Activate the bio-temporal chamber.
ls she going to be all right?
Not if you don't all clear out of here
and let me do my work.
She's my mother. l'm staying.
This is a very delicate procedure
and l could use some peace and quiet.
The Doctor's right.
Let's let him do his work.
All right.
l wish l'd told you this before but better late than never.
You're the finest friend l've ever had.
Prepare to bring the bio-temporal chamber on line.
We'll begin in approximately five minutes.
Grandma, are you awake?
l brought you a present.
Grandma Kes?
l finally finished making your birthday present.
Sorry it's late, but l wanted to get it right.
l... l don't know you.
What do you mean?
l'm Andrew...
your grandson.
l don't know you.
Doctor. Dr. van Gogh.
What is it?
She doesn't recognize me.
How are you feeling?
Where am l?
What is this place?
You're in Sick Bay.
Do you know who l am?
l've seen you before.
Do you know my name?
The boy, he called you Dr. van Gogh.
That's right.
You said l was your finest friend.
Well... l'm not sure l've ever said that exactly,
but... that doesn't mean it's not true.
How could l be your friend?
l don't know you.
Tell me what you do remember.
Uh, people around me, crowded around me.
You... a boy... a young girl.
l was in a chamber...
a bio-temporal chamber.
l was inside it
and you told someone to activate it.
l'm afraid you're confused.
l discussed the bio-temporal chamber with you,
but we're not ready to put you inside it just yet.
Can you recall anything else besides those people you saw?
Anything else about your life?
Go find the rest of your family.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What's the big hurry?
l'm sorry, Captain.
l have to go.
What was that all about?
l'm afraid Kes is getting worse, Captain.
Her amnesia is near total.
Fewer than one percent of her engrams
remained intact.
lt's as if her memory were wiped clean.
ls it some sort of senility?
Maybe. l've never treated a nine-year-old Ocampan before.
For all l know,
it's a perfectly normal part of their aging process.
lt's hard to believe
that she performed microsurgery on my elbow
just a few weeks ago.
A few weeks ago, she was a healthy woman,
but this morilogium comes on abruptly
and then progresses
with a rapidity l've never seen before.
How are you coming along with the bio-temporal chamber?
As l told you, it's a completely revolutionary procedure.
l have no idea if it'll work.
Under normal circumstances,
l'd want to perform extensive tests on the apparatus,
but we're losing her too fast.
lf l don't try it now, it may be too late.
lf you really believe it will prolong her life...
lf we're lucky, it may buy her another year.
l think you have the family's consent.
You should go ahead and do it.
l'm so cold.
l'm cold.
No wonder.
Your temperature has dropped to 14.8--
almost two degrees below normal.
What does that mean?
l'm not sure.
Her cells are in a state of bio-temporal flux.
l don't understand how that could be happening
before l put her in the chamber.
l'm cold.
Look, Mom, l'm almost finished with Grandma's present.
lt's wonderful, sweetheart.
l'm sure Grandma will think it was well worth the wait.
l hope so.
l still feel bad
about not having it ready in time for her party.
How was your nap?
Grandma, don't look.
You'll ruin the surprise.
Why don't you sit down?
l'll get you some tea.
Where am l?
ln your quarters.
What quarters?
Aboard Voyager.
What's wrong?
l don't know who you are.
But you...
l know who you are.
Tell me what's happening.
How did l get here?
Andrew, get your grandfather and father.
Tell them to meet us in Sick Bay.
Yes... Sick Bay.
l remember that place.
l was just there.
Uh, when?
Just a few minutes ago.
Dr. van Gogh asked me some questions.
l couldn't remember anything.
You haven't been to Sick Bay for over a week--
since you stopped working there.
What kind of work?
Don't you remember?
You were one of the ship's doctors.
l worked there with you.
Who are you?
l'm your daughter... Linnis.
But l don't remember you.
Do you remember anything at all?
Just people crowded around me...
The Doctor told everyone to leave
and then he told someone else
to activate the bio-temporal chamber.
He's been working on that.
He may have mentioned it to you.
And then l woke up
and there was a boy... Andrew...
standing over me with a present...
calling me Grandma.
But Andrew hasn't finished your present yet.
You just saw him still working on it
in your quarters.
But he was there.
The Doctor sent him to get my family
and l was cold and l woke up in that bed
in the quarters and...
Maybe you were dreaming.
l... l don't think so.
Well, none of the things that you remember
before waking from your nap have happened.
How do you know?
Listen to me, Mother.
You're confused right now
and l'm sure that's very frightening.
But you need to trust me.
l'm your daughter and l love you.
Now, please, come with me.
l've been expecting this.
The onset of morilogium.
She's lost more than 98 percent of her memory engrams.
The final phase of the Ocampan life-span, Mother.
Are you saying that l'm dying?
Not if l can help it.
What do you mean?
Kes, it's me, Tom.
Your husband.
We're losing her.
How long?
lf we do nothing, a matter of weeks.
But l'm working on something to extend her life-span.
lt involves treating her with a bio-temporal field
in order to push her cells back
to an earlier stage of entropic decay.
lt's highly experimental,
but if it works, it might buy her some time.
No. My mother's always accepted
that she would only live nine years.
lf she's reaching the natural end of her life,
she wouldn't want extraordinary measures taken to extend it.
Especially not in the state she's in now.
lf the Doctor has a way to keep your mother with us,
even for one more day, we have to let him try.
We're not talking about a tested medical procedure here.
We're talking about a radical experiment.
Sweetheart, l understand how upsetting this is.
But if it were you on that bio-bed,
l'd feel just like Tom does.
Everyone, listen to me, please.
Yes, listen to her.
Mother, tell us what you want.
l want to know what's going on here.
Maybe the morilogium is causing my amnesia,
but that doesn't explain
how l seem to suddenly jump from Sick Bay to my quarters,
or how l remember being in a bio-temporal chamber.
Kes, it's possible the morilogium
is causing you to experience delusions.
No, they're not delusions!
l want you to lie down.
Leave her alone.
Your grandmother's very sick, son.
Maybe, but she's not delusional.
She's the smartest person l know.
We should listen to her.
Oh, l'm cold.
Her body temperature has dropped 2.7 degrees.
...For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny.
Happy ninth, Kes.
Well, go ahead.
Make a wish.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Blow out the candles.
lt's good to see that old lung is still working, Kessy.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Why, you know, l haven't made one of these
since... well, since l became Security Officer.
Perhaps you would care to relinquish your commission
and return to the scene of your former triumphs.
You keep working
on that sense of humor, Commander Vulcan.
You'll get it one of these days.
Jimbalian fudge-- your favorite.
Some of us ought to be watching our calories,
but after all, it is a special occasion.
l'm sorry l don't have a present for you, Grandma.
l've got an idea for something special
l'm going to make, but l've been
too busy with schoolwork.
l haven't had a chance to start it.
l think it'll be worth the wait.
Come and talk to Grandma for a minute, will you?
l'm going to ask you a few questions
and l want you to think very carefully
before you answer them, all right?
l always think before l speak.
You taught me that.
Where were you before you came to this party?
At my physics lesson in Engineering.
And then you came directly here?
No. l stopped at your quarters to get you.
Don't you remember?
Andrew, stop monopolizing your grandmother's time.
There are other people who'd would like to wish her
a happy birthday, you know.
She's all yours, Doctor.
Excuse me. That cake looks great.
lt's amazing to think
that you weren't even a year old when we first met.
Not much older than Andrew.
Doctor, there's something wrong with me.
What is it?
Promise to hear me out and not assume l'm delusional.
Why do you think l'd ever make such an assumption?
Of course.
l've lost all but a few of my memories
and the memories l do have
don't coincide with anyone else's.
Can you be more specific?
Well, l was in Sick Bay
and you and a woman, my daughter,
were arguing about prolonging my life
and then l suddenly appeared in my quarters
and then l simply appeared here.
As far as l know, none of that happened.
ls it possible you were dreaming?
No. l was awake. l'm sure of it.
But nobody else remembers the things l do.
l hate to say this, but... it's possible
that these strange experiences you're having
are related to the onset of the morilogium.
You talked about that.
You wanted to put me
in a bio-temporal chamber to stop my aging process.
How could you possibly know about that?
Because you told me.
l only came up with the idea
for the bio-temporal chamber this morning.
l was going to tell you about it today,
here, at the party as a sort of birthday surprise.
lf that were true,
then how could l already know about it?
l don't know, but we'd better get you
to Sick Bay and find out.
She appears to have lost more than 95 percent
of her memory engrams.
ls that symptomatic of the morilogium?
l don't know.
l have no basis for comparison.
No other Ocampans on board.
Don't worry.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
l do have memories.
They just don't coincide with anyone else's.
First, Andrew gave me a belated birthday present.
Then, he said he was working on the present.
And now he just apologized for not starting it yet.
lt's almost as if you're experiencing
events in reverse.
Maybe there's some kind of time paradox at work.
There is another possibility.
Given that Kes has knowledge
of a treatment l have not yet devised, it's possible
she's developed some sort of precognition.
Are you saying l can see into the future?
Well, you've demonstrated some
pretty extraordinary mental powers
over the years-- telepathy, telekinesis.
And precognition wouldn't be unprecedented.
Some species, including the Yattho of the Beta Quadrant,
have been known to predict future events
with uncanny accuracy.
See if you can confirm this theory about precognition.
ln the meantime, Tom and l
will begin scanning for temporal anomalies.
We'll do everything we can to help you.
l'd like to do something to help myself.
What did you have in mind?
Well, l seem to have lived quite a full life on this ship.
Maybe if l had a look at my medical files
or checked other records of my activities,
l might be able to fill in some of the blanks.
Well, you may have lost your memories,
but you certainly haven't lost your determination.
Oh, hello.
How's it coming?
l've had a busy life.
lt's hard to know where to start.
How about you?
Well, we've tried every kind of temporal scan
Harry could think of,
but we still haven't been able to find anything
to explain what's been happening to you.
Your initial physical exam.
l remember when you came on board.
l had a crush on you right from the beginning.
l tried to hide it, but Neelix sensed it
and, boy, was he ever jealous.
You don't remember?
You and he were involved for quite a while.
Oh, one of your prenatal exams.
When we listened to Linnis's heartbeat.
That was quite a day.
What about this?
lt says l got some kind of radiation poisoning
on stardate 50973.
That was the beginning of the Year of Hell.
''Year of Hell''?
Well, that's what some of us call it now.
We were under virtually constant attack
by a race called the Krenim.
The ship almost didn't make it.
The Doctor was off-line for months,
and we lost a lot of good people--
Captain Janeway, Joe Carey... B'Elanna.
l keep forgetting that you don't remember any of them.
B'Elanna was... someone who was very special to me.
When she died, l felt like l wanted to die, too.
But you...
you helped me through it.
l'm sorry.
No. lt's my fault.
You haven't done anything wrong.
lt's just...
You don't remember any of our life together?
Well, that's all right.
l've got enough feelings for both of us.
Maybe the feelings l had for you will come back.
You were asking about the radiation poisoning.
A lot of us were exposed.
During the first Krenim attack,
one of the chroniton torpedo fragments
leaked radiation into the ship.
Chroniton torpedoes?
They were able to penetrate our shields
because their torpedoes
were in a constant state of temporal flux.
Wait a minute.
l think we may be onto something.
We'd better go talk to the Doctor.
Come on.
lf l was infected with these chroniton particles,
there might be a connection to what's happening to me now.
Maybe we should try scanning for residual...
Say cheese.
l think he's got your nose, Mother.
So how does it feel to be a grandfather?
A lot better than it does to have you for a son-in-law.
What's the date?
The date?
Yes. The stardate.
lt's 56947. Why?
Over six months.
Mother, what's going on?
Tom, we have to talk to the Doctor.
Come on.
As far as l can tell, l've jumped backwards
a total of five times so far.
ls there any discernible pattern to these jumps?
No. They're apparently random.
Uh, one time it seemed to span for a few weeks
and the last was half a year.
Each time l arrive, l seem to exist in temporal sync
with the rest of you for a while,
but before l can make anyone understand what's happening,
l find myself at an earlier time in my life
and just before it happens, l seem to experience
a sudden drop in body temperature.
Now, this could explain a thing or two.
What is it?
l'm detecting high-level chroniton radiation
in your cells.
So l was right.
There is a connection.
But Kes was inoculated along with the rest of the crew
over three years ago.
Yes, however, everyone was left
with trace amounts of the radiation in their bodies.
For some reason, those residual chronitons
have reactivated in Kes.
The bio-temporal chamber.
My thinking exactly.
Would you two mind explaining?
lt's really quite obvious, Lieutenant.
Your wife is traveling backward through time.
lt's as though l came into existence
at the moment of my own death without any memories.
l've been living my life backwards ever since--
jumping progressively to earlier moments in my life,
accumulating memories and experiences as l go.
Your past has become my future.
Doctor, any theory about what's causing this?
ln approximately six months, l will apparently expose Kes
to some type of bio-temporal field
in a highly experimental, but nonetheless brilliant attempt
to stop her aging process.
And it's this attempt
which leads to Kes's current predicament?
What l will, apparently, fail to realize
is that the bio-temporal field is going to reactivate
the dormant chroniton particles in her cells,
bringing Kes out of temporal sync with the rest of us.
ls there any way to stop Kes from continuing these jumps?
Yes. Purge her completely of the chroniton poisoning.
To do that, we'd need to know the precise temporal variance
of the specific torpedo which contaminated the ship.
Tactical sensors were not functioning at the time.
There is no data regarding the torpedo in question.
Let me get one thing straight, Doc.
ls it possible, if this keeps happening to Kes,
that she might actually jump back into a time
before she knew any of us?
Worse than that, Mr. Paris.
lt's possible she may eventually jump back
to a time... before she even existed.
Captain's Log, Stardate 55836.2.
Kes has remained in temporal sync with us
for two days now,
but since we don't know when she may jump again,
we can't afford to rest
until we've found some way to help her.
l'm going to try running a hypothalamic scan.
Maybe we can establish a pattern
to the drops in your body temperature.
You're very good at this, aren't you?
l had a very good teacher.
Doctor van Gogh?
l'm sorry. All this must be taking you
away from your baby just now.
You must be wanting to spend every second with him.
Actually, l feel a little awkward around him sometimes.
Harry's always singing to him and playing with him, but...
Well, l seem to be much more comfortable
with a molecular scanner than l am with a diaper.
Oh, Linnis, l don't think that...
Kes, l may have found a way to prevent your next jump.
l've erected a containment field that may keep you here.
lt's going to require your confinement in Sick Bay.
l'll keep working here.
Linnis... you must be a good mother.
l happen to know that Andrew grows up
to be a wonderful child.
Hello, Tom.
l thought... maybe you could use some company.
l feel like l'm in a cage.
Dr. van Gogh says...
Dr. ''van Gogh''?
l thought you settled on ''Mozart.''
Evidently, my interest
in the great figures of art and culture
will be an ongoing process.
''Vincent''... uh...
how about letting me inside this thing?
l'm afraid that wouldn't be advisable.
Okay, then...
How about another installment of Tom and Kes: The Early Years?
l'd enjoy that.
Um... well, there was, uh, our wedding reception.
Harry was my best man.
He... he got so nervous
when he stood up to give the toast
that he spilled champagne all over my dress uniform.
What is it?
At the time, l thought that was the happiest day of my life...
but every day just got better and better.
lt means so much to have you here now.
l think l may have found something.
What is it?
Well, l was studying the effects
of the chronitons on other crew members and l...
What's that?
Kes' temperature has dropped 1.9 degrees.
Linnis, monitor the containment field.
l'm going to try to elevate her temperature.
Her temperature's still dropping.
We're losing containment.
lncrease the field amplitude.
it's not working.
We're losing her.
Set field polarization to maximum.
Do something!
The sac is opening...
What's happening?
What do you mean ''what's happening?''
You're having a baby.
Now, hold still.
Where am l?
Exactly where l told you not to be--
on a shuttlecraft.
l have to see the Doctor.
Well, that'd be nice if he were still around.
l told you, you were in no condition
to come on a supply mission, but did you listen to me?
l can see the toes...
lt's coming...
Oh, it's a girl.
She's beautiful.
Yes, she is.
Yes, just like her mother.
l love you, Kes.
We need to talk.
Just a minute.
What is it?
Voyager's under attack.
But it looks like the celebration'll have to wait.
l'll get Kes and the baby to the Mess Hall.
Captain Chakotay wants you to go to the weapons array
and modulate the targeting scanners
to a parametric frequency.
He's going to try to knock out
the chroniton torpedo launchers before they're fired.
Chroniton torpedoes-- the ''Year of Hell.''
You told me that the crew referred to this time
as the ''Year of Hell.''
When did l tell you that?
lt's a long story.
You'll have to tell me later.
l've got to get to the weapons array.
Neelix, get her to lie down, will you?
Neelix, listen very carefully.
There's something important l have to tell you.
Neelix told us what's been happening to you, Kes.
How are you holding up?
We're both fine.
lt's quite a story.
Just before the last jump, we were close to a solution.
The Doctor was working on...
The Doctor?
Well, it's good to know
we'll eventually get him back on line.
''Eventually'' may be too late.
We've got to help Kes now.
We discovered that what's been happening to me
is related to the chroniton poisoning
l suffered during a Krenim attack.
We have to determine the exact temporal variance
of the torpedo, so that we...
The main computer's been off-line for weeks.
Even if the sensor logs contain that information,
we can't access them.
You have to put me in the bio- temporal containment field.
l know it didn't work last time, but with a few modifications...
We've only got life-support on three out of 14 decks.
And we've had to divert all remaining power
to knock out the Krenim's torpedo launchers.
We don't even have a Sick Bay anymore,
much less the resources
to create a bio-containment field.
l'm sorry.
We've got to do something to help her.
l'm open to suggestions.
l'm cold.
l'll get you a blanket.
No. You don't understand.
l'm abou...
l'm about...
Hey, Kes.
Some party, huh?
l have to talk to you.
l'm sorry l'm late.
You must be B'Elanna.
Well, the last time l checked.
ls something wrong?
there is something wrong.
Red Alert.
All hands to battle stations.
Tuvok, fire phasers.
Who the hell are they?
They're called the Krenim.
How do you know that?
Captain Janeway?
What is it, Kes?
What do you know about them?
Shields down to 39 percent, Captain.
l don't understand how these torpedoes
are ripping right through our shields.
Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Paris.
B'Elanna, can we reroute power to the forward shields?
l'm already trying.
Captain, these torpedoes are chroniton-based.
They're passing through our shields
because they're in a state of temporal flux.
They're dead.
Hull breach on Deck 7.
We're losing life-support.
Evacuate the deck.
Tom, l need you at the conn.
Aye, sir.
Commander, they're arming
their torpedo launchers again.
We cannot sustain another direct hit.
Kes, you seem to know something about these weapons.
Do you have any idea how we can stop them?
l'm not sure, but l think it has something to do
with remodulating the targeting scanners.
That could work.
lf we remodulate the scanners to a parametric frequency,
we might be able to destroy the torpedo launchers
before they fire.
Mr. Tuvok, you heard the man.
Tom, bring us about.
Ready, Commander.
Do you have a casualty report?
lncluding Captain Janeway and B'Elanna, we lost 1 1 people.
What about the ship?
Starboard shield generators and warp drive are off-line,
and power is down on Decks 4 through 12.
Make Deck 5 your priority.
We've got to get Sick Bay up and running again.
Aye, sir.
Kes, as far as what you say is happening to you...
l understand that my condition can't be a priority now.
Tom, l'm going to need you to stay here
and help treat these people.
When this is over,
we're all going to have a lot of grieving to do.
How are you doing?
l know it doesn't seem possible now,
but you're going to be all right.
l wish l could believe you.
You can.
Kes, we've got radiation leakage
coming from one of the Krenim torpedo fragments.
People are starting to complain of nausea.
Chroniton radiation.
This is it.
l'm infected.
Where's the radiation coming from?
lt's lodged in a Jefferies tube on Deck 1 1, Section 2.
l've got to get down there.
You can't, the entire deck is sealed off.
l have to find the exact temporal variance
of that torpedo.
You can't go near that thing.
You'll be burned to a crisp.
l know what l'm doing.
You stay here and help Tom, all right?
Yes, but...
Kes, how are you coming
with those analgesic compounds?
Doctor, you've lost your hair.
l beg your pardon?
lt's a long story.
The important thing is,
the temporal variance of the chroniton torpedo
was 1.47 microseconds.
As far as l can determine,
l've now jumped a total of six years into my past.
Do you have any theory as to the cause of these jumps?
According to Kes, she and the rest of the crew
will be infected by chroniton radiation
approximately 1 1 months from now.
Everyone will be inoculated
and the effects will appear to vanish.
However, some five years later, when l attempt an experimental--
and l might add, ingenious procedure
to extend her life-span-- the bio-temporal field
l expose her to will trigger dormant chroniton particles,
taking Kes out of temporal sync
and causing her to begin her backward journey through time.
ln all my years in Starfleet,
l've never come across a phenomenon quite like this.
Kes has been able to provide us
with the precise temporal variance of the torpedo
which infected her.
Since Kes is moving backward in time, she's
already been infected by the radiation poisoning.
lf we can set up a bio-temporal chamber
and expose her to a precisely modulated field
of antichroniton particles,
of antichroniton particles,
we feel this may purge her system and bring her back
into temporal sync with the rest of us.
Well, we better get moving.
For all we know, Kes's next jump will take her
back to a time when we're not here to help her.
Captain, there's something else l have to tell you.
ln about six months, you're going to enter
a region of space controlled by a race called the Krenim.
You must avoid them at all costs.
Tell me more.
l'm ready to bring the chamber on line.
Synaptic relays are operational.
How are her vital signs?
Pulse normal, body temperature 14 degrees.
Chroniton level at 79 roentgens.
Go ahead and activate the chamber, Lieutenant.
lncrease the bio-temporal field stress.
Bringing field stress to 25 kilodynes.
All right, let's try the antichronitons.
Whenever you're ready, Doc.
lnitiating antichroniton burst.
Ten MEVs, five second pulse.
Pulse steady.
Body temperature at 14.2 degrees and rising.
What about her chroniton count?
Chroniton count... is 7 1 roentgens
and dropping.
lt's working.
Lieutenant Torres, increase the field
strength to 30 kilodynes.
lnitiating another burst.
15 MEVs, five second pulse.
Body temperature, 14.9 degrees.
Chroniton count, 68 roentgens...
You need a cook.
You haven't lived until you've tasted my angla'bosque.
lt will be my job to anticipate your needs
before you know you have them.
Not again.
And l anticipate your first need will be me.
l'm sorry.
l know this is going to sound strange to you both,
but l don't belong here.
But we discussed this.
You don't understand.
l'm traveling backwards in time, getting younger.
We have to lower my chroniton levels.
You've got to get me
into the bio-temporal chamber right away.
l-l'm sorry, Captain.
l-l didn't quite anticipate this.
Listen to me, please.
Sweeting, try to calm down.
l assure you, Captain,
she's never behaved this way before.
Hold on a minute, Mr. Neelix.
Kes, why don't you start over slowly?
lt begins about eight years in the future
when l'm about to die...
Time for dinner.
What's wrong, Kes?
Who are you?
What is this place?
We don't have time to play
our guessing game right now, Kes.
You know how your mother gets when we're late to the table.
You're my father.
That's right, and you're my favorite daughter,
but don't tell anyone.
Listen to me.
Something terrible's been happening to me.
What's wrong?
There might not be much time,
so l've got to explain this quickly.
Please try to believe me.
l've been living aboard a starship called Voyager.
A starship... l see.
So now it's not only the surface you're dreaming about exploring.
Listen to me.
l did go to the surface,
or, rather, l will go there,
and the people aboard the ship,
they're going to rescue me from the Kazon
and take me with them.
Why don't you finish telling me
about your adventures after dinner?
No! There's no time.
You've got to believe me.
One moment, l was this old woman,
and then, and then...
Kes, we're late.
Father, please.
l can see the toes!
lt's coming, Martis.
lt's a girl!
Oh, Kes!
lt's a girl!
Oh, she's so...
she's so beautiful.
l think one day, she'll see the sun.
51 roentgens.
Another antichroniton burst-- 20 MEVs.
Levels are continuing to drop.
Pulse normal.
Body temperature steady at 16.3 degrees.
Chroniton levels are at zero roentgens.
Welcome back, Kes.
What's the date?
How old am l?
The same age you were
when we put you into the bio-temporal chamber--
a healthy three years and two months.
And due to an extraordinary display of medical heroics,
you're back in temporal sync with the rest of us.
So, l'm going to become a security officer.
How about that?
Fortunately, Mr. Neelix, what Kes has been describing
is merely one possible future.
On each occasion that she jumped
to a previous time, her subsequent actions
most likely altered the future from that moment on.
Good point, Tuvok.
Maybe l'll turn out to be Chief Security Officer.
So, Kes...
have you regained all your memories of the past?
l remember last month's supply of replicator rations
that you borrowed that you owe me...
if that's what you're asking.
Don't worry. l haven't forgotten.
l realize it's only hypothetical,
but still, l'd be curious to know
what sorts of medical breakthroughs
l'm going to make in this possible future.
lt's not as if l've seen everything
that's going to happen over the next six years.
l only remember short periods l experienced between jumps.
Even so, l bet you found out some pretty interesting things.
Yeah, Kes. Tell us what you know.
Careful, Tom.
You may find out that you leave Voyager
only to join a monastery.
Hey, give him a little credit.
l'll bet he gets married and has a family.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Are you telling?
as Tuvok said,
l've only seen pieces of one possible future.
You know what?
Don't tell me. l don't want to know.
l like a little mystery in my life.
Tom's right.
l think we should all leave the future to the future.
While l agree it would not be wise for Kes
to make all of her experiences public,
a report on anything she knows
about these Krenim might be useful.
l'll get started right away.
Hang on a minute.
l didn't mean now.
Stay and enjoy your party.
lf there's one thing that this experience
has taught me, Captain,
it's that there's no time like the present.

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