And you said they were incompatible.
You have confirmed the genetic structure?
An entirely new species.
l'm going to name it after you.
The Tuvok orchid.
That is an honor you should reserve for yourself, Mr. Suder.
You gave this species life.
And you gave me life.
All of this is because of you.
Because of the meld.
The meld may have introduced you to my interest in floriculture,
but you have embraced it entirely on your own.
And discovered a unique talent within yourself
in the process.
l used to think the only talent l had
was a talent for killing.
Please... it's my way of saying thank you.
Very well.
l accept.
Tuvok, l want to do something for the ship.
l'm not asking you to let me out of confinement.
l accept my punishment.
But if l could just...
just contribute somehow.
What contribution do you feel you could make
from your quarters?
l was... l was thinking l might adapt
some of the genetic engineering techniques
l've developed for the orchids
to make the airponic vegetable garden more productive.
Your attitude is admirable.
l will discuss it with the Captain.
Do you think she'll agree?
We'll see.
Now, shall we begin?
Notice your mind working.
How it plans for the future,
visits the past.
Notice those thoughts
and set them aside.
Turn your attention to the white light
that is your breath.
Captain, we're being hailed on a subspace frequency.
Are there ships in the vicinity?
Negative. Tracking the source.
Seems likes it's coming from an unmanned buoy.
Coordinates 140 mark 317.
lt looks like a Kazon signal, Captain.
Take us out of warp.
Open a channel.
Chakotay, they're going to take your son.
When Culluh saw the baby...
l hear them coming.
l don't have much time.
When he saw the baby wasn't his...
Please, Chakotay, help us-- not for me, for your son.
l told you to stay out of here.
No, please don't.
Don't take him!
l beg... No! Please, no.
This is not my responsibility.
She has no right to expect me...
She knows you, Chakotay.
She knew how you'd react when you saw your son in danger.
l have a duty to this crew.
l can't just leave and go looking for the child.
And l'd never consider letting you go
into a Kazon-Nistrim stronghold by yourself.
lf we do this, we do it together.
That's something else Seska would know, too.
Do you think it's a trap?
Do l think Seska is capable
of manipulating you and me with this?
Oh, yes.
On the other hand, it was time for her to deliver.
And that baby we saw
did look part Cardassian and part human.
And knowing Culluh, l'm sure his pride was wounded
when he realized the child wasn't his.
lt makes sense, Chakotay.
lt might all be true.
Still, the safest thing would be
to ignore this message and resume our course.
l'm not going to resume our course just yet.
l want you to think about it, Chakotay.
This has to be your decision.
lf you choose to go after him,
l know l speak for the entire crew--
Starfleet and Maquis alike--
when l say we'll stand behind you.
We are far from the sacred places of our grandfathers.
We are far from the bones of my people,
but l ask on this day of sorrow and uncertainty
that the wisdom of my father find me
and help me understand my dilemma.
Speak to me, Father.
Speak to me in my dreams.
l've never seen you so troubled, Chakotay.
l have a son, Father.
A son, Chakotay?
This is the reason for your despair.
Was he born with two arms and two legs
and a heart that beats?
Yes, but...
Then it's a cause for celebration.
You will make a fine father.
You needn't worry.
l'm not sure l'm willing to be a father to him.
Hmm. Not willing?
He was born without my consent.
l had no part in it.
No part in it?
Well, it's been a long time, so forgive me,
but it seems that l had to play a part
before your mother could conceive.
My DNA was taken from me.
Used by a woman to impregnate herself
without my permission.
l see.
You're trying to decide whether you should
accept the child in your heart.
lt's more than that.
But it must begin with that.
How do you take a child into your heart
who is forced upon you by a mother's deception?
He knows nothing of deception.
He is innocent.
Centuries ago, when the women of our tribe
were raped by white conquerors, many
gave birth to their children.
And we did not reject them.
They were accepted by the tribe.
One was a direct ancestor of ours, Chakotay.
His name was Ce Acatl.
He became a great leader of our people.
Here is a man who was given life without his mother's consent.
Are you so different from her?
And is your child so different from Ce Acatl?
He is your son, Chakotay.
And he is a child of our people.
l've been in touch
with the Talaxian mining colony on Prema ll.
They're willing to come to our assistance
if we run into trouble.
That's good for about 40 hours if we average warp 2.
After that, we're out of their com range.
Well, it's nice to know we have friends in the area.
Thank you, Neelix.
l recommend a full diagnostic of our tactical array
prior to the start of the mission, Captain.
Agreed, but l want more from tactical, Lieutenant.
l want to anticipate a trap.
And l want a few tricks up our sleeves, if we need them.
Captain, l could program the deflector grid to make it look
like we have help on the way.
l'll show you what l mean.
Excuse me, Doctor.
Echo displacement.
This is how we'd look to the enemy sensors.
lf we generate multiple decoy images like these,
the Kazon would think that ships are coming toward us.
We could create as many as we want.
That's a good start, Harry.
lt should distract them for a while.
But what else can we do
if we're eventually intercepted by a superior force?
lf you don't mind, l do have something to add.
Thank you.
Captain, l hesitate to offer suggestions
in a field of endeavor that is not
within my usual area of expertise.
Please, Doctor, your suggestions
on any subject are always welcome.
Really? ln that case, you may expect several more
on a variety of matters in the near future.
Right now, may l suggest that we also consider
attempting to create an actual holographic illusion
of friendly ships.
With all due respect, Doctor,
we can't even figure out how to project you into this room.
How are we supposed to create holographic ships in space?
l would humbly submit
that my program is far more sophisticated
than your run-of-the-mill hologram.
ln fact, projecting the illusion
of a large three-dimensional object
has been a trick of magicians for centuries.
We'll just do it with mirrors.
Mr. Paris' predictable attempts at humor not withstanding,
that is precisely what l would suggest.
lnstalling holo-emitters along the hull with parabolic mirrors
to enlarge the images as they are reflected into space.
We're going to use up
a lot of our power reserves trying to pull it off.
lf these ships can fool the Kazon, it's worth it.
But can they?
lf the Kazon scan the holograms, they will
immediately realize there are no life signs on board,
no power signatures...
Okay, so we can't fool them for long,
but maybe it'll be long enough.
lt's an advantage.
And we'll need every advantage we can get on this mission.
Work on the Doctor with it, B'Elanna.
Mr. Kim, cut power to all systems
to minimum requirements.
l don't want to show up
on any Kazon long-range scanners.
Mr. Paris, locate the warp signature from Culluh's ship
and set a course to follow-- warp 2.
Aye, Captain.
Uh, excuse me, but there is one more thing.
Thank you.
lt's not Culluh's ship.
Looks more like a shuttle.
Slow to impulse.
Set an intercept course, Mr. Paris.
Have they indicated the nature of the distress?
Just a signal, Captain. No response to our hails.
Let's go to Red Alert.
Visual range.
On screen.
Showing one life sign. Adult Kazon male.
He's in critical condition.
Janeway to Sick Bay.
Prepare to receive an emergency transport.
Standing by, Captain.
Mr. Tuvok, you have the Bridge.
Remain at Red Alert.
Aye, Captain.
His hip is broken.
Showing severe inflammation in the bronchial tissue.
lt appears he inhaled noxious gases
vented in the damaged shuttle.
40 milligrams pulmozine.
l know this man.
His name's Tierna.
He's one of Seska's aides.
She had him work me over when l was on their ship.
Seska... is dead.
Seska thought that she could manipulate the maje.
She bragged about it to me more than once,
but this time she was wrong.
We had just launched the buoy with the message for you.
Then they came for her.
They cut her throat, as Culluh watched.
He ordered them to execute me, but l bribed one of the guards
to get me to a shuttle.
As soon as he saw it leaving, Culluh opened fire--
destroyed my life-support systems.
He left me in space to die.
What about the child?
Taken to the Gema lV colony to be raised as a servant.
We'll be needing your help getting to the Gema system.
You're going after him?
This ship, alone?
l want nothing to do with this.
l'm not taking you into Nistrim space.
Under the circumstances, l'd say you don't have much of a choice.
What's his prognosis?
He'll be on his feet in a day or two,
but there's still a number of things
we need to keep an eye on.
He's had... a nasty concussion, spinal cord trauma
and a polycythemia, the cause of which l've yet to discover.
An abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells.
l'd like you to run an autonomic response analysis
the next time l question him.
l'm afraid that won't help you determine
if he's telling the truth, Commander.
An ARA depends on making a baseline comparison
with a known response for a given species.
Any Tom, Dick or Harry
from the Alpha Quadrant, l could probably help you,
but not with any of the new species of the Delta Quadrant.
Regarding his veracity, it may help you to know
that if we'd arrived an hour later,
he would have been dead from his injuries.
The molecular variance residual on his shuttle
is evidence of disruptor blasts, and the signature is Kazon,
so at least that part of his story seems to be true.
Plus, we confirmed nitrogen tetroxide fumes
were in the cabin.
lf all this was part of a Kazon scheme,
he had to be willing to breathe poison
for hours before we got there.
Have you found anything at all
that would cast doubt on his story?
l still don't trust him.
The trip would take six days at warp 2.
Four days, if you didn't take such a circuitous route--
if we simply went across the Tenarus cluster.
You would encounter
the Nistrim fleet before a single day passed.
Anyone who knows this part of space
will tell you the same thing.
lt so happens that l do know
this part of space, my Kazon friend.
l just wanted to see if you would tell us the truth.
The route he suggests is safer, Captain.
Of course it's safer.
l don't want to run into Culluh any more than you do.
We might have more success avoiding him
if you gave us the command codes for the Nistrim defense net.
Computer, display tactical overview of our current course.
Enter code sequence: Four-nine- one-one-seven-zero-Culluh.
Mr. Paris, adjust our course to avoid the defense net.
Aye, Captain.
That is not an end to the danger.
We are heading into an area of space
populated by Kazon factions that are loyal to no one.
They will attack without provocation.
Vessel approaching. Coordinates: 314 mark 21.
Signature is Kazon.
Red Alert.
Configuration of the ship, Mr. Tuvok?
A small raider, Captain.
lt does not pose a significant threat.
Nevertheless, it is powering up its weapon systems.
Shields are holding.
Return fire.
The raider is breaking off its attack.
Minor damage
to secondary command processors on Deck 12.
EPS power supplies,
and isolinear controllers are off-line.
No casualties though.
Begin repairs, Mr. Kim.
Any other sign of Kazon ships, Lieutenant?
Nothing on long-range sensors.
The raider is continuing to retreat.
We should have a couple of hours to ourselves at least.
Good. We can use them.
Stand down Red Alert.
Captain, we're about to go
beyond the com range of the Talaxian colony.
Just thought you'd like to know.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Maintain current course.
l haven't forgotten, Mr. Tuvok.
Very well.
This seems as good a time as any.
Mr. Suder.
Please... please come in.
W-won't you sit down?
Excuse the mess.
l wasn't expecting company.
Can l get you some tea?
Have you had lunch?
Nothing, thank you.
Lieutenant Tuvok has been telling me about your progress.
Has he? Well, l'm...
l'm very grateful to him, Captain.
l still have a lot to learn, of course,
but he is an excellent tutor.
When we first started our studies, l...
The Captain's time is limited, Mr. Suder.
Of course.
l have explained your proposal to her.
l'd like to know more about it, Mr. Suder.
What exactly would be involved?
Yes, yes...
Let me show you.
l've actually had very encouraging results
with a new gene-splicing technique.
l created a targeted restriction enzyme
to facilitate the hybrid.
And you feel you could experiment
on our airponic crops here in your quarters?
Absolutely. l would make this an airponic laboratory
and all l would need are a few plants,
certain chemicals and equipment.
What sort of chemicals and equipment?
Nothing dangerous.
l've prepared a list.
lt's an interesting proposition, Mr. Suder.
Let me discuss it with Kes and Lieutenant Tuvok
and l'll get back to you.
l've already discussed it with Kes
and she is very interested.
Good. Let me give it some thought.
lf you're worried you can't trust me, Captain...
Mr. Tuvok has assured...
l only want to do something-- something for the ship.
l understand, Mr. Suder.
Then what's the problem?
Why won't you give me an answer?
Mr. Suder.
l just want to do something for the ship.
Excuse me.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
None of the four Kazon attacks have caused serious damage,
but the starboard ventral has been hit each time--
complicating repairs on the secondary command processors.
You are making an adequate recovery, Mr. Tierna.
The only matter that l simply cannot understand
is this lingering polycythemia.
l feel fine.
The medical record you gave us
does not indicate any prior blood disorders.
Might it be an inherited trait?
Do you know if your parents ever..?
My parents were killed in a Trabe attack
shortly after l was born.
l see.
Well, we'll need to monitor this condition for a while.
lt might be due to some chemical imbalance
that our sensors aren't recognizing.
Possibly the result
of the toxins you inhaled while on the shuttle.
You're welcome.
Feeling better?
l'm sure l'll make a complete recovery.
Just in time for the Gema colony's defense force
to destroy us all.
You're still not optimistic about our chances, are you?
We've had no problem repelling the attacks so far.
Attacks... when there's a real Nistrim attack,
you'll know it.
You still have pride in the Nistrim, don't you, Tierna?
Even after what they did to you.
l remember that pride in your eyes when you
pounded me with your fists while l was tied to a chair.
And l can see it in your eyes now,
and that scares the hell out of me.
You must scare easily, Federation.
Tell me something, Tierna.
Every Kazon attack seems to focus on our starboard ventral.
Think that might be some kind of pattern?
l wouldn't know.
Because if it is, and you've been lying to us...
Commander Chakotay.
Not in my Sick Bay, please.
Firing phasers.
lncrease speed to one-half impulse.
Aye, Captain.
They're coming at our starboard ventral again.
Our shields there haven't been repaired yet.
We're going to sustain more damage
to the secondary command processors.
Starboard ventral.
Warning. Fires have been detected
on Decks 12 and 15 Sections A-4 through C-18.
Control units are responding, Captain.
Keep our port forequarter facing the line of attack, Mr. Paris.
Don't let them see our starboard ventral.
l'm doing my best.
Continuous fire, starboard phasers.
They're withdrawing, Captain.
Stand down Red Alert.
Mr. Kim?
Deck 12 is in shambles.
We barely have time to begin repairs
before they attack it again.
At least no one was hurt.
The secondary command processors are nonfunctional.
We'll have to rebuild them.
l'd say we're looking at two days' work
if we're not attacked again.
Why would these factions of Kazon, loyal to no one,
all have the same agenda?
And why would that agenda focus on a nonessential
area of the ship?
l don't know, but it feels
like we're being pecked to death by ducks.
We can't just stay on this course and wait to see
what they have in store for us.
l agree. lt's time to reexamine our game plan.
Mr. Paris, reverse course.
Aye, Captain.
Mr. Tierna should be restricted to quarters
on a secured deck until further notice.
Dinnertime, Mr. Suder.
We have a fine leola root soup tonight.
l'm not hungry.
Red Alert.
l'm afraid we have to go.
l'll leave it here.
Just in case.
How many do you count, Mr. Tuvok?
Eight large carrier vessels, confirmed Kazon signatures.
Funny how they show up right after we reverse course.
Time to intercept?
Eight minutes.
Their attack formation is a classic Cardassian echelon.
They have left us
with an obvious avenue of escape, Captain.
You're right. lt is curious.
Too curious for me.
l don't know what's down that avenue of escape,
Mr. Tuvok, but l like to choose my own way.
Set a course to intercept their lead ship.
Aye, Captain.
Battle stations.
Time to intercept?
Three minutes, ten seconds...
give or take a photon torpedo.
Mr. Kim?
Echo displacement ready, Captain.
Send in the cavalry.
Activating deflector grid.
They should be seeing the same thing on their scanners--
ten ships with Talaxian signatures.
Four of the Kazon ships are breaking formation.
Confirmed. They're changing course.
They took the bait.
That only leaves four for us to handle.
l like those odds better than eight to one.
Two minutes to intercept.
Janeway to Torres.
We're ready down here, Captain.
All the new holo-projectors are on line.
We can create three Talaxian ships
whenever you want to.
ln about a minute and a half, B'Elanna. Stand by.
Perhaps we should try one last systems check.
We've already done it twice.
l'm new at this, and we've never put
such a demand on the holo-generators before.
We should've boosted the power input.
The defense systems are going to need all the auxiliary power
we have, Doctor.
We might try a preliminary...
lt'll work.
Everything'll be fine.
l'm not worried.
Here we go.
They are randomly detonating torpedoes in our flight path.
Shields are holding. No damage.
Hold your fire, Mr. Tuvok.
They may have torpedoes to waste-- we don't.
30 seconds to intercept.
Take us out of warp.
Engaging impulse engines.
Power to all weapon systems.
Stand by phasers.
Kazon vessel, 10,000 kilometers off our starboard bow.
Not yet.
6,000 kilometers.
Not yet.
3,000... 2,000.
lnitiating evasive maneuvers, beta sequence.
Two more Kazon ships approaching.
Shields at 90 percent.
Janeway to Torres. lnitiate holo-programs.
That's two.
And here's number three.
Help! Man overboard!
Doctor, are you there?
Are you all right?
l told you we should have run one last systems check.
Fourth Kazon ship, dead ahead.
But they're dividing their fire, Captain.
The holograms are working.
Ready photons.
Torpedoes loaded.
Take us about, Mr. Paris.
We want a good angle on that fourth ship.
Coming about, 141 mark 20.
Fire photon number one.
Full starboard roll.
Evasive maneuvers, lambda sequence.
Shields at 85 percent and holding.
Minor damage reported, Deck 14.
Come about to 143 mark 060.
Coming about.
Ready photons.
Dispersal pattern sierra. Fire.
l'm reading a massive discharge on Deck 8.
We've lost a primary plasma conduit.
Deck 8-- Tierna's quarters.
Damage control teams to Deck 8.
l'm showing power failures all over the ship.
We've lost power to the new holodeck grid.
l can't restore it.
B'Elanna, are you all right?
Yes, Captain.
But it looks like our reactant injector controls were hit.
Stand by.
All three Kazon ships
are concentrating their fire on us now, Captain.
Shields at 70 percent and falling.
Starboard targeting scanners are off-line.
Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Paris. Gamma sequence.
Engineering, l need warp power.
We can't go to warp, Captain.
The containment field generator has been damaged.
l'm attempting to bypass.
Captain, if l can get a shuttle through the crossfire,
l can go back and bring the Talaxians to help us.
Chakotay, take the conn.
Good luck, Lieutenant.
Shuttle is clear. So far, so good.
Give him as much cover fire as you can, Tuvok.
Aye, Captain.
Voyager to Paris.
Please respond.
Tom, can you hear me?
l've lost contact with the shuttle.
Navigational array is off-line.
We've lost power to forward phasers.
Shields at 30 percent.
They're buckling.
The driver coil assembly has been destroyed.
lmpulse engines are off-line.
We're being boarded through the shuttle bays, Captain.
Phaser fights reported on Decks 5, 6, 7.
lntruder alert.
Security to Decks 5 through 7.
Begin evacuation.
Janeway to computer.
lnitiate self-destruct sequence.
Authorization: Janeway-pi-1-1-0.
Set at ten minutes.
Unable to initiate self-destruct sequence
due to damage to secondary command processors.
Stay where you are.
Don't move!
Hold your fire.
Get down there!
You! Move!
l want to speak to Maje Culluh.
Easily arranged, Captain.
Hello, everyone.
What do you think of your son, Chakotay?
He has your eyes.
Don't you think?
Thank goodness he doesn't look too human.
You all have such weak foreheads.
May he grow up never knowing
the contempt his father has for his mother.
l think l can assure you of that, Commander.
l intend to take him for my own son.
A man who would violate a woman under his own command...
...doesn't deserve a son.
ls that what she told you?
The boy will be trained as a Nistrim askara.
Already he has helped us win the greatest battle in our history.
l'd like to discuss what happens now.
You'll be given no more respect than any Kazon woman...
now that your ship and technology are mine.
l will tell you when you may speak.
Allow my crew to live.
They were following my orders.
You're even worse than she is.
What is it about the women from your Quadrant?
You know she contradicts me in front of the senior askara?
My own woman disputing her maje in front of others.
This is your fault.
You've let your women get out of control.
You know you have my deepest respect, Maje.
Why is it so dark in here?
Somebody turn on the lights.
Order the repair crews to begin work immediately.
l want to leave for the Hanon system as soon as possible.
What's in the Hanon system?
Your new home.
Take them to a cargo bay.
Have the whole crew brought there.
Check all quarters.
Good-bye, Chakotay.
l'll take good care of our son.
Oh, are you hungry, my brave little boy?
You! Move!
Keep moving!
This is outrageous!
Shut up!
Computer, activate medical holographic recall.
Set for 12 hours. Mark.
Check every room.
ln here.
Get back.
Keep moving!
Essential repairs are complete, Maje.
We have accounted for all but two of the Federation crew.
There is also a shuttle missing.
Yes, we destroyed the shuttle as it was leaving.
Has that been confirmed?
Have the other ships send out search parties.
Confirm the shuttle was destroyed.
And even if they find wreckage
that seems to be from the shuttle,
tell them to check for a recent warp trail.
Stand by to engage atmospheric thrusters.
Prepare for landing.
Activate the viewscreen.
Extend landing struts.
Ready environmental controls!
Disengage engines.
Secure thruster exhaust.
A fitting end for a people
who would not share their technology.
Let's see if you manage to survive...
without it.
All right.
Let's go.
We've got to find water and shelter.
We'll divide the crew into teams.
Each of you will be a team leader.
Make it clear to all your people that we expect to be rescued
and our job is to survive until help arrives.
Do you really think it's likely
that someone will find us, Captain?
You're the morale officer, Neelix.
You give me an answer.
Help is on the way!
Maybe Tom's shuttle got through.
lt's very important that this crew
be given a sense of hope.
That's our most important job right now.
Our top priority is drinking water.
Second is shelter to spend the night.
A clearing with a protected side
like the base of a cliff would be best.
Food, fuel-- look for all the basic survival requirements.
That includes anything that can be used as a tool or a weapon.
We'll reconvene here in about two hours.
All right, start dividing the crew.
Looks like we don't have much daylight left.
We'll spread the teams out
in a standard alpha search pattern
to see what we have to work with.
Chakotay, Torres, you're with me.
Alpha team here.
Beta team, this way.
Gamma team.
Delta team with me.
The planet seems to be seismically active.
At first glance, it's an M-Class planet
in a Pliocene stage of evolution.
Comparable to Earth several million years ago.

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