That's right, Captain.
High levels of ferric oxide-- corroded iron particles.
Would you mind telling me
how iron could rust in space without oxygen?
l wish l could.
Mr. Paris,
alter our course to follow that trail of rust.
One-quarter impulse.
Aye, Captain.
Captain, look at this.
l'm picking up traces of complex hydrocarbons
in the rust-- benzene, ethylene, acetylene...
That sounds like gasoline.
lt's a liquid fuel that was used centuries ago on Earth.
They burned it
to drive internal combustion engines.
How did it get out here?
l'm detecting a small object.
lt appears to be
the source of the rust and hydrocarbons.
Put it on screen.
Apparently, it is a ground vehicle
from mid-20th-century Earth.
Whew! lt's a 1936 Ford, actually.
Mr. Paris?
That was the manufacturing date: 1936.
Ford was the name of the company that built it.
Antique vehicles are a hobby of mine.
lnternal combustion engine,
a reciprocating piston cylinder design.
Fuel source was a refined petroleum.
So, is this an early hover car?
No, you're about a century too early for that.
This is about one step ahead of the horse-drawn carriage.
Traces of potassium nitrate, ammonium and methane back here.
l think you'll find that's manure.
Horse manure, if l'm not mistaken.
Judging from the mud on the wheels
and the alfalfa seedlings stuck in the metal frame,
l'd say this vehicle belonged to a farmer,
or, at least, someone who lived in a rural area.
But the question is: How did it get here?
l doubt there are many 20th-century farmers
driving around the Delta Quadrant.
There are no signs of any wormholes
or temporal anomalies in this region of space.
Let's run a metallurgical analysis of the vehicle.
There's still oil in the crankcase,
water in the radiator.
l wonder if the battery's still charged.
Now, let's see.
This is before voice-command activation,
so there should be something in here called a key.
What are you doing?
Trying to bring this beauty back to life.
Now, where are the keys?
Aha! Here they are.
Okay, choke out,
clutch in,
give her a little gas,
turn the key,
and step on the starter.
Next time...
you might give us a little warning, Mr. Paris.
Aye, Captain.
l suggest we increase the ventilation in the cargo bay
before we are asphyxiated.
What's that?
That is an amplitude modulation receiving device.
AM radio.
l'm not sure we'll pick up much out here.
Whoa. What was that?
What is that?
lt's too regular to be random interference.
l'm running the signal through the ship's database.
lt's an ancient Earth distress call known as an SOS.
l've located the source of the SOS signal.
lt's coming from a planet in a star system
bearing 310 mark 215.
Mr. Paris, lay in a course.
Aye, Captain.
Why didn't we pick up this signal earlier?
This isn't one of the standard frequencies we monitor.
Messages on this channel only travel at the speed of light--
too slow for interstellar communications.
Course laid in, Captain.
Warp 6.
l'll run a diagnostic check, sir.
Bring us out of warp. Full scan, Mr. Kim.
The SOS signal is coming from the third planet.
lt's Class-L-- oxygen-argon atmosphere.
Any life signs?
There's a great deal of trinimbic interference
in the upper atmosphere.
l can't get a clear reading of the surface.
Can you pinpoint the coordinates of the distress call?
Yes, here it is.
lt's coming from a continent in the northern hemisphere.
We won't be able to transport
through this kind of interference.
l might be able to take an away team in a shuttlecraft.
That would not be wise, Commander,
as the atmosphere is charged with trinimbic turbulence.
A shuttlecraft
could not safely navigate the currents.
We could land the ship.
Are you sure that's necessary?
Someone on this planet is sending out a distress call.
lf that someone is as old as the truck in the cargo bay,
they're long-dead by now.
This might be an automated distress call.
But something brought that truck halfway across the galaxy
and that something might be down on that planet.
And if it brought the truck here,
it might be able to take us home, too.
l'd say it's worth a look.
Mr. Paris, prepare the ship for landing.
Captain, l think l should tell you
l've never actually landed a starship before.
That's all right, Lieutenant, neither have l.
Bridge to Engineering.
We're going to land the ship, Ms. Torres.
Take the warp core off-line,
vent all plasma from the nacelles,
and stand by to engage atmospheric thrusters.
Aye, Captain.
This is Lieutenant Tuvok to all decks.
We are preparing to land the ship.
Go to Blue Alert and report to Code Blue stations.
l've plotted a descent course.
How close do you want to land to the distress coordinates?
No closer than two kilometers.
Atmospheric controls at standby.
Landing mechanisms on line.
lnertial dampers at maximum.
All decks report Condition Blue, Captain.
Put her down, Mr. Paris.
We're on the glide trajectory.
Altitude-- 100 kilometers.
Speed-- 10,000 kph.
Encountering some trinimbic turbulence. Compensating.
We have an EM discharge in the lateral relays.
l'm rerouting the ODN conduit.
Another EM discharge.
l think we're all right, though.
20 kilometers to the landing site.
We should be able to see it now.
Extend landing struts.
Prepare to release inertial dampers
and adjust them to match the planet's gravity.
Landing struts down and locked.
Standing by environmental controls.
Here we go.
Disengaging engines, securing thruster exhaust.
We're down.
Not bad... for a beginner.
Nice day.
l've locked on to the distress signal.
lt's 1.5 kilometers on a bearing of 246.
Wait a second. l've got something else.
There's a high concentration of trianium particles,
bearing 225-- a little over a kilometer away.
Looks like some kind of power source.
Two teams.
Chakotay, yours investigates the power source.
Tuvok, Kim, you're with me.
My God.
The metal is an aluminum alloy.
lt appears to be an ancient Earth aircraft.
The SOS call is coming from inside.
l've found the AM transmitter.
From what l can tell,
it's sending out an automated SOS.
What about the power source?
Somehow l find it hard to believe
the battery on this aircraft has been running for 400 years.
l don't recognize the power signature.
Hold on, Captain.
l found what appears to be an alien fusion-based generator.
lt's hooked up to the AM transmitter.
Chakotay to Janeway.
Go ahead, Commander.
We've located the source of the trianium readings.
lt appears to be some sort of mine shaft.
l'd like to bring out another security detachment
before we go inside.
Good idea.
l'll join you. Janeway out.
l want the two of you to analyze the alien generator,
then see what you can find out about this SOS call.
l'm picking up something directly ahead.
Some kind of power signature.
This looks like some kind of cryostasis chamber.
How many bodies are there?
And the equipment is still functioning.
He's human.
And from the clothes,
l'd say he's from the same era as the vehicle we found.
His life sign readings are minimal,
but... he's alive.
Captain, according to these readings,
there are five other cryostasis chambers nearby.
No life signs in any of them.
This appears to be the only one with people inside.
There's another male over here.
This one's a female.
She's wearing some sort of leather jacket.
And a pair of gold wings.
There's a name tag here.
l think it's ''A, period...
A.... Earhart.
Amelia Earhart.
Who's Amelia Earhart?
She was one of the first female pilots in Earth history.
ln the mid-20th century, she became quite famous
for flying across the Atlantic Ocean.
ln 1937, she attempted to fly around the world.
According to the records of the time, on July, 2, 1937,
Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan,
took off from New Guinea, and they were headed east
around the equator.
But somewhere in the South Seas, they vanished,
and their disappearance became one of the most
celebrated mysteries of the 20th century.
Why didn't they think she'd just crashed?
That was the most commonly held theory.
However, numerous searches of the area
failed to produce the wreckage of an aircraft,
so people began to speculate.
Some thought she'd been shot down and captured
by the Japanese navy.
Others thought that she and Noonan had flown off together
on some sort of romantic adventure.
Of course, the most ridiculed notion was
that she had been...
abducted by aliens.
Well, it certainly looks like that's what happened.
From what we can tell,
all eight of the people in that stasis chamber
were taken from Earth in the 1930s and brought here.
The question is: Why?
And where are the aliens who did this?
Scans of the region show no alien life signs.
Continue the scans.
They may not be here now,
but once they detect our presence, they might return.
ln the meantime, we'll have to get some answers on our own.
Have you had any luck tapping into
the computer system in the cryo-chamber?
Not as of yet.
We are having difficulty decoding the operating system.
There's one way we could find out what happened.
We could wake those people up and ask them.
l've had the same thought myself.
ls that wise?
We don't know how these people
are going to react when they wake up
in an alien world in the 24th century.
True, but l'm not willing
to just leave them in stasis for another 400 years.
And if we can find out how they were brought here,
we might be able to use that method to get home.
We'll just have to be very careful how we handle this.
l suggest that only human crew members
be present when we revive them.
Mr. Kim, l want a complete analysis
of those cryostasis tubes.
Find a way to deactivate them safely.
Aye, Captain.
Commander, apprise the Doctor of our situation.
Tell him to instruct Kes in the proper procedure
for reviving someone from cryostasis.
She could be made to look human easily enough.
ln the meantime,
l suggest we all brush up on ancient Earth.
We're about to meet a bit of our history.
We're ready, Captain.
All the cryo-tubes are linked by a common power source
so we've decided to revive everyone simultaneously.
The power's off-line.
Deactivate locking mechanisms.
Captain, this one's armed with some kind of weapon.
Disarm him, just to be on the safe side.
l know this must be very strange for you.
No... who are you?
What is going on here?
l demand you release me immediately.
Please, if you'll just listen for a moment,
l'll try to explain.
You are all speaking Japanese.
Sounds to me like you're speaking English.
lt's because of a device
we have-- a universal translator.
lt allows us to talk to each other,
even though our languages aren't the same.
Who are you people?
Look, just let us go home. We won't tell anybody.
The hell we won't!
l'm going to let the world know
what you people have done.
Do you know who you've kidnapped here?
Amelia Earhart.
l'm her navigator.
This is going to be headline news.
You people are in trouble.
Fred... let her talk.
What l have to tell you is going to sound hard to believe,
even preposterous.
We think you were abducted from Earth... in the 1930s,
and brought millions of miles through space
to a planet on the other side of the galaxy.
You were put into a... a kind of deep sleep
for a very long time.
lt's not the 1930s anymore.
The year is 237 1--
over 400 years from the time you were abducted.
You must think we are awfully gullible.
Tell me, what's the last thing you remember
before waking up here?
We were over the Pacific,
running low on gas.
We were looking for an atoll to set down.
tried to send out an SOS
suddenly there was this... huge light in back of us,
and the plane...
stopped dead...
and then it started moving backward toward the light.
l must've blacked out, l...
and l w-woke up here, just now.
That's just the way it was with me.
l was in my truck, heading into town.
l was just about to get onto the blacktop
when this big light come down from the sky--
just about blinded me.
Next thing l know,
the whole truck was lifted up off the ground.
l believe what happened
was that you were abducted by aliens.
And if we can find out how they got you here,
we might all be able to get back to Earth.
l want some real answers now.
l assure you, l am telling the truth.
You-- come on down here
and get those, uh, funny-looking guns of theirs.
get over there with the others.
What is this?
lt's a medical device.
l'm just trying to make sure that everyone is all right.
how do we get out of here?
Chakotay to away team.
Janeway here.
Captain, l'm picking up some energy displacements
on the surface.
l think it may be alien humanoids.
lt looks like they're using
some kind of deflection system to trick our sensors.
l think you'd better get up here.
Who's that talking?
That's Commander Chakotay, on our ship.
Commander, huh?
Now hear this, Commander.
There's a gun pointed
at the lady's head right now, so you call Washington
and you tell them we're holding your people prisoner
and they're not going anywhere
until l personally talk to J. Edgar Hoover.
You've got one hour.
lt seems we're being held hostage, Commander.
l suggest you pay attention to what the gentleman says.
l understand.
Chakotay out.
All security personnel
report to the cargo bay immediately.
The compass isn't working.
l know what we've told you sounds hard to believe,
but there was a time when no one believed
that a woman could fly across the Atlantic.
Now people are able to travel between the stars.
The galaxy is full of many different species.
For instance, this young woman isn't human.
She's an Ocampa.
l've been on expeditions all over the world,
and l've seen people
do all kinds of strange things to their bodies.
That doesn't mean that Martians have invaded Earth.
Actually, it was the other way around.
Mars was colonized by people from Earth in 2103.
That's enough!
All of you just go over there and sit down and keep quiet!
The trinimbic interference has affected
the transporter's targeting scanners.
We can't beam into the chamber, so we'll have to go on foot.
We will deploy throughout the caves,
sealing off any exit from the chamber.
Let's go.
Now is probably not the best time for that, Fred.
Just a little pick-me-up.
He's had a few nips from that flask, Captain.
We could probably rush him, get the gun.
Let me try to talk to Earhart first.
She seems reasonable.
Maybe l can get through to her.
Miss Earhart?
l want you to know
you've always been an inspiration to me.
Because of you, generations of women
have become pilots.
What's your name?
Kathryn Janeway.
l heard the Commander call you Captain.
What exactly do you captain?
The Federation Starship Voyager.
That supposed to mean it flies through space?
That's right.
That isn't possible.
Only in books-- H.G. Wells, Jules Verne.
Maybe if you saw it, you'd think otherwise.
Saw it?
Where is it?
On the surface.
We're actually about 100 meters underground now.
lf you'd come with me to see Voyager,
you'd realize that what we're telling you is true.
And risk a trap.
No, you could have hundreds of reinforcements up there.
l assure you, we have no interest in harming you.
We took you out of stasis to help you.
Put yourself in my shoes, Captain.
lf you were me, would you believe your story?
Maybe not.
Let me tell you some of what happened
after you disappeared over the Pacific.
No trace of you or your plane
was ever found, in spite of a massive search.
Over the years, there was
a lot of speculation about your flight,
including the rumor that it was financed by the government,
and may have been part of an operation
to gather information about the Japanese.
Where did you hear that?
lt's somewhat common knowledge.
You see, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941,
drawing the United States into a massive world war.
ln retrospect, your journey was seen in a different light--
perhaps as part of an intelligence mission
devised by a government deeply concerned
about Japanese war plans.
No one was supposed to know about that.
Maybe not in 1937.
Now, it's part of history.
Hey, l got an idea.
Why don't we stick them in these things--
put them to sleep like we were?
No fuss, no trouble.
Mr. Noonan, that will accomplish nothing.
Please, let us take you to our ship.
You'll see that everything we've told you is true.
Show me how to operate this thing.
Hey, last time l looked, you were working for me...
and l think we should listen to these people.
They just may be telling the truth.
What's the harm in seeing
if maybe they do have this starship?
lt beats being cooped up in here
trying to figure out what happened.
How about it?
Anyone want to come along?
Hey, l wouldn't mind taking a look.
Anyone else?
You're not leaving me behind.
Kes and l will stay with the others, Captain.
lt'll take about ten minutes to get to the surface.
Stay close to us.
Mr. Kim.
What is it?
l am reading energy displacements again--
possibly alien life signs-- 200 meters ahead.
They may be up there.
Take cover!
Get down!
This way.
What's all that racket?
Take cover!
l told you it was a trick!
Janeway to Chakotay.
l'm here, Captain.
We're pinned down.
l can see you from here.
Lay down phaser fire.
l'm going to circle around to your left.
Try to come at them from the rear.
Chakotay to Voyager.
Torres here, Commander.
Can you give us some help down here?
l don't think so.
The targeting scanners are still useless.
l can't risk laying down weapons fire
if l don't know where it's going.
Keeping trying to get them on line!
Aye, Commander.
Hold your fire.
Drop your weapons.
Turn around slowly.
You're not Briori.
No, l'm human.
We're human.
You're working for the Briori.
They have ships like yours.
l'll answer any questions you have,
but first, we must take care of our wounded.
Can we agree to end this?
l'm Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.
John Evansville.
This is my colleague, Karyn Berlin.
Severe trauma to the thoracic cavity,
lacerated carotid artery.
He's not going to make it.
l wouldn't be so sure of that.
Vascular regenerator.
he's not responding to the treatment.
The alcohol level in his blood is so high, it's inhibiting
the repair to his circulatory system.
Attempting to compensate.
l told you your drinking'd kill you one day.
She's right, Doc.
Just let me die in peace.
There's just one thing l want to say to you first...
...even though it's 400 years late.
l love you.
you never said anything.
You're married--
or you were.
l guess he's dead now.
l just wanted you to know before...
before l met my Maker.
That should do it.
Do what?
You're healed.
You mean, l'm not going to die?
Aside from a hangover, you're going to be fine.
Oh, Amelia, you, uh... got to forget what l just told you.
Promise me.
Fred, l already have.
You've taken the 37's.
l'm afraid l don't understand.
You went into the shrine.
You stole the 37's from the sacred altars
and you disturbed the radio signal
that we have been so careful to preserve.
Captain, l think he's talking about Earhart and the others.
Tell me more about the 37's.
Are you one of them?
l'm one of their descendants.
The 37's were brought here over 15 generations ago
by the Briori.
Who are the Briori?
They're an alien race.
They abducted over 300 people from Earth in the year 1937.
Brought them over here, turned them into slaves.
But those slaves revolted,
killed the Briori, took their weapons
and their technology
and survived.
And now, there are over 100,000 of us.
The Briori never came back.
Now, you answer me.
Why did you steal the remaining 37's
from the shrine?
We didn't steal them, we simply revived them.
Revived them? They're dead.
No, they were simply in a state of what we call ''cryostasis.''
That's a form of sleep
that appears very much like death.
Do you mean they're alive?
My people have come to regard the 37's as monuments
to our ancestors.
Nobody has even entered their shrine for generations.
Mr. Evansville, we were hoping
to find the ship that brought your ancestors here--
possibly use it to get back to Earth a little faster.
l'm sorry.
The Briori ship was destroyed in the slave revolt.
There's nothing left.
l'm sorry to hear about your long journey home.
But you should know that life on this planet is good.
We live in three beautiful cities
only 50 miles from here.
Oh, l'd like to see your cities.
And l'd like to show them to you.
How fast?
Warp 9.9.
ln your terms, that's about four billion miles a second.
Think l could take her out for a spin?
Well, uh...
Mr. Evansville has offered to take us on a tour
of the settlements.
He's extended the invitation to the entire crew.
And the 37's, of course.
You're a 37?
l guess you could call me that.
lt would be an honor to show you our cities.
Captain's Log, Stardate 4897 5.1.
Evansville wasn't exaggerating when he said they have
a lot to be proud of here.
lt was an amazing experience,
but it's left me a little disturbed.
Come in.
Here's the damage report you asked for.
Thank you.
ls something wrong, Captain?
You've seemed a little
distracted ever since we came back from the cities.
Weren't you impressed?
A little too impressed.
What do you mean?
There's a thriving
sophisticated culture on this planet-- of human beings.
ln some ways, walking around those cities
was... almost like being back on Earth.
lt was a little eerie.
lt reminded me of home, too.
Evansville has offered to let any of our crew stay.
What will you do about that?
Maybe this is one of those decisions
that the Captain has to make for the entire ship.
You may have a problem if a lot of people want to stay.
l know that.
But at the same time, l can't take a vote
every time there's a major decision to be made.
And yet...
we're a long way from Starfleet
and a lot of the rules and regulations
l've learned to uphold seem distant, as well.
Am l the only one who is so intent on getting home?
ls it just me?
Am l leading the crew on a forlorn mission,
with... no real hope of success?
You're not alone.
l want to get home, too.
And there's not a day that goes by
when l don't hear someone mention Earth.
The people here have built a new Earth.
We could stay,
help them build a human civilization
in the Delta Quadrant.
lsn't that an exciting prospect?
Shouldn't we be grateful for the opportunity
they're giving us?
lt is a tempting prospect.
But when l hold it up against the prospect
of seeing the sunrise over the Arizona desert
or swimming in the Gulf of Mexico on a summer's day,
there's just no comparison.
l want to go home.
We have 152 men and women on this ship.
What happens if half of them decide to stay on the planet?
Could we operate Voyager with 7 5 crew members?
l doubt it.
ln fact, l don't think
we could operate the ship with fewer than 100.
lf too many of the crew choose to stay behind...
we could all be stranded here.
Tell all hands to prepare for an announcement from the Captain
at 1400 hours.
They deserve to make the choice for themselves.
Aye, Captain.
Here we are.
My research on 20th century Earth is a little thin,
but l've done what l can.
Pot roast, green beans
and something called... Jell... O.
You know how to make Jell-O?
l even put in fruit cocktail.
You don't say.
l don't know about the rest of you,
but l've made up my mind.
There is land here that goes begging,
and l could have a big farm, just like l always dreamed.
And for you, rice, with a little fish.
l even replicated some ginger for seasoning.
Very nice.
Thank you.
Yeah, l have to admit--
life here looks a lot better than what we left on Earth.
lt's a paradise by comparison.
And there are many Japanese here.
l could be very happy.
We all could.
l'm just not sure, l...
What about you, Mr. Neelix?
Have you made your decision?
Oh, yes, indeed.
l'm staying right here with Captain Janeway.
She'd be lost without me.
She's come to depend on me a great deal.
What about the rest of the crew?
You think many of them will stay here?
Oh, l don't think so.
At least, not many.
Uh, well, that is, there's a good chance...
Well, now that you ask, l honestly don't know.
You'd stay here on the planet?
l didn't say l was going to.
l just said l could understand why people would want to.
The people here remind me of home.
l haven't felt like that since l left Earth.
But... but you're Starfleet.
You've always wanted a life in space.
l know,
but... my whole life?
On a starship, day after day, with no end in sight?
That's not exactly what l had in mind.
You're not the first person l've heard talk like this.
A lot of people are thinking about staying.
What about you?
Don't you have some of those feelings?
l'd be lying if l said l didn't.
l was told l'd find you here.
Am l intruding?
Not at all.
Please join me.
l wanted you to know that
the group you brought out of stasis--
we've all decided to stay here on the planet.
l understand.
l must admit, the thought of traveling through space--
maybe even learning to fly this ship--
was very appealing to me.
And l'd looked forward to getting to know you better.
l suspect we have a lot in common.
At first, l didn't know what to do.
We talked about it for quite some time.
Finally, l realized the people here on this planet
are part of us.
We're their ancestors, in a way.
Well, it made us feel close to them.
The remarkable thing about the humans on this planet
is that they evolved very much like the people on Earth.
Tens of thousands of light-years apart,
both civilizations managed to create a world
they could be proud of--
one where war and poverty simply don't exist.
l certainly can't blame you for wanting to be part of it,
any more than l can blame members of my crew
if they make the same decision.
When will you find out?
ln half an hour.
Anyone who wants to stay behind
is to report to the cargo bay at 1500 hours.
l expect Jarvin will stay on the planet.
ln fact, l'd bet on it.
Why Jarvin?
He's been more uncomfortable about being on a Starfleet ship
than most of the Maquis.
And he's gotten involved
with a young woman in Quantum Mechanics.
l think they'd like to settle down, raise a family.
The person l expect to see is Baxter.
Baxter? Walter Baxter?
He's adventurous, a risk-taker.
l can see him wanting to take on the challenge
of building a new life on this planet.
l'd hate to lose Baxter.
He's a good man.
l'd hate to lose Jarvin.
l don't want to lose anyone.
We've all been through so much together,
it just wouldn't seem right.
But l couldn't blame anyone--
anyone-- for staying behind.
l'm not sure l want to go in.
No matter what happens, we'll make it.
Remember that.
Captain on the Bridge.
All stations, prepare for departure.
Condition Blue, Mr. Tuvok.
Ms. Torres, antigrav thrusters on line.
Thrusters enabled.
Mr. Paris,
inertial dampers to flight configuration.
lmpulse drive to standby.
Yes, ma'am.
All stations report ready, Captain.
Then let's do it.
Take us up.

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