Good day, Voyager,
and welcome to A Briefing with Neelix.
lt's a catchy title, isn't it?
l'll be coming to you each and every day
with news of general interest,
interviews with our fascinating crew members,
musical performances,
recommendations for new holodeck programs
and, of course, previews of upcoming meals--
everything from Hlaka soup to Zabee nuts.
A Briefing with Neelix will help you stay informed
about ship's activities,
uh, keep you abreast of your colleagues' accomplishments
and broaden your knowledge about a wealth of subjects,
but most of all, it will make you feel good
because what you see here will always be
the most uplifting, optimistic view
of everything that happens on our ship.
After all, as your morale officer,
isn't it my job to bring a little joy
into everyone's day, hmm?
Captain Janeway has agreed to appear on the show
with regular updates about the ship's progress
and Commander Chakotay
will commend outstanding crew members,
so, snap to, and keep those boots polished to a shine.
You never know when you might be featured
on A Briefing with Neelix.
Ready, Ensign?
All set, Neelix.
ln just a moment, an amazing talent.
Ensign Pablo Baytart will astound you
with his juggling ability.
He'll keep padds, hyposprays, even phasers in the air
for minutes at a time.
l don't... but before that,
what makes people feel better than a little romance?
And what Lieutenant in a gold uniform
was recently huddled in the Mess Hall
with what crewman in blue
having a very intimate conversation
over a carafe of Silmic wine?
Well, l'd never name names, but you know who you are.
Best wishes to a handsome pair of lovebirds.
And now,
ladies and gentlemen, Ensign Pablo Baytart.
Well? What did you think?
l'm a Doctor, not a performer.
l don't have time for such nonsense.
l can see Hints for Healthful Living
becoming a very popular segment, Doctor.
l don't think so.
You'd be lifted
to a whole new level in the crew's eyes.
They'd hang on your every word.
You'd enjoy a popularity, a celebrity
that you've never known before.
l would?
You don't have to answer right away.
Just think about it.
Ah! Mr. Kim!
Just the person l wanted to see.
See you later.
Did you watch A Briefing with Neelix this morning?
Uh, yes. Yes, l did.
ls there something about the program you disliked?
l'm not sure l care for all the frosting.
Deck 4.
Recipes, music, jugglers--
it's sort of like a steady diet of dessert,
which is fine, but pretty soon, you want
some meat and potatoes.
You do?
When l was in school,
l was editor of the Academy newspaper for a year.
l monitored subspace transmissions.
l got reports on some of the first activity
by the Maquis against the Cardassians.
l wrote an editorial
about it, and the students became polarized on the issue.
They debated the pros and cons
and gained an insight into the entire history
of the political rebellion.
Now, that's the power of journalism.
What did your professor say when you told him
you were going to publish the editorial?
l didn't tell them.
lt's the job of a journalist to be independent.
Bridge to Mr. Neelix.
You have an incoming transmission.
l'm heading for my quarters.
Put it through there.
Yes, sir.
Neelix, my friend, how are you?
Laxeth, you old dilithium scrubber!
lt's good to see you.
Calling to trade me
some of your ill-gotten goods again?
l promise you l never want to see
another wheel of Pendrashian cheese.
Oh, those days are behind me.
l'm legitimate now.
l'm communications master of a Talaxian convoy.
Communications master...
well, you've certainly come up in the world.
Looks like l'll be seeing you in a few days.
How's that?
We've been asked to rendezvous with your ship.
We're going to pick up a passenger.
Passenger? We don't carry any passengers.
Apparently, it's a member of your crew.
All l know is someone wants to leave your ship
and come to work for us.
Just how, exactly, did you hear
that someone was leaving the ship?
An old friend of mine is serving with a Talaxian convoy.
He told me they'd be rendezvousing with us
in a few days.
Janeway to Tuvok.
Yes, Captain?
Could you join us in my ready room, please?
Right away.
Lieutenant, Mr. Neelix has heard
on good authority that one of our crew
will be leaving the ship in a few days.
Naturally, he's curious
about the identity of this person.
What are the security issues here?
l don't believe there are any serious concerns, Captain.
There is no need to withhold this information any longer.
Lieutenant Paris...
has asked to be put off the ship.
l'm sure you're aware
that he's had some problems lately.
Well, yes.
He has been disruptive
and often sets a bad example for the rest of the crew.
But... he seemed so determined to get those things behind him.
lt means a lot to him to be respected by this crew.
All l can tell you is that when he was relieved of duty
he asked me to make arrangements for him to leave the ship.
l tried to talk him out of it, but he was adamant.
We detected the Talaxian convoy
and they were more than happy to get a pilot of Tom's ability.
l can't believe this.
l never thought...
Captain, may l speak with him?
Of course.
He's in his quarters.
Come in.
Hello, Tom.
Neelix. How's it going?
Not good, it looks like.
What's wrong?
l hear you're leaving the ship.
Good news travels fast, l guess.
Yeah, l figured there was
quite a bit more opportunity for advancement
on a Talaxian convoy than there was
on the only Starfleet ship in the Quadrant.
When did you make this decision?
Truthfully? Uh, about a minute and a half
after l set foot on this ship a year ago.
l knew it was a mistake to try to fit into Starfleet again
and l should have listened to myself.
A few more months in that rehab colony
would have been a hell of a lot better than being here.
Tom, you and l have had our differences,
but l thought we put those behind us. l...
l just hope l haven't... contributed to your decision.
Neelix, no.
This isn't about anybody except me.
l've done this to myself just like always.
No matter where l go or who l'm with,
l make a mess of things.
The unmistakable conclusion has to be that, deep down,
l don't want any friends or a family or a home.
Otherwise, l wouldn't keep sabotaging
the possibilities.
l thought you found those things here.
l tried, or maybe l just told myself l was trying.
l'm not sure.
Either way, it's just not working.
Frankly, l'd like to get out before l completely destroy
my image.
There might actually be one or two people
who still have a good opinion of me.
l'm one of them, Tom...
and l wish you wouldn't go.
Well, l thank you.
But, the truth is, l've always considered myself a drifter.
You know what that's like, Neelix.
Freedom to do what you want, when you want.
No rules to follow, nobody depending on you, right?
Well, there you are.
l've been waiting for what seems like hours.
Doctor, what can l do for you?
l want to discuss the details
of my participation on your program.
l've been giving it a great deal of thought
and l've come up with a number of ideas
l think you'll find quite intriguing.
Well, that's good news.
l-l'm delighted you've decided to become a contributor,
but l'm afraid l don't have time to discuss it right now.
But l've already prepared
today's topic: ''How to keep your nostrils happy.''
That is fascinating,
but l'm afraid there's a more important story
l have to work on today.
You mean... l'm not going to appear today?
When you see it, l'm sure you will understand.
Hmm. But l will be on tomorrow?
Definitely. Without fail, l promise you.
Very well, but tomorrow, l'll want to cover two topics.
l have a most entertaining idea.
''Uncovering the hidden mysteries of the adrenal gland.''
Fine, fine. Good-bye, Doctor.
Good morning, Voyager.
l want to tell you about a friend of mine.
l first met this man almost a year ago,
and, to tell you the truth, l didn't like him much.
He seemed a little too cocky, a little too sure of himself.
A lot of people had questions about him.
He'd proven he'd pretty much sell himself out
to the highest bidder, go wherever the wind blew him.
So people wondered:
Could you trust this person when things got tough?
Would he stand side by side with you
or would he let you down when you needed him most?
But the fact of the matter is,
he proved himself right from the beginning.
l wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't for him,
and the same goes for many of you.
lt took me a while to realize it.
Like a lot of people, l was too caught up
in first impressions
to see the truth that was right in front of me.
l overlooked his bravery because l was focusing on his brashness.
l ignored his courage because l saw it as arrogance,
and l resented his friendliness
because l mistook it for licentiousness.
So while this man was giving us his best
every minute of every day, l was busy judging him.
And now, he's leaving.
l'm proud to say that in spite of my narrow-mindedness,
Thomas Eugene Paris became my friend.
l'm going to miss him.
No more laughs over a game of pool.
No more sitting up into the wee hours swapping stories.
No more complaints about my cooking.
Good-bye, Tom.
l think l speak for more of us than you might imagine
when l say you're going to leave
an empty space when you go.
l hope you find what you're looking for.
Lieutenant, Operations has detected a minute increase
in the engine core temperature.
Are you aware of it?
Yes, Captain.
There's a slight imbalance in the magnetic constrictors.
lt's causing the plasma stream to overheat.
l have a team working on it.
Keep me posted.
Mr. Neelix, l'm very pleased with your program,
especially your tribute to Lieutenant Paris.
Thank you.
Captain, have you decided who's going to replace Paris?
l have several people in mind.
Baytart is one. Hamilton.
Captain, do you think...?
l mean, it's possible Tom might change his mind, to come back.
Maybe you shouldn't replace him so quickly.
Harry, Lieutenant Paris made his decision
with no indication that he had any doubts about it
or that he might change his mind in the near future.
We have to accept that and move on.
What's our tactical status?
All systems are functional.
Engineering to Torres.
Go ahead.
We have a problem here.
What is it?
The magnetic constrictors have lost alignment.
The plasma stream is way too hot.
lt's starting to infect
the injector valves.
l'm on my way.
We're finished here.
Lieutenant, if l may...
this sounds like news of substance to me.
Just stay out of our way.
lt's gotten worse.
l can't get the injector valves closed.
Antimatter is starting to seep into the warp core.
Have you tried adjusting the power transfer conduits?
Yes. No effect.
We have to try to contain the reaction in the core.
Don't let the PTC temperature get above 3.2 million kelvins.
lt's at 2.9 million now.
PTC temperature now at three million kelvins.
We're going to have to vent some plasma.
lf you vent plasma that hot through the nacelles,
the warp coils are going to fry.
Better that than a core breach.
Reinforce the structural field
around the power transfer conduits
and then prepare to begin venting plasma.
PTC temperature now 3.2 million kelvins!
lt's cascading.
Get away from that console.
l can stop it from here.
Get away, Jonas!
Computer, initiate plasma venting.
Are we all right?
PTC temperature is dropping,
approaching safe levels.
We're under control.
Neelix to Sick Bay.
Prepare for emergency transport.
We have three wounded.
This one's not badly hurt.
20 milligrams impedrezine.
Vital signs steady.
Second degree burns to face and chest.
Treat him with the dermal regenerator.
Ah. The situation has been stabilized.
None of the victims is in danger any longer.
May l interview one of them now?
One of the patients?
l'd think you'd be more interested
in my assessment of the medical situation.
Well, l am, of course.
Would you care to make a statement?
The first task is to triage
or to assess the relative condition
of each of the victims
and then to prioritize treatment accordingly.
Thank you, Doctor.
l'm sure that will be of great interest to the crew.
l wasn't finished.
Next, the treatment per se must be supervised.
Very interesting.
Now, l know the crew would love to hear a few words
from the man who risked his life to save the ship.
Would you consent to an interview?
l was just doing my job, Neelix.
Lieutenant Torres is the one you should talk to.
Janeway to Neelix.
Right here, Captain.
Could you join us on the Bridge, please?
l'm on my way.
l'll contact you later about the interview.
The plasma burst irradiated the engine nacelles.
The inner layer of the warp coils was burned away.
Which means the warp engines are useless
until we can rebuild them.
They're made from a substance known as verterium cortenide.
Do you know where we can find a source?
Verterium cortenide.
lf l'm not mistaken,
that's a densified composite material.
That's right. lt's composed
of polysilicate verterium and monocrystal cortenum.
Do you know of any nearby source?
Let's see.
There's a yellow dwarf system called Hemikek
with an M-Class planet quite rich in minerals.
Mining rights belong
to a consortium of nonaggressive people.
l'm sure we could make arrangements
to purchase some verterium and cortenum.
Good work, Neelix.
Captain, message coming in from the Talaxian convoy.
Put it on screen.
Captain Janeway.
What's happened?
We were attacked by the Kazon-Nistrim.
Do you have casualties? How can we help?
We have no serious casualties
and they didn't take any of our cargo.
The one thing they were interested in
was your former crewman, Thomas Paris.
They took him aboard their ship and then left.
l thought you'd want to know.
Tom Paris...
Hello, Seska.
You're looking radiantly maternal.
ln another month, Chakotay will have a son...
or a daughter.
l really didn't want to know which.
Makes it more interesting, don't you think?
l wouldn't know.
l have no idea which one Chakotay would prefer.
He and l rarely see eye to eye.
You've had your problems with him lately, too.
l know all about what's happened.
Your sudden inability to be Starfleet's good boy.
lt's not sudden.
l never really fit in there.
Then ''Lieutenant Tom Paris'' was just a pretense.
No, it was me trying very hard
to be someone l finally couldn't be.
l never liked you, Tom.
l didn't trust you.
l don't trust you now.
l can assure you the feeling is mutual.
But we might be able to help each other...
if you're telling the truth.
ls that why you kidnapped me and dragged me here,
so we can be pals now?
l thought it might make sense to you.
And if it doesn't?
The Kazon tend to be excessive in their use of force.
lt's nothing l can change.
But l can promise you'll be well-treated on this ship
if we decide we can work together.
What exactly would that mean?
You're an excellent pilot.
We could make good use of your skills,
and, of course, you have information about Voyager
that could be quite valuable.
lt seems to me like you're already getting
a lot of valuable information about Voyager from somewhere.
Think about it, Tom.
Think about where you want to be when the Nistrim seize Voyager
and start taking control of the Quadrant sector by sector.
Just let me know.
Captain's Log, Stardate 49485.2.
ln spite of the fact
that Tom Paris has been abducted by the Kazon,
we must continue on course for the Hemikek system.
Something just doesn't make sense.
l mean, he wasn't off the ship for a day when the Kazon
attacked that convoy.
How did they find out so fast that Tom was there?
Maybe someone on the convoy told them.
A Talaxian convoy
would never let the Kazon know where they are.
That would be like committing suicide.
Maybe they came to rob the cargo,
but when they realized there was a Starfleet officer...
That wouldn't have stopped them from taking the cargo, too.
And according to my friend, Laxeth,
it was a swift, efficient strike.
lt sounds like they knew Tom was there
and they came just to get him.
But who would have told them?
One possibility l can think of
is that it was someone on this ship.
On Voyager?.
Who would do that?
l don't know...
but a responsible journalist would find out.
B'Elanna, l didn't expect to find you here.
Are you working the night shift?
l have been since the accident.
What brings you here?
l was wondering if you could show me
how to access the subspace communications logs?
Why would you be interested in the com logs?
Well, just part of my news program.
Well, l can get you into them, but then you're on your own.
l'm still trying to bring
the magnetic constrictors into alignment.
l understand. Just get me started.
How far back do you want to go?
Oh, maybe a month or two.
Okay, the file's open.
Transmissions are logged on by date and time.
Anything else?
No, l'll be fine. Thank you very much.
Mike, we're going into the computer core
to look over the magnetic constrictor circuitry.
Hold down the fort. All right?
Okay, Lieutenant.
Voyager to Mithren.
Mithren again.
Voyager to Kotati...
Are you looking for something in particular?
l don't know exactly what l'm looking for.
Something anomalous.
An incident l'm investigating.
Tell me, Mr. Hero,
if someone wanted to make a secret subspace transmission,
how would he do it?
Why would you want to know that?
Oh, l can't be too forthcoming right now,
but if l find what l think l'm going to,
well, let me just say that this ship will be stunned.
A secret transmission, huh?
Well, that would be tough, Neelix.
There are all kinds of security routines in place
and any time a subspace antenna array is in use,
the sensors make a record of it.
l'm not seeing anything anomalous here.
What about that?
That... gap.
As if some of the log entries have been deleted.
Well, that's just a data fragmentation.
l beg your pardon?
lt probably happened
when the plasma overloaded the system.
Little glitches like this
will be popping up for weeks, l'd imagine.
Here it is again.
l wouldn't worry about it.
Maybe Lieutenant Torres can explain it.
There's nothing to explain.
Believe me, Neelix, you're making too much of it.
Ah! Here it is again.
Gaps in the log entries.
And, frankly, it looks like more than data fragmentation to me.
The gaps are showing up in logs entered over the last month
but not before that.
So, there you are!
l've been looking for you, Mr. Neelix.
Doctor, how can l help you?
You again neglected to include me in your news program.
lf you remember, l was to have two segments today
because l was excluded yesterday.
That's right, that's right.
l've been so preoccupied with this other matter.
ln the interest of time,
l'm willing to forego my story on the adrenal gland.
l will concentrate instead on my latest idea
''The Klingon Glottis: Friend or Foe?''
That's very interesting,
but we're going to have to put it off until tomorrow.
That's what you said yesterday.
l'm sorry, Doctor, but l really have to go now.
All through
the subspace communication logs, there were these gaps
as though something had been erased.
We have recently experienced a plasma overload.
That could easily account
for the anomalous readings in the logs.
Aha! l knew you'd say that.
Answer this, Mr. Vulcan:
Why would those gaps, those deletions
occur only in the sub com logs
and only in the last month?
l checked every log system we have--
sensor logs, power allocation logs,
warp maintenance logs, environmental control logs.
They're all perfectly fine.
What are you suggesting?
l believe someone on this ship
has been making covert transmissions
and erasing the evidence.
To what end?
l don't know, but l suspect whoever it was
has been communicating with the Kazon.
That's an extremely serious charge.
l know.
That's why l've come to you.
Mr. Neelix, l strongly suspect that your enthusiasm
for your new journalistic endeavor
is leading you to see villains where none exist.
However, even the possibility that someone on board
might secretly be communicating with the Kazon
deserves investigation.
l will pursue the matter.
And l will help you.
l think not.
This is now a matter of ship security.
l must ask you to withdraw and let me handle it
according to Starfleet protocols.
As a journalist, l have an ethical obligation
to keep digging for the facts in this case.
And l have the higher obligation
to keep you from putting yourself and others at risk.
You will drop this matter.
l see.
All right, l leave it in your hands.
Good hunting.
''A higher obligation''?
Ha. l'll show him higher obligation.
He'll have Eskarian egg on his face
when l get to the heart of this.
lt's the job of a journalist to be independent.
Lieutenant, l wonder if you could...
l'm a little busy right now, Neelix.
What do you need?
l was wondering
if it's possible to look underneath a log
that seems to have been erased,
see if there's anything left of it.
Mr. Hogan, could you please help Neelix out for a minute?
You want to recover deleted logs?
Uh, that would be ideal.
Well, let me give it a try.
Usually it's possible to recover data
unless extraordinary measures
were taken to erase it.
Well, this is strange.
Computer, run a signal modulation analysis
of this file.
Security authorization required.
Engineering authorization: omega-four-seven.
Authorization accepted.
Running analysis.
l... can't recover the logs
because these messages were sent
without using any of the antenna arrays.
How could someone do that?
By sending the transmissions through the ship's power grid.
The messages were encoded
in the waste energy from the propulsion systems,
which is almost indistinguishable
from galactic background noise.
Would there be a way
to determine who sent the messages?
l'm looking for signal correlation traces.
They'd indicate a com link to the EPS conduits--
maybe give us a location.
l don't know if l can...
There's one.
The source of the com link is on Deck 4, Section 3-C.
Sorry, but l can't get more specific than that.
Mr. Hogan, l need your help over here.
Thanks for your help.
l'll check out Deck 4.
Go room by room, console by console.
l'd look for evidence of recent deletions.
lf you see any, run a recovery program.
See what you get.
Computer, activate monitor.
Unable to comply.
Monitor is cleared for Lieutenant Thomas Paris only.
Override existing clearance.
Engineering authorization: omega-four-seven.
Authorization accepted.
Files recovered.
My friends, l derive no satisfaction
from what l am about to tell you.
l know l originally promised you
that l would only bring you good news.
However, l feel it's important that you know the truth.
l have uncovered evidence that casts serious doubt
on the loyalties of Lieutenant Thomas Paris.
l have discovered secret communications to the Kazon
that were sent from his quarters
just prior to his leaving the ship.
Get him up here... now.
...of messages sent to the Kazon
for some weeks before his departure.
How did you trace those transmissions to Tom's quarters?
lt was, uh...
l believe it was called signal correlation traces.
Mr. Hogan was helping me, and he detected them.
When l looked for signal correlation traces,
there were none.
That means someone placed them in the system
after my initial investigation.
What initial investigation?
Captain, what's going on?
What l'm about to say will come as a surprise to you, Commander.
There has been a spy aboard Voyager,
but it isn't Tom Paris.
lt isn't?
No. Lieutenant Paris is, in fact, part of our plan.
Some weeks ago, Tuvok discovered evidence
of covert transmissions
leaving Voyager through the EPS system.
We realized there was someone on this ship
communicating with the Kazon-Nistrim.
we were unable to ascertain who that person was.
We needed a way to flush out the spy
and we had exhausted all conventional means.
That's when we thought of using Tom,
finding a way to get him on the Kazon ship.
Are you saying Paris' insulting behavior,
the gambling, being late for duty,
mouthing off at me, was all a ruse?
That is correct.
lt was important that his decision to leave the ship
appear plausible, so he began behaving like a malcontent.
And the reason l wasn't let in on this little plan?
l was the one who recommended
to Captain Janeway that you not be told.
l suspected that the spy was a Maquis
and felt it was wrong to put you in a position
of setting a trap for someone who had once served under you.
ln other words, you didn't trust me.
Commander, the simple fact is we needed a good performance.
l'm afraid we used you to help Tom provide it,
and you did a damn good job.
Now, it seems Mr. Neelix's investigation
has made someone nervous--
nervous enough to put a trail
in the computer system for him to follow.
Could it be Hogan?
l don't think so.
He was just the person walking by
who Lieutenant Torres asked to help me.
The spy may be a little cozy now,
since you took the bait and pointed the finger at Tom,
but we don't want him cozy.
l'd rather he feel some pressure.
Perhaps we should take advantage
of Mr. Neelix's unintentional blunder.
Exactly. l want you to keep investigating, Neelix.
Do what you've been doing-- poke around, ask questions--
but let people think
you're not so sure you were right about Tom Paris.
That would put Neelix in a potentially dangerous situation.
We would keep an open com link to you at all hours.
My security team could act immediately
if anything were to happen.
lt's up to you, Neelix.
This is purely voluntary.
Anything l can do to help, Captain,
and get Tom home safely, l want to do.
What did you expect?
...think this has all been about exchanging holiday greetings?
No, of course not, but...
Here's how it's going to work.
We'll be waiting for you on a planet
called Hemikek lV.
Well, Tom, it's always good
to have one's instincts verified.
Clever plan, Seska, leading Voyager into an ambush,
but even so, this ship will be outmanned and outgunned.
That's why we have ground troops on Hemikek
and more ships on the way.
Now, don't you wish you'd taken my offer?
Thanks for the hospitality.
Go get him!
Lieutenant Torres is waiting for these interlink sequencers.
Get them to her right away.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
Oh, hello, Neelix.
l was wondering if one of you could help me.
We're a little busy right now.
What is it that you need?
The signal correlation traces that implicated Tom Paris--
they were added to the file after the fact.
You're kidding?
So, l was trying to figure out how that could have happened
and who might have done it.
This couldn't be a worse time, Neelix.
We're getting everything ready for rebuilding the warp coils.
Do you mind if l use
the diagnostic terminal over there?
Go ahead, just don't tap into any Engineering systems.
l'll be careful.
Torres to Engineering.
Jonas here, Lieutenant.
l need the electrodynamic load specs.
They weren't with the other things you sent.
Sorry, Lieutenant.
l'll get them to you right now.
Take these to Lieutenant Torres.
What's going on?
Bridge to Engineering.
Jonas here, Captain.
l need you to increase transporter range.
Shunt all available power to Transporter Room 2.
Right away.
Let me know as soon as you've done it.
We have an incoming shuttle
and we've identified human life signs.
lt may be Tom Paris.
Yes, ma'am.
Paris to Voyager! Paris to Voyager!
Do you read me yet?
Paris to Voyager!
Paris to Voyager! Come in!
Voyager to Paris. We hear you.
Captain, change your course immediately.
The Kazon have ground troops waiting for you
on Hemikek, and more ships on the way.
We'll get you out of there as soon as we can, Tom.
You're still out of transporter range,
but we won't change course until we've locked on to you.
l can take care of myself!
Just get Voyager to safety!
As soon as you're on board.
Tom, what happened? Are you all right?
Lieutenant Paris, report.
Mr. Jonas, we need that transporter now.
l'm working on it, Captain.
l'm having trouble resetting the EPS manifold.
Stay on it.
Mr. Jonas, l'm no expert,
but it doesn't look to me like you're working
on the transporter subsystems.
Neelix, l know what l'm doing.
What did you do?!
What is this force field for?
lt's just a precaution.
Please, Neelix!
Stay out of this!
Tom, can you hear me? Report.
l'm here, Captain.
We'll be in normal transporter range in another minute.
Captain... the spy.
lt's Michael Jonas.
He's the one that sabotaged the ship.
Noted. Janeway to Tuvok.
Get to Engineering immediately.
lt's Michael Jonas.
On our way.
Shuttle hull starting to breach.
Might not make it, Captain.
l recognize that subroutine.
You're into the weapons system.
You're disabling them!
For God's sakes, Neelix, back off.
Neelix to...
We're in transporter range, Captain.
Voyager to Paris.
Tom, can you hear me?
We're energizing now.
Transporter Room 2, do you have him?
We have him, Captain. He's all right.
lt's the Kazon ship, Captain.
Return fire.
Janeway to Tuvok, are you in Engineering yet?
The doors are sealed.
We're working on it, Captain.
Bridge to Transporter Room 2.
Lock on to Mr. Jonas in Engineering
and beam him out of there.
Aye, Captain.
All l got was his combadge, Captain.
Captain, we've lost weapons.
lt looks like the phaser arrays have been disabled
from Engineering.
Evasive maneuvers, Ensign.
Mr. Kim, get those weapons back on line.
Weapons are back on line, Captain.
Fire at will.
Yes, ma'am.
Are you injured?
Don't worry about me, Mr. Vulcan.
l'm perfectly all right.
Unfortunately, Mr. Jonas wasn't so lucky.
Bridge to Tuvok.
l'm standing down Red Alert.
Well, l'm going to have plenty of material
for tomorrow's Briefing with Neelix.
...and fortunately, l was able to steal
one of the Kazon shuttles and escape.
An amazing story. Amazing.
Now, l'd like to say something more, if l might.
Of course.
Um, l know that l've been acting like a jerk
for the last couple of months.
Unfortunately, l had to behave that way
if the spy was going to believe
that l really wanted to leave the ship,
so l'd like to apologize to anyone
that l might have offended...
uh, especially Commander Chakotay.
l gave him a pretty hard time.
Not that it wasn't a certain amount of fun, mind you.
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen,
the true hero of this whole endeavor--
Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris.
Well, l'm afraid that's all the time we have.
Oh, l'd like to apologize to the Doctor
for not getting around to him once again today,
but l promise you, he'll be here tomorrow
with lots of fascinating information
about the Bolian digestive system.
Good day, Voyager.

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