Good afternoon, Ensign.
How are we doing today?
We're doing just fine, thank you.
Good, good.
By the way, l was wondering if you'd take a look
at the thermal array in the kitchen.
lt overloaded this morning
and vaporized an entire pot roast.
l'd be happy to.
Wonderful. My!
l informed Ensign Kim about the problem hours ago
and he still hasn't come down to fix it.
He's been working on a problem
with the structural integrity grid.
l'm sure he hasn't forgotten about you.
lf this thing doesn't get fixed soon,
we'll all be eating cold leftovers for dinner,
and who do you think the crew will blame?
Looks like you need a new set of anodyne relays.
l'll go down to Engineering
and get some for you out of storage.
Oh, and while you're here, would you mind taking a look
at the replicator?
lt's been having trouble making anything
with large amounts of cellulose.
Of course.
Cabbage, psyllium,
green beans, celery, it all comes out
looking a touch too yellow.
l thought you didn't use replicated vegetables
when you're cooking.
Always fresh, organic, from the airponic bay?
Uh, well, the yields have been a little low lately.
Normally, l would never dream of using synthesized veggies.
lt looks like a malfunction in the power grid.
Shouldn't be too difficult...
What's wrong?
l think l'm having a contraction.
Oh, yeah, it's a contraction, all right.
Well, that's wonderful.
Labor can't be far behind.
Let's... let's get you to Sick Bay.
Try to breathe, now-- deep, deep regular breaths.
Not so fast now.
We're having a baby!
-That's good. -Hmm.
Don't forget to breathe, Samantha.
Deep regular breaths.
That's it.
Cervical dilation is at 10.2 centimeters.
Prostaglandin levels are normal.
Push, Ensign!
You push, damn it!
l'm sick of pushing!
l know you're fatigued.
Try to focus on your breathing.
Remember the exercises we did.
When you feel a contraction, bear down.
This is ridiculous.
lt's been seven hours.
How long does it take to deliver a baby?
As long as it takes, Mr. Paris.
During the birth of our third child,
my wife was in labor for 96 hours.
Four days?
l have learned that pregnancy and patience go hand-in-hand.
You know, l didn't expect to be this nervous.
lt's not even my child.
ln a way, this child belongs to all of us.
lt is the first baby born on Voyager.
l'm just not sure whether
l should be welcoming it on board or apologizing.
Voyager isn't exactly anyone's idea of a nursery,
and the Delta Quadrant isn't much of a playground.
My father had a saying, Captain:
''Home is wherever you happen to be.''
Captain, long-range sensors
are picking up heavy subspace communications ahead.
They're Vidiian.
All stop. A ship?
At least 20 ships within sensor range.
l am also detecting a G-type star system
with two inhabited planets.
Life signs... Vidiian.
Sounds like we're headed right into their territory.
And l'm in no mood to donate any organs today.
Options, Mr. Paris.
There's a large plasma drift, bearing 40 mark 7.
lt extends almost half the length of this sector.
lnterference from the plasma
should block us from their sensors.
Good thinking.
Lay in a course at full impulse.
Mr. Tuvok, deflectors at maximum.
Oh, what was that?!
What's wrong?
A pain... in my abdomen.
lt's different... sharp.
Oh, God!
The baby has shifted position
and its exocranial ridges have lodged in the uterine wall.
This is a rare complication,
but it's been known to happen in human-Ktarian pregnancies.
Can we reposition the baby?
No, its spinal column is too fragile.
l don't want to risk nerve damage.
lf we don't deliver the baby now,
its ridges could perforate the uterus
and cause internal bleeding.
Kes, prepare for a fetal transport.
We're clearing the Vidiian system, Captain.
Take us out of the plasma drift and resume our previous course.
l've locked onto the baby's coordinates.
We're ready to begin.
lnitiating umbilical separation.
Congratulations, Ensign.
lt's a girl.
ls she all right?
The transport caused a slight hemocythemic imbalance,
but we'll stabilize her cell membranes
with osmotic pressure therapy.
What was that?
We hit some kind of subspace turbulence
as we were coming out of the plasma drift.
l can't tell if...
What the hell?
Captain, the warp engines just stalled.
Go to impulse.
lmpulse engines aren't responding.
Maneuvering thrusters are out, too.
We're losing main power.
Switching to backup power.
Red Alert. Bridge to Engineering.
Our antimatter supply is being drained, Captain.
l don't know why.
The containment fields are in place.
lt's like we sprung a leak, but l can't find the crack.
B'Elanna, try infusing the warp core
with repeated proton bursts.
That should be enough to keep it going.
l think l can generate enough protons in the sensor array
for a burst every 30 seconds.
Do it.
Hogan, these proton bursts
are going to cause a lot of stress on the hull.
Reinforce structural integrity to...
Now what?
What was that?
lt appeared to be a proton burst.
Bridge to Torres, report.
Engineering, respond.
Captain, three EPS conduits just ruptured in Engineering.
They took heavy casualties.
The incubator is losing power.
Activate the auxiliary respirator.
We've got wounded here!
Second-degree plasma burns on the face and neck.
Treat him with the dermaline gel.
Fractured clavicle, thoracic contusions.
Nothing serious, she can wait.
Fused vertebrae, prep him for surgery.
lt doesn't look good, Doctor.
The baby's cell membranes won't stabilize.
lncrease the osmotic...
That's not helping.
lncrease the osmotic pressure ratio by ten percent.
Bridge to Sick Bay.
There's been a major coolant leak in the Mess Hall.
You've got more wounded on the way.
Torres to Bridge!
We're definitely being...
We're definitely being hit by proton bursts,
but l don't know where they're coming from.
l never even started the procedure.
She's right; the main sensor array is off-line.
Not a single burst was fired.
And yet the bursts appear to be originating
from within the ship.
lt's like they're coming out of thin air.
Captain, these bursts are weakening
the structural integrity of the hull.
We cannot take any more.
Can we increase power to structural reinforcement?
Our antimatter supply is too low.
There's just not enough power to go...
Hull breach on Deck 15, Section 29-Alpha.
Emergency force fields are off-line.
Captain, l've been working on a way
to enhance our portable force field generators.
lt might be enough to seal that breach.
Don't you worry.
We have the best doctor in the Quadrant.
Doctor, her cell membranes are losing cohesion.
Try remodulating the osmotic pressure.
No effect.
Hang on, l'll be right there.
Oh, no.
Jefferies tube 12 runs right over the breach.
lf we can get close enough, we should be able
to set up a portable containment field.
The breach has weakened the integrity
of that tube by 22 percent.
That's why we need to reinforce the field.
We'll use the power conduits on this deck.
l've analyzed the bursts on all spectral frequencies.
There's still no indication of where they're coming from.
At this point,
l don't give a damn where they're coming from.
l just want to stop them.
Chakotay, do we have enough auxiliary power
to magnetize the hull?
lt might cushion the impact of the bursts.
We have just barely enough.
Give it a try.
l've stabilized my imaging array,
but it could go out at any time.
Prepare for emergency resuscitation.
My baby, she...
she's going to die, isn't she?
Not if l can help it.
Here it is.
The breach is directly below us.
Make it fast, Harry.
Torres to Hogan. What's your status?
Almost got it, Lieutenant.
l'm rerouting all power in this section to your...
Torres to Hogan.
Hogan, are you there?
l'm hurt.
Hurry. We have to help him.
Just give me a minute.
l'm sorry, Ensign.
Hogan to Sick Bay.
l need... medical assistance...
Deck 15, Section 29.
l'll go.
The breach is widening. Let's get out of here.
Damn it, Harry, let's go!
Hold on. My minute isn't up yet...!
Grab my hand!
Lieutenant Hogan!
Kes! Over here!
Torres to Bridge.
Ensign Kim is dead.
Kes just disappeared.
l can't explain it.
She just vanished.
There seems to be some kind of spatial rift
right where she disappeared.
Can you determine where it leads?
Stand by, Bridge.
l just threw a piece of conduit into the rift.
Just as it vanished, l detected another
oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere.
Another atmosphere?
Whatever's on the other side of that rift
there's air-- maybe Kes is still alive.
Get out of there, Torres.
The hull breach is widening.
l'm going to evacuate the entire deck.
You don't have to tell me twice.
The main computer core is failing.
Switching to backup processors.
Chakotay, are you ready to magnetize the hull?
Stand by.
l'm having trouble with the alignment module.
Try remodulating the field emitter.
l've got alignment.
Magnetizing the hull.
l think it worked.
Let's hope so.
l want a full damage report from all decks.
Are you all right, Captain?
lt's just a scratch.
lt's more than a scratch. Maybe you should go...
l'm fine, Lieutenant.
Damage reports are coming in.
The hull breach on Deck 15 has widened
to include Deck 14, Section 12.
And there are 632 micro-fractures
along the hull's infrastructure.
All primary systems are off-line.
We are running on emergency power only.
The antimatter supply has dropped to 18 percent
and is continuing to fall.
Warp coils in both nacelles have fused
and are inoperative.
The environmental control systems are failing.
15 crew members have been seriously wounded
with plasma burns.
27 experienced other injuries.
The Doctor is setting up triage facilities
in Sick Bay and Holodeck 2.
l must also regretfully report
that Ensign Wildman's baby did not survive.
l want an Engineering team to seal those micro-fractures
before they become breaches.
Aye, Captain.
Mr. Paris, grab
a medical tricorder and go assist the Doctor.
Commander, you have the Bridge. l'm going
to go talk to Ensign Wildman.
Maybe l can help...
The magnetic field is collapsing!
The hull is depolarizing!
The fire suppression system is out.
Warning. Hull breach on Deck 1.
Emergency force fields inoperative.
Everybody out! Go! Go! Go!
Hurry, Captain!
l'm trying to reroute emergency power
to the field emitters!
l can seal this breach!
Captain, let's go!
Ensign Kim, scan the Bridge.
l just saw myself cross the Bridge
and enter that turbolift.
lt was very faint-- almost like a ghost image--
and l looked like hell.
there was a minor spatial fluctuation on the Bridge,
but it was only there for a millisecond.
Bridge to Engineering.
B'Elanna, how long until we can use
the main sensor array?
Another three hours.
We're only about halfway through the proton burst procedure.
See if you can speed up the process.
We need the sensors as soon as possible.
Mr. Kim, modify a tricorder
to scan for spatial anomalies.
Go over every centimeter of this Bridge.
Examine the sensor logs
from our trip through the plasma drift.
Look for anything unusual.
l'll be in Sick Bay.
Aye, Captain.
Good news, Ensign.
Our baby is perfectly healthy.
There's no sign of any inter-species abnormalities.
''Our'' baby.
A figure of speech.
l am, in part, responsible for bringing her into the world.
You may hold her now.
Hello, there.
Congratulations, Samantha.
She's adorable.
Have you thought of a name?
Not yet.
l really thought it would be a boy.
Let me know as soon as you decide.
l've been making a blanket for her.
All that's missing is an initial.
Get some rest.
How's our other patient doing?
She's still unconscious.
l ran a microcellular scan.
We're almost identical in every way.
There's a slight phase shift in their DNA.
Do you have any theory about where she came from?
Not yet, but l intend to find out.
Can you wake her?
l believe so.
because l think she's going to have
an interesting story to tell.
l was running through the corridor with my medkit...
Deck 15...
and then, suddenly,
l felt dizzy
and my vision started to blur.
After that, l don't remember anything
until you woke me up just now.
You were found unconscious down on Deck 15
holding a medkit.
We also found this lying next to you.
lt's a piece of damaged conduit.
Our analysis shows it's from Voyager, Deck 15,
Section 29-Alpha, Bulkhead 052--
but there's no damage to Deck 15 or anywhere else on this ship.
There was massive damage to Deck 15.
The evidence would seem to suggest
that you've come from a different ship...
a different Voyager.
We did find a spatial rift on Deck 15.
lt's possible that it somehow connects us
to this other Voyager.
lf you're right, where is the other ship?
A parallel universe? Another dimension?
Another point in time?
l'm not sure.
Almost everything about the Voyager Kes described
is identical to ours.
We've had similar experiences, similar personal histories.
We both entered a plasma cloud to avoid the Vidiians.
Both of our engines stalled as we left the cloud,
which caused both of our antimatter supplies to drain
and then we both decided to keep our engines running
by emitting proton bursts...
but after that, our experiences diverged.
We started emitting the proton bursts.
They didn't.
Our ship was being damaged by proton bursts.
We couldn't figure out where they were coming from.
That's more than a coincidence.
Janeway to Engineering.
B'Elanna, l want you to stop the proton bursts immediately.
But if we stop now, the power levels will drop...
l'll explain later, Lieutenant.
l don't know how...
but there's another Voyager out there
and l intend to find it.
We analyzed the sensor logs
from our trip through the plasma cloud.
We couldn't find anything unusual
until we ran a quantum-level analysis.
Remember that subspace turbulence we hit
just before we left the cloud?
Well, watch what happens.
At first, we thought it was a sensor aberration,
but they were in perfect calibration at the time.
So l ran a multispectral analysis
on the subspace turbulence.
lt was more than just turbulence.
lt was some kind of divergence field.
And the moment we passed through it,
all of our sensor readings doubled.
Mass, energy output, bio-signatures-- everything.
Every particle of matter on the ship
seems to have been duplicated in that instant.
So where's the other ship?
As strange as it sounds, Captain,
according to these readings,
another Voyager is right here, right now,
occupying the same point in space-time that we are.
Quantum theorists at Kent State University
ran an experiment in which a single particle of matter
was duplicated using the divergence of subspace fields--
a spatial scission.
lf the same forces were at work inside the plasma cloud,
they may have duplicated every particle of matter
on Voyager.
Matter... but not antimatter.
ln that Kent State experiment,
they were able to duplicate normal matter,
but when they tried to duplicate antimatter particles,
the experiment failed.
So the antimatter on the ships wasn't duplicated.
Both engines have been trying to draw power
from a single source of antimatter.
Like Siamese twins linked at the chest,
with only one heart.
So what do we do?
l don't know, but whatever it is,
we're going to have to coordinate it
with the other ship.
Start working on a way to communicate with them.
The only link we know of is on Deck 15--
the spatial rift.
We're going to need a way to send Kes back through safely.
We could rig a portable phase discriminator.
lt might protect her from the spatial transition.
Get on it.
When can l start breast feeding?
Right away.
However, l should forewarn you
that her incisors will erupt within three to four weeks.
Since your skin lacks the scales of a Ktarian,
we'll have to discuss alternatives.
When can l take her home?
ln 24 hours.
l want to observe the infant to make sure
there's no more damage to her cell membranes.
You're welcome to stay the night so you may be with her.
l'd like that.
Hey... what's the matter?
Congratulations, Ensign...
it's a girl.
l've stabilized my imaging array,
but it could go out at any time.
Doctor, her cell membranes are losing cohesion.
Try remodulating the osmotic pressure.
No effect.
My baby, she's going to die, isn't she?
l'm sorry, Ensign.
She's going to die, isn't she?
Are you all right?
lt's just... the baby's crying.
lt was like a bad memory.
What do you mean?
On my Voyager,
during the delivery, there were complications.
We performed a fetal transport.
The same thing happened here.
The transport was successful.
On my ship, the medical systems were heavily damaged.
The osmotic pressure therapy didn't work.
The baby died.
l'm sorry to hear that.
But try to understand, it wasn't your fault.
The situation was out of your control.
Doctor, l've got to get back to my ship.
They need my help.
The Captain's working on it, Kes.
ln the meantime, try to get some rest.
Besides, l'm sure your Voyager is also equipped
with a proficient Emergency Medical Hologram.
lt's a little harder
to establish a com link than l thought, Captain.
The molecular signature of the second Voyager
is slightly out of phase with our own.
l can't get visual, audio-- nothing.
Have you tried remodulating the com-frequency carrier?
Five times on 47 different frequencies.
There has to be a way.
lf they were recalibrating their carrier wave at the same time--
so we could match phase variants--
would that allow us to connect?
l think so, but, in order to get them to do that,
we'd have to communicate with them first.
lt's the chicken and the egg.
Maybe we need something a little more primitive.
ls there a signal we could emit on all subspace bands
just to get their attention?
A rotating band pulse might do it,
but it wouldn't be much more than a shrill whistle.
That might be enough. Give it a try.
All right, Captain.
All of the ship's command functions
have been rerouted to Main Engineering.
Welcome to the new Bridge.
Now, let's see about...
What's that?
l don't know.
lt's some kind of com emissions
coming through all subspace bands.
Coming from where?
Good question. l can't tell.
But it's got a Federation signature.
Try recalibrating our frequency carrier
to match it.
That's it.
They recalibrated
and locked onto our phase variant.
What kind of communication can we establish?
Not much, at this point.
We can use the emergency encryption code
for a short message.
Not more than five seconds.
That should be enough.
That's the emergency code.
Run it through an alpha-numeric sequencer.
l think someone's telling us
to lock onto a frequency of 12 gigahertz.
Do it.
l'll try to clear it up.
this isn't an illusion.
What you're seeing is real,
but it's going to take some explaining.
There are two Voyagers and two crews?
That's what l was told.
Could this possibly be
some kind of subterfuge, Captain?
An alien deception?
That woman, whoever she is,
had very specific knowledge of what happened here--
the damage from the proton bursts,
Wildman's baby, Kes disappearing.
She even knew that when l was 12 years old,
l walked home in a thunderstorm over seven kilometers
because l lost a tennis match.
And her explanation of how the ships
were duplicated was certainly plausible.
lf it is true, what do we do about it?
My... counterpart has suggested we try
to merge the two ships--
recreate the subspace divergence field
we passed through and then depolarize it.
Both ships would have to send out
a massive resonance pulse from their deflector dishes
at exactly the same time.
They may be able to do that,
but we barely have enough power for life support.
How can we get enough
to send an energy pulse of that size?
We could evacuate all the crew to this deck
and cut off life support everywhere else.
Then we could divert all power to the deflector dish.
B'Elanna, reestablish the com-link
with the other ship.
This is Janeway. What have you decided?
Captain, we think we can channel enough energy
to our deflector dish to try the merging process.
Good. When can we start?
We'll need at least 15 minutes
to make our preparations.
We'll be ready.
And, Captain...
we'll only have enough power to try this once.
l understand.
Chakotay, Tuvok, begin the evacuation process.
Aye, Captain.
l'll let the Doctor know
he'll have to rely on his backup power supply.
We're ready, Captain.
We're standing by, Captain.
l think you should take the lead in this operation,
since you may have to make allowances
for your ship's weakened power systems.
Lieutenant Torres--
and Lieutenant Torres--
charge the deflector dishes.
Deflector dish charging.
Capacitance levels are rising.
60 percent...
85 percent...
98 percent...
We're ready to create the subspace divergence field.
Power flow nominal, Captain.
Synchronize computer event timing.
Ready to release depolarization pulse
on my mark.
The pulses have been emitted, Captain.
The fields are starting to depolarize!
But we aren't merging.
ln fact, we're going further out of phase!
lncrease power to the deflector dish.
l can't! Too much plasma backflow.
lf we keep this up, we're going to lose
our antimatter connection-- we'll both be destroyed!
Aborting resonance pulse.
What went wrong?
l'm not sure.
l think the plasma flow became too turbulent.
The divergence fields were so chaotic,
we couldn't complete the merging.
We've lost the com-link, as well.
Captain... the antimatter leak, it's becoming a hemorrhage.
lf we don't start the proton bursts,
we'll be completely drained in 30 minutes.
The lives of both crews are at stake here.
l can't make unilateral decisions
that might affect that other ship.
Janeway to Kim.
ls the spatial rift still stable?
l think so, Captain.
And l've rigged a phase discriminator.
Kes should be able to go back safely.
Rig another one, Ensign.
l'm going with her.
This should protect you from the spatial transition.
Keep trying to reestablish a com-link between the ships.
l will, but remember
we have fewer than 30 minutes of antimatter left.
Whatever you do over there, do it fast.
Understood. Are you ready?
lt's gotten worse here.
Command control is in Main Engineering.
Let's go.
l don't know how else to stop the antimatter drain
except with proton bursts.
We can't do that.
We'd damage the other ship just like this one.
Think, people.
We need options.
l agree, Captain.
And l think we need to talk.
By my estimates, our antimatter supply
will run out in less than half an hour.
The attempt to merge our ships
is throwing us further out of phase.
The quantum cohesion
on both Voyagers is breaking down.
Just like the original Kent State experiment.
The duplicate atoms couldn't occupy the same point
in space-time for very long before...
Mutual annihilation.
What are our options?
Let's try a different tack.
lnstead of trying to merge the two ships,
let's try to separate them.
Maybe we could divide the antimatter between us.
l'm afraid not.
We've been studying that theory.
B'Elanna tells me that any attempt to disrupt
the antimatter supply would destroy us all.
What about evacuating your crew to my ship?
lt might get a little crowded, but we could manage.
We've been studying that theory,
and my B'Elanna tells me that sending any more
than five to ten people through the rift
would radically alter the atomic balance
of the two Voyagers.
We'd both be destroyed.
Captain, l think you should return to your ship
and run a metallurgical analysis.
Find out the precise phase modulation of your hull.
l'll do the same here.
Maybe we can find a way
to realign the phase displacement.
You're going to self-destruct your ship.
What makes you say that?
Because that's what l would do if your Voyager were intact
and my Voyager were crippled, my crew wounded or dead.
l'd sacrifice my ship so that yours could survive.
Then l'm glad we agree.
Go back to your ship.
l didn't say l agree.
l said l understand.
l'm not willing to let you make that sacrifice yet.
We haven't explored all the options.
Yes, we have, and we both know it.
This is my ship and my decision.
Captain, l'm not going to let you...
l've made my decision.
Please don't make me call Security
and have you escorted off my ship because...
you know l'll do it.
All right, l'll go back.
But give me 15 minutes
to come up with another solution.
After that, it's your decision.
15 minutes.
Good luck.
To both of us.
Okay, l've managed to reestablish a com-link
with the other Voyager.
Hail them.
Captain, l've got an idea.
Actually, it was yours.
lt might be possible
to realign the phase displacement between us.
We don't have time to try it.
My plan is the only one that's going to work.
lt's time that we both accept that.
We've got a perimeter alert.
A vessel is approaching, bearing 005 mark 318.
They've just dropped out of warp.
Can you identify them?
They're Vidiian, sir.
Red Alert.
Still off-line.
Captain, we're picking up a Vidiian ship
heading this way.
Can you see them, too?
Do you have any weapons?
Stand by. Tuvok?
Negative, Captain.
We had to reroute power
to compensate for the antimatter loss.
lt would take several hours to bring weapons back on line.
What is it?
Their ship seems to be trapped in some sort of spatial flux.
-Have they detected us? -Yes,
but they can't raise their shields.
And it appears that whatever is happening to them
has disrupted their weapon systems.
Load a hyperthermic charge.
Captain, they have fired an energy weapon.
All hands, brace for impact.
Damage control teams stand by.
What happened?
They couldn't have missed.
Maybe they hit the other Voyager.
Hail them.
l've lost the com-link again.
Try to get it back.
We have destroyed their weapons array.
Maneuver us to within grappling range.
They are cutting an access route through the hull on Deck 5.
Vulcan, male.
Phaser blast damaged the right kidney,
but the other organs are healthy.
Begin with them.
l've erected an emergency force field around Sick Bay.
That should hold them off for awhile.
l won't let them take my baby.
lt's going to be all right, Ensign.
Give her to me and l'll hide her inside an access port.
lf they do break in, it's unlikely
they'll look for anyone there.
Trust me, Ensign.
l won't let anyone touch our baby.
Mama will see you soon.
Lieutenant, give me a hand.
Move this.
We're going to have to cut away
the internal circuitry to make room...
They're using some kind of disrupter
to break down the force field.
The force field's down.
They've got everything below Deck 5
and l don't know how much longer
we can keep them away from the Bridge.
Mr. Kim, how many Vidiians are there on the ship?
347, and more are boarding.
We're outnumbered two to one.
l've got an incoming subspace signal.
lt's from the other Voyager.
They must've reestablished the com-link.
On screen.
Captain, this com-link might not last much longer.
What's happening over there?
We've been boarded.
The Vidiians are on the verge of taking over our ship.
Are they on yours?
No. We don't think they can detect our ship.
Captain, we can have a security detachment
cross the spatial rift and board your ship
within five minutes.
No. lf we do that,
the Vidiians might become aware of your Voyager.
That would put both ships at risk.
We can't just stand by and let you all be killed.
l'm not about to let that happen.
l'll destroy this ship.
l don't suppose there's any way l can change your mind.
l know how stubborn you can be.
But there is something else l can do for you.
l'm going to send Harry Kim through the rift
with Ensign Wildman's baby.
Somehow, it seems only fair.
We'll be waiting for them.
Just make me a promise, Kathryn.
Get your crew home.
l will. l will.
Harry, you've got five minutes.
Get the baby.
But, Captain...
Move it, Ensign! That's an order!
Computer, initiate the self-destruct sequence.
Authorization: Janeway-pi-one-one-zero.
Set at five minutes and mute voice warnings.
Self-destruct sequence has been initiated.
Warp core overload in four minutes, 55 seconds.
There will be no further audio warnings.
Ocampa, female.
The organs are healthy.
She has an extremely high rate of tissue regeneration.
Extract her pelvic ridge.
We'll analyze the bone marrow for phage resistance.
The others are human.
My scans indicate their pancreatic tissues
are well-suited for transplant.
Begin the extraction procedure.
This one-- a female human.
She's recently given birth.
Are you certain?
Yes. Her hemo-uterine levels are far above normal.
Where's the infant?
Set your bio-probe to maximum. Find it.
Shh... shh, shh, shh, shh.
Ensign Kim, is that you?
Am l glad to see you.
Have we retaken the ship?
No. Actually, the Captain's put the ship on self-destruct.
She ordered me to take the baby and go to the other Voyager.
Well, l guess you'd better hurry then.
Good-bye, Doc.
Ensign, tell my counterpart
that l've corrected all signs of hemocythemia.
He'll know what that means.
Will do.
l'm Captain Kathryn Janeway.
Welcome to the Bridge.
lt's about time.
Tuvok to Janeway.
Ensign Kim has made it through the rift.
With the infant.
Captain, the Vidiian ship has been destroyed.
So has the other Voyager.
Captain's Log, Stardate 49548.7.
There are no signs of any pursuing Vidiian vessels
and we have resumed a course toward home.
Repair efforts are underway.
Lieutenant Torres estimates we'll be able
to return to the Bridge within three days.
Good. l'm not sure how much longer B'Elanna can tolerate
my standing over her shoulder in Engineering.
Tuvok, is there something on your mind?
l am curious, Captain.
Before the Vidiians attacked,
when you were in disagreement with the other Captain about...
Would l have given the order to self-destruct our ship?
l've gone over that moment a thousand times in my mind.
The truth is, yes, l would've given the order.
But l will admit, there was a part of me
that could see her point of view.
One could say that you were both the doubter
and the doubted.
l do not envy the paradox of logic
you were faced with in that situation.
Neither did l.
And neither did she.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
But you should also thank the Doctor.
lt was his counterpart who saved her from the Vidiians.
l'm not surprised.
l am programmed to be heroic when the need arises.
By the way, Ensign, this other Doctor--
did he have a name?
l really didn't have time to ask.
Am l allowed to go back to my temporary Bridge now, Doctor?
By all means.
lt's good to have you back, Ensign.
Thank you.
l think.
Something wrong?
l'm not sure.
l mean, this isn't really my ship.
And you're not really my Captain,
and yet, you are, and there's no difference,
but l know there's a difference.
Or is there?
lt's all a little weird.
Mr. Kim, we're Starfleet officers.
Weird is part of the job.

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