeah, which is why
we'll probably end up in the Gamma Quadrant.
l'll remind you of that when
we get back to Earth.
Don't say l didn't warn you.
When a Borg cube enters
a transwarp conduit, it's subject
to extreme gravimetric shear.
To compensate, the Borg
project a structural integrity field
ahead of the cube.
By modifying Voyager's deflector,
we may be able to do the same.
No one at Starfleet would have thought of this.
So, what's the first thing
you're going to do when you get back?
Begin repairs to Voyager.
Even with the structural integrity field,
it's likely the ship will suffer significant damage.
Yes, but, l mean, there are people at Utopia Planitia
who will take care of that.
There are Engineering crews and technicians...
Are you implying that l am superfluous?
Of course not.
l only meant that if you're too busy working,
you're going to miss all the ''welcome home'' hoopla.
Starfleet's planning parties.
They'll have ceremonies and speeches.
There, there's a ticker-tape parade down Market Street.
l won't be attending any of those events.
But you'd be the guest of honor.
When l first arrived on Voyager,
it was difficult for the crew to accept me.
l'm anticipating a similar welcome on Earth.
You don't have any idea, do you?
l didn't mention this earlier.
l didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings...
but you are the one
who people are most looking forward to seeing.
That's difficult to believe.
l was Borg.
You were Borg,
but you escaped.
And despite incredible odds,
you managed to reclaim
your humanity.
No one's ever done that before.
You're famous.
Fame is irrelevant.
but you've given hope
to everyone who's ever lost somebody to the Borg.
You've inspired millions.
lf you think my participation in the ''hoopla''
would be beneficial to others, then l'll comply.
ls this going to take much longer, Reg?
Well, the computer is still inputting data.
That should do it.
All right. Computer, display the intended trajectory
of the datastream transmitted
at 0600 this morning.
Now, display the actual trajectory
and identify the termination point.
The trajectory ends in Sector 395...
42, Grid 8.
Does that sound familiar?
That's exactly where the datastream
dissipated last month.
There is something there.
There is something preventing the datastream
from reaching Voyager.
Uh, a micro-wormhole, a radiogenic field...
Long-range scans
didn't pick up anything unusual.
Well, still, we could send a ship to investigate.
We could confirm my theory.
What about my theory, Reg?
The hologram was too complex.
lt caused the data streams to degrade
before they reached their destination.
Well, to be honest...
l... l don't agree.
The truth is, we don't know what happened to my hologram.
Then let's stick to what we do know.
For the second month in a row,
we tried sending your hologram to Voyager.
And for the second month in a row,
it failed to get there.
And l want to know why, so it doesn't happen
a third time.
lt won't happen a third time.
Next month, we go back to standard transmissions.
But a holographic matrix carries twice the information,
interact with the crew...
Admiral Paris wants us to send more practical data,
like tactical upgrades,
letters from the crew's families.
But, Pete...
Sending a hologram to Voyager was a good idea,
but it didn't work.
lt's time to move on.
And this is the research lab,
where most of Pathfinder's homework gets done.
All the datastreams are compressed here
and then transmitted
all the way to the Delta Quadrant.
Your teacher tells me you've been studying
some of the Delta Quadrant races
that Voyager has described to us.
Who can name one for me?
The Talaxians.
Very good.
The Ocampa.
That's right. Who else?
The Borg!
The Borg!
They assimilated my hologram.
That's how it disappeared.
Reg, now isn't the time.
Look at this-- last month, a spacecraft
passed within 20 meters of the MlDAS Array,
just hours before we sent the first hologram.
What is your point?
20 meters.
lt's awfully close, don't you think?
Look, the Borg must
have sent a transwarp probe to steal my hologram.
Maybe because they, they thought that it was carrying
anti-Borg technology to Voyager.
lt wasn't the Borg, Reg.
Then it was the Romulans using a cloaked ship.
They've been curious about Voyager for years...
That is enough.
But, you...
l am sorry your idea
didn't work, but l can't have you
going off on a tangent.
Not again.
You'll be no good to Pathfinder or Voyager.
How much leave
do you have saved up?
Not that much.
50... maybe 60 days.
Take a week, go home.
Try to relax.
But, Pete...
No. That was not
a request, Lieutenant.
Maybe l'll go somewhere...
take a vacation.
Now that is the most sensible thing
l've heard you say all day.
My cousin has a beach house in Malaysia.
She'd be happy to lend it to you.
Thanks, um, but l have someplace else in mind.
You, you wanted to see me?
l've been going over the instructions
from Starfleet Medical.
As far as l can tell, their ''new'' inoculations
aren't much different
from run-of-the-mill radiogenic vaccines.
l don't think they'll protect the crew.
Did you try incorporating a synthetic antigen?
Yes, but it only improved the resistance by 10 percent.
That should be enough.
We can't afford to be cavalier, Reg.
lf these treatments don't work,
the crew will wind up liquefied.
You're forgetting that the inoculations
aren't designed to work alone.
They were intended to work in combination
with the shield modifications.
lt's the medicinal ''ying'' to the shields' ''yang.''
A-and what if the ''yang'' doesn't work?
That's not going to happen.
Now, listen, Lieutenant Barclay
has a special affinity for this crew.
So do l.
l promise you, we won't let them down.
Of course you won't.
Tell me...
do you also share Lieutenant Barclay's
affinity for golf?
We have identical handicaps.
Well, if you're not busy later,
perhaps we could play nine holes on the holodeck.
Eh, it's tempting, but l still have
a few dozen progress reports to look over.
Well, in that case,
maybe you could look over them here,
so that l could borrow the mobile emitter.
Providing that the rest of the day's work
goes smoothly, consider it yours.
l... l thought it was mine.
Commander Chakotay tells me
that you finished repairing the transceiver.
We were just about to send the Captain's reply
to Lieutenant Barclay.
Do you have enough room
to include a progress report from me?
l think we can squeeze that in.
Computer, download Barclay Hologram File 01
to the data block.
Download complete.
lt's about time.
Greetings from the Delta Quadrant, Lieutenant.
You'll be happy to know
that your hologram reached us safely...
Get to the important part.
ln accordance with the 7 4th Rule of Acquisition--
''Knowledge Equals Profit''
l've enclosed the specifications you've requested.
See you soon.
Oh, look at those hands.
l bet she gives great oo-mox.
Too bad she'll be dead when she gets here.
Forget the hands.
Show me the nanoprobes.
How many are there?
3.6 million.
That's 20 percent more than we predicted.
3.6 million nanoprobes
at six bars of latinum per unit.
Uh, that comes to...
More profit than we ever dreamed of.
Your drink, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Something to drink, ma'am?
l'm fine, thanks.
Are you sure?
l've got a chocolate passion punch
with your name on it.
Where's Commander Riker?
He doesn't arrive until Friday.
The question is: What are you doing here?
Just had some time off.
Your letter made this place sound fun,
and just thought l'd join you.
Do you have any idea how inappropriate it is
to follow your therapist on vacation?
They might be watching.
The Borg, the Romulans.
l'm not sure yet.
Deanna, l need your help.
Commander Harkins is usually willing to hear me out,
but this time, he wouldn't even look at my evidence.
l'm not sure any of this qualifies as evidence, Reg.
You don't believe me, either.
You think l'm imagining this?
Just like Pete?
The last time l saw you,
you were laughing, telling jokes.
You even sang a duet with Data.
That was Commander La Forge's birthday party.
You were a completely different Reg that night.
Oh. Things were better then.
Well, for one thing
l had just finished the matrix
for my hologram,
and l showed Geordi some of the specs that night.
He said he was proud of me.
What else?
Oh... the Dragons had just won the pennant,
and l was
still seeing Leosa.
You mentioned her at the party.
A teacher, right?
Everything was going
so well-- my job, my personal life.
l started to think
maybe my luck was changing.
And then you lost your hologram.
Admiral Paris was furious.
He said we'd, we'd wasted a transmission to Voyager.
Pete talked him into giving us another chance,
but there was so much pressure after that.
Did it put a strain on your relationship
with Leosa?
She left me.
Oh, l'm sorry.
l went to her apartment.
She was gone.
There was no furniture, no forwarding address,
not even a ''Dear Reg'' letter.
That must have been very upsetting.
Mmm. lt's just my luck, right?
Lose the hologram and the girl.
Tell me more
about Leosa.
Oh. You would have liked her.
She was sweet, she was thoughtful
and such a wonderful listener.
She would let me, let me go on for hours.
What did you talk about?
Oh. She was fascinated by my work at Pathfinder
and, uh...
she didn't, uh...
she didn't find any of it boring.
She made me feel interesting.
What do you feel when we talk about her now?
Um, sadness, l suppose.
A little confusion.
l'm sensing something else...
something beneath the surface.
l think you might be sensing it, too.
Suspicion, Reg.
You suspect her of something.
l suspect
that she's happier without me,
if that's what you mean.
You think Leosa had something to do
with your disappearing hologram,
but you can't bring yourself to admit it.
That's why you're projecting your suspicions onto others.
You're in denial.
lf there's any chance
Leosa did breach Pathfinder security,
you need to tell your superiors.
l-l'd be humiliated... again.
l'll go with you.
What about your vacation?
l'll be back here before Will arrives.
Do you really think it's possible that Leosa
stole my hologram?
Why would she do that?
Maybe... maybe she wanted
something to remember me by.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
With the help of the Barclay hologram,
we've nearly completed the modifications to Voyager.
As for Reg, he's becoming
extremely popular with the crew.
lmagine my disappointment
when l discovered that Lieutenant Paris
had eaten all the scrambled eggs.
lt was pure, unadulterated gluttony,
gastronomic conduct unbecoming a Starfleet officer.
He knows it's my favorite breakfast,
but he ate them anyway.
We have an egg-mergency here, people.
l want to know what you plan to do about it.
Maybe l can replicate some more, Captain.
Do it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
He's not only programmed to get us home,
he does impressions.
You see, it's always bothered Lieutenant Barclay
that he was uncomfortable in large groups.
So he designed me to be the life of the party.
l hope he's not too shy.
He's going to have 150 new friends
when we get back home.
lf we get home, Harry, if.
Pardon my friend here.
He's convinced we're destined
to live out our days in the Delta Quadrant.
Your pessimism is illogical.
Perhaps a mind-meld would help to alleviate
your concern.
Sick Bay to Reg.
Please report to Holodeck 2.
On my way.
l was starting to think you'd forgotten our tee time.
So, what'll it be?
Pebble Beach at sunset?
The back nine at Gedi Prime?
Actually, Doctor...
l'm afraid something's come up.
l'm going to meet with Seven of Nine.
Oh, really?
She's going to teach me to play Kadis-Kot.
Uh, Reg...
when l agreed to lend you my emitter,
l did it with the understanding
that you needed it for official business.
What's your point?
My point is that board games
aren't exactly crucial to your mission.
And l suppose golf is?
l'll tell you what.
When we get back home,
we'll play as much golf as you like.
Until then, let's try to keep out
of each other's hair.
What do you say?
State your name for the record.
Dabo girl.
lt's a Ferengi game.
l work aboard one of their casino ships.
You, you told me you were a teacher.
ls this true?
Sometimes l'm a teacher.
Sometimes l'm a Bajoran vedek.
Whatever the customer wants.
Lieutenant Barclay tells me that the two of you
have spent a significant amount of time together.
Did he ever discuss his work at Pathfinder with you?
Oh. Wouldn't talk about anything else.
lt was always holograms this
and cyclic pulsars that.
And who did you share that information with?
l have a theory.
Would you like to hear it?
Why not?
l think that some of your Ferengi friends
found a way to profit from Lieutenant Barclay's work.
l think
you were encouraged
to get close to him,
and when you had all the information you needed,
you left him.
l left Reg for one simple reason.
He's boring.
Don't tell me you never noticed.
With the Admiral's permission,
l'd like a moment alone
with Leosa.
l don't think therapy
is what this woman needs, Counselor.
Five minutes, Admiral.
Five minutes.
Did you know l'm a Betazoid?
l'm empathic,
which means l know when people are lying.
Tell me, what's the longest
you've ever been incarcerated?
You can't send me to prison, Counselor.
l didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe not, but l can order you
held for psychiatric observation.
Extended observation.
l may not be a Betazoid
but l work a dabo table,
and l know when somebody's bluffing.
Try me.
You were correct, Admiral.
The Ferengi did steal Reg's hologram-- twice.
This is the ship
you need to look for.
That's it.
That's Nunk's ship.
My... employer.
Scans indicate they've been in the vicinity
of that star for the last 43 hours.
l don't know.
She's telling the truth...
for once.
The Ferengi wouldn't have stolen the hologram
if they didn't think it was valuable.
They're probably waiting to rendezvous with a buyer.
Are there any Starfleet ships in that area?
The Carolina is .7 light-years away.
At maximum warp,
it could reach them in two hours.
Open a channel.
Computer, open a secure channel to the Carolina.
Tell Captain Peterson to adjust his course immediately.
Was everything that happened between us a lie?
Not everything.
Just the parts where l expressed affection for you.
if it makes any difference,
it wasn't personal.
lt was just... business.
What exactly is a broken heart worth these days, hmm?
Ten percent.
Of what?
Profits from the nanoprobes.
Borg nanoprobes?
Gegis says they're worth
two billion times their weight in latinum.
l don't think
l quite understand the problem, Doctor.
Are you aware
that he's been doing impressions of you?
You should hear his Tuvok-- it's eerie.
lt's disrespectful.
What do you want me to do, deactivate him?
Just long enough to run a diagnostic of his program.
His recent behavior
may be indicative of a more serious problem.
l haven't seen any evidence of that.
Of course not.
ln front of you, he's all smiles...
but l've seen him be rude and careless--
two traits the real Lieutenant Barclay
never exhibited.
l know the real Barclay is a friend of yours,
and l'm sorry if the holographic version
hasn't lived up to your expectations,
but that's hardly reason to deactivate him.
Are the lives of 150 crewmen reason enough?
Maybe you're right.
Maybe l am overreacting,
but what if l'm right?
We're less than a light-year away
from the geodesic fold.
Do you want to risk being led through it
by a malfunctioning hologram?
Captain, you saved us a com call.
We're ready to bring the enhanced shielding on line.
Good work.
l need a moment alone with Reg.
Your program has been running continuously
for how many hours now?
56 hours, 1 1 minutes and 21 seconds.
l'd like to run a diagnostic of your matrix,
make sure you haven't suffered any degradation
over the last few days.
This isn't the, uh...
Doctor's idea, is it?
He expressed some concern for your well-being, yes.
l bet he did.
Believe me, Reg, the crew and l
are grateful for everything you've done,
but we need to take every precaution.
l understand perfectly.
And if the ship's Doctor thinks
l need a checkup, who am l to argue?
Why are you hiding in the corner?
l'm not hiding.
l'm working on a way to foil the Ferengi's plans.
Reg, there's nothing left to foil.
The Carolina will have them in custody within the hour.
Leosa said the Ferengi
were going to be selling Borg nanoprobes.
What does that have to do with Voyager?.
They have a Borg crewman.
Think about it.
The Ferengi stole the original Barclay hologram a month ago.
That gave them time to reprogram it
and then smuggle it to Voyager
in the next transmission.
Reprogram it to do what?
Steal Seven of Nine's nanoprobes.
For all we know, he could be
dissecting her right now.
What would the Ferengi want with assimilation technology?
Oh, nanoprobes aren't just for assimilating.
They can reanimate necrotic tissue,
slow down the aging process.
They'd be priceless for the Ferengi.
Reg, even if the Ferengi
did reprogram your hologram to steal the nanoprobes,
how would they get their hands on them?
Voyager's 30,000 light-years away.
l haven't figured that part out yet.
Maybe they discovered a, a wormhole or a subspace corridor.
Have you mentioned any of this to Commander Harkins?
Not yet. l can't.
lf l don't bring him hard evidence,
he'll just think that l'm fantasizing.
For the time being, we need to keep this between us.
That tickles, Lieutenant.
Sorry, Reg, we're almost finished.
Have you identified any problems yet?
l've gone over his entire matrix.
He's working perfectly.
Maybe l'm not the one who needs a diagnostic, hmm?
l'm a big enough hologram to admit when l'm wrong.
l'm sorry l doubted you.
Well, if anyone is owed an apology, it's you.
l should've been more sensitive.
Now that that's out of the way, Captain, what do you say
we get this ship back to Earth?
lt's time.
lnitiate the geodesic pulse.
Would someone care to tell me
what that is?
lt's a geodesic fold, Admiral.
That's how they're going to get the nanoprobes.
Two million kilometers
and closing, Captain.
Take us to one-quarter impulse.
Bridge to Astrometrics.
Bring the enhanced shielding on line.
Aye, Commander.
What's wrong?
The fold contains three radiation types
we didn't account for.
The shield modifications are not enough.
Well, the shields were modified
to work in combination with the inoculations.
We'll be fine.
lf the shields fail,
the inoculations will be irrelevant.
Astrometrics to the Bridge.
Go ahead.
What is it, Seven?
There was a problem, Captain,
but l've corrected it.
l'm using the MlDAS Array to tap into the Ferengi ship's sensors.
They're receiving telemetry through the fold.
lf l'm reading this correctly, Voyager's headed right for it.
Captain Janeway knows better
than to take her ship
into such a dangerous anomaly.
lf the Ferengi did alter my hologram, then...
it might... might be possible
for him to have taken over the ship.
One hologram against an entire crew?
He may have found a way to incapacitate the crew
or to commandeer the ship's systems,
but either way, we've got to get the Carolina
to close the fold.
The Carolina isn't equipped to do that.
Then they'll have to commandeer the Ferengi ship
and do it from there.
The Carolina's still
half a light-year away. They won't make it in time.
Can we transmit a message, warn Voyager?.
Not through a geodesic fold.
Our own starship, with multiphasic shielding
and a gold-pressed latinum hull.
We'll have enough left over to buy a fleet of casino ships!
l have a better idea-- lobe enlargements!
Ooh, someone's hailing us.
l can't tell. There's too much interference.
Answer it.
lt's the hologram.
You said it was impossible
to communicate through the fold.
l thought it was.
l guess l did a better job
of reprogramming the hologram than l thought.
We must close
the geodesic fold immediately.
Captain Janeway has found out about our plan.
lf that's true,
then why is she still headed for the fold?
Because she...
found a way to protect her ship.
You don't know Janeway.
She's uncanny when it comes to shields.
She's furious.
She said she was going to kill
whoever tried to harm her crew.
l strongly suggest you abort the mission.
What should we do?
Go to warp before Janeway makes it through.
No, you mustn't!
Voyager has Borg interquadrental
warp drives and... Hirogen hunting sensors
and Vidiian phase torpedoes.
No matter where you run, Voyager will find you.
Your only hope... is to close the fold.
Harkins to Holodeck 1.
Go ahead, Pete.
lt worked, Reg.
They've started to close the fold.
Computer, end program.
Something's wrong, Captain.
Astrometrics to the Bridge.
Why are we stopping?
The fold's collapsing, Reg.
We didn't make it in time.
lt's not too late if we remodulate the shields.
l appreciate your determination, but we can't risk it.
You did everything you could.
Captain, someone just initiated
a site-to-site transport.
Seven and Reg.
They've beamed to an escape pod.
Bridge to Seven of Nine. What's going on?
The pod's been launched.
Put a tractor beam on it.
There is too much interference from the fold.
Harry, can you get a transporter lock?
What now?
There's something coming through the fold.
No, it's too small.
A phase torpedo!
Raise shields!
Brace for impact!
lt's an escape pod.
Maybe the hologram sent us the drone.
Check what's in there.
No Borg corpse, no nanoprobes.
No profit.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Seven of Nine has recovered from her injuries
and ''Reg'' has been deactivated.
Until we finish analyzing his program,
his motivations remain a mystery.
Making first contact
with a new life-form?
''Mom's apple pie.''
Neelix thought a little home cooking
might cheer me up.
l haven't worked up the courage
to taste it yet.
Have you figured out what went wrong with Reg?
Well, Seven thinks our proximity to the fold degraded his matrix,
but if you ask me, it was a recursive error
in his logic subroutine.
Not bad...
but it would have tasted better in San Francisco.
lf it'll make you feel any better,
l'll let you in on a little secret.
l was on the Bridge this morning
when we received a hail from an lconian scientist.
He claims to have a transdimensional gateway
that can take us anywhere in the galaxy.
l'm not that gullible.
lt's true. l was there.
The Captain doesn't want us
to get our hopes up,
but personally, l think we'll be home by the end of the week.
Are you serious?
You were right about him.
Computer, install Barclay Security Protocol 21-Alpha.
lnstallation complete.
ldentify yourself.
C-computer, deactivate Barclay program.
l'm sorry.
l... l've been programming him
with new security precautions
s-so he can't be stolen again.
You seem to be off to a good start.
l thought you'd, uh, be back at the beach.
Will and l decided to spend the rest
of our vacation in Tiburon.
We were wondering
if you're free for dinner tonight.
Uh, l, oh...
Oh, l, uh, l-l wouldn't want to be a ''third nacelle.''
Not possible.
Will's bringing a friend for you.
Her name's Maril.
You're going to adore her.
l'd like to, but l-l still have, uh...
dozens of protocols to install.
Maybe next time.
Look, Reg, l know Leosa hurt you,
but hiding inside a hologrid isn't the answer.
You need to get out, meet new people.
This Maril wouldn't happen to be a dabo girl
by any chance?
She's a teacher, actually-- a real one.
Are you sure?
Don't worry, Reg.
We've taken security precautions.

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