Anybody here?
-Surprise! -Surprise!
Happy birthday, my sweet.
Happy birthday, Kes.
Two years old today.
lf you ask me, you don't look a day over one.
Why was everyone hiding?
Oh, it's an old earth custom called a surprise party.
Sorry if we startled you.
No, l liked it.
lt was very exhilarating.
Now, how about a glass of my special birthday punch?
On the rocks or straight up?
Doctor, l'm so glad you're here.
My new bartender.
Handsome, isn't he?
l'm here in an official capacity, of course--
in case of a medical emergency.
Surprises have been known
to cause acute hyperventilation, esophageal spasms
and in extreme cases, even coronary arrest.
One can never be too careful.
l've completed the sensor diagnostic, Lieutenant.
All systems are fully operational.
Very good, Ensign.
And l've recalibrated the accelerometer relays.
ls there anything else l can do for you, sir?
l presume this notable impatience
is due to your desire to attend the festivities
in Holodeck 2.
Yes, sir.
May l remind you that your duty shift
does not officially terminate for another 34 minutes.
However, l believe the holodeck power conduits
would benefit from a routine inspection.
Yes, sir, l'll get right on it.
All stop.
Mr. Kim.
What is that?
l'm afraid that holodeck inspection
will have to wait, Ensign.
Wait till you taste this cake.
Seven layers of Jimbalian fudge,
and the icing is made from pureed l'maki nuts--
Kes' favorite.
Now make a wish and blow out the candles.
Well, what do l wish for?
Anything your petite coeur desires, ma chérie,
and with a figure like hers, she'll probably get it, too.
Okay, l wish for...
Don't tell us.
The wish has to be a secret if it's going to come true.
l hate to interrupt this tender little moment, Tommy boy,
but don't you think it's about time we shot a rack?
ln a minute.
Birthday gifts are also an Earth tradition.
Oh, thank you, Tom.
You didn't have to.
Hey, who am l to fly in the face of tradition?
Tom, it's beautiful.
lt must have cost you a week's worth of replicator rations.
Two weeks, actually, but who's counting?
l'm just glad you like it.
May l?
Oh. lt's lovely.
You see, it's a locket.
You put little photographs in here.
lt keeps the people you love close to your heart.
Thank you.
Did you see that?
See what?
he did a lovely wrapping job, don't you think?
Bridge to Janeway.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.
Captain, we've encountered an unusual phenomenon...
phenomenon... phenomenon...
phenomenon... phenomenon...
phenomenon... phenomenon... phenomenon...
Phenomenon... phenomenon...
What is going on, Lieutenant?
lt might simply be a localized malfunction,
but l've never heard anything like it.
My guess is...
lt's a problem with the com system itself.
Janeway to Bridge.
Get down to Engineering and run a diagnostic.
l'm afraid we're going to have to cut your party short, Kes.
Stations, everyone. Let's move.
what about the Jimbalian fudge cake?
Save me a slice, won't you?
These readings indicate the space ahead of us
is literally changing shape.
A best guess is it's some type of spatial distortion wave.
ls the anomaly responsible for the com system malfunction?
l think so.
lt's generating intense pulses of EM radiation,
and if we don't
it's going to intercept us in less than ten minutes.
Acknowledged. Full reverse, Ensign.
Aye, sir.
We can't go backwards, either, Mr. Tuvok.
The distortion has completely surrounded us, like a ring.
lf we cannot go around it,
then we will have to go through it.
There's no telling what that would do to the ship.
From what you have told me, Ensign,
the distortion ring will make contact with us momentarily
whether we attempt to pass through it or not.
l prefer to minimize the amount of time that contact lasts.
Shields at maximum.
Warp 3. Engage.
The distortion ring has collapsed the warp field.
Engines are off-line.
Find the Captain and inform her of our status.
Yes, sir.
Ensign Kim, l've been trying to report a problem in the gym,
but the com system seems to be down.
We've encountered a spatial distortion.
lt's knocked out several systems.
Maybe that explains why the gym got so cold.
Well, l didn't notice it at first,
l was working out so hard.
Then l realized it was under 10 degrees C.
The environmental controls didn't respond to my commands
and neither did the com system.
Engines are off-line, too.
l'm looking for the Captain to let her know what's going on.
Should l report to my duty station?
Might not be a bad idea.
Until we find out exactly what's going on,
everybody should be on standby.
l'll round up my security team.
The first thing l want to do when we get to the Bridge
is establish a remote com link to Engineering.
l want to know exactly what's going on.
Aye, Captain.
Where are we?
Deck 4.
lf the com system's malfunctioning,
the computer could be misreading our voice commands.
That might explain why it took us here instead of the Bridge.
We'd better try setting the controls manually.
Did you enjoy your first surprise party, sweeting?
lt was wonderful. Thank you.
l thought you'd like it-- the cake, the presents.
What was your favorite part?
l suppose what l liked best
was that all my friends were there.
Ah, that was nice, wasn't it?
And don't forget that beautiful necklace
Tom Paris gave you.
Do you really like it?
Oh, why wouldn't l like it?
Paris obviously has excellent taste.
l was afraid you might be a little jealous.
Who, me?
Oh, don't be silly.
Are you sure?
You, my dearest, have seen the last
of that green-eyed pus hog called jealousy.
l'm glad.
Of course, Paris did replicate that locket,
whereas l baked the Jimbalian fudge cake from scratch.
These aren't my quarters.
Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?
l was just following you.
ls everything all right, Lieutenant?
This isn't Engineering.
And have someone take a look
at the turbolift voice receptors, Commander.
Aye, Captain.
This is Engineering.
What's going on here?
Looks like we're dealing
with more than just a com system malfunction.
Computer, Bridge.
Baxter, what are you doing here?
l wish l knew.
l'm trying to get to the cargo bay.
And l'm trying to get to Engineering.
l can't find the cargo bay,
and l can't find my security team.
l've been wandering around for about ten minutes.
Well, at least l know l'm not crazy...
unless we both are.
No. Something very strange is going on.
Ensign Kim said we had encountered a spatial
Did he say what kind?
No, and he went to find the Captain.
The Captain is on her way to the Bridge,
but if she's having the same trouble we are,
-who knows if she can get there. -Yeah.
l'm going to keep trying to get to Engineering.
Good luck.
The holodeck again.
This is infuriating.
Ah, stop playing games, mon chéri.
l know why you keep coming back to work
even though your bartending shift is over.
lt's to see me, of course.
How many times do l have to tell you, madam?
-Oh! -l am a doctor, not a bartender.
Of course, you are.
Ensign Kim.
l was just, uh...
Playing doctor.
The Captain and the others went to investigate
the phenomenon Mr. Tuvok reported.
So all of you heard his report before the com system failed?
Only a fraction of it.
Well, l'm sure Tuvok's filled them in with the rest by now.
What are you still doing on the holodeck, besides
playing doctor, that is?
For your information, l have been attempting
to transfer myself back to Sick Bay,
but each time l try, l reappear here.
That's strange.
Not to mention extremely irritating.
l can't seem to shut down Mr. Paris'
holo-program either.
Computer, end holodeck program Paris 3.
Computer, arch.
Either the holo-emitters are malfunctioning,
or the computer's not accepting voice commands.
l'm sorry, Doctor,
l don't have time to help you right now.
-Wait just a minute. -Hmm?
Where do you think you're going?
l've got to get back to the Bridge.
We're in the middle of a crisis.
All the more reason l should be back in Sick Bay.
l'm sure that the Captain and the others
will be able to do without you for a few more minutes.
l guess you're right.
l'll have a look at the holo-controls.
Kyoto's quarters.
None of those are anywhere near my quarters.
This is Deck 8.
That's where your quarters are.
But Hargrove and Ayala are on Deck 7.
Nicoletti is on 4,
and l think Kyoto is on 6.
How do you know where everyone's quarters are?
l just remember.
Remember from what?
Have you been in all their quarters?
Of course not.
The point is, those quarters can't all be on the same deck.
Well, see for yourself.
This can't be.
Perhaps, sweeting, your memory isn't as reliable as you think.
This is impossible.
l know Hargrove is on 7.
Why Hargrove?
Why are you so sure about Hargrove's quarters?
What makes him... so special?
He's not special.
l just remember where his quarters are.
This way.
lt has to be this way.
B'Elanna, shouldn't you be in Engineering?
What are you doing here?
Just answer one question, Starfleet.
Where is here?
Where am l?
Outside Holodeck 2.
Are you feeling okay?
l have been walking in circles for the past 20 minutes
trying to get to Engineering.
Kes, my sweet, you have many wonderful attributes.
Your sense of direction is not one of them. l...
Oh, uh, Harry, B'Elanna, maybe you can help us.
l know you'll find this hard to believe,
but we can't seem to find Kes' quarters.
l don't suppose
anyone here knows the way to the Bridge?
Let me get this straight--
this distortion ring has completely immobilized us.
We have no means of communication
with the Bridge or any other part of the ship,
and no matter where any of us have tried to go--
the Bridge, Engineering, Kes' quarters--
we've all eventually ended up here.
Right back at Deck 6.
The Bridge is on Deck 1. Engineering is on Deck 1 1.
Deck 6 is halfway in between, right?
So, if we're being surrounded by this ring,
maybe it's pushing us all to the center of the ship.
But it's not just that we're being led back here.
l mean, rooms are in the wrong place.
ls it possible that this distortion ring
is somehow changing the layout of the ship?
There is another possibility.
Exposure to some types of EM radiation
has been known to cause hallucinations.
Perhaps it's not the ship that's undergone changes
but rather your perception of it.
Unfortunately, without my medical equipment
to analyze your optic nerves, there's no way to tell.
We'll never figure it out sitting here.
We need more information about this phenomenon--
sensor readings, computer analyses.
We have to find a way back to the Bridge.
lf we can't get back on foot or on the turbolift,
maybe we can rig a site-to-site transport--
beam ourselves to the Bridge.
We'd have to get to a transporter room first.
Or to Engineering.
Wherever that is.
When we tried to go to the Bridge,
one of the places the turbolift took us was Engineering.
Maybe if we repeat our steps, it'll take us back there.
lt's worth a shot.
Lieutenant Paris, you're with Torres.
Maybe we can get to the Bridge through a Jefferies tube.
lf l remember my ship specs correctly,
there should be an emergency access conduit
which leads directly from this deck
to Deck 1, right behind the Bridge.
l'd like to keep trying to get to the Bridge on foot.
lf the ship has been reconfigured somehow, l can get
a deck-by-deck picture of what it looks like as l go.
What's going to keep you from getting lost?
l'll get a tricorder from the storage locker,
rig it to emit a photoplasmic trail.
We should all get tricorders.
Set them on active scan,
gather as much information as we can
about what's happening to the ship.
May l request that Kes
be allowed to stay here with me?
Besides helping stave off
the predatory advances of that... woman,
she may be able to help me find a way
to transfer myself back to Sick Bay.
And, uh, l'll assist Commander Chakotay, Captain.
As you may have heard,
my tracking skills are legendary throughout the quadrant.
That all right with you, Commander?
Mr. Kim, l'm with you.
Let's do it.
Be careful.
Are you sure this is how you got there before?
Relax, will you?
So far, we're right on schedule.
The next stop should be...
...Voila. Engineering.
Finally. Let's get to work.
We've got an emergency situation on board ship.
l don't have time to go into details,
but you're all to remain at your posts
until otherwise notified,
whether or not your duty shifts are over.
Ensign, prepare to configure transporter systems
for a site-to-site transport.
l've got to reset the pattern buffer controls.
ln the meantime,
why don't you check the targeting scanners?
there's a-an emergency situation aboard ship.
Just... stay right where you are.
That's an order.
l think you handled that very well, Lieutenant.
Commander, l would imagine
you've had some experience with women.
Oh, come now! Ha!
A... a... a handsome man like you.
l bet women find you irresistible.
Neelix, what's this about?
um... uh...
have you... uh...
have you... ever been jealous?
Of course.
You have?
l imagine most people who have been in love
have been jealous at one time or another.
l see!
l-lt's a perfectly normal response.
Then why... why is it so unpleasant?
Jealousy's about the fear of losing someone we love.
There's no pain greater than that.
are you afraid you're going to lose Kes to someone?
l mean, l-l-l don't think so.
At least, l certainly hope not.
l-l... l just can't seem to stop
these awful feelings.
Nothing makes us more vulnerable than when we love someone.
We can be hurt very easily.
But l've always believed
that what you get when you love someone
is greater than what you risk.
Commander, am l ever glad to see you.
Do you have any idea what's going on?
Not exactly.
Well, l feel like l've been wandering around for hours.
l can't find the cargo bay.
Have you seen anyone else? Any more of the crew?
Some people roaming around like me.
A couple of times l wound up in the Mess Hall.
There were quite a few people there.
l suggest you make your way back.
Tell everyone you run into to come with you,
and all of you stay put in the Mess Hall.
When we figure out
what's going on, we'll let you know.
Aye, Commander.
Tuvok, what are you doing here?
That is an interesting question, Commander.
l am not certain how l arrived at this location.
You're lost, too.
When l received no word from you or the Captain,
l left Lieutenant Ayala in command
and came to look for you myself.
Can you lead us back to the Bridge?
l do not believe so.
When l first realized l was lost,
l attempted to retrace my steps,
only to find myself here.
None of us has been able to reach the Bridge.
ln fact, Neelix and l can't seem to get off Deck 6.
Strange. l thought we were on Deck 3.
What was our status when you left the Bridge?
The ring has penetrated our shields
and is now in direct contact with the hull.
Then maybe it is possible the distortions
are somehow reconfiguring the ship.
As improbable as it sounds,
that would appear to be the case.
Neelix, let's go.
l don't understand it.
We should have found the hatch to the Bridge ten minutes ago.
l feel like we're crawling in circles.
But we haven't--
at least not according to this tricorder.
What is it?
A very faint electromagnetic reading.
Now it's gone.
There it is from another direction.
Yeah, l'm getting it, too.
lt comes and goes.
Jumps from place to place.
Could it be evidence of the ship's reconfiguration?
We'll have to compare this data with readings the others get.
Yes, ma'am?
l just want you to know...
you've been one of the bright spots
of this whole mission.
You've exceeded any expectations l might have had of you.
Thank you, Captain.
l... l appreciate that.
Wait a minute.
Down there.
l think that's the conduit leading to the Bridge.
Good work.
Maybe now we'll get some answers.
That's the hatch, Captain.
This should let us out in the cargo hold
directly behind the Bridge.
lt's not working.
We'd better try it manually.
lt's stuck.
l... c-can't...
get my arm out.
Oh! Oh...
l think l'm okay.
l'm reading an intense electromagnetic charge
on the other side of that hatch.
That must have been what was pulling you in.
lt's as if everything on the other side
is in a state of structural flux--
the walls, the atmosphere...
And the sequence of those fluctuations
matches the readings from the distortion ring.
This phenomenon isn't just occurring in space.
lt's definitely inside the ship as well.
We're going to have to regroup
and come up with a plan for combating this thing.
Captain, what's wrong?
l don't know.
Oh, my eyes...
Come on, pal, one lousy game.
l'll spot you six balls.
l'm not programmed to play games.
lf he won't play pool with you,
and he won't make love to me,
then as far as l'm concerned, he can mop the floor.
You see these hands?
These are surgeon's hands,
created by the most sophisticated
computer imaging technology available.
They do not play games, and they do not mop floors!
Then you are fired.
l will find a new bartender.
l really wish you would.
Please tell me you've had some success
in reinitializing the holo-emitters.
l did exactly what you told me,
but it didn't work.
Of course not.
l'm starting to get worried about Neelix.
What's taking them so long?
Ah, trust me, chérie.
You are better off without him.
All men are alike.
ln the end, they always break your heart.
Can l get some help here?
What happened to her?
She came into contact with the spatial distortions
in the Jefferies tube.
She seemed fine for a couple minutes,
but then she started to fade in and out of consciousness.
l believe we should go this way, Commander.
Wh-What makes you say that?
lf we are indeed trapped in some sort of labyrinth,
then the logical course is to systematically eliminate
all routes which do not lead us to our desired destination.
The route that remains will be the correct one.
Since we have been making a series of right turns,
we should continue to do so until we are certain
this path is not the proper one.
There's a flaw in your logic.
How so, Commander?
You're assuming there's a logical pattern
to this maze we're caught in,
but so far l haven't seen any evidence of that.
Even within chaotic systems,
there is a pattern of limited predictability.
By the time we figure that pattern out,
these distortions may have completely overrun the ship.
That is a possibility.
The important thing is for at least one of us
to make it back to the Bridge.
So why don't you go your way, and l'll go mine.
That way, we'll increase the chances that one of us
will be successful.
As you wish, Commander.
Tell me something, Tuvok.
What does your logic tell you about navigating a maze
that's constantly changing shape?
Scanners check out.
Then we're ready to give it a try.
Activate the auxiliary pattern buffers.
Pattern buffers activated.
Targeting the Bridge coordinates.
Scanners locked.
Would you mind moving your foot, Tommy boy?
lt's blocking my shot.
Tell me you already made it to the Bridge,
and you've come back here to give us a status report.
We locked on to the Bridge coordinates,
but this is where we ended up.
None of you had any luck either?
Not only has no one been able to reach the Bridge,
but the Captain came into contact
with the spatial distortion and is now unconscious.
That's not all.
We lost Neelix, too.
Lost him?
He turned a corner, and he was just gone.
We think the spatial distortions are continuously changing
the configuration of the corridors.
Kes must be worried sick.
And it isn't just Neelix who's missing.
Where's the rest of the crew?
lt is likely that they, too,
are trapped in other parts of the ship,
cut off from communication and unable to find their way out.
So, what do we do now?
This wave is obviously causing
some kind of radical reconfiguration of the ship.
We've got to try to reverse it.
lf not, we may never be able to get to the Bridge.
How are we supposed to reverse something we don't understand?
No matter where we go, we end up here.
Corridors are realigning, rooms are in the wrong place...
What's the pattern?
We would certainly benefit from having
an accurate picture of what the ship currently looks like.
That way we would have a better chance
of getting where we want to go.
Maybe we could make a map.
One good thing
about all the wandering we've been doing
is that we've been collecting a lot of tricorder data
about the structural changes that have been taking place.
And if we fed all that information
into the central database, the computer might be able
to extrapolate a schematic of the ship as it's configured now.
What are we waiting for?
The computer has analyzed all our tricorder data,
so this ought to be pretty close to what it looks like now.
lt's as if the entire ship is being compressed
and twisted.
My guess is, it's more than just a distortion ring.
lt looks like some sort of spatial implosion
that's slowly crushing us.
Look-- this part of the ship seems unaffected.
That's Deck 6, where we are.
Correct, Ensign.
However, the area we are occupying
will not remain unaffected indefinitely.
How long?
Based on the rate of implosion thus far,
l estimate the ring will crush Deck 6
in approximately 68 minutes.
ls this implosion ring some kind of weapon?
Are we under attack?
Who'd want to attack us and why?
There is no clear evidence
of an intelligence behind the phenomenon.
lt is still possible
we are dealing with a naturally occurring anomaly
which does not conform to the known laws of physics.
Don't you think it's a little late to be speculating on who
or what this thing is?
The important thing now is that we find out some way
of stopping it.
B'Elanna's right.
lt seems to me we've got two options:
one, we find a way to get ourselves out
of this implosion ring, or two,
we find some way of reversing it.
lnvert the effect.
Turn the implosion into an explosion.
lf l can get back to Engineering,
l may be able to generate
a shock pulse strong enough to do just that.
Of course l'd have to raise the pressure
in the warp core to near-critical.
A shock pulse of that magnitude would create
a subatomic particle shower all over the ship.
Which could set off
a chain reaction that would cause
not only the ring to explode outward
but Voyager along with it.
Not if l can precisely tune the shock pulse
to the distortion frequency of the ring.
That will be exceptionally difficult.
lf we don't give this a try,
we're going to get crushed anyway.
Personally, l'd rather go down fighting.
l must remind you that with the com system down,
we will have no effective means of alerting the rest of the crew
to a potentially lethal particle shower.
Do you have another suggestion, Mr. Tuvok?
l believe it would be safer
to attempt to access the navigational array
and from there engage thrusters to steer us out of the ring.
Can't we try both?
lt's much too dangerous to have someone working
at the navigational array during a shock pulse.
Besides, this ship is so contorted,
there's no reason to expect we'd have any navigational control.
All right, B'Elanna, let's give your plan a shot. You...
Commander Chakotay.
Yes, Lieutenant?
l feel compelled to point out
that in my many years of experience
as Captain Janeway's technical officer,
she often demonstrated a tendency to follow...
ln case you hadn't noticed,
Captain Janeway's not in any condition
to make decisions.
l'm in command.
ls that understood?
Yes, sir.
B'Elanna, you and Harry get down to Engineering.
Evacuate whoever's on duty.
Then initiate the warp pulse.
Move it.
Dilithium matrix stable.
Matter/antimatter reactor is at 80 percent of critical.
Let's keep it that way!
Warp core pressure is at 36 megapascals and rising.
When it reaches 53, it'll trigger the shock pulse.
We should get out of here by the time it hits 50!
Pressure at 41 megapascals and rising.
l'm reading a micro-fracture in the dilithium matrix.
Attempting to compensate.
Fracture sealed.
44 megapascals!
They're heating up the warp core.
They must be close to initiating the shock burst.
Everybody, take cover.
47, 48, 49!
Let's move!
Well, in spite of Tuvok's dire predictions,
we haven't blown the ship to pieces, have we?
No, and radiation levels are within acceptable tolerance.
Good. Let's get in there and see if we had any luck
dispersing this implosion ring.
-Hold it. -What?
l'm reading a massive distortion behind the door.
l don't think it's just behind the door.
The ring's completely engulfed Engineering.
Can l talk to her?
l can't guarantee she'll hear you
or be able to understand you if she does.
Talk... can't.
What's wrong with her?
lt's possible the spatial distortions
have damaged her speech center.
But without my equipment, l can't analyze...
...her neural pathways.
Chakotay, it didn't work.
lnstead of forcing the implosion outward,
the pulse is drawing it in at a faster rate.
You're saying it made things worse?
l don't think we have more than a few minutes.
Paris, we have to get to the navigational array
and give Tuvok's plan a try.
l'm afraid there's no longer time for that.
Why not?
We're not going anywhere.
Do you really think it's possible to project
a stable holographic force field?
We've tried everything else.
Here we go.
The distortion is unaffected by the force field.
We've got to figure out a way to generate a stable field.
this ring has passed through the shields,
crushed the hull, twisted the ship.
We'll never get enough power
from the holo-emitters to stop it.
What are you saying, we're out of options?
Perhaps not.
So far we have been unsuccessful in all our attempts
to either explain or combat this phenomenon,
and according to my calculations,
the space we are currently occupying
will implode in approximately three minutes, 17 seconds.
You said there was another option.
We do nothing.
Excuse me?
Are you suggesting we just let it crush us?
l can't believe l'm hearing this from you.
l agree-- it sounds completely illogical.
On the contrary.
When every logical course of action is exhausted,
the option that remains is inaction.
So we're just supposed to sit here
and let this thing kill us?!
l must point out
that at least one attempt we made to reverse the effect--
the shock pulse-- only made our predicament worse.
lf we continue desperately improvising solutions,
our own efforts may ultimately kill us.
On the other hand, there is no definitive evidence
to suggest that doing nothing will result in death.
lt's... talking... to... me!
Do nothing.
Captain, please lie down.
What about the Captain?
She's dying.
We do not know that.
At the moment, she is merely delirious.
Chakotay, you're in charge here.
Don't you agree we've got to keep trying?
Whatever this thing is, B'Elanna, it's bigger
and more powerful than we are.
maybe this is one bear we can't wrestle to the ground.
Maybe like Tuvok says, there's nothing we can do
but let it happen and hope for the best.
Fine, Chakotay.
Have it your way.
Commander Chakotay.
Yes, Mr. Tuvok?
l want to thank you for endorsing my recommendation.
You know, Tuvok, l may not get another chance to say this.
Sometimes l find you arrogant and irritating,
but you're a hell of an officer.
Thank you, sir, and since we are speaking candidly,
may l say, sir, that l have not always been
particularly partial to your methods either.
l suppose it must have been tough for you
to accept my being elevated to First Officer over you.
l have always respected Captain Janeway's decisions.
However, l suppose that particular decision
did put me in a position l am unaccustomed to.
lf that ever caused me to make things more difficult for you,
l must apologize.
Can l ask you a question?
Fire away, Harry.
Are you afraid?
l chose this life,
and l guess l always knew it could come to this...
but, yeah, l'm afraid.
Me, too.
l'm so worried about Neelix.
l should be with him.
As much as he may... annoy me at times,
Mr. Neelix is one of the most resourceful
and resilient individuals l know.
lf anyone can survive this calamity, he can.
What are you doing?
l'm trying to contact my spirit guide.
Who knows what's going to happen when that ring hits us?
We might be in for another long journey.
l guess l could use
a little spiritual guidance myself right now.
You mind if l join you?
l thought you'd never ask.
l'm all right.
You were delirious.
lt was...
some sort of message.
What was?
The spatial distortion.
lt was...
trying to communicate with us.
l want a full systems report,
and Mr. Kim, Mr. Tuvok, l want every iota of information
that was recorded regarding that phenomenon.
The distortion ring is directly ahead, Captain.
lt's moving away from us at 2,000 kph.
We've got a full crew complement, Captain.
No injuries reported.
No damage to the hull or ship's systems.
You're not going to believe this, Captain,
but 20 million gigaquads of new information
have been input into the ship's computer.
Where did it come from?
My guess is, it came from the distortion ring.
Somebody's definitely trying to tell us something.
That's not all, Captain.
Our entire database has been copied and downloaded
into somebody else's system.
l guess whoever they were,
they want to know everything they can about us, too.
Maybe it was their only way of communicating with us.
they were just trying to say ''hello.''
Cake anyone?
Neelix, what happened to you?
Oh, it's a long story.
l'll tell you all about it later.
Right now, it's time to finish your party.
Neelix, l need a photograph of you.
What for, sweetie?
From now on, even when we're separated,
l want to have you where l can keep an eye on you.
Happy birthday, Kes.

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