First Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 49005.3.
The Captain has granted me the use of a shuttlecraft
so that l may perform the pakra-- a solitary ritual
commemorating the anniversary of my father's death.
l pray on this day of memories
to speak to my father--
the one whom the wind called... Kolopak.
Though l am far from his bones,
perhaps there is a spirit in these unnamed skies
who will find him and honor him with my song.
There. You see?
We should teach them the price
of displaying their markings in our space.
l'll go.
Let Kar do it this time.
He's not ready.
He thinks he is.
He's been demanding a chance for weeks
to earn his name.
Do you really believe he could do this?
Can you honestly say you knew you were ready
for your first mission, Haliz?
Tell him.
Tell him today is the day he will finally be called Ogla.
Computer, report.
The shuttlecraft has sustained phaser fire.
Minor damage to aft shields.
A Kazon spacecraft, closing at 195, mark 6.
Computer, open a channel to the Kazon vessel.
This is Commander Chakotay
of the Federation Starship Voyager.
Why have you fired on me?
You are in Kazon-Ogla space, Federation.
l wasn't aware of that.
l have no hostile intentions.
Power down your weapons and l'll leave.
No one who violates Ogla space leaves.
Look, son, my starship is only a few light-years away.
l am not your son, Federation.
l am your executioner.
Chakotay to Kazon vessel.
Listen carefully.
l do not want a fight.
Stand down, or l'll be forced to return fire.
Chakotay to Kazon vessel.
l have established
a direct weapons lock on your engine core.
This is my final warning.
lf you don't stand down, l will destroy your ship.
All right.
lf that's the way you want to play it.
Chakotay to Kazon vessel. Do you read me?
Computer, are there any life signs
inside the Kazon vessel?
Affirmative. One life sign.
Kazon ship, your engine core is critical.
You have less than 30 seconds to evacuate.
Do you read me?
lf you have an escape pod, you must eject now.
establish a transporter lock on the life-form.
Acknowledged. Targeting scanners.
Prepare to beam him aboard.
Scanners locked.
Chakotay to Voyager.
Chakotay to Voyager.
Computer, damage report.
Long-range communications, lateral sensor array
and aft shields are off-line.
Welcome aboard.
lt's not that l feel
that l'm not making contributions
as chef and morale officer.
You're making significant contributions, Neelix.
Well, if you insist, but...
l can't imagine how Lieutenant Ayala
would be handling the separation from his children without you.
He misses his boys terribly.
l wish l could do more for him.
And your meals are getting to be...
Almost certainly...
a highlight of every day.
Oh, Captain!
You always know how to touch one's heart.
Thank you.
When l signed on,
l promised you that...
l promised you that l would stand by your side
through every danger this Quadrant has to offer--
as guide, as strategist, as explorer, as adventurer...
l feel...
l can swashbuckle with the best of them.
You weren't invited
to the holodeck defense simulations, were you?
Captain, you are needed on the Bridge.
On my way.
l'll see to it you're invited next time.
And now, Mr. Neelix, please-- join me on the Bridge.
Yes, sir.
Ma'am... Captain.
We are ready to depart.
However, Commander Chakotay has still not returned.
Have you tried hailing him?
On all frequencies. No response.
When was the last time we heard from him?
More than six hours ago.
Well, according to his flight plan, he's not far.
We'll just have to go get him.
l want all away teams back on board now.
Mr. Paris, plot a course
for Chakotay's last known coordinates.
Aye, Captain.
What am l doing here?
You're welcome.
lt's a human expression.
You thank me for saving your life, l say,
''You're welcome.''
l accept your surrender.
l promise you, as soon as we get back to Voyager,
we'll find a Kazon ship and hand you over to them.
You should have let me die.
l'm not in the habit of killing children.
Warning. Alien vessel approaching at 022 mark 8.
What's your name, son?
Your name?
Why do you want to know my name?
l want to let them know you're on board.
l'm called Kar.
Computer, open a channel.
Kazon vessel, l have
a young man on board you might know.
He goes by the name of Kar.
l'd say he's about 13.
l'd like to arrange for his transfer
before l return to my ship.
Computer, confirm channel is open.
Confirmed. Transmission has been received.
Talk to them. Tell them you're okay.
Warning. Kazon vessel has engaged a tractor beam.
Full reverse.
Unable to comply.
Tractor force exceeds available engine power.
They're pulling us in.
Kill me.
Why are you so eager for me to kill you?
Because there are worse things than being killed by your enemy.
Look, if you check your long-range sensors,
you'll find a big ship out there.
lt's called Voyager,
and by now, it's on its way to find me.
l told Razik you weren't ready.
l have a fair idea of why l'm here,
but why are they doing this to you?
l was ready, Haliz.
Ready to kill or die.
l felt the flames touch my skin.
Go back in, Kar.
lt was this fool--
this... Federation,
who doesn't even have the courage to kill his enemies.
He pulled me out
with that transporter we've heard about.
Like the Nistrim and the Relora before you...
you come into our space,
showing off your uniforms
and displaying the markings of your... Federation
with no respect, as if you own this part of space.
But it belongs to us!
l tried to kill him, Haliz!
l want to see Razik.
Tell Razik l demand to see him.
Who's Razik?
You tell this Razik
that Federation Commander Chakotay demands to see him.
What are you doing?
Razik is obviously your leader.
l'm hoping if he's strong enough to be in command,
he's wise enough to listen to reason.
You see this?
This is debris from a Nistrim frigate.
The man you are demanding to see destroyed it,
killing more than 100 in a single shot.
Before that, his name was only Ra.
Now he is called Jal Razik.
And this tunic belonged to a Relora warrior.
He was killed by the bare hands
of another Ogla, called only Hali.
Now that man is called Jal Haliz,
one of our greatest fighters.
And this bracelet belonged
to the man who killed my brother.
My brother, Jal Kinell...
who earned his Ogla name by dying bravely in battle.
But l... l will never earn my name in life or in death,
and l have you to thank for that.
We're approaching Chakotay's last known coordinates, Captain.
All stop. Full sensor scan, Mr. Kim.
l'm picking up floating debris
composed of duranium, magnesite and electroceramics.
Also heavy traces of carbon residue.
Bridge to Engineering.
Prepare to receive debris samples for analysis.
Aye, Captain.
Transport complete.
Captain, l am detecting
an ion trail leading away from this location.
Chakotay's shuttle?
The signature of the radiation is not consistent
with Federation propulsion systems.
So what are we saying here?
That someone blew up Chakotay's shuttle and then took off?
That's speculation, Mr. Paris,
but that trail's the only clue we have
to Chakotay's whereabouts.
Laying in a course.
Hello, Kar.
l never thought l would see you like this.
lt was not my fault.
lt was his technology.
Don't make excuses, Kar.
An Ogla has no room for excuses.
No. No excuses.
l forgive you.
Know that in your heart.
No, please...
You will eat at my right hand tonight.
Why did you save him?
lt's a very ineffective way of waging war.
l'm not at war with you.
l wish l could say the same.
We're not familiar with this part of space.
lf l'd seen a map identifying this as Kazon-Ogla territory,
l wouldn't have been anywhere near it.
Unfortunately, our territorial claims change every day.
Maps do not serve us well.
You did him a great disservice, you know.
l guess if he had killed me,
my uniform would have made you all a fine trophy.
Your uniform may yet decorate our wall.
You may not think you're at war with us,
Federation Commander Chakotay,
but everything you are is a threat to us.
The Kazon fought long and hard
for their independence from uniforms like yours.
Uniforms, maybe, but not like mine.
Your uniforms, your laws, your technology.
You are not welcome here.
Get him something to eat.
The execution is tonight.
Most of the debris we've examined
is composed of a polyduranide alloy,
which isn't used in the construction
of Federation spacecraft.
So it wasn't Chakotay's shuttle that was destroyed.
This ship was Kazon.
You get them involved young, Haliz.
As soon as they're old enough
to protect their younger siblings.
So they brought you here to see your first human.
Take a good look--
you won't see any hate in my eyes.
l'm a gentle man
from a gentle people who wish you no harm.
That's enough!
l know you'd like them to hate me, Razik,
but l want their first impression of humans
to be a good one.
You've been brought here
to learn what it means to be a Kazon male.
You all know Kar.
You've learned to fight together, haven't you?
Kar was sent to kill this man to earn his Ogla name,
but Kar failed
and will not earn his name even in death.
Who would be willing to kill the human?
So much for first impressions, Federation.
l'm proud of you.
Each will get your chance someday.
But that's not what we're here for today.
We are here to learn the price of failure in battle.
Take it.
What for?
So that you can kill Kar
as you should have done in battle.
You want me to kill a child in front of other children.
What would it accomplish?
lt will teach these little boys an important lesson.
And after you do that, you'll be free to go.
You may think l want your friend Kar to die,
but you'd be wrong.
l've seen too many Ogla die at the hands of our enemies.
That is why you must learn there are
no second chances in battle.
That is why Kar must die.
lf l refuse?
l'll be needing my shuttle back.
Do you really think you can escape us
in that little vessel of yours?
That's a chance l'm willing to take.
What about you?
Let the coward run.
Prepare his shuttle.
Want to come?
There doesn't seem to be much of a future for you here.
He'd rather die
than run like a Calogan dog with you, Federation.
lf l stay here, l'll die without a name,
and Razik taught me only cowards die without a name.
You won't find your name
running after the Federation, Kar.
Maybe not.
But that's a chance l'm willing to take.
l'll show you how to disable the weapon systems.
Will Razik be all right?
Don't worry. He's only stunned.
Didn't take them long
to get those weapons back on line, did it?
Computer, prepare to go to warp.
No. Their ship is much clumsier at lower speeds.
We should try to outmaneuver them.
You're the boss.
lnitiate evasive pattern theta two, full impulse.
l can give you the shield frequencies of their ship.
We could hit them back easily.
lt may mean something to you to die a violent death,
but l'd like to get out of this without killing or being killed.
You'd rather die in your sleep, a wrinkled old man?
Sounds about right.
Computer, damage report.
Aft shields at 63 percent.
We're not going to make it like this.
Computer, scan for an M-Class atmosphere.
There is an M-Class moon at bearing 108, mark 18.
Distance 1.9 million kilometers.
That's Tarok,
where the Ogla conduct training exercises.
Anybody training there now?
Computer, lay in a course to the moon.
Evasive pattern omega one.
Maximum impulse.
Warning. Aft shields have been penetrated.
Hull breach is imminent.
Computer, prepare for long-range transport.
Two to beam to the surface.
Transport is not recommended.
The moon is out of safety range.
Captain, the ion trail is beginning to dissipate.
All stop.
l'm picking up debris again.
More duranium, magnesite, carbon residue...
lt's the remnants of another ship.
Bridge to Engineering.
Lieutenant Torres, prepare to receive another debris sample.
Transport underway.
Torres to Bridge. Sample received.
Let me know when you've got something, B'Elanna.
l've got something right now.
lt's a piece of Chakotay's shuttle.
lt worked?
The computer said
that transport wasn't recommended.
Didn't say it was impossible.
With any luck,
Razik will think we didn't survive the explosion.
Then maybe you'll get your name for dying in battle.
ln battle?!
That wasn't a battle!
We didn't even shoot back.
And now, l'm stranded here.
With you.
Yes, you're stranded here with me.
And l'm stranded here with you,
because for some reason that escapes me at the moment,
l keep saving your life.
Now if you want to hate me for that, fine,
but l'd really appreciate it if you kept it to yourself.
-You... -To yourself!
First thing we've got to do is find some shelter
and get out of this heat.
Any suggestions?
l think we're finally beginning to understand each other.
You don't know what you're doing.
What did l just say?
Get down.
What the hell was that?
A proton beam.
They're hidden everywhere,
along with biomagnetic traps and disrupter snares.
l told you.
The Ogla train on this moon.
l was here myself last year with Razik.
So l guess you know your way around.
l know that you're in my territory,
and if you want to live to become that wrinkled old man,
you're going to have to do what l say.
Well, it looks like you just saved my life.
Twice more and we'll be even.
l finished analyzing the shuttle debris
and l found no evidence of human remains.
Then it's possible Chakotay wasn't killed in the explosion.
That is correct.
That's the first good news l've heard all day.
Thank you, Doctor.
My pleasure.
Now, would you mind having someone transport this junk
to the cargo bay?
lt's cluttering up my lab.
Of course, Doctor.
All right then, if Commander Chakotay
wasn't in the shuttle, where is he?
From the dispersal pattern of the debris,
we've been able to extrapolate Chakotay's course
prior to the explosion.
lt appears he was heading
for an M-Class moon in this system.
And we found a residual energy displacement
within the debris field
that isn't consistent with the explosion itself.
You think he may have transported to that moon.
We tried to scan the surface,
but there is intense radiothermic interference.
lt appears to be coming
from subterranean energy sources--
several carefully concealed weapon systems-- phaser banks,
force fields, proton dischargers.
When they captured me,
l saw how they concealed their weaponry.
l believe you call them ''booby traps.''
Then this moon is some kind of Kazon fortification.
Or it may simply be a training site.
For the Kazon, live ammunition
is a very effective teaching tool.
ln the absence of evidence to the contrary
l choose to believe Chakotay made it to that moon.
Mr. Kim, see if you can determine
the most probable location he would've beamed to.
Lieutenant, you and l will lead the away team.
As you wish, Captain, but l must point out
that due to radiothermic interference,
we will not be able to communicate with the ship.
l'm already working on a dampening field
to cut through the interference,
but it'll take several hours at least.
l don't want to wait that long, but keep trying.
Neelix, Kes, you are our two Kazon experts.
Kes, you'll come with Tuvok and me.
Neelix, you said you wanted more to do.
Well, now's your chance.
l want you on the Bridge with Mr. Paris,
in case we run into any Kazon ships.
Don't worry, Captain.
You can count on me
to keep those nefarious Kazon at bay.
What are you doing?
l'm setting my tricorder to emit a homing signal.
What for?
So when my people show up,
they'll know where to look for me.
They won't come.
They'll think you're dead.
They're very persistent.
l'm betting they haven't given up on me.
Well, maybe l should kill you
and steal your technology
and deliver it to my people.
Then they'd have to give me my name.
You just won't give up, will you?
You won't stop me from earning my name, Federation.
Not Federation-- Chakotay.
That's my name.
Did you have to earn it?
No, not exactly.
Then your name means nothing.
My name was a gift...
from my tribe.
l cherish it every day of my life.
Just as l cherish the Federation uniform.
l should respect you because you wear that uniform.
Your name, my uniform--
not much difference.
We both have to earn them.
What did you have to do to earn your uniform?
Years of study.
Learning about science and ships and navigation.
l suppose they don't expect you to prove your battle skills.
No. They prepared us to defend ourselves in battle.
They prepared us very well,
and we had to pass many difficult tests
before we were given the right to wear the uniform.
You're saying that my name and your uniform
mean the same thing.
But you're wrong.
What's so different about us?
Aside from the fact that l keep saving your life,
and you keep threatening to kill me?
l must protect my territory.
Territory is power.
Let me tell you something.
l have no interest in your territory
or anybody else's.
My people taught me
a man does not own land.
He doesn't own anything
but the courage and loyalty in his heart.
That's where my power comes from.
l think we both could use some sleep, don't you?
l've got a Kazon raider approaching
at bearing 288 mark 9.
On screen.
Open a channel.
l'm Lieutenant Tom Paris of the Starship Voyager.
Jal Razik, first maje of the Kazon-Ogla.
l will speak to your Captain.
l'm in command right now, so you can speak to me.
You are trespassing in Ogla space.
Why do you orbit our moon?
Just stopped to make a few repairs.
We'll be on our way in no time.
That is a lie.
You are here looking for your Commander Chakotay.
Now, how would you know about that?
Quite simply.
We killed him.
Under what circumstances?
He kidnapped a young man.
During his escape,
it became necessary to destroy his ship.
No doubt you've found the remains.
So l suggest you depart immediately.
Thanks for the advice.
What a most unusual offer.
A Kazon-Ogla maje
allowing a trespasser to leave his space unharmed.
What would the other Kazon say
about this new merciful attitude of the Ogla?
Don't tempt me, Talaxian.
l would just as soon open fire.
Would you?
No, l don't think so.
That would attract every rival Kazon sect
to your secret training base, wouldn't it?
Now, l know your ships, Maje.
l even sold a few Plaxan sensors to the Ogla a few years back.
l have no doubt
that you read the same life signs
on that moon that we have.
Perhaps one of those life signs belongs to your Captain.
lf you've detected the extensive weaponry
deployed on the moon, know this.
With one remote command, l can cause that weaponry
to self-destruct, destroying the surface of the moon
and everyone on it.
Neither of us wants that, do we?
Think of the cost of replacing all those weapons.
Awfully hard to come by in this region.
And it would make you so vulnerable to your enemies.
We'll leave as soon as we've retrieved
our crewmen-- all of them,
including Chakotay, if he's alive.
And if one of your people is with him,
he'll be returned to you.
They're moving into a lower orbit.
Looks like they're intending to enter the atmosphere.
l need communication with the surface, B'Elanna,
and soon.
l still haven't been able to get the dampening field working.
l can't even give you an estimate.
Should we take Voyager down?
l've already run a soil analysis.
The surface won't support a landing.
Then l guess the Captain's going to be greeted
by some unexpected visitors.
At least we bought her some time.
Good morning.
How did you sleep?
You seemed a little restless to me.
What do you mean?
All that skulking around, throwing things.
You were awake?
You think l'm going to get much sleep
around an Ogla warrior who's threatened to kill me?
Why didn't you go through with it?
l am a coward.
l don't believe that.
l don't believe you do, either.
l think maybe you're beginning to realize l'm not your enemy,
and only a fool would kill a friend.
lf you are my friend...
then you're my only one.
What happens to me now?
Where do l go?
Would any other Kazon sect accept you?
l would be a goven, an outcast.
Each Kazon sect l meet would cut one digit off,
send me away.
How many Kazon sects are there?
lt changes every day.
Yesterday, there were 18.
l guess you could come with us.
To do what? Dress in a uniform?
You wouldn't have to wear a uniform.
And the closer you get to your home,
the farther l would be from mine.
lf only you had killed me.
Captain, four life-forms approaching.
40 meters.
They appear to be Kazon.
Please, put your weapons away. We've come to help you.
Help us?
With what?
We made contact with your ship
and learned of the plight of your missing crewman.
We've come to offer our assistance in finding him.
That's very kind of you.
You're walking on very dangerous ground.
There are concealed weapons everywhere.
Come. We will lead you through them.
Very well.
Tell me about the other uniforms--
the ones the Kazon fought.
The Trabe.
The Kazon shared their homeworld--
if you can call it sharing.
They had everything; we had nothing.
Until we took it from them in the revolt 26 years ago.
What is it?
People coming this way.
Humans and Kazon.
What are we going to do?
There's only one way back to the Ogla for you
and that's if you earn your name.
So l guess that's what you'll have to do.
But how?
You're going to have to kill me.
The signal seems to be coming from some caves
approximately 40 meters ahead.
Your technology continues to amaze us.
lt would have taken us weeks to track them.
After this is over, we have to discuss an alliance.
l would welcome your friendship, Maje.
Captain Janeway, l'm reading
elevated... radiothermic levels here.
The Ocampa female is correct.
This is a particularly dangerous place.
We lose many trainees here.
Perhaps you would prefer if we proceeded alone.
They can't be far now.
Thanks, but l think we'll stick together.
Voyager to away team.
We're here, Mr. Paris.
We finally broke through the interference, Captain.
Are you all right?
We had a run-in...
Everything is fine.
We have the assistance of the Ogla.
That's what l was going to tell you to expect.
Can you lock on to Commander Chakotay?
Stand by.
Voyager to Chakotay. Do you read?
l'm fine, Paris.
Stand by for us to beam you out of there.
Belay that, Voyager. Stand by.
According to my readings,
the away team's only 50 meters away.
Right, but don't...
And alert Sick Bay to prepare for a Code White resuscitation.
Did you say ''Code White''?
l don't have time to explain now.
Chakotay out.
lt'll be all right.
Our technology can revive me
even if l'm brain-dead for two minutes.
Why are you doing this?
Like you said,
it's my fault you don't have your name.
l can't leave you behind like this.
Chakotay to away team.
Good to hear your voice, Commander.
Captain, proceed with caution.
l have been taken prisoner by a young Kazon.
He's threatening to kill me.
This way.
lt's safer.
l would beg to differ.
Based on these readings, that way
would seem the logical choice.
l must apologize for my comrade.
l believe he's trying to mislead you.
So your technology is not always an ally.
Sometimes it betrays you-- pity.
l'm afraid you would not score well
in our training exercises.
Away team to Voyager.
Captain, that panel is a micro-generator.
You're right.
lf we can get a narrow beam
through the field, we can disable it.
We could try remodulating the phasers
to a higher-frequency output.
Make it fast.
l've been waiting for you, Razik.
So, the Federation Commander is your prisoner.
l only came with him
so l could have another chance to kill him.
So you could earn your name.
That's what l've been hoping for, Razik.
But you taught me well.
l know what you're going to say.
You've said it so many times before.
ln battle, there are no second chances.
But you are not my enemy.
He is.
My name is Jal Karden, Kazon-Ogla.
You are first maje now, Haliz.
My life is yours.
Kill me if you wish,
or let me live and l will follow you into battle
whenever you command.
Jal Karden.
The Federation does not belong here.
lf we meet again, l will not hesitate to kill you.
l understand.
Janeway to Voyager.
Five to beam up.
l pray on this day of memories
to speak to my father--
the one whom the wind called Kolopak.
Father, if you can hear me among these unnamed stars,
l ask you to continue to watch over me
as you've always done.
l ask you also to watch over a boy called Karden,
who has a difficult path to travel.

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