Ensign Kim, please try and hold us steady.
This material is extremely
Sorry, Doc, l'm doing the best l can.
Maybe l should've insisted
on a more experienced pilot, like Mr. Paris.
Oh, l'd give anything to trade places with him
right now.
Seven, can you join me, please?
On my way.
l don't know
if l can take three more days
of chasing comets with him.
The time might pass more easily
if we disable his vocal processor.
l thought you might find this interesting.
Pre-animate biomatter.
Look deeper.
An undeveloped nucleus contained in a cytoplasmic matrix.
And buried deep inside that nucleus--
primitive strands of DNA.
The beginnings of life, Seven.
What's your point?
When l look at this, l don't see a mere cell.
l see the potential for literature
and art, empires
and kingdoms.
Perhaps your visual subroutines
are malfunctioning.
this cytoplasmic matrix may fall
into the primordial sea of a distant world,
where it could ignite an evolutionary process.
Eons from now, a creature not unlike you
could emerge, look up at the stars
and ask, ''Who am l?
How did l come to be?''
lt's the miracle of creation, Seven.
Doesn't that excite you?
Ensign Kim, l asked you to hold us steady.
We're under attack!
This is the Federation Ship Delta Flyer.
We're on a peaceful mission.
Hold your fire.
You're transporting a suspected photonic insurgent
through Lokirrim space.
Drop your shields and prepare to be boarded.
Photonic insurgent?
l-if you're referring to the hologram,
he's our Doctor.
Seven, we've lost thrusters.
l'll try reinitializing the driver coils.
Voyager, this is the Flyer. Mayday!
Come in.
Subspace communications
are off-line.
lt's a tractor beam.
Remodulate our shields.
That should break us free.
Shields are down.
What's happening?
They're using some kind of disruption field.
lt's decompiling your matrix.
Federation vessel.
Power down your systems
and prepare to surrender the photonic.
Seven, they're pulling us in.
You're going to have to hide the Doctor's program.
Do something, please.
We don't want to hurt you.
We're here for the insurgent.
Where's the photonic?
You decompiled his matrix.
You murdered him.
l'm sorry. There wasn't enough time.
Biogenic material.
lt could be used to create viral weapons.
Confiscate it.
Our Doctor was using these spores
to synthesize new medicines, not weapons.
What's this?
lt's my portable regeneration unit.
l have a unique physiology.
This device
maintains my cybernetic systems.
Have this analyzed.
Yes, sir.
There's no one else aboard.
Take them to detention,
and secure their ship in the Docking Bay.
You got what you wanted. Let us go.
Transporting photonics
and manufacturing biogenic weapons are serious charges.
Let's go.
l want to talk to your superior!
Careful, Ensign,
or you'll fracture a metacarpal.
That'd be the least of our problems.
The situation is not as desperate as it appears.
Not as desperate?
We're prisoners on an alien ship.
Voyager has no idea we're missing,
and the Doctor's been decompiled.
The reports of my decompilation have been greatly exaggerated.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Seven downloaded my program
into her cybernetic matrix.
An interesting sensation, to say the least.
And now you're in control of Seven's body?
Total control, it seems.
What about Seven?
ls she all right?
l scanned her before the aliens came aboard.
Physiologically, she's fine.
As for her consciousness,
l'm assuming it's submerged,
but there's no way to be sure,
until l vacate her systems and conduct a neurological exam.
Then we need
the mobile emitter.
This experience will make
a fascinating article
for the Starfleet Medical Journal.
Careful. That's not your body,
l knew Seven's senses were more acute than the average humanoid
l had no idea.
What is that?
That smell.
l don't smell anything.
Could be an airborne toxin.
Do you think they're trying to poison us?
lt's you.
lt's been a busy day.
l guess l'm perspiring a little.
A little?
Seven's had a busy day, too, and she's come through it
smelling like the proverbial rose.
Captain's Log, Stardate 54238.3.
We've completed our maintenance layover
at the Maldorian Station,
and we're on our way to rendezvous
with the Delta Flyer.
We expect to reach them in 48 hours.
Headache, fever,
respiratory distress, tremors.
Looks like some kind of virus.
lt is not a virus.
You want to tell me
what's going on?
ln the Doctor's database,
you'll find a medication under file Theta-12-Alpha.
Please replicate it immediately.
You know l can't
give out medicine without knowing what it's for.
lf you must know,
l am suffering from a neurochemical imbalance.
An ''imbalance''?
lt is native to my species.
Oh... this wouldn't be the kind of imbalance
that comes around once every seven years?
My Pon farr is in the early stages.
The urges are still controllable.
You never fail to amaze me, Tuvok.
A man of your advanced years
still driven by the mating instinct?
Unlike in humans, the Vulcan libido increases with time.
Well, l guess there has to be some kind of reward
for all that Vulcan discipline.
The Doctor anticipated my needs and developed a treatment.
Combined with meditation,
it will enable me to control the symptoms.
Well, if that doesn't work,
there's always a cold sonic shower.
l'll tell the Captain that you'll be out of commission
for a couple of days.
She will want to know why.
Well, according to my tricorder,
all we've got here
is a mild case of the Tarkalean flu.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Mmm! l had no idea that eating was such a...
sensual experience.
The tastes, the textures,
feeling it slide down Seven's esophagus.
lt's... it's exquisite!
They're prison rations.
My uniform probably tastes better.
You know, l was thinking.
When we get back to Voyager, perhaps you and Seven
could help me modify my physical parameters.
So l can eat, of course,
like any other member of the crew.
There's just one small problem--
you don't have a stomach.
Where is the food gonna go?
l believe we can construct a holographic stomach.
lt can store the food for eventual recycling.
Eh... maybe we should focus on something more productive,
like getting out of here.
Relax, Ensign.
Our shipmates have never let us down before.
l'm sure the Captain will clear up
this little misunderstanding.
ln the meantime, are you going to finish that?
Come with us.
l'm the senior officer.
lf you're going to take someone, take me.
My orders were specific.
Don't worry, Ensign.
l can take care of myself.
Mmm. My compliments to the chef.
The prisoner, sir.
Pulse-phased weapons, duranium-enforced hull. Hmm.
Much more sophisticated than the typical smuggler's vessel.
How many ways do you want me to say this?
We are not smugglers or terrorists.
We are explorers.
Let us contact our ship.
Our Captain will explain everything.
lf you're innocent, then you won't mind
telling me more about this vessel.
For instance, um... this device.
What does it do?
That's a standard food replicator.
Can it be used to create bioweapons?
Not unless you count Mr. Neelix's Bolian soufflé.
Let me show you.
Computer, one slice of New York cheesecake.
This is an old Earth delicacy.
How do l know you're not trying to poison me?
Oh, please.
Oh, l never imagined... Mmm!
ls this the first time you've tried that?
Of course not, but it's just that l usually...
avoid foods that are this... rich.
l do have a figure to maintain.
Oh, l better get another for you.
Uh, computer, another slice of cheesecake.
Uh... here.
What other foods can that device create?
Oh... during my time with the collective,
we assimilated thousands of cultures
from one end of the galaxy to the other.
l'll say this for the Borg, we certainly do travel.
Oh, of course, my life didn't truly begin
until l came aboard Voyager
and met the person who... who changed my life,
the only one who truly believed in me,
saw my true potential...
Your Captain?
Our Doctor.
That's right, the ''photonic.''
lf only you could have known him.
Ruggedly handsome, a sharp wit, a towering intellect...
lf he and l hadn't been colleagues, well...
Now we'll never know
what heights he could have reached.
l hope you understand, l had no choice.
''l was just following orders.''
l've heard that before.
Maybe there's something l could do for you.
Uh, l-l'll speak to my superiors--
ask for leniency.
Hmm. lf l survive that long.
What do you mean?
My cybernetic components are already depolarizing.
l need my regener... regeneration device.
As you can see,
my motor functions are already impaired.
lf l give this... back to you,
will you do something for me?
lt was so nice of you to escort me.
Ah, nice to see you, Ensign.
Are you drunk?
lt wasn't my fault.
Seven's unique physiology is... unique.
lt doesn't react well to synthehol.
What happened?
Captain Ranek and l shared a meal aboard the Flyer.
He's really a gentleman once you get to know him.
You had a dinner date in Seven's body?
lt wasn't a ''date.''
lt was a tactical maneuver,
designed to win the trust of our captors,
and it worked.
l won't ask what you had to do to get this.
Nothing unladylike, l assure you.
They lost their medic in a recent skirmish,
and l offered to take his place.
Let's download your program
before they change their mind.
Hey, careful where you point those tubules.
How do you feel?
l'm impaired.
You've had quite a shock to your system.
Let me explain what's happened.
l know exactly what's happened.
You've been abusing my body.
-l'm a doctor! -Shh!
l would never abuse your body.
l was trying to get information.
Sometimes a, a glass of wine can...
loosen the tongue.
One glass.
That doesn't excuse the other eight.
Was it that many?
Seven, you were aware
of everything?
l'm afraid the role
of ''spy'' wasn't written into my program.
l was forced to... improvise.
You ''improvised'' your way through an entire cheesecake,
as well as three servings of Ktarian chocolate puffs.
Now l have to suffer the consequences.
l apologize if l... overindulged.
l'll be more careful next time.
There won't be a next time.
l'll be discovered.
They'll decompile my program.
l know this is difficult for you,
but you're going to have put up with it,
until we can get out of here.
How do you propose we do that?
Maybe you can tap into their com system,
get a message to Voyager.
Deciphering alien computers isn't exactly my forte.
But it is one of mine.
lf you can get close enough
while they're accessing their systems,
l'll be able to observe their command protocols.
What's the situation?
The Captain wants the female
prisoner in the Medical Bay.
We should proceed.
You're saving my life.
l want you to know how grateful l am.
Try to remember that
the next time you're tempted to overindulge.
Photonics' viral weapon attacks the cerebral cortex.
Within days, the victims suffer
complete synaptic failure.
Well, if we can't stop the virus,
we may be able to slow its progress.
We need to synthesize a neural inhibitor.
Forgive me, but aren't you the ship's Tactical Officer?
Tactical Officer, Medic, Engineer.
We've lost nearly a third of our crew to the photonics.
Well, you certainly know your way around a medical bay.
You may have missed your true calling.
Actually, Emmik always thought l'd become a teacher.
He used to call me ''the little professor.''
Who's Emmik?
The photonic who helped raise my brother and me.
He knew more about treating scrapes and bruises
than any organic doctor l ever met.
Sounds like someone l'd enjoy meeting.
Maybe... before he joined the insurgency.
Why did he do that?
l ask myself that question every day.
We never treated him like a servant,
but he turned against us anyway.
ls it... possible he felt... subjugated?
l don't see how.
He lived his own life, pursued his own interests.
He was part of our family.
At least l thought he was.
We should get back to the patient.
lt could take up to a day to determine
if the inhibitor is working.
Thank you.
Don't thank me. Thank my ship's doctor.
He taught me everything l know about medicine
and remember--
he was a photonic.
Actually, you have a lot
in common with him.
He was something of a jack-of-all-trades, too.
l suspect you'd have gotten along
l'm certain he would've taken a liking to you.
Your neurotransmitters
aren't absorbing the medication.
Can you increase the dosage?
Not without causing damage to your neocortex.
The Doc might be able to synthesize
a stronger medicine, but...
l'll make the best
of the situation until he returns.
l do have one area of expertise
that might help--
the holodeck.
l am a married man.
Look, it's the holodeck, Tuvok;
it doesn't count.
ls that what you tell your wife?
No, of course not.
My days of rescuing slave girls
from Planet 10 are history.
Look, you have photographs of your wife, right?
Well, the computer can use them
to create a replica.
lt wouldn't be breaking your vows
if it's a hologram of your wife.
As it was in the dawn of our days,
as it will be for all tomorrows,
to you, my husband, l consecrate all that l am.
T'Pel, my wife,
from you l receive all that l am.
As it was in the beginning, so shall it be now.
Two bodies; one mind.
l'm picking up a vessel closing at high impulse.
They're firing.
Shields are holding.
Open a channel.
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager.
We're on a peaceful mission.
We've detected photonic activity aboard your vessel.
Drop your shields and prepare to be boarded.
Photonic activity?
Tuvok-- he's in Holodeck 2.
They're firing again.
lt's some kind of photonic disrupter
directed at Holodeck 2.
Target their weapons array and fire.
They're hailing.
On screen.
Drop your shields and prepare to receive our inspection teams.
You're not in a position to be making demands.
Why did you fire on us?
Your vessel is carrying photonics
through Lokirrim space.
We didn't realize that was forbidden.
We'd be happy to shut down our holodecks.
Your sensors should confirm they've been deactivated.
You're still required to submit to inspection.
Your sensors should also confirm
that our weapons are ready to fire.
We're both reasonable people.
l suggest a compromise.
Your vessel will escort us through Lokirrim territory.
That way, you can keep an eye on us,
make sure we don't reactivate our holodecks.
The other alternative is...
we destroy your ship.
Your proposal is acceptable.
Sometimes diplomacy requires a little saber rattling.
Begin long-range scans.
l can picture them now--
my father in his airponics bay
pruning his cona vines,
my mother reading in her favorite chair.
Nothing in that home ever changes.
lt must be comforting to have a place like that
to go back to.
l've never been away this long before.
His progress is remarkable.
l want you to know, l'm going to tell my superiors
everything you've done for us.
First Ranek and now you.
l may become the first prisoner of war
to be decorated by his captors.
l know someone who'd really enjoy meeting you.
My brother, Lohden.
Your brother?
You'd like him.
He's ambitious, accomplished,
and he'd love your sense of humor.
Hmm. Apparently, it's my
most attractive quality.
Seven of Nine.
Please report to the Bridge.
Let me guess-- your crew decided to abandon ship.
l wanted to thank you.
l had a wonderful time the other night.
lt's not often that l...
indulge myself like that.
lt's been a long time for me, too.
l remembered your interest in stellar phenomenon,
so l requested a course change
to show you something.
What is it?
To an astronomer, it's simply a pulsar cluster,
but our poets call it the ''Window of Dreams.''
You could travel from one end of the Quadrant to the other
and never see anything like it.
Lovely! Hmm.
lt's the pulsar's EM fields
vibrating against our hull.
l once thought this was the most beautiful sight
in the sector.
l see now that l was wrong.
Oh. l almost forgot.
Oh, l promised a friend l'd go easy on the synthehol.
Do you hear that?
lt's identical to the rhythm produced
by the eight-chambered Ktarian heart.
ls something wrong?
Rapid pulse, respiratory distress.
You may be having a reaction to the pulsar's radiation.
We should get you to the Medical Bay.
No, l'm not going to the Medical Bay.
You starship Captains are all alike.
You can stare down the barrel of a phaser cannon,
but you can't stomach a simple medical exam.
l don't need an exam to know what l'm suffering from.
l'm sorry. l thought...
You were wrong.
l didn't mean to offend you.
lt's just...
l've never met a woman like you before.
That's because there are no women like me.
ls something wrong?
Ranek summoned me to the Bridge
under the pretext of a little stargazing.
What he really wanted was to use my face
as a tongue depressor.
l'm surprised to hear that.
lt was completely inappropriate!
That kind of behavior
would get a Starfleet Captain reassigned to a garbage scow.
l'm not defending what he did, but...
you have to understand
we've been out here for a long time.
lt's difficult to hide your feelings,
especially when you work closely
with someone you're attracted to.
You... have feelings for him?
l've known Lotharios like Ranek.
Trust me, you don't want anything to do with him.
You need someone who...
who can appreciate your many talents.
Someone... overflowing
with intelligence and compassion,
someone capable...
lt looks like a spasm in the trapezius.
l had no idea it could be...
so excruciating.
That's what happens
when you work so long without rest.
Our last medic
showed me a technique that might help.
l-l'll try it, if you like.
Please, anything!
Oh, that...
that feels... wonderful.
Did l hurt you?
No, no-no, no, no, no.
Well, then what's wrong?
There's something you don't know about me,
something l have to tell you.
lt's all right.
l know.
You do?
How could you?
Your cybernetic implants, your portable regenerator?
You're not going to tell anyone, are you?
l would never say anything to the crew,
but Ranek knows.
He does?
Of course, it was apparent the moment we scanned you.
l can't believe you didn't say anything.
lt wouldn't have been appropriate.
You're part Borg.
lt's nothing to be ashamed of.
Ah. Mmm.
Security to Medical Bay.
This is Lieutenant Jaryn.
The prisoner is ill.
He's requesting treatment by his crewmate.
Where the hell have you been?
l had to fake a seizure
before the guard would let me see you.
Calm down.
Seven and l have been making progress.
Did you get a look
at their computer?
During the one brief moment
when the Doctor wasn't indulging himself.
l think l've shown considerable restraint
under the circumstances.
Kissing Ranek on the Bridge?
ls that your idea of restraint?
Not that it's any of your business,
but if you must know,
Ranek kissed me.
And the massage you got from Lieutenant Jaryn?
Entirely therapeutic.
You became sexually aroused in my body.
When did it become a crime to enjoy a sensation or two?
Of course, you'd be the last person to understand that.
What do you mean?
The whole world is full of experiences and sensations,
but you insist on denying yourself.
lnstead of replicating caviar,
you choose nutritional supplement
Caviar is an indulgence.
lndulgences are what make life worth living!
These last few days have been a revelation.
Feeling your lungs fill with air,
the surge of adrenaline through your veins.
Until l spent a day in your skin,
l never knew what l was missing.
You may have been better off not knowing.
We're quite a pair.
Me, trapped by the limitations of photons and force fields.
You, by a drone's obsession with efficiency.
You'd make an excellent hologram.
All right!
Listen, you can argue
all you want when we get back to Voyager,
but that's not going to happen
unless we come up with a plan.
Did you learn anything about their com system?
lt can only be accessed from the Bridge,
but l saw Ranek enter his command codes.
lf we can get those codes to Voyager,
they may be able to disable the shields
and beam us out.
How are we going to do that?
The subspace transceiver on the Flyer.
Can you get aboard?
lt's heavily guarded.
l can get us aboard.
Captain, may l speak with you?
l owe you an apology.
Well, l was the one who acted inappropriately.
Oh, a kiss is hardly a court-martial offense.
lt's just that you... caught me by surprise.
l-l won't make that mistake again.
Perhaps, we should... start over.
What did you have in mind?
Oh, we could start with a toast.
l thought synth...
Oh, l can make an exception
for a... special occasion.
Computer, champagne, two glasses.
To new beginnings.
Maybe there's some hope for us yet.
As l've discovered recently, anything is possible.
Computer, dim the lights.
Play EMH Music File
this is interesting.
lt's called a waltz.
Something else l learned from our Doctor.
Captain Ranek, please come to the Bridge.
What is it?
We've received an encrypted transmission.
Oh, l'll be right there.
You're not leaving?
l'll be back as soon as l can.
l really think you should stay.
Never play hard to get with a hologram.
Still no sign
of the Flyer's warp signature.
l appreciate your sense of duty, Tuvok,
but we can handle the situation without you.
Under the circumstances, abandoning my post
would be a dereliction of duty.
My illness is still in the early stages.
l can control it.
lf l remember correctly, the last time you came down
with the Tarkalean flu was seven years ago.
As soon as this is over,
the holodeck is at your disposal.
There you are, Commander.
Now, a person in your condition
really ought to be in bed.
This is my grandmother's recipe,
guaranteed to cure even the most stubborn flu.
Now... smell that?
l don't smell anything.
l prepared it just the way you like it.
No herbs or spices of any kind.
lt's practically tasteless.
We're receiving a hail.
lt's the Delta Flyer.
On screen.
Seven, it's good to see you.
l'm afraid there's no time for pleasantries, Captain.
We're being held prisoner on a Lokirrim patrol ship.
l'm sending you our precise location and the command codes
to disable their shields.
Are the Doctor and Harry all right?
Ensign Kim is his usual chipper self.
As for me, l'm looking forward
to a long, uneventful shift in Sick Bay.
lt's a long story, Captain.
Delta Flyer out.
They may be in more trouble than we thought.
Set a course.
Our escort isn't
going to take kindly to a detour.
What's the status of their weapons?
They've repaired their forward phasers.
Target their power matrix.
We may only get one shot, so make it count.
Do it.
Direct hit.
Get us out of here, maximum warp.
What's wrong with him?
Apparently, Captain Ranek
has an even lower tolerance for synthehol than l do.
That doesn't sound like Ranek.
lt's probably not something he'd admit to his crew.
We should keep this between us.
What are you doing?
Reviving him.
l-l wouldn't recommend that.
Take her to detention.
Separate her from the other prisoner.
There are traces of sedative in your bloodstream.
What was your plan?
To aid the insurgents?
There was no plan.
We trusted you.
l'm still a prisoner on your ship,
and despite our friendship,
my first obligation is to escape.
We were going to recommend leniency.
lf you knew who l really was,
l doubt you'd be trying to help me.
Alien vessel approaching.
l want her where l can see her.
They are raising shields.
Stand by with those command codes.
Open a channel.
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway.
We don't want a fight.
Return my people and we'll be on our way.
Your people were caught transporting
a photonic insurgent and biogenic material.
We don't want to disable your ship,
but we will if we have to.
We're losing our ventral shield grid.
l'm trying.
They've tapped into the shield matrix.
They're using your command authorization.
They're rerouting power.
He's tying their shields
directly into the warp matrix.
lf you fire on us, you'll trigger a core breach.
You'll be killing the people you're here to rescue.
End transmission.
Tractor beam.
Full reverse!
Target their emitters.
They've broken free.
Chakotay, can you send a com signal
directly to Seven's cortical node?
Doctor, if you can hear me, we need your help.
Try to disable their shields.
lt's a photonic.
Cover me.
Stay back!
l'm not afraid to use this.
Step away.
She destabilized the shield grid.
lt's failing.
Watch them.
lf you try to reinitialize the grid,
it'll overload.
We could all die.
Ranek, don't!
Stay back.
l'm a doctor. Let me help.
Their shields are down. l have a lock.
Away team, stand by for transport.
l have injured here, Captain. l can't leave yet.
He'll die
without immediate surgery.
l know this
is difficult to grasp,
but l'm the person you've been getting to know
the last few days.
My program was in control of Seven's body.
You're lying.
l know you have feelings for Ranek.
lf he dies,
you're never going to forgive yourself.
Your vital signs are stable.
Suppose l should be, uh, grateful.
A ''thank you'' is customary
after someone saves your life.
What happened was between me and Seven of Nine,
not you.
l'm sorry you feel that way.
The truth is, aside from a few awkward moments,
l enjoyed our time together.
There are many women
who'd appreciate an attractive man like you.
l'm just not one of them.
Um, more of our vessels are on the way.
You should leave while you can.
Thank you.
l guess you won't be introducing me
to your brother.
l'm not sure you're the kind of person
he's interested in.
You mean because l'm a hologram.
l don't imagine this experience
is going to change your feelings about photonics.
But l wanted you to know...
l'm grateful for the time we've spent together.
You're a talented doctor.
We're the ones who should be grateful.
l'm glad l could help.
Doctor to Voyager.
One to beam out.
it's good to see you're over the flu.
l have fully recovered.
Thank you for your assistance.
Oh, don't mention it.
l just hope everything was okay.
Not exactly.
My wife's ears are four millimeters shorter
than your facsimile's.
So l took a little artistic license.
Aside from that, was everything all right?
The hologram was adequate,
but no substitute for my wife.
Of course not.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
There isn't one... yet.
The Mess Hall is three decks up.
ln case you've forgotten,
l've lost my appetite... permanently.
That doesn't mean you're incapable
of enjoying a meal.
Foie gras with truffles,
an ancient Earth delicacy.
Chateau d'Yquem.
According to the culinary database,
the ideal accompaniment.
Not your usual fare.
lt's come to my attention
that nutritional supplements don't fully meet my needs.
l see.
l thought we could share this experience.
l'll describe the meal to you...
the tastes, the sensations.
Perhaps you can enjoy it vicariously.
What about the wine?
lt doesn't exactly agree with you.
lf l become sick, l won't have far to go.
To shared experiences.
Hear, hear.

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