Last time on Star Trek: Voyager...
Chakotay, they're going to take your son.
When Culluh saw the baby wasn't his...
Please, Chakotay, help us-- not for me, for your son.
l told you to stay out of here.
l have a duty to this crew.
l can't just leave and go looking for the child.
And l'd never consider letting you go
into a Kazon-Nistrim stronghold by yourself.
Captain, if l can get a shuttle through the crossfire,
l can go back
and bring the Talaxians to help us.
We're being boarded through the shuttle bays, Captain.
Stay where you are!
Don't move!
Hold your fire.
Computer, activate medical holographic recall.
Set for 12 hours. Mark.
A fitting end for a people
who would not share their technology.
Let's see if you manage to survive...
without it.
We'll divide the crew into teams.
Each of you will be a team leader.
Make it clear to all your people that we expect to be rescued.
And now, the conclusion.
Let me help you.
No, really, l'm all right.
Don't push yourself.
That goes for everyone.
Perspiring wastes water.
All right, people, follow me.
Let's take it slow.
This is the most defensible location we've seen so far.
The overhang should provide us with shelter,
and the breeze should keep insects away.
All right, let's make camp.
Neelix, look at this.
They almost look constructed.
Maybe the people on this world are cave dwellers.
lf that's true,
l'd say this is a ''do not disturb'' sign.
Wouldn't you?
They look humanoid.
We might be able to use these as tools or weapons.
Gather them up, Mr. Hogan.
ls there a problem?
No, sir.
Do you want all of them?
Waste nothing.
That's one of the first rules of survival.
Neelix, over here!
Computer, repeat stabilizer diagnostic.
Damage has been detected
in the stabilizer acceleration sensors.
l just repaired the acceleration sensors.
Warning. Vessel approaching on intercept course.
Kazon patrol vessel.
Damn it, l don't have time for this.
l don't have time for this!
Computer, all stop.
Engage impulse.
Told you, l don't have time for this.
lt's all that left of Hogan's uniform, Captain.
We didn't find anything else.
This is my fault.
lf l hadn't told Hogan to pick up those bones...
You shouldn't blame yourself, Neelix.
Stop it.
There's no time to worry about blame.
Hogan was a fine officer and a good man.
And our job is to make sure his death
is the last one for a long time.
l will not let this planet destroy my crew.
Kes, see to it that everyone knows
the tunnels are off limits.
l want clear safety protocols established.
Mr. Tuvok, we need weapons.
l have already begun to design
some rudimentary devices, Captain.
What's our food and water status?
l know it sounds grisly,
but l can make solar stills
with the material from this uniform.
We could have water tomorrow.
Do it.
Captain, none of the search teams
were able to find plants of any nutritional value.
Then tell the crew to start turning over rocks.
lf anyone balks at eating these,
tell them it's an order from their Captain.
They may be the difference between life and death.
Activate emergency medical holographic program.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Hello, Doctor. Remember me?
How could l forget such an intriguing medical mystery?
A Bajoran crewman with a Cardassian physiology.
A Bajoran crewman with a Cardassian physiology.
How are you, Seska?
l see we have a new passenger.
Doctor, l have to inform you about a change of command.
l'm curious how you'll react.
The Kazon-Nistrim have taken Voyager.
How interesting.
Does your program have any problem with that?
One humanoid is pretty much the same as another
from a holographic point of view.
l'm programmed to provide medical care
to anyone who needs it.
Tell me, is it within your program's
capabilities to lie or be deceptive?
l've learned that a bedside manner
occasionally requires me to--
how shall l put it?--
soft-pedal the truth.
But bald-faced lying, calculated deceit-- l don't have
much experience with that sort of thing.
But my program is adaptive.
lf you really need me to be deceptive,
l'm sure l could learn.
That's not exactly what l meant.
l think we'll keep you just as you are.
As you wish.
Your baby's in good health.
Oh, you don't know how primitive Kazon medicine is.
l'm sure Chakotay would be glad to know
you're looking after his son.
Chakotay's son?
That isn't Chakotay's son.
But you're wrong, Doctor.
l impregnated myself with his DNA.
That may have been your intention...
but it certainly wasn't the result.
See for yourself.
Your child has Cardassian DNA strands here
and Kazon DNA here.
Human DNA has a significantly different nucleotide sequence.
But l was so certain. He looks...
He's the first offspring of a Cardassian and a Kazon.
We have no frame of reference
by which to judge his initial appearance.
Perhaps he will develop more Kazon features
as he matures.
Maje Culluh will be so pleased.
End medical holographic program.
Medical Log, Stardate 50032.7.
l have determined that Commander Chakotay
is not the father of Seska's child.
l only wish there was some way to inform him.
What am l supposed to do--
lead a revolt with the gang from Sandrine's?
Conjure up holograms of Nathan Hale and Che Guevara?
l'm a Doctor, not a counterinsurgent.
Get ahold of yourself.
You're not just a hologram.
You're a Starfleet hologram.
maybe l could access a tactical database--
teach myself guerrilla warfare.
But that would take time.
Computer, what is the crew complement?
There are 89 Kazon...
and one Betazoid on board.
What did you say? Betazoid?
There is one Betazoid on board.
Where? Who?
Please restate a single question.
Who is it?
Crewman Lon Suder.
Where is he?
Between Decks 8 and 9.
Doctor to Suder.
Yes, Doctor, l hear you.
The ship has been taken over by the Kazon-Nistrim.
l know. l've been hiding.
Can you make it to Sick Bay?
l think so.
Computer, emergency medical priority 1-1-4.
Delete the signature of Mr. Suder's combadge
from the system.
There is to be no record of his being on board.
Huddle together in groups.
That'll preserve body heat.
This is no time to be shy.
Captain, how do you like your eggs?
We found a nest about two kilometers away.
And that's not all--
cucumbers, or something like them.
There are vines full of them two hours from here.
Take them to Neelix
and tell him to hold off on the beetle stew,
at least for the time being.
How's she doing, Samantha?
l don't know, Captain.
She seems tired, listless.
Maybe she's just adjusting to the environment.
After all, she was born in space.
Make sure you stay close to the fire...
as soon as we have one.
Trapped on a barren planet
and you're stuck with the only lndian in the universe
who can't start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.
l was never good at this as a child
and l'm still not good at it.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
None of the others have had any success with it either.
Must be the wood.
We need kindling of some sort.
Something my father once told me about starting a fire.
There you go.
lf we put some bigger rocks around the fire,
they'll reflect the heat better.
l'm going to go get some.
You shouldn't go too far away from camp.
Voyager's been taken by the Kazon-Nistrim.
They're flooding every subspace frequency with the news.
ls there any word on the crew?
l'm afraid not.
lf you can help me with repairs,
we can be on our way in a few hours.
our ships are no match for Voyager
and your shuttlecraft can hardly be...
Commander Paxim, my people are counting on you.
Look, no one knows Voyager like l do.
l know every vulnerability, every blind spot.
Don't worry. l have a plan.
Very well.
We'll rendezvous in an hour.
Paxim out.
One hour.
l should be able to come up with some kind of plan
in one hour.
l was beginning to think you'd gotten lost.
l'm sorry.
They're still repairing the ship.
l had to be careful.
We have no time to waste.
According to the computer, we're at warp.
We've got to figure out some way to slow the ship down
before we get too far from the crew.
That would seem to be our first priority.
And then we have to get some weapons...
Mr. Suder, are you listening to me?
l see.
Perhaps you consider this... an opportunity.
To obtain your freedom from confinement.
How foolish of me to think you would want to help.
You're wrong.
l do want to help.
Then... what?
l'm going to have to kill some of them.
lt is possible.
Violence might be required to retake the ship.
l've worked so...
so hard over the last few months...
to control the violent feelings.
l'm almost at peace with myself.
l mean, l see the day coming when l could be.
Mr. Suder...
if Lieutenant Tuvok were here,
l know he would tell you there are times
when violence is required to defend yourself,
to defend your ship, to defend your crew.
There is a logical use for violence for everyone else.
With me, once it begins...
We must do this together, Mr. Suder.
lf you don't trust yourself yet,
then trust me.
l will help you any way l can.
One hologram and one sociopath
may not be much of a match for the Kazon,
but... we'll have to do.
There are signs of a struggle near the edge of camp.
l found alien tracks.
We can't wait until morning to go after them.
Well, l'm better at tracking than starting fires.
l've completed a few weapons
that might be appropriate, Commander.
This is thoughtful of you, Tuvok.
But my tribe never used bows and arrows
and l've never even shot one.
This is mine.
l taught archery science for several years
at the Vulcan lnstitute of Defensive Arts.
Take as many crew members as you need.
Filhin hissen.
Now, see here.
You just keep your hands off her.
Toru hin!
Dart hin cahi. Filhir.
Tirk hir pahin!
Kuwissu hir. Shod!
Commander, thank goodness.
Are you all right?
They haven't hurt us.
Have you been able to tell if they have a leader?
l'd say it's the one with the claw.
l agree.
The other two seem to be trying to figure out
what to make of us.
ln a manner of speaking, not in a culinary sense, l hope.
Listen to the sound of my voice
and you'll know that l mean you no harm.
l come without weapons.
But l must have my people back.
Kuwissu hir!
Toru hin!
Toru hin!
kusettun hatru.
Thank you...
but she should stay with you.
l must take them with me.
Korido koti hin!
Dert hissen sahk!
Stand? Certainly, l'll be happy to stand.
Over here. Fine.
Chim kan issen sahk.
No. No.
No! That is unacceptable.
Kes, stand up slowly
and walk away with us.
We have to go now.
Kuharin. Tectisin!
Just keep walking. Don't look back.
Kha hin!
ln there!
Commander, that looks just like the tunnel where Hogan...
l know. lf they know it, too, they won't follow us in.
Come on!
You'd think this crew
had never seen a warp drive before.
No one tried to adjust the antimatter flow today?
No one.
lf you're lying, l'll have your head.
l swear it, Maje.
There should have been some warning
before the antimatter injector froze--
a drop in core temperature, a magnetic constriction alarm--
He's either lying or...
Or what?
Computer, run a level-1 scan for intruders.
Unable to comply.
lnternal scanner relays have been damaged.
l thought you said all repairs were complete.
They were.
l thought they were.
l want a deck-by-deck search
of all Jefferies tubes and conduits.
Use the Federation tricorders.
Do you have a portable thoron generator?
Yes, of course.
We use it to treat radiation burns.
lt's an old Maquis trick.
Thoron particles neutralize tricorder sensors.
Mr. Suder, we need some weapons
if we're going to retake the ship.
She has a fever.
l don't know what to do.
Let me get her some water.
The baby needs water.
Those tremors seem to be getting stronger.
Chakotay's team should have been back by now.
We better look for them before it gets too hot.
Get a few people together.
l'll join you in a second.
Come on.
We have to see if there's another way out of here.
l feel a breeze.
lt's coming from this way.
Do you really think Commander Chakotay would go in there
after what happened to Hogan?
He may have had no other choice.
How do we get them away from the tunnels?
A couple of phaser blasts would do the trick.
Who are the fastest runners here?
l was on the decathlon team before l quit the Academy.
The track and field coach was furious with me.
Anyone else here who can run?
Okay, you three will be the sprint team.
Once you reach our camp, you should be safe.
Which way do you like, Tuvok?
From a tactical point of view, the options are not encouraging.
However, moving past the creature
might lead us to an exit.
All right, let's take it slow.
Single file.
Hey, up here!
-Come on! -Up here! You want us?
You want us, come and get us.
Come on, come and get us.
Pull this.
Look out!
The tunnel is clear.
Everybody out!
Move! Let's go!
Go! Go! Go!
Chakotay, a spear.
Go, go, go!
Come on, come on, go.
Come on.
l don't understand it.
Thoron particles are leaking
into the conduits from somewhere.
l can't get any other readings.
Check the next level.
Yes, sir.
lncoming subspace message
on the emergency medical holographic channel.
On the emergency channel?
Doc, l hope you're receiving this
because if you're not, l'm a dead duck.
l'm piggy-backing this message on a fake Kazon signal
l'm sending to the Bridge.
l'm betting they won't be
monitoring your emergency medical channel.
l'm bringing help.
But you have to do something for us.
When the attack begins, l need you to get
the computer to block the discharge
from the backup phaser power couplings.
You got that?
The backup couplings.
l'm taking out the primary couplings myself,
but l need those backups to overload
when they switch to them.
Don't do anything until the attack begins
or they might notice.
That's it for now.
l'll be seeing you soon.
l hope.
Good news.
Help is on the way.
Mr. Paris apparently was able to...
l didn't know what to do.
l didn't think l should leave him there
where they could find him.
Of course. You were smart to bring him here.
We can put him in a stasis drawer.
Well, we have weapons now.
You did what was necessary, Mr. Suder.
Five cc's of improvoline will help you calm down.
No drugs.
l just need to breathe--
see the light that is my breath.
We just received a message from our patrol ship.
They've tracked down the shuttle from Voyager...
and destroyed it.
Were two people on board?
They didn't say.
Two people were unaccounted for when we captured the crew.
Have they found any evidence of an intruder on board?
But the search has been slowed down
by a thoron particle leak.
Thoron particles?
That's an old Maquis trick to fool tricorders.
After what transpired,
l believe we have to prepare ourselves
for an alien attack, Captain.
Our priority should be to increase
the weapons arsenal, and to begin
training everyone in the use of these weapons.
l don't like the sound of that, Lieutenant.
We may have to coexist with these aliens a long time.
l agree with the Captain.
We have to find a way
to share this world with them.
You may find nobility in the savage, Commander,
but he is only interested in killing you.
l don't believe that.
The baby is very sick.
She's having trouble breathing.
She has a high fever.
There's nothing more l can do for her.
l think our top priority has just been dictated.
Break camp.
We've got to get out of here before it blows.
Why are you still here?
l shut down your program when l left.
You must be mistaken.
Where's your thoron generator?
lt was damaged on a recent away mission
and left behind.
Who else from Voyager is on board?
l wouldn't know.
l don't believe you.
There are several dozen crewmen on board actually,
and they have been working 'round the clock
to sabotage your vessel.
That's a lie.
At most, there is one
and l believe it is a Maquis crewman.
Yes, of course. You're right.
lt is one of the Maquis.
l won't play these games with a trick of light.
Sticks and stones won't break my bones,
so you can imagine how l feel about being called names.
l don't believe you could have sabotaged this ship alone.
Very well.
Since you are obviously about to disable my program anyway,
let me take the credit l deserve.
l did sabotage the ship all by myself
with the computer's help, of course.
As a matter of fact,
one of your crewmen came in unexpectedly
and caught me in the act.
You killed him?
He left me no choice.
Why create a thoron leak if you're not hiding someone?
l would think it's obvious.
To make you believe l was hiding someone.
l've had your people crawling through the bowels
of this ship for hours, looking for an intruder.
You're more talented in the art of deception
than you led me to believe.
l was inspired by the presence of a master.
Computer, access Culluh-0-1.
Disregard all voice commands from Starfleet personnel.
Security lockout.
Seska to Bridge. What's going on?
A couple of Talaxian ships have fired on us.
Nothing to worry about.
Good-bye, Doctor.
l'd rather not take any more chances.
Activate emergency medical holographic program.
Unable to respond.
All Starfleet voice access has been canceled.
Mr. Suder, if you are hearing this,
you have just unsuccessfully attempted
to access the emergency medical program.
l have programmed this message to play
in the event that l have been disabled.
This means, of course, that the fate of Voyager
now depends solely on you.
l can imagine how you must feel at this moment.
l want you to know you have my full confidence.
You have already shown great courage and dedication
to your crew.
l have left an additional message
for Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Tuvok
noting your heroism in case l am... irretrievable.
You know what you have to do and when to do it.
And l know that, with our fate in your hands,
we will prevail.
Good luck, Mr. Suder.
The Talaxians are retreating toward the nebula.
We'll teach them the price for attacking the Nistrim.
Lay in a pursuit course.
Commander Paxim to Paris.
Go ahead.
They're following us as planned.
We're bringing them to you.
Acknowledged. Ready and waiting.
l just hope you are, too, Doc.
This way.
Chaka hu!
Hahaki! Hahaki!
lt's okay.
Tal karok.
Here we go.
What's happening?!
Our phaser power couplings are under attack.
From where?
l don't see anyone.
l'm not picking up anything on the scanners.
Shields are buckling.
Take evasive action.
l have it on the scanners.
lt's a Federation shuttlecraft.
Lock phasers.
Destroy it.
Primary phaser power is down.
Switch to backup systems.
Phasers are locked on.
l don't understand.
l'm showing an overload.
Yes, Doc, yes.
Paris to Commander Paxim.
Stand by.
l'm going to start transporting your people to Voyager.
Standing by.
Oh. Seska!
Engineering to Maje Culluh.
We're being boarded.
Abandon ship.
l'm sealing off the Bridge manually.
l've got to get the computer back on line.
All Starfleet voice access has been disabled.
l'm reading a Kazon shuttle leaving the ship.
There are also escape pods being launched.
Forget them.
We have more important things to do.
She's breathing better, isn't she?
Sod katok.
Hanuk. Hanuk!
Hanuk! Hanuk!
Welcome back, Captain.
Well done, Lieutenant.
l had a lot of help--
the Talaxians, the Doc, Mr. Suder.
We thought he was killed during the initial attack.
No. He and the Doctor sabotaged the ship.
Suder disabled the phasers before they killed him.
You would have been proud of him, Mr. Tuvok.
l offer you a Vulcan prayer, Mr. Suder.
May your death bring you the peace
you never found in life.
Mr. Kim,
is this ship capable of sustained flight?
All propulsion and navigational systems
are functioning within normal parameters, Captain.
Good. Take us away from our new home
and set a course for the old one, Mr. Paris, warp 8.
Heading 41 mark 77.
Destination: Alpha Quadrant.

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