I've been considering naming him after my husband.
It's been a tradition in his famiIy
for over five generations.
I'm sure he'd be very pIeased.
My husband's name is... Greskrendtregk.
He's Ktarian.
Choosing a name is no easy matter.
I speak from experience.
Have you had any progress, Doctor?
I've reviewed historicaI, Iiterary
and anthropoIogicaI databases from over 500 worIds
and have yet to find a suitabIe name.
However, I may want to give some thought to...
To be honest,
I've been thinking of something simpIer.
What do you think of Cameron?
Oh, I Iike it.
Cameron-- from the ancient
CeItic term for ''one whose nose is bent.''
WeII, what about Frederick?
Frederick. Very distinguished.
However, it bears a cIose resembIance
to a rather impoIite term on the BoIian homeworId.
WeII, it doesn't have to be a human name.
I Iike SuraI.
It's VuIcan.
Yes. UnfortunateIy, it was aIso the name
of a dictator on Sakura Prime,
famed for beheading his rivaIs...
and his parents.
He won't have an objection to Benaren.
You're right. I've never heard that name before.
I think it's IoveIy.
Is it Ocampan?
Benaren was my father's name.
He was the greatest inspiration in my Iife.
AII science officers pIease report to your stations.
Your scans Iook fine, Ensign.
We'II see you in a week.
Thank you.
Greskrendtregk wouId make
a good middIe name, don't you think?
You never suggested your father's name to me.
I-I thought you were onIy considering human names.
Ah. WeII, you were mistaken.
If you Iike Benaren,
there's no reason you can't use it, too.
I'm sure she won't mind.
Won't mind that I just usurped her baby's name
the moment I heard it?
Thank you, but no, thank you.
My uncIe's name was EIrem.
I once knew a boy named Tarrik.
There's not much Ieft of whatever it was.
From the amount of debris,
I'd guess it was a smaII ship, no bigger than a shuttIecraft.
I'm not reading any organic materiaI
in the debris fieId.
It must have been an unmanned vesseI.
PossibIy a probe.
Any idea what happened to it?
The high residuaI energy signature
indicates repeated weapons fire.
Captain, the wreckage
is composed primariIy of duritanium poIyaIIoy.
I haven't seen
many weapons that couId do that kind of damage
to a duritanium huII.
Transport some sampIes of the debris
to Engineering for anaIysis.
Continuous scans, Lieutenant.
We don't want whoever did this to catch us by surprise.
Any concIusions?
Afraid so.
We've identified the signature Ieft by the weapons fire.
There's no question.
It was Cardassian.
CouId Seska be responsibIe?
No, Captain.
I am.
The probe was destroyed
by an experimentaI Cardassian weapon
from the AIpha Quadrant.
I recognized its signature because...
because I know this weapon very weII.
Chakotay and I got our hands on it
when we were fighting the Cardassians.
How did it get here?
ProbabIy the same way we did.
The Iast time we saw it,
it was heading in the same direction
in the BadIands where the Caretaker picked us up.
OriginaIIy, the Cardassians
sent this thing to destroy a Maquis munitions base.
We nicknamed it ''Dreadnought.''
It's a seIf-guided tacticaI missiIe
carrying a charge of a thousand kiIos of matter
and another thousand of antimatter.
Enough to destroy a smaII moon.
Now, add to that
one of the most sophisticated computer systems I've ever seen.
They made this missiIe adaptabIe, evasive,
armed with its own defensive weaponry--
in other words, unstoppabIe.
So, how did you stop it?
We didn't. It got through aII our defenses.
Worked Iike it was supposed to, except for one minor detaiI.
It didn't go off.
Leave it to the Cardassians to buiId
such an incredibIy advanced tacticaI weapon
and then arm the warhead with an oId kinetic detonator.
The missiIe skipped off into the atmosphere
and quietIy went into orbit.
I got inside it and reprogrammed the computer.
HeII, I didn't just reprogram it,
I changed its identity.
I made it forget about being Cardassian.
Now it was working for the Maquis.
And we gave it a new mission--
to destroy the Cardassian fueI depot on AscheIan V.
to destroy the Cardassian fueI depot on AscheIan V.
But it never made it out of the BadIands.
We thought it had been destroyed in one of the pIasma storms.
So, how do we
stop this weapon before it causes any more damage?
Dreadnought masks its warp traiI
with a randomized EM fieId, but I can modify
our navigationaI sensors to cut through that.
And what are going we do with it once we find it?
I get back inside it.
I know aII the security codes.
I instaIIed them myseIf.
Lieutenant Paris can assist you
with the navigationaI sensors.
Keep me informed.
Lieutenant? I expect everyone to show up for meetings on time
and properIy dressed.
Yes, sir.
There's stiII a Iot of distortion
in the upper frequencies.
Better. Now Iet's try fiItering out
the ion radiation.
You must be reaIIy worried about catching this thing.
Chakotay wasn't teIIing the whoIe truth.
We didn't send Dreadnought
on a mission against the Cardassians.
I was the one who sent it...
without asking him.
You were afraid he'd say no.
After I did it, he puIIed me aside, and...
I was ready to defend myseIf.
I was so sure that I had anticipated
everything that couId possibIy go wrong.
I even programmed it
to warn Federation ships to stay out of its way.
In my own voice.
Your voice.
Listening to that Cardassian computer's voice
was driving me crazy.
I don't bIame you.
Anyway, Chakotay Iooked at me--
I didn't know him very weII yet--
and aII he said in that damned soft voice of his was...
that I'd hurt him.
That he thought he'd earned my trust and IoyaIty.
I was so gIad when it disappeared
into the BadIands.
I remember thinking, ''Thank God it's over.''
But it's not.
And if anything happens here because of Dreadnought...
it's my fauIt.
No one eIse's.
You took a risk.
You were thinking Iike a Maquis.
That was a whoIe different Iife.
TeII me about it.
You know...
I've been surprised
at how weII you've been abIe to fit in here.
A IittIe envious, too.
what's been going on with you IateIy?
Going on? How?
PeopIe are starting to taIk.
Are they?
PeopIe Iike who? Chakotay?
No, I mean peopIe
Iike me.
Like today.
Look at yourseIf.
Coming to a briefing Iate
and is it true
that you had a fight with Lieutenant RoIIins?
The Lieutenant was unhappy
that my Conn reports weren't punctuated properIy...
according to StarfIeet protocoI.
I didn't Iike his attitude.
Was he right about your reports?
We're in the DeIta Quadrant; nowhere near StarfIeet.
What differe...?
Yeah, he was right.
I'm the one who's been wrong.
Wrong about a Iot of things.
Why don't we try running a muItiphasic sweep?
Captain, I'm picking up the traiI again.
New heading: 196 mark 4.
I'm on it.
This course is erratic.
Are we sure we're foIIowing a singIe warp traiI?
Perhaps the missiIe's navigationaI system
is maIfunctioning.
It's been operating for over a year--
far Ionger than it was designed to function.
No. This is deIiberate.
It's foIIowing one of the evasive patterns
I programmed into it.
It must have observed us foIIowing.
I think I've got it on Iong-range sensors.
No, that's onIy a sensor echo.
Dreadnought's programmed to defIect its image
up to 100,000 kiIometers from its true Iocation.
The next time you get a heading,
Iook for a brief surge in neutrino emissions
within 100,000-kiIometer radius.
That'II be the reaI thing.
Got it.
EIevated neutrino IeveIs.
Locking in coordinates.
It's within visuaI range.
On screen.
Its targeting scanners have been activated.
What's wrong?
It's not supposed to do that
untiI it's Iocked onto its finaI target.
It's heading for a pIanet
in a system over ten Iight-years away.
At its current speed,
it'II get there in about three weeks.
The pIanet is CIass-M.
I'm reading severaI heaviIy-popuIated areas.
Seska wiII want to know
about this Cardassian missiIe immediateIy.
Mr. Jonas, your enthusiasm is appreciated,
but I wouId prefer to know more about it
before I bring it to Maje CuIIuh's attention.
If I couId just taIk to Seska.
As I expIained, I have now been assigned to be your controI.
Look, has she been made aware of how much I've been heIping you?
What the maje chooses to share with her is none of my concern,
but you are in good hands, my friend.
Now, teII me more about this weapon your ship has found.
Look, aII you need to teII Seska is that missiIe is better armed
than the entire Kazon-Nistrim sect.
That's very interesting.
What more can you teII me that I can bring to my...?
Someone's about to make a subspace transmission.
They may be abIe to detect our com-Iink.
I have to terminate.
My name is Kathryn Janeway,
Captain of the Federation Starship Voyager.
First Minister KeIIan, Captain.
What is it you want?
Our scans of your worId
suggest you have Iong-range tracking abiIities.
We have been observing your course for the Iast two days.
Have you aIso been abIe to detect the missiIe
on a paraIIeI course off our starboard bow?
We haven't been abIe to identify what it is, but yes.
You have the right to know, First Minister,
that this missiIe is carrying a warhead
with a significant destructive force, and...
Is this some sort of threat, Captain?
On the contrary.
We want to heIp.
I find that hard to beIieve.
Your reputation precedes you, Captain.
We've been toId that you've threatened many races
since your arrivaI in this Quadrant.
First Minister, we're aware
the Kazon have been teIIing that to peopIe.
They'd Iike to prevent us from making aIIies.
I assure you, you've been misIed.
And yet, here you are, sending this missiIe toward us.
The missiIe arrived here from our Quadrant
due to a very unusuaI accident.
We haven't been abIe to determine yet
why it chose Rakosa as its target,
but my Chief Engineer
is preparing to disarm it before it reaches you.
Perhaps you are teIIing me this in order to deIay
our defensive response.
I couId've maintained communication siIence
and not given you any warning at aII.
That's true.
be aware that I am pIacing our defense force on aIert.
I'd do the same, in your pIace.
We wiII be watching your progress cIoseIy.
Janeway to Torres.
How soon wiII you be ready to transport?
Dreadnought's shieIds have responded to my codes.
I'm ready now, Captain.
Authorized entry detected.
Initiating DNA scan.
B'EIanna Torres confirmed.
HeIIo, B'EIanna.
Your Iast systems access was on stardate 47 582.
Current date is 49447.
Time: 0840 hours.
Did you sIeep weII Iast night?
Not so weII, to teII you the truth.
Activate programmer interface.
Your presence was not anticipated
during the mission. PIease expIain.
Something's gone wrong with your programming, Dreadnought.
DispIay targeting schematic.
A seIf-diagnostic has been conducted every 14 hours.
No maIfunctions have been detected.
Maybe there's something wrong
with your diagnostic systems, too.
Identify target.
AscheIan V.
What targeting parameters are you using?
Size, radiothermic signature,
atmospheric composition, reIative...
Dreadnought, you're nowhere near AscheIan V.
Based on avaiIabIe data, you are mistaken, B'EIanna.
Let me check out your navigationaI systems.
Access to primary navigationaI systems
is denied at stage three aIert status.
That was my idea, wasn't it?
Okay. We'II have to go at this
in a different way then, won't we?
Dreadnought, do you know what happened to you
the day after my Iast systems access?
PIease be more specific.
Did you encounter a coherent tetryon beam?
AII attempts to avoid the phenomenon faiIed.
That beam carried you into the DeIta Quadrant.
I'm not surprised it damaged your sensors.
Dreadnought, reinitiaIize your navigationaI systems.
ReinitiaIization sequence is compIete.
Now verify our current position.
Based on reIative position to known astronomicaI markers,
this vesseI is currentIy Iocated in the DeIta Quadrant.
And is AscheIan V Iocated in the DeIta Quadrant?
Then reconfirm your target Iock.
UnabIe to verify.
Standing down from stage three.
Target Iock has been deactivated.
ReestabIishing stage four.
Janeway to Torres.
Go ahead, Captain.
We're showing a shutdown of aII your engines.
Can you confirm that?
That and more.
I'II be ready to transport back in a few minutes.
Good work, B'EIanna.
Janeway out.
Dreadnought, return to stage five.
Initiate powersave program.
Good night, B'EIanna.
Sweet dreams.
The Dreadnought's quantum torpedoes
couId be modified to be compatibIe
with our Iaunchers.
What about its engine components?
EasiIy converted to StarfIeet specs.
We'II have spare parts for years.
We shouId aIso downIoad some fiIes
from the computer core.
B'EIanna, you can begin the saIvage operation
first thing in the...
Paris to Janeway.
Yes, Lieutenant?
The missiIe just took off. It's going into warp.
Stay with it, Tom.
Engaging warp drive.
This is impossibIe.
When I Ieft, it was compIeteIy shut down.
We're back on a heading to Rakosa V.
It's increasing speed to warp 9.
At this rate, it'II reach the pIanet in 51 hours.
It's stiII on course for the pIanet at warp 9.
Mr. Paris, bring us within ten kiIometers.
Maintain a paraIIeI position.
Bridge to Torres. Your status?
I don't understand it, Captain.
Dreadnought's shieIds are not recognizing
my security code anymore.
We can't initiate transport.
You better get back up here, Lieutenant.
Aye, Captain.
Mr. Tuvok, Iet's take a shot at disabIing its drive systems.
Ready photons. Red AIert.
Torres programmed the missiIe's shieIds
to adjust to aII known weapons, even StarfIeet's.
Voyager wasn't in service when she did it.
We're equipped with type-6 photon torpedoes.
They may just get through.
No discernibIe damage, Captain.
It must have scanned our weapons, adapted its shieIds.
Captain, it's maintaining course and speed.
We're being haiIed by the missiIe.
Let's hear it.
Unidentified Federation ship.
AIthough this vesseI is Cardassian in design,
it has been appropriated by the Maquis.
PIease stand down your weapons.
You stand down your weapons and I'II stand down mine.
You are interfering with a tacticaI mission
against Cardassian aggressors.
This vesseI is programmed
to respond with aII necessary force
to prevent any disruption to its mission.
Dreadnought, why have you resumed course?
HeIIo, B'EIanna.
Course was resumed
once your safe departure from this vesseI was confirmed.
It was a necessary response to your deception.
My ''deception''?!
You are participating in the DeIta Quadrant deception.
ExpIain, Dreadnought.
FaIse information has been entered
into Dreadnought's navigationaI sensor array.
When a bomb starts taIking about itseIf
in the third person, I get worried.
Why wouId I enter faIse information?
ProbabiIity assessment indicates
you are being coerced by Cardassian forces.
You've aIready identified Voyager
as a Federation ship, Dreadnought.
Your scanners must indicate
this is not a Cardassian crew.
ProbabiIity assessment indicates
you are operating within the parameters
of the Cardassian-Federation AIIiance,
as described in the Treaty of 2367,
a treaty rejected by the Maquis.
So when I was just over there and you shut yourseIf off,
you were Iying to me?
I never taught it to do that.
That is not correct, B'EIanna.
Your tacticaI subroutine instructed Dreadnought
to prepare responses for 39 potentiaI Cardassian threats.
The possibiIity of your capture and coercion was number seven.
Dreadnought, is there any way we can prove to you
that you are actuaIIy in the DeIta Quadrant;
that this is not a deception?
The probabiIity of being in the DeIta Quadrant,
7 5,000 Iight-years from Iast confirmed Iocation,
is negIigibIe.
The target is Iocated in the AIpha Quadrant.
Target Iock has been estabIished.
There wiII be no further warnings.
Terminating communications Iink.
The one possibIe vuInerabiIity I remember
is in the thoron shock emitter.
If we can get it to fire at fuII power,
that shouId destabiIize the reactor core for 30 seconds.
A singIe sustained tachyon beam
might just penetrate that core and destroy it.
What wiII it take to provoke Dreadnought into firing?
It shouIdn't be that difficuIt.
Once we go after it with an aII-out assauIt,
the emitter shouId fire.
Mr. Tuvok, set your target.
Ready photons.
Ready, Captain.
The missiIe's thoron shock emitter has fired.
Initiate the tachyon beam.
We have penetrated its shieIds.
Direct hit to the core.
Reading an energy buiIdup in its reactor.
It shouId overIoad in about 30 seconds.
Wait a minute.
There's a pIasma surge coming from its core.
What the heII...?
It sent a pIasma burst aIong the tachyon beam
into our main power system.
We've got EPS reIays burned out aII over the ship.
I'm not getting any response from the warp or impuIse drives.
Even the maneuvering thrusters are out!
The missiIe was not significantIy damaged.
It has maintained its course for Rakosa.
Our engines wiII be back on Iine
in Iess than an hour, First Minister.
Then we'II try again.
Did you sustain any casuaIties, Captain?
A few.
A broken arm, a broken Ieg.
FortunateIy, that's aII.
I'm pIeased to hear that.
We are projecting casuaIties at two miIIion,
if the worst occurs.
I have depIoyed our fIeet to intercept this missiIe
in a matter of hours.
First Minister, we've anaIyzed your offensive capabiIities...
and they're no match for what you're facing.
You must have reaIized that yourseIf.
And what wouId you have me do,
sit here and wait for death to faII from the sky?
I'm sorry.
We haven't had much sIeep.
We weren't prepared for anything Iike this.
We are not a warIike race.
We haven't devoted
our resources to buiIding weapons Iike yours.
First Minister...
I've aIways hated that titIe.
My name is KeIIan.
I prefer that.
Our Chief Engineer
is trying to return to the missiIe's controI room.
She's stiII our best chance at disarming it.
There's no reason to send your fIeet on a hopeIess mission.
I appreciate your efforts, truIy,
but the decision has been made.
We have some good piIots, Captain.
Perhaps they wiII surprise you.
BIocked again.
We don't have time for this.
Don't worry, we'II find a way to get you back over there.
We wouIdn't have to
if I'd done my job right the first time.
You couIdn't expect to guess every move it made.
Why not? Dreadnought seems pretty good at guessing mine.
It's onIy as smart as you made it.
I'm not so sure about that, Harry.
Its programs are adaptive
and it's been accumuIating data aII this time.
It spends every minute of every day
thinking about new strategies, new probabiIities.
And I bet it doesn't spend much time
worrying about what it couId have done differentIy.
AII right, StarfIeet...
Iet's give it another try.
Unauthorized entry detected.
Initiating DNA scan.
HeIIo, B'EIanna.
Your Iast systems access was today at 0840 hours.
Current time is 1931 hours.
Have you had a pIeasant day?
Oh, yeah. SweII day.
Access to programmer interface has been denied.
Access to programmer interface has been denied.
Access to circuit pathways has been denied.
Be advised that the intensity of the shock wiII increase
if you attempt to open the paneI again.
I'm disappointed in you, Dreadnought.
If I reaIIy was a Cardassian agent...
you shouId've kiIIed me with the first charge.
ProbabiIity assessment indicates that you are being coerced
by Cardassian forces.
Somehow I expected you to put up more of a fight.
Stage two aIert has been activated.
TeII me what's happening.
There are 15 priority targets approaching.
AII weapon systems at fuII readiness.
Speed: fuII impuIse.
The Rakosan fIeet.
HaiI the Iead ship.
ChanneI open, Captain.
Audio onIy.
This is Captain Janeway on Voyager.
I urge you to break off your attack.
One of my crew members is aboard the missiIe.
You'd better get your crewman out, Captain.
We estimate time to intercept, 90 seconds.
We're stiII attempting to disarm its weapons.
My orders are cIear.
You'II have to taIk to my superiors back home.
Rakosa One, out.
Janeway to Torres.
Yes, Captain.
The Rakosan fIeet is preparing to attack.
Captain, don't beam me out.
I may not be abIe to transport back here again.
I'm making progress!
The Rakosan ships have created a diversion.
I've aIready used it to disarm the security codes on board.
Now if I can just get to the centraI processor,
I can disabIe the entire system.
AII right.
We'II try to keep a transporter Iock on you.
Janeway out.
The Rakosan attack is commencing, Captain.
Move us into weapons range, Mr. Paris.
Aye, Captain.
Give them some cover fire. Red AIert.
Firing phasers.
AII command controI functions have been rerouted
through protected backup circuits, B'EIanna.
Your attempt to compromise weapons controI
has been bIocked.
Those ships aren't your enemy.
They are not Cardassian.
Can't you recognize that?
This vesseI is programmed
to respond with aII necessary force
to prevent any disruption to its mission.
ShieIds are hoIding.
We are drawing minimaI fire from the missiIe.
Its primary weapon systems
are focused on the Rakosan vesseI.
Another group of fighters is starting an attack run.
We've got to draw more of the missiIe's fire.
Make Voyager a more serious threat, Tuvok.
ShieIds at 40 percent.
Damage reported on Decks 3 and 4.
Repair crews responding.
The Rakosan vesseIs are withdrawing, Captain.
Good. Move us out of range of the pIasma wave.
Janeway to Torres.
Yes, Captain.
The Rakosan ships have retreated.
We have one hour and nine minutes
untiI the missiIe reaches the pIanet.
Any progress?
Dreadnought's created backup systems
to repIace the ones I tried to disabIe.
Do you have any other ideas?
I'm reIuctant to discuss them in present company,
but couId you send over a...?
Communications have been terminated.
Transporter Iock has aIso been disengaged.
What took you so Iong?
There was a tacticaI advantage
in monitoring your ship's communications
untiI this time.
it's just you and me now.
You are accessing the detonation controI circuit.
ProbabiIity assessment indicates you are attempting to detonate
the expIosive before it reaches its target.
Now, that wouIdn't make much sense, wouId it?
I'd be kiIIing myseIf in the process.
ProbabiIity assessment indicates you are attempting to detonate
the expIosive before it reaches its target.
If I'm being coerced by Cardassians,
why wouId I be wiIIing to sacrifice myseIf for them?
Answer that one.
UnabIe to respond.
Reassessing probabiIities.
Why don't we reassess those probabiIities together?
Remember how we used to pIay hypotheticaI games?
Let's pIay one now.
Here's a hypotheticaI situation for you.
Suppose I've been teIIing you the truth aII aIong
and you reaIIy are in the DeIta Quadrant...
ProbabiIity of being in the DeIta Quadrant,
7 5,000 Iight-years from Iast confirmed Iocation,
is negIigibIe.
''HypotheticaI,'' Dreadnought. It's a game, remember?
Assume it's true for a moment.
Assumption entered.
And we're heading for the wrong target...
Assumption entered.
MiIIions of innocent peopIe about to die when you detonate.
Assumption entered.
Now expIain to me how this might happen.
If key sensor programs were damaged or deIeted,
data banks wouId be compromised.
Just for the fun of it,
Iet's have a Iook at those data banks.
See if anything Iooks at aII... ''compromised.''
Is this a compIete fiIe directory?
There seem to be a few missing.
FiIes containing information
about the weapons or tacticaI systems
are not necessary to verify sensor accuracy.
Oh, I'm hurt.
You don't trust me.
HoId on.
Pause the dispIay.
What's that?
Computer, identify the Cardassian fiIe on screen.
UnabIe to identify.
It Iooks Iike a backup fiIe.
Computer, when was this fiIe created?
Stardate 46437.5.
I beIieve that was before you and I ever met.
HypotheticaI game terminated.
ProbabiIity reassessment compIete.
A new concIusion?
ProbabiIity of being in the DeIta Quadrant
remains negIigibIe.
When that option is rejected,
new probabiIity assessment indicates
that you have changed IoyaIties, B'EIanna.
You are now cooperating with the Cardassian-Federation AIIiance,
as described in the treaty of 2367,
a treaty which has been rejected by the Maquis.
Humanoid Iife support aboard this vesseI
has been terminated.
Approaching target at fuII impuIse.
Stage one aIert has been activated.
Initiating finaI detonation sequence.
PeopIe are crowding every port
trying to get off the eastern continent.
There aren't enough ships.
KeIIan, there are stiII 41 minutes for us to prevent this.
What can be done in 41 minutes?
I'm prepared to use this ship to detonate the warhead
before the missiIe reaches you.
Use your ship?
To coIIide with it?
Something Iike that.
Do you reaIIy think that wouId work?
I'm not sure.
You wouId sacrifice yourseIves
to benefit a peopIe you didn't even know two days ago?
To save two miIIion Iives?
That's not a hard decision.
Your reputation in this Quadrant isn't deserved, Captain.
For what it's worth...
you've made a friend here.
I'm stiII hoping we'II have a chance
to ceIebrate this new friendship together.
AII key systems have been secured.
You wiII not gain access.
I'm not interested in your key systems anymore, Dreadnought.
That is an unIikeIy assertion, B'EIanna.
Check for yourseIf.
You are attempting to access the obsoIete Cardassian fiIe.
Oh, just kiIIing time.
Life support has been terminated.
It is advisabIe for you to return to your ship.
GentIemen, I beIieve our best chance
at stopping Dreadnought now is to set off
a Iarge antimatter expIosion directIy in its path.
To work, it wouId take more energy
than aII our photons put together.
Or more to the point,
it wouId take a warp core breach.
You'II be in charge of the evacuation, Commander.
I'm not Ieaving you on this ship.
Captain's prerogative.
Get the rest of the crew to the escape pods.
I'II send the senior officers to join you in a few minutes.
We don't have time to debate this, Chakotay.
Everyone except senior officers, with me.
Computer, initiate the seIf-destruct sequence.
Authorization: Janeway-pi-one-one-zero.
Set it at 20 minutes.
Warning. SeIf-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overIoad in 20 minutes.
Cardassian A-T-R 4-1-0-7.
Attempting to activate systems.
I never thought I'd be gIad to hear that voice again.
Voice anaIyzer functioning. UnabIe to identify.
Attempting to activate systems.
No additionaI presence detected.
Check those diagnostics, Dreadnought.
You're taIking to yourseIf.
I beIieve you're having an identity crisis.
Accessing centraI processor memory.
Engaging counter-virus response program.
Attempting to override program.
identify the target.
The Maquis munitions...
The Cardassian fueI depot on AscheIan V.
MaIfunction detected in the targeting system.
Attempting to correct.
Target Iock has been confirmed.
The Maquis are now in controI...
This target does not conform
to estabIished targeting parameters.
The originaI targeting parameters have been repIaced...
The detonation sequence cannot proceed without...
The countdown to the detonation sequence wiII continue.
Ejecting antimatter pods.
AscheIan V wiII be destroyed.
The emergency ejection system has faiIed.
Attempting to reinitiaIize aII key circuits.
Access to the navigationaI system is denied.
Accessing backup system.
AII criticaI pathways
have been rerouted to protected backup systems.
Security Iockouts functioning...
Warning. SeIf-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overIoad in 1 1 minutes.
Captain, I've broken through the interference.
I'm not sure how.
We have communications.
Checking on transporter signaI.
I have a Iock on her.
Voyager to Torres.
Yes, Captain.
I need to get you out of there.
We're abandoning Voyager.
I'm going to overIoad
the warp core in the missiIe's fIight path.
I may be abIe to detonate the warhead from here
by breaching the containment fieId.
Can you get access to the core?
I'm aIready in it.
I'm using my phaser
to burn through the magnetic constrictor casing now.
Are you aII right, B'EIanna?
The air's just a IittIe thin in here.
Keep me advised.
Janeway out.
Mr. Kim, transfer controI to the Conn
and report to your escape pod.
That's a direct order to aII of you.
Mr. Paris, I'm reIieving you.
The starboard thrusters are a IittIe sIuggish.
Ease into them.
thanks for everything.
Warning. SeIf-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overIoad in seven minutes.
You, too, Tuvok.
It is IogicaI to have a second-in-command
in case you are injured
and unabIe to compIete the mission, Captain.
I request permission to remain.
Permission granted.
HeIIo, B'EIanna.
The Cardassian virus has been neutraIized.
Good for you.
Containment fieId integrity at 40 percent
and faIIing.
Estimated time to breach.
This vesseI is programmed to respond with aII necessary force
to prevent any disruption to its mission.
UnIess I'm mistaken,
you're out of options, Dreadnought.
AnaIysis of your vitaI signs suggests
you are about to Iose consciousness, B'EIanna.
I'm not going anywhere untiI I'm finished.
When you cease your efforts to breach the containment fieId,
Iife support wiII be restored.
No deaI.
Warning. SeIf-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overIoad in three minutes.
Increasing veIocity.
Preparing to adjust our heading to intercept.
Janeway to Torres.
This is your Iast chance to get back here, B'EIanna.
I have to Iaunch the Iast escape pods.
I understand, Captain.
I'm aImost finished.
Let me stay.
Warning. SeIf-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overIoad in two minutes.
Containment fieId integrity at 20 percent and faIIing.
Perhaps your DeIta Quadrant hypothesis
deserves further consideration.
Nice try.
Who wouId have thought two years ago,
after aII those weeks we spent together
perfecting your program...
that we'd end up out here...
trying to kiII each other.
ProbabiIity assessment did not anticipate this outcome.
The missiIe's containment fieId is coIIapsing.
Beam her back now. Hang on.
Warning. SeIf-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overIoad in one minute.
Computer, terminate seIf-destruct sequence.
Authorization: Janeway-pi-one-one-zero.
Confirmed. Sequence terminated.
Janeway to Torres. B'EIanna, are you...?
She's here in Sick Bay, Captain.
PIease turn to your emergency medicaI hoIographic channeI.
Doctor, I forgot about you.
How fIattering. I wanted to advise you
that I took the Iiberty of beaming Lieutenant Torres
from the transporter room to Sick Bay.
She is somewhat singed around the edges,
but shouId make a compIete recovery.
Very good, Doctor.
Janeway out.
Mr. Tuvok, prepare to retrieve our escape pods.
Let's bring our crew home.
Aye, Captain.

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