Let's mark the coordinates of that trinary star.
lt'll be a good reference point for this sector.
Didn't we already pass a trinary system like this?
Not that l remember. Why?
lt just seems familiar.
Perhaps you're experiencing
a paradoxical state-dependent associative phenomenon.
Déjá vu.
Yeah, l-l guess so.
Captain, there is a ship approaching,
bearing 215 mark 8.
On screen.
Their shields are down
and their weapon systems are unpowered.
They're hailing us.
My respects to you.
l'm Alben, Captain of the Nerada.
Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.
l thought l was familiar
with every type of ship in this sector,
but l've never seen anything like yours before.
We're not from around here.
ln that case, let me welcome you to Nasari territory.
That ship's going to fire.
Captain, we've got to defend ourselves.
l am detecting no threat.
Tactical control
has been routed to the Ops station.
Our weapon systems are charging.
Raising shields and firing phasers.
Direct hit.
They are returning fire.
Red Alert.
Hail them.
We've got to put a stop to this.
Captain, l had to act quickly.
You will explain yourself, Mr. Kim,
but right now, you're relieved.
Commander, you're at Ops.
They are not responding to hails.
There's pressure building up in Plasma Conduit G-6.
Ashmore, open up the emergency vents.
l'll try to reroute the plasma flow.
Shields are down to 70 percent.
Get us out of here.
Warp engines are down.
They are in pursuit.
Bridge to Engineering. What's the status
of the warp drive?
The plasma injectors are off-line, Cap...
We're working on them now.
A plasma conduit just blew in Engineering.
Propulsion systems are down.
They're reporting casualties.
Target their weapons array and fire.
They've suffered damage to their weapon systems
and shield emitters.
They are moving away.
l want to know exactly what you thought you were doing.
Their weapons were charging.
They were about to fire at us.
We could have been destroyed.
Sensor logs indicate
that their weapon systems were not powered.
Then they must have fooled our sensors somehow.
l detected a tetryon surge coming from their ship.
There are many possible sources of increased tetryon emissions.
lt may have been an irregularity in their warp field.
lt was their weapons.
That whole ''welcome to Nasari territory'' was a trick.
How could you know that?
l can't explain that.
l just knew.
l was only trying to protect the ship.
l trust your intentions, Ensign,
but your actions are going to need
a little more justification.
l want you to analyze the sensor logs
and see if there's any basis for Mr. Kim's hunch.
Aye, Captain.
ln the meantime, l'm suspending you from duty.
Go to Sick Bay.
Let the Doctor have a look at that cut.
Still no respiration.
Her blood pressure is 90/40 and dropping.
She has second-degree burns on her lungs.
l'll need to do a pulmonary regeneration.
Her neural tissues are starting to degenerating.
Oxygen deprivation-- we've got to get her breathing.
Try ten milligrams pulmozine.
No effect.
20 milligrams.
ls she going to be all right?
Another patient snatched from the jaws of death.
Let me take care of that.
B'Elanna almost got killed.
lt's my fault.
What do you mean?
l started that fight.
l thought l was doing the right thing.
For a moment, l was absolutely sure.
And now you're not?
lt's fading.
What l did and how l felt-- it doesn't make any sense.
And it could have been worse.
What if they'd been more powerful than we were?
l could have gotten everyone killed.
But none of that happened.
B'Elanna got hurt, and she'll recover.
Harry, you can't undo what's been done.
You're right.
Raising shields and firing phasers.
l can't explain it; l just knew.
l never wanted you to get hurt.
That's supposed to make me feel better?
l'm sorry.
Harry, l'm here.
Don't worry.
You'll feel better soon.
l can make some soup for you.
Would you like that?
l won't go anywhere as long as you need me.
We raised you to be a responsible boy.
l try to be.
l'm suspending you from duty.
Well, the good news is l won't have to quarantine you.
There's no sign of an infectious agent anywhere in your body.
And the bad news?
lf l don't find the cause of this rash,
it will be difficult to treat.
Last night, l had a dream about being sick
with the Mendakan pox when l was nine.
Do you think this could be a recurrence?
l've never considered dreams as a diagnostic tool before.
Your unconscious mind sensed these developing symptoms
and tried to provide an explanation?
Hmm. Such recurrences of this particular illness are rare,
but l will consider the possibility.
ln addition to your visible symptoms,
your blood chemistry has been slightly altered.
ls that serious?
No, but it's not consistent
with the symptoms of the Mendakan pox.
Doctor, you don't think there could be any, uh...
psychological effects from this disease, do you?
Such as?
l've been having this strange déjá vu feeling.
Then yesterday on the Bridge, l had this sudden instinct
and l acted on it by firing without orders.
l'd certainly call that atypical behavior.
Your scans haven't shown any neurological abnormalities,
but l will run a closer analysis.
Doctor, she's regaining consciousness.
Good morning, Lieutenant.
What am l doing here?
There was an accident in Engineering.
A plasma conduit exploded.
l've treated you for second and third degree burns
and several broken ribs.
l expect you'll make a full recovery.
After you've spent at least one more day in Sick Bay.
This time, Doctor, l'm not going to argue with you.
What happened to your face?
We're still trying to figure that out.
lt's kind of cute.
Makes you look like a speckled targ.
l'm really sorry you got hurt.
Hey, it's all part
of the adventure of space travel, right?
l know, but, um...
What? What is it?
Never mind.
l'm glad you're going to be all right.
l'm afraid l'm going to have to cut visiting hours short.
Ensign, you can go.
l'll contact you with the results of my analysis.
Take care of yourself.
See you later, Spot.
l accept full responsibility for my mistake.
l was completely out of line
even if l believed that other ship was charging weapons,
which they probably weren't.
they were charging weapons.
l was right.
Tuvok has confirmed that the tetryon surge
matched the energy signature
of that particulate beam they shot at us.
They would have taken us completely by surprise.
As soon as l saw their ship,
l felt this sudden...
suspicion and loathing.
l knew we were in trouble.
Which brings us back to the larger question.
How did l know?
l really wish l could tell you, Captain, but...
for the past few days, this area of space
has seemed more and more familiar to me.
lf l didn't know it was impossible,
l'd swear l've been here before.
We'll have to consider every possible explanation.
Oh, believe me, l have been--
space-time anomalies,
alien telepathy, alternate realities...
The list gets weirder as it goes on.
Then there's your sudden illness,
which may not be a coincidence.
Tuvok to Janeway.
There are three ships approaching
of the same configuration as the Nasari vessel.
On my way.
They'll intercept in 36 minutes.
Can we outrun them?
l doubt it.
Engineering's still working on repairs.
We could manage warp 3 at best.
Let me see a star chart of this region.
Head for this system.
l think we can make it.
ls this another hunch, Ensign?
We'll be safe there. l'm sure of it.
Tactical status.
The aft shield emitter is off-line.
Phasers are operational, but torpedo launchers are not.
l strongly advise against a confrontation.
Follow Harry's course.
Speed-- as fast as we can go.
The Nasari vessels will overtake us in two minutes.
We're coming up on that star system.
We'll pass it if we stay at warp.
Slow to impulse.
We're making our stand here.
They'll enter weapons range in a few seconds.
What does that mean?
Do you know this place?
lt was in my dream.
There is another ship approaching.
from the third planet.
ls it Nasari?
No, but they're on an intercept course
and their weapons are fully powered.
Prepare for evasive maneuvers.
Aye, Captain.
We'll be all right.
The unidentified vessel
has disabled all the Nasari ships.
They are retreating.
What's your next trick, Harry--
pull a shuttlecraft out of a hat?
Open a channel to that ship.
They're already hailing us.
Alien vessel.
This is the Taresian starship.
There you are.
Our sensors detected you aboard your ship.
l'm glad to see you're safe.
Do you know me?
ln a way.
l know you are one of my people.
You are Taresian.
Welcome home.
Captain's Log, Stardate 50732.4.
The Taresians have escorted us back to their homeworld
so we can continue to investigate their claim
that Ensign Kim is a member of their race.
We're so glad to have you here.
This is a day of celebration.
Another Taresian has returned.
You're home now, Harry.
Uh, wait a minute.
l still don't understand how this is possible.
We'd like to ask some questions before we start celebrating.
Of course.
Our Doctor has found some genetic fragments in my DNA
which could be part of an alien genetic structure.
Yes, those are your Taresian genes.
They're becoming active.
We'd be happy to provide your Doctor
with some DNA samples for comparison.
What l want to know is how l could have gotten them.
You were conceived here, on this world.
While you were still an embryo,
you were placed in stasis and taken to Earth
to be implanted in the womb of an Earth woman.
My mother.
What did you do to her?
She would have been
completely unaware of the procedure.
After the implantation process, the child begins to incorporate
some DNA from the surrogate parent.
You developed physically as a human,
so she would have thought you were her natural child.
But you're saying l'm not.
We understand how you feel.
Everyone here was born on other worlds.
We all found our way back home, like you,
and discovered we're not quite who we thought we were.
Harry, maybe you'd like to sit down.
Why don't you go get him something to drink?
All of your children are born to alien parents?
And when they return, each child brings an infusion
of new genetic material, as well as years
of firsthand experience about another culture.
But Harry wasn't trying to return here.
We came to the Delta Quadrant by accident.
His DNA was encoded with certain instincts,
including the desire to explore space.
Your ''accident'' may have brought him here faster,
but he always would have been driven to find his way back.
You are the first to return from such a great distance.
That's how Taresians say thank you, isn't it?
But how could l know so much about a place l've never been?
lt's been coded into your Taresian genes.
As you've gotten closer to home
and seen familiar sights, your dormant genetic memory
has been reawakened.
You'll remember more about us as you spend time here.
l know it all seems strange now, but you are one of us, Harry.
Can't you feel it?
l can.
Then stay with us a while and celebrate.
Come, have something to eat.
ls this the standard welcome home reception?
For males, it is.
They're very rare.
Our population is 90 percent female.
l want to thank you again
for your help in combating the Nasari.
Do you have any idea why they tried to attack us?
They probably detected a Taresian
aboard your ship, as we did.
For the Nasari, that's reason enough to destroy you.
Are your people at war?
We have no interest in fighting with them,
but they seem determined to destroy us.
Our defense capabilities prevent them from attacking directly,
but they do everything in their power
to stop our people from returning home.
l see.
That might explain
Mr. Kim's instinctively hostile reaction to them.
lt's a defense
mechanism we've programmed into all our children.
Are the Nasari likely to attack us again
when we leave your space?
l think eventually they'll tire of waiting for you to come out.
ln the meantime, l'd advise you to simply stay here for a while.
These are words.
Mm-hmm. Can you read them?
Our written language is very complicated.
l can teach it to you if you're interested.
Oh, that looks good.
What is it?
Spiced hatana.
l prepared it myself.
Harry, try some.
l'd like to find out if l have any relatives here.
Maybe talk to my biological parents.
l'm afraid none of us get the chance to meet our fathers.
They're the ones who take the embryos to other worlds.
Your father must have left here
a very long time ago to make it all the way
to the Alpha Quadrant.
Ensign, we're transporting back to the ship.
l'd like to stay for a while.
l still have a lot of questions.
Of course, Harry.
Contact us when you're ready.
We'll see you later.
lt's a positive match.
These genetic fragments within Ensign Kim's DNA
are clearly Taresian.
Why haven't they shown up in his medical scans before?
l went back and checked his scans carefully.
These fragments have apparently been disguising themselves
as the recessive elements which normally exist
within all DNA, but over the past few days,
they've become increasingly dominant
over his human genes.
And they provided him with new knowledge.
Yes, by forming neural connections in his brain.
All humanoid babies are born
with certain instinctive knowledge--
how to recognize the shape of a face,
how to hold their breath underwater.
lt all comes from their genes.
The Taresians must have found a way to manipulate
genetic material to implant
very specific knowledge into their children.
lt's scientifically plausible,
but quite a feat of genetic engineering.
So what the Taresians have been telling us
appears to be true.
Harry is one of their people.
And he's becoming more like them every day, both physically
and neurologically.
l wonder how that's going to influence him
when Voyager's ready to leave?
Of course, when that might happen
is another question entirely.
Are the Nasari still out there?
All three ships are holding position
just outside the Taresian system.
Even if we can't wait them out,
we may only be postponing another conflict.
l'd much rather find a way
to convince them we're not their enemies.
Apparently, the Nasari only consider Ensign Kim their enemy.
Perhaps they would be more receptive
to diplomacy if he were not aboard.
Contact Harry.
Let him know we'll be leaving orbit.
With any luck, we'll be back in a few hours
with this matter resolved.
l joined the merchant fleet so l could get into space
because l wanted to explore every corner of the galaxy.
Like me with Starfleet.
All my life that's all l ever wanted to do.
Now l guess l know why.
Strange to think that some alien DNA fragments
have been controlling my life.
Not controlling.
lnfluencing, yes.
You probably inherited some Taresian traits
like... a talent for math or music.
Yes. l always wondered why l loved music so much
when my parents-- my human parents--
were practically tone deaf.
Wait. Wait a minute. What is that?
Something to make you feel good.
lt's just a mild mood enhancer.
No side effects.
You'll like it.
l think l'll pass. Thanks.
This is Malia.
She's going to be my first wife.
You're already planning on a second?
And a third.
We'll all be joined with Taymon tonight.
What do humans call it when a man and women are joined?
lt's called marriage.
But it's usually one woman with one man.
How unusual.
l hope you come to our ceremony.
l wouldn't miss it.
Don't be afraid to indulge yourself, Harry.
Everybody here wants you to be happy.
You're important to us.
That's what my human parents used to say to me--
how special l was.
They'd been trying to have a baby for years
until l came along.
They called me their ''miracle child.''
They were right.
They spoiled me rotten, making sacrifices
so they could give me everything l wanted.
Sounds like you were pretty lucky.
They loved you.
But l never felt like l deserved that kind of devotion.
l didn't see what was so special about me.
l used to imagine that l had these hidden powers.
l'd grow up to be stronger than a Klingon
or able to read people's minds.
Anything to make me more than just an average kid.
Turns out your parents were right about you.
You have been special, all of your life.
Feels pretty good, doesn't it?
lt does.
Mmm... let me relax your muscles for you.
Uh, that would be great.
l think you're going to learn to like it here, Harry.
l already like it.
Enough to stay?
l don't know about that.
l'm happy where l am, on Voyager.
You could be happy here, too.
lt's nothing you have to decide right now.
Just enjoy yourself
while you're here.
This uniform seems so restrictive.
Why don't you let me
find you something more comfortable?
l mean...
l agree with you completely, Captain.
There's no reason for further hostility between us.
l'm glad to hear it
and l hope you'll still feel that way
when Ensign Kim is back on board.
l doubt we'll face that problem.
Your crew member won't be returning to you.
What do you mean?
No one who ''comes home'' to Taresia ever leaves again.
There are rumors about those people.
l'm not interested in hearsay.
Are there any facts you can give me?
l fire on any Taresian l see.
lf you take your crew member back on board,
l will attack your ship!
My best advice to you
is to forget him, and be on your way.
Do you think there's any truth
to those rumors he mentioned?
l don't know, but l'll feel better
when we've got Harry back.
Set a course back to the planet.
Captain, sensors indicate a high-density polaron grid
surrounding the planet.
A polaron grid? lt wasn't here before.
A network of satellites was activated to generate it.
Can we get through the grid?
Unlikely. The polaric density is too high.
Hail them.
Our communications are being blocked.
l guess we're not welcome anymore.
Don't worry.
You'll remember everything you need to know
about the ceremony once it begins.
Amal ulat.
Let us be joined.
The joining is complete.
Why do they tie him like that?
lt's tradition.
lt symbolizes binding their lives together,
no longer looking for anyone else.
Do you find it exciting?
l guess l hadn't really thought of it that way.
You are going to stay for the celebration, aren't you?
Actually, l should check in with Voyager.
They're probably back by now.
Kim to Voyager.
This is Ensign Kim calling Voyager.
Do you read?
Harry... l'm glad you could be here for this.
lt's been interesting.
l was wondering if there's been any word from Voyager.
Not that l know of.
They probably haven't returned yet.
lt's been a long time.
l hope they didn't run into trouble with the Nasari.
Oh, try not to worry.
Your Captain may need some time
to convince those people to see reason.
Hmm, maybe so.
Come... join the celebration while you wait.
And of course you're welcome to stay the night.
We've been able to poke some holes
in the tachyon grid,
but they're too small to squeeze Voyager through.
Could a shuttle make it?
l doubt it, and even if one could, there's another problem--
a Taresian ship is patrolling the other side of the grid.
And we saw what they can do.
Ah, Captain, when you raised some concerns
regarding the Taresians,
l began questioning their story about Ensign Kim's birth.
l thought you'd confirmed that he has Taresian DNA.
l did... and he does... at least, he does now.
But when l checked his previous microcellular scans,
l found no traces of the Taresian genetic fragments.
l can only conclude that he wasn't born with them.
Their whole story about embryo implantation was a lie.
He's human.
Yes, although maybe not for long.
The alien DNA is continuing to alter his genetic structure.
Within a few days, he'll be indistinguishable
from a native Taresian.
Do you have any idea how this new DNA
could have gotten into his cells?
The most likely transfer mechanism
would be a retrovirus--
he was probably exposed during an away mission.
Wouldn't the biofilters pick up the virus and eliminate it?
They may very well have.
But once the virus transferred the DNA into his cells,
''killing the messenger'' wouldn't have helped.
ls there any way to determine exactly when he was infected?
lndeed there is.
The transporter buffer
performs its own version of a microcellular scan
every time someone uses it.
l reviewed the logs and found the first appearance
of the alien genes in his molecular pattern
on stardate 50698.
Our away mission to that planet where we found the vorillium.
Harry was with us and he was separated
from the group for a while.
He might have been infected by something he ate or drank,
even something he touched.
So Harry gets infused with alien DNA,
which gives him the instinctive urge to come here.
Then the Taresians tell him this elaborate story
to make him believe he was one of them. Why?
Don't forget that welcoming committee on the planet.
lt sounds as if they're giving him every incentive
to want to stay on Taresia.
And by keeping us away,
they're making the decision for him.
Here you are.
l hope you'll be comfortable here.
ls there anything else that l can get for you?
No. l'll be fine.
Good night.
Get into bed.
You're going to tuck me in?
''Tuck you in''?
lt's a human custom.
Parents tuck their children into bed, tell them a story,
or sing a lullaby to them to help them get to sleep.
That's sweet.
Lie back and relax.
Lekaria san.
Do you understand?
Pleasant dreams.
Now close your eyes.
Mmm. That's smells good.
lt's the essence of rikka flowers.
lt's very soothing.
Lekaria san.
Good night, Harry.
You're Taresian.
Welcome home.
l think you'll like it here, Harry.
We've been lucky to have you, Harry.
You really have been special all your life.
You know where your real home is, Harry.
l think you'll like it here, Harry.
Stay with me.
lt's all right. lt's all right.
You were dreaming.
What are you doing here?
We just want to help you relax and enjoy yourself.
Look, l appreciate the offer, but l'd really rather be alone.
l don't believe that.
l think you've been spending
too many nights alone, Harry.
You've got to stop holding yourself back.
l know you have the same natural desires
as any Taresian.
Now, you're free to act on them.
You can't fight genetics.
l can try.
l want you to choose me, Harry.
Choose both of us,
then you'll only have to find one more wife.
l'm not joining with you or with anybody.
But that's the reason why you were drawn back home, Harry--
to have children.
Listen to your instincts.
Like l told you before, l'm going back to Voyager.
You could never be as valuable to them as you are to us.
We need you.
You have a responsibility to your people
to pass on your genes to the next generation.
lf there's anything your Taresian genes have given you,
it's a sense of duty and loyalty.
My loyalty is to my crew and my family back home.
You don't belong with them anymore.
This is who you are-- one of us.
Your place is here.
We'll make you glad you stayed.
Think of Taymon, how happy he's been.
Let yourself be happy.
lt's the right choice, Harry.
This is the life you were always meant to have.
Maybe this life wouldn't be so terrible.
lt will be wonderful.
You'll have everything you ever wanted
and a place of honor among your people.
You'll never be alone again, Harry.
We'll make sure of that.
Three wives?
l've got to think about my choice.
l know you're attracted to me.
There's been a connection between us
since the moment you got here.
You're right.
l felt it, too.
l'm definitely considering you as one of my wives.
What are you doing?
Well, it's like you said before, this could be exciting.
Remember, you both...
want to make me happy, don't you?
This is some kind of trick.
Sorry about that.
lt's Harry.
l really need your help.
Are you in there?
So is this what l should expect on my honeymoon?
lt would have been much easier for you
if you hadn't seen this.
You mean easier for you to lead me to the slaughter.
What did you do to Taymon?
We must denucleate a large number of cells
to collect enough genetic material for conception.
That's why there are no men here.
They don't leave with their embryos in stasis...
they're killed.
Any father should be willing to sacrifice himself
for the sake of his children,
for the continuation of his race.
Was anything you told me true?
About Taresians being born on other worlds...
about my being one of you?!
lt's true male children are very rare here
and that we seek out new DNA to sustain our race.
We need males of other species-- like you--
who can be transformed into compatible mates.
That's what these genes are doing to me?
You'll be celebrated for your contribution.
Don't count on it.
You're going to take me to a communications terminal
where l can contact my ship.
Stay out of my way.
This won't work.
You're too important to us.
Whatever happens to me, they won't allow you to leave.
lf we hit the grid here, we'll have a few seconds
before the patrol ship can move in to intercept us.
That doesn't give you much time to get a lock on Harry.
Then l'll have to be quick.
Are the shields ready?
The new configuration is stable.
Set a course for the target coordinates
and engage at full impulse.
Aye, Captain.
We're disrupting the grid, but we need more speed
to overcome the inertial resistance.
lncreasing power.
We're clear.
l'm not picking up Harry's com signal.
lnitiating level-1 bio-scans of the surface.
Captain, the Taresian ship is on an intercept course.
Battle stations.
This could have been a joyous occasion.
Amal ulat.
l won't let you do this to me!
Harry, there's nowhere to go.
We've got him.
Setting a new course.
The Taresians are in pursuit.
Return fire.
Aye, sir.
Captain, we've got another problem.
Three Nasari ships coming straight at us.
Time till intercept?
Less than one minute.
Welcome back.
We could use your strategic intuition about now.
l'm counting on the Taresians
not to back off from those Nasari ships.
They won't.
Let's hope they're more interested
in fighting with each other than with us.
Five seconds to intercept.
We are no longer being pursued.
Let's not give them a chance to change their mind.
But Odysseus had been warned that these women,
the sirens, sang a song so beautiful
that any man who heard it would be lured to his death.
So how did he get the ship past them?
He told his crew to cover their ears
so they couldn't hear the sirens' song.
But he also had them tie him to the mast of the ship
so he could listen himself
without being led astray as they sailed past.
Anyone would have been drawn in by these... Taresians.
l have never seen so many beautiful women in my life.
lt wasn't just the women.
There was also something exciting
about having a new identity...
being more than just ''young Ensign Kim.''
Well, l, for one, am glad to have a young Ensign Kim
back with us.
Although l still say
you should have kept some of those spots.
l thought they were very distinguished.
l don't see what's so bad about being you.
You're good at your job, everybody likes you.
Being likable is fine,
but sometimes l wish l could be more bold,
confident with women-- more like you.
Like me?
You might want to reconsider that, Harry.
There could be prison time involved.
Actually, since l've been on Voyager,
l've tried to be more like you.
That'll be the day.
l'm serious.
You're my role model.
You're reliable, hard-working,
extremely punctual.
Did l mention polite?
Thanks a lot.

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