lnertial dampers have failed.
l can't get any response from the field coils.
Did you verify the control inputs?
Stand by.
The inputs are blocked.
We've got to flush the plasma injectors.
Or maybe it's just a phase synchronization adjustment.
-Plasma injectors. -Plasma injectors.
Field coils responding.
lnertial dampers back on line.
That was not fair!
As your flight instructor,
it's my duty to prepare you for anything, fair or not.
Clogging someone's plasma injectors is a dirty trick.
Yes, well, l'm famous for my dirty tricks, you know?
W-What was that?
l never said the simulation was finished.
Computer, evasive maneuvers.
l'll be ready for anything next time.
Oh, sounds like a challenge to me.
Come in.
l hope you have good news, Commander.
Based on this inventory, our food reserves
look to be down to 30 percent of capacity.
Good news and bad.
We have located an M-Class planet
and it shows high amino acid and protein readings.
That should indicate a healthy plant life.
What's bad about it?
lt's a full day out of our way.
l don't think we have any choice.
lt's the first chance we've had
to replenish our supplies in weeks.
And our long-range sensors
can't confirm any plant life on the surface.
Why not?
lt's one strange planet, Captain.
lt's shrouded.
Vapors cover it like a curtain.
EM disturbances all over the atmosphere.
Some of these readings
suggest a planet early in its evolution--
almost like a primeval Earth.
The people in stellar cartography
have already nicknamed it ''Planet Hell.''
So it might be a wild goose chase.
Captain, l don't know what we'll find
when we get to the surface-- flora or fauna, friend or foe.
lf we knew we'd find
another M-Class planet soon, l'd...
Set a course for Planet Hell, Commander.
That was you?
That was me.
l'm impressed.
l keep hearing my mother say, ''Practice, Harry, practice.''
So l ate Neelix's food for a week
and used my replicator rations.
Play something for me.
Well, l've only had it for a few days, and l don't think...
Oh, come on! Play something.
Just pretend l'm not here.
Play something different.
Something... not so cheerful.
What, you don't take requests?
Something bothering you, Paris?
Oh, Harry.
l'm in trouble.
What's new?
l think l'm in love.
What's new?
With Kes.
l know, l know!
l never even saw it coming.
l thought we were just good buddies.
But there she was, in my arms.
ln your arms?
Paris... you didn't.
What? Oh! No.
l didn't.
l wouldn't!
She stumbled during a flight simulation.
l caught her.
l held her for an instant.
Are you going to play or not?
A whole crew full of women and l have to fall
for the one l can't have.
Why do l do this to myself?
lf you ask me, l say you enjoy it.
Enjoy it?
Only thing that makes sense.
You've been doing the same thing to yourself
your whole life--
setting yourself up for rejection.
You must enjoy playing the part.
Hey, don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
l just have to be more careful.
l can't let myself be alone with her.
There's an old Chinese expression--
''Stay out of harm's way.''
That's not a Chinese expression.
lf it works, use it.
Of course, it would help a little
if Kes and l weren't going to be stuck on the same ship
for the rest of our lives.
That's a pessimistic view.
l'm in a pessimistic mood.
Play something pessimistic.
Practice, Harry, practice.
And then suddenly, we fell into a subspace anomaly.
None of the readings made any sense.
l didn't know what to do.
lt must have been terrible for you.
Uh, pepper, sweeting?
Oh. Anyway, it was quite a learning experience.
l'm sure Lieutenant Paris is a fine teacher.
Oh, l almost forgot, the Palliantyne peas.
Hmm. Ever so lightly spiced.
High levels of trigemic vapors,
but it should still support humanoid life.
Sick Bay to Bridge.
Please turn to your emergency medical holographic channel.
l hope you don't mind that l've been
eavesdropping, but l have something important
to contribute.
What is it, Doctor?
Of course, it wouldn't be necessary for me
to eavesdrop, if l were included
in these discussions as a matter of operating protocol.
You should be aware that trigemic vapors
at the recorded levels
can cause severe humanoid skin irritations.
Could you provide some sort of skin protection that might help?
l am whipping up
a batch of dermal osmotic sealant as we speak.
Nevertheless, skin exposure
to the atmosphere should be limited.
Noted, Doctor. Thank you.
Tell me, just how often do you... eavesdrop?
l am simply trying to monitor issues
involving the health of the crew, Captain.
When activated, the emergency medical program
establishes com-links
with all key areas of the ship, and l have...
on occasion...
l am a doctor, not a voyeur.
l am programmed to be discreet.
l'm sure.
Commander Chakotay will discuss operating protocols with you
at the earliest opportunity.
ln the meantime, no more eavesdropping, Doctor.
-But, Captain, l... -That's an order.
There's another problem, Captain.
We won't be able to transport to the surface
because of the EM disturbances in the atmosphere.
They'll interfere with our com-links, too.
l'll have Mr. Kim take a look.
Listen, why don't we take in a holodeck program later?
A Moliére comedy-- that'll cheer you up.
l think l'll just eat later.
What do you want to do?
Very simple. We just won't sit with her.
But that's rude.
No, that's smart.
We'll make it look like
we have Bridge operations to discuss.
Gentlemen, may l recommend the Alfarian hair pasta today?
Hair pasta?
That is just an expression, isn't it?
Not at all.
lt's actually made from the follicles
of the mature Alfarian.
We harvest the hair during shedding season
in early fall.
lt's very high in protein.
We just have a lot
of Bridge operations business to discuss.
Mr. Kim, please report to the Bridge.
Have a nice lunch.
You subclass genus.
l beg your pardon.
Sitting with your backs to each other
like two strangers waiting for a transport.
That's supposed to fool me?
Oh. A guy just can't win.
Look, there is nothing to fool you about.
Really. l swear.
What the hell are you doing?!
l'll kill you!
lt's too late!
l'm betting your hair pasta already did the trick!
Janeway to Lieutenant Paris and Mr. Neelix.
Go ahead.
Yes, Captain?
Please report to my ready room right away.
l have something important to discuss with you.
Uh, Captain, did you say ''right away''?
lf we could have...
That's what l said, Mr. Paris.
Janeway out.
Would anyone care to explain?
lt might be too long to go into right now, Captain.
Very well.
l have a mission for the two of you.
We have reason to believe
that there are food sources on this planet,
but we can't transport to the surface.
You're going to take a shuttle down
and do a little scouting.
M-M-Me... and him?
He's our best pilot
and you're our expert
on edible plant species in this Quadrant.
Uh, Captain, l'm not one to pass up a mission,
but in this circumstance,
maybe Ensign Baytart, who is a fine pilot...
There are electromagnetic anomalies in the atmosphere
and l would rather have you at the helm.
Am l...
discerning a personal problem here, gentlemen?
Frankly, yes, Captain.
Solve it.
You leave at 1400 hours.
We're modifying the transporter
to try and penetrate the atmosphere.
So far no luck.
However, we have been running
computer simulations to determine
if the EM disturbances follow any specific pattern.
Our data analysis suggests that
there may be occasional atmospheric windows
that would allow us to get through.
How occasional and how long will they last?
We should see one every 30 hours or so,
but they may only last for a matter of minutes.
l can't be sure yet.
At least long enough for us to beam up food supplies.
Mr. Paris, you and Mr. Neelix will collect
as many vegetables and fruits as you can
while we wait for this atmospheric window to open.
Mr. Kim, be sure your computer simulations include...
What happened?
l heard that you...
Nothing happened.
They said that you and Tom Paris...
Kes, we'll talk when l get back.
l want to know.
Neelix, is it true that you were fighting?
When l get back.
Good afternoon.
When you have a chance, could you run an analysis
of the cytokinetic results for...
l did it during lunch.
Are you all right?
l'm fine.
Are you sure?
-You seem a little... -l'm fine.
You know, if you skipped lunch, the result
might be a lower blood sugar level, which could...
l'm sorry. lt's in my program.
l see something wrong, l must attempt to diagnose it.
There are some things you can't cure.
Neelix and Tom Paris had a physical... fight.
Over me.
How delightful.
You should consider it a high compliment.
Throughout history, men have fought over the love of a woman.
Why, l can quote you autopsy reports
from duels as far back as 1538.
That's not funny.
lt's not meant to be.
You've always been interested in autopsies.
Are all Talaxians so jealous?
l wouldn't know.
l've only met one.
l love Neelix.
Why can't he just accept that?
His suspicions about Tom are completely unjustified.
Are they?
Lieutenant Paris' affection for you is obvious.
What do you mean?
l mean he... desires you.
That's not true.
Tom and l enjoy each other's company.
We're friends.
Whenever you walk into the room,
his respiration increases, his pupils dilate
and the coloration of his ears turns decidedly orange.
Until l noticed the pattern,
l thought he was suffering from Tanzian flu.
lt's there for anyone to see.
Maybe not in the same diagnostic detail as l see it,
Are you saying that l didn't want to see it?
You're only two years old.
There may be a few things...
you don't know to look for in a man.
ln time, you'll understand.
On my homeworld, it's so much simpler.
You choose a mate for life.
There is no distrust, no jealously, no envy, no betrayal.
Hmm, your world must have very dry literature.
l don't know how to handle something like this.
What am l going to do?
You've done nothing
to precipitate this state of affairs.
You may not be able to do much to resolve it either.
There are some things you can't cure.
Entry sequence at two minutes. Mark.
All systems normal.
Trigemic density at .041 and rising.
We lost communication with Voyager 30 seconds ago.
You don't have to impress me with your technobabble.
l'm not trying to impress anyone.
l'm entering it into the flight record.
Look, can l make a suggestion?
You're the commander of this mission.
You can make any suggestion you want.
And if you make it an order, l'll even have to obey it.
My suggestion is that we put our personal problems aside
until this mission is over, okay?
l left my personal problems back on the ship.
l can't speak for you.
Fine. Let's get the job done.
You get us down in one piece and l'll take it from there.
Entry sequence at three minutes. Mark.
All systems...
Stand by.
Have you been briefed on shuttle operations?
Ensign Baytart took me through the basics.
Of course, l, l didn't have
the benefit of your personal tutelage.
Check your console.
l'm reading a power-output decline
of... 15 percent.
Warning. Vectored exhaust controls malfunctioning.
What does that mean?
We're getting some kind of reaction
in our driver coil assembly
from the EM anomalies in the atmosphere.
l'm going to abort the mission. Hold on.
We've lost our impulse drive!
Shut off the deuterium flow.
l'm dumping excess fuel.
Deuterium flow sealed.
Setting DCA pulse order to neutral.
Engaging thrusters.
Can you regain control?
l'm trying, Neelix.
Prepare for an emergency landing.
Send out an EMS pulse.
There's still a chance Voyager will pick it up.
Captain, we're picking up
a locator signal from the shuttle.
Can you track it?
Their last velocity vector indicates a steep descent.
We've lost contact.
Bridge to Torres.
Torres here.
B'Elanna, our shuttle's in trouble.
Any progress on modifying the transporter?
lt's an extremely complex interference pattern
and it keeps changing.
Bring in as much help as you need.
This is now a search and rescue operation.
Acknowledged. Torres out.
Keep me informed.
l'll be in my ready room.
l said...
in one piece.
l did the best l could.
Any broken bones?
Everything seems to be working.
l'm itching.
l feel it, too.
We've got atmospheric leakage in the hull.
The trigemic vapors really sting.
Doc said this would help a little.
lf we have atmospheric leakage, how can we fly out of here?
We can't. We'll have to wait for Voyager to find us.
We're not even sure they're looking for us yet.
We don't know if the EMS pulse got through.
B'Elanna's working on the transporter
and one of those atmospheric windows might open up.
ln the meantime, we're going
to have to look for some kind of cover.
l say we stay right here.
The trigemic vapors are going to...
You're the one who wants to go out into those vapors!
Staying here is our best chance of being found.
You heard what they said.
Those windows may only be open for a matter of minutes.
And we may be waiting here for days.
Exposure to these vapors is too dangerous.
We're leaving. Grab your gear.
ls that an order or a suggestion?
An order!
Yes, sir.
l hope you're satisfied.
We were a lot more comfortable inside the shuttle.
l have red welts all over my hands now.
You know, it might be more constructive
if you could find us something safe to eat.
l certainly don't know
why the ship's sensors indicated this planet
might be rich in food supplies.
lt sure doesn't look it.
Our emergency rations won't last forever.
l'll find something for us.
Of course, it might not meet
your personal culinary standards.
Oh, don't worry.
l've learned to lower my standards
since you became cook.
l'm picking up some caves about a kilometer west of here.
What good fortune.
Come in.
Any word yet?
We're doing everything possible.
The transporter just doesn't want to work
in that atmosphere.
How are you doing?
Oh, l'm all right.
lt's just, uh...
l was very angry at them a few hours ago.
You had every right to be.
And now they might both be dead.
And l'm sitting here...
and l'm feeling guilty for some reason.
Guilty? Why?
l don't know.
But l don't like it.
And it's their fault
and l can't even tell them how angry l am at them
and l may never be able to tell them how angry l am at them!
So it doesn't matter, does it?
Look, you know
if there was any way to land that shuttle,
Tom Paris got it down.
And no one has stronger survival skills than Neelix.
l'm sure they'll both be fine.
Unless they kill each other.
They're professionals.
They better be all right,
because when l see them, l'm personally going to tell them
that l never intend to speak to either one of them again.
Chakotay to crew. Battle stations.
This is good.
We can last a while in here.
That should do it.
This will give us a little heat at least.
We better conserve our beacon cells.
what is Starfleet protocol for situations like this?
Oh, there's a whole course
at the Academy full of all sorts of survival strategies.
l hope you had a passing grade.
That's not very encouraging.
My father was teaching the class that year.
And he gave you a B-minus?
l guess he didn't play favorites, huh?
What about Talaxian protocols?
l wrote my own book.
My life before Voyager was no bed of Felaran rose petals.
No, more like a bed of...
You were going to say ''junk'' perhaps?
Go ahead, say it-- junk.
l was a dealer in junk.
Perhaps not worthy
of a woman like Kes in your opinion.
Neelix, l didn't say that.
l never even...
Tell me something.
ln that Starfleet survival course,
did your father teach you to check for life signs
before you seal yourself inside a cave?
l checked for life signs.
There weren't any.
There are now.
Hail them.
They do not respond, Captain.
They're powering down their weapon systems.
The vessel has taken up a position directly beneath us.
What do you make of it, Lieutenant?
They would seem to have adopted a defensive posture, Captain.
l agree, but defending what? The planet?
Or something on it.
Whatever this life-form is...
its vital signs are awfully faint.
ln this atmosphere, it could be dying of exposure.
No, l don't think so.
They're faint...
but steady.
l'd say it's becoming more and more evident
that we chose the wrong cave.
This is where the life signs are coming from.
They're embryonic life-forms.
These two are half formed.
This one almost seems to be...
The EM disturbance patterns match the computer simulations.
l'd say we'll get a shot at an atmospheric window
in about 53 minutes.
Where does that leave us with the transporter?
Our range will still be limited, but the transporter should work
as long as we stay in an area
with reduced electromagnetic activity.
The problem is, we don't
know where our shuttle went down.
So there's no way to know how close they'll be
to the window when it opens.
Take the ship through the window into the atmosphere.
The closer you can get us to the surface,
the better our chances for a successful beam-out.
Get on it.
Are you going to be able to warn us
before the window closes again?
l think so.
Mr. Kim, that's not an answer l can live with.
l'll try to get you a better one, Captain.
Mr. Tuvok, we need you to find a way to get us by that ship.
l have anticipated your request, Captain.
Am l correct in the assumption that you will want to use
minimal force?
Assumption confirmed.
l cannot guarantee success.
My evaluation of their weapon systems
suggests a capacity equal to our own.
You've come up
with an ingenious plan to neutralize them.
l have.
ln my analysis of our first encounter,
l have detected what l believe to be
a vulnerability in their shield configuration.
There appears to be a slight phase retraction
when auxiliary power is transferred
to their aft weapon systems.
A covariant phaser pulse into their aft control systems
might disable their entire weapons array.
That was my ingenious plan, Commander.
You are correct.
Very well.
Red Alert.
Mr. Kim, set coordinates.
Torres, speed at 2,000 kph.
Aye, Captain.
Chakotay, take the helm.
Coordinates entered.
This creature's going to have the ability
to stand upright.
lt has the skeletal system of a humanoid.
lt's cold-blooded, has reptilian epidermis.
lts brain is significantly larger
than most reptilian species.
l'd say we're dealing
with a sentient life-form here, Neelix.
lf this species is sentient,
wouldn't that suggest
that its parents might return to care for it?
lt's hard to say.
Most common reptiles lay their eggs
and never return to protect them.
l think we've established
we're not dealing with a common reptile.
And if this thing does have a mother,
l'd say we don't want to be around when she gets back.
Come on.
We can't just leave it here.
We're not leaving it here.
lts mother left it here.
We just happened to wander in.
But we blocked off the cave.
The mother might have been trapped outside.
We'll leave the door open for her when we go, okay?
Look, it's not that simple.
What if she can sense we were here?
She... she might be able to smell
that faux lime aftershave of yours.
l'm sure you realize
many species won't return to a nest
after it's been tampered with.
Well, there's not much we can do about that now, is there?
We should just leave all this the way we found it.
This creature is our responsibility.
The moment we came in here, it became our responsibility.
And you expect to take care of this thing until what?
lt graduates from high school, college?
And what if Mom doesn't come back?
Are you planning to bring this with us back on the ship?
Look, if she does return and accepts the hatchling,
it'll solve everything.
We just have to wait and see what she does.
l don't know how it is in your Quadrant,
but in mine we don't abandon a newborn...
Fine, you made your point.
l officially designate you its godfather.
lt stopped crying.
lt's shivering.
That's normal... isn't it?
l mean, newborn life-forms do shiver, don't they?
To be honest, l haven't been around many newborns.
Me neither.
Oh... look at this, Paris.
lt stopped shivering.
lt's asleep.
Forget what l said, Neelix.
You're not its godfather.
You're its godmother.
The atmospheric window is forming, Captain.
30 degrees off the predicted coordinates.
How soon will we have maximum aperture, Mr. Kim?
Nine minutes.
All right, Commander, let's try to draw some fire
from their aft weapon systems.
Bring us within ten kilometers.
Shields at 80 percent.
Minor damage to our port nacelle.
Rerouting power to lateral thrusters.
So far, l'm not detecting the same vulnerability
in their shields this time, Captain.
We may have to resort to additional force.
Arm photons.
Prepare to...
Stand by, Captain.
l'm detecting an opening.
Direct hit to their aft control systems.
Their weapons are disabled.
Commander, proceed to Mr. Kim's coordinates.
One-half impulse.
Oh, come on. Come on.
Doesn't seem to care for Starfleet rations.
lf l were in my kitchen,
l could cook you up some delightful leola root broth.
Are you serious?
Ugh, l hope l never see another leola root,
and you are certainly not feeding
any of that hideous broth to my niece...
or nephew...
whatever it is.
lts heartbeat is getting weaker.
l don't like it.
Come on, kid.
You've got to eat something.
lt seems far more interested in my jacket than your food.
Neelix, it's not your jacket.
lt's the residue of the trigemic vapors we walked through.
Think about it.
Voyager's sensors
picked up high levels of proteins and amino acids,
which we assumed meant this was a planet
filled with vast supplies of edible plant life.
We were certainly wrong about that.
The residue is a concentration of proteins and amino acids.
The perfect source of nutrition for the hatchling.
The source we cut off when we blocked the cave.
Come on, we've got some rocks to move.
The atmospheric window is at full aperture, Captain.
We should have at least 17 minutes
before it starts to close.
Captain, the alien vessel is in pursuit.
Are their weapon systems back on line already?
Negative. They are still disabled.
They couldn't be preparing to ram us, could they?
Hold your course.
We need to get through that window,
but prepare to take evasive action if necessary.
Alien vessel closing to 1,000 kilometers.
Five hundred.
Three hundred.
lt has passed us
and is proceeding toward the surface.
Take us down, Commander.
lt's not breathing!
l don't think it's breathing!
Come on, suck in some of those
hearty vapors.
lt's just too weak.
There must be something in here we can use to resuscitate it.
Neelix, we did the best we could.
lt's our fault, it's our fault.
lf we hadn't come...
Here. Cordrazine.
This is a stimulant.
You can't pump it full of drugs
without knowing its body chemistry.
So we should just let it die?
Give me that.
When l was a kid, a baby bird fell out of a nest
and landed on the windowsill next to my bed.
We had to feed it water with an eyedropper
to keep it alive.
What are you doing?
Filling the eyedropper.
Can you hold its mouth open?
Do it again.
lt's working.
lt's working!
Life signs are getting stronger.
You did it!
We did it.
You know, l never would have thought of that hypospray, if...
The vapors.
Who cares?
Sensors are operating as well as can be expected
under these conditions.
Either we're just not close enough to where they landed
to pick up their com signals, or they never landed.
Their shuttle might have burned up in the atmosphere.
l'm not willing to concede that yet.
Any sign of the alien ship?
No, Captain. We've lost them.
Mr. Kim, how much longer before that window starts to close?
Nine minutes, 20 seconds.
Chakotay, extend our surveillance pattern.
lf we don't find them in five minutes,
we'll head back to the window.
Aye, Captain.
l'm sorry.
l feel l owe you an apology.
No, you don't.
l had no right to push that pasta in your lap.
Well... think of it this way.
lt saved me from having to eat it.
Nothing personal,
but l just don't have an affinity for hair in my food.
l haven't been fair to you.
You know, l hear people talking about you in the Mess Hall.
No kidding.
What do they say?
Oh, that you used to be a coward
and couldn't be trusted.
lt's typical of Kes that she would
befriend someone like you--
someone who really needs a friend.
And l guess l... just got a little jealous.
l got more than a little jealous.
l realize now l was wrong.
Neelix, l told you the truth
when l said that nothing happened between me and Kes.
l know.
And l promise you, nothing ever will,
you weren't wrong about me.
What do you mean?
Well, l guess the only way to say it is to say it.
l am attracted to Kes.
To be honest, if you weren't around,
l'd be knocking at her door.
But l respect you, Neelix.
And that's that.
Everything you heard those guys saying about me...
well, it was true.
But it's not who l am anymore.
At least not who l want to be.
This upside-down mission to the wrong side of the galaxy
is giving me a second chance
and l don't intend to blow it.
l see.
Well, in a way, l can't say l blame you.
She is very attractive.
She's devoted to you, you know?
Well, l did save her life.
l'm sure she's grateful.
Oh, she's a lot more than grateful.
She loves you, Neelix.
l wouldn't stand a chance.
Nobody would.
There are others?
lf you ever doubt yourself, just look into her eyes.
See the way she looks at you.
You'll never doubt yourself again.
And as far as l'm concerned, l'll just be her friend.
l mean, if you don't mind.
l don't pick Kes' friends for her.
Just my own.
Voyager, this is Lieutenant Tom Paris and Mr. Neelix.
Do you read?
We do, Mr. Paris.
Are you all right?
Aside from a nasty rash, yes.
Have you encountered life-forms?
Actually, yes.
Are they hostile?
Just... young.
Yes, we found a nest,
and one of the creatures hatched.
Be aware, we encountered
a hostile ship of unknown origin,
and we're showing that ship on the surface
approximately one kilometer from your position.
We're attempting to lock on to you for transport.
Stand by.
We can't leave yet.
What? Why?
What if the mother rejects it?
Neelix, one thing's for sure--
whether the mother rejects it or not,
she will reject you and me.
We promised each other we wouldn't abandon it until...
Away team, we're showing a life-form moving
toward your position.
Prepare to transport.
Captain, this is Neelix.
Are you in a particular rush to leave?
Did you hear what l just said, Mr. Neelix?
Yes, but, uh...
we're not quite finished here yet.
Finished with what?
We have an atmospheric window
closing in less than six minutes.
And another one will be coming in how long?
ls there a problem?
The problem is, Captain,
if we leave our little hatchling here
and the mother rejects it,
it might die of exposure before we get back.
l appreciate your concern
for its welfare...
How long can you give us, Captain?
One minute, ten seconds, max.
We'll take it!
Lock on to us, Voyager.
lf you hear muffled screams,
consider that a request for a beam-out.
There's nothing like a family reunion.
Voyager, two to beam out!
As soon as you're ready.
We didn't know if you were dead or alive.
What happened?
l became an uncle.
And l'm a godmother.
l'd say this is the special occasion
l've been waiting for to open up that bottle
of Potak cold fowl l've been saving.
Cold fowl in a bottle?
That's just an expression, isn't it?
No. lt's actually made from the glandular secretions
of an adult dunghill bird found only on Potak lll.
lt's very rare, very exquisite.
There are, l believe
only 27 bottles in existence at this time.
lt has a rather smoky flavor,
uh... going well with strong meaty dishes,
but l prefer it for sipping...

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