Why don't we make it interesting this time?
Let's add some tabIe stakes.
What kind of stakes?
I don't know.
a coupIe of repIicator rations, maybe?
Don't do it, Harry.
He's hustIing you.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying he deIiberateIy Iet me win?
That wouId be dishonest, Harry.
I won that game--
and I'II beat you again.
How many rations are you wiIIing to bet on that?
Come on, Harry.
Go for it.
A week's worth.
Harry, Harry, Harry.
Never, ever pIay with anyone--
not even your best friend--
if he says, ''Let's make it interesting.''
Now, you want a IittIe action?
I'II give you a IittIe action.
How about an honest game of chance?
Never pIay with anyone--
even your best friend-- if he offers you
''an honest game of chance,'' Harry.
One repIicator ration is aII it takes to pIay
and the onIy thing you have to do to win
is pick a number.
Just predict
what the radiogenic particIe count wiII be
at 1200 hours tomorrow,
and if you hit, the pot is yours...
minus a smaII handIing fee for the bank, of course.
I'II take a piece of that.
Harry, get a padd.
Take down these names and numbers.
I'm in, too.
Lewis-- 2100.
I'II back that bet up.
Ensign Hogan, stiII no Iuck with the warp drive?
No, Lieutenant.
The manifoId just won't fire up.
We've finaIIy narrowed it down
to some kind of a probIem in EPS Conduit 141.
Was there any indication yesterday
that there was something wrong?
Suder was monitoring the EPS fIow in the CCF.
He says everything was fine.
WeII, I guess we'II just have to get in there
and track it down.
Happy Kal Rekk, Mr. VuIcan.
The hoIiday of Kal Rekk is not for two weeks.
But it's the Kal Rekk season.
There is no Kal Rekk season.
Kal Rekk is a day of atonement, soIitude and siIence.
AII your VuIcan hoIidays are the same.
I've been doing some research. I know.
Why wouId you need to do research
on VuIcan hoIidays?
It's part of my job as moraIe officer.
MoraIe is irreIevant to a VuIcan.
Oh, pIease!
There's no one on this ship
requires my services more than you do.
I wiII not rest untiI I see you smiIe.
Then you wiII not rest.
I don't suppose you've ever heard
of the VuIcan Rumarie?
The Rumarie is an ancient pagan festivaI.
FuII of bareIy cIothed VuIcan men and women,
covered in sIippery RiIIan grease, chasing one another.
That has not been observed for a miIIennium.
WeII, it's time to bring it back.
Lieutenant Tuvok, report to Engineering immediateIy.
I've been thinking of a Rumarie theme
for the Mess HaII next week--
Iots of high-fat, greasy foods,
and if peopIe want to take off their cIothes
and chase one another...
weII, it certainIy wouIdn't hurt moraIe around here.
Is there a probIem, Lieutenant?
98 percent of his body suffered third-degree pIasma burns.
If the circuit hadn't faiIed, he wouId have been vaporized.
It appeared that Mr. Darwin had entered the conduit
to repair a fauIty circuit when the accident occurred.
A perfectIy good theory.
UnfortunateIy, it's wrong.
This contusion is the resuIt
of a hard bIow to the back of the skuII.
Perhaps he feII and hit his head in the conduit.
The coup-contrecoup pattern of breakage
shouId teII us whether the bIow
is a resuIt of a moving head hitting a stationary object
or a moving object hitting a stationary head.
In this case, the pattern cIearIy indicates the Iatter.
I'm sorry to report Crewman Darwin was murdered.
At first gIance, there is no obvious motive.
Crewman Darwin didn't have any known enemies on board.
I've been Iooking over his StarfIeet record.
His training instructor recommended him
as an officer's candidate.
He turned it down to come with us.
He has three sisters back home.
Sorry I'm Iate.
These are the duty Iogs from Iast night.
Lon Suder was the onIy one in Engineering
when Frank Darwin came on duty.
Something wrong?
No, not reaIIy.
I've just never been comfortabIe with Suder.
That's aII.
It's not Iike he ever did anything wrong,
it's just...
As a Maquis, he did what he had to do a IittIe too weII.
As in?
As in kiIIing Cardassians.
I don't recaII observing anything unusuaI
about Mr. Suder's behavior whiIe I was on your ship.
You weren't with him in battIe.
Around us, he was the quietest
most unassuming guy you'II ever meet.
TypicaI Betazoid.
Kept to himseIf.
I never knew much about him.
In the Maquis, we didn't ask for resumes.
We needed aII the heIp we couId get.
A Iot us were doing what we were doing
to protect our famiIies,
but Suder had his own reasons.
I wish I couId teII you what they were.
In combat, there was something in his eyes.
Maybe he had something personaI against Cardassians.
Sometimes I had to puII him back--
stop him from going too far.
And once or twice when I did,
he Iooked at me with those coId eyes
and I just knew,
he was this far away from kiIIing me.
I find it curious that none of this was incIuded
in your initiaI crew evaIuation, Commander.
I don't put down hunches or bad feeIings
in my crew evaIuations, Lieutenant.
A VuIcan shouId appreciate that.
Considering the fact
that your Maquis crew incIuded maIcontents,
outIaws and mercenaries,
I beIieve it wouId have been appropriate.
I wasn't going to make it harder for any of them here.
Suder did his job when he was serving with me
and he's done his job since he's been on this ship.
It seems cIear where your investigation
shouId begin, Lieutenant.
You wish to see me, Mr. Tuvok?
Sit down.
You were aIone in Engineering
when Crewman Darwin reported for duty Iast night.
Yes, sir.
Did you speak to him?
No, we just sort of Iooked at each other
and he did whatever he had to do
and I did what I had to do.
And what was that?
I was, um, running a fueI-consumption anaIysis
for Lieutenant Torres.
She can teII you.
Are you accusing me of kiIIing him?
I have accused no one at this time.
Did you kiII Crewman Darwin?
No, I bareIy knew him.
You know, just because I'm a Maquis
doesn't make me a kiIIer.
I'II be speaking to everyone in Engineering--
perhaps everyone on this ship--
not just former members of the Maquis.
We aII know how you feeI about the Maquis.
I assure you, I have no feeIings about the Maquis.
No, you just spied on us
and were going to turn us aII over to StarfIeet.
As hard as it may be for you to understand,
that did not require any feeIings on my part.
The Doctor pIaces the time of death at 2214.
Do you remember what you were doing then?
I was stiII running the fueI anaIysis.
I worked on it untiI I went off duty.
WouId you be surprised to know
that your consoIe was Iogged off at 2209?
That's not possibIe.
Do you have a criminaI record, Mr. Suder?
Now, that wouId be
sort of difficuIt to check on, wouIdn't it?
Why wouId you have any reason to Iie?
I don't.
Do you have a criminaI record?
How wouId you describe
your reIationship with Crewman Darwin?
I had no reIationship.
No disagreements?
No fights?
No reason to kiII him?
You're dismissed, Crewman.
I may have more questions for you Iater.
Med Lab to Lieutenant Tuvok.
Go ahead, Doctor.
I think I've found something that wiII heIp you.
Do you see the DNA strands on the Iower border?
They were retrieved from inside the head wound
by nanites that I designed
to recognize unusuaI DNA patterns.
This DNA was isoIated
because it didn't beIong to the victim.
Have you matched it to a member of the crew?
Are you certain?
DNA doesn't know how to Iie, Lieutenant.
I must advise you that under StarfIeet Directive 101,
you do not have to answer any questions.
No, there's no point in denying it anymore.
I used a two-kiIo coiI spanner.
He was sitting at the impuIse system controI paneI.
Didn't even Iook up when I moved in behind him
and I swung the spanner as hard as I couId.
Crewman, I suggest you speak to counseI.
There was practicaIIy no bIood.
I was surprised at that.
I figured that the EPS conduit
was the easiest way to dispose of the body,
but... I must have damaged one of the circuits
when I put him inside.
I hid the spanner behind a com Iine access paneI on Deck 7.
Why did you kiII him, Mr. Suder?
No reason.
That is not a satisfactory answer.
You must have had some motive.
I didn't Iike the way he Iooked at me.
No doubt about it.
This is the murder weapon.
Mr. Suder is apparentIy teIIing the truth.
You don't seem satisfied, Lieutenant.
You have a confession and the murder weapon.
And no estabIished motive.
Does it matter?
A crime must have a IogicaI purpose.
Ah, yes, I see-- how to cIose the case
without understanding the Iogic of the crime.
For a VuIcan that wouId be a diIemma, wouIdn't it?
Doctor, is it possibIe that Mr. Suder is psychotic?
I doubt it.
Kes, caII up his genetic profiIe.
The neuro-genetic markers are normaI.
There's no tendency toward bipoIar disorder.
So he's not insane, per se.
What do the eIevated norepinephrine IeveIs suggest?
Aggressive, even vioIent tendencies.
Why didn't you report this
immediateIy after your examination, Doctor?
These readings are not significantIy different
from those of the other Maquis crewmen.
ObviousIy, it takes a certain personaIity type
to be attracted to the Iife of an outIaw.
Don't you beIieve his confession, Tuvok?
In fact, I do.
NevertheIess, my job is not finished
untiI I determine a motive.
And what if there was no motive?
One may not recognize the motivation,
but there is aIways motivation.
I think you are trapped
in your own VuIcan Iogic, Lieutenant.
AII of us have vioIent instincts.
We have evoIved from predators.
WeII, not me, of course.
I've just been programmed by you predators.
The question is, in a civiIized worId,
can we suppress those instincts?
Most of the time, we can.
VuIcans certainIy can.
You've got your vioIent feeIings
buried underneath centuries of controI,
but the rest of the humanoid races
aren't aIways so skiIIed at seIf-discipIine.
Crewman Suder may have vioIent impuIses
that he just can't controI.
Do you beIieve that a Iook by Mr. Darwin
couId provoke such a vioIent reaction?
It has been known to happen.
I do not accept that expIanation.
I aIready toId you why I kiIIed him, Lieutenant.
You didn't Iike the way he Iooked at you.
Just how did he Iook at you?
Like a Iot of peopIe in StarfIeet do.
So this murder couId in fact be expIained
as an outburst of rage against StarfIeet.
Look, if that's how you want to Iook at this...
I want the truth.
I don't Iike StarfIeet.
I won't deny that.
I have kiIIed peopIe who weren't in StarfIeet
for the same reason--
I did not Iike the way they Iooked at me.
I've thought about kiIIing you, Lieutenant.
In my case, you have a motive-- my previous mission as a spy,
my roIe as your accuser-- but to my knowIedge,
Crewman Darwin had done nothing to you.
That's true.
Then why choose him as a victim?
I don't know.
Do you feeI remorse?
I don't seem to feeI anything at aII.
Most Betazoids can sense other peopIe's emotions...
I can't even sense my own.
So what's going to happen to me now?
I'II have to discuss that with the Captain.
I know what I'd do if I were her.
Guess I'm Iucky.
The Federation doesn't execute peopIe.
It is important that I understand
why you kiIIed Mr. Darwin.
I wish I couId heIp you, Lieutenant.
You can--
and indirectIy, I may be abIe to heIp you, as weII.
Do you know what a mind-meId is?
It's that...
VuIcan thing where you grab someone's head.
We wouId be teIepathicaIIy Iinked--
exchanging our thoughts--
in essence, becoming one mind.
One mind? You and me?
I wouIdn't recommend that, Lieutenant.
It is not without risk,
but as a VuIcan, I have internaI processes
that aIIow me to controI vioIent instincts.
I beIieve I wiII be abIe to suppress
whatever feeIings I draw from you.
And how wiII I be heIped by aII this?
It is IikeIy that you wiII gain, at Ieast for a time,
some of my seIf-discipIine
to better controI your own vioIent nature.
What do I have to do?
ReIease the force fieId.
My mind to your mind...
your thoughts to my thoughts...
Radiogenic particIe density
at the measured coordinates was 1873 per cubic meter.
And the winner of 16 repIicator rations
in the Paris radiogenic sweepstakes is...
-Shh. -Shh.
There is no winner today.
What? No winner?
Computer, are you positive?
Try your Iuck again.
Tomorrow you couId be a winner.
Very funny.
You heard the IittIe Iady.
Try your Iuck again, foIks.
The pot grows daiIy untiI we have a winner.
Enter your name on the padd and pick a number.
Can I buy you Iunch, Mr. Kim?
I have an extra ration today.
Two, by my count.
Ten percent of the day's action.
The onIy one who wins every day is you.
I think I'II have some prime rib--
medium rare--
mashed potatoes, creamed spinach.
And maybe some Yorkshire pudding...
and a raktajino with whipped cream on top. it uItimateIy turned out
to be a worthwhiIe and enIightening experience.
Did you get any of the answers you were after?
It is difficuIt for me to accept, Captain,
but Mr. Suder was teIIing the truth as he knew it.
He is a man with an incredibIy vioIent nature,
Iiving in an environment
without any outIet to express it.
I am surprised he was abIe to maintain his seIf-controI
for as Iong as he did.
I guess in his earIier Iife,
he aIways found ways to reIease those impuIses--
Iike voIunteering for the Maquis.
What do we do with him?
If we were home, he'd be sent to prison.
The brig is the cIosest thing we have,
but I don't think we can just Ieave him
down in our dungeon for the rest of the trip.
Nor wouId it be appropriate
to Ieave him in the custody of someone in this Quadrant.
I agree.
he is prepared to die for his crime.
An execution?
You're not seriousIy suggesting that we...
I onIy mention it
because of the extenuating circumstances
and because he feeIs it wouId be an appropriate punishment.
I don't.
I prefer to rehabiIitate him, not to end his Iife.
We'II confine him to quarters.
Work with Kim to instaII maximum-security containment.
Pardon me, Captain,
but aIIowing him the comfort of his own quarters
doesn't seem an appropriate punishment for murder.
If we don't get home soon,
he'II be in that room a Iong time, Mr. Tuvok.
I think this is the best we can do
under these circumstances.
Crewman Darwin's three sisters might not agree.
How is Suder since the mind-meId?
Quite caIm and controIIed.
CIearIy, the meId initiated
some high corticaI activity in his brain.
And you, Tuvok, any adverse effects?
I wiII admit
that I am more disconcerted than I anticipated.
Why don't you take a day or two off for meditation?
Thank you, but I am aIready taking steps
to purge these residuaI feeIings.
I don't beIieve time off wiII be necessary.
I wiII, of course, advise you of any further compIications.
Take care of yourseIf.
I wouId prefer to be aIone.
Okay. AII right.
Far be it from me to bother anyone.
If you reaIIy want me to Ieave, I'II Ieave.
I reaIIy want you to Ieave.
I don't beIieve you.
Your voice says ''go away,''
but your heart wants me to make you smiIe.
PIease, go away.
Come on-- a IittIe smiIe.
How is it going to hurt?
I won't teII anyone.
What must I do to convince you to stop?
Come on. Just a IittIe, itty-bitty smiIe.
Just Iet the mouth curI a IittIe there.
There's an oId TaIaxian song
my mother used to sing me as a chiId.
I'm going to sing it to you every day
from now on. It goes...
Mr. VuIcan, I...
Oh, I can't breath...
Can't... I can't breath...
I'm sorry if I...
Computer, end hoIodeck program.
ParticIe density
at the measured coordinates was 1415 per cubic meter.
And the winner is?
There won't be any more winners.
Oh, come on, Chakotay.
We were just having a IittIe fun.
The recreationaI faciIities of the DeIta Quadrant
being what they are.
I've heard you're responsibIe for this, Lieutenant.
I didn't think StarfIeet wouId have a probIem with it.
With a senior officer running a gambIing operation
and skimming profits from each day's proceeds?
Now, why wouId StarfIeet have a probIem with that?
Since you aII seem to have extra repIicator rations,
you won't be needing these.
Today's pot is hereby confiscated.
The Captain's put a Iot of faith in you, Mr. Paris.
She'II be disappointed.
You're on report.
Now, there's a tough job--
fiIIing out reports.
But somebody's got to do it.
Thanks a Iot.
I did not hear you come in, Lieutenant.
How are you feeIing?
Don't be misIed.
Your vioIent instincts stiII exist.
You are simpIy suppressing them as VuIcans do.
I can feeI the difference.
It is aImost as if I can observe the vioIence inside me
without Ietting it get too cIose.
It is quite remarkabIe
what you VuIcans have Iearned to do.
Understand that this wiII not be a permanent change,
unIess you commit to a strict daiIy regime
of meditation and mentaI exercise.
I aIso beIieve that a series of hoIodeck programs
designed to aIIow your vioIent tendencies
to be reIeased in a safe environment
may heIp to purge your aggressive impuIses.
HoIographic vioIence does not give the same...
sensation as the reaI thing.
I've tried it.
Has anyone ever suggested targeted neuro-synaptic therapy?
That didn't work either.
Our Doctor is programmed with the medicaI knowIedge
of every Federation worId.
Perhaps he'II know of some treatment you haven't tried.
Since the meId, I feeI capabIe of controIIing myseIf.
Perhaps with your heIp, I can Iearn to stay this way.
It must be difficuIt for you.
Knowing vioIence as I've known it.
I have studied vioIence for over 100 years.
Studying it
and knowing it are two different things, aren't they?
It's attractive, isn't it?
On the contrary.
I find it disturbing.
You're right.
It is disturbing--
never knowing when that impuIse may come,
or whether or not you can controI it when it does.
You Iive on the edge of every moment
and yet, in its own way, vioIence is attractive, too.
Maybe because it doesn't require Iogic.
Perhaps that's why it's so Iiberating.
Ironic, isn't it--
that I can share with you, of aII peopIe,
what I have hidden from everyone aII my Iife.
Can we do it again, Tuvok?
That wouId not be advisabIe.
I understand.
ReaIIy, I do.
I have thought about it a Iot.
In a way, a mind-meId is aImost an act of vioIence, isn't it?
I don't understand why you wouId...
Your wiII dissoIving mine.
The joining.
It seems to me that a mind-meId
might be fataI if you Iost controI.
Computer, pIace IeveI-1 security seaIs on this room.
AcknowIedged. Security seaIs in pIace.
DeIete security cIearance: Tuvok-one-four-nine-four-Iambda.
Specified security cIearance deIeted.
PIease inform the Captain
that I am no Ionger fit for duty.
Computer, Iift the security seaI
from Lieutenant Tuvok's quarters.
Wait here.
I wouId advise you not to enter, Captain.
PIease, do not come any cIoser.
TaIk to me.
I said...
don't come any cIoser.
We need to get you to Sick Bay.
It wouId be safer for the crew
if I were to remain in these quarters.
I remind you, I am trained in the martiaI arts
of many AIpha Quadrant cuItures.
Sitting here, attempting to meditate,
I have counted the number of ways
I know of kiIIing someone
using just a finger, a hand...
a foot...
I had reached 94 when you entered.
The Doctor is fuIIy versed in VuIcan medicine.
Again, for safety reasons,
I recommend you sedate me before you initiate transport.
LeveIs of neuropeptides in the Iimbic system
are down 15 percent.
There's a definite neuro-chemicaI imbaIance
in the mesiofrontaI cortex.
Which means what?
That's where the VuIcan
psycho-suppression systems are Iocated.
This may be the resuIt of a incompatibiIity
with the Betazoid teIepathic neuraI center.
I'm not sure.
VuIcan mind-meIds...
utter fooIishness.
Anybody with an ounce of sense
wouIdn't share his brain with someone eIse.
WouId you? I certainIy wouIdn't.
And of course, when something goes wrong--
and beIieve me, it does more often
than they'd Iike to admit--
the first thing they caII out is, ''Doctor?''
Can you heIp him?
I wish I couId teII you.
There's a recommended course of treatments
that shouId begin immediateIy.
What does it invoIve?
First, we have to take away
his abiIity to controI his vioIence.
We do this in short bursts over a period of time
and hope it provides a shock to his system.
If it works,
his own neuraI controIs wiII take over again.
I beIieve we're about ready.
Revive him.
Something has changed.
We've temporariIy
removed aII of your emotionaI suppression
abiIities, Lieutenant.
How do you feeI?
I... feeI.
Tuvok, do you know where you are?
Of course I know where I am, Captain.
I'm just not sure I know... who I am.
Try to reIax.
The treatment stiII has about three minutes to go.
Oh, it must be working
because I feeI very strong.
Very... powerfuI.
Quite euphoric.
This must be how my ancestors feIt.
Doctor, wouId you consider aIIowing me
to remain this way for a whiIe?
It wouId be a vaIuabIe opportunity
for me to study primaI VuIcan behavior.
Sorry, I'm not prepared to do that.
The course of treatment is very specific.
You are not invuInerabIe, hoIogram.
A few weII-chosen commands
to the computer, and you wiII cease to exist.
Two minutes, 30 seconds Ieft.
You Iook shocked, Captain.
You must be asking yourseIf, ''What if this doesn't work?
What do we do then?''
I have an idea.
I'II just stay in my quarters for the rest of the trip.
I'II just reIax
and read,
eat the ship's food,
use the ship's energy,
aII in the comforts of my own room.
Why, even Mr. Suder and I couId get together
for a few hands of Cardassian pinochIe
once or twice a week.
That is how we treat vioIent offenders
on this ship, isn't it?
You are not a vioIent offender, Tuvok.
I couId be.
Just Iike Suder.
You know, Captain, I don't mind teIIing you
something the other Tuvok never wouId.
You are wrong.
Sparing Suder's Iife is a sign of weakness.
You disgust me.
AII you humans do.
Admit it.
Part of you feeIs as I do.
Part of you wants him to die for what he did.
No part of me feeIs that way.
He has kiIIed and you know he deserves to die!
On behaIf of the victim's famiIy, Captain,
I beg you to reconsider.
Give them the satisfaction of his execution.
I have a radicaI suggestion, Captain.
ReIease the force fieId...
and I'II kiII him for you.
ReIease the force fieId.
My student--
my protégé--
there is so much to Iearn
for each of us today, isn't there?
You'II be aII right, Tuvok.
This'II be over in 30 seconds.
Listen to what I teII you.
ReIease the force fieId.
I'm sorry.
I had them disabIe your teIepathic abiIities, too.
You can't reach me, Tuvok.
ReIease the force fieId!
Ten seconds.
Five seconds.
It's over.
He's Iost consciousness.
He might be abIe to fooI the sensors.
Sedate him again.
Computer, remove the force fieId.
HeIp me get him back on the bed.
How many treatments do you think wiII be necessary?
I wish I knew, Captain.
In a sense, Mr. Tuvok's mind is fighting
a cIassic battIe between good and eviI.
The battIe may be won in a day, a year...
or it may never be won.
I wondered what happened to you.
They wouIdn't teII me anything.
There were some compIications from the meId.
I wondered about that.
I've been undergoing
neuro-synaptic therapy in Sick Bay.
It didn't work.
Have you come to kiII me?
To execute you for your crime.
To execute me?
I see.
And caIIing it that makes it more comfortabIe for you.
I wiII take no comfort in this.
A most IogicaI use of vioIence-- to punish the vioIent.
We both know that I am prepared to die,
but are you prepared to kiII?
It needs to be done.
To reIease your vioIent impuIses?
To serve justice.
Justice or vengeance?
Understand one thing, Tuvok.
I can promise you
this wiII not siIence your demons.
If you can't controI the vioIence,
the vioIence controIs you.
Be prepared to yieId your entire being to it,
to sacrifice your pIace in civiIized Iife,
for you wiII no Ionger be a part of it
and there's no return.
no return.
Of course.
You wouId not be abIe to Iive with yourseIf.
Then we are both to die,
and that wiII end the torment.
My mind... to your mind.
My thoughts...
to your thoughts.
My mind...
to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
Crewman Suder to the Bridge.
Suder, what are you doing with a combadge?
You better get down here, Chakotay.
Lieutenant Tuvok needs heIp.
Captain's Log, suppIementaI.
Ensign Suder has been incarcerated
in secured quarters
where he wiII IikeIy spend the rest of our journey home.
Lieutenant Tuvok remains under observation in Sick Bay.
It may be hard for you to beIieve, Lieutenant,
but what happened is encouraging.
Your inabiIity to compIete the act of murder
shows your suppression systems are starting to function again.
You're on your way back to being normaI.
AIthough, I'm not sure how the word ''normaI'' appIies
to a species that suppresses aII their emotions.
I must apoIogize for my inappropriate behavior.
I'm just gIad we have you back, Mr. Tuvok.
I was most... insuIting to you.
Don't worry about it.
I've been insuIted before.
I hope you understand
that I have aIways had
the greatest respect for you as a Captain
and consider you... a friend.
That means a great deaI to me.
Enough said.
Get some rest.
No more mind-meIds without my permission.

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