Direct hit.
The target buoy is solid monotanium ten meters thick,
shielded by a chromoelectric force field.
l'm glad you agree.
lt's not wise to travel this region
without adequate defenses.
l've seen scuttled ships
with more firepower than Voyager.
l'm sure you have.
lmagine what you'll
be capable of once the isokinetic cannon
is integrated into your defensive systems.
One projectile can penetrate the shields
of any heavily- armored vessel.
Hostile species will know to avoid Voyager
by reputation alone.
You've made your point, Mr. Kovin.
l want the cannon.
And l'm prepared to give you...
astrometric charts spanning 12 sectors.
You'll find them unusually precise.
Even the most sophisticated charts become obsolete.
One random anomaly and they're no longer accurate.
However, l could be persuaded if you were to include
the mapping technology that created them.
Our astrometric sensors
were designed specifically for this ship.
They'd be of no use to you.
What l can offer you
is a generous supply of isolinear processing chips.
We'll even show you how to integrate them
into your existing sensor technology.
How generous a supply?
100 chips.
Escort our guest to Engineering.
You'll be supervising the installation of the cannon?
Of course... for a modest fee.
Five additional chips. No more.
lt's good to see the art of negotiation
isn't lost on you, Captain.
That guy is worse than a Ferengi.
Assign Seven of Nine to work on this.
She's got a knack for adapting alien technology.
Should l give her complete access
to the Engineering control systems?
l'm ready to give her some latitude.
She's been behaving herself lately.
What are you working on?
l'm trying to decode the message
Starfleet Command sent us several weeks ago.
Any progress?
l'm working on a new decryption algorithm.
l'd like you to set it aside for a while.
l have another assignment for you.
What is it?
The Captain wants you to help Kovin
integrate the new weapon system.
l'd rather not.
l find him inefficient.
Maybe so,
but you seem to work well with him.
You've been asking for more responsibilities.
l thought you'd be pleased.
The Captain gives me greater liberty
only when she needs my expertise.
You violated her trust
and if you want it back, you're going to have to earn it
one step at a time.
l will report to Engineering.
You'll need to install isolinear buffer circuits
here and here.
The main power relay
should be protected by a containment field.
Unnecessary. All the buffer circuits
would have to fail simultaneously
for there to be any danger.
We prefer to play it safe.
l'll check the inventory logs to see if we have
a field generator available.
What are you doing?
l'm reconfiguring the tactical control systems.
The isokinetic circuits requires
a specialized protocol.
Let me take care of it.
That won't be necessary.
No. No. The subroutines need to be arranged
in cascading sequence.
Let me show you.
Seven, stop.
There's a hairline fracture of the premaxilla bone.
Do you see this, Captain? She shattered it.
lt's easily repaired.
Do you have any idea why Seven attacked you?
lt was unprovoked.
She came at me like an animal.
Well, l wouldn't put it like that.
l was at another console about ten meters away.
l heard Kovin raise his voice and when l looked around
l saw that he was holding her arm.
l barely touched her!
A gentle gesture to move her out of my way,
so l could get to the console.
Then she turned on me, attacked me.
What did you say to her?
l told her how to reconfigure
the tactical control systems properly.
ls that all?
That's all.
And that's when she knocked him down.
Ashmore and l had to hold her back.
She would have killed me.
That woman is dangerous.
lt's a miracle you survived.
Now, hold still or this won't heal properly.
Why are you questioning me on this?
You should be disciplining your crew member.
Believe me, l'll deal with it.
Please accept my sincere apology.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Good as new.
Come in.
Here we are again.
Oh, l'm tired of having this conversation.
You know what l'm going to say.
l know how you're going to respond,
so it seems pointless to say anything.
Shall l consider my privileges restricted
and confine myself to the cargo bay?
l think we've established
that traditional disciplinary actions
don't work with you.
The question is: What will?
Are you asking for my opinion?
l suppose l am...
because frankly, l'm running out of options.
Throwing you in the brig isn't going to solve anything.
Neither is slapping you on the wrist.
And it's not as though l don't understand
your feelings about Kovin.
There have been a few times when l'd have liked
to pop him in the nose myself,
but you have to start learning the difference
between having an impulse and acting on it.
Does that make any sense to you?
l believe so.
l will give it more thought.
Well, that's a start.
l hear there was some excitement this morning.
When l started helping you improve your social skills,
l'm fairly certain l didn't include a boxing lesson.
You weren't hurt, were you?
Still a bit tense?
l understand the burden you carry--
constantly being obligated to deal with those
who fall short of excellence.
l often find my own patience
being tested by someone like Mr. Kovin.
Of course, l generally respond with a devastating quip
rather than a left hook.
We must both accept the fact that very few
life- forms will ever meet our high standards.
So, when you get irritated just try to be tolerant,
and remember-- they can't help being what they are.
Hmm...l'm reading some increased engramatic activity
and your adrenaline levels are slightly elevated.
What does that indicate?
lt's consistent with a state of heightened tension.
Lie down and l'll run some scans.
ln a typical human, l would consider this a mood swing,
but with your unique physiology, l'd like to rule out
the possibility of a chemical imbalance.
Have you been experiencing
any other symptoms-- headaches, disorientation?
Physiological scans seem normal.
l'm going to check your Borg implants now.
Seven...what's wrong?
Let me out.
l will. Stay calm.
No more procedures.
- All right. - Stay away!
You mustn't do this.
Do what?
Seven, what are you so afraid of?
l don't know.
She experienced an episode of acute anxiety
with all the trimmings-- intense apprehension,
shortness of breath, dizziness.
l finally managed to sedate her.
Could this have been caused by her cortical implants?
l don't think so.
l think the problem has to do with memory suppression.
l've detected a high concentration
of biogenic amines in Seven's hippocampus--
a substance l haven't noticed before.
lt's blocking several portions of her memory center.
Do you know where it came from?
No, but it seems to be dissipating.
Seven's unusual behavior may be the result
of the blocked memories beginning to surface--
memories which she can't identify yet.
Can you treat her?
Treatment would involve
integrating the repressed memories
into Seven's consciousness.
l may be able to use a standard therapeutic
regression technique.
l wasn't aware that you were programmed
with psychotherapeutic capabilities.
l wasn't, but in the absence of a Ship's Counselor,
l've been developing a psychiatric subroutine
to add to my program.
l'll be even more valuable to you than l am now.
Keep me informed, Doctor.
A Jungian therapist
would attempt to retrieve unconscious memories
by exploring synchronicities in recent events.
On the other hand, Amanin of Betazed
would argue that a combination of sensory isolation
and focused breathing techniques would be more effective.
l've integrated the finer points of both
to create my own approach to memory reconstruction.
What does this approach involve?
First, putting you at ease
by performing the treatment here in your own environment.
Once the cortical probes
have reinforced the neural pathways,
l'll use a directed imagery technique
to guide you through the regression.
You may proceed.
Please close your eyes.
Clear your mind.
Try not to think or to analyze.
My mind is now clear.
Seven, this isn't an exercise in efficiency.
Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply.
Now concentrate on the sound of my voice.
Let go of the present.
Leave the cargo bay behind.
Allow yourself... to drift.
Describe the first image that enters your mind.
A medical tricorder.
Duratanium casing.
7. 6 centimeters by 9. 8 centimeters
by 3. 2 centimeters.
Alpha- numeric display...
That's enough.
you're in Sick Bay.
How does the tricorder make you feel?
lt disturbs me.
Why does it disturb you?
l'm afraid it will hurt me.
ls there anything else there
that causes you to anticipate pain?
The diagnostic bed.
lt's closing around me.
You feel restrained, confined.
Yes. l am uneasy.
About what?
lt's Kovin.
What is he doing?
He's restraining me.
l want to get away from him, but l can't.
Kovin's using some kind of instrument on me.
l didn't recall this before.
Recall what?
Kovin. He...
he performed a surgical procedure on me.
He...extracted Borg technology
from my body.
He violated me.
We're making progress.
Now, tell me.
This surgical procedure...
when did it happen?
l don't know.
The details are vague.
There are only images.
And you're sure it was Kovin?
Did you see Kovin?
You said he was restraining you,
using an instrument
- of some sort. - He was.
Were you on Voyager when this happened?
lt must have been when we were
testing the weapons on the surface.
Then concentrate on that away mission.
Focus on the first image that enters your mind.
Describe it for me.
A large granitic stone...
approximately one- half meter high.
Now, allow that memory to develop beyond the image.
lntegrate it into your consciousness.
Let the memory take shape.
l'm at the weapons range.
Kovin had taken us there
to evaluate various handheld firearms
he wished to offer in trade.
He attempted to impress us with a demonstration
of the weapons' destructive capabilities.
My role was to provide a more objective analysis.
Terawatt powered particle beam rifle.
Four microsecond recharge cycle.
Ten kilometer range.
Definitely not standard Starfleet issue.
What do you think?
72 percent fragmentation, 28 percent vaporization.
Crude but efficient.
lt's not as accurate as our compression rifles,
but it's a lot easier to handle.
l wouldn't mind carrying one of these
the next time we run into the Hirogen.
The targeting mechanism could be augmented
with a thermal guidance sensor.
That would increase accuracy by 24 percent.
l can do that now.
Care to join me?
You can make sure that the adjustments
are performed to your specifications.
lf you don't mind,
l'd like to test some of the other firearms.
Go right ahead.
This way.
Kovin took me to a small laboratory.
Describe it.
lt was poorly illuminated.
l saw various instruments-- technology unfamiliar to me.
l assumed this was where he developed new weapon designs.
This weapon is thoron- based.
Most of these handheld disruptors are.
Thoron can be unstable in weapons.
Not if you polarize the emitter matrix.
That compensates for any instabilities.
What are you doing?
He turned the weapon on me.
He fired?
Yes, l remember it now.
What happened next?
l'm not sure.
See the laboratory in your mind.
There was a light in my eyes.
Was Kovin still in the room with you?
Restrain her. Quickly.
And another Entharan was assisting him.
This is Borg technology.
That's what l've been telling you.
Let me go.
They bound me to an examination table.
What did they do to you?
Did they scan you?
The bio- ablation pump is engaged and pressurized.
The growth medium is activating the implants.
The nanoprobes are multiplying.
They put a device near my head.
They removed my ocular implant.
some of the implants in my arm were activated.
Which ones?
Can you be more specific?
Use the maximum setting of the metagenic pulse
to stimulate the implants.
The assimilation tubules are ready.
Prepare to harvest the nanoprobes.
They extracted nanoprobes
through my assimilation tubules.
l was powerless... unable to stop them.
You couldn't be expected to.
You were restrained. Then what happened?
They took the nanoprobes to another subject--
also restrained-- and they...
they assimilated him.
Well done.
The next thing l remember, l was back in Kovin's lab.
He claimed the particle beam rifle overloaded--
that it burned my hand-- but it was a lie.
They had attacked me.
l'm sorry. l should have been more careful.
Do you have a dermal regenerator?
Of course.
l'll inform the Captain.
There's no doubt
that Seven was the victim of a brutal assault.
How is she?
As well as can be expected.
She's regenerating in her alcove.
l predict her emotional recovery will take some time.
l certainly hope you intend to hold Kovin responsible
for what he's done.
First, l want to know how much of her story we can corroborate.
Tom, you were with her on the planet.
How long was she alone with Kovin?
At least two hours.
And when she came back,
did she say anything about what happened?
Only that they'd finished their work on the rifle.
She seemed fine.
Clearly, Mr. Kovin used some artificial means
to suppress her memory of the event.
That would explain the unusual engramatic activity
l found in her neurological scans.
Did you find any other physical evidence
of the medical procedures she described?
l suspect Mr. Kovin used Seven's own nanoprobes
to repair any cellular damage.
She distinctly remembers Kovin extracting them.
You seen to be accepting Seven's recovered memories as fact.
Are you suggesting otherwise?
Historically, recovered memories
have often proven unreliable.
Yes, in cases where a traumatic experience
has been repressed for years.
But we're dealing with a very recent memory here
that was blocked by artificial means.
When l removed that mechanism,
Seven remembered everything that happened.
Human memory is rarely perfect.
What are you saying, Tuvok?
That Seven is making this up?
No, but we must remember
that she's experienced hallucinatory images before.
That was in direct response
to a signal from the ship where she was assimilated.
She's not having hallucinations now.
She's remembering what happened to her.
l've confirmed this
by analyzing the specific engramatic activity
in her hippocampus.
We're not talking about conjecture.
We're talking about science.
Let's not get bogged down.
Seven has made serious accusations
and l won't dismiss them.
lf Kovin assaulted her
and took a sample of her Borg technology,
we can't stand by and do nothing.
ln the wrong hands, a single nanoprobe
could lead to disaster.
Doctor, l want you to keep searching
for any physical evidence to back up Seven's claim.
l will talk to Kovin.
This is offensive and absurd!
She's obviously lying.
Why would she do that?
Maybe you can answer that.
She's your crew member.
First, she attacks me,
then, she invents these ridiculous stories
and you try to place the blame on me.
ls this some kind of negotiating tactic?
l have no hidden agenda.
l'm simply trying to clarify what happened.
l told you already.
We went to my laboratory
to adjust the guidance system on the particle beam rifle.
And that took two hours?
She insisted on absolute precision.
We've confirmed that Seven was exposed
to an intense thoron discharge.
She was-- after the rifle's power cell overloaded.
We reported the accident immediately.
She now remembers that you fired the weapon at her deliberately.
That's preposterous.
The Doctor tells me
the blast could have been enough to render her unconscious.
But it didn't.
We were both startled for a moment
and after l apologized for the accident,
she asked if l had a dermal regenerator,
which l did, and l used it on her arm--
the one with the mechanical implants.
Which you recognized as Borg.
l was aware she'd been a Borg.
She told me herself.
Did you ever express curiosity in that technology
or try to examine it
more closely?
You never considered the potential value
it might have as a weapon?
ls that what you think l've done?
You may not realize
how dangerous Borg technology can be.
lf you've taken even a single nanoprobe,
l need to know about it right now.
l haven't taken anything.
l'd like to examine your laboratory
to be absolutely sure.
This has already gone too far.
Then l'll have to contact the authorities.
Maybe they'll be more helpful.
Are you willing to risk our trade agreement
all on the basis of one crew member's delusions?
are you going to cooperate with our investigation?
l don't seem to have much choice.
You stated that the rifle's power cell overloaded
as a result of a faulty oscillator adjustment.
That's right.
Can you describe in more detail how that occurred?
l was showing her how to polarize the emitter matrix.
l must have tuned the induction frequency too high.
Were you unfamiliar with that procedure?
l have done it 100 times.
lt was a careless mistake.
How many times do l need to apologize?
l am not seeking a statement of remorse.
Then what do you want?
Are you trying to catch me in a lie?
Trick me into confessing?
You can't, because there's nothing for me to confess!
l haven't done anything wrong!
One of our crew members claims that you have.
Your crew member, Seven of Nine...
she's very fortunate.
How so?
She has an entire crew leaping to her defense.
l have no one.
The Entharan representative will be here shortly.
You mean the magistrate?
He won't help me.
He's more interested in protecting diplomatic relations
with people like you.
Surely, he'll want to know the truth.
That's all we're seeking.
You don't understand.
On my world, we depend on trade with alien species.
There are strict protocols about those relationships.
Even being accused of violating them is a serious offense.
You will have the opportunity to refute any charges.
lt won't matter.
Once they're made, the damage is done.
l won't be trusted any longer.
l'll be ruined.
l never hurt your crew member.
Don't do this.
l'm afraid l have no choice.
But l assure you
our investigation will be conducted
in a fair and impartial manner.
You strike me as a man of your word.
lf you tell me l won't be prejudged,
then l believe you.
How are you feeling?
l am undamaged.
But how do you feel?
Seven, your physical scars have healed,
but the psychological effects are still there.
You'll have to deal with them.
For what purpose?
ln order to heal.
Kovin attacked you...
violated your rights as an individual.
lt's important that you recognize that
so you can understand any hostility or resentment
you might be feeling.
Resentment is a human trait.
lt has no structure, no function.
l want no part of it.
You're going to have to begin accepting
the fact that your human feelings exist
and that suppressing them can damage you.
lf l am not aware of these feelings,
how can l express them?
Let me ask you this.
What would have happened
if Kovin had tried to take Borg technology
directly from the collective?
He would have been assimilated.
Precisely. Which is why he chose you.
He could get what he wanted without running any risks.
lt was my individuality which made me vulnerable.
He violated that individuality.
What he did is an affront to everything you are--
Borg and human.
lt was the act of a coward.
Someone who was willing to use you
in the cruelest way
so that he could create new weapons
and sell them.
l believe l am beginning to experience anger.
Anger toward Kovin.
Good. That's a perfectly healthy, normal response.
And when Kovin gets what he deserves,
you're going to feel much better.
Right this way, Magistrate.
My laboratory.
There are no examination tables.
l told you. Just workbenches.
ls this the entire facility?
We should scan for signs
that the room may have been altered recently.
During her regression,
Seven described instruments similar to these.
Of course she did.
She was here.
She said a device
like this was used to remove her optic implant.
That's a micro- caliper.
l used it to remove the casings
over the guidance system on the particle beam rifle.
And isn't this an electrodynamic probe?
lt's equipped with a monofilament stimulator.
Could it be used to manipulate the neurotransmitter levels
in a human brain?
Not as it is.
But with the proper modifications?
With the proper modifications,
l could reconfigure your combadge
to manipulate neurotransmitters.
What's your point?
l believe you've just made it.
There's cellular residue on many of these instruments.
lt matches Seven's genome.
With your permission, sir,
l'd like to take these tools back to Voyager
where l can run more conclusive scans.
Take whatever you need.
Doctor, there are a number
of Borg nanoprobes on the surface of this table.
l'll just collect a sample.
That's where her arm was hit when the rifle overloaded.
The dispersal pattern is consistent
with a dermal rupture.
These nanoprobes were recently regenerated.
lf this were nothing more than cellular residue
from Seven's injury, the nanoprobes would be dormant.
But these have been activated in a very specific pattern.
l have seen enough.
Kovin, there is sufficient evidence here
to detain you pending official proceedings.
Stay where you are.
Kovin, don't...
l trusted you.
You said it would be an impartial investigation,
but you're all determined to find what you want to find.
Well, l'm not going to let this happen.
Tuvok to Voyager.
Janeway here.
Mr. Kovin has transported out of the laboratory.
Can you track his present position?
Stand by.
l'm picking up a transporter signature
300 kilometers above the surface.
Captain, there's
a ship powering its engines at those coordinates.
Magistrate, do you want us to follow him?
Yes...but l'd like to join you.
Very well.
We'll beam you to Voyager. Stand by.
Kovin's ship is on a heading of 18 mark 25.
Set an intercept course.
Get ready to lock on a tractor beam.
He's only at half impulse.
His ship may not have warp engines.
We're at 9, 000 kilometers and closing.
l'm engaging the tractor beam.
l can't find him.
All of my sensor readings have disappeared.
He generated a photonic pulse.
lt took them off- line.
We'll have to reinitialize the entire sensor array.
Do it.
Our investigation has suddenly turned into a manhunt.
The fact that he's running
shows that he's got something to hide.
Until we find out what that is, we can't risk letting him go.
Captain's Log, Stardate 51679. 4.
We've detected the warp signature from Kovin's ship
and we're now in pursuit.
ln the meantime,
Tuvok and l have been examining the tools from Kovin's lab.
This isn't getting us anywhere.
Seven's cellular residue is on every one of these,
but that would be true if she simply handled them.
My examination of the rifle is equally inconclusive.
lt may have overloaded accidentally...
or not.
l'm getting a bad feeling about this, Tuvok.
We aren't finding anything that implicates Kovin.
l told him our investigation would be impartial.
l believe it has been.
lt has...
but l'll admit l had some preconceptions about him.
They may have influenced my judgment.
The strongest evidence so far
is the nanoprobes the Doctor found.
The fact that they were regenerated
suggests that Kovin was experimenting with them.
We don't know a great deal about the interaction
between nanoprobes and Borg physiology.
lt might be worthwhile
to simulate the effect of the rifle blast
on Seven's arm
and see what happens to the nanoprobes.
Good. Maybe that'll give us some answers.
ls this really necessary, Captain?
She's suffered enough trauma already.
We don't want to make accusations
against an innocent man.
We have to do everything we can to find some concrete evidence.
He is not an innocent man.
l know what he did to me.
But we must have proof.
And this experiment may provide us with it.
We've configured this hypospray
to simulate the energy of a thoron blast.
We'll collect thin layers of your skin tissue
and examine the effects.
lt won't be painful.
l am not afraid. l am angry.
l know. Try to be patient.
We may have some answers soon.
All right, let's see what we've got.
l think you better take a look.
What do you see?
The nanoprobes... are regenerating
in exactly the same pattern
we saw in Kovin's laboratory.
lt appears to be a spontaneous response
which could have been caused
by the energy released from the thoron weapon.
lt doesn't matter. Kovin is guilty.
there's no doubt in my mind
that you believe what you're saying,
but is it possible-- just possible--
that the memories you and the Doctor recovered
aren't accurate?
How could that be?
During your time with the Borg, you were subjected to invasive
medical procedures.
You undoubtedly witnessed other victims
being assimilated.
Could that be what you're remembering?
You know that's not right.
Tell them.
Everything led me to believe that you were a victim.
Your extreme response to Kovin in Engineering,
your irrational fear when l was examining you...
something prompted that behavior, and l believed
it was a repressed memory of your ordeal
with Kovin.
That is what it was.
But if l'm to be impartial, l have to acknowledge
that your neurology is still something of a mystery to me.
l can't be certain what triggered those memories.
And we can't ignore the fact
that this evidence supports Kovin's story...
and not yours.
You were the one who helped me to understand what happened
and now you're denying it.
Seven, no one's abandoning you, but we have to do what's right.
We have to find Kovin and tell him what we learned.
The Doctor told me l would feel better
when Kovin gets what he deserves.
l want him to be punished.
l won't settle for anything less.
Mr. Paris.
He's in range.
Hail him.
No response.
He's charging weapons.
Open a channel-- all frequencies.
Mr. Kovin, this is Captain Janeway.
We believe we've made a mistake in accusing you.
We only want to correct the situation.
Stand down your weapons.
He's responding.
Stop your pursuit.
l can damage your ship.
We're not here to take you by force.
Then let me go.
Kovin, listen to me.
The proceedings must be resolved.
This is a trap.
We've discovered information that supports your story.
l don't believe you.
We've reexamined the evidence.
Finding the nanoprobes led us to the wrong conclusion.
We know now that your thoron rifle did overload.
He's firing a spread of photon pulses.
Shields down to 82 percent.
Back off.
Give him some breathing room.
He's coming about, heading right for us.
Direct hit to the power grid.
lnnocent or not, he's going to destroy your vessel.
He's come under enough fire from us already.
Harry, try to beam him off his ship.
He's thrown up a scattering field.
l can't get a lock.
Keep trying.
Shields are down.
He's shunting all power to his photonic emitters.
We must protect ourselves. Disable his ship.
No. Evasive maneuvers-- hard to port, full thrusters.
l've almost got a lock on him-- a few more seconds.
He's charging weapons again.
Captain, his emitters are overloading.
All his systems are destabilizing.
Open a channel.
Kovin, shut down your scattering field.
Let us beam you aboard.
He's firing.
l can't find anything to lock on to, Captain.
There's nothing more we could have done.
Stand down Red Alert.
Mr. Paris, set a course back to the Entharan colony.
Chief Medical Officer's Log, Stardate 51658. 2.
l've spent the past three days being cross- examined
by the Entharan authorities,
but the matter is finally resolved.
l'm here for my weekly maintenance.
Oh, of course.
This way, please.
Metabolic rate is stable.
Electro- optic implant is aligned.
Your blood pressure is...slightly off
but within tolerance.
You're in perfect health.
See you next week.
l do not feel perfect.
What do you mean?
l am preoccupied by Kovin's death.
Join the club.
lt's all l can think about.
As a Borg, l was responsible
for the destruction of countless millions
and l felt nothing,
but now...
l regret the destruction of this single being.
lt's called remorse, Seven.
lt comes into play when you make a mistake...
and you feel guilt about what you've done.
Another new emotion for you to experience.
l do not enjoy this remorse any more than l enjoyed anger.
Will the feeling subside?
Yes...but not quickly.
l would rather not have to wait.
l'm afraid you don't have much choice.
But maybe l do.
l've isolated the algorithms responsible for my desire
to expand beyond my original programming.
l want to delete them.
lt was my...urge to experiment,
my infatuation with improving myself
that led to this tragedy.
l fancied myself a psychologist, a Ship's Counselor,
but l wasn't prepared for the complexities that come
with such a responsibility.
ln my enthusiasm to help Seven of Nine,
l lost my medical objectivity.
l became a self- righteous advocate.
l didn't stop to think for one second
that l might be wrong.
That mustn't happen again.
You want to go back to the state you were in
when we first activated you?
l'll still be capable
of treating any and all medical conditions,
but without the risk of overstepping my bounds.
lt's for the best, Captain.
Oh, l'm not so sure.
This crew has benefited greatly
from your improvements over the years.
Request denied.
- Captain... - l won't turn back
the clock because of one mistake...
no matter how serious...
and no matter how you might feel.
l'm a physician.
l'm supposed to preserve life, not destroy it.
l can't live with the thought that...l might do it again.
With any luck...
that knowledge will prevent it from happening again.
We all rallied around Seven, Doctor, myself included.
l wanted her to know that she was part of this family,
that we would support her, fight for her no matter what.
We let our good intentions blind us.
We all bear responsibility for Kovin's death...
and we all have to live with it.
But to delete that burden
would be the last thing any of us should do.

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