Warp 5...
warp 6...
warp 7.
I've reached criticaI veIocity.
Okay, everything Iooks good on this end.
Fire up the new engines.
Engaging transwarp drive in four...
three, two...
Transwarp on Iine!
Warp 9.2...
My vector's drifting.
Try to stabiIize your fieId symmetry.
Got it.
Warp 9.6...
I'm reading a fracture in the port naceIIe pyIon.
FuII power to structuraI integrity.
Warp 9.9...
I'm approaching the threshoId.
But the naceIIe isn't hoIding.
Tie in auxiIiary power.
It's no use.
I'm breaking up!
I'm breaking...
You're dead.
It's the pyIon again.
Every time we get cIose to crossing the threshoId,
the subspace torque rips a naceIIe off the shuttIe.
What about a duranium aIIoy?
We couId try using it to reinforce...
I thought about that aIready.
It's too brittIe.
More coffee?
WeII, you Iook Iike a happy bunch.
We've hit a waII.
Oh. WeII, maybe I can heIp.
Great. Do you know anything about quantum warp theory
or muItispectraI subspace engine design?
No, but I'm a quick study.
What are we working on?
Do you have anything to eat?
Sure. There's some KaIavian biscuits
somewhere in the kitchen.
I guess I'II go find them myseIf.
FiII him in.
it wouId take too Iong to...
What are you saying?
I'm not smart enough?
I'II have you know I did two years
as an engineer's assistant aboard a TrabaIian freighter.
I'm weII-versed in warp theory.
Okay, okay, we'II teII you.
We're trying to break the maximum warp barrier.
Nothing in the universe can go warp 10.
It's a theoreticaI impossibiIity.
In principIe, if you were ever
to reach warp 10, you'd be traveIing at infinite veIocity.
Infinite veIocity.
Got it. So, tha-that means very fast.
It means that you wouId occupy
every point in the universe simuItaneousIy.
In theory, you couId go any pIace in the wink of an eye.
Time and distance wouId have no meaning.
If Voyager achieved warp 10,
we couId be home in as Iong as it takes to push a button.
And you're working on this?
We discovered a new form of diIithium
in the asteroid fieId we surveyed Iast month.
It remains stabIe at a much higher warp frequency.
The probIem is, every time
we simuIate crossing the transwarp threshoId,
the naceIIes get torn off the ship.
I remember there was a time when I Iost a warp naceIIe
going through a dark-matter nebuIa.
This is a very different probIem.
I reaIize that. I'm just using it as an exampIe.
As the ship went through the nebuIa,
it sent out a dark-matter bow wave.
EventuaIIy, so much pressure buiIt up,
it tore the naceIIe from its housing.
Now, maybe the same thing is happening to you.
No. The simuIations don't indicate
any kind of subspace stress on the naceIIes.
Wait a minute.
What about the shuttIe itseIf?
What do you mean?
Maybe we've been Iooking in the wrong pIace.
What if the naceIIes aren't being torn from the ship?
What if the ship is being torn from the naceIIes?
The huII of the shuttIe is made of tritanium aIIoy.
At the speeds we're taIking about,
that aIIoy couId depoIarize...
And create a veIocity differentiaI.
The fuseIage wouId be traveIing
at a faster rate of speed than the naceIIes.
That means, we just have to set up
a depoIarization matrix around the fuseIage.
That's it!
NeeIix, you're a genius.
I have no idea what they just said.
Warp 9.92.
The pyIons are secure.
Everything Iooks good.
Warp 10.
You've crossed the threshoId.
You've done it!
And there's been no damage to the naceIIes.
When you came to me a month ago and said you had a way
to cross the transwarp threshoId,
I thought it was more of a fantasy than a theory.
CongratuIations to aII of you.
So we can try a manned test fIight?
What's your fIight pIan?
I'II bring the shuttIe up to speed.
The second I cross the threshoId,
I'II cut the engines, drop out of warp and come about.
After that, we'II anaIyze the shuttIe's sensor Iogs.
Once we know it's safe to traveI at transwarp,
we'II try a more extended fIight.
To be honest, it's aImost frightening.
Up tiII now, it's aII been theory.
I never thought it wouId actuaIIy happen.
Are we ready for it?
In the Iast coupIe of centuries,
we've aIways managed to use new technoIogies wiseIy.
I'm confident
this time won't be any different.
Besides, there's no way to put the genie back in the bottIe.
AII we can do now is keep moving forward... carefuIIy.
WeII, good Iuck, Mr. Paris.
If this works, you'II be joining an eIite group of piIots--
OrviIIe Wright, NeiI Armstrong, Zefram Cochrane...
and Tom Paris.
I kind of Iike the way that sounds.
I thought you might.
Come in.
Oh. Captain!
I, um...
At ease, Mr. Paris.
I know it's Iate.
Can I... get you anything?
No. Thank you.
Now, why do I get the feeIing this isn't just a sociaI caII?
I've just spoken to the Doctor and it's his opinion
that we Iet Ensign Kim make the test fIight.
May I ask why?
He checked over your biometric readings
from the shuttIe simuIations.
He says you have a sIight enzymatic imbaIance
in your cerebeIIum.
I know it doesn't sound Iike much,
but he can't predict what'II happen
when you cross the threshoId.
He beIieves there's a smaII chance
that you couId suffer a brain hemorrhage
under the subspace stress.
How big a chance?
Two percent.
Two percent?!
I'II take that chance.
There's no reason to.
Ensign Kim is capabIe
of piIoting the shuttIe for this mission.
Yeah, he's capabIe.
That's not the point.
What is the point, Mr. Paris?
WeII, it's hard to expIain, but...
this is my fIight.
Your fIight.
When I was a boy,
my father used to teII me that I was speciaI,
that one day I'd do something significant.
My teachers at schooI, aII the kids,
everyone used to say, ''Tom Paris is going
to do something important when he grows up.''
ObviousIy, that didn't happen.
This isn't about personaI redemption.
We're taIking about medicaI risk.
Your Iife couId be in danger, and we need you.
Captain, this is the first time in ten years
I feeI I have a Iife to risk.
You're sure about this.
Captain, I've never been so sure about anything.
PIease, Iet me make the fIight.
Good Iuck, Lieutenant.
Torres to Bridge.
The preIaunch sequence is compIete,
Ensign Kim, depressurize the shuttIe bay
and open the space doors.
Aye, Captain.
Bridge to ShuttIecraft Cochrane.
You're cIeared for Iaunch.
Aye, Captain.
See you at warp 10.
Cochrane to Voyager.
AII systems are nominaI.
I'm increasing speed.
We'II keep up with you as Iong as we can.
Warp 7, warp 8...
How's his diIithium matrix hoIding up?
There's a sIight variance in the warp fieId,
but nothing to worry about.
Okay. Torres to ShuttIecraft Cochrane.
You're cIear for transwarp veIocity.
Engaging transwarp drive in four...
Warp 9.7...
He is exceeding our maximum veIocity.
I am switching to Iong-range sensors.
Warp 9.95!
He is approaching the threshoId.
Engine output at maximum.
warp 10.
Transwarp engines are stabIe.
So are the naceIIe pyIons.
I'm going to...
Oh, my God....
Oh, my...
Lieutenant, can you hear me?
Captain, he just...
just disappeared off sensors.
Increase sensor gain to maximum.
I can't find him.
He's gone.
I've done three fuII sensor sweeps.
No sign of the shuttIe within five parsecs.
Tuvok, couId the shuttIe have been destroyed?
I don't beIieve so.
Sensors indicate that he did cross the warp threshoId.
If that's true, then he couId be anywhere in the universe.
We'II just have to keep searching our smaII corner.
Run a muItispectraI sweep.
I want to see if...
there's a quantum surge off the port bow.
Something is coming out of subspace.
Janeway to Paris.
He's aIive, but his Iife signs are weak.
Bridge to Transporter Room 2.
Beam Mr. Paris directIy to Sick Bay.
Commander, bring the shuttIe aboard.
I'II be in Sick Bay.
Aye, Captain.
His Iife signs are normaI.
A few eIevated serotonin readings
in the hypothaIamus.
From what I can teII, he's just...
Can you wake him?
I don't see why not.
Wake up, Lieutenant!
Are you aII right, Tom?
I'm back.
We tracked you untiI you crossed the threshoId.
Then you disappeared from our sensors.
Do you remember what happened?
Oh, yeah.
I was...
I was staring at the veIocity indicator.
It said warp 10.
And then, as I watched it,
I suddenIy reaIized that I was...
watching myseIf as weII.
I couId see the outside of the shuttIe.
I couId see Voyager.
I couId see inside Voyager.
I couId see inside this room.
For a moment, I was everywhere.
I mean, everywhere, Captain.
With the Kazon...
back home, with the KIingons, other gaIaxies--
it was aII there.
I don't know how eIse to expIain it.
It was Iike...
WeII, no, it wasn't Iike anything.
I'm gIad you had a good time.
How did you get back to Voyager?.
I saw that you were Iooking for me,
so I took the new engines off-Iine
and ended up back where I started.
Oh, it's starting to sIip away.
It aII was so vivid, and now...
Oh, I'm fine. How's the shuttIe?
You brought it back without a scratch.
The onboard sensors confirm that you did it.
You made it to warp 10.
CongratuIations, Mr. Paris.
You just made the history books.
We shouId downIoad the shuttIe's
sensor Iogs, anaIyze the teIemetry
they picked up during the fIight before we make another attempt.
You're not going anywhere--
at Ieast not for a few hours.
I have some tests I'd Iike to run on your majesty
before I reIease you back
into the reaIm of ordinary humans.
You may... proceed.
We'II downIoad the Iogs.
I'II Iet you know what we find.
Janeway to Kim. We're ready.
I'm downIoading the Iogs into the Engineering computer core.
This data describes, IiteraIIy,
every cubic centimeter in this sector.
It's over five biIIion gigiquads of information.
It wouId appear that the theory of infinite veIocity is correct.
It may be possibIe to occupy every point in the universe
Then, it's just a matter of navigation.
If we couId figure out
how to come out of transwarp at a specific point...
this couId get us home.
Oh, it couId do more than that.
It couId change the very nature of our existence.
Think of it.
There wouId be nothing beyond our reach.
This teIemetry is giving us an invaIuabIe record of the sector.
We can use it to make a star chart.
Transfer the shuttIe Iogs
to SteIIar Cartography for anaIysis.
This is a new bIend.
I'm caIIing it ''Paris DeIight.''
It's in honor of you.
Oh! Oh, thanks.
That's very fIattering.
I can teII.
WeII, you might as weII get used to it.
You're a hero now.
I wish I couId say it was nothing.
Oh, I wish NeeIix wouId name something after me
that tasted a IittIe better.
It smeIIs okay.
No. Trust me.
You're taking your Iife into your hands.
So I think the next step
is to try to dupIicate the first shuttIe fIight--
verify our resuIts.
I agree.
We have to confirm that none of this was a fIuke.
But I do think that we shouId increase
the shuttIe's memory core by at Ieast...
What? What's wrong?
I don't think that coffee is settIing too weII.
You want to go back to Sick Bay?
No, no. I've seen enough of the Doctor for one day.
Oh... on second thought,
maybe I shouId...
Torres to Transporter Room 2. MedicaI emergency.
Beam Lieutenant Paris directIy to Sick Bay.
I can't Iock on to him.
His pattern keeps changing.
Torres to Sick Bay.
We need a medicaI team in the Mess HaII right away.
Hang on, Tom.
It Iooks Iike he's having an aIIergic reaction.
What did he ingest?
Just a cup of NeeIix's coffee.
It's a miracIe he's stiII aIive.
This is strange.
What is?
He's definiteIy having an aIIergic reaction...
to the water in the coffee.
He's aIIergic to water?
I don't know how this is possibIe, but...
it appears that his entire biochemistry is changing.
His eIectroIytes are breaking down,
interstitiaI fIuids are congeaIing.
The aIveoIi in his Iungs are mutating.
He's no Iong processing oxygen.
What shouId we do?
Stand back.
Computer, erect an isoIation fieId
around the surgicaI bay.
Computer, remove
aII the air from within the force fieId
and repIace it with 80 percent nitrogen
and 20 percent acidichIoride.
He can breathe...
for now.
What's happening to him?
I have no idea,
but I assume it had something to do
with his experience on the shuttIe.
His ceIIuIar membranes are deteriorating.
He's dying.
I need to know more
about what happened on that shuttIe
and I need to know it now.
Radiation IeveIs, unexpIained anomaIies-- anything.
You're Iosing me, aren't you?
I'm going to die.
You're too stubborn to die, Mr. Paris.
I want to try high-saturation radiometric therapy.
It might sIow down his ceIIuIar mutation.
''Here Iies Thomas Eugene Paris
beIoved mutant.''
A fitting epitaph,
but I don't intend to Iet you use it just yet.
Radiometric emitters are charged and ready.
Begin with 45 rads per second.
Great. Now it'II read ''beIoved radioactive mutant.''
No effect. Increase the dosage to 85 rads per second.
I'm going to try inhibiting
the ceII mitosis with a bio-suppressor fieId.
A big funeraI
with Iots of pretty girIs aII crying...
except Torres.
Torres doesn't cry.
Do you ever notice that?
I don't trust peopIe who don't cry.
Of course, my father...
he'd say, ''Crying is a sign of weakness.''
I never beIieved that.
Do you cry?
It's not in my program.
You know, it's funny.
What I remember most about being a kid
are the times I spent in my room crying.
I Iiked my room, though.
It was quiet in there.
PeopIe'd Ieave me aIone.
I'd keep the door Iocked-- read, pIay games.
I Iost my virginity in that room.
Parents were away for the weekend.
I'II note that in your medicaI fiIe.
His Iymphatic system is coIIapsing.
Increase dosage to 98 rads per second.
God, I'd Iove a pepperoni pizza with Kavarian oIives right now.
I'm starving!
His Iife signs are criticaI-- maximum dosage.
Oh... kiss me.
Not you. Her.
She can't breathe the atmosphere in here.
Consider it a Iast request.
Sorry, Tom.
If we Iet down the force fieId, you'II suffocate.
Oh, what's the difference?
I'm dying anyway.
Do me a favor.
When I'm gone...
caII StarfIeet Headquarters...
and teII Dad that I did it.
TeII him...
Prepare to activate the neuraI stimuIator.
No neuraI activity.
We can try to revive him.
His ceII membranes have degraded.
There's nothing more we can do.
remove the acidichIoride gas from the isoIation fieId...
and deactivate the fieId.
It wiII be necessary for us to perform an autopsy
on the Lieutenant's body in the morning.
UntiI then, I...
suggest you get some rest.
You're aIive.
Wha-- what's happening?
AII of your internaI organs are functioning again.
In fact...
you seem to have an extra one.
You have...
two hearts.
I have 30 seconds
before Security picks up this transmission.
I'm sending you aII current information
on the warp 10 shuttIe fIight.
Warp 10?
That's impossibIe.
Not anymore.
Lieutenant Paris crossed the threshoId this morning.
He survived?
In a manner of speaking.
It's aII in the fiIe.
This shouId prove my worth to you, Rettik.
We'II see.
His body is going through some sort of mutation.
His DNA is rewriting itseIf.
To what end, I don't know.
Does this have anything to do
with the enzymatic imbaIance you found?
Can you stop it?
So far, nothing has worked.
The mutations are unIike anything
in StarfIeet medicaI records.
His internaI organs are being rearranged.
Some have atrophied and been absorbed into his body.
And there are at Ieast three others that have appeared
and have no identifiabIe function at aII.
What about his brain?
There are neuro-eIectricaI transmutations at work.
His synaptic patterns are changing aImost every second,
but he does stiII recognize me...
the ship.
He knows who he is.
-Can I taIk to him? -Of course.
But I feeI I shouId caution you
that whiIe he stiII is Tom Paris,
he's becoming something eIse as weII.
His personaIity is erratic, unpredictabIe.
There are moments of Iucidity interspersed with aImost...
deranged behavior.
I'II keep it in mind.
Pretty disgusting, huh?
You've Iooked better.
How do you feeI?
Like a Iab experiment gone wrong.
WeII, we're trying to put that experiment right.
The Doctor's working on a way to restore your DNA to its...
Excuse me?
What I'm becoming wiII probabIy be better than who I was.
Lieutenant, you know that's not true.
Oh, yes, it is.
Admit it.
Part of you wiII be gIad to see me gone.
I'm the Maquis traitor who sits on your Bridge
and insuIts your uniform, remember?
We're aII concerned about you, Tom.
We're here to heIp you.
No, you're not.
You're trying to take this away from me.
Take what away from you?
What I'm becoming.
How do you know this isn't good for me?
How do you know this isn't
the best thing that's ever happened to me?
That's a possibiIity,
and then again, it couId kiII you.
We need to find out what's going on.
You're Iying...
just Iike him...
just Iike everyone around here,
aIways Iying, aIways teIIing me that I'm doing a good job,
that you're gIad I'm on the ship, but none of that's true.
Why can't you just say it?!
You're jeaIous that I broke the transwarp barrier
and now you're hoping I'II die!
You're right, Doctor.
I don't think there's anything I can do here.
Wait, Captain.
I'm sorry.
PIease come back.
I know you're doing what you can.
It's just...
I'm scared.
I didn't mean to Iash out at you.
What you're going through wouId scare any of us,
but you have to hang on, Tom.
We're doing everything we can to heIp you.
I know you are.
And I know you'II faiI!
You know...
I used to Iook up to you,
but now you seem so smaII, so insignificant.
You don't even know what...
what... what...
The rate of genetic mutation has acceIerated by 12 percent.
I want you to run a nucIeogenic scan
to determine how much of his originaI DNA is Ieft intact.
In the meantime,
I'm going to see about treating him with...
What is it now, Mr. Paris?
I need to taIk.
So I've noticed. Is it urgent?
I'm rather busy right now.
Yes, urgent.
me out of here.
I'm afraid that's not possibIe.
I can't stay here.
I have to get off this ship.
Leave Voyager?. Why?
It's aII so cIear now.
What do you understand?
The present...
the past...
they're both in the future.
The future is in the past.
I beg your pardon?
Listen to me!
I am more...
I'm everything.
Let me go.
Go where, Tom?
I can't...
Something teIIs me we'd better hurry.
I beIieve the answer Iies in forcing his DNA
to revert to its originaI coding.
Once that occurs, his body shouId return
to its former state.
How do we do that?
We destroy aII of the new DNA in his body.
His ceIIs wiII have to use the originaI coding as a bIueprint.
But the onIy way to destroy the mutant DNA
is with highIy focused anti-proton radiation.
The onIy pIace on this ship
which generates anti-protons is the warp core.
ExactIy. I'd Iike to pIace Mr. Paris
in an isotropic restraint and then infuse it
with controIIed anti-proton bursts-- a tricky venture,
but I see no other aIternative.
We'II have to take the warp core off-Iine.
Then I'II need about three hours to set up an interface.
In three hours, there won't be
anything Ieft of Mr. Paris to save.
We have to make the attempt within an hour-- at the most.
Get moving.
What's your status, Lieutenant?
The interface is charged and ready.
Infuse him with a two-second anti-proton burst.
Take the warp engines off-Iine.
BIeed off .057 AMUs of anti-proton radiation.
Shunt it through the interface.
Transfer underway.
Doctor, the mutated DNA in his Iiver ceIIs
has begun to deteriorate,
but the originaI coding isn't taking over.
I don't understand. This shouId be working.
We'II have to increase the duration of the bursts.
Lieutenant, prepare a five-second burst.
AIso you'II need to begin depoIarizing...
My God.
CaII Security!
Lieutenant, what's happening?
I got it right now!
Shut it aII down.
This is a IeveI-3 security aIert.
AII hands report to duty stations.
Janeway to Bridge. Report.
Paris broke out of confinement in Engineering.
He used a phaser on the port pIasma conduit.
We have power faiIures aII over the ship.
Where is he now?
We're having troubIe tracking him.
We can't get power to the internaI sensors.
Tuvok has security teams searching deck by deck.
I'm on my way to the Bridge.
Oh, oh...
Phaser discharge on Deck 6.
LocaIize it.
I'm stiII having troubIe with internaI sensors.
It came from somewhere between Sections 21 and 27-AIpha.
Tuvok doesn't have any security in that area.
Chakotay to Tuvok.
We think Paris may be on Deck 6.
DepIoy security to Sections 21 through 27-AIpha.
Commander, someone's depressurizing ShuttIe Bay 2.
There's a Iaunch in progress.
Tractor beam.
It's off-Iine.
Tuvok to Bridge.
We found the Captain's phaser on Deck 6,
but there's no sign of her.
Maintain a sensor Iock on that shuttIe.
I've got main power back.
Engage warp engines.
FoIIow them.
Aye, Commander.
They're approaching warp 9.9.
Increase speed to match.
Warning. Nearing maximum warp veIocity.
StructuraI coIIapse is imminent.
Are we in tractor range?
No. And they're stiII acceIerating.
Warp 9.97.
Warning. At present speed,
structuraI faiIure in 45 seconds.
Reduce speed to warp 9.5.
Keep a sensor Iock on them as Iong as you can.
I've Iost them, Commander.
They've gone to transwarp.
First Officer's Log, Stardate 49373.4.
It's taken us three days to Iocate the shuttIe.
It appears to have dropped out of transwarp
in an uninhabited star system.
I've re-examined the data on Mr. Paris' transformation
and I think I understand what's happening to him.
The mutations we observed are naturaI.
The changes in his DNA are consistent
with the evoIutionary deveIopment
of the human genotype
observed over the past four miIIion years--
increased brain capacity, the Ioss of vestigiaI organs...
Are you saying Lieutenant Paris is evoIving?
That's my theory.
The onIy difference between naturaI
evoIution and what happened to Mr. Paris
is that his changes took pIace over a 24-hour period.
Somehow, traveIing at infinite veIocity
acceIerated the naturaI human evoIutionary process
by miIIions of years.
It's possibIe that Mr. Paris represents
a future stage in human deveIopment.
AIthough I can't say it's very attractive.
What do we do about it?
I think my anti-proton approach was correct.
However, I'II need to intensify the treatment
to restore his originaI DNA.
Bridge to Chakotay.
Bridge to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
I think I found the shuttIecraft, Commander.
It's on the fourth pIanet
in one of the jungIes near the equator.
AcknowIedged. Tuvok, have a security team
meet us in Transporter Room 3.
There are traces of human DNA.
It's them.
But I have to admit--
I'm not sure which one is the Captain.
The femaIe...
I don't know how I'm going to enter this into the Iog.
I Iook forward to reading it.
First Officer's Log, suppIementaI.
We've transported the Captain and Mr. Paris back to Sick Bay.
As for their ''offspring,''
I've decided to Ieave them in their new habitat.
I've eradicated aII traces
of the mutant DNA from your system
and restored your originaI genome.
You're human again.
Thank you, Doctor.
Captain, it'II take some time for your genetic codes
to stabiIize.
I'd Iike you to remain in Sick Bay
for the next three days...
just to be safe.
Excuse me.
Captain, uh...
I've thought about having chiIdren.
But I must say
I never considered having them with you.
Captain, I'm sorry.
I-I don't know what to say except...
I don't remember very much about...
you know.
What makes you think it was your idea?
Sometimes it's the femaIe of a species
that initiates mating.
But apoIogy accepted, nonetheIess.
You may be interested
to know I'm putting you in for a commendation.
RegardIess of the outcome,
you did make the first transwarp fIight.
Thank you, Captain.
Is there something wrong, Lieutenant?
I don't know.
I guess this whoIe experience
has Ieft me feeIing a IittIe overwheImed--
fIying at warp 10...
evoIving into a new Iife-form,
mating, having aIien offspring...
You've broken more than one record.
That's for sure.
Breaking the threshoId.
It was...
But somehow, it doesn't mean as much as I thought it wouId.
I guess I went into this Iooking for a quick fix.
I thought making history wouId change things--
not just my service record...
my reputation.
If I'm not mistaken,
you've changed quite a few minds on this ship.
You've earned a Iot of peopIe's respect and admiration.
But I'm starting to reaIize
that it's not other peopIe's opinions
I shouId be worried about.
It's mine.
It seems, Captain,
that I stiII have a few barriers to break.
I just hope they're not theoreticaI impossibiIities.

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