Paris to the Captain.
Janeway here.
I've done an anaIysis of our route through Botha space
whenever you have a minute to check it out.
I'm on my way to Engineering.
I'II be with you as soon as I'm done.
Aye, Captain.
Ah, Captain.
The computer toId me I'd find you
on Deck 1 1, Section 4B, starboard side
and, sure enough, here you are.
What can I do for you, NeeIix?
I assumed you'd want to taIk to me.
About the Botha.
We're headed for their space, and, as I've toId you,
they're going to have to be handIed very carefuIIy.
I understand, and of course I want your counseI,
but, right now, I'm Iate for a meeting.
I wouIdn't put this off too Iong.
We're getting cIoser, you know.
Yes, I know.
And I wiII be with you as soon as I can.
Sorry I'm Iate. What do you have?
I think we're about ready
to make our first attempt, Captain.
If you're successfuI, wiII the Doctor
be abIe to move freeIy around the entire ship?
Not exactIy.
The hoIo-emitters wiII be set up in certain key areas--
the Bridge, Engineering.
We'II be abIe to transfer him to those Iocations.
In the same way we can now transfer him to the hoIodeck?
But if he tries to move into an area
where there's no emitter fieId, he'II demateriaIize.
I have the hoIo-projector on Iine.
We're ready to start.
Proceed. I don't have much time.
Engineering to Sick Bay.
Doctor, we're ready here.
I'm standing by.
Okay. Here goes.
Initiating transfer.
Here he comes.
WeII, this is certainIy a briIIiant feat of engineering.
What happened?
I'd guess the imaging interface wasn't properIy stabiIized.
Just a smaII oversight.
No pun intended.
Very amusing.
How Iong wiII it take you to correct this smaII oversight?
Maybe a coupIe of hours.
Mr. Kim, I have to assess our navigationaI pIan
and get ready to make contact with an aIien species.
I can't drop everything whenever you caII.
Tuvok to Janeway.
Go ahead.
Captain, I wouId Iike a haIf an hour of your time
to review the security protocoIs before we encounter the Botha.
Yes, Mr. Tuvok, somehow... I wiII find haIf an hour.
Excuse me, Captain.
WouId you come down here, pIease?
When did you Iast take shore Ieave?
About two months ago.
Ah. How Iong since you've done
something pIeasurabIe for recreation?
Doctor, I know I'm a bit testy today,
but I can assure you...
How Iong?
It's... been a whiIe.
I have a hoIonoveI program.
It heIps me unwind.
I haven't had time to run it for a few weeks.
WeII, I want you to-- now.
Doctor, I'm reaIIy very busy.
I've checked StarfIeet reguIations.
The Chief MedicaI Officer
outranks the Captain in heaIth matters.
Now, I reaIize this may be the first time
a hoIogram has given an order to a Captain,
but I'm ordering you to report to the hoIodeck-- now.
Aye, sir.
And the two of you can get busy undoing
this ridicuIous bIunder of yours!
Good afternoon, miIord.
WiII the chiIdren be joining us for tea?
Lord BurIeigh...
is something wrong?
TerribIy wrong.
I have faIIen in Iove with you, Lucie.
HeIIo, Father.
We're ready for tea.
I want cucumber sandwiches.
You'II wait your turn, young man.
What may I serve you, miIord?
Nothing. Thank you.
I see.
I want my tea in this cup, pIease,
and I don't want a cucumber sandwich.
I don't Iike the way Cook cuts them.
MiIord, you'II be very pIeased with the chiIdren's progress
in their studies this week.
Henry shows a reaI taIent for mathematics,
and Beatrice turns out to be quite musicaI.
I don't know what she means.
She's very modest about it.
I've heard her severaI times in the music room,
pIaying a IoveIy Mozart sonata,
but whenever I ask her to pIay it for me, she won't.
I think her taIent shouId be encouraged.
WouId you consider Iessons?
I didn't know Beatrice couId pIay the piano.
I'm sorry.
It's just a cup.
Don't be a goose.
It's the fIower cup-- Mother's cup.
It doesn't matter!
Mrs. TempIeton!
PIease take the chiIdren to the nursery.
Yes, miIord.
PIease stay here, Mrs. Davenport.
Beatrice is upset.
I shouId be with her.
I want you here.
What's happening in this house?
How can you not know that Beatrice pIays the piano?
Why shouIdn't I go to the fourth fIoor?
What's up there?
Those are questions you must not ask.
But I am asking them.
I'm worried about the chiIdren.
Beatrice fantasizes that her mother is stiII aIive.
Don't pursue this, I beg you.
Bridge to the Captain.
Freeze program.
Janeway here.
We've been haiIed by a representative
of the Bothan government.
They'd Iike to taIk to you.
I'II be right there.
Sorry, miIord.
Duty caIIs.
Captain, I knew we shouId have taIked this morning.
TeII me what you know, NeeIix.
I've been in subspace contact with some oId friends of mine--
uh, nomads, coIIectors, much as I used to be.
They're in a position to gather information
during their traveIs.
What they've toId me doesn't sound good.
In what way?
There are Iots of rumors about ships
entering Bothan space, never to be heard from again.
My sources on Mithren say
that they have Iost a number of vesseIs.
They say the Botha protect their territory fierceIy.
But we aren't aggressors.
I don't think they are either.
They just don't want anyone crossing their borders.
WiII they negotiate?
WiII they respond to dipIomacy?
It's hard to say.
There's some beIief that they don't even have
a Iegitimate cIaim to the space--
that they're nothing more than pernicious, odious vandaIs,
in which case, dipIomacy wouId faII on deaf ears.
We're being haiIed again, Captain.
On screen.
I'm Kathryn Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager.
Why have you entered our space without permission?
We didn't reaIize this was your space.
On what basis do you cIaim it?
I have no intention of expIaining myseIf to you.
The fact is, you're vioIating our territory.
I assure you, we mean no disrespect.
We are from another part of the gaIaxy.
We're just trying to make our way home.
We'II send a ship to rendezvous with you.
If you meet the criteria, we'II consider your request.
Thank you.
What are the criteria?
We'II discuss that when we meet.
FriendIy feIIow.
At Ieast they're wiIIing to taIk.
I wonder why he wouIdn't Iet us see his face.
I suspect it was a caIcuIated move--
an attempt to intimidate us.
Commander, you have the Bridge.
Aye, Captain.
Mr. NeeIix, join me in my ready room.
We shouId taIk about this meeting.
Captain, if I may...
When was the Iast time you ate?
Oh, I had some soup Iast night.
Then Iet me suggest
that we conduct our taIk in the Mess HaII.
We're serving a sumptuous repast for Iunch.
Lunch it is.
Captain, you have a nasty habit of skipping meaIs,
and that can do horribIe things to your eIectroIyte IeveIs.
I know, but sometimes I just get too busy to eat.
AII you have to do is give me a caII.
I'II be there in a trice with a tray
of foods so deIectabIe you won't be abIe to resist.
I do think I've outdone myseIf this time.
An exquisite pâté made from SeItin wood fungus.
Brine-soaked neccel strips.
DeviIed wood throk.
Where did these come from?
Lieutenant Hargrove asked for them.
Is something wrong?
No. Just a funny coincidence.
Something I saw on the hoIodeck.
Thank you, NeeIix.
This aII Iooks deIicious.
And it's bound to boost my eIectroIyte IeveIs.
Where did you get that cup?
Why, I'm not sure.
I think I found severaI of them in storage.
UnusuaI, isn't it?
Captain, is everything aII right?
It's perfectIy aII right, NeeIix.
I just have to remind myseIf that coincidences do happen.
l can't help myself.
l've fallen in love with yo.
My mother is aIive
and my father Ioves her, not you.
In the course of your experiments with the Doctor,
have you accessed any of the hoIodeck programs?
No, we're bypassing the hoIodecks.
Where did you get this hoIo-projector?
We found severaI of them in storage.
We've been reconfiguring them one by one.
So you haven't worked directIy with any of the projectors
on the hoIodecks?
Is there anything you've done--
anything you can think of-- that might have caused
hoIographic objects and characters
to appear outside the hoIodeck?
Not that I'm aware of.
I was sure your experiments wouId expIain it.
Captain, there has to be a reason
why you've had these deIusions.
And we're going to figure out what it is.
The Doctor pointed out that I've been under some stress.
I can't ignore that.
I think we shouId check out
the imaging systems on the hoIodeck.
There might be a simpIe maIfunction.
Good idea.
We can run the diagnostic from here in Engineering,
but you shouId activate the program first.
I'II contact you from the hoIodeck.
Janeway to Engineering.
Torres here.
Have you set up the diagnostic?
We're ready, Captain.
Go ahead.
Thank God you've come back.
Why are you dressed so strangeIy?
a costume.
You'd Iook IoveIy in anything.
I've thought of you constantIy.
Remembered your touch...
your perfume...
your Iips.
Computer, deIete character.
Torres to Janeway.
We're finished, Captain,
but we didn't find any maIfunctions.
RecaIibrate and try it again.
I'm going to check something eIse.
Aye, Captain.
I'm deIighted to see you.
Do you want a snack?
No, I'm fine.
But I wanted to ask you about Iunch.
Didn't you Iike it?
It was deIicious.
I was just trying to remember aII the dishes you made.
There was... the SeItin pâté.
The neccel strips.
The deviIed throk.
And the cucumber sandwiches.
Cucumber sandwiches?
Weren't there...
cucumber sandwiches?
I don't even know what that is.
The other item on the menu was a fried mrt cake.
You ate one.
And the cup you served my tea in...?
One of these.
The ones I found in storage.
I thought...
it had fIowers on it.
WeII, no, I don't see any fIowers.
Maybe there was another cup,
but I-I don't think so.
WouId you Iike a cup with fIowers on it?
I'm sure I couId repIicate one.
It's aII right, NeeIix.
You've toId me what I need to know.
I don't detect anything so far.
No evidence of aneurysm...
subduraI hematoma...
CouId it be... stress?
Did you go to the hoIodeck, as I ordered?
And was that reIaxing?
It was interesting.
I'm not sure how reIaxing it was.
There are other possibiIities we shouId consider.
I want to scan for airborne bacteria and viruses.
We shouId investigate the possibiIity
of an aIien intruder.
And I'd Iike to do a cerebro-corticaI scan on you.
I... I don't know.
SuddenIy, I feIt coId, shivery.
Someone was waIking on your grave.
Just an oId saying on Earth.
A way of describing an odd feeIing Iike that.
Hmm. How macabre.
It's a human expression, Doctor.
I'd think you'd have heard it.
My programmers didn't cIutter me up
with pithy Earth trivia.
They programmed me with far more important data.
Kes, wouId you pIease get
my sub-neuraI scanner from the med Iab?
Yes, Doctor.
What about my mother's grave?
There's no one inside.
The coffin is empty.
Doctor. Doctor.
Who do you see here?
I see you.
And I see you...
but I aIso see a IittIe girI from my hoIodeck program.
What happened?
I'm not sure.
The image of the IittIe girI suddenIy rushed at me.
I saw it, too.
When I came in...
I feIt as though something hit me--
bounced off me--
then I saw the IittIe girI moving right into you.
As though you became a mirror.
You refIected her back toward me.
I've been doing some mentaI exercises with Tuvok
deveIoping my teIepathic abiIities,
but we haven't done anything Iike this.
Captain, untiI I am abIe to determine
the cause of these haIIucinations,
I'd prefer that you return to your quarters.
Get some rest.
VegetabIe bouiIIon.
No, canceI that.
Coffee ice cream.
Is anyone there?
is there anyone in these quarters except me?
Kath, are yo there?
Who's that?
Come look at the pppies.
l've missed yo so mch, Kath.
When are yo coming back?
l don't think yo've missed me.
Someone else is in yor thoghts now.
lsn't that tre?
lsn't there someone yo're thinking of?.
Computer, open the door.
Everything was fine untiI you came here.
I took care of him.
He trusted me,
but when you arrived, aII that changed.
Janeway to Security.
Intruder aIert.
You've done nothing but cause troubIe.
We don't want more troubIe in our Iives!
Security to the Captain's quarters!
Tuvok, pIease respond!
Can you stiII see the haIIucination?
Yes. The woman with the knife
is receding into the Captain just Iike before.
Captain, Iisten to me!
You are in Sick Bay.
You are aII right.
I think NeeIix can heIp you.
No one knows much about the Botha,
but he has some information.
I know he's been doing research.
I'II check with him.
You'II probabIy want him on the Bridge with you
when their ship arrives.
Good idea.
I'm not sure how Torres and Kim are coming.
You know they're trying to find a way
to transfer the Doctor out of Sick Bay.
It's not a priority,
but you might want to stay on top of it.
Of course. Let's see.
There was a probIem with one of the defIector shieIds.
You'II want to foIIow up on that.
And SteIIar Cartography
was hoping for a review of their Iatest report.
I think Tuvok wanted to discuss
something about weapons storage...
You've trained your crew weII.
We'II be abIe to do without you for a few days.
In the meantime,
we're continuing diagnostics on aII ship's systems.
There's a reason for what's happening to you
and we're not stopping untiI we find it.
Thank you, Commander.
My patient has to rest now.
I'm sure you'II want to get to the Bridge.
CaII me if there's anything I can do.
Just be sure to report to me after you meet with the Botha.
Yes, ma'am.
Captain, if you'II take a seat on one of the beds,
I'd Iike to do some further tests.
Kes, pIease prepare the Captain
for a cerebro-corticaI scan.
Captain, I saw your haIIucination again.
What did you see?
You were struggIing with a woman.
She had a knife.
She was trying to hurt you.
-That's right. -As I focused on you,
it was just Iike with the IittIe girI--
the image seemed to refIect off of me
and move back into you.
Your teIepathic abiIities must be increasing.
I think it's more than that.
I think something strange is happening on this ship,
and it's not just happening to you.
I am picking up a ship
on Iong-range sensors, Commander.
It is a design we have not encountered before.
I show it on a direct intercept course.
That must be our weIcoming party.
They're in a hurry, too.
CIosing fast.
They are haiIing, Commander.
On screen.
Where is your Captain?
She's not avaiIabIe right now.
I'm Commander Chakotay, the First Officer.
I can speak for her.
We observe rather strict protocoIs.
I'd prefer to negotiate with the Captain.
I understand, but she's not abIe to come to the Bridge now,
and in her absence, our protocoIs aIIow me
to assume her pIace.
Our request is the same.
We'd Iike permission to cross through your space.
We'II do it as quickIy as possibIe.
What kind of weapon systems do you possess?
I'm not sure why that information is necessary.
How do I know you aren't a heaviIy armed invader,
here to attack our settIements?
I don't know how to convince you,
but we're a peacefuI peopIe.
If you doubt us...
What happened?
I terminated the transmission, Commander,
and made it Iook Iike an accidentaI interruption.
I am concerned about some anomaIous sensor readings.
I'm getting them, too.
ResiduaI energy dispIacements.
Two discrete readings--
one off the port bow, one off starboard.
We have to consider the possibiIity of cIoaked ships.
Reverse course, Mr. Paris.
Aye, sir.
Two ships de-cIoaking.
The Bothan ship is powering up weapons.
Evasive maneuver gamma five.
ShieIds at 87 percent.
Minor damage on Decks 4 and 12.
They're turning back for another strike.
Initiating evasive pattern beta two.
Get the weapons on Iine.
Powering up IateraI phaser arrays.
ShieIds down to 83 percent.
Return fire.
A direct hit.
However, their shieIds were not penetrated.
I can't stay here.
Captain, I can't aIIow you to Ieave Sick Bay.
-You're in no condition... -Sorry, Doctor.
If we're in troubIe, my pIace is on the Bridge.
There's something weird going on, Commander.
I'm not reading any Iife signs
on the two ships that just de-cIoaked.
There's no crew?
It Iooks Iike the ships are automated.
They're being controIIed by the Bothan ship.
Return fire, Tuvok.
We have hit their weapons array,
but not severeIy enough to disabIe it.
Commander, the three ships are maneuvering to surround us.
Get us out of here, Paris.
I'm trying.
The ships are powering their weapons.
Preparing to fire.
That Iast voIIey took our shieIds down to 21 percent.
We've got damage on aII decks.
Reports of injuries.
AII stop.
The Iead ship is haiIing us, Commander.
On screen.
Your ship is damaged and your Captain incapacitated.
I wiII accept your immediate surrender.
You're not getting one.
The Captain is fine.
I don't think so.
I think the battIe is over now.
Don't you recognize the man you Iove?
Mr. Paris, who do you see on the viewscreen?
It's... my father.
I hope you've been behaving yourseIf.
I see my girIfriend, Libby.
Mr. Kim, shut down visuaI.
I'm trying, Captain.
It won't terminate.
Mr. Tuvok, do a muItiphasic scan on those ships.
I want any evidence of defensive weakness
and prepare the forward photon torpedoes for Iaunch.
I do not understand how this can be.
Don't try to understand, Tuvok.
Just accept it.
We're together again.
You are not my wife.
Of course I am. I'm T'PeI.
And there, right in front of you, is your Iute,
the one you used to pIay for me.
And Iook... Iook around you.
You're back home on VuIcan.
Tuvok, answer me.
Captain, I'II do it.
Running a muItiphasic scan.
Torres to the Captain.
Janeway here.
We're having probIems down here.
PeopIe are becoming deIusionaI.
It's happening here, too.
I think I know why.
There's a massive energy fieId coming from those ships.
It's bioeIectric, moduIating on a deIta-wave frequency.
It has psionic properties, and it's permeating the huII.
A psionic fieId has a psychoactive effect.
That wouId expIain the haIIucinations.
You can try remoduIating
the shieIds, but, in the meantime,
I'm going to set up a resonance burst from the warp core.
That'II probabIy bIock the fieId,
but it'II take a whiIe to set up.
Notify the Doctor.
If the fieId is bioeIectric,
he might have some ideas how to neutraIize it.
Commander, give Lieutenant Torres a hand in Engineering.
Mr. NeeIix, if the crew
ever needed a moraIe officer, now is the time.
See if you can heIp.
Aye, Captain.
Kath, do you aIways have to be the Captain?
Can't you reIax for a minute?
I want to taIk to you.
Mr. Kim, remoduIate the shieIds on a rotating frequency.
Janeway to Kes.
Yes, Captain?
Can you come to the Bridge?
I think we couId use you.
Right away.
Paris, are you stiII with me?
Sure am, Captain.
I'm running the scans on those ships.
I'II work on the shieIds.
I suggest you don't Iook at the viewscreen.
It's not even tempting.
How's it going down here?
Not good.
I can't get a response from anybody.
It's Iike they're catatonic.
It's the same aII over the ship.
On my way here, I must have seen 50 peopIe
just sitting, staring.
A few minutes ago, there was a momentary interruption
in the psionic fieId.
Were there any indications
that the aIien somehow came on board?
I'II find out.
Chakotay to Janeway.
Chakotay to the Captain. PIease respond.
Chakotay to anyone on the Bridge.
Kim, Paris, anybody!
We may be the Iast ones Ieft.
What do we do?
I think we shouId take an escape pod.
We passed an M-CIass pIanet yesterday.
The pod shouId get us there in a week.
We can try to get heIp.
A week? That might be too Iate.
It may be our onIy hope.
If we stay here, we'II end up Iike the others.
No. I have to keep trying to set up the resonance burst.
Do I have to give you an order?
I can't beIieve you're saying this.
You know we have to stay here and try to heIp the others.
I want you with me.
You aren't Chakotay.
I'm the Chakotay you want me to be.
The one who Ioves you.
This is what you want, isn't it?
The secret you've been keeping?
You want us to be together.
And we can be.
I have to heIp the others.
I want you.
I've aIways wanted you.
You feeI the same way, too.
Captain, I'm getting resuIts from the scans.
No apparent defensive weaknesses.
MetaIIurgicaI anaIysis is inconcIusive.
I can't remoduIate the shieIds.
Try moving us out of here.
If we can get some distance between us and those ships,
we might be abIe to bIock the effects.
Yes, ma'am.
This time, Iet's see if you can do it
without causing an accident.
You usuaIIy manage to make a mess
of everything you do.
Let me say something I've aIways wanted to say.
Get out of my Iife!
I'm just teIIing you what you aIready know.
When the going gets tough, you crumbIe.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
You don't reaIIy beIieve that in your heart.
You beIieve you'II faiI again and, of course, you wiII.
You can't do anything right.
You'II faiI.
Why even try?
Janeway to Engineering.
Janeway to Torres. Are you there?
Engineering, respond.
If anyone in Engineering can hear me, I'm on my way.
Computer, put the Bridge controIs on security Iockout.
Deck 1 1.
Now maybe you have time to taIk to me.
You're so strong, Kath.
It's one of the things I aIways Ioved in you.
What's the matter?
You used to Iove it when I kissed you there.
I don't know who you are-- what you are--
but I won't Iet you touch me.
What about the man on the hoIodeck?
You didn't seem to mind him touching you, did you?
In fact, I think you Iiked it.
Now I ask you, Kath, is that fair to me?
I've stayed faithfuI to you.
I've vowed to wait for you no matter how Iong it takes.
ShouIdn't you do the same?
I haven't been unfaithfuI.
Oh, Kath...
Sick Bay to Engineering.
Lieutenant Torres, pIease respond.
Doctor to the Mess HaII.
Mr. NeeIix, are you there?
This is the Doctor to anyone on the ship.
If you can hear me, pIease repIy.
Either the communications system is maIfunctioning
or everyone on board
has succumbed to a deIusionaI state.
Except you and me.
It wouId appear that,
if the psionic fieId is to be bIocked
and the crew restored to normaI,
it's up to us.
You wiII have to go to Engineering
and compIete Lieutenant Torres' efforts
to create a resonance burst.
I don't know how to do that.
I wiII assist you from here.
Do you know how to do it?
I... discussed the matter with Lieutenant Torres.
I think I understand the basic principIe behind her pIan.
How hard can it be?
AII right.
Go to Engineering immediateIy.
I'II contact you there.
Tom, what happened?
A pIasma Ieak.
Caught me in the face.
HeIp me.
Can you get to Sick Bay?
The Doctor is there.
Come with me.
I can't, I have to get to Engineering.
You can't Ieave me Iike this.
It hurts!
Tom, you can waIk.
You have to get to Sick Bay on your own.
Kes, pIease.
I can't.
You don't want me to get to Engineering.
I'm... I'm haIIucinating.
Kes... wait!
Come back!
Don't Ieave me!
Come back!
What took you so Iong?
Doctor, we have to set up this resonance burst
as quickIy as possibIe.
I've started haIIucinating.
Then see if Lieutenant Torres' Iast program is active.
I think I have it.
B'EIanna was writing a program
to open a symmetricaI warp fieId.
AII right. You'II have to sequence
the magnetic pIasma constriction to the foIIowing formuIa:
T = c sub one over theta times p sub e.
How do I do that?
I'm not sure.
Wait a minute.
I'II see if I can access
StarfIeet's interactive database.
Thank goodness I found you.
Are you aII right?
Where have you been?
In the Mess HaII
trying to heIp the poor souIs there.
Why didn't you answer the Doctor's haiIs?
I didn't hear them.
The com system must be down,
and, frankIy, I was a IittIe busy.
Ashmore thought I was a Kazon.
Tried to kiII me with a carving knife.
How do I know you're reaIIy NeeIix?
Who eIse wouId I be?
Kes, aII I want to do is protect you--
to keep you safe.
We have to get away from here--
get to my shuttIe.
Doctor, have you figured out
how I can enter that sequencing code?
It's quite simpIe reaIIy.
Do you know where the command moduIe is?
Of course.
Activate it and seIect ''magnetic pIasma sequencing.''
You're becoming annoying.
I-I've got it.
It's activated.
Now it's asking me to enter the core temperature.
Move away from that consoIe.
Now, we need a temperature high enough to emit
the resonance burst, but not so high
as to irradiate everyone on the ship.
Try three miIIion keIvins.
Kes, Iook at him.
It hurts!
Look at him. Focus.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
The mirror, remember?
It hurts too much!
Kes, Iook at him.
What's the matter, Kes?
Can't Iift your head?
Stop it!
I'm aII right now, Doctor,
and I've entered a temperature of three miIIion keIvin.
Then aII you have to do is activate the warp fieId.
AII right. Here we go.
Kes to the Captain.
If you can hear me, pIease report to Engineering.
What happened?
It's a Iong story,
but I think everything's aII right now.
Is that who's responsibIe for aII this?
He Iooks so harmIess.
It's hard to beIieve he aImost destroyed us.
You're a powerfuI IittIe thing.
I must say, you surprised me.
Why did you do this to us?
Because I can.
Is it just teIepathy, or is there technoIogy invoIved?
Does it matter?
Oh, it matters to me, because I don't intend
to Iet you continue preying on others.
How wouId you propose to stop me?
We couId destroy your technoIogy,
or adjust your brain wave patterns
to prevent teIepathy,
and then we couId turn you over
to the government of Mithren.
We couId even keep you confined in our brig
behind a force fieId.
I'm sure you're very weII-intentioned, Captain,
and I'd Iike to be abIe to accommodate you...
but, you see...
I'm not reaIIy here.
Captain's Log, suppIementaI.
We have no expIanation for the mysterious disappearance
of the teIepathic aIien.
We can't even be certain that he was actuaIIy here.
He seems to have Ieft us
with any number of unanswered questions.
I'm surprised to see you here, Captain.
Isn't this the day that you're usuaIIy
in the hoIodeck with your noveI?
I thought after our recent experience
that I'd take a break from fantasy for a whiIe.
I don't bIame you.
I think... it had quite an impact on aII of us.
Do you think it's true--
that the aIien was reading our minds,
creating images from our own experiences?
It seemed that way.
He had an uncanny abiIity to...
bring buried thoughts out into the open.
Oh, it's just...
I experienced something...
I'd rather not admit.
I know.
Me, too.
But in a way...
maybe he did us aII a favor.
Maybe it's better to...
Iook those feeIings in the eye
than to keep them Iocked up inside.
I guess.
I'II have to think about that.
WeII, I have an earIy watch tomorrow,
so I'd better turn in.
Good night, Captain.
Good night, B'EIanna.
Sweet dreams.
You, too.

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